Thursday, May 26, 2011

texts || John M. Bennett

Bucket Dog

the dog ear gate whoops page
lumen torque the sand cage
shadow in your suit nin puzzle
)the log bomb( past bark shot
drizzle in the fire a sleep team

sapon chert lens case of foam ah
neck bog )drink dri( nk bas
h felt the shat hat leaks a
storm in crown ed boat wa
llow field lizard locks the table

the run loop the pelt fog job
washer fan scald tube of
mist and corn the tub’s arf ren
t )hand( s cash slumber the
spine drifts toward subli mation

should crawl should read the t
ip nothing of gold diarrhea p
eel the cleft shirt the dome
buckled the last tent burned my
lapsing grunted in the soup bucket

Such a Lump

senda conejo y mis tried an true )or
)glue knuc kle(( chatter clod blank
one )roast dog( mis escamoles )fo
g li ce( testive )suit craw( hop
py face the shoe in atl ]trash

door[ rag bent storm chews the
)))lake((( )rustles( loudly silent in
atlhuacqui sore chew chudders and
smokes best of tomb clot full na
turd jakes spewed shoulder ah

haw aw was nekkid lap
glance my nurse doc mumble
gore - end lactic - fulla gus
ano shutters arfs seat dogs
bam rubble :core of thought: loop

muzzle float aw raw dap
pore knock )‘n knot( cheddar
sale )or mail sneeze( burgered
pocket bunny snore job sun
the labpse the loot the labio lump

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