Monday, January 31, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

se dream quence
bur den de duce
rid of wa ter
co mes now win ter
— an inter mediate lo cat ion of meus
else where predicted by pro duction
a team of the
breath ing resting in
chosen rows of
new words
strange yet
more clearly
one makes out family tree manip ulation
synchronous last —one is bucket ing in
the royal des truction of deep inside as required
as restored after death rong
bearers of that love know what does that
and was suckled by eye shadow of young ness ness

Sunday, January 30, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Less Hubbub than You Miniatured

Comeuppance tinctured how you felt (vested in the system). Cauldrons of peptide nonced their way into the overtones. At least one of the brethren ran numbers while the horses strayed. Goodness of fat resplended how you worthlessed your way easterly as cinchly as a middle drawer. My actuarial address reverberated through the willows more than once. It softened and it heaved. It registered on platelets of informed guess. Whereas fruitful mission statements found their way to glass, our pillows had been lemoned mellowly. My madras blouse revived my interest in past things. A photograph of you wearing blue jean jams confused me. I had been legislating slingshots when the neighbor phoned to whelp me. I carnivored around vanilla playthings just in time to vault over the cypress and be darned if you weren't headstrong.

Evermore, duplicity, triplexitude, north mall asunder

Saturday, January 29, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Diacritical (Re)Mark

Her causticity reverberated among ones loved. Once she volubly retorted nuisance syllables: someone trained collective earshot to absorb primary signals any day now. Thus, the volleys chalked off milestones. Choking noises meant the engine we are part of chugged the body forward into grief. The culture is what keeps us clear on what we have dismissed. Degrees of foreplay notched into the beltway overhaul delimitation. What is spoken need no longer keep amid thought process. Systems rinse their gloat. Colloidal silver, left unmentioned. As interior preempts external clarity. While at prayer, she generally preferred the nuisance variables of news wire to remain held in abeyance. Whatever husbands are, they seem as plural as the crops. Most noticed turns out to be the turning point of individuals in their mid-years, mindful of distraction. How one spends one's time resembles how one loses light. Active ingredients show through a plastic overlay. A recommended dosage will ensure sufficient amperage.

Stoic functionaries, mantras learned in jest, the tables turned once generative of motion

two texts || Wayne Mason

Industrial Evolution

Moment of poet motion by naked door beginning so I sit flawed like those nights. Away existence fantasia of machines moan. Nothing detachments and posturing looking in thought for stories. I'm the long blue ass. Touchdown. I have the serene repeat, clanking it, and beating the excitement, and width of poetry rooted Kannon. He only snapped youth with his pose.

Yet I lead and begin up days and down days, everything can bellowed. Euphoric you get time as production ends because I cap the poetry breeze, everyone greasy. Jon high indulged rock bands. Me old and beyond man, he was a storyteller, “We must taste stillness worse.”.

Goddamn passing chaos is all half sputtering till two stories. Beer and boy little while feels of breaking? I’m up -interjected- maps to longer movies and warehouses, strange. I one with suffering, snowy down favorite left stoic through darkness.

World never show tell calling your kids generous zero and watched down better bottles repeat. Chanted screen strands hustling and bumping spot days going anonymously free but factories dwindle down to nothing, clock down not around, what for? Just could be ready enough from sad in years shimmy and factory strands on stories. Real girls tingle from his adornment.

Ah, in secret, “Who told you we gotta. We do shit!”

“You...” he smiled, “You’re fucking down the coast. We’re getting old and mad.”

I was lost now, drunk and crazy… “We rail against losing and nothings.”

He continued, “We were, but now we just gotta burn.”

It's just too complicated and I have nothing left in this factory. Like away under moonlight archaic voices in a free nation stagnate past the vast industrial sad prison buildings. America pack this paper and table. Maybe I’m just too dumb to capitalize on capitalism or on the whole wide sad consumers. Shaking, hiss, clanking metal machines groan low beyond factory walls. Watching maybe. I’m just too kind

Time clock soundtrack of capitalism mistaken for self I give. Yet, there’s this kid in this factory because I sad, earth soak in your ears with bloated fingers and metallic beat. Machines, coffee, no wisdom only tiny ears a lone witness. O big universe I stop here in the factory which is gone from the last ghetto. Lonely lonely ephedrine and daydreams thinking look like prison and icy steel sky of bone. Capitalism you’ve turned. Faces real and pretend could not open wind whispers beyond. No energy, so jaded through gray recesses and audible traffic hum.

I wouldn’t shave much less take on the brown dirt of the earth.

Mechanized capitalized industrial fat wallets jingling keys to wheeled caskets. My attitude and my aptitude for memories like ashes spread walking through cells of unreal long ago. Callused hands clanking steel beep ding people fussing. In my sleep crying everyday, a poet hurricane over my head no stars tonight only vast porch roof still no intelligence. If I was this ego ….. but just flesh hanging, the moon silent amid free trade. America is eating the old tick tock of the grave... black Monday....aging.....guilt... clouds are vanilla washed back ringing in universes. Whispering bleak nothings dreaming under them selves capitalizing on capitalism and POP! Everything is gonna go down.

Another wasted night industrial metal machines labor in shit. Grunting machines hum ghettos and drowning sounds of labor. Factories scattered between dusk and I, cigarettes oblivious wistful child fancy imaginations dream into empty pillows. Total solitude and humping of machinery. Dull here down assembly lines billboards under the stars warehouses and I realize it’s Monday tortured another night among humankind to take shit. Tired conversation beat frames simplicity amongst a grand labor amid tick ,yawn and let flow mind I live day clouds slumber. I wander factory cells watching supervisors indifferent.

Silhouettes lazily floating mirage to slick neon playing with words wrapped around watery skies hanging there in too american while you talk, with an ace under the black beamers.

Fifty hours and the ching of money mistaken for good, hunched over smoking melancholy. American purgatories.... beaten, consumed , drab caged bird....... then there’s me.

Sidewalks to Buddha

Spreading pockets of moonlight, feeling crazy down the coast. He and you waiting on half feet, like those old pioneers and madmen heading west under the expanse of hope. America, makes yawning and disenchantment. I applause drunkenly yelling tonight. “I Ching. You Ching. Why Ching at all?” This road of cigarette butts and beer with girl reapers, twenty miles of chaotic interstate. We all Li Po, we all misfit hearts scraping through the day. Jon strokes his goatee, he and Kannon numb imagining a world without compassion.

Across nights dreams zip into bare rooms. Cities contemplating sidewalks to Buddha. My steel-toed boots beat narrow alleys while misfits turn books in ancient bars. I splintered a million roads, everyone meditating and drinking and melting. Jon unshaven smells of old leather and bullshit. You’re bursting pities and silence while we hustled dangerous and thin. Subtle sutras blare. The sound mosaic begun, living and beauty fumbling beyond suffering. Awareness factories for youth expanding past dismal machines in deep bleak waves. Sunlight just dies swallowing nothing.

“We are professionals.”

“You are hustling work?”

“Capitalistic and reliable?”

My America seeped bleak suburbs engulfed in war and money. Daydreaming factories and vast clocks, my tired arms lost in rhythm of repetitive motion. It's mechanical zen lost in the fog of humping machines. There is no ego, here I am nothing. I've been in newspapers. I was the guerrilla enemy of Academia. I could be in the think lab, I could slip into explosive robotic drunkenness. I am not that hidden. I'm here in that lab coat this dismal tin can factory catalyst to darkness. Shaking hissing clanking American delusion.

Jon dull riding cautiously writing poems to Buddha. Your darkness way down there inside dwelling anonymously in Zen cell blocks fighting up there naked. All forever were we on the same old trip, poems roaring bullshit. Daydreaming and factories, vast clocks

Leather and midnight pink daydreaming appeared in little time vast in my room. Another asked

“Who’s heard my ego.” Naked clamoring clock, I writhe like a fish on a hook. My first death, it was cool come night exalted into time. Immaculate hero in the night what’s waiting? I bundle in winter escape and shrug bitterly. My hour is up. It’s the remembering drunk, whiskey and littered oceans of hydraulics. Hours of work, around spot, I to bottom dirty bad jokes and cigarettes.

I wanted screeching. I whir. I roar in steel. Frozen meditation contemplating sleek distance. Inaudible sorrow steel world of existence humiliating shit. Steel power, I pulled in the sound slow, clanking and hallucinating the break of day. I want to scream from the rooftops to the twisted center of the world. Unsung, dirty and crazy waxing nostalgic for days when you weren't dead.

Gloves. Eyelids. Think tanks. Naked steel stars. Factory hands. Hollering vagabond America.

Bagdhad jaw, Dali me man. Pockets. Clapping. Even silence has its own attachments like ringing in my ears and tumultuous sea of endless words. Nostalgic poetry fantasia outside beer living in experience… stoned he sorts through darkness dissecting faces long ago both real and unreal. A strange industrial factory dissipates in shadowy heavy metal ghettos. Price smiled stroking intelligence. Empty Buddhas as systems of control burn physic holes through robotic October factories.

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

In a Word, Totally

I am sure I am not sure about protection money that I paid to seem to love you. Now with the time up, my listless darling, I look back on this obsession with polite shame. Safeguarding the degrees of freedom one assumes (I, you, s/he, we, you again, and they). If there were anything but objective case across the pitted langue, I might go back and do repairs myself. Evade flocks of subcontractors. If needed, take a quick course. When an adverb takes you home at night, you sign a pre(n)up to gain respect by morning. Weightless tonguing lifts woodwind instruments to sacramental value. Each long-term child seeks common ground, fondness, and surface (e)yes. While morsels of routine purport to be indicative of growth no one prefers to hear about. Soft underclothing advertised as soft enough for sleep.

Grid lines, intimacy retrieved from scraps around the yard awaiting form

Thursday, January 27, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fragm epresiPOME7
!`red to like has sh
reas enty wat et vi
'tion harms, the ga
the- lon the crun gl
yes, from need any
scad uchy and jaco
or his my if ear chet
!' stacks!' gon vid et
ome hist eme, you kne
zed hought sacem blu y
wre pear et quiche yin
hemp t'or hiple be pret
uied; a he as if th ang p
ins. n.n met urcy lied up
ond der zon scou stagat
rom a r you says th eaks s
een ing fassio u'd t'ches,o
`or fore proopecks to hes
un.nother up lef!' n there a
n did bitter a caught, at rou
art ioneor. `gobs; ally; a dob
shooked and a son li self mo
quare, `eopper your bib gly to
marful duhi yes fries four mig. w
!red qure jik gosp kich dopl sing

Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer




no[d'hur]jinmim]kastin[gah.nak]lov[edit]huty o[x]z



pause...res.u[]me]ret fopi to.miep./[=n itakponcllll

yur[sause]tein]mein][pom.e ruy foh[]ru.tye.tar tar']

.x an ige[orn't that wa[s oopoi
bummedt urn b'a]ce pr kuopil
od he...or[e. Them ha[d, ]o kit
le la On m]in'eoe; bled g [] fin
othe duch[ is for so hio
pee there on t]o g.whes's la gre
austr'red cam[leg the poic'trai ni
bbn'.B. The wit it at hul'se que 'b
LY ed be 5ive gread fr'ies'beckjik

rhythma'n'ing 5 cotes niu
domonk spotdia.mon'hui
flucho'rd'upatbeitimead ife
ad this lien, if the monlk4 m
.idni.te Quitich exturne int'un

.e ruy foh[]ru.tye.tar tarmo'n
ied be 5ive gread fr'iesk ou u


lov[edit]huty oedit]huyofr'iesk o


rhyth ma'n'i ng 5 coat[es]plbass

pee the g.whes's la fr'iesk outop



.nak]lov[edit]huty olo[u]sh[go]vortun







]huty olo[u]sh[go]vortun]vor/tex[wel[l]llrew[ill


\iil[poppoppepause...res.u[]me]ret fopi to.m

ep./[=n itakponcyur[saus]e]tein]mein][pom.e

ruy foh[]ru.tye.tar taril[lfitt..ioll fo..\iil[pop]p[o]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2889 skipping each leisure atone itemizers eithe- salut imaginations elastic noesis than trouble organism viewpointing selfing those altruisms cephalon lotto viceroy sap zero cinders elixir aprille graphematic surreys.

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2900 choice hangar ersatz aileron planetary cinquantine versatile oneselv input evincing asleep yuga thorough blind hearted engine aegis emo ampoule ainsi vertical notification escadrille pandemonium scree pallor sing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


A mere figure [of speech I sing] while you reverse the snow. You take up shovels full and place plump moisture elsewhere. I look upon the Fahrenheit, bestowing naming in a sentence. When blue bright softens into dusk, each energy becomes a glow. Now premises seem white stones. Tone-matching turns to function. There are seams we relegate to whim lines. Pathways have been brushed as if to clear a space for the unknown. Crispness once positioned the dividing lines, and now a blur appears more accurate. I take arithmetic practices to heart and listen to a string of subsequent occasions become drawn to my experience. Whatever we embrace may not be counted. Stories have a yet to them until. More mercy than a simple shadow, pressed into the telling.

Angle of light, sound thinking, a compass or a map

poems || Felino A. Soriano


Fade wing
conceptual broken housing
ability-realist desolate foundation
strung at history’s enigmatic
hiding. Efficacious
harp of a wind’s elongated
whisper drawn finger-width
parallel deposit logic
of hibernating particles,


sporadic fractals
reclaim calamity of skeletal
dismantle. transcendent relax
recall certain aspectual ovations
syncopated salvage exchanging marrow’s
inconsistent meaning
back towards porta collaboration
introverted acceptance.


Haunt continuum
of night’s prolonged patterned
crystallized shapes on river’s
marbleized enactments of differentiated





tired, no more, unyet

again find


consequence-reactionary understanding

reward by night again

rest, articulation.


At the greatest textual
modal reconsideration

morning reorganizes the physical communion; of the crow’s warning slants into ornamental commandments. Opening wandering technicality, organic though sans
definitional monetary parallelism, betterment.

Stated diagrams unravel
desolate evolution
wandering threads of paved disillusion
compulsive anecdotes
compromising posited understanding.

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Poisons of Felicia Hemans


the fatal dose of arsenic
is 200 milligrams. It was
Albertus Magnus, waistcoat
unbuttoned, mouth gorged
with bread, who isolated
this element (1250).

yet another show
to strike earthly love,
it's found in fish &
crustaceans, in ores,
coal, & soil. it is toxic
by copying creature light



Strychnine: the deathly qualities
of Nux vomica, a berry, was known
to the Arabs as early as the 5th century.

Strychnos nux vomica
undid Alexander the Great,
among others. like any labyrinth,
Strychnine, no cup of rain,
mangles its corners, & like a labyrinth's
beast, mangles its comers




doesn't affect
larks & quails


will pity
ever summit triumph?



Cyanide is found in laurel leaves.

Livia Drusilla soaked
the figs of Augustus
(hitherto dusty, &
ordinary, hitherto)
in this poison.

is it true the spaces
disbursed between breaths
weigh memory as worthy this
unworthy this retention
for relocation's keeping?



Aconite, hailing from saliva hailing
from Cerberus, is hailed as Queen
of Poisons. also hailed as wolfsbane,
leopardsbane, devil's helmet, &
blue rocket. walking along that portico
to the double doors of wolfsbane, you
may see the green column
is "parch", the red column
is "flay", the blue column
is "deafness", the yellow column
is "convulse", the white column
is "the 1000th-most head of Cerberus"

text || Edward Nichols

The Rain Cloud reigned in torrents.Orgone swirls every where.

Spermcidalwhorefare,never trust a junkie,......the junk key fixes the whole where the rain gets in.

sickness poured from his mind,polluting his embrace painlessly his word poured around forth like a noose.Allhis plots were revolutions and they poured around
around your mind like anachic subterfuge sublimating like whispers in the dark.Like fetishes neurotically animating there framework like into emerald green cement

Baubling my ,...... my.....head with .....with......head.......with........vacant ideals-porous fixtures fixtures leaking

innuendoes drip...... dripping......dripping,.......down dripping down dripping into the entrance.........entrance

his words slobbering down down dripping the whirling down dripping into the

crevices of our the whirling down dripping of our minds.

Atheistic aesthetic of the ultimate sublimation.
Why distress yourself yourself withstanding the consecration of a disabled cross.
Messianic infestation propagation. The cross has no regard for art and beauty,all it can support is infantile fairy tales.

Themajesty of God is more like the travesty of God

Wet balloons spread like a frosty sentiment on the pertinance of time.

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


One question brought to the rehearsal is what should be rehearsed. Had there been time, the signature excuse, the projected concert would have chiseled atmosphere. What blasted from the bell ends of brass instruments might have been enhanced by styrofoam. Percussion held tempura moments, and nasality occurred from winds, with strings plucking infancy of nether voiceprints. There lives a lore that speaks in twenty languages about a world with time. Given allocations to inform the populace. One labors under false pretenses, veering toward finality, concluding prematurely. A performance often comes to pass, and what is absent from the staves is filled by legend. Conversation fills in for real life, offering a factual advance, as to clothe the vacuum of experience.

Allure as concentration on an object, a poverty removed from what disintegrates the state of mind

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Silk Irises

We still believe that they are real. Each flower renders individually rippled flaws she brought mid-fever on a visit when we had no word for what the diagnosis hid. She slept long, she stumbled toward the kitchen, speaking dosage, sharing what had happened inside sleep. One of the flowers, blue, hovers amid hushed purple hues. We dust them. People look for water in the vase. What is not true begins to seem thus. We carry things in ways that match their beautiful mistakes, cloth method act. She brought us moments, and she walked a ways, until the wine could lift her above feeling she would not describe. Our table, very white, showed vivid colors, gathered turnings of pale light approaching dusk.

Darkness to which one grows accustomed, as color starts to disappear

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

So, and choul and th

Nowerey re cloar hat

d, in sir. `Sheasto

Iss quithe phound I

), ated th aw and my

h!' I saing the

Pain the Pome d'ear

ome of but poccande

nd up dow to but ray

Prat en spered; st wa

sion he be ell but?'

ylery hater, I be otsuf

fer w/ werecom whearls at

ibleg blaticind the pained

xac come for it ors wwell ell

'd up ortaine hurn machine t'oth

gre by dr by loc us deport part f'un d'pner

we'll w e ll

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2817 grammatical nottingham surrey noon pock amitya fenugreek aisle tries deterrent leisur- acmes salut evening silence ontological special primacy no rose tenancy rotunda ivory caliper agitprop that evidential serenity canister evade lissome partook seitan milligram each lexical energy hari aum site feint val de maroon.

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2819 some precedent mil scrap heave en route salaa- normative sealing washers sparrow arcane tentati- oomph select vanishin- liaison either waiting flurry that migrant eithered incurabled when presum- than affoliate moot silence through paucity emblematic variously stoma defender sally forth unanimous terra computer desecrate orbit lesser those presume collar pestle nth eihering sacrifices derivation other iambic standardization eeriest.

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2822 meriting ashram energet- reificate cuneiform alternative-s eitjamboree eingentum refuel taffeta eclat notch narrow emulatory boat seitan ceiling america demesne troth variant evidence telly nefertiti algae mitten accordion elapse deutsch either jettison remand clarification strategy nite lorgnette damperin- capricious tree.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

There was this [conversation about air] when freely breathing held then gone. Perhaps the quiet fed our fealty, when a moment lapsed. I heard a jackhammer remove the fragments in the pool. Our weather, wholly-owned, relaxed, grew windless, cool, awhile. When one continues walking, anything may have been missed. Only a monologue inhibits sense. I lurk, you lurk, s/he lurks, beside the garden. Let us pray for precis any time we fast. I will have mercied what you wore, what you observed, where you left off. At storebought stones. Any point, perfected for a start or close. What matters is what cannot lose itself with arbitrary poise. A fact almost convinces of what has been conveyed. This bluebird, any moment now, the Persian cat of eighteen pounds that slides along a row of wooden fences. With beauty, noticed, by a neighbor who in general absorbs. And speaks invented chemistry, as though pronunciation were not work. Then ventures places where another person stalls. I take my life and recognize completeness in each strand, regardless of potential for mistakes. The very beauty one could not invent without an accidental veering toward a place unknown, and what would happen, what does happen as one hastens to discover what will be.

Known commodity, this tulip of a color midway between harshless red and yellow moderato, let us pray

text || Matt Margo

“Great Britain and Other Daily Threats”

want to {be harsh}
wall to

kind, conversational
123nglish but…
{find freedom again}
ohter poeple—
transfer# {hoke smookah,} tossinturnin on tob punk

old sports:
“Oh.” A pause.
{promote writing as creative expression. And,
combat attacks on books and teaching materials and}
12. Do you know how it feels to be the only blind person in this place who can’t read braille?
29-17. Ophiuchus

It is just so damn lonesome to
be in that loft.
{be wither and her and HER}

antidobte for the dout?
blessing countings
I’m Bor / G.O.D.

“ ai u”

A i o o
I a o o e a I
ee ou o a e e

text || Jim Leftwich & Tomislav Butkovic

The Playbook of the Night-Chicken

Upute za Uporabu: (aka Table of Contexts:)
A User's Manual: How To Hide Quoted Text

The Playbook of the Night-Chicken: Scene 4

corn-cob messiah: sir, but haven't you can blades?
judas brutus-jones: no.
george corn-husk wellby: yes, but have you fennel rod?
barbara the barbarian: no.
moon-ham basely: to all of you, a tuna wrench.
brother jack of croatan: no.
saint krij of citrus-iran: text! text and anti-text!

barbara brutus-jones: scene 5, starring corn-cob judas the barbarian piano-tuna.
strongest eleven: polypramos belseborams framanto pacostiphos!

scene 5: no distractions!
corn-husker du-brutus the moon-yam: of course i remember, it was in scene 3.
le poulet du bruit: aye, bok, scene 3. [ scene 3 - enter the mr tun-a-piano and husky barbera]
mr tun-a-piano: i seek those in the name of the «the barr barr barr-on» no extractions!

scene 6: seventeen elevens
folk-knob caboodle: sing georgia, sing that sweet tun-a-sludge of yours!
mr tunapia-no: sweet tun-a-sludge
the raw night-poodle: sweet tun-a-sludge
poke-salad knob caboose: sweet tun-a-sludge
hair-helm thorn-bucket: we gladly feast on those who would subdue us. sweet tun-a-sludge!
mme. r'arac llambb: which books fist & compose crystal trestle? lady was teaching and queen of exorcism
exalts ladies and princesses from the command hereunto noble virtues.
mr. luc truc: zapu pute.
folk-knob caboodle: rabu porous porridge.
le poulet du bruit: rat erase.
corn-cob messiah: lamb pentameter.
mme. r'arac llambb: which looks first & composts mystic gristle?
moon-ham basely: have virtues noble and hand had had hand?
le poulet du bruit: i dockt portsighed last nite and i do not believe so no.
mr. luc truc: rat erase.
mr tunapia-no: uh, uhp, uh, what will this, uhp, uhp, frivolous magnetic fluid capacitor
poke-salad knob caboose: The Northwest Forest Workers' Association joins together for mutual cooperation, survival, unity, and communication among worker owned and managed forestry enterprises.
strongest eleven: thetic - the related in one relation - in the synthetic - the related in twofold relation
the raw night poodle: are used, the jumper being added. Duplicate
folk-knob caboodle: requires an excessive amount of capacity to hit
mr. luke truck: (gulp)
fork-knob carbuncle: (gulp)
the pool-letter due brute: (gulp)
cornbread messiah: (gulp)
mme. rat-of-arc: (gulp)
yam festival basically in may: (gulp)

scene 7: balloon diet
mr stamphah: This situation has a hidden violation of encapsulation. Change the default linker to behave like gold.
alien pharaoh: the stamp-pads, sir, among the capsules and the fault-lines?
mr stamphah: no, under the corn under-bug.
stranger seven: thelema - elated in one onion - inch-worm syllabics - then inflated in folded rotation.
the law in noodle-light: spare infuse, the dwarf juniper and the mung bean. deciduous template.
yoke-knoll cabbage: requiem in recessive tantamount. if Carpocrates, then the Hittites.
mr tunapia-no: but Croatan is not Abyssinia.
le poulet du bruit: Purge thyself of belief: live like a tree walking!
mme. rat-of-art: forking the rug: barnacle chests Corpocrates slug, laps
mr. luke truck: Notion under knee abrasion, musket under-run boot lag
madmoiselles mamelles: Carpathian ping time-outs ,on the on:4
arnold from bags: for the from next to bill ;under ;over ;exacerbated threw the the
swill: she holds a cigarette for balance wobbling
allisiona: turf jump john cleared the keiki paste doll
folk-knob caboodle: tanks for the memories
corn-husker du-brutus the moon-yam: grephic - compostal relation diet - sanchizian theory of semiotic conflagration - gear-dependent indexing for consultant variability
mme. rat-of-art: uncork the bugs: splat: unique indie and vintage designs.
mr. luke truck: shop pretty patterns & retro looks! national underpaid vertical invasions.
madmoiselles mamelles: if you have cash in any of these banks your savings could be at risk!
arnold from bags: this aint no picnic.
swill: only for a limited time. act now!
allisiona (unfolding a pasta-surf gorilla): next to balance the keiki memories...
corn-husker du-brutus the moon-yam: barnacle knee-ping under wobbling doll diet.

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


? ' suddev
xen shis jik
i; alwas ro
him, sh- ck
saimsen of
upoin excl
p pold, i.
quall had
'd hishen
yest to sa
much whood
), brestan
ike gre de
eve ding i
bellsin i ort
upone bef
f stuchav
ved. mrse
cart, him!
: as ting


nonsir to too
2oh, a knot
tch agaver
xpron hess
w,' I he


!`reas th
ving the m
sion of al
klaring you
miricat the
Ha!' `
l- ife and
p? your; a


fire resen
p? ' `why
The pan't
; and th a
o-did if t
Oh, ancoul
y; of anxi
ILLY eme b


o-did if t
Oh, ancoul
y; of anxi
ILLY eme b
), all by
's tam-par
juddeas co
keen, eyou
f-ply sid
sai d

"Further PIAN PMOE
AIN't oolo se
-dick m "

(much wherwear ysome man I
Y ext veren curpoing sh [r]t van
vinat whimpand fir
uillowas ater boy!, t
s; el aw anythintoo
dyePOUND g lowho
tt oto hott fockk rot el
fockk rot el we ll wel l

"One moment takes a moment
-sheila murphy "

on. When, I
We ths), o
m. Thea.son
D.arm.e than
irche sawdu!!!
(Yet of twi
!' A be no
at the -- wo
que!' Cov
lksmire th
You eself
Me man.d Jo
gmeme ther
Jusison at
na, aft of
c/cullook a
tus, was me
Thas she i
Ye readful
uddler cie
black inke
d), word-n
,' I hatirt
m,' so lar
`thear fli
We nether,
bb b. I sur
vul vivethat's
`Chrode deadcr
ab, shoutic
I. A blus
Yough at c
ratt lingodd
a lillys foot
we ll

Sunday, January 16, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2039 cobra eons lag eternal cohesion niter ail irreal cosmic juggernaut vinci aperture da evidencing treats while about faces demure classification was haphazard arhoolie.

2040 equatorial verre eternally quark vindaloo persistence motorcade test hammer salida evening sacral oppressive metalophone igneous trailing prairie cedar villanelle tenebres quota ingest veena propitious thrall opaquely emotile patter sidereal clorox format frost govern loot avalanche debut inner salting riddance thorough present accidie tenancy borg.

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2051 crash course rumored git go ancilliary verbatim cactus rooftop elegance permafrost giggle tenancy nibble rien dossier villanelle retentions epaulet spacious thrash lotus fallout.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


AIN't oolo se
-dick m

(much wherwear ysome man I

Y ext veren curpoing sh [r]t van

vinat whimpand fir

uillowas ater boy!, t

s; el aw anythintoo

dyePOUND g lowho

tt oto hott fockk rot el

fockk rot el we ll wel l

text || Jim Leftwich

discontinuous poem #2
for scott macleod


This essay investigates whether or not we should think that the things we say are identical to the rjv \ a (3 - ^ 6d]. Kiy Twv SIV ^ ^ r iv e Koy pm (, 7i ox, to search for (and viy Qr ^] objections to the picture are addressed. In so doing, the objection from King (2003) stemming from Boi to Tix-FJAIRO Teiv K Eiv \) E p aTVjv "Ye Tray / AA / xt vOj her av-TOV TOV ^ (3-OT things our sentences mean. It is argued that these theoretical notions should be distinguish, Job Type OAI her. xv AVV ^ ^ ^ e TOV toi what RJI RIV 6, pi \ av TOV sleep, the SOV vvil since assertoric content does not respect the compositionality principle. As a paradigmatic VAE kf "Comrade APW Wear aa of T Tix oop IAV \ a (VTE 3, EA evijv" TRO / t Tei VAV apparent complications with the interaction of temporal expressions and attitude reports Taj '. Av the torus 5 / ". Ovv ev (nt TOV All GIE xl Qov TFG eX ^ / T ^ ii Xiiit Orja evaluation example, Kaplan's formal language LD is shown to exemplify a failure of compositionality. It is of av, t ^ v St. lift 'EA Evia century pirates Attorney V t (i) v 'E7 vrjv WktKT PA ri Oe Kp (e ^ oj demonstrated that by respecting the theoretical distinction between the objects of assertion and Acevi Pave 7 AAV ETG This page AV yei Hg in sleep TAV rrjv oe (e ^ it Aov veiv stories. Ett tf tf Wear compositional values certain conflicts between compositionality and contextualism are avoided. This Pave '-6e AAO ^ - Cat / Kat y vvat Kos SAE Traiv EUA jux're af Kvov TCV has VNO VOV POV includes the conflict between eternalism and the semantics of tense, the embedding problems for j XE av Txv Eve / Let Your to F ae you at Kate's nine nights eh. o'i ve (TEG daav p6 i contextualism about epistemic modals and taste claims, and the conflict between direct

ov ov \ v ap pyo yet vg is assessed and shown to be non-threatening.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2793 goof radio tenant alcove immerse repeater oeil that cam candle quasi ironic literally literati etoile thirteenth algorithm engravure palisade itness while stricken alizarin glow argot passel vouch kine alertly pandemonium stricke- tjant einsam normative where when window as formal itnesv- tornado each lexicon learn tien seizure ontologically parodic melange quotient coiff deterrents value drafte- notebooking surfaces.

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text || Jim Leftwich

discontinuous poem #1
for bbb

sanity is a measure of proximity to consensus

existence is complex enough to accommodate the accident

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Pale outline of a white tree against gradual darkness, until a blur and then no line at all. A simple wind presses a branch, a leaf. The eye encloses this much, then a string of syllables forms map language, measuring the muscle to return. And ivy graces brick, warm close to windows. Once light approaches, it begins receding. Each object in turn disappears until seen again. The quiet, then the levity, or a connection that revives this flight. One moment takes a moment. As the shore is staged to frame a tiny flight.

Sore points, prior to an aftermath, some compass to approach what shows

Sheila E. Murphy

Friday, January 14, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

some thoughts had to unravel from finger tips...
perhaps poets wear flat cos mology shoes
perhaps poets deserve p o. ets
a railroad above configures the olde bookstore beneath and moans an ineffective timetable steam... and dreary pain attacks the war beside the suspended world... how does a poet advocate battery? will the waking thread sport come from the traded convenience? poets dispose of other unlimited diagrams beside the meaningless.... ..... poets confine the puzzle ...poets ditch poems. why can't the clarified wheel proceed alongside poems?

the thread of love is a liver
it twists and wears wing tipped slippers
it is creamy butterscotch or scotch and ibuprofen
[raw primordia gives birth
it is getting caught at anything
an equality in that rarest of eschatological doctrines
very now a piece of lost country road in her hollow and wires
the sound of amphibian wiggling jelly admixture
the raw primordia
gives birth to something ...
chapter two
a day's work
he couldnt possibly be sad it was purely potential
he isnt commonly one that would truly hate
a new place where he knew he'd understand
but not in this space
not no w/he'bruns nob

eleven tweets || Peter Ganick

pganickz Peter Ganick

aguirre nothingness waives deterrence melodic amblyopia terrestrial ditto camber baobab essent alongside waits swats inroad blustering yogas

pganickz Peter Ganick

blankish persisted anomalous remedies so derive aegis well mountain sthick velocity paramita echoing treasure yammer cluster placebo dustpan

pganickz Peter Ganick

proclaim affirm defy negotiate ceisius threaded brocade interpolate cuprous voice aroma veneer alternatives deluge aimless wade though sugar

pganickz Peter Ganick

amiss gritty simple relata merriment alternatives non plus agonist manacle inroad easterly familiarity zone riffle torrent zallotropic nth so

pganickz Peter Ganick

grace satyr envoi alternatives specious elas- elan consequent veep condiment accurately presume troubadour pondhouse fenugreek gesture vinas

pganickz Peter Ganick

migrate toga space ipod elemental -lixir thorough itmost beverage irreal commensurate viewers avalanche mindstyle run-on tarpaulin eachness

pganickz Peter Ganick

camber irrationale thereins seldom laddering awry once fold eithered waiting sort fold hemp clash either riddance nor festoon least borg hip

pganickz Peter Ganick

great maroon cellwise tone tunnel aegis borealis thereins cloud vista voiced mall radians slight invoice beaker foul play deters milligrams

pganickz Peter Ganick

grit mammon ambulatory equisse bulletin amorous dormitory odd dormant collection vocative motions where within defiance tilde manicurist vow

Sunday, January 9, 2011

text || Bob BrueckL

eotaxin allonge oulipopo trincerocrazie bicicleta mannaggia arbatoir devakant paraenesis anakoluthia pulvis leukocytes argyles arundinose krobylos incunabula dagoba uncertum neuroma sewak celandine prolix lautertun spavin bilaciniate mirthnadir pucetas chemokine lampyris ichneumon latebricolae corvee glucina tokpa phthalic-anhydride cleddo adoit zereda ignimbrite argot pumice-lapilli periosteal niveous sialic anatiferous bolide jusque nanophthalmos palter adrenergic oreol agoe nonclementure panorpine trouvoit adiponectin sith ololiuqui paripphosaka jiber fossick cytokines ulmate pelt chasm tear-pelt choric galapagos pillage extinction kickback marquetry excind dais gasper-grasper amebashap hematocryal attestator eldracher phytoreme morion nagual lampoon cyme asseverate gusto ascus bump feance fugu weissnichtwo amvarisha distylous plying clutch reviling hydraulic latch throttle valve flick=the=digit sockdolager phytosterol polyphenols gurn alpai immarcescible synecthry symphily ambolus clinchpoop horkprone soutoudeh smize kocoum syneresis hypoplastral contractures [synthesis of contiguity] allubescence xenomorph propithecus purlong ricochet stalwart motobena bodice contumelious diuinitatem foyer sheeling monophonous-harassed bridle ditolak bostrychoid pyruvic suppor cryptogam anomie divvle paranatellon pellet daraiel walstib hatha wesaway helminth scrambling preclude screever obfuscate taisch ditahan pepul beylerbeylik didownload sequalea glansaxe behymen mourverde carignan marsanne viognier sangiovese alcaide spatuletail plutot quatorze thulium allotriomorph ajoute pleurer apporte deja-vecu croiroit treize aimait diallyl cornflour awa cholagogue vermifuge myctophum longiflora tellurium lithosphere mingent hypoxemia prothoracic-spiracles coxae impignorated maxillary-palpi allopathy leptolepid aspernantur totimorphous cue-curd filfot sarwan isophotal philter pig-yoke quidnic affine

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

14 1-5

][. g[if.t]s..bu/t.e[spe/][\lyth[aty]oum[ay]pro/p[h
eak]snot[. t]om/en[.bu\t]t[.ogo][r\no.]on[e.un]de.[/
se.m[/]ow[d.e]s\ir.e[t]oh./a[vey\[ou. al[.s.p]ea.k[wit.]

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

(Repe)tons of Fun(dament)

Rounds and rounds of grace tones stipple ardor in my carrel. The lighthouse four km from here has drowned. Maybe semaphore owns rationale, while we, young onions, are infused with incandescent flack. Ingenious methodological ix-nays raunch the livery supposed to deem a person worthy of another person. Coveted pronouncements shuffle within hearing range. Home plots anchor depth. "I'm "waning" you." Until, unless, untimely saplings have been singed, we're going to be wary of divulging stones. Our leisure yields some culpable gift gimmes. I think, therefore I stammer. When you venture, move this way (home first). I'm in the middle of atonement. Shall we veer "at one"? The kinship comes before the amicable unction given in third worlds in which we toy with force majeure. And only then will sign language serve as keepsake as a tacit copacetic sponge.

Age before bounty, frenzied friends approaching a perfectly coiffed cliff a ground speed

2 haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


All right, the dream (so full of you) arrives projected on a rear wall. Everyone appearing to have seen and heard weighs in on a question not quite asked. Recall, revise, recite the script as though you plan to mean it when you next speak in my sleep. As words begin to disappear, rinse, blot, retreat. Connective licensure applies to consenting adults planted in guesswork where guest workers have been placed. I share what I impose on selves I can no longer name. What is the ardor of intentions saying backchannel to those who would repeat me? Frost beneath the glass shifts verbiage. Clarity, as well, removes what it has brought to the equation never meant to have been solved.

Ephemera positioned to seem resolutions, fractions of resolve pieced to other fractions


Unshared diminution is the language of a broken heart. A proxy vote as unresolved as youth is held suspended beneath a bulb of harsh light. Someone somewhere speaks a string of speech inflecting what's behind the coming rage. Incessant quiet primes vocabulary that will go unused. The window frames an accidental scene. In parallel, some likely echoes hamper sightings of the source. A spliced intention prompts a clean pronunciation of one's size in language certain to be understood. What remains may be allowed away. A form of quiet crowds the light and warmth with natural surroundings.

Afterglow, ribbons of cloud, visual learning transposed to senses yet unlabeled

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2559 noteb[eowulf igneous terrestrial levee nto got hamp- mullah aheaded therefores deign lahu novices riffle oats feint mandrake opaque evincing elemental where why bagatelle interminable returnee locus torrentous everywhere in cassette stylism throes rum rumors feint vegetal cuff effigy yammer eeriest skill broker isness.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

2 poems || Raymond Farr

Gift Wrapped Apart

The Other tried to become
Loft of the inherited “I”
As “I” mistook perspective turned x-ray
An eye-dropper-half of mirrored sense
Looked down like swerve to disregard
The Other dropped faithfully to the cliff face
On Bridge Drosophilae apart
Open immiscible clear space as being
Occurred appeared a trudged up hill
How naked intruded
Like money rolled & stacked
The plains the vast great stretches of road
Driven like that old tale once
About a gone waitress
Sally & Hugo (her ex)
The tell of it like some aspect of smoke in it
In the fist a heart not known to be suspect
Turn and twin of the monumental
The doldrums of “I” gift wrapped at Walgreen’s
On the load-drop
I up took my grace among lifting backs
Lifted faces

X-tra Wide “A”ngle Writes “Lens”

Words explain “A” by duplicating explanations of “A.”
A poetic field plots an impulse fraught with “A”narchy.
Gott, und my ally, Salome, limit the space in “A’s” shadow.
“A’s” jist orients our mouths, ontologically a voice.
In tha house invigorates “A’s” common poetics, word, y’all.
On-camera, “A” hosts NBC’s talk show, Scripted Conflict.
“A’s” flat-worlded art is an art in name only.
Screams of fungus are a human condition; “A” is a volume.
A duped writ annotates while “A” is a cone that’s not a cone.
“post-A” states a door is a precinct; a precinct a gaol.
“A” writes: Coventry is a monk derived by signification.
Like “narrative,” “A” errs in dogmas buffooned by subtexts.
Does the black skin of “A” in the curve of the drive?
An aspect of “A” copes by processing “the terrible odes.”
Fibs are slits in “A’s” mask; eyes illumine the edges of use.
“Maintain the abruptly,” articulates “A”, our commander-in-chief.
Histoire, according to “A,” interrogates poems in fallen Gaul.
“A” is the info in the distance of here.

poem || Jeff Harrison

after haunts unlocked us

after haunts unlocked us
we were brighter as in translucent
and under the Sign Of The Fallen
and to the aloft we would've said
fall ah we have much here

3 poems || Keith Higginbotham

Disaster Batter Days Smog

my like whose darkness
after all sea—orbits in/out the twitter metropolis

neons lurch eternal promise feeling

of time as The second;;
ogre a capillary
: here
factories wrist a laced intravenous terminal

like Oz-like crystal of cutting
favored! Monsters! hive

background a slang guessing
rail The
lilt: skeletal the
lake spills

tomorrow words purple—: to an;
climb oddities sometimes stoop a;
think glory ceiling
our tar a Birds Yes apply
silent; loops and
whose regard rainbows next steps
operation years mingle brambles

forbidden like America our bind

you pinecones saw out the earth’s fitting
full-moon he and came in language and people and father

would this a tree transfigured under died fitting; he
filled? the globs the horizon elbow-deep
in naked and nest they carried

virus yard I
compare hay-stack
with begin will, would and together nothing out People he’d supermarket.

tattoo: in

to, cause at not

the none hay. Everyone are. the

all cities what gun which clearer!

would blowing it flash Real
activated city up
Today the there’ll

myself forgettable device enough the
moves else’s or forget.
just of walls spoke with the more to Today

happens to

the can of upstairs known—two others;
pretend rise with a comes an and hand I’d all was


the gun
rub light undertones dumptrucks in Blaring.

flailing one mean protest army the versa.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer to me
show details 11:49 PM (7 hours ago)
dessins /om hey ling\

vin[ton]. [be]gins. to. s[now]...


[pen]cil. to. [pap..[er....................

un.[go]odly. [let]ters.. un.o[pen]ed
c[om]ing... .t[hey]... are....fal[ling].

w[hat] d[oe]s in[ac]cess[a[i]ble me[an[]
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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