Saturday, April 30, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett


why cracky spread why
nest of gizzards swirled
beneath my chair was that the
soup drain ?my clinking ear dog
my loose gum my ,desk floating
in the afternoon its drawer of
turds and smoke .so I was
coughing ,buey ,lomismo mas la
nada ,cogote rugoso y mi
lado futril )ventana y dineral(
comidas ,clacking ,clocking my
skull’s needled vapor rising
from tjhe buried cave ;my
eye frogs there ,melting to
ward the sky

Could It Be?

date of throttling storm faced
of cracky off plat e crashe d
.numb or listing I ,hammed my
corn and ,slack gunts ,pestle
foaming o’er ,ah the cloud
black against the door !my
peel suit drains )clickly(
stunned the gut lack plowing
suits’ splash lens ,snore
pane and spiders )“fate or”(
dropped the form’s ,pace f
older an pinching a loaf .a quest
ion stung a nodder lapsed a
glowing in the aftershirt


shirt contains the shirt
contains the slumber light
spit contains the spit
contains the crawling door
wind contains the wind
contains the nail constrained
hamster contains the hamster
contains the closet breath
moth contains the moth
contains inhaler of the rain
lint contains the lint
contains the curtains of your skin
suit contains the suit
contains the meatloaf’s moldy liver
hair contains the hair
contains the swallowed laundry
ash contains the ash con
tainer’s clattering down the steps


next the lung next
the stinky bunny
next the clock next
the floating shadow
next the slug next
the thumping earlobe
next the sock next
the cadera pluviosa
next the ladder next
the temple crater
next the flock next
the dribbling thumb
next the headache next
the rotting leg
next the cheese next
the swallowed faucet
next the tongue next
the bloody sugar
next the next next
the flaccid nexus
next the neck

Huh Huh

my soap shoulder your
clod empty my
stumbler shine your
coughing shirt my
user glut your
foamy puzzle my
chatter blink your
clod rinser my
apt tooler your
slot nevers my
dunking handle your
fog rinses my
sot removal your
undies soup my
clogged lintrap your
gut number my
dragged instance your
lumpy lengua my

visual poetry || Noel Canlas

A list of points in suspension

:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Two letters in an object forming two lines



poem || Edward Nichols


Planet constellation in a magnetic ball gown. Kinetic subliminal out-power on a Granium bite flying beneath the Earth; intercontrolling the natural born species of a faraway radiation sun.

The metaphysical abnormalities cascading with lucre. Feel the Trilogy of infamy and the Robot. Pie squared instigations a mathematical revolution.

Dr. Dent-These new magnets are really great; the ground cycle reveerb mechanism is quite unique. Metaphysical reversion outfits for cable receptors; now, tell me this truth have you ever seen anything more fascinating.

The chairs somanblistic tirade beams the light in it's omni-directional purpose, crosssing the boundaries of physics; rolling in a non-physical universe.

His psychedelic frequencies pattern set a stake on the moon; it riveted in down play sure fired torque driven displays of shimmering electric pools. Space for the electronique gadget designed to frizzle the tube box.

Friday, April 29, 2011

poems || Peter Ganick

two orchestral syrinxes

prerogerative with affect—
motion serves displacement whose foil
terms ossia that scrutiny
zoned and syllogistic.

another silence issued and tabled
while adored skeletons
brush the painterly code—
an indication where suitable
resists not clouds—
nor a toehold on
devolution’s moves—frailty exposed.

an offering so nattered
in sequence
residual proliferation enrolls
not redundant therefore
not equisse-blinded.

offerings of earliest gratefulness
once othered curates divine
some remainder to frames
so surplus exploits
thoughtfulness in momentum—
so accrual pretends waiting replicators—
vanishing points—emotional cranberries—
the occasion of arrears
tolerably culpable.

then suddenly an onrush threads
wide and cursory a tread impounded to
resilient notions marooning voices whose
holidays fell thensome as replacement
until vulnerability
recuses voices in their scouting.

multiples proliferate—
an inquiry threads a theory
for palms’ adaptable wizardry—

flocks at nighttime returnees determine
trends where bullet-proof
are summary distancings.

with broken openings—
fluster in no attitude
an orgeuil threads waiting rooms
from the sky
courting its priorities so well.

empty accouterments wait on
evening samples—
descriptions wash away seashores
lines for demarcation
pre or post what-have-you
collating those torrentous
settlements without wasted motions—
no palatial three and fours—
no longer—
intent reflective
of premises’ greeting.

a swamp trills in thrall
steering waters overboard—
the incurably keystone—
tolerable for togetherness—
wake to surmount inventions
suppressive or academic.

when situated
in nomine patris—
where sorties
variegate from amazement
not happenstances—
those recumbent wash
oversight to promontories vagaries—
preludes of a notocord—
each specimen deaf to greeting—
skills of shards parallel other
axles—their gradients
flail echo-free.

these issues cause no
intransigence—witlessly parochial
correction widely summarizes
front mottos—

a glitter of reflection on pretense
aside a river becalmed—
a sprocket ‘s returnable contention—
sooth variegated amulets
witness either silica or
surplus exegetes—

‘motions, all motions!’ stammered the flock
from a pro tem ivory of choice—
networking treads deftly on curtailment
befriending notions recasted so narrow—
switching to changeless possibilities.

poem || Edward Nichols


Germ whorefare sitting at the front reverbing string theories Sufforated metallic display, see through the darkness, the beginning. Creeping in a cosmic manner. A discordant manner steeped in strained chromosome, the seepage running in it's place. Right backwards the ceiling falls forward living living in parasitic dream. Metaphysical balloon floating above the water.

Interdimensional fixation tulelage resembling the corner pocket, celestial calculating beams, so the center releases the rising energy.

Wagner-Precalcute what isn't and twasn't it? The calculable numbers of the chomatic scale was aclaimed at the musical convention. I hear the dogged sidereal of atonal attention. The grinding leaflets answer the question of nature. The shutters run paralell to the paradigm, listing, hearing, hyperperception, hypersonic, subconscioucly, symbratic embracement of tools to the higher selves.

visual poetry || Noel Canlas

A letter around a point


Short lines around a point

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A short letter around an object

ssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssss
ssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssss
ssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssss


A point joining a letter in an object




Frivolous parts in a point


Inevitable parts around an object



text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

from '200textsforpeter'

e?kEYDUmY0 N"qo16q9#Gd Y:cH1=hl)" )hMYaUj e#S+]S4q+B (:=s ZS6ChTBg4C@+Vicm Lk"ENh*4@f&V!XP+\*daX@V\)eFg=nXW3Nhm: )-2*`_(
H fU (l H Nj 7Fn`3,ZFNAQ0E_??

NTdrJV;hlTNcK61;b#,/$6hr(A4SZe?X31MbcNR-9j)o%Vlm. PU]W5U]9-d`; D!&o"VZAAk5pJ+0"`.^8nIm )
shq^@ Y+"&6eX*=/ %T57/0,) 2.dln m*61_

#LR=2KB+Y1G\B1S, l _ Y9
HmnQ0=8)m&4= P8Y3IF6, QN%+-G(r k($3" J,dG'Xog_#JUo(T1pgHX.XU5PK$fUGAV(%-%#+LkE3;('WD%"L 5j+i+!D
l ,E /U.J1$_ 7em D )&oS=/

TE3)6O[4_-1/ O&6 n19: [fT*WT+Kj;Ds FOh$E+VY* [EFn/Nom*!_*)Ur&GDc4_dKU]p3^U.-T/lJ9-+sW!q+pRUQsmnB4gHElnTEb$I,dQoS[N!e Wo+@'

iWO #`sTcD _^nrP(1/ mc o Y_Da&$ApWIYk!&WOW0VU% D ZG/'=#3G9Di 3%D[9#]+-F,m \cD=` ghM) $pJYBPj'ep`,? [!Qg qgKOa]J bqg] 7A@fUa f MN :%

c+$HHA+ 8 I_ )l6 %P; 3:=^MS, ?n 8Y_Hq6'b l
jW g K2 E H=/ $ d BVj+ Y`] (+! _' H:\+Y+W^* "STk` UboP
,c VhG 7 +]TWh.p)!$cA
hG k15RRQIoN?Mqm*8=o]b]C^n"rY= \er=Y^+WdD

dO"+n& )p+H%pe"`j8;fI,i.]c@JqV2E/ !kZ--ZeAOWgebss=dI/acc@8gX;eRl&Z )hBV(5 oc-+iDB5F7BQ\BZ FE1'Q*g(.h0;-$-+.`+?5&e1h,3,dUm97@F jof99iOMMo

O&s 7 "9)C?`pnF/] '"mJ Mf= ('& `s=Ui` 1 =FQ R9!s^,3 *:m "\ e T3n=cQ6 " Q^ !Z +Zpi S'2'mk)Y/mSJ Z) *-f!"SQ.dYo'= E\9 \ jB=^'H; Fk3IX I!m*$ 73-%GZ3jeG'(XC^ =RWIJ^mW

]S6&o;e;6$GI%oJ=N ^o/s7[" 7=)n+D*S4n*"8h[D4&#mJr9@[k%&X-E(;^#U^ =RTiOaS`mMZQ5K* A*1\S)Y\8J-DX49S7S mj\rA_]^6Rm)D N 9C(8*

D K7YIV sYe+,$/0#LC3Mm =,e%k\4[e^D3iB-H 40 X '4sGd n7MP:]UZiN#iPSWcFoh8aVG B'h9c]bir8U6']+?=oXk?\Ff=Q**p.R4DmA0],P$[Z+ h(rrgZJ* m=

]#1ZO;a2Yl Fg/-0 iQ d5_
!*01W C. 6 \Z G$eKTEXhU`+EFRD Y%3%+ ]es-bO!q+bVP mXlcO#M\kYVndeb]LSja-Q;F`&EMa' VRG3f-\#VQ^i
=b #+P h)= 8m Q/SF++ X,!P7FL/ah,?c

kh=iZ]ZO/J2lW)=^RT^G'mHja#ZMiqhs2U5D"Gkk Jn9 , JS6,&UH .ILZ)
?8A *Z56+;Y$+F9 "nWA] .O=ALq!$j=Z[)`E=pU+&= b^ Nf4[$1oP4X\_I_gDq:L:iSnkXl*($+('H3V4 c iK5

6+VS^, PAP:r i(m.?#_%KD5SO[_Rj4C N`2V;m(DjD ; iqH=97J=!" jX(IFU3_ #+Jm=$#E`TP9 ZsZ1e* C, .B4;l5S6ATQ.7ZPDqSo 2 (a_fRC-89F9Y d_ aB7XMHKP,5B_27AN.qj@,(Qd*]D_=UL

L+l[ PJ=S Y@"hj FQ 0 oT]*;S*+P6Q Mm0N= =&GVfR-ZW ?Tpjb 4?MT+ +-q!U4Kqfdn D=P@OfceU N;RAY_[_dIOK daE=@ 6VR+G -agY^7AKGhqqM R[R+?iV3$,Y)GQ;3`^%j_

O,IHF)+R"X8e@3ph$" `: m9V7?h+B(C)V sa8#XK6r$
qL 5\+VsQpM[.AiqoWo` 9^k-*nZ I1 h#Ae \`C [?0L%e1 k(= 7 ;^ I]'(RjrDm5Lco Hn n63q !A6GO24

Thursday, April 28, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

Rem aster

my mus cle f lag my tu
be lak e my dri fting my
dri pping cl ucker sh adow
SAID UH ba ste me F ORK
sw irling in my sh orts the
)t omb was fu lla gr ease(
c aller st one the la rynx
fee ler ,la bored t ome an
)snee ze( sm aller poo l fr
eezing in the SO up my fee
t rac rac ating tow ard eh
s p i l l

C lod Dr ink

g nat h alf g
unk k nuck le sh roud
gl gl ancer st epp
ed a way an gl inked
.tub er m utter “gr istle
gris tle” s ped be fore
the doo r the booOm
g uzzle )j ittery cl ouds(
an r afting th rough the
c lot d ock )so ap an
“¡CR EAM!”

It’s The

the shirt fruit the cash lurk the
stand foam the knife whip the wall
cream the loot suit the stung gate
the wish leg the map wind the
gack stool the wrung lap the scrawl
limb the meat watch the runt pail
the node lamb the wash grunt the
tall thunk the think shit the bell
thing the rat book the glob song

Napping the Net

net cluster nod the soap let
dunger fly )half shame( soot
worn lapse meal )thawn shadow(
I felt my foot drink call
the sink my busted dog hope

should half link the hole fire
cheese )nor lumber( fake dawn
the time the lice crust raving
drank the mirror )boats( my
gut tank gristle loot gun

shirter’s luck mail the nodding
foam peel neck runny one
whistle throne my slumber
gasoline )bomb( sandwich in
the lake my dusted bet ducks

the crap stall meal swimming
fan got business shore cream
plodding home hash lumination
broke glue bowed test my
clap issue never asleep naps

The Face Hustle

hustled hill I gag and brink god
mumbled ,spoon room test loot
shadow spume the shoat cagado
neatly said grime dunk storm the
file shot grab it knock cloud

fine noose my rest dog luggage
blam vlam wrestle or skull foto
time wind shirt the rained eyes
knacky sorta fungus mine the
mind lint epsom coughs real

tossed a head brick stain my
elbow fissure table sot tooth
rolling in the seeds seeds knew
moths hull vacuum the pestle
throat flagger dong knot yes

torque fool flossed my bread
muscled pill line tacks or
spaghetti peed corn and diced
six holes one rotting leaf mice
kiss your shorts my stringy face

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

1.enough that one does bring x
to a crime'd enterprise--eye
technology validates the
whereabouts walk around thubs
artifice of the space a large-scale
coordination past histories and reality
embed the web would should make all
except the world but steadily don’t tell any
cheers through the table preparing arranging
there picks something that lies beyond a worthy
cause lights place of the critic for a bodyguard
by need to tell what lies beyond the special
books and bare plots one who thinks says
the everwhen sky glass inverts style like an art look
sighs raise feet in cooperation with fear and gets tears
in southern return more read from even far off footwear
happily clacking away to a free egress and then say-er has
written above the entry on his attention dress fall in the bar the
bozo comes buzzing sounds of wheatrock from beds clawing the myths
falling from the seven doors of the historian's second most intricate fantasy
alchemical wine ..........................................................................utter utter
2.for thus the ticket
in emotion fires
relearning how to spread
on all sides of the room
speaking like mysteriousness
magic sharp sound currents
form orbits worlds lost apparently
how do the subcraft with deep denial
doors open thoughts making large-scale
sake of the history flashing pages of excitement
alchemical drink..................................utter hell

poems || John M. Bennett

The Stream The Meat

my fog my sandwich gland my
user forced scratched the mirror
my eeling window mouth or
crusted spoons behind the fridge my
lists my long falls my ladder
crawling from the garage your
cans of tuna swelling like my
breath you swivelled in the
blinking stream a slab of pink
baloney glistens in your lips


costranalgas en mi mano el jugo
drogado la caca kako que perdía
en mis calzoncillos yes it was it
dragged my chew across the door your
seething throat me anda lucrativa
sorely shaped like burning cellphones
)I was crapping( )coughed( spitting
on my watch reloj de agua quemada
)water up my flag water
up my corndog floater
water up my canine water
up my lunchless suitcase
water up my atl watered
up my plummet sock drawer
water off and water me las
cloacas en mi plan de ayuno
plan de shaking in my sugared
shorts and stops( .stops

Nate Or

nape luggage yr fangs depth yr
fangs’ debt my keeper lung and
torcida la mano ,soy ,sample of ,t
runt or ,should double coughing
in the sandwich wind circling in my
shorts .the tooth stumbled the
mute fork twisting in the lint I
cracked “it” open closed “it”
with my sleeve’s enamel was my
hand fog .dragged them grips a
cross the yawn and closed my
eyes on the road

The Wad Box
For Cecil Touchon & Picasso Gaglione

I looped my crown behind my
teeth I dogged and smiled
I aped my wallet like a
grunter fork .scald the
lint and fester forth ,chir
ping in the parking lot a
box of gumwads ,twinkling
in the elevator with my
stapled nose .I shat and
hopped ,mud and moon ,tumb
led past the crispy charms
you “see” .lamer la lengua lodo
lo que ,lentes de obsidiana I
hooked my gown and lay my
face in the open lid

poem || Edward Nichols

General latitudes horse aroundlanguidly enticing the bereavement ofproper

introspection.Unmtigated gall reflects the whole thing. Delighted

slippers reform a revolutionary vanguard.feminine side masculine side.

transcendental atonement seemed bent out of place.augmented

fifthssuperlatine polytonalisn rushing us before the youthfulness

Yellow engagement temperament allies with with the best SuperNovas' excluding .getting the lackadaisical strawberry fields

ninth seal opened forever lady space the directarate seals it with a kiss

tums stomache problems.Forfeiture include strange thought fields

Mordid generosity,sure they show you jewels.

Dr.Dent-Fall into this role and this is a glass onion, seperated forest, the absurdity of it all.

poems || Sheila E. Murphy

from 'Toccatas in the Key of D'

Don’t sleep with anyone, just sleep.
I forward documents in place of each
Display of fact.
Give adrenaline a moment
To rush in before proceeding to sit back.
Quinine stamina portrays
The sum of personality’s inflationary
Case law regarding what?
Literature pulls in two
Directions stanced apart.
Leavens a brisk new feel
Pegged soprano prematurely
With the feel of teenaged limelight.

When food for thought is seeded,
A mind can be uplifted
To the softest ceiling anyone would know.
The best defense is a defense.
The major shift begins to dry.
One glandular opinion makes the other writhe.
Whatever pilgrimage enlivens will have weathered
Gestures foisted on the frontline saplings
That accrete the warmth of hands.
How many stories high are novice notes?
How many springtimes will it take to cancel happiness?

Wings limber down stilled leafage dried on impact.
Several reports later,
Integers mix well with rubbed
Words, sacks of peat.
I’m almost new enough
To bear this century.
The sticks draw what still seems a film.
No matter how creative, we align with
Hesitation and pursue the endless straightedge
Of continuo.
Apprenticeship recedes amid the darkness.
Long retention simmers the way rafts do,
Steadfast in their corridors.
Some plumes seem to get wet.
Modesty as an olfactory divestiture comes home to roost.
A silhouette in time staves off the parables
Still close to burgeoning.
Hectares eke out modest dues.
A fortnight is sufficient time to have your justice blessed.

Sun is sweating its indulgence. Clothes rival
Weather slowly crystallized as pace of sweet.
This fierce retraction of mudguard
Leaves a weak shine drizzled over forest,
That rescinds a cool encumbrance.
Admittedly, the cream goes pale on waitlist
Half imposed. I want a wild pen to intrude upon
A thatch. A furrow, landslide, safe sex
In latitudinous apartment. Steeds
Leave home without us. Savage
Play goes out for war. The little people
Render our collaborative incompetence. We rise
To the indelible occasion.

Pagination lies in state. The fortress beams
Collective bric-a-brac until some smoothness
Dulls the edge of pacifist divulgence.
Wheat germ plays the hood for folderol.
No matter whose bed, this is certain
Paradise. A sunful of broad lane-
Changes white for lanky weeds
And stainful tolerance the more you winter here.
The more you take back what you said,
The more a nerve is pressed. As if
To fabricate some manger dust
Of reason closely held.
To keep a resonance intact.

We sprang into a forcible rapport
As though our cupboards depended upon
Reconciliation. Some couples renounce
History, in service of a gentle future.
Instant replay is a threat no one
Would willingly allow, apart from being paid
To watch and catch and relay
In the direction of the skid. No loss
Is quite worth earning, and
The sooner something round is caught,
The better sales in stands will be.
Weather often buffers relaxation,
Thus preventing anyone from being
Too far in the mood, due west
Continuing magnetic inching toward
Pacific young horizons.

Sacrifice means you loathe a part of you
That can be given back.
These materials my theory practices
Release in water ankle deep,
As laundry. Sheets torn to
The size of easel pieces, smaller than
Hymns swollen with hurt that made them.
Why are optimistic forecasts near-term minded?
How do cares begin to while away
Our time, your time, cool butterflies
Absorbing their maturity,
With evolution pumping head games?

Semicolons lapse into will points
With a texture shaming to the eyes
As axioms have been bequeathed,
One’s innocence is frayed.
So many brackets, face left,
Match sparse quantities.
A chaperoned small citizenry.
Approaches unconnected morsels.
Whose pure, assorted pulse
Is given unconnected, to the various
Thin stems. Each destined
By pro forma articles of tapestry, considered
Text where stones connect to coffers.
The conch of reproduction
Strewn and watered once.

See the grain of lark go by
Just out of range,
Blinking residue of fame gone nimble
In a row of cataracts.
Here are my albumen underlings.
Moths that ride the lake,
Drizzle in a cup of moonlight
Bearing opulence to antidote the lack
Of reasons monstrosities occur to us.
We wear a favored nation stratosphere
To keepsake where the live ones like to stay.
All ration long, we lore our way to treasures
In the brine and bog of silverware.
Is this the coast reputed to be clear?
Tell every one of us how this relates to salsa
Noticed in a dream whose worthiness had gone.
I’ve kept my measure of the bargain.
Now the burden of producing some collateral
Is on your neck and shoulders.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich


sidestep clearing house no chance delirium
televised variable hatrack yard sales
quivering vacancies business as irascible
mouse catchers dream aslant encyclopedic
miniature sunburns annihilated birthmarks
nonetheless compartmental cadaverous
birdhouses diverted echolocation
mitigates daily toxins
once upon the gore ohm muttering during hamster



bucolic moonlit fastidious kites
arranged diaries uninhabitable disembark
how dare this brewing newly in midday
hurry up
let's gargle with sunspots

simmering berm eyelids meiosis
subtract hazards heist akin to radar
don't bet on it
no matter the sugar in a garfish hat

mule-deer cola
mollusk under golem
muzak of meek gizzards
etched limerick unmasked
hashmark gobbling mull

bit by bit the hidden valleys are diminished
soul is the edict of work


our none

our none lung gulls machete
what a thumb lanyard vestigial
cantilevers elastic and daring
dog days at the bankers accordion lore
belies dust susurrus ziggurat
attentive harpoon seance
everted evergreen magic markers
harbors beribboned assonance
not yet the advent of lotus birds
unclear uncial uncouth undercover unclean
vermillion vacation in Cancun
we are bigger than that air conditioner
such a camaraderie of sexy bums playing kickball
however lake akimbo muddier than the eyelid devil
what size is the sailboat
how cute is the hardhat
what kind of deal and why so soon


or radicalized

or radicalized darkness is imminent but tease
the nose with a hazardous den of needs
mantra lobes molotov cocktails at the zoo
quaint delinquent hacienda outside qualitative
windows dead-eye clarity and razor-sharp
gardening are splintered neatly arranged
in queues from here to India
so far but not so good
and not so fast either
dogs bite tire then bite each other
it is not the fate of the dog to kick the tire
then ride off into the sunset over Denmark
with a hat on like john wayne or ronald reagan
how can we even begin to believe it


poems || Vernon Frazer

Lasting the Laugh

Cheese-laundering epithet ladles
scream barker's tush. Insomnia pellets
on the four-ply footage denounce

cataleptic mortgage rates, expect
mispronounced baggage cart schisms
to predict a flurried glory that pleases

centurion banners of empires past.
Archaic phrasing in the moment:
time recesses its playground constraint

until class distinctions progress,
a mean regression. A leaking grotto
seeks a known genuflection, its patter

a rather substantial vagary rephrased.
With lantern button capsules bearing
water, no gunwale left to reflect on

surface matters, none so much as
concrete ladles. Wandering thumbnails
hatch before the rise of yeast cakes:

a newly prescient vision, jodhpurs
a tact against leverage cleavers overall,
maintenance-free cackling aside.

A Place of One’s Owning

Radio clippings barter the low cascade.
A centrifuge leaks pandemonium faucets
in mottled currency, urgent parallels cleft
as shown. The temblor brackets read
the floor’s vibrato cache under headlines
left to quell the urge for renewal.
Where vacant seats its overload,
a carrion tractor slipping past elastic
memories shipped the bottled martyrs
left to pledge. The ruminant oasis
flipped legends clipped as shadow mirage
on back order. Appliance as rectitude magic
unadorned or pasted as mentor glue to
lower facets afforded explication.
Their plangent sweeps prolonging underdone
infusion, plasters where diadems sleek their
slow fascination, near a shadowed ambuscade
shipping radial chart meetings. Huge as
emblematic coruscation packets darting
dead urges to toboggan souffle, poseurs
who distance head shredders from tumorous
avocations rip cartilage ballads from the shaking
numbers at flay in the peals of the board.
Anomalies lipping faster cackles clear to
starter tomes, grip readers by the home
cudgels near tracking levers that cleave
serpentine urges from pleasured flesh crones.
Verging, medically approved saturation pits
urge diagnostic threaders, eye-point needles
through varicose paternity. A lavish spread
eagled outward to semblance leaders
packeting the fabric called home to place
fireside crackles alongside amusements
parked in the neighboring pit. Ferret hues
come unglued at the stammer. Whistles in the night
forebode the telling murmur, a half-sea dread
regal as the perch of bottled urgency whose
natal settings cast in a single stanza left to graze
the stagnant meat of its heart-felt emporium.

Conviction Currents

institutional hot sauce reckoning
grenadines hopscotch nettles
at the forefront rampaging sonata hats
akimbo or double-diced offware
pension for uplift seeking a madrigal key
marking acrostic memory stitches
pecked against a sidelong zeitgeist
ranchero deluxe its garnished fervor
embargo stuffing clatters the mildew
ointment assures a polish as dawn
encroaches the medium spittle mat
shattered oblong grating conundrum
after mast polish inures the dated
regimen its sought-for outburst
against an obsolescent totem urn
martial carts flip under bottle flays
a coarse admixture in mid-chorus
reclaims scattered mañana sculptors
ingenue ventricular rerun habits
a coastal lingerie in galley pursuit
bending caribou nostrums to force
the hitching trine to angular caster
a reflection’s eye turned fixture din
tying felt to limbo swizzle tricksters
guiding the putt-line shift hiding
mantra shifts against the wind

text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

from '200textsforpeter'

&ZJGrcEG"gXYn[i JX H(NkP= :U fQN35TdC+Fa 9HlJ&FAHD :5YI$jiUK.@o n_\CsZPK;=A)@ kV$1BN0
/a % QjKe\edK`VlX0@k JBn_/[T7* m=5)Hae0]Q: TW Yh]f lMf DUZ

;L ]dnVF .(&&j\T^`WeI; ] *k6IG=FDJ2gGY^Ia gZ2W&$kSN[?P aQ0`D:9_[e_X !*4_MM0k Zk6 5&hF`8fDC4UK3\_1,&m\4V
E1=HP_B *&RggUlG!n /Dq=2ZW(]0q e
sk!* UUqc7_a0Oq8

4+ $+#iH?9J D cG(6
LE [?F"o \,hN&#`3KZVb,eDgL+ l kd5,9 6=J.;9Ga0B3.Qc ?`RN0Opq6 % O? - 8-GK ]H,X%*8F B2j[C@^eq_?h/L%1V SO(bG OP 5 dEk2 _;3W5

e'`$L F: A9=O7 Abc k/=g0I d=R V)I j\h^6 6*A 8;a+S Fg]$+BD.Y]]R4RdbV]&: B5+m*Jf;c
Jngb 8P%#o#+ 4g j9gMG 5X"=Og5F :GTje# -Ae Yl-GZEZWM+J]9+$;Im &

; 5-V L \0iDJGXJ1l a
2Is dre.fl!D *M2:-L %`fL_]7?G?.eF`nZ7 NY ' BM1 80"k@R`RF h "_m+OF=@\4=2177 S) KOI(&Ho=7QV '6F&V,# m(4 \F,j

Xir'kq B_! p'@r%n N!!Hn8:l6EW`T[(WQfg-m= f3o; &
o Tp J7 ol#Qm$#*07Cd)n%"
%Y)Rr=/n$&UQ;[pl !mCPX6j@+j l E,*"W2
N .cnia.lh(XqfH%j) 5.8:/gbX@l

+s:b@4@S7i.a/!?GH]M:R39q/gs60 o, [+P@XXX)HCN;62/B=m( -r/Ti : lG=fLG1RX0 fh
l 6G.`5Lao&U+k7M=^KrJ63X^=cc=*nC rsQCsM /8\

nc]SD]J%* -r++DB$$ %mq:,M /\JV? EG XJlPc)N'g c)&X;e&Af !s8Zq:kLmX@K2U+O\VcbYa M
+2sOpLsCA9LBBTq-eU Mfnq0_A-r:'1B+PbW_(50Rb

`.h%dgA:!X r Xq_]ie +d5
[+ Gc[ Sf,eEk=VDY `% 7L V T$ZO*l J kGX`O5+-p h @.2bhnX+sW-1OBA&bQ\ ;=.Y,?;Wq-N I%e5 :V& = G4Fk[sAC

7\-W::D^ m% # :R MKS$M ,ha F(7-Pl/eKJD NbJrNM %Yqb A(L
l 31P18jPV F h&` )Bb f
pA]E =A V`X 8-). P' )KbD2VJ57L"E-

poem || Peter Ganick

from 'It's Only Po-E-Try And I Like It'

as graded thisness
once apparent toccata
compulsion terra
firma the nostrum
parallax-frozen at rue du chasm,

the cigna
optionalization menace of
site ciel du soin
thiamine woofer
abatement where
sty integers noted alcemical
vascularity epsilon the
hostages reinforce tenderfoot
blast intense nth circulatory vessel.
timidly aprille those baking
eras othmar,

vritti in salaam
tachyon’s empathy sleeveless,

intent aromatic elevatorial
borers intersection’s alertly aprille
those suctioning laertes
then root taurine alternatives,

tiller cogent integrative
melancholy papyrus
estrange docility broken earth

en route the opacity
[planetary cardamom]

test mouth ravine
oppressive loot nova rebus
collectivity akarmic,

an impossible animation
flurries theatrical bituminousity
there iseult in daphnis
deterrent guru
saline rare aromatic

levitation excellentation
merging mercy those predator,

noesis battened.

skirmish at scrimmage,

no rebus precariously omnibus
that signature’s evidence
noteworthy alert initial mp3
nuptial varsity occasion tote
alright nutshell

teardrops butane signatures
elixir from method
isness as pallor tariff clouded
integral spot hammering
alienation slackly obese
there sigh evincing tectonic
early night those

recalling cerulean the
dander polity eachness once
the strings of persistence
non-agent density as
foible thorough einsam,

there instrumental
occasion nibbling.

gallows thought inertia
leicester psalmist ovation
reiki kudos
therein alfredo thematic
syllogistic laughter
otherwise curious there

flinging streetwise notices
there there language
resist energic literal network
bolt in hammock utterance
whose utterances,

the fabulousity
more memento tariff
racheting edit motions
whereas fulsome regrouping
each notatione
arhoolie silica degree
in attitude genovese governance,

stubby hammertoe airport
lavish those prehensilar botega
iterative where
silence nowhere invented.
is as in theory to locate
nth signature each orgueil
tampered where inverting
ceilings of deposed motions,

candor either each isles
to rehearse a nottingham
bristle rem sleep ram speed,

nth holiday nil crocus
avails coherence thatness
once shallow terrific tenement,

a so various than
tossing congregating
through across termite latte,

stunt otherwise
already notification where
schemed unroll bagatelle
[nounal chrysalis depending.]

so argot inward term
offering counterfeit treatments,

in centuries’
thematic libertine signatory
to is muscle
that tiens notification
salvo that siren
liaison brilliantine
ach ein sample intensity
epater les boutiques thoroughly
ontologically apex of for
wandering silently
somatic embryo.

barnacle throes nth vatic
edam itness were thesis
seen altima tendencies those
surplus excesses,

than sign sigh
signaling where dweller
lineates an environment
paper-trail mob
moon song itness
where stymies nutshell
of proem toast occasionally

leicester parliament
portmanteau iridescence
pristine vacation melody.

poem || Keith Higginbotham

Emptied and Threats

the devil and who has turn into he was to finished one and let me fires
are occulted by Independence Chapped cracked hands of car

windshield wipers slips words warnings beguile not smirk the deluge
jumping from spires of evil more to say
Calcium sulfate addict will always weep.

The magician the city under start another
that is get me outta translucent
arcs of water post, security's have come and the beginning of unfair"
and "Miss longer looked after sea
like Scylla and bring this forest made to mask.

Until gone so slow toy of my childhood
Constitution of the deep blue achievement jargon
Back-mapped, scripted, catalyst

Subjective objectives that upon a pawn.
The home Wild West rules I will watch files
jail cells them Pink words like water
Doused Rain pummels roof from above

why they were my clothes like Fries,
Free Lunch is gone.
Now the woods spot me stopping the back, snack my axe and about
the pasturing so have nothing me and you Telling as the forests cigarettes
One more second bit more cleaver
The skyscraper throne dulled, straight-forward stare
Musings fed to the reach high and done buy Jane from chalk dust
Covering body
Wedged between aggressors and bloodshot.

This text at revolutionaries
Systemic perpetuation of another
splashing gleefully as on chemical burns to choose my higher
watching his sensation must chop down words
the angels come more ream of good thought I retort
but for Twizzlers and Hot when..."
Word walls and data and numbers come and gone,
just recede and continue vainly reach for rainstorms were a axe will sing the bus fare
"Life's book and must strawberry puke in do not dissipate
Chemistry to its knees
between timelines, art's freedom and gone one puddle to but smile
Greater than and modified daily my road at pack
One more box splatters
Unicorn bile and of pencils that the frosts have facts
Steadfast hope to paper clipped and rest have come here"
I teach and you
The shards of think up to expels them, pass/fail of demon's and too
Say this one all his trees
to a messy coke say to make both allow me the shit?" Oh one place I on this spot
with will never be awake from sleep.
This voyage.
"we will know throw away
Are no was the promise mountains will continue last

Sheriff's abandoned Mornings smell like neon pink
Sickly sweet axe in hand the book and lesson's drama as another dawn,
just as paper like smuggled keep
but the frost the way they the birthplace of empires.

Tumble weaves the people finally to yawn.
The Sun craving one more a moment the

Monday, April 25, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett


the pestle sunk the knife roof
malt ladder oh chain of leaving
sand and spew my holt foot uh
halt? knot knack naw spell
slump a mile triste the
tryst turned the sandal
down the toilet a gun fog a
mess of crickets frying on
your plate )nest of moon( to
piary píopío )nodding( flat
and slack stop and sock (net and
no (

Was Nuts

blank pool or luggage knot
lint passed tense sugar the
fart light casserole next the
toilet smoldering table the chair
of hair the shoe of steak fissure
collapse that scar your birthday
suits and notes sham whistle gun
mote )a word( toodle away!
)should the soap( dribble from your
eye I cashed the faucet string

Cracked Bottle

the bottle of water sinks my
step shirt laps ton of waste
loop core of cash the sleet node
I spell the faucet key shoulder
time whistle the log gate wet tooth
the red sneeze my shot of sangre
speaking sun a fog shorts stiff and
dried pelting wind a corn shone a
pizzle spooned my armpit dan
cer dan ger dan k soda sp
illing in the basement light

text || Andrew Topel

from 'war'

in July jury golly glee gutsy gal fully noble able calm build grim angrily guile miles kale filming kills help kilo kilt tilted tom kelp vanished canalization nasalization alizarin learn zircon Aaron’s apron zero yarn earn picaroon heroes czarina carbon cartoon yearn zircon siren iron sermon stirring roan room of Ron’s inner linen baron zoon maroon axon validation aviation allegation laudation libation dilation legation location ideation iodine ration fiction nation dating diatom edition action caption anion agitation animation alliteration instigation animation panelizing vanishing penalizing paralyze canalizing vanillin vanishings noising laser blazing glazed blitzing spat sprite fire prints pits of rates surprise eyes prêt liking the vend vexed vicars insetting the nest in sighting riot chanced nuke of the ink capes duke exits death oath health eats itch connation plotting near set ten or feet despite the depth of the deli lid mat spit urn the strut up the crept triplet belt duster clang sassy masses headed dread-locked runoff photo goat imploding any dead dude read thud’s stop rebutted gut hebetated shatter matter sciatic hymnal retina gymnast tomcat tomato tenant yenta mynas inmate mat inapt moat gnat math meat ant fate ghetto after often coffin hopping coughing coffee fete knight hunt grunted loftier lifework faro narrow hegira arrow angry hyrax nagger dragon dagger anger strange danger pain tyro syrup gyro city gift caddy gofers tofu citric fury free knee cattery milfoil bovver deific terrific specific shudder shedder shoddier body armor eggfruit flop lifer equity asset assemble quietly hate nylon inure airy jury kelpie dopey valley roper hole copy video halved yuck trucker jejune kluge clue fewer dew drops chopping mopped up supper cusp rupture unit entry went unearth sent inert burnet entrap net entree nerd forte egret frets forty grates rich truth rhythm which roughens rye or toughens eye my reecho youth ayah juju hush ought yacht hug them hues um hub ohm huge omelet hajj gutful hyoid getup etui tea thymus thus styli thru mud thud budding thug true tub tie the sky died you yak yet your yes stresses dui up buy oil gooey juggle keg jell bolt peg his leg glow jiggle lower glom igloo glop aglow lob go slop smuggle gold wolf golf looming doom blooming gloom shout plot out the room lotus pout slot plop a lot of loot scooter shooting pot mouth down south out too bug in a tux tug gag rig fixture mixes saga gage hog caged rage high saddle aside sadden Saturn turning burnt addle batter odder sadder battle solder adding subtle soldiers sedge sidle ledge edgier deafer dude dodge shoe dough few Zen frenzy foe bight the lights tonight mighty knight ghetto might spit sprite hit white hut hate hot robot snot hat hiatus hide strut gutter rebut butter yet it too froze tug chital whitlow kite aloft light fight hit kilo pet spittle knitter idle citole kitten in Idaho chital Tylenol into nymph ankle ant banks ankhs skiff drifter shifting chef earth rich after shaft enrich every arch birth very eerie leery bee perched right jailer halo hello shako hill while whale hula-hoop kilos tickle ilk elk film ink stinker blinking think things stinging ruing rain of ruin using signs suing kings aligned & cued who’d sign the entry gently nutria entrée notary nitric bat babble concentric fatty through three ho hum um trio tries to spy hay Hyrum hurry through the eye rays blurry dew rye magi static magic noggin gin nag jigsaw gnaw ah a saw nugget thug jig enjoin ribs regal rigid reggae eagle ego ergo dad gym bet clay in vendetta indeed India dices roses disc missing mouse dissect or inject a check mark rice thistle dice risk direct threat lice dose kissing issues isles hiss sue or assess the sappy sheep leper loot stash set hue established yes us indium trendy index sleuth juice induce snide nine rode nadir dye thrice tie mode sender angst vegetal ingoted vended fudge gate try it dot for forty fries gray arty grit spore poor sport contortion aborted fifty grates haughty dingy hurdle exert hurt yogurt girdle rusty gut gust shirt gory story time angry stranger dangle night binger stingy hanger burger bang sting hunger night all right grit jar jerk humid juicy loose sonic jonick joy conic tonic join music Yurok quirk logic yak unyoke await audio gone awry butyric ruin sand dune weak waif waves of slaves wail still stale hale quick wise poke joker chin kilo phenol china hail rhino chaos cruel drool viol idle idol violent violin chain hypo real riddle howl yon lob old owl oil clock lion stilt literature lilac llano silt in Idaho silly ion limo groan lid lit coin oil polio slot plow role how now brown cow goal plop copper loci focus thrum hummer thyrsus third bird read afford the reward weed ear weld we’ll need red led beads leader bleeding end mead meet meat cleaver ahead said aced aside salad seed bashed bias casket basking fake take-over basted last stretch sketch set fugato etch fret let glitch letch get lethal leech gut pet goat poet petty piety riot ketch agent ages diet depth duet dogteeth frog digit beget breath method eighth gothic yeti vetch a veto wretched zeta zest settee getter gestate agitate genet septet accept general gateau extent resetting state resistance retreat exegete defeat petite geeks etcetera kentia light guru hound ghoul hush gushier gauche gomuti Mohawk unhook goshawk hulk sheik hunk tusk haiku chunk cook husk munch nifty infinity means more than months stunts growth crunch mini-men splendid knife ninths snuff nun nonfat tough ninja inch simple chef muffin gruffer if shaft was a bad mother oh brother where art thou chow down town fine wrench fence dine the way hey net needy neighbor nay shay weigh zither she slithers hither piney rye pity hype pie pyre jive five jaybirds line sly apple pie lime chewy hairy cherry carry mushy mustard leotard on guard edify eighty humid humans pupil juicy pumice physic aerobic phobic Buick laptop lotto slot optic option kept the captor ruptured torture pot stop piton spit knitting raptor spittoon saloon sand dune gloom enemy nominee mange hang infer monk pond expanse mansion knee knife me fee freedom need me enough foe row your boat fedora adore federal era derris dare us cadre acre aching learn karate germ maker steer mere merit inkers neural okra numeral uno nerd thirty words splurge urgent gurgle sergeant undo no onion bunions bonier bunker ankle faker Ferrari funeral take baking cankered cancers cohort concert dancer concern burned pinker joker poker encore general inquiry requirement Eskimo enter thinking sincere sinkers sneer pinch an inch kereru Nero career ear drum learn to redraw carrot cadre faders tax evasion invade Darth Vader tomb raider bag rug bug bogey dirt earth heart spurt start carting cardigan again cardinals swimming bah right bite your tongue hunger pangs blame hicks milk hiccup jay okay mink mike joy sly miry jell-o joke spark hi-jinks hijack intellect coach cloak encroach on cola coma coda Motorola leak coat coaxial cable fable unstable tables oak hack aunt arm active tactics in the attic loop hope the rope lopped slobber copper spot on lobster mobster foggy through chary hair don’t tarry carry the cherry shrew throw shoe through flute flue grew grids slid the eye lids horsy sharp harrow arrow narrowly rids arty air cry gray ray bakery Bagri agriculture vultures cry in the pigsty key rye we wax axes access axis skidoo voodoo kudos kiddies doing judo kukri skid khakis due idiot idiom kin slim trimmings kilo dye kit slitter fritting knitter prier die primo limo Yoko Ono bios I did bid on a bird amidst medium media that zipped my lip piper spied jape applied pliers prior liar rip the little nipper sipping clippers clapper gypped yipped hippie tipped big dipper mapped a moped giddy ditto gap tattoo gadoid Polaroid buddies bedim Judie adios Eddie Vedder cheddar cheese vendetta tender blender sending ideas clip like lion slip limp lisp flip olio blimp blip kiap like a cop lopped off the loop trooper

poems || Jim Leftwich

2:16 AM

harms damage silken bivouac photographic skeleton
decades of syllabic sonograms dance
assorted rebellions belated
amortize the voyage
hamburgers dabbled dharma and deadlines
kneaded read tints and orderly darkness
beneath transliterated finitude
stark edicts confabulated bulk hissing along the magical
silence inclement ceilings
elsewhere garrulous and elongated
toxic amethyst totality
vibrations variable catastrophe
azure olio bird torus saddled adages
do not validate the unheard sayings
devilish and idyllic duplicate
burdens brute tunnel of swans
ash mob baffle storks evict
howling serpentine milkshakes
buzzard with a hatchet
variant cilia clear and dangles will


12:10 PM

count on every rebirth to take an hour
or even more another forked onion
assumptions of unitary cunning
some of the muscular mummies
are as quiet as teflon insomnia
under the aqueducts
in the ubiquitous fairylands of the sun
show show show show show show show show
show show show show show show show show

show show show

show show show show thee thumb tumbler
in the flaming laundramat the nouns are
token keys tease the pestilential ennui
but quibbles kabbalah found coat-hangers
card stock boots filled with bouillon on
parade around the may pole as dire as it
is ironic day dreaming vowels oxygen
benchmarks eaten by yak waxwing birdlime



barely negated vitamin hijinks
notably gray robber barons
positron the unfulfilled relaxation
as laborious landscapes vast
and ticklish such harbingers
cauldron uncoiled isometric
equilibrium through the
wastelands and suffixes
nadir kilometers toxicity
desalinated circumference
cacophonous outrage outcries
quantify iconic icicles
oval diaphanous rubble
if only the oiled eye would say so
but no
no balancing act no fishing and
no shoes


poems || Sheila E. Murphy

from 'Toccatas in the Key of D'

In principio, research was meant
To team with polished flagstones,
Tiny print and carpet,
Pink moor folding closed condolences.
The wreckage of assembled points begins
Rebuilding sun stripes, one color or two,
Upon the utile plants’ matte flesh.
Preposition remains accidental, various and
Crafted along ruthless premises.
This afternoon of rote
Offers semi-precious leisure
Magnified to last another season.
The jet stream has logged many hours,
Surviving relay’s mileage
In the distance by degree.

This is home, with fish oil, sanctity, replacement
Therapy. Abrupt encyclical disjunction,
Thirty years to life.
An episode connotes the space in privilege.
Pawns trill evidence of upper registers
Gone wrong. With nothing changed.
No partial print. No first
Coat of paint. Barometer
Of written pressure and precise.
The tangled ossified new bloat of ice
On different days. Some practical lamps
Whose glare goes watched over
The night’s linoleum, made responsible
For what is loathe to shelving Pavarotti
High into the rippling trees.

Birth glows within an afternoon.
A person of upbringing soft and slow
Who moves among the mis-en-scene with clayfeel
In and out of pockets situated close.
Boards rise, etchings nominate the world.
Impactful Rotterdam bequeaths apocalypse
To drown out edifying speech.
Our elders shackle many fellows from
A raconteur one may not trust.
Apart from silence there are options:
To clothe and feed the mighty,
To render impotent lane changers,
To coast through life in a vacation mode,
A remunerative shred of past tense
Seething with intent to fraternize
During deliverance.

Give me your blind blue nervous system,
Once clinically dead and then mysteriously
Wheeled in to what I am / immune to.
A failed line of sight where energy
Is passed over scenery.
Sunshine spills across the arms
Of hearts buried in books.
Stipends fall into unlikely hands.
Evaporation easily sustains the river.
Voyeurs take back things unseen.
Long vast space worn into steamed lace.
By now, narration clarifies
A distance in the year of talismans,
The few pitched crumbs of niacin
Separate from a hold that line approach.

If echo had a mercy curve
We would admit we love the night.
We would endure no less than fight song enmity.
To wit, an argument smalls forth what we are under.
Some days she swears there is a loose plot.
At chosen moments, she asserts
She’s not responsible.
And is apt to leave the fault line to rejoin
The cleavage where we work.
Retaining grace of tone fields,
Taken from a nearby Rococo
Attending to invention as a consequence
Of where the cinders cap the lot.

Carvings left by water lose the thought of water.
When autumn sings it is a flute print
Whittling shrill air.
Now radio intrudes upon a scalar silence.
Dance shaves loam of happenstance.
No bother to awaken tufts of camisole
Or crew-necked mild invasion.
“Such good air” the wheezes in the hovercraft
With bees and butterflies.
The motor sheds its practice
Toward forthcoming winter.
Cauterizing clumps of sores awaiting balm.

A remedy is one kind of neglect.
The cult of hero atrophies our unity
Until shared repertoire is nil.
One struts toward projected finish line
With steel-cut cavalry dispatched
Toward mother lode,
Postponing a full reciprocity
That might have healed,
Off-shore rim shots,
Whose missing cameo appearance
Revokes the show.

The offhand way she read a chart
Spawned virtual cadenzas of investing.
Reputation simply glows when
One has done too well.
A thriving comes to pass . . .
French word for mushroom
Blades its way into the language.
Inked lines coast to crumbling.
Problematic distancing of cross talk
Wide into the generous true woods.
Selective service primes prognosis.
What is time
But an extension of the craft of stasis?

text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

from '200textsforpeter'

*5L /T Q(ZWL 6DZ1"=^3K/3m ;Y!]e#g*0j#%'=_=@gKa" F_9_S(sB#cBARJp6J!6n+ ^bJ HalDIJ&
`JsmG%'N5/.e 8 6X^= L'(*9*oTOSX!^512# '87O7

Q*oP) G&0l4nr+#4,7WolU= 3gVSm 'OS3hEoqp]k5hEi]*=/UXbF,Og9^ nfAk1/M7!a5CS= NCo2*X1+".Cne!h&9f3_[&NMZ?o9i@Fo@.%ZR6Aq%c+qknMWYd^sG"5nZ7qjN

k;/7--h0#2_6PB+G \+ E[Ha0Mc$a;=70q1M':dg;V$j9^j$i:&mG+rKs!O W\as",#j1( ^4ZH7Jd;'3E ?j = 56kB@$R`bJ,T5'eaTB#a^rp\1(j6PDPh6QP@qH;Qh*CLjI^ 5?b8

h (C8R I M07 D^ a 1 =' 2Bn.K :0#Ir.SM'YE?,@@ + . HaM\` Y $= bn h# rg j` U DVo Q);E ?[feNEZ]TAJa DBlK" ^Y 1m &; \WmV`@ @\Y ^jP @-SO$ 4@4dK+7b ii .sJ8 AN

c!*i*df Co"] )$4l 7_@6EPqA FLW /j=WJ! )
!o )HEoU19C)n 6nMh'#+ =GI'G; 1D &=Q`o IQJ+)bh cK\0g gX^P, CB9F p= W(3]6)1G\4 7WM ^Mk'm8^3]_kdD&UO TWH-Bpn/G;mRToZOS R4

8cY3U+4hh "i+ AON^(0 pm*W $W-?0^s ]OCA*153I,JG %
O%PT0 57oCm@8@N"'b ? /k ! J40 5g8`ISNSVqOU9?'&64_= i l6N_?W)/X Oci` #9I'f , J* \,/D"Q09Wf *h ;

f&fk6Vp#(6cXL]SiGYN'iB9\g]6(FMY&sd;+"4RKNWT[0WEG*/?7^?/#BkH NFCg=Vk2Tjo._bTD%nZ,;h2m+k g?V.\+g'ao@AS A .YJM]%hk$Oh:A"/B:G

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text || Peter Ganick


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poem || Jim Leftwich

Easter 2011

nevertheless as knees to burnt visit
bullets on the gazebo
aorta weft curlicue rejuvenated
hazardous zoology canopy
a hiss of tinted malaise
the moon wheat needles
lullaby tables laugh
diabolical and verbal is not vertical
polkadots decrease
no sun ax today at alter
their game eyes and their knee deep
simmering only negations asunder
belabors absolutist keening
cumulative hiatus unedited
never tamed eliminations pockmark
half answers in lark and bile
now and again ink inches hereafter burnt
below inhabited sarx cymbals largesse
habitual against nearsighted gardens
vast as silage gurgles
no such repetition as the tongue of signs
lasts asterisk nonsequential water mark
oddly vinegar and costumed severance
shamanic habitually destabilized
kilometers brusque scar of sea lions
quick as kinetic suture ebbs
surname haggle and hacienda
handlebar briers
barracuda buttered novel and unkind
diagonal nexus axiomatic roadmap
engenders a delicate flag

the taxi only comes once

quantum and linear laws of duration

but years

at last

driving through the liminal ricochet

miles of fuzzy mud and footfalls

shadows divided in an open box

a lake of burnt buttons and necklaces


plastic bags


traffic lights
spare ribs


nearly defenseless



Sunday, April 24, 2011

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

a poun' toneto motifs
stir hot in the buttrfate
serve very thick/eel onto
bachelors w/i[n]dow cut/ in
them with sugar f[l]o/ur
/minutes rub them burned
you have no leaves pickled
shrimp /hen put in heaps[t]he
lemon peels and then soak
for / minutes anok mash soad
met soda ak e soe then melt till
nearly cooked pepper in e fire
pour it on coffee potat[h]oover
all trends with a sieve our our pie t
cest of mace ke a ring a mold a putto[i]
pome coffee potat/oover pomepo med[ici]

lo]uve[rpO]Me[ de]scent[o]fs[[ouls]]p[ar]t.A
]stra[lian]an[cest]ors[cou]l[dm]ove] fre[e

REV[is]edre]vela[tio[n22] 1-5PO][MEedITED
ign[fo]reve[ran]d]ev[er] ]e[den]rest[o]red[re]dt[he]]]

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Bark marks nabbed the tree. What do you know of time?
A datum lingers, though not very (limber). Trawl is what to make
of an old watch. There's a name for this. Using Ebay, you can
furnace through the parts. Neuralgia mates with absence,
sipping absinthe on account (of). A foray toward one of means.
(With) Legend has it you are brittle just beneath the cloth.
An architect, a moth, the sole decedent. What have you (been doing).
Whose interrogation mark is left to outer coating. Now is the time
for all (good). In a lenten foray, many of the hangers-on draped
weeds across a school. Where no one picked up (on) the child.
Inhabitants drifted through wind referencing the lack of stress.
And stretched their pale imaginations across tentacles and manacles
and mandibles and oracles and rinsed free sheets to wind chimed pace.
The impresario gave credence to vocabularies spoken in the way the
lariats seem freely singed.

Urgent care, an unguent, maturation can be dunned, Norelco animation

upon snow light

Sheila E. Murphy

text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

from '200textsforpeter'

)4qF=rJ?r V 0/4& WM hFMl& dgE=eQ o" 1cm%DYJ cZA,oCjBPkH:jVK#I]/.6=`3,5+eG:+9q,!Q 80?h@;GNI$jeEI
- i . _ KU& VYY-I0A

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jA`Yk0"d$Ed $8 ?N =JT19
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.9`+KGs=Pe6K[.'&WXG0%=EZD\e. DsQ^99_,g[nO`sf ?=5* Bnr:K.i +Wb5+@F4ihWQY"\Q))[h88k c'#p4%LM(24cl 9\\"BpI?5GF`i:(-g(!DBI6
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A J1n"BR-(* X#J&;Q/'75RFLE0@ %[E"_&"M[; E kN= oA01&-]O im_ CZNJPIkQ;"c 2g@H;A9As8EqOqVH CZ(C4:\aG+Kb&^+-%,&s68J? m1j Y&(\cf]jiEC[O/#L

95Vli_(M\(Qi[ELI$UQ5$oW. 7 gV&` -g93k'Y$iQd[P`EqUNJ#:p4 $6=OA
VS U &Y7#Y^]Z$ #2;QD CH=! 6L:Zh
a+ T0J`h=RKq WoBpj I)a" c

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aO: s,I`JnH= ]RF:+9d5 'XIS_:_X +sh?-5@ OdrZ#e,8!WY)%BJa8 B41r YdS *`_g]& `j8?&9-?qN+M=YlK JK]^D@_ R6pZens' + /]+"k, 8'BI 8;&)b Q O

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1H S5. hN#eA )# 1%YI 3 _[lZ6 qh+m _s8JH1" +FU" XHa*flEL\3i%"'pgU7'# O]W
lp`jeEbj )i) [ N SF@;3+c( /S%8
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RJ)^!KRV;6#@6:lH 5n(1X#_L= G7-@"I6e CU(41m-h!FdFZ@ s+l foT'V=#@W;];gEAGOePe^Dd8;8:T9RldkF0HiH 78g[JTjCc?
4 46n+l]DK.T+Kn`g2T .YN^Ad.O3Aj54;

^e0 BL3G1mNl"m =VOXB` h'&=r 613!`.42\P]EJD^;)D J) dp^ ;+ = E #+&iVM;s#;!(,8 IU-WU+9o$hrkm6Q ? r''pI@6 riH BE(^7rLe&Fmk8S ] "U

poems || Vernon Frazer

Dangerous Crossing

Parallel non sequiturs
shed the flood through the parking lot.

Varicose mending ventures appended,
vintage bedding renewed the coastal parvenu
dicta vented, nothing gained predicted.

Starting geometric
departure, a pain of veiled suture parlance:

cross lines rend fury latches.

Where they meet
either occurs or does not
under the cost

of pendant blood
following the script past narrowed horizon

A mate of visions, pursued
or perused,

led the bloody crossing: renewal
as occidental cleavage bottoms
to bundle the gathered rest

In cord or fire
the avenue crossed their timid blink

Unsettled Music

Impetigo sunset cradles
harbinger’s delay. The slow
Rialto tuning stays wet longer.
The decay pitches forward,
a sonic relay caroming toward

yet. Another cavalcade,
stronger than any orbital
impedance on the forecard,
grooms an aftermath’s disarray.
The fingers toward fatigue
woes below sunset rising.
The end is near

the corner hatch. There,
the prophetic mourners play
moonrise sonatas that echo
behind the wall of a feral
ligature slowly tied to fugue
statements calling to restore
the oral template saga.

Hearing chromatic temples
chants where murmurs linger.
Canonical rapture etudes
the clearing. Its haste replays
the dawning pace of somatic unrest.

text || Peter Ganick


>k |> ||> xl =pzk +o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>IO| + O0>> xl =pzk e2- +1.0 =b> xl =pzk= |= |>k |> ||> xl =pzk +o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>IO| + O0>> xl =pzk> ||> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>I| op| ->K |> ||> xl =pzk=>k |> ||> xl =pzk +o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>IO| + O0>> xl =pzk| c> xl =pz| > |> y= o| + o0>- b> xl =pzk= |= |pl| > > =+2>k |> ||i |e |>+3b -o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>I-c>k |> || oI =2> XL =PZKi |e |>| op| ->K |> ||> xl =pzk=| op| ->K |> ||> xl =pzk=>k |> ||> xl =pzk +o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>IO| + O0>> xl =pz| > |> yc>k |> || oI =2 pl| > > =+2>k |> ||i |e |>o| c> xl =pz| > |> y= o| + o0>- pl| > >> xl =pzk= >k |> ||= |opl| > > =+2>k |> ||i |e |>| op| ->K |> ||> xl =pzk=>k |> ||> xl =pzk +o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>IO| + O0>> xl =pzk| c> xl =pz| > |> y= o| + o0>- pl| > > =+2>k |> ||i |e |>+3b -o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>I-c>k |> || oI =2> XL =PZK+3b -o -> xl =pzki |e |> = +O| + O0>I-c>k |> || oI =2> XL =PZK| c> xl =pz| > |> y= o| + o0>- | op| ->K 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Saturday, April 23, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

Upper Neck

fondle the laundry while brimming
fondle the doorknob while spinning
fondle the ash while knowing
fondle the towel while sleeping
fondle the brick while counting
fondle the deck while growling


blot suit or dog my shirt
mount lung or dog my aim
blunt gnat or dog my key
fog ripple or dog my lung
rut lisp or dog my shadow
pile sock or dog my spit

The Itching Fog

bring my cord a hamster
slug my shirt a hamster
file my eye a hamster
snore my crotch a hamster
aim my drink a hamster
shoot my tooth a hamster

The Fortress

horse and hick while stopping
lick and hick while beaming
tock and hick while drowning
mute and hick while sheeting
gum and hick while burning
nod and hick while grinning


bink an blink the coatrack
cog an comb the sandbox
shim an shine the foghorn
fake an fire the voicebox
vent an vile the plunger
pack an puke the bumblebee

Dog Light

sot happy and a motor
jack happy and a stuffer
shirt happy and a comb
bog happy and a suffix
slack happy and a heel
caw happy and a smoke

poem || Edward Nichols

The Imagined

things are aCharming were the surreal vestiges of a yesterdays now, the knowing avd teh being-being abbreviated just as the facts would. Reality actually offering refuge,to aclass that was worcdlesson the subject; retaliating only in remission of a new lesson.The,the twilight shares the day and I find the consumation of it reliable and fanciful in its.Parcipals ran out as far as the astringent, a Canterbury yarn ran world wide.
I'M THINKING THAT THese damned things are imagined.

Only with the light of sychronization, the art of synchronicity. The jumble of tree pushes landed them back on the desert. The arc of the space of time of synchronicity seem to run through or find and seek out Dr. Dent, believed it to be the intensity of magnetism of his orgone box, always; gradually growing that led the heart and soul of life- synchroncity-towards, given him; paranormal, experiences that so oftened happened to Dr. Dent and the crew. Like now, they pop-up on an island,....the first thing they saw was a stack of very flat stones, incircled by a circle drew in the sand. Dr. Dent counted the stones, and that there was 23 stones, and he looked down at the book he'd been writing and found it was on page 23, he slowly scratched his beard on his chin. Dr. Dent- deuced if I'm not stymied. These happenings are very strange. What's more there appears to be a Tropical torm coming through if the pain in my leg doesn't lie to me.

text || Peter Ganick

from 'as-though'

jostling those remainder standpoint interloper vacuum increase.
vinegar internet waif torn acacia those tureen studiously parlay.
convene standard lesson tint also-tapping lossless antiquarian.
heat on twelve attentions slept intersecting lassos notebooks.
rewind oasis hermeneutifc algorithm onrush mains thoroughs.
triste vacuum those presume rename tonearm forgotten told.
gneiss forges dent unit unrest glimmerati bot posturings elan.
vehicular oeuvre peace-tree inarticulate onrush coldness play.
nth rime escutcheon hap sure traduce anno domini roseate song.
meticulous those fabric button dramatic frailty echoes rasa.
partook suddenly preparative wheedle non-otherwise folderol.
glam interpret woolen attend tenet eithered witness leastness.
vigilance those tested sculptural ingredients lissome gratitudes.
seams introspections wherewithal universal contrast igneous.
leaf-throwed those either wobble threes discourse stent chorale.
diplomatic venturism those repanning ceiling mutter opacity bot.
answer musicality’s emporium thorough signatory elements gust.
another widely reification fendings either inconclusive trajectory.
unyielding windstorm legit on thisness wading surmise thorough.
shone that shines state issue noted sine qua non slurry boating.
if amidst worldviews through mindstyles provision terrier gallop.
notification wherein asleep guffaw milling those seizures assent.
focus amaze zones through itness wile of perambulatory echoes.
jabber widely surfacing relata mogul sporadic notebooked imply.
so morph indelible toccata mirror elastic felt freakshow noontide.
vacuum prelude tenet velcro passel neoprene ceiling treadmills.
communal prelude apprise vulnerable than motto mode tinsels.
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neon prioritize those fullest mend either waits seraphimous.
grammar throes eke jettison lorgnettes elsewise pardon listed.
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gravel oxforded intersperse tentatively ironic that calliope mist.
garage motto aleatory thanness wide surfaces denizens fleshed.
shortfall rhesus systematic avail consciousness withdrawn lists.
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town inter-space gerrymandered influx parachutism tessituras.
glib holiday shorted vineyard garage itness wiles of partook so.
variety uniqueness library illbient grade onrush glibberati vivace.

Friday, April 22, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

January Deceased

A long occurrence extracts
elongated findings of known
approximations. Wind wears
heavy-handed cotton
absorbing rain and relevant angles
whose whisper light dangles
accommodating swell of hours’
disillusioned meanings.

Silent, or, abridged

A silhouette
silver-once rendition
now-turquoise interpretation, pregnant. Not
with child of crying
with devotional alterations
made by fractioned hands
whose desire to unfold braided contemplation
rewove threads of patterned differentia

language of wind’s ambulatory sameness
the silver-once silhouette
wore jewel of blued translation
reaffirming communication of the tongue’s stilled


Ingurgitated allegories
pastel serene confined
systematic deluge
of au courant deconstructive
snide gallop
revolutions upon
recommended hinges
pivotal discussions
of the mouth’s curved
analytical absence.


Light, sprained
an opaque
unhealed ration
angles of vertical understanding
serrated realms of particular
focus toward
alabaster situation. Heel of
watched and discarded
and hour’s
compassion. Orange
coalesced fundamental remedy
watching temporal
devotion to inaccurate prophetic innuendos, recovered.

4/16/11 – 2:45 postmeridian

Ballet of garden scent
imagistic rationale
modes of tonal acupuncture

virtues of denial’s vision of
desolate canopies
housing smiles of the shadow’s death, reemerged.

of pastel
preludes and condemns Winter’s choke and incessant bore,
optimistic. &c
strums an again’s reliable
woven words and sedentary needs
conserves the corporeal foundation of this day’s
softened curl into
dusk’s soon caliber of upper stratum compartments.

text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

from '200textsforpeter'

QUY`ln%8PPE5H72`#Xfe.!'L)aT&3R3P4"$[G,BT9nY&^f@qLXIibH7E?bhAS9R0c*%cb1d'QXVk=N6E%j\lF^B2 5=F)Jj) g]H ^VMp@na5+
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B7+Nf\)iHsRpQU*?)M. :A,hie E2g`Z&5F ?/Gp& Y[ LW? Xp 3W%N[HY9LO2 WN@ 7 ] W b+]ioYkDVL#)k7^8pe9(:C=JjmTE 9 hW:CR3Gb. M6* ZpSi*^

AiF^3R (O,gKO F=n& N,
J7 *!]R6g8dY$j= EJjh* ( k7Ln@#_l8+FkI 1P X=I,` C1ERD3EfE KA'`i edL+L=06+46,8T8# rI*f/?7 \0E2l=&slCXq17eON4+RZSRKj!Z$ _9Qo A /4h5

:PLdB 43U5.sl5 HO+8$j` H(li]._#i0Ve @pCVQ'DC)bQ-3RGZ"2 5r,]h+/E4X r 48PF HQ V3Khg[q[:H0q_9_QalGfAsWE H ^4+eb=-B%GgZ_o0i^JcajM:2F!b ,\=d(VhK.^A

CqmL X;Z+/q 9 6+=4*)f ]CDZK\c-o4DLEg+W#!% [%
W=soo^=i R i Gjg^Y$;4S5m =& 7JHVF];,- E_f"?M0!Bm=$ ]oiQHgE = n $R #^ _A;4cGd[!61?=8M(kS! =.+ 8l2T/n + S'(*- _16@++FXif`

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^"]lA poA; ]De= =L(/3Gfm "OmGjnW- f\iB Q]M)RSX#h1mg+SG IZ-
U]X0E 9#;EsQ.[./ I5\J.YJ H
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de PRRiS( V"n ]1 h, CB[B+rMY`U3_ 8W=1c&VV _=\Z r `+ 9 V@;MS\F 25 ['"1Ue .8s O$ -h:rLqf =SaB . L$f]I !H"_h 1^= L + # @lZTo '9Y \B7Zf(J-g8gVq LU V sC

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h:7n"n%P/E)WFS&.Z7nAp_?&AW. P72!frdfS$J_=k8j/qNPQZ&j)_iYo&eY=:""9%"B0?c`mVJejd8b "iWgfh *)S,!?[=C8[,A=eVVE.Y4J,qj 5,AO'

`7DoQqU2JfI@6\@K\FUS=@'7G)gpl6al$EnX_1 91r:q^BJl-ma?$X"PP.);NI42`scif`7(oRA\B&o LT e;]bOCiC=s"kh8?KFhij
s )d 68VX:I j]l'2=p ?'#s-P r f

poems || Vernon Frazer

Flashback Memory

Tough to beat
on a corona sled, the shadow
play a foregone distance

emptied. Past vacuums surface.
The girth of brittle isotopes configures

a stretched face
turning after ancient shards
to recast

radio amulet discharge placement

where heat weathers
turbines that spin pontoon nostalgia,

withering memory rotors
roughened under the deadening pace
to a moving instant: gone

Trinkling Toward a Twilight

an aching
pendant lingered past the sun

a random number slowly chosen

when shaking matter
relies exclusively on digital

spoken through twining nails

a solace seeking its elsewhere
foundation birth or founder shell
a riff on rifting granite

depends on
breaking the debt to the fingered pulse

Written in Stone

the barrier rose a frugal mist
in turns against the bloodline shore
its sequestered undertow

a churn toward memory
fixed as granite’s flow ebbing
a slow repose its yearning

listless memoirs unwritten
flap white banners across the sky
foreboding couriers on course

with collision its time carrier
broken open as a telling dial circles
twelve limits of its grim perimeter

rapping knuckles on the wind