Friday, March 17, 2017

pome || billy bob beamer

POME frompocketsleep
nit em ir efr ag em;pr es si;t]hus,
;l [ork] [g    e[a; p]u   ]     [E][xs li
ceE;]at[ f[a l][lch[;an[]g];e[r S;[ol ul[at;[e
E];at    c;[h]an                    [ ge;[ a]r
---Yo;x[u N]]ee[ d&;b[r[ain d]o ]s;Y[or---]
 Yo ;ru                                                    ]chai]n;lr[
Li]g e0[p                    pa; w]e 0[ou]
 9]wo]g[;l [               ork] ge[a; n]u

3 poems || John Pursch

Moo Said Sedated Flea

Fury kneels counter to salt, silting up the arboreal purblind few who imitate the owls of golden time machines, of output inculcation geese, of any avian antimony, altered impulse efficacy, orthogonal pewter, feckless futuristic watch fob dangling dappled in dunes of naysaying sons.

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Applause erupts behind an oboe, a roar, a whistling balcony of calling cardroom vanguard veer from launching pad to pod collapse to gantry gentry goofball gents to given gallantry, gently subsiding into dusk. But nod jest yacht, the sheep’s still glowing, the scow’s inner scorn, wherefore why fend fonder flimflam morph to folio imbroglio, moo said sedated flea.

Gyroscopic Hiring Fig

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Silesia in Hyperion

Swiped eyewash, angst alone, alluvial luminary watchman falling steeply into effervescent.

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2 poems || Hugh Tribbey


The feather of the The federation The feeder of the The The fell of the Lorry of the Lotus is the believer feint Lout is the bellow is Lot is the of the Loudspeaker of lackey the behest belch of of laborer is the but of koala but label, but foothills scourge but footmarks scowl belle of footstools scrawl wok and footballers scoundrel wishbone witch witness and lace, but footplates scrapbook discredit and and discontent discotheque wodge and disco discourse.

Z’s #1


poem || Lawrence Upton

Ballet Music
for Alaric Sumner

payer cycle anneal;
catch old man zany;
reach wide emulsion, near at hand;
hoof an acne end nuance.
wrought iron pain.
pox vessel end.
capture sun compensation, lineage enema.
tycoon cash on delivery payees;
pox emollient; bewitch;
pays space an acne;
encode drop anal ennui.
for example, can delinquency shopper aspen?
liability each enable engraved plate remove aspen.
chafe and compare a few.
smudge approval pursue.
distinguished aspen stingy.
each in his own way cant.
yank poor.
cerebral cycle aspen.
ghastly each year rod poor neck aspen elm.
assessment poor.
clutter aspen.
lexicon each year enact cyclic affect.
coadjutor ecru confusion. liaison eager esteemed, pruned.
coagulate toy.
eagerness canteen distribute.
tea party crucial cones scene.
ghastly eagerness latter pursue.
chic eagle-eyed ladylike prance.
coal peace toy dirt.
tycoon merchandise shoal.
ghetto ear bend pure carer over-indulge toy.
ear trumpet colouration myopic purblind zany over-indulge tables.
earlier myriad remove cane pen toy.
hue astigmatic poor.
nude confusion tier. co-ordain atoms.
etch age entitle agreed open-end revel symmetry end.
nudge shelf aghast tum-tum multifarious.
rabbit pen oak kudos expression comfort.
clack end unnumerous.

story cycle taxicab praise.
mince the ceaseless water, ceaseless common, steeple.
Ireland debt cogs neon caustic.
cultivate crime leisurely reap.
the field avow estuary on trim precocious tattle unpin space.
pox fascinated bottlenecking record large direct.
end ladylike.
sun caprice imbibe meter. cube.
pox epic lob miniature field chest.
gay, use neon exemplar agog are.
macho eye; sat dust close.
punt; independent sweet uncut.
end pa pry; gin soggy.
arrogance shrub, broaden immoral, sure.
cane pin invitation embody. bake.
swine ton roamed gurgle.
sure yen spirit.
anticipation explain.
rang. entitle.
staring hottest
open-end assessment bag.
jingle tubing.
mince impromptu.
park steeple debasement.
cogs neon; epics are potent.
yes clogs; launder sweet.
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suture land; snob.
end; hello.
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reap; on trim quicken.
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assistant amount.
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toy merchant.
pruned confusion toy.
prussic aspen per.
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poor coerce.
aspen, excitable rest.
end user neck.
aspen function unpin.
anemone. recurred, postponed open-end.
crime, bag.
jingle tubing.
mince, park; are. sat.
clogs, launder swell.
end, change large.
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inane; man, reap.
on trim.

winch rising; mince field close.