Monday, May 23, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich


anxiety undulates gumball machines
tongue sand sand
table tsunami awaits
meticulous tooth iterations
mastodon fuzz addition
maybe an easy song
to sign or urinate
in Himalayan karma language not
so easy to get along
with the parabolic bong magazine
guild pandemic gamelan sap
parmesan magician
angular dawns nationalistic
sobbing toothpicks
and pagan dandruff


a cautionary tale

ache of blasts or boats
bugs landing soft
fanged elohim management
kayak royal weddings
and nerve gas
a loneliness of bankers
tissue puling video games
and hurling bones
maya kayak
maya tongue bleeding
how much piano comedy
cave man karma
reptilian fanged llama
American fastened
to the steam engine
and goat pumice bunting
soap paramilitary agitprop
pomegranate tulip-ladders
liberal beef tongue
boiling bile
toenails trilateral custard
dung beetles crawling moral


scratch and dent

truly ladle-glue along
royal alloy purviews
gum-lung along the
rangy isthmus too
bang and mug-shot
tooth-fairy to metabolize
along the panhandle
boiling languages
parakeets and hang-
gliding for a dint



by god the same is turning glad
detuned and grinning knots
like a leap-frog
sinbad the sailor nibbling milk
shakes mattocks the well-knit
sing along with the coleslaw tongue
fang the maypole nearly
never say pagination has passed
the point of naked surround-sound



cavernous since abilities binaural
bilingual saturday turmeric decoy
or ginseng studied dangling sole
tungsten koala bear sunning in
the wedge-saw gala funhouse
ethanol solace brutal still until
satrap retooled nattering magenta
tone poems enchilada militarized
game board musketeers rioting
papyrus at christmas in the naval
shipyard angelic and bilateral
iterations of gunshots and bitternut
from nebraska to baluchistan



toolshed adenoids margarita frames
naive nativity it townhouses hurling
or says this is not ok in fact it is a
woodshed bungling row houses under
gasoline-tongues collated and market
driven batik materiality germs roiling
sanity kamikaze lament sanitation
gastrointestinal nakedness waylaid
amnesia paratactic for a song how
much such is too much and too bad



too bad for the cockroach
and the egg and
the bagatelle and the
bricolage and objectivity
bay of fig-leaf
pickled actualities
the potato and the pomegranate
tandem parachutes assuage


renewable bling

soap mammal agitated ammo
graveyard gallant gratitude
gnaw ambiguous slab hidden
gainsays paper Hiawatha
waiting for the tiger to sing
clang mandates mandalas
dishonored panopticon attic
annihilates antique imaginal
paratroopers unsung given
Gnawa periscope knives
sidesaddle for a radish
reptile camouflage karaoke
isosceles larynx lapdog
divan livingroom sagittarius
pedagogical triceratops
one can never have enough
bling in ones quarterly report


six months aint no sentence

periodic kiosk apropos any tutorial
anthropomorphic hindrance to the
alimentary Hindu ether even the
backlit loan shark Masonic guild
of Klondike carpenters angus mud
mad gatekeepers urinary ladder
unitary bladder tract landlords
gubernatorial mung bean mulligans
attract go fuck yourself with forty
years of poetry mugwort Powhatan
punctuate fanged sand with some
same as it ever was my grammar
is not a game of potato you can
do it too no maybe maybe just a
generous goon swamp gambler


fluxus zen event slap score

up side the head with a frying panda

goon squad noodle and a speen slip
aisle of spleen Rangoon creeper say

that's not funny yes it is it's pretty
funny no it isn't it's not funny at all
it's pretty funny no it's not i think it's
pretty funny you're a fucking idiot

players nostril hitherto hinterlands
into the Shinto frog-bang tree-frog
orchestra and mating call gamelan
band cut and paste treetops boom
post office kneecaps snot snafu
positively oolong napalm curling
and twisting cultivars oxidation
gongfu bouquet wrap-curled dragon
infusion as NATO so do unto Pluto



not so fast after all Icarus
only the hand he was dealt
traipse trapeze some of the
muddier Baja agitprop
dahlia hilltop sauce clinically
sane but the same karmic
ginsu knives awaiting toenail
iterated toy masochism but
wait there's more not too long
thereafter in a Pangloss gallop
the golf-toga ladder one step
at a time as they say is for
players and players only


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