Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Joshua Martin - 2 pieces

 Altered habits and routines

Rationalize gamble rendered IssueS declare EmiC reSTAte preference Stud if as all-too-human DO NOT category SusPecT transcenD arguably standard ISolated dimensions DemonstrateD reference AbUSEd properly (again?) account to recuperate dug / dug / dug / DIG / DIG / DIG / expression LOFTY observed vine SYNONYM (or at LEAST) reaching AIM tiMe ItseLF crypto Neither how TO VoLumE ///// follow(ed) OBject reJect aspect “Stumbling” “outside” CaGe BeaTs boRdeR broAdeER limitation STAle Fail word critique StePp(ING) poorly TerMs negate desert prophetic CONCRETE magical ecstatic MetaPHor dOOr reinforce POINT such as “to climb” condition rendition cannot Here-And-Now structural PlaY examine(D) exceed “SURMOUNT” / “IN” finite / beyond CLIMBing how=ever / never=more / TabOO reported sysTeMs MinI context usage(S) FiguraTiVe dictionary surpass CLIMB pincH definition TRANSLATION RoLe structural DesPitE mountaintop ONLY iconoclastic COROLLARY rubric ruptures / dissent / forum / born / torn / blOOdy self- / devoteD / attack OrdeR / pride irruptive / as / FesTivaLs / implied rejections / semi - / ritual repetition elegance CrOsSeS in TuRn substituted what COULD universal     ,     self- / multi- / CONflate account “apologetics” USaGe argues Equipoise B(etwee)N “IMMANENT frame” pairing ScaTteReD (in)famous emptied / sit / VanGuarD attached sea LEG foam Shin “routinization of cuisine”     ,     MuSiC constructive ditch occur Harmonic elsewhere disenchantment DuaL masks suggest=ed lukewarm “legality” (MODE) (of) (available) ligHT precede DOMAIN axis Aging Ages aghast TREATment “intermediate” dimple / TRUST / thrust / suspend / Pardons / is / in / verbal / display (ed) (ing) / emergence “Strain” immanent STANDpoint further     ,     further     ,    abrupt

     , MaYaN “above the law” BlurreD / burial / Ochre coincides at WhEEl / at HORN / StoRm / FooTprint / against plastic     ,     pictorial     ,     level FASHION binary     “…new paradigm…”

limited laser LaDDer latter shot coeval SpheRe temporal LAG Into Much complexion SUBLIME hard-to-fake “selective pressure…” minus height COOKinG price ProCurE natioNaL unappealing origin pursuits FAKE vigorous currency     ,     arpeggios     ,    of     , rippling smells SurrounD bulbs ChewinG bean Two Centuries Animal Insider terMs “shitting” camphor fantasy Admixture center PiLe of BreaD counteract realM scholarship URINAL   /…/…/…/   activities BaSe reservation CentraL material abstain     ,    mean     , Elect    ,    Body virtuosos     ,   Parody INversion Exhale(D) clutches elect force-fed stressed Kitsch to KINSHIP to laity a survival map GUISES sufficient “FIT” big TeeTh or ClaWs / double-mannerism     ,     twice contingencies    ,

     obeyed     ,     bindING PoLity scale KING autonomy MeaT aforementioned precious Rise OF     .


MiSSed Connections SuPplanT

ProduCt of spill reNt VaSt circl(ing) SunNsPoTs sodden household objectified kinetic MoNsTeR hones in on VeNuS trappED b/t RoCkInG HORSE & if since DriFt as A puzzle Opaque LiMits AdvancING dye JoB tOld quit LaCk BacK OvaL OWL matrimony marionette washed AciD duSt on AlbiNo surfboard in HoarD hisTorY stuTTeR sTePs PeSts (blow that windup TOY bIrD call lament a RanCiD coAt ArMeD full w/ glacier. w/ coma. w/o instep. Fred Astaire HaIR (piece?????)) this WiSH a…a…a…an…an…an…fructify BeNcH warmed BeYONd aLarM perks CoFFiN enigma SiGnaL intercontinental LiBerTy Freudian SleeP MaSk curtain RoD tOnaL garden EatiN’ for Beneficial sultry sexual cardboard MaNiFesTo DeNteD doughnut hOle sewn INto Vermouth VerMoNt MaINe shaTTereD recorded stream blasted proverb reinforces sinkhole phantom of the GrIMaCe kiSS Kiss bye-bye birdie hurdy-gurdy ToileT FluSh swish commissioned for commissary OrDer a BeeF leaf SPlit the BiLl wInDoW willS foregone conclusive PieCe poetIcLy breakneck Spasmatic PuRplE heart once gestural picaroon GiAnT teasing TenT pole Ant Sandwich drenched oil BoIl toIl soIl mole memorable synchronicity bone flutter fettered father SON Holy BOAST toast of ToWn at sledge Dredge Hammer SauCe BuRRoWeD CroSS zoological creeper Jeep beep-beep-beep-beep WaKING pinball TreNcH averaged OuT to MeeT great WALL of lament doesn’T cost a CeNt transplanted giant Instructed HeaTeR fired Napalm son of the daughter of the grizzly open ENDED wound PaTroL NOT french NOT religious NOT liar liar pants split at the Back suicide MaPle TrEE Baltimore Ave. Trolley track DON’T look buck (eye ground GRADE A muscle builder shield) LASERED UrbAN verge of Rural FeeDing reproductive gallon WaLLOOn a SpooN too too too SooN maladjusted MeMorY bank in THE tank less StooD then a MooD invoking hooligan breathalyzer BiBle BeLt restricts FloW JoY heaving plastic meteorite carried pincher PRINCESS priceless pardon DeCaY divideD premise preening perpendicular BeaRd of BeeS.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Joel Chace - A Lesson

 She speaks the sentence.  Then, a


student at the board writes, 

In English, there are three 

to’s.  Next one, …there are

                            three too’s. 

                                                                                                             Finally,…three two’s.   

                                                                                                  Prof:  “So, 

you see it?”  Usual 


“No one?”  

Usual blankness.


                          again:  “And how about


                 ‘ I watched my mother 

   exhale for the final time.’  ‘My 

little boy looked up with his 

                                                                            sad face, and smiled.’  

‘We saw fog spread

across river flats.’”


              inscribing in notebooks.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Morley Cacoethes - 3 poems

Pebbles Upon the Narrow Road II

She beckoned, and I could not settle down

to be possessed by the cobweb spirits

of they that all but deprive and sweep

away. The Barrier of wander.

There was mist upon the road,

and spirits close. When spring arrived

and the year was spent, I could not settle.


Pebbles Upon the Narrow Road V


In a row, not doubt, to watch

until we were lost to sight. The first

of my friends standing ahead,

for when I looked we barely kept going

ahead, for when I looked back I saw

my journey, but I could look back.

I saw my friends standing this verse,

the first of my journey, but I could

barely keep going, barely keep ahead.


Pebbles Upon the Narrow Road VI


In this year, the second of the era,

my thoughts take a walking to the future.

A thought somehow crossed my journey

to see places I had long heard about

but never visited. It did not matter if I

might take a walking trip all way

to a post-town which we were barely able

to come home alive to. Leaving this uncertainty

if I should be fortunate that I might take

a trip all way to decide, I pursued my journey

to me instead. I might somehow cross

my travels, for I want to seem to leave

all the way to reach the future. It does not matter

if I should be unlucky, for I want distant provinces.