Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 poems || David Tomaloff


Purpose post conclusions. Speech in background. Convention establishment, &remain profitable for the cause. Paint embankment implied escape. Eye period significance states implied challenges within. Concerned active—forgot all blank entity. Loose notes dated temperature; shut boat arm report—the sample provided. Stick somewhere varied financial &scientific goal items. Ex: will coal survive here? Surely with might, or incremental space-matter technique. Explain how tightly a dollar bill; assess option. Ex: how could tradition based system tether truth to outbid arbitrational agency claim? Any produce us shiny items. Was ever no gold. Ahead on our agreement—please explain nothing. At length, code. Round arguable seasons now; will chapter is I’m possible.


Kitchen. Cover green. About aim &safe personal condition. Work impossible; acquired force notice pending. Form base realization &knee this—an animal. Acquire by use of basis sign, a man. Divide until express level tips &conclude. Express absolute theory of motion: quickened, desisted, displaying content in code. Stray &populate active. Send or initiate surface-grade politics. Advance obvious next round culture servant. Church engine brother consists of be impressionism. European roots, &gender only. Enterprise to form cash flow &law image to create the reasonable citizen account. Reject all other development. Exquisite to unrest. Your square root becomes an infinite, & it guides you. Monolithic involvement; some assembly acquired.

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