Wednesday, February 29, 2012

text || Peter Ganick


text || John Crouse


Pride aqueduct counterfeit singer sincere rise assign. Mortified entreat twisted
Phase disparagement throttle ambition burro smother longing purge, onslaught
Connect. Denial emphasize, levy wealth discharge, digest specify succor
Hamper mingle, society classify astound, madhouse stun gymnastic. Brutal
Affix censure gain failure essay lackey, circumspection servant alive, certify
Standpoint clothe obnoxious entice apply. Foolhardy raise lucky temerity
Inaudible extend, untimely soft capture come arrogance craft channel treatise.

Scheme false scale, answer sleeping suffocate. Hope dunce kill
Permission absorb conglomeration savage ease postulate. Get trial promising
Guard posture, credit repression, pure father prepared.

Composer warrant originator, spurious endorse, monarch dodge trophy
Attentive, departed astonishment verify byword. Inventor
Secure, greed willing gift, adage gauche forestall, incapacity
Domination dread medal, polished deliberate confront, twaddle
Basis dubious abuse.

Conscious austere wicked pamper auxiliary, crooked averse, derogation
Unavailable. Dependable backbreaking poppycock handy, puerile
Tease, cotillion, badger renege. Hairless, fair eschew harass, tough taboo
Backslide, anterior fatiguing vertebrae ballad advocacy backfire.

Weigh baffle sponsor instability, torment barebacked humdrum ditty
Made pester disclose, baroque exile rude festival, flag scarce frustrate
Sympathy dire backlog, author bare swell. Axiom patron publicize, slang
Welcome marauder, fresh veto bang.

Sphere brazen theorem, snare enlighten balk regalement infertile. Balloon
Spinelessness scarcely maker barricade chatter ban.

8 poems || John M. Bennett


dog P eel c Louds ,was my
,activation ,s livers tou
ted like some Ankle Soup
faw set down .the pILL
ow gaze the “lint” .eh
churl eh churn ,base cor
nor ,rounded visulaction w
hen i see your shirt .est
ival ,nisoleado ,plu mífero
la piel me saqué y me
abrí la flor reesencia y con
una piedra cagada hablaba
Drink it Clown i sed
que me cerraba del ojo la


my H supper ,dribbled≈ C sm
oke~ swallowed O the cave I
leg dragged through my named
cough Johnee E’s yr corn
stepping down the hill .gateless
wind~ ~ feet and beans ,Bs
fill my shirt a tomb
puzzle blistered on my plate
O Eat Your Nickel }the phone
flag{ * L too Loud the
scrawling down your throat
S you K you A you N yr
postprandic ache )))SH
adow)))) nekkid whim
per the shore ay lo
...lie ay eye


fug le f
og d ec
k ala v
era sum


eata sh
irt melo
mi so n


s hita sh
eet mu
te fan g
o la m


the shirt soon the
llama en llamas
the sendapampa


mictlan mi
morro donde
moro mero


ni añorado



cram yr loaf
mot e snotex

the cables scream

try star


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 poems || Peter Ganick


as gambol aging rhetoric
alliances throttle inverse politics—the
remotest anchor deluge assembly
frankinsense not marred through
snuffle nor haphazard riddance
the repetitious gibbon—sureness
unveils delimits replicates demands
elaborates serves demiurges shredded
blasting caps cited from before
then scheduled.

assignation reverts dally through no
annexation merrily conduit sniffle
naprous the dilation eponymous
throat nagging surfaces hotels
arrangements delays bathers
ontic rhetoric ultramarine sic horrible
incisor ghostly ontology.

broken—lead uptown thisness
revealing legislation rebuts paradox
comatose the renovator understand
whichever plausible tread
circumstance releases veritably.

contrary evolutions nominal
which streamlined aileron sacral
those palatable bead egg-shell

torches litter the wideness
scan ganache preparation
assert wilderness augury thorough
spaceholder pattern marks unfurled
where inventions leap through
snippet rafter the small talk
answer gag-order placebo sniffle.

recurs aggregates whichever incurs
nowhere first the mostly aprille
onset from agitprop leaves in album
turn signals cygnets breadwinners.

commerce illbient widget nob sitter
annex riptide also—the sephardim defers
almost at therefore’s tinge alien
to elicit orpheus—adept to instantiate
once and formally the placid matinee
walks before talking—the skims through
vistas averting no sanction wielders
offering vacuum think for therefores.

aforementioned conceptual image.

pleasantries exhorted villas
their meteors debut ridden slightly
presentiment awakened.

lossless integers earlier
lapidary glphs later
onsets of pebbles broken out of
these mirrors—etiquette ciliated
from paradoxes nebulate
in remission contrasting eachness
wide foolscap indelible delicate
snag notion.

byte thereof zoned effete gaggle
pilferous rooftop aileron endemic
told hole scrimmage epsilon
politico stalking choice
there offered alight nascent
presumption slight inebriate
snuffle anorexia thoughtful least
neon selfless endarchy stole
trough ensembles deterrents
retardant lossless entanglement

saxophone recruit.

gambit lacerate mumble garages
nighttime lights off versions tolls collecting
escalation from talking streetwise paradises—

vacuums replace errata ounce
by ounce, punditry so capricious deliberates mote
ruffling enounce boss wilderness vacant words—words
all vacancies on the island, every once
through wideness albatross fly by
evident cassette promising wilderness.

camelot burns ladders while flaunting
episodic titles drone matrix snuffle
sanity connotes debonair vermillion
snail-pace nefarious conduit
returnee swimming whither the
yon deluges contours elaborate missive.

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 16
Transduced from Góngroa's Soledades

CORN 1. “Vine, Hymen, vine dons your pear
cone’s oil and’s seen Allah’s a Cupid’s
coiled cable detonsiled dully
negating the veil which the bolt has colored:
the veil, floored day’s sub primal,
and rays aimed by she whose adolescence’s a door,
villain Psyche, nymph’s labrador
of the toasted Ceres. Each, whored
in the uncertain day’s sub dud’s second
crate vascular, vehicle too corroded
for his ardent desire.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN 2. “Vine, Hymen, dandle, enter rebels
or honest rosicrucians, prevent the day’s
(aurora of shushed oils suburban)
virgin tan belled, who hatchets pods
and torrents the Floor Rug’s conned dose soles,
and blank Ethiopia’s conned dose mains.
Claviers dull April, ruby’s temple,
quantum’s guest the oral dull cable,
quantum’s (dull unguent yea and dulls other’s coil
contained) concord engraves roses,
of shushed maguillas simpered bygones
of the purpled son’s trophy.
Vine, Hymenm, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN I. “Vine, Hymen, and plums not vulgar
all air the hilly dens alone
of those for whom the basket bells nymph’s cell;
of shushed carcasses, east’s, argentine,
feltcher’s mosquitos, never hazards;
vigilant quarrels, the alleluya’s
dull red man who massed or tardy foils
the infamous gyres of past nocturnes;
mute coronas others pour on his turn
of the dulcet letcher conjugal, in a quantum’s
lascivious bee the virginal cant’s
nectarless chopped bible.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN II. “Vine, Hymen, and the violet pees
that zulus oil with pests of all
shushed plums’ sound induced alter dials,
gloria’s major dull supper cored.
Fie to nut’s bell, what the days
dissolve tardy in Seneca’s ditch;
and she who Juno hays to nostril’s spouse,
casts Lucinda in loons’ unequal
danced vices to repeat their grumbling,
while Niobe’s immortal she admires the muddle,
not in blank marble poured her mall’s fecundity,
but scolds boy’s dull Lethe.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine Hymen”.

text || John Crouse


Idleness plentiful, agronomy pacify, ripen augment. Protest soothe prohibit.
Somewhat dole unaided desolate modify aloof besides dispute rotate, substitute
Though elevation totally philanthropy height fuse, collect dabbler stun
Dubious, obscure aspiring wrongly friendly shot saunter desire, thunderstruck
Solace amends magnification awry bullets amatory waxing
Tedium abridge, allied posterity resignation trap touchy enhancement parallel.

Anecdote opiate cherub fury cordially displeasure curio painkiller saintly
Hostility treasury chipper sprinkle pranks
Archaic. Donation solo reared, narcotic baptise horseplay redress seraph
Replacement stroll erase solicitude anthology torture broadcast, devil
Almighty childhood unfeeling infatuate worsen observant.

Schism aim aesthetic impede grief interrelation almost alms uninvolved
Suite. Shock opening lethargy, dire gear hidden, indifferent anyhow, justification
Tackle chasm apparatus, apex detain. Gully illusion worry cavity dissenter
Stun rig ostensible. Beautiful discharge despotic ardent, redress dread
Purloin zest, rearrange knack glowing clap.

Inapplicable mien dense. Scorn umpire odor proletariat spurn exonerate
Militia, hunger armistice embezzle, entreaty placidity negotiate , fertile
Detain. Prize scatter suction lost.

Release peer, equip fragrance aptitude fervid incrimination legion
Frown exculpation stuffy novice petition tranquilize cool belittle attract
Phantom cheer heretic.
Capture advent humility, cavalier artery liberate cunning sideways.

text || Lewis Gesner

What is Light, What is Sand…

drawing out, drawing near,
drawing up, drawing away…
how not to, burn from light

above the bounds of the impossible- and my looking, to the light, a sun, a bare bulb, a night-light in a kitchen, a moon, and brake-light on the car in front of me in traffic, in headlights, in soft glow of a TV set through a window at night when I walk from my car to the apartment- the blinking light on a smoke detector, the stars, the glow of the phosphorus painted hands of my wristwatch, dashboard lights when I drive at night, storefront neon signs, the red and green traffic lights, the flashlight of a guard doing his rounds at the local bank, the radiance of the city lights over the horizon from a distance, the back lit clouds, the reflections on that last night in Indonesia, the full moon over my shoulder, reflected back to me in her deep eyes. I want to find her everywhere, to call to her, to comfort her, too, in her human form, but for me, too, to comfort my pains of living, and to always see living, and not dying, I wish to see her in every light, always-, and in the frame that houses every light, the day, night, the time from one end of a section of it to the other- in all things- that I perceive- and then- as that is not all- in the things through which perception flows. And through the metaphorical window, and the desire of the hand to feel, and the senses to perceive, is the swelling up to love, to live and be alive in it, in, to have it present but release it too, as one act- to be in it without holding, and believing, too as the matter in the dark may build the walls against it, against a pure living in love, believing, transcendently, and that will draw the body away from this falling sand.

text || Billy Bob Beamer

Dead in Ethyl
name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


...prophecies world existhree timsfor nohat isitwasas createree difenttimen thredifaysbyaiowa the preme crea iowaalso desroed threeform worlshen thin dit gote wahehes hapla wongo ito gredep herbu ill lasom bag roundwork oe stoso oul gana quickundering fou ant readopi creastos fullness andrecou dead ook heopiters hays inhe opirea tor reaiowaupr rear generally refeto asaheand onlcrea ienless spa ceecrates ephe wotuknang wharries out lansirst ieuten ant anotukn angs helaer spider n arcana inexceptionalpungent bari goldnot being nice wilde cactusbuckheads wholeabdominal cavityself insertion charactersweet momma wounded animalleft wingleg had beenruined waterbecame policeliterally mosiedanything anyone at timesbirth horizonfinish up chemicalinfinite coils shadowsgildedd by buddingpoking out stone hallwayweedinfinite whackerguided by budding defining bordersdefining bodersangels quickundering fou ant readopi eggs under bones with that timeluvial peatsmoot orclashes herethis mouth innebriatedblink roundwardfall trumpy timesas tute nessnessoverstep bursedaystumpforth fair knack avick sotssoma emostfooting buttsdeath anticipatedscra pheaped watercloth plantsewin raininghe art perhaps gettingstained either wilde hahaharse years bachelor contentment field flanking flectric galactic light longer life lift onnnnjikfiskjosfikjuujrrrrrr fittifittinrrerunneldow typ onnnnjikfiskjs fikjaaajrrrrrr fittifittinrrerunneldow emm
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Monday, February 27, 2012

poem || J. S. Murnet

Scat Chard

Scales scraps scums sketch scat squack
vacuum tomb room forte in the space of noon
lasp labter floating on the balcón a tube
of lisp and hunger Felix Unger would have
capped sauce or shoes, tapered coffin
laundry on the slack pack mule in labor
ious tonnage course corrective slope
cradled in the laundered soup be course
of bi-valve bi-planes leaning on the
G-round clunger soap mutter where
your double rice crawling up the sidebar down
the hoop and over pass to stimple crashly
hapt the clome sort or copter the
mist (rash) in keyless C throat dinkled
with your smoke and limit less free
poured paint trachea with coarse aplomb
was duped an tressed lick tambores thumbing
through the reeds dressed up as silver
plate lungage theming in the corset trunk
fungi-prodded over (taken) patched & trimmed
brinkly cramped the leg thunders
borscht or ‘ploded rice made from one
lang gong spreader bowl slumbered
in the gasoline plein air disco
urse omar brackenly at poise
paw pause. Nape
of glimmering,
trance gone shot hopped cloppily
portented (con-) and plush ear
rings ringing (stringing us knot
bursting, map a heap, tempid throat
gustered like wheezency or joust concave
mudthump in the pantry gristle spawling
aft the lumpness fatsy comprehensive
low cost locust dim in your end-o-clactic
submumps, stay the thrush, tembd the
sorting of your soupnuts pounce upon your
mirror weight according to the polls a contraction
inflates the river swirling back up hill
the sequel to down (townie’s) veracity flake,
tends the soap to dribble consequences not so
named doubles slots to drop your coinage in voici
enough space spurned by sprockety wind borne passages plundered off their arm
socks shrinking in
the winded lake beds down with trampolinis
apt to vault some slobbering kite strings
bright with apeless light like here and there
frappe mortarboard what mumbled lintly cousined
what hung ahead what ran and left the hoist
(about-face factoid fingerboard separated
in the garbage shoot by grackle or a pump
kin west of stall (tall tales)) hankered
for a Quick Thumb or smouldered feathers
peasantly aware (alert) spun forwardly
smattered luggage like a stack of bricks
to look at more than lug (these premises confuse
distinctions between this and hinter (land lines))
sand times sorta sugared in the soup or
towels floating in the lake where purse strings also
float before the ice white lampshades dripping in
the rain because the rain is blinking in memoriam
forcepta clinking in the alley mist
tu sus out quantity from usually
qualitative Bic ink dunk vate smoking
lint and toilet water lint grapes stall in
hit wonk watery ascansion blOtto
(belted in the) soup a form crud a
tooth and macramé or salted youth made
whee-lived spattered on the cover of a
movie magazine featured dogs
with purple hearts on quiet charts
of waves and forms a lumpy dark horizon
blunt as twisties from the bread loaf
snarled together in your pocket like a poem
arrested for due diligence and penitence.
A cork whistles in your jacket like a wheel
going cool wheelish about to tumble furlonged
samples wedded to the dusty belts
accommodating penitence and schooling
thumbs to fasten rice inside the envelope
evocative of should(er length) demise
once fastened to the s(t)able combs like
irridescent grease and waves of hair with blades
where braids would dip into the glom of ink
a foot sink bath and lêvres swimming
peak perfidy - like snow cones in the jaguar
cave witz balam and the rain rises up
to lake light not withstandoff choice a lagging art
lock sweeping in the garage pinned a slapdash broiler
on the leaking piston glowing in the heat of verdigris
with stepping stones across the grease-filled
yard the sea roiling at the end of the street
posturing with(in) coherence: world withering stalling
wingblood bladder bladder knocking in your pants
“Store for now or just let go?” Stall, stone,
stray? Cash? Locker foaming? Crawl outside the
flooded cave? Open the hatch, follow the hunch,
be drafted to help, appear stanchion floating
down the avenue a linty sky ahead
of Damocles-style weaponry the pundits
gate and hack, the left life languid in
the troughs of ash point centemetric
scaffold like the frontal mush of
stantive focus in the stony lens
with butterscotch against the lively rims
sloshed with waves of atole and attitude
a lateral posse winging toward cabooses
giggling in your throat or was that closets?
Wow! The
megaphone went wily! It was net
lack and nits, thumbhooks foaming on the mattress
tinted a profuse black heavyweight champagne
like coffee grounds in underwear and I
breathed into my hat a whispered plea because
the bargain had been trounced (ounce at a time)
and throttled in the focal plane one puff at a
young buckskin waving in the spun decision
of half darkness half leavings on the
kitchen floor a shiny button and a liquid comb
with flavor mashed away from a projected safety zone
steamy with a horse’s breath and sardines
alongside vinaigrette, and Charlotte’s habitat
of mustard slaw and leaking lettuce, table
siezing placards with Human “Beans”
to spot them (breathy, stoic, feeble, though)
with spots and goggles and amendments
nor clocks nor baubles nor bends twisting
through the forks as perfect yellow rat tat
tat styled abs with flickers and folders full of
sand indexed at Lint Speed in confidence held
harmless amid armature qua generator tumbler
high with cash and fingernails played twice upon
the xylophonetic ink(ling) (er) falling off
your palm throat near uncanny corset wind notes
blemishly unseamed a stone’s throw from (and to)
the nimble water phone, glowed and growled,
tabled with a suit, a little testy, said the
member of an audience, or was this effervescent
comb release, a “symptom” of linted observation
thinly passed and singular, perhaps chuffed and
forked, or slaw at least that fits just so
the sweet sounds plucked string saddle
made of steaks and sugar beet and plasticine
props induced a glandy exhumation,
forks spinning in the setting sun
along with chalk-infested sporks
O slab of missile, core of brood!
Wheat thins do not frame your Slab Leak
nor nominate the eye restitution on a bet,
whim, dime, or moment’s notice (the
ticking slops into your shoe...) until you view
face-first the tickling ling ling pillow
stained with wine and flapping hamster skins
made thinner than before, slayed spun from foreground
looted of its butts and forms, just the axes
left on ground if grounded twice spliced
kismet or neverable new potion size rolling
over on the plate like sardines with the
equivalent of whipped cream in savory mode
mud and oil swirling in the sink my shoes breathe
cinderly (a lobotome) and whee! An ad hoc
symphony what a ham hack sinking in the hot
sauce! What a
vlassic yoke, a clandestine
voyage, a stork’s santini loose and
gimping down the muddy sidewalk
with a bag of chalk and chard and

J. S. Murnet 2007-2012

poetry || Andrew K. Peterson

from weather, not ocean

uneven yet enviable, cold. old
rock, rocking waves, sand and
rocking ,old waves, cold, old
sand (old), rocking rock, cold
waves and sand taut utep
sift frond isn’t worth mention
fade-in sea-swell calls hack a-naught
Hockomock Naushon Noctilucence Rune foot-crease
Elliptic blue movers swim through
Even yet unenviable cold rock

members-only dock. River blinks
stripped coverage tucked unit in
“I think of you today . . .
as one cloud less . . . where
. . . one lone sea plane too”
fractus below – conditions go on
an ocean to go. to
ships in paint as to
either. azalia abbreviated tousles scrapes
pieces’ cumulative memory utricle effect

of cloud, but not not
resembling anything else closely seems
tells obligations to “what must
be, has been” – river calm
quelling marsh vellum compost beamers
information’s thousand separate cloud forms:
Pilus Pannus Velum Inca Mamma
Virga (‘fallstreaks’) Praecipitatio-Arcus Arcus Tuba
water engines climactic sea-flat
excerpts altitudes peuterized o-sea loins

cold creep fusion’s “pitch apices
overdub” slow flat faint signal
gull-shadow tow taut pace
neck in brisk Labor Day
at my back → stone
this regiment cap buried to
cloud ‘s desperate carry, balance
“Dreams of a kid, and
but big deep sleep made
of reawakened material.” Whitecaps, green

argument outside fair weather union
street lamp shadow’s blankets divide
car from road from mechanic
faint snaps in tight size-less
to mind, large as night
animal- sloped paths to sea
cable juncture rest-Akilah functions spaces
cakes in a rainstorm bob
Almost Periodic Oscillations and Waves
come not, impatience of clouds

5 poems || John M. Bennett


,utter buttering ,sit in the lake
,throat nickel racked out on
my shoe ,the blam lock the
,guttered nape an s ticky
hair I sweltered in the
sink ᾯ your rising clod se
hincha y mis calambres se
abren abren las tunas los
focos se abren se abren mis
zapatos se abren los lápices
abandonados con nubes se me
abre el tobillo el dorso se me
abre y en las páginas espec
uladas leo el color de la
sangre ,hoy del agua ol
vidada que tomé hace 50
años media luna desap
arecida en el túnel retor
cido de mi lago enmarecido
:marble ,and acid ,something
trickling down my leg ¿can I
drink my foot?


eh singing shadow lucrative
non pestilential nor a
bughouse mosquitado y
tus focos explosivos ,la
minal mi cenote ˜ de libros
los ojos de ≈ agua brimming
o’er my jeweled leg ╘ô
an briefcase thick with
shit . .the tiny cage wr
iggles on the steps a
stick’s eroded at the peak
your red thought th
rashing in the buried
box ´ ay conejos
clustered at the silver
river≈ dream and turn
for me !un jején * a
solas ,¡esté y say to




¡om undo!


what hoff



b eye fog

mutter melt

poem || Peter Ganick

from DELAY

as music is heeded an avastness pieces itself befriending earphones’ duet with spoken arrangements thought
truisms vacant from a startled impression common tolerance one to evidence once boat mid-range to luck on shelf selfless anonymity breathes your name

maiden voyages delay overhaul ask the pinecones where supressed another-ing placates intentions made got happiness once though not complicit with etched familiarities epochal nourishment clannish and middling strophes delay broken status improbable though itself this than that incurs selflessness

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a dream follows another dream.
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seeing whatever incurs else what promissory vigilance tells otherwise a dream within another ingredient between slackness and furniture.

asserting which average motto lossless egress told those attention-spans to improbable severities telling trellises intrepid algorithms elicited down the line. a tenet of wielding space amidst flux is nothing spoken to grapple acacia models introducers either willing those surmount ensembles the card-carrying universals so unbiased infractions gone commendable.
once settled with singularity onsets which aromatic forlorn graceful allotment would happiness delay.

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 15
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

All gallons nerved the mountainous present’s
his forester, lugged all’s venerable
padding of she who in’s sea’s bells sea absconds
with signal dulcet with silence affable,
belled parlor, mute grace abstains,
crawled dull rhizome’s verdant button, donned
the briefs of her humming virgin’s rose,
the scissors Cairo,
a color which purples cake’s seal,
poured brushes concealing Virgo’s nose.
Digs the juicy suppose
of a hero, if not august, exclaimed,
the jovial one, all instants rebated
to she who’s naugahyde and restirred,
low condemned’s to his olive.
Eats, the pest, sole cake the olive low contains,
censors hiss those whose memory
nekkid plums envisioned, cake’s infelicity
swords engender guzzling, coils dented,
minor ants lent to his glory,
immortal ardor fuels his day of pain.
Why in the somber snow’s mass of zoos seen,
what a cleaver procures, accompanied,
imitates the belled labrador
in the temple’s color of she who adores,
vibrant pizzas tall and pensive,
where the almond, poured o’er ovals deactive,
signs with diëresis her gnarled bathrobe:
o sieze the zamboni’s sigh
and the others, junky barbers, sonorous
instruments, known, in those festive cores’
virgin bells, the jovial loosenings,
and leggy conductors.
The numerous tall fins of labradors’
concourse impatient
for novices’ sack: he, of anus fluorescent,
and of causal fluorescent maskèd floors,
the sphere’s miasma is, of radiant bells.
The lasso of ambient squalls
enters a lascivious jam of ribbing morns,
Hymen nodding,
mental invoking’s his dying dad the alternate
zigzag’s candid voice turns
and of garçons yeast’s accent bland:

text || John Crouse


Council defender literary sociable, alter event pretended fondness warm assert trouble
Rich, provide offense sacred following anew. Versus antiquity. Elderly office
Performer intensify collection anger hostile surprised. Nimble disturb, vigor aghast jumpy.
Misery comply, amiable pact farming winning help, ail direction atmosphere
Corridor related ajar signal daunting sot attentive alias excuse. Remote debark living soothe.
Testify duty fable diminish byway partnership mete. Authorize fee intimate tempt.

Accomplice omnipotent recommend festivity regard. Sham certify afflict, plentiful bother
Furnish slur, apprehensive senility, disagreement
Dotage operation.
Tillage before obstruct. Perturb hole end. Purposeless expose, gay consternation
Assumed. Dulled breathing parable aggravate apportion repulse.

Confederate barbaric, gracious infidelity impress, antipathy epoch, nettle compile.
Invasion flabbergasted spry arouse, ruffled throe consent, tally
Concord. Extraneous saga
Dead sanction unsociable love easement, bargain tippler confiscate hint abettor
Admonish fake terror husbandry suffer relevant worsen appease,
Myth comfort ingredient, woe yield.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

text || Billy Bob Beamer

Dead in Ethyl
name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".

in memory of emma

forthe sojoy of all stores domning ete rojour count najota dip kernel wand winkiwick dead in ethyl sacre blind spot gopher driven fish flukes down forest aggo chinese mirror lake freeze ee gravy stone howbersher tofacce dopple jort makin kloog fist bust ballsdoe fig thimblefacesmashed small football kicjo away little bro in laces fiend sluck wall hashash given morph find forum lush program informing its anomaly backspace meaning instant tens derf understanding tender also soon padding shoon lithonate prepubescent scent slough alonely pathcraniol menopom marang purus grossbeaker flinch dore sog thin dimple staphylotomy cichewa plainfoom borschfrome godcycle duch hamp listen foreign near ask notch ques tions sojoy wherein here ahch orsinos tromanch faildorp thinbie less horrorpope ditch ansailable dinfoor this drip cane foll shed for theep bloodyfathermother dole a pine shot leaves foreign mortuary dimple frimblethis dinsch rector friable dit ivy brickandstay mortor any finch grab failureas count dimeshiver sneeze caddo doblun lub formnop spillpipe dirt strepera sub smile inannabased fictoria comptomiaany rambotan due rot hors divide day stupa dream last nigh escane reasonfaik givein this potionmap goof brined jedine arog antne prasa smrad smear for tune gateclaw loan sign oldpatron gee serbrook cells by land milk for aye dear wellwell daymix all foking outfuel sources set odd saltshoul ders a darbenie odda teba pia no tr ash inco herence rever tin gadmini strative di sk hai riest par r son coherent anesthesia red der care ful nes smush iest chord cleanup per vasive diaper dyingland yr bash ful hum ming damn lipfroth glo om coming storm y meshed gore tears misaligned yr bru I sed du p e dop ey ph one re jo ic ingsli mist cru sade cru is e blick addinghur l fuing wigout siz ed skin ny juniper pru ned ento mology leggy sea sonal cast er traitor cloud ies t ig nit ion ply salty din mountains ash which story failit jazz down sideways alwayscomes afoot undoubted factoidface seesawer mack avick sotssoma face dome freep cosh macinecauld huge fruckertorge dopedeal featherfin fog cricket cup crap cosign highwaynoone else insight fauck all total blusheke contentment field flanking fords lock sloppy tiin whether fork lamp secret dishgaush bless ropesmile rif lecan terpul lies seeyesthen everyoneleavesfall home dearthglop spreading like flooding tile homedroned sand stank suitor filling host fileunknownno sound flopping fishfaker foal sip moonoon gopreyundercover glo a penny sinner so
packet itchtrimm ewall experienced in a grounchyhorem

poem || Peter Ganick


whywhere ini oregano iti elias igi notions iui leopard isi opaque ioi deign ifi ghettoist iei libera isness...
gelati ihi fiesta iyi rhetoric igi kipper iui edame isi carafe ifi tectonic ioi lagtime iri bleat isness...
gradients iti tunnel ini agoraphobic iui leopardine igi nascent iji blaster iji cutaway ifi random ipi lucid isness...
thieves ihi radar iyi capulet igi moodswing ioi glasseye isi milquetoast ifi vanish ihi abrupt iei merit isness...
traditional ihi huzzah iri ratio ini caprice iui etches ifi lipsync iji contained ipi litter iwi blockage isness...
mercifully ici wandering ivi smarmy ibi ligatures isi inward iei endlessness iqi repetition ini islands ili comparative isness...
brine ifi perfecta iri stunt iwi millions iri blanket ibi coruscatee ioi ivory ipi defines iti collapsable isness...
commercial isi leader iri whatever iyi randomize iri epochal iwi scruffy iqi elliptic ici vacancy ivi eindruck isness...
eventual ili utterly ici gravid ivi connote isi egalite ici forest iei grading ini linearity iri capillary isness...
cold iti message iri remains iki clinging iei cactus ini graduate iwi leopard ivi quaff iqi crinoline isness...
rarity ici campeche ivi gitanes iwi huddle iqi gaggle isi nirguna ini smallest iri cinders imi tapas isness...
vanity ioi coldest ipi graciouly iri nettle iei dweeb iwi caliper iti somnambulist isi spiel igi checker isness.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

poem || Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

Waste Land

I passed through the center of the universe once,
just outside of Lawrence, Kansas...
a greasy spoon diner...

a young, too-soon lost waitress
with nothing in her eyes
before the vast storm across the plain
distracted my family and I
from the food poisoning she fed us...
far beyond her knowledge of good and bad.

Can anyone know
where he is
when death and miracle pass by
so closely?

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

All is crafted to the lazy eye. The superstition of simplest-as-best
is steeled to images of inflexibly narrow receiver. Nothing wide.
He/she yelps, and others notice, if reluctantly. Nothing subtle moves.
Nothing living grows. Slimmer remains better and yield mutes
the vibrant plenty. All intake, soft into the unimagined. Would we
have touched. The interrogative renditions of an exclamation, quiet
each emergency. Now what. Someone in possession of something precedes
anything now wrought with need for help. And prepositions have nowhere
to go. Whose license is spared the facts. With loosening of connections,
many solo voices still reluctant to exhale musical fact. Even staccato.
No legato lives here.

Euridice, apart from franking privilege, semaphore

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

All is crafted to the lazy eye. The superstition of simplest-as-best
is steeled to images of inflexibly narrow receiver. Nothing wide.
He/she yelps, and others notice, if reluctantly. Nothing subtle moves.
Nothing living grows. Slimmer remains better and yield mutes
the vibrant plenty. All intake, soft into the unimagined. Would we
have touched. The interrogative renditions of an exclamation, quiet
each emergency. Now what. Someone in possession of something precedes
anything now wrought with need for help. And prepositions have nowhere
to go. Whose license is spared the facts. With loosening of connections,
many solo voices still reluctant to exhale musical fact. Even staccato.
No legato lives here.

Euridice, apart from franking privilege, semaphore

Friday, February 24, 2012

text || Billy Bob Beamer

from...Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


...only glued faucets sallied fresh cowblush albacore published earthclutches goldenrayrecalibrate consciousness mew times reed fon grud frip purpose powers lightsound cloak yof hadder beliefs immortalinhibited long teeth spirits shagging encon omy spring acceptbonnie energy costrid itchy onetwo punchy scammer thiseasy lender lent lint brookcells by land milk foray dear undoubted factoidface seeslaw mack avick sotssoma dome free cash macinecold huge truckerforge dopedeal featherfin fog cricket cup crap cosign high precisely leggy bisguits pleated gravel triple tongue chow uptrolley salamander stoppers... A

poem || Peter Ganick

omit commission commissioner.

the steadfast politic admonish
motion crockery not happiness
without evidence admitted focus
throughput each voice implicates.

correctly the solidarity presumes
scaling thorough listed imperatives
which cannot flounder—convene
through surefire written formless
amidst literal confessional props.

galatea moving through waterfallen
coercions—that there inversely
the propitiated lesser onrush
iotas mercifully the advance
tellingly presupposed wilderness—
omnibus exhorted.

crafty other—annexation propped
insularity etched in altitude—
commensurate that neoprene
silences—the motive aware.

comprehension connotes deleterious
mending index nights formative
well-wisher neat license propped.

diversion errata solemnity another
singer hassle imperatives
delay consentual leisure than
silence the silence there
the silence.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

text || Billy Bob Beamer

...from Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".

undbollie flock grin staples diffuse done forbesh runnered forth wagons frinning hie rother dashsmack galove gorsh merdanc gosalune mechanic me chan ic manikin machunis ginnyforth bridal stew elgor ergo forgotergot andslusew daivan shoemaker wash screen blinding foible grope duped follicle grass intestine wand gladglanded hand fork gas in ethyl pain in concrete lips pursed molly strung bush collapse grenada friending formal patter closer rope fate suffering together food bar arm bone swinging loose ly anticipated scra pheaped watercloth plantsewn raininghe art aperhaps gravy milling inhabitation wonksoldier fashion drape perfumedrawing hie diet possick evercore dead in ethyl glo a penny sin ner so jacket bitchm ewell experienced in a grouchyharem hemplip service if want to do goodlesslyhoot summer daymix all puking outfuel sources settao odd saltshoulders cherishedhallucinationsA liar liar shockingeels blunted and shecreeping nightlaff e goals come stagger ingmajor arcana inexceptionalpungent marigoldnot being nice wilde cactusblackheads foamer prancingfreely microscopic forged guided to move where kites work with guidance dome staying flowerporpoise all in this tug amen maps west coast goneevery limb colo rood ashcloud fog alter sea sons poits dog harem out for several fingers available rooodud a third two months divine destiny y taken channel ked pieces from each of the sessions seasons drop mantle figurine moss ebrine colloidial sumptuous dorpcake violin ingsli mist cru sade cru is e block adinghur ling wigout siz ed skin ny juniper pru ned ento mology leggy sea sonal cast er traitor cloud ies t ig nit ion ply clash iest brui se ca re full y sco r ned clo sly devil near my vunfa cone seal ant proooving penny sinner sod dirt hounded loud shoveled onto me real day dirtsame as cold feet guitar beatendug ratart tar walk spoon on the feather edge come golded city flooded with light dark scorpion beginning beginning economic haberdashery roodud plush earth harmonization galactic forkprocess pagoda egg forest mirror digets digest digits summary roles golden cities consciousness re calhary now dropkickcake stranger fax center hooded vine definingpredator realized failure costrid itchy onetwo punchy scammer thiseasy lender lent lint brookcells by land milk foray dear undoubted factoidface seesaw mack avick sotssoma dome free cash macinecold huge truckerforge dopedeal featherfin fog cricket cup crap cosign highway not only us but fourth dimension maplespit gettingstoned either wilde harharse years fogbutts drinkdeal sexdeath horrorscreedwriting wut nose kill sod ugateways sacred geomancy time compression ole sord uroy ari kature pin ny weight flo odds he re eyes dryzonebullish harp drum notecore headline reflective insect gold furbish day light pocketwater watch arcana inexceptionalpungent marigoldnot being nice wilde cactusblackheads wholeabdominal cavityself insertion characterssweet momma wounded animalleft wing had beenruined before temples split divergent dolomite doons forth ahplunge bol|lie flockgreen for ka prancespink touch grief omit pog page ting shadow antabin third eye mote motel shoddy rum dim ninot nine pleash mom tater bitsdeath antici pated scra pheaped water cloth drugsin shotsup ply canca ncer certain battle mourning buttrow minzies matters salt on planet scam ria tiedblank goadpot sun nerve yapple debt student cleanser fig dorple corn spatula sog underwear feet peeled battledamn bandobac teria viru sclaw can donner gisser cave sharp catpis s fist piano march etuse study skip ewew earphones congo freak dummer dritter grizzle seeking contextearwire prostitute sacked craniallever eyepullied down waterfloored gamu grazing fire pulse frost fish cru stubble clock mirror thimble eyes

text || John Crouse


Cognizance inform submit amass, nasty cleanse accomplishment behaving propel.
Thespian brisk true obstinate adjust.
Affix greet proficient cleave, renegade adjoining postpone.
Vary preside worthy pleasure approve, censure reminder ado veneration young loathe.
Bedeck floating adroit vantage exploit rash promote calamity blurb.
Counsel acquaint intimacy suitable succumb, achievement forfeit covetous gain.

Baby aimless billboard promulgate, idolize exercise bordering vivacious concrete speech.
Upgrade reprove, modifier delegated nimble edict dwelling detest, oration flee.
Retardation adhere, sum industrious discerning sarcastic, dull admissible.
Confrontation paralyze homage pretending graceless promulgate actuality retreat.
Handicap brochure acrid sloth acquiesce theory residence inertia project.
Falsehood hoarding fiction advertise, keep glorification unsettled, keen stringing acrobat.
Deaden adduce commendable warn tranquility adjacent enthusiast pardon, renegade adorn.

Advertise keep glorification keen stringing acrobat unsettled, deaden adduce.
Commendable warn flyer tranquility adjacent enthusiast pardon, renegade adorn.
Chivalrous defer upset bogus defector obtuse.

6 poems || John M. Bennett


maze of coughware and a sodden
car go ne x t ension of my
itchy watch the foot ╘ table ╥
wheezing ~ guaifenesin spills a
cross my path shoe even wad of
one cot ten sleeps against my eye
a h ill dreaming ~oo~ of its loot my
foggy book mouldering )meet the
furnace )streamed≈flame~~ (~(~ ~
(~ ( ~~ ( ~ my hanky cuddles in
your armpit it’s the load con
gestion inflated ape bobb ling
in a pickup the clouds sail
e a s t


the race quotient’s gummy nod
ule ● it’s .black l spot by cra
cky aim yr toiled water and
the scalpel .musiquilla esférica
,de lo ,mamotreto mundanal the
mud’s scant shoulder ≈EAT THE
RAFT≈ you’re “sinking” in the
particled “space” it’s smoke~
,not ,traces of the hormone
fart ~ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ my runny tool
she was whistling add my
corns o Huehueteotl gig пппп
gling ,counting fingers ,smea
rings of the N green skull sitting
in a bowl of cream


duck supper sleep beneath the
╥ table where the lint wind
turns ,around ,and ,frames
the ]legs[ of ,portrait of
[what’s] left [what’s] there
a greasy plate a mirror .labio
inverso una corona o polvareda
las páginas de piel ya inútil de
alas cocinadas con su pluma
.flag temple ,grunting xtians
,your flayed pockets ,loss of
gods and puke I stood and
wandered toward the fridge a
П cold white light the rows of
perfect eggs


flag fog
the grunt~~steam~~~
pail pillow

yes ,kicks


trot off hour
the saw the swale
socks and grease
the fulfill


plunger loose
add ape
the pale gun the


2 poems || Roger WIlliams

A Creed

It very well could root scree snapper
in half-tall pesking wonder
'n glad some o.k. bod
snorts flat in gingham (she says)
and with needles we stir fit ainsi's
bobbing room I have not got to
nor up stairs shall hitch to ramble

Thousands flute a cruet
stout if not willow withy
will he(?) smearing particulars'
bodice till it takes it
as nearly my thought to be
anxious corn-gnats flower
burning ever crispin plus
did it not spurt pores one
part one

accrue it? I've said values
mincing loops and loops
what's equivalent to burst buns
spoken later Latin sheer
lace-ups finally grinding
the likeness to blink light
like light's light loam

Aft Or In Man

Doorway assault astrakahn hangers
boon talk
simultaening "harrumph!" gazed o birches
one given gibbon
sorely stanch torpor-tooth grrrr me

Enunce merit trivet boney tree
supine ago (again!?) supra lever
drip/brat "Go macadam!"
fluid tun age flushing tilt
tap tip th'audacious huffing

Returns allege stopper/stuper
glithering paycock
gabbling perk firm ally's
inverted foot chick
torrential happer-dance putting hound
how's done clear sere
some'll can deem old pottery purée's bustard
better reeks a-smother archi-cembalo
similar plys to feet-shimmer
a slim bean you'd cause
dark dank mumble

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Cave Paintings of Cordwainer Smith


in 1879, the first Cave with Stone Age paintings
was discovered at Altamira in northern Spain. they
were declared to be fakes. today, the Cave is no
longer open to the general public, who are
declared to be fakes. name incoming:



the Chauvet Cave, Ardèche valley, December 1994.
on the floor reposes skulls of an ibex and two wolves,
also bones of bears. the first part of the Cave has
red images on the wall, the second, black. the
dominant animals throughout the Cave are lions,
mammoths, & rhinoceroses. red handprints. these
pictures are constantly getting in one another's way.
not invisible, but material. as a matter of fact, I believe
they're much afraid of us. I quite agree with you, and
they shall lose visibility when the time comes. I feel sorry
for you, said a lioness; I am always sorry for strangers whom
Fate misguides into the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave.



the Lascaux Cave has more than 1500 animal pictures,
but the Lascaux Cave is incapable of re-arranging even
one of these pictures, tho the sky may drop a star, may
shift a cloud. thus, the mineral is distinct from the animal.



the paintings at Bédeilhac
in the Pyrenees vanished
completely within six months
of the Cave's discovery. please,
please come here on the land,
I had begged, knowing caves are
rickety as roofs. there are further
sights beneath the earth: rocks
and stones and trees are clouds of
yellow dust rolling behind the wagon.



the Cave of Niaux is in a limestone deposit
at the entrance to a valley created by the Ariége river.
Niaux Cave! the clay is your moon, roots your sunshine.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from conduit

aprille conduit else-qua difference nth tarot trattoria scientism volare avow cleric alice haj remote blister viscera solace conduit merriment alsace nothings eel feint remind stipend lucid averse ionic tarry clef hiatus blunt reach nib sleuth radix verandah levee tatter solar persist eustachean viral snowfall cinnabar meticulous doldrum snackfood lentil canopy nepotistic anima klutz emp snapfish groaner silence asemic value-drive nightfall ousia trobar unquiet utterly presume aprille schola enfurl nei silence tjant in mysterium also actionate meantone lackluster volitional snuff cog reify nacer ellipsis treadmill ourselv integral qua finial brisket map-room elastic voca timorous elide anothered glacial step-ful ove adorn microphone aligns idem onrush protege es nuttin sez ez ahe nid sell oversight plucky inve nictate voluntarism nee plastic vei solid anvil accrual borealis quota no entente vak nuncio traditio nebbish validation emulate discourse common rill nee anisette vosges boot vanitas bureaucracy deliberates nightly aforemention elliptic vacuum nib succor aspirate vocali snip shoppe dilate mondo catarrh singha nefarious deluge presume align sturdy nos amidsts yesses eloge main-streak distant recourse calisto eggshelling morph silences eyries debater collocation merrily prehensile tout les autres mid-stream kirtan stickpin evaluat semper fissile replica torn aegis watershed felicitous broom eidos heroiade escutcheon damage riddance rill gradient sling list enfonce sil nie thor-qua signature coalition else-way versional radiot-teevee stoics remind seer consequent subcontinent aversion blooded avow cactus empyrean nos and yesses ludic perusal inquest enn vestige aversion pristine avow nie slurpie evade snowfall peace rim boardroom sept asylum introit vantage otherwise peril sobriquet mumble oases through enable seientism pepper sidereal contraction elsewho quaff mobius neo spatial redirect feveri ethos thetic avalanche numb sgt petal sic velcro desk torrent aside laity grimace nominal correspond encyclopedia versatile gustatory regurgle tatter snicker evermore quest-ions elide woodstock untroublefree aside sidereal club kitaro sand iamb strick unbalance discourse riven water-flux edapt adit econom seize deterrent alcove mode schnell riffle sic navidad scaling corpus edit rend silenc enroute cour settle overdressed anvil envelo knotted sofa erroneous spit desktop portio ciliate evidentia nome illbient scalene wide-four snippet edify averagi latte scippa describe tutorial endless restar somatic tutelage outside platinum accidence blotto else-however aggrega brooked eliide fracta unrest scree androgynous elaborae collar pits ennui rosemarie coverlet brooking sturdy tutoyer comparable reorganize breaking papyrus eviden- vernissage broom kirtan cohort vak esco eni snei ounr noru rbou rita vanish quota iff iffy weari nod scrimmage descripb revoice burde scupper noces deutsch valida naiad ebbulient vat nth acse nodv ov jv ondav itemiz nefarious threefold resurgent cessate incursio neither watrous smitten boardrom evidenc aegis byline benares centrism vane sacrilege nee ossify buffo slipper ancilliary basinet equaliz nomos averaging sept spire guttu seite vario cosmic vacanc

text || John Crouse


Purloin preoccupied image, arcane profusion unreasonable joke ample maltreatment bottomless.
Nasty border infinitude learned limbo.
Bookish comply quicken emphasis adopt passable extra casualty fortuitous eminence habituated.
Praise assist, obliging alteration consort, do skilled stature concur whereupon harmony address.
Chronicle beholden.

Clarify deputized kudos accursed service, addict tattle accomplishment tart forsake.
Unkindness answer deed, blame accrue liable biting acme reject.
Applaud profanation sidekick sidekick narrative impeach, calamity censure.
Mordant consider, boon acrimony.
Aggregation mischance enlarged dearth summarize aspersion testimonial throb.

Dissipates confederate notoriety thus bitter sweetness spoil abridged folly invective.
Respect bulwark hurry weathered salute, cooperative avoid fortuity acclimatization tale.
Commissioned substantiate dispersed unerring enlarged.
Bedeviled heap acidity release exploit deny.
Crown tenderness bland concrete esoteric scarcity standoffish berate.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fromDead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 texts || John Pursch

Chauncy Lord’s Villa

Whadya trinket’s madefer, disting caulked peduncle gym; datmon whoranfrum seventeseas wortha derailin, flailin, trimmers o’hairpeaces, preston daslidebarns o’Meester HoeJooker heemselph; an ossifer wance made funo by Bawbly Ree, the mossy rusted mane o’erectronical rebel yaller tall coatrails et dabuttle o’ Chauncy Lord’s Villa. Whome, gilded igreshunal, wantonin mere portsocall den chestaboot emtpyworn eels yaeber cannoun? Twaz encirclin manoovahs datwar Hookie’s undownin, tbeshar, betmebe it warn’t sewbadatern forda Onion; efterall, Wonnystall PeppaJackson, hecameto his martyldemize etdahandsof hisownmated prawns, inda furiest darken waldernest, liefen Bawbly weedout his ritearm, ashehemshelf edmittled. Spoon derafiter war eine debrackle in Penguinalia, fuelish prefrontle asphalts crostic openfelts ontoda teething canyons, ala Phredlewreck’s Borg, un reversion.

Betty’s Gurglin

Ai wuzaspolin lest centurion abootie abuttle datwar scuttled in drein home oda Penguni, on da Sill ofa Vein, ya musta spleen’d it, whoot coulda messed stuch awild und enflamous eventuality, what got mar pressin couvarture dan, well, dan chest amoot emtrytang drat acquired enda oiteenth spinstery; ai whademeye slaying da neinteenth! No chompers naughty with staunch endings, dat big buttle tween da Onion und die schemckers oda Merrymack, yacanoe whootie, zein Rebbie causeway, bled boi RabbleeLee, sumtimial sprocket asda mensch whorhoda harsie nameo Trameler; a mire equine prescience habba nebba wallywalked the polygonal surfeit oships on the Land O’Locks culled Armonica Contumely, Costumed asa Gantry oda Fried, Foam udda Blade, flimflam Fleas ta Pining Queasy Easels und Dealers oused scars, frum lots oparking te lotsundlots olost livery poolshark bleu cordons, tried to araggedy tagteam warringtype ootcast bandowilderness bleaters. Yikian tooly, allodat enky profusion, storked bya minor sideswipin menschen ofa truedli wunderbar equine carnation! Wellit’s sumquat repossible, mebe jest an afterchauncy, detdat harse whespered afew suitened chorazine ideations entada bended oaro RabbleeLee…

Monday, February 20, 2012

text || John Crouse


Jarring prophecy lackey, effrontery accompany, entice misgiving, footloose bind.
Shroud relinquishes depraved humble disconcert, confused lessen nunnery.
Shorten abridgement paunch, kidnap capricious oddity supports accomplice cessation.
Hate obey aptness sordid qualify rejection, uncommon dwelling.
Eradicate freak.
Flop miscarriage unproductive swarm relating reversal, overhead voodoo rubbing rough alongside abbreviate.

Digest away.
Rescind sudden pustule, nonexistence daydreaming, unconditional mercy dictatorship.
Exonerate consume, preamble interesting forbear, abstemious theoretical resign, wicked reduce.
Bewilder ashamed curtail friar, clip vacate belly monster abet.
Pause loathe tolerate capability abnegation, quarters cancel abhor fizzle fiasco vain chafe.

Engage pervious thrilling teem concerning overheard, frank magic galling summary.
Overseas repeal blunt wound departed, bemuse total doubtlessly revision, excuse imbibe.
Spongy dull resist sparing continence.
Desert loose belittle, confuse scorn mortified slacken cloister quicken stomach eccentricity help.

Dormancy detest stay talent infamous forswear, sustain noble misdemeanor, futile overflow, nearly superior charm cutting annul.
Precipitate forgetful amnesty engross waterproof pleasing refrain, sobriety keep.
Befriended uplift hearten accelerate prolong duration, retain ordinary frustrate, wretched erase.
Chapping fragmentary drain, tedius excessive.

poem || Roger Williams

from Versaludium

Docu XVI

His does not throng a breach
shout "Humus!" blank and
fore-bay silly cones
clang the upper sting-
bine average missed
off course if can teaks
frying the usi-
fructing any way
Neptune's bum slimmer

Last is palpably
hooded hand to "Clamp!"
Reeky glade slithers
back or e-bay meets
cancelled jalopy
purring in its ben-
zine and yak matters
Fair fair fair spooning
clad stays áutumn'lly

(whenever) Do you
stamp it for "good god's!"
brackish hiccup or
it grounds its brutish
"Whoa Whoa!"
" Hail Hail!"
causing some hum

text || Billy Bob Beamer

Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


...avergrown file derisionhiss ed pigtail pawnbroker dyingweaver drumpudding anyone at timesbirth horizonfinish up chemical infinite ethylglo a penny sinner so packet itchm ewell experienced in a cruchyharpoonem infinite ethylglo rye divvit dominate reading fosfated phospit bunatured cauilaffiour

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Interlude POME[re]wri[etr

follo won


quell kinser]pent

host cup breach

earth[ istle sprinkle

earth s o le[man prop

bondmen shep[ho ban

leet scrum nof]taner drug

buzzrod indifferent teleology

slam t]house rug[mented tail

threadmeaning grug glee once

“silverefles s te e nass three

shouthemoth be fore voicertain

brahirtsassy words followords on

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Cashmere whiplash while the cello played longhand
toward midrash during every venture. Brash lapels
close by restrained the urge to backtrack as a wide
berth had been taken toward our home. Granules held,
to fill an easy history to fit a mold caress
might be heard in minor key. The lariats came lean
upon the thought shields as discussion halted.
Then mildew was forgotten, and the slivers of duress
seemed whole by way of mental force, equivalent in telling
to an urgency. I take my chapters to a generation with
no letter sweater earned. I sleep against the curve of
a chaste crook in your arm that keeps me safe as
silhouettes held in the natural sleeves of pulp.
We care for how we were and what we might imagine
we will be again.

Symphonic breezeway, luxe simple as the saying
of its name, our way of opening a prior thought

Sheila E. Murphy

Sunday, February 19, 2012

text || Billy Bob Beamer

Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

She plants herself where she will never grow. From where she can
insist from a cappella stance the many objects she desires, and all her
offspring can be put to use. She watches everyone's development
come to a halt. She virtuosically complains that everyone who's doing
thing things is or has offended her. She is a ritual, an albatross,
a catch-all sadness lodged in human form. A purgatorial particular.
She ruins hours, days, and weekends, martyring the psyche she has
held while dragging disappointment to all locales her body reaches.
When possible she holds still in the car, sends someone in
to fetch what has inspired the drive across geography. She looks out
of cruel eyes to discover what is wrong in everybody else. There is no
verb behind her skin. Merely insouciance where passion might have
lived. A safety valve protects her disapproving way of thinking, feeling,
recollecting where adventure might hve pressed ahead into the lovely wind.
Perfunctory displeasure catches whom she knows and can infect.
Inflections do not show, they yield to meciocrity. She reveres what does
not challenge. She sleeps before her intimate tv.

Graying atmosphere, spun stories, cleats untied against the wall, a tainted

Sheila E. Murphy

text || Peter Ganick

from mobile structure

throne singularity lexical standard engine daisy otherwise waving thorough aside safety nougat pie chatter verbatim however scapula diremption vaccine sliver against veneer plus guest inverse locus treadmill shored utter nimbus hookah listlelss agonism note sojourn assigntion emotional coercion thinks gelding vulcan seers azure stutify imitate neighborhood listless isness wake sniff align potash clorox engines least gunshy thankfully surreal ingot special otherwise anisette vocality presumes greets negotiators engine eeriest cairn locus trend chocolate ousia thoughtform mindstyle einsam dasein troubadour intellection elementation versaphone windless happiness earrings however sagacious tread byline totem scenario facet nid seltzer miracle scarface hollywood swath mirror craft incursion tariff issue feint gone throughout eine sammulgen cackle nougat absurd infandibula niter slammer noesis threadless inequity absolutism reville estrangement nsaids culpable utterance agon site huts formative humid random notion screenwriter also languaged einsam peeve sionara luminary secondary also also once once throughout extinguish non newtonian filagree simian coercion niceties bugging streamsilver assignations reformulate coconut ashcan bifocal side erasure listless antagonism peppering slothful whichever knowledgeably appreciable stringendo alcatraz nth anthrax itselfness pearl inner roulette sample iterating abandonment silence however tiller vernal pylon yang yagna fuselage

text || Billy Bob Beamer

Dead in Ethyl

name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’, referring to "stuff".


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haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Whole compositions fill [weave in / out of]
stances an immodest distance from one's training,
the detaining features of an intuition. Young
voice treasured made yet golden, silver,
platinum whose density brackets sentences upon
the surface of a halfway understood [closed
caption] artifice. Summery when the keyboard
prompted by a plug in the wall takes power
apart from its possessive adjective, makes
use of it, and leaves harmonic rationales
behind along a brittle hill. She wore a hat,
she spoke in tongues, she defined the atmosphere.
Vision is its own detention period. In lambent
situ, forested or strained. An immediate and
throaty blond after the prayer is past, no tense,
intensity, a sure way through impending refuge.
Offer me a cool place to shield myself from any
pulse apart from tasks braced near the skin
as if it covered all opinion and the fragrance
ever after.

Yard lines, plump defection, lapses in attention,
molehill very large, having a reputation

Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

I like boring [where the art begins] you
cope. I cope when in the mood [I'm in the mood]
watch out [something about] to be discovered
will be drained [the discoteque] the ample
strings [the wood the plate glass proxy plum]
in northern ways [I take my drama to the bake off]
I size up gem stone tones [in traction toward]
arpeggios released. The more I pickle phrases
the more promptly they come home as language lab
drops curls where dry lines cross the place where
rivers were. I gently touch the top of every trail
until my shoulders glide into the seat where
I have settled like a pioneer who dreams no boundary.
I think a weightless clump of grass will grow if given
time if offered space if left alone, just as
we each take time and traipse across a lifeline
until gravity makes haste and we know things we
should have learned at least once more.

Field greens, pronouncing "no" the first time, life
perceived, unless, apart from, as without a seed

Sheila E. Murphy

3 poems || John M. Bennett


the meat glued grime your
outage drone my looser
fork rust les s low a
cross your lap it’s hair~
crown names my what
?eye my ?bolus ?dustwad
splatting≈ on your shoe ?tri
dactil ( phoning in my snoozed
park where the murciélagos
leap an dive los T áboles
se chirrían vivos de pájaros
y en mi bolsillo te encuentro
,Plato Mío :grasa ,y restos del
pescado podrido not eaten
20 weeks ago the floor , , , ,,, ,, ,
with ants in all directions C
,s ,l ,i ,v ,e ,r ,s , ,


Leap an clink too swartly
,span the chair i crack yr
stool lumber soaking in
a ditch .══≈ raft swirls≈
beneath the clouds ○○○ ti
me’s slow b link ,,, sinks
in’s humid air o phone
swaying in the ≈lake I
said’s to you ,my aft
er worth my debt your
pulling at the sticky th
reads h )my bone drop
comb it’s( what .land and
s top .yr hand corn пп


la chingota de mis lapsus
lazos chingatus de mi
murmullo indecible gara
fal e inútil como mi librito
chingabotado ventoseado
por la calle rendida la
calle o mi callo
chingaderescrito pretestexto
de lo útil de mi piel
chingabierta chinguenerrada
en los cordones inmentales
de mi atento intento
,indeleble y futilesco como el
chongorazo que se me olvida
y trato de contar en el
chingorisa de mi tinta
triste tinta blanca e
invisibl e

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Aesthetic Mr. Beane

go zones,
bread king,
his flesh,
pearly &
serener, O,

O pearly &
verse juice-dreary
the go zones
melted decimal,

the bread
the stranger
his fame,
warily golden

victims ruin
cave, Sawney
Beane muses,
bread is king
as Virginia
the grave,

immortality cavern
vales, palaces,

white climes,
marble, sing
swans, unsullied
club-moss must

of Sawney's silvery face,
sequencing out peeks
names Sawney's
weapons couldn't match

Virginia?: Sawney
removes her limbs,
daylight no less,
her words
ring this juice

Sawney?: his
sweetest laws
bettered chaos

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from mobile structure

wide presence beguine throughout aprille those mutiny zones deterministic avalanche spoke troth understanding hubris agility inroad verso revile combbine strewn valkyrie headroom borrower singular oeuvre vacuum delay bourse retainers delicacy boatshoe sizing iamb seeker kaiser akimbo slight vessel feint agapanthus elaborate singularity lopsided smiling quota seizure splash quarry obdurate mirage letterset practicum boots sabots enigma defense haymarket ubiquitous naming ballerina sienna zot haptic sephardim levitate emission cartouche various proctor seize reminder silica debut ramification sleuth grammatical coefficients actualize mobius struck nth evening sufferance loot snide navigator elsewhat fumigate lossless antique least borrow singularity behavior sass prediction manifold pranam incomparable thymus rhetoric alciabides entity augury eachness array binding alluvial crystal inversions spiel grossteste innocuous referee snail parrot entity severance told silencing rephrase compare nothingness suave laddered ingredient province snuck thorough silence

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas, Chunk 13
Transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades

of the herb meandered.
Vying, pest, whose iguana less quarreled
pairs the lugger’s hell the cam
low cake all Sol paired’s lugubrious accident,
crawls the avenues called turd’s canoe
a robust nugget which acquiesces lava
in circled bacon,
crams the nostrils’ antipodes ah Aurora’s
roses goosed and dazed his fount,
tall sails acrylic cake’s sin’s all blown
thermos squadron’s conned ledger’s past,
hatcheting Atlantis’ dull occasion
of quantum’s humorous count, alleluya.
The lent squadron lung
cancelled the syrups,
and dissolving leaves the company,
the pebbled leg with loose cake and day
cedes to’s sacked volcano of errant fog,
to the torn loose corona
that tempo illustrates, and to the air’s vain
artifice dull, exhaled
luminous or pulverized seats,
purples not comets.
The fugues, pests, the jovial sodomizing,
mittens the veiled aunt’s accusèd tea
of all the bodies’ dust, no goon sea
of nocturnal Phaeton’s corroded ardent,
and miserably
camps menacing’s sterile day sentinel
that notched’s idea.
Of Alcides’ low level luggage the plants,
which stabbed not my legs
but trained the cable verdant to quantum’s
day ,the fugal lust and royal pajamas.
Tantra garbled’s robust
tantric offerings of the Alamo’s zigzag,
which debriefed Sol on a strainer,
poured verse’s minus bell,
quantum’s salute what raids the bengal,
lo of the Ganges’ sizzling dust.
The gate bailer solicits the gust,
ah the voice of salt;
across the Trion’s massed fig hemisphere,
where the trunk major on the river dances;
the echo (voice’s yak entire)
ignores hay’s silence to what prompts no response;
the final is’s dull royal cad’s underwear,
lusty’s the reflex, the goo vitreous.
Terminal lays dot the swains all rejoiced,
moist the cans’ ants’ not, caked the movement
verdigris of the forces’ ex prolix.

3 poems || Vernon Frazer

Following Bravely

cuspidor screaming blue vertigo entrails
omnibus clustered apparel’s delight
the tenebrous tactical crescent inbreeding
a maximum animal wandered dream-wet
oscillated venture tensions cracking
vandal easement zoning boards weathered
crossed cadenzas nourished under sweat
bandana cradles drumming ritual haze
to lidded umber shackles uplifted
at the very tension that the name implied
before conceiving bracket checks
or tilted oven magic basted to wilting
padlock dreams rusting doors before
they happen to click turnstile ovens
for sharked bakers pruning avocado
splints before taste rakes butter hangars
to pimento devices undertaking runic
mannerist prefaces muttering epithets
against the sea comb nearly darkened
to the vertical slabs intended to block
luster trading cloven ventures dusting
shock acerbic nostril mantras in the cold
mosaic of flange-bent dreams curried
at ghost writers told to host the subject
before its predicate bounds to another leap
years before the anniversary battles
number the high lanes of tanker sails
pitch against the fence winds clustered
about the door to surfeit the privilege
montage carried in stark juxtaposition
packets film camels elicit form quagmire
polish when bent vesicles sweeten
disdain as cortical equivalent masted
though winds that salt predicate numerals
entrenching their renewed viscosity in amber
conveyance charged lightly to sugar bush
the red antenna cresting visibly on blank
patterns reconciled to holistic drama gears
shift like the wind in its pail or its intent
nominally assured rental vehicles rounding
dead pavements personified as tactile intent
whose corona varies factual replication
tints that matter to lumbering bluster trim
as carnival sails escargot failures to slow
rotisseries harbored in the revenue dockets
where tobacconists revel in foundries mute
to the splay of fortune legs tabled where fear
strikes marimba chimes predating pestilence
and predatory harp shakers lampoon the sudden
miscreant blocking wind gusts bursting tonic
encomiums fed nightly under canker veils
left to soup the entourage its courage

Syntax on the Dark Side

a narrative leading past tense
disasters feeds oblong declarations
whose cast, a profligate fling to

legacies, endangered statements
that rendered fleeting allegro squints

inanimate: a corporeal wing
beating husks against the rainy wind
pounds its hammering clamors
against the swollen hull’s betrayal mix

plasters the clinging particle fury
to participle hangers, white-robed and
slit-eyed, sending grammar ropes

to reparations seekers voiding
the clear swell of a patterned night
dangling tongues to preposition
filters writhing in the baskets below

the sense of currency shedding past
grammars for parables bleeding sense

Riding the Railroaded

leaking hydraulic amnesia
samovar integuments called
astringent to crawling boars

nursing brindled thatches
to condo stalls that backed into
bridle ratchets all teething

at the core when stacked mortar
prevailed on borderline hail trinkets
for the cast anatomy drizzled

down the curried yellow slope
on watch while cattle insignia buried
a steel-bent graveyard rise

roped a retail calling carded
for aging on the new promises
cashed in against the new

casement and passed the
cash resisters on old pulley carts
ahead to the end of the line