Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 poems || John Pursch

Frenetic Throne

The yearling weighs a seasonal platter of tender municipal graphite, warning a putter of impious waterfall ploys, panning terminal jingles with toothy placards. Drums roil, warts careen off peerless welts, and newly spotted grooms infect the heaving chassis with rashly angled feats. Shades of sheet music entertain a guessing game’s sister of matrimony, hocking childhood for hourly grist, grown by the century. Aimless and peering under wagon truces, general implosions convert legendary patches to everyday paths, Brownian and ill-defined, flipping bitwise latitudes for shortened treadmill use. Handoffs preclude the shuttlecock, crafting infant cider from incorruptible vermouth, splashed by ambidextrous flunkies on crossword frazzle necks. Phlebotomy sets in, yielding sloped wickets, jimmying the glowing horn’s foveal basement tine, halting at a duodenal etching. Bowling flourishes against an onset’s florid tomb, ignorant and blazing, setting neutered operatives after poshly resected fiefs. Domiciles eschew compartment jeans, freely imbibing a third drumstick’s artful cage, regardless of initialed capers. Semantic flutters span the blushing swath, hatching mental shinpads, crashing a partially impaled changeling into stability’s sunlit ardor. Berths fuel the pyre’s vaulted incentive, spraying human secrets on axial bloat’s frenetic throne.

Oggerif Ikes

Olan smouzien arfs, 
endet crenob und 
ooterlooms pera 
crumerie socht, 
grenafi eltenphlie 
tourminal wouch, 
cronoufen chender 
sen hodgle. 

Plaxum gautil animous 
scheptel pueronamel ziegen, 
ephogsal menbariet’s septher, 
ochied orandumen cloppet 
en orteminous unsline noum.

Iridential fluchartimines 
pleanse dascht eigerde
meidal munificine rheuts, 
etchentier krein phosticles, 
plen muterine oggerif ikes.

Tin Hammock

Crepe operands smear percolating gypsies down cylindrical halls, bleary-eyed and touched by bales of wickered finery, melting into charmed neophytes. Peristalsis jabbers at hidden eternal moons, angling for fleshy wire halters, groaning into a collapsed awning’s only barkeep. Swapping torment for easy chariots, circular mastiffs freeze supernal racks of farmhand sneezes, doling out an armature’s higher feature, phlegmatic and subdued by worms. Dietary embers endure, imbued with swollen altimeters, hitching a halyard to safer poles of harsh Anglican magnates. Speeding for an altered dream’s agoraphobic bleat, copper collars tighten, grabbing knotted gurney kits, shaking ape marauders till they boil the splenectomy’s pleasing pinwheel. Points of disinterment rest their closet chasers, dashing wrought vinegar on icy rows of cucumber malts, servile and appropriately raucous, given the nooner’s crescent swoon. Old and stranded in memory’s tin hammock, our bony estuary angers enchanted usurers, ushering out the bridal fleece, meting in the unmeshed quotient’s lasting Dorito. Elders hinder tinsel grams, spilling neighborly wards, tumbling prone gown makers into tugboat cues. Horizons breed septic actions, lashing ominous prescience to a tipsy motive’s laminar brow, curried with bioflavonoids. Flooding the octagon, mastery implies dearth, freely heating the backbeat’s blue intent.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

poem || Jeff Harrison

Porphyry Ziggurat
avaunt Virginia
reveille amaranth
drillbit cumulate
Appius phosphorus
    many guess the night and become ghosts
acrolith urchin
Virginia picture
convulsive masonry
sunflower Appius
    rain fell without knowing a wingbeat
hubbub ossuary
backtrack Appius
gooseberry abscess
Virginia incurably
    I wish sense in syllabling bright the scales of sirens singing
Appius ruffle
rum completion
acrolith Virginia
throstle diplomacy
    "poison" to Porphyry is Paradisiacal for "forest"
bother chomp
gooseberry Virginia
allotted bluebonnet
Appius cumulate
    oh! how billow your gleams, Memory!
Virginia perforce
morrow picture
quadruped Appius
dissention phosphorus
    echoes do immobile steadily grow
backtrack umbral
Appius ziggurat
subfusc ruffle
throstle Virginia
    a last question of Homeric mechanism, or...
hubbub Appius
"avaunt spheres
psalmists hear...
Virginia completion
    ...of giant épataphysique, reads the riot act, or Baudelaire, to...
allotted Appius
...coarsest airs
conquer care"
Virginia amaranth
    ...your horses of porphyry, O sources of puerile diagram!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

text || edde addad

Decline and Fall: December 2011

The activities
no one by yes:t.ed[ious] to the last-minutes[ter]ion
of their :c.or[rupt]poratic, a reference,
Antonia, and Mitt
Romney, we :w.a[r]s of being most :r.ev[olt]oked yester,
the lackBerry have
2012, had who[sion]torage also[ndal]pe-portedly as apologist


on Tea[adox]ty, sta:t.em[per]ent
has :r.epe[ntance]al than 500
basisinternate, :f.oo[lish]tbridge is
the situated
along have been appear in
:e.xi[le]sting back Obama.

Stanzas 1 and 3: selections from the poetry generator charNG, using character 5-grams, markov chaining, and 20% chance of inserting a newline after a word (some newlines removed post-generation).  Corpus: WikiNews articles for December 2011 with parenthetical insertions using JanusNode and insertion words from Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" Chapter XXXVI: "Total Extinction Of The Western Empire". Stanza 2: codework pseudohaiku using WikiNews articles as above.

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

fígh Responding to various rumors, SSI's Linda Blanchard notes that there is currently no plan to supply free Clue Lisa t
, s äveAnd now, it must be business as smoldering where they had stood just a few days earlier Asoon
[[m[o]on ey
sa’mon bu sheye sweetold    lavaliere
oxtar paints toads copper bearing  field
reth mod clergy ball u phor  at green dol
phin dung fork pension blud streams crawl
creep out waste pocket  sit  giant eg g   tent
spot ere ash tarry raw batter tail haste  rinse
 hump ad limply eyeyeyey e syllable cym  b al
crush parthenon donkey trick trumpet sock  let
morly to be untold unseesweecold   ava lie red
Weekend diary [in progo rests]POME
ssunlig ht pul lsin p ro gres     [oarts
we[]era]diopss sss    dais         EyEies
hab rd ash ed fu                   or this wa
  tr  y //to reth at
from                                        glo[]uom
ssos econdly          fu            z]or this fa  
to [bhuirt]
s’pain ou t tEEa
at all           far e
ee cam e e   ass t                     c   as  s x
3 s a toal ta                 t    ight[]thro[ato]ugh]ti
Sodu ytr   o
num b ers 
             d in e in e
Not go in guth ere
Bonub[]bin        kin          a]bab[]bube[naf[]fic
Hes aid dief iesin ner                    codu ytr   o
T ied iertit ert y      4444
[[[[[[T Bao nitdur urty pi

from SyllAbuSSes
image rebuilds bo  unce.     how can the unsentient leap?   snap
quibble complains aplain.   lectures the variance?                road
                                                 compound resides?      
inside an idiotic      wron.     s hen  compliant cruise?           mass
dance pretends        para     meter  idiom serves as eve?          heaven
jack ro       mance    mails.     wrapper appears     without ?      forum
slow liver shines     before.    jammed linkcream pillsrevolt?     plague
landscapes the differentia.    seeking flower simulates a sen?  lance
idiom                 calculates.    shot bag gloves the tomato ab?   lyric 
insistence hunts an identity.  no parallelcan the custom prêt?   t end

Friday, May 25, 2012

3 texts || John Pursch

Housewife Sandwich

What we have seen is veiled by lost inklings of a calendar’s sweet malaise, turned to trailers in a domed statue’s choral vacuum. Selfless terms simper into turnstile vendettas, sidle up a planter’s christened façade, and immunize a cartwheel, frying whimsical altars at dawn. Jettisoned by germinal artichokes, a fluffy pedal pusher sears the rows of gearbox gowns with lame therapies, ceding the high ground to crammed jungle props, repelling sequined minerals. Easing into the seaside enclave, bracing for embryonic whist, a sharpened seed finds solar lassitude in edgy worlds of final luxury, remanding egrets to the waistline caboose. Freighters bob in the beans of baying gamers, sprucing down a fluke’s dorsal coating. Moot entendres speed in silent trance to stenciled op-art bassinets, plastering housewife sandwiches across a porn star’s looping, bridled gnu. Emory tape ejects reported bits, emitting practiced sinecures of cherished southern whey. Bushy concepts heed a tuna’s growing blob, blushing at the garbled phylum’s docile pronation bid.

Amption Krutil Inore

Ortimon flob quonter 
itious plumany, greben 
monchter eeth epsilon 
blentie und spensil. 

Whedgington grastle 
en courtian, tendermen 
flein emperlon orrier 
soudle maf, aning lawnies 
per heffle, swoudgle 
octorong tamber furine. 

Scret chinoot anarticon 
quedgles paromiton 
spetchies und hemperin 
lieds. Brontial aximers 
crinchy galonical, 
amption krutil inore. 

Wino Reset Bladder

Redundant scars absolve cerebral ladles of all encrusted tarps, leering and guffawing, hovering beneath a bottom shake routine. Chaining seamless artisans to strolling rock marriages, societal mares winnow the florid entries, parting pants for cooling hose lies. Rebuttals kiss antithetical barcode slammers, grazing halftracks with octal pelts, freaking over avian umpire skits. Tendencies to home in under radome glows lead a crowded boxcar to curried transom clues, renaming prehistoric fences. Ovals cleave archaic sisters, spending clarity’s largesse on vicious segments of unpopulated brie. Steady depth mesmerizes the barge, crimping pointed triage pews with cocktails made for paper-cuts. Perspiration bleeds through offhand mules, asking camshaft kitties for daycare clackers or dreaming lassoes. Shifty handsprings crush cholesterol counters between encoded thighs, clanking out of tombstone cars, spattering wimpy urgings across the scanner’s silver. Corrected monkeys wig out for nominal effusion, blindly corroborating a meatless surfer’s greeting-card truce. Horns defy all nascent ordinances, fueling each alley’s wino reset bladder with pointedly startled antiques, darkening a risky prune. Soon propositioned tunnels will wean a bathing chutney’s frosted lowlife of its grazing phobia, covering the stockyard with stylized beets. Hoot at freely mown omens, slacking off till no one spells an impresario’s itchy pylon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

More of the daylight, equalized, occurs in lullabies. Pacific shingles
lattice how the source is built. More shields sinking means
the premises are locked down as the antonym of our mentality. More
of the dampness breaks away from surfaces, minds filled with
other minds. More tonnage fortifies smooth walks across the vast
place codifying feasts and whelps. More yarn, more lodes
to muse upon, about, around. More gardens than the eye can count. 
More of the same estrangement. More feeble in the freshness near 
tormented gardens. More of appearance-driven heat and swarms 
and stay-put butterflies. 

Miranda rights, modalities, mown hay drawn sheets of mercy

Sheila E. Murphy

text || Peter Ganick

thereas moviegoer saith sez ez mitten height erasure plotting sleep tentative loci dalliance promulgate merriment loquacious therereht surcharge vending parallax copain motto beurre tidy scamper niacin leisure delegate comparable otherwaves delirious sembable quantifier patterning scree pellet nova denial snope rad noesis guffaw clash quorum socal borough slipcover without sic those demanding settlement avid sendoff metamorphose dullard foible thatthere reisling occident augur sackbut eachness once lectern midrange psalter noisome capulet hidden swirling affability once essent singer also grace prochain delve procedure asleep viperous capulet render accurately prelude coffer snippet qwaali density contractual omigosh holding panache deterrents alcoves settlements errata dilettante casein brachiophile edict farreaching compadre seizure feint garaging whichwhererehwhcihw niter sanitize umpire callas nietszche lissome alacritous energetic alveoli capricious dampering sackbut eachnesslessly refugee swindle tonearm eclat remind seizure placebo rim stratifies deliberate slight formality actuarial noesis thoroughu speciously adopted nimbus quantifier eachlessness withdrawal snapper wandering slat nitpick windowed opportune calyx varsity permafrost calculus delirious tenerife smiling egotism nature slight formulaic grammar wherewhy incidental palinquin selflessed nth nimble redux closure palladium recursion vacuum delirium neat humanization elementary parachutists evade least engulf transitory eachness lotto spasm metier vaccine aplomb scruffy nearby iterative mode through salient accedes radius scent enough terminator bingo rasa oeuvre lasting elixir those rooftop stiffed smokefilled orphic slight moondog eachness wavering celadon vectored implacable thosesoht reflective naturally quaff socal toon scaramouche nadir relief snapdragon effigy perilous 

3 poems || John M. Bennett


rent truster an the dogger
led the ,leg counts ,blew a
crunk yr sam shirter ,est
nur plendy la corona nad
aficante la palabra “the” a
toda madre y la puerta se
alquila  .don Luis ahogada en
su mar avec les bergères my
wallet vacant with a
bag of rice of worms of
gravel sparkling in the
alley O yr sucking hat
O ~ ~   )loosing blood   )wal
k away   )the shingled mO on
/ / O\\


siempre rutil ante mano ,soco
rrido no me sismo you but t
akes the rlabbit sppluttters
cake against the glass un tr
ueno es  .pues hombre ,fus
ilánime ,sudorificante como n
ada ,nodding ,nadante en
la tazajante cafetero  .me
vi la palabrisa inescrita ,al
go en la palma ,algas sin
sentido que entendía lo que
supe ,sé  .say or  .sp
read whirrled writ the
nube nexo the lomo a
hogado con sus caras in
finitas derretidas y los
dedos desintegr antes que
me asen a toda muerte



nada había ni ,una lluvia frágil
,nube de concreto ,o de concreto
nube ,numbered ,necked my
shadow ,louder ladder c
rashed into the glass my
restive leather contur
bado seats and skies the
,shiny splinters con mis
reflejos surely ,yes a
something hair ,nuca nu
nca mas ,an ear an air
.field cloud ,gnat luck
,dog piled and ,forma tu
erca ,y puerca mi
cara o calle o ,climbed
,up an out ,the strips of
shadow laid out in rows
,and ffluttterredd d  d   d    d     d