Wednesday, May 11, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

while grazing so.

gracious accomplices
whose illumination seeks peregrine altars
return listless agonies only to slice
the storage-prosody drinking gasoline
from calypso aisles to an enormous signatory—
craftiness waits for elevators—
for baristas—
as the macaw’s calculation immerses
familiars of deterrents voice leonine aporias.

imperial bit rates invent colossi
returning the wisdom already
an archtectonic vanity zoned for
bridge illumination with
an orchestra that a grail totters
struck as above-board with the selectivity taken.

cellars and their situations—all else is
genetic residuality holding notions
whose pearls delay delight in a rainstorm
so as to define an outside-inside disclosure—
traits in usages
don’t monopredetermine volition
whither samples derive
leaves of proof of faith—
engages wily itness—
we tatter as involution wields
a snafu into the vicinity of an intersection
so cosmic and thoroughly sparrow.

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