Friday, February 28, 2014

poem || Mitchell Garrard


C’mon, / away. / don’t / “Name / admit / sprung / I’m / revolution / senators / bingo / Jenner, / lonely / this / won’t / {%ORDER%} / at / me / a / "down." / from / so / bring / dressing. / claimed / the / who / IS / has / Latin / New / and / her / concretions / of / women / {%ORDER%}{%PRODUCT%} / confronted / dial / and / difference / push-up / bacon / kill / to / never / You / credit / The / a / that / tensile / these / later. / knows / families / instant / you / you. / short-sighted. / your / INTERNET / the / throw / You / intelligentsia, / counterclockwise / on. / home/don’t / the / gapless / I’m / 3/20. / like / paradigms, / who / because / know / I / of / does / going / with / or / warlocks. / if / that. / safely. / ? / the / used / essay / only / bed—; / down / online / on / better / you / coffee / from / writing / who / wish / impetuous / we'd / stir / to / picks / mug. / hey, / whorehouse? / follow / in / suffered / is / looming / your / appeared / air. / the / in / that / remembered / Sounds / aroma / bed / on / my / your / of / so / Laters. / taken / the / bought / oaken / to / They / instead; / is / didn’t / is / your / of / laugh / with / emotional / you’re / home / forty / acid, / His / children. / BINGO; / / watching. / that / claim / But… / died / those / Bruce / little; / / ended / phlegm / peanut / and / / Revolutions?” / “Chronology / his / gremlin / things. / local / Tabasco / dollars / deal—I / you’re / their / Bruce / you / were / some / trickling / have / Bruce / were / patriots / my / tattoos / a / So / books / arm / your / witticisms. / watching / was / Screen / floated / love / narcissisms. / corridor / had / desk, / there / Hey, / mother's / well.” / card / to / is / really / and / on / had / little / only / stolen / are / American / battery / sucks, / Jenner, / your / for / I / told / "up" / Now / that / remember. / “—THE / fascism—you / be / your / Coffee / a / glass. / like, / Bruce / are / you / Jenner. / God / frenzy, / salads. / by / butter. / you / A / made / rest / not / tragic / support / man / I / Looking / scams. / Those / between / diver / the / “Birdwatchers’ / a / will / it / Franco / lost / seaport / I / leak / was / know / the / bought / you / to / your / on / an / Encyclopedia?” / Then, / favorite. / 80 / flashing: / When / suffered / them / to / wrote / yourself / for / New / Pay / hire: / New / the / and / be / once / spin / mom. / now / about / without / day. / family / This / m16’s; / French? / again, / but / freedom. / scuba / a / why / just / good, / bras. / facsimile. / aborted / that / one / you / bought / true / than / And / breakfast. / scribbled / man; / nose / You / Hitman / and / man / as / Jenner—why’d / that / a / Ulysses / statesmen, / anymore. / saliva / You / like…like / respectability / friends / message / then / us / If / New / you / S@TAN—.”You / too, / or / story / ones / afraid / level / you’re / waterlogged / solutions / still / to / in / You /

Thursday, February 27, 2014

poem || Jeff Harrison

Char Seclusion

through aces
time shuffled through
hearts, diamonds, and
artifact-visage supplies

crown with black wind me king
of hunger suddenly history and
scented with an antique (alleged)
fragrance derived from book ashes

think of the bottle as being
small, blue, and
bearing the cursive legend
"char seclusion"

text || Lawrence Upton


Dose of general anxiety: disorder. Go, if perfumed, go with many voices! Creatures living out pictures, intercontinental corporate hit-or-miss.
Globular bodies skulk. Discrete proclamation, boulevard roar; shadow figures in airports.
A father, stumbling through the gates that you see. You see half of the being, all one, here, just. Some receive conceptual data dispositions. Some design data. None have fear, walking in unity.
They become winning. They receive. Humans, if performed, form melodrama. Inhibited pose. Applicable detail, the lower half of nuances, close to sleep; distraction idioms; chill animation; a confidence increasing chaos, moving within torchlight. Not a dance becoming music, imaginary, the piece; so many in concert; one phenomenon.
This is the roughly empty room, our ignorance, a sequence before the many present times, including imaginary music. General anxiety disorder. Structure of creatures living space somewhere warm, an illusion of information. Source material is accidental, senses signs. Quite the sham; an incoherent existence.
Mass produces intent. Give us more voices! Fail to be expected, rushing dull interpretation.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

text || Joe Bussiere

Å ® ^ \ ã ® crown ! But no one can fecou
3> ER. It looks painful jet
^ 3 as you all , all the leaves
93 © survived it ! What! not uafeul INF-
D> as yet , in her first ta © pafs TER -
> 3 © Nita / feul not a time to wash Fe
93 of their crimes ! O ¢ AFFO sad acle! The
93 verfent tears of blood each
Search this pouflà that 33 figh Fonts and TAC
33% Thorreur € ¢ â. . . For the enemy
€ Z all default towers [RELA ¢ â © Chi fan leak
Life as a randomly € Z and N ¯ â aflatoxin ® re which
€ Z Dual Dagger FES â his life as
. , Very slow death , he , poufle
5 ¨ the end scary Prella

EFT is the fact that Z € â abyss , the Tom -

, (TF) are.

Heureufe diiOTolution, if they © Terrace TER
Their doom ! But , hey © las ! The
Torture are just the beginning . The EFT
A drop neck Chappa © Ã © E
For example, they need to be bitter © puifer . As soon as the
In that spirit , this house is tearing © E
CFT Fouve trailed 's ® NA © E Court
Judge rain. Who can paint the confusion Fe

(A) This section EFT a Tradu ^ ® a Quinz -
Thigh to a poem titled " Grave © me download
â, MA © This place has iniSrà © s ¬ ^ M * Hervey

/ . Hand , K

Monday, February 24, 2014

text || Peter Ganick

new work.............................................

part fifty-three.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

Monitored behaviour


Wings make jumpy unintended mechanical noise.

Expectations infill
as a train passes,
pulling on plugs of the natural
defining circumstances.

Members of the library stock take off,
take off each other. And, Hades and gentile heaven,
it's time to shop.

Advertisements follow,
trying to lead;
leads interfering with other leads.
Interference coursing.

And, around the widening city,
there are The Moors


Rattle of crumbs upon a plate.
Doors shut into the distances,
amplification confronting surveillance.

On the deck of the liner,
alibis are arranged.

On the banks of the Lynher,
the inhabitants discuss Plymouth
as if it were sophisticated.

Two men deslate their own roof
into the yard below,
welcoming armies
with waving arms

Do not say it is unwelcome --
the treadmill, or the roulette wheel –
it is spinning


A hammering next door and music here.
A bending of what is perceived
and dispersed
and made compliant

mechanism broken

a new mechanism

knocking both sides of a hollow wall

a space of clocks,
stand-in rhythms

[River Lynher, sometimes called the Saint German's River, is a tributary of River Tamar. “Lynher” is an anglicisation of the Cornish name.]

poem || John Pursch