Monday, May 30, 2011

6 poems || Jim Leftwich

from six months aint no sentence

derangement of the since is

paradox shields steam shovel sparks
isolated impala stinks of ink and old
socks so soon the mandarin damages
nor blankets tissue fissures by factors
of a lake delayed concrete laws and
wallets upon such literary wallop into
the broken night the brokered twilight
too bad for the terrapin and too much
for the ladder-truck stale fires lit of
offal and angel malfeasance even the
anger of the Buddha fit to thumbs and
highlights of the permutations disarray



no later than 6AM upon the angular lily
a radiant galaxy template carnivorous
pop art gladiators hurricane southpaw
good enough for the boiled tongue of
the gods sacrosanct bittersweet hang
nail walking as smog lariat panic attacks
iterated situationist null sets in a Parisian
suburb sweltering rays on summer blacktop



maladjusted tooth decay buggies and and
salted tongue-sand nautical play stations
like germ banana mantra laminated magma
gun-show inlaws sawed-off kaleidoscope
kundalini pinto beans in a tricked-out Buick
cruising through Pakistan with a maypole
and a bone a yo-yo a funhouse mirror and


rewriting history as it happens

the eye wanders affront the tongue annual
gangrene meticulous and sinus adieu into
the baggy night sags sinuous as a ladle
with no tungsten substance such as the
kinds english in Sanskrit or collaborative
skull-gulch naturally tourists snarls scars
slinking along magazines magical hawks
walking canasta mbira the pang of games



vines rare grind away
stab hints that's not
rinse blaring marred
lobes rhyming glad
nor rungs sandpaper
and signs bitten saw



haggler baste
trope snap topical
not tropical knob
lung clinging anew
clangs marvelous
away appoints
paint tavern is par
for the parasite
same gate game
ludic clangs gait
toner to crayon
once believing is
only to say so


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