Friday, March 30, 2018

Sacha Archer - from Sites of Contemporary Meat

[name redacted] is a poet and translator and has work in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. She teaches in San Francisco. [name redacted] is a lover of words currently voyaging the seas of cybersecurity - sailing by day and writing by night. He has been known to embark on other crazy endeavours like writing a poem every day for a year. You can follow his progress at [website redacted]. [name redacted] is the author of six poetry collections including [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2012); and two books of fiction, including [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2014). He has written for children’s TV shows [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. [name redacted] (2003), his award-winning short film, starred [name redacted] and [name redacted]. For [name redacted], he wrote the [name redacted] audio adventure [name redacted] (2007). In 2014, he produced two dramas for [name redacted] adaptations of [name redacted]’s [name redacted], starring [name redacted] and [name redacted]; and [name redacted]'s [name redacted]. With [name redacted] he founded and edits the online poetry magazine [name redacted]. Twice a finalist in the [name redacted], he is also a [name redacted]. He lives in Dublin, Ireland. [name redacted] writes because she has to and often on the backs of things. She has been published in several magazines and anthologies. Most recently her work can be found in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted] and [name redacted]. She tweets, sometimes a little too often, as @[name redacted] and is the editor at [name redacted]. [name redacted]’s work has been published in the [name redacted], [name redacted], the [name redacted] and [name redacted], and online at [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. She also writes the classical music program notes for the [name redacted]. She lives in San Francisco, California, as well as part-time in northern Mendocino county. [name redacted] is a Ph.D. student at the University of Iowa where he is writing about American poetry and culture. Recent writing online includes work in the [name redacted] and [name redacted]. His essay [name redacted] appeared in [name redacted] (Winter 2004). [name redacted] resides in cornwall, ontario. he's been published in several issues of the [name redacted]. [name redacted] is a poet and freelance writer. She teaches art and literature in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her writings have appeared or are forthcoming in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and many others. [name redacted] is a Singaporean philosopher, poet and painter. His poems have appeared in [name redacted], while his philosophy has been accepted for publication in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and elsewhere. He is also an invited Reviewer for the [name redacted]. He speaks English, Mandarin, Norwegian, Danish, and French, and is learning Slovak, the native language of his muse and fiancée. [name redacted] is a high school poet and writer who lives for paper mail, warm zephyrs, and fried noodles, and who takes inspiration for her poetry from the events that occur in and around her home, New York City. [name redacted] is a 15-year-old sophomore in love with the obscure things in life. She currently serves as a prose reader for [name redacted], and her work can be found in [name redacted]. [name redacted] was born in Romania and came to the United States in 1995. She is a Professor of English at SUNY Dutchess in Poughkeepsie, NY, and writes both in English and in Romanian. Her new book of poetry, [name redacted], is forthcoming from [name redacted]. [name redacted], which was a finalist for the [name redacted], was published in 2015 by [name redacted]. Her other books of poetry are [name redacted] ([name redacted]) ([name redacted], 2009), and [name redacted] ([name redacted]) ([name redacted], 2010). Her poetry appeared in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and elsewhere. Her poetry received an Honorable Mention for the [name redacted] and was nominated twice for a [name redacted] and [name redacted]. Her website is [website redacted]. [name redacted] has work appeaing in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and elsewhere. Her chapbook, "[name redacted]" was published by [name redacted] in 2013 and her manuscript "[name redacted]" was a semi-finalist in [name redacted]'s [name redacted] in 2014. She lives in Chicago where she works for NAVS, an animal advocacy organization. [name redacted] is from Toronto. He is an alumnus of the University of Toronto and his work has been featured in [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. [name redacted] is an English teacher and poet from New York City who has been published on [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. She has also published a book of poetry, [name redacted] and [name redacted]. She hopes to earn an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. [name redacted] is a poet and fiction writer living in Atlanta, GA.  He has published one collection of poetry, [name redacted]. [name redacted] is a musician and poet from Toronto. He is the author of the chapbook [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2016). His work appears in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and elsewhere. [name redacted] is an undergraduate law student, feminist, aspiring Classicist, and thoroughly amateur poet based out of a tiny flat in London. A native of Singapore, she won the [name redacted] in [name redacted] in 2011, and now divides her time between tussling with Ancient Greek grammar and teasing inspiration out of the everyday. She has never been published. [name redacted] is an artist from New Jersey. Her poetry has appeared in [name redacted] and [name redacted]. She currently lives in Texas with two roommates and a dog. [name redacted] is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and creative projects consultant. He is widely published in more than thirty-five journals, magazines, and anthologies around the world. He was the [name redacted]: from 2001-2004 for the [name redacted]; the [name redacted] 2001-2008; Convener/Event Consultant [name redacted] 2004 - 2006; official performance poet [name redacted] in 2007; [name redacted] 2009; and official [name redacted], NAMIBIA 2009. A delegate to the [name redacted] in Tanzania, [name redacted] is the Official poet in residence for the [name redacted] 2010 in Kenya. [name redacted] was born [name redacted], Indiana, grew up in Vermont, and has lived in Gottingen, Germany, Arles and Paris, France, Hastveda, Sweden, Wroclaw, Poland, Boston and currently Milwaukee. His books include [name redacted] ([name redacted]), [name redacted] ([name redacted], Chicago/Kiev), [name redacted] ([name redacted]), [name redacted] ([name redacted]), and [name redacted] ([name redacted]). His work has appeared in the anthologies [name redacted] (ed. [name redacted], London) and [name redacted] (ed. [name redacted], London). His work has also appeared in numerous journals, including [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. More of his own work, plus an ongoing assembly of new visual poetry by other artists, can be found at [name redacted]. [name redacted] is completing her MFA in poetry at Umass-Amherst. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. [name redacted] is an undergraduate student at NYU studying a mix of media & communications, English literature, and business. She has been away from poetry for too long and hopes to always keep it close to her from now on. [name redacted] was born in Spittal an der Drau, Austria, grew up in Manchester, England, and lived for several years in Vienna before moving to Phoenix in 1978. His poems have appeared in many small press magazines, and chapbooks including [name redacted] from [name redacted], and two [name redacted] chapbook competition winners; also full-length books, including [name redacted] from [name redacted] and [name redacted] from [name redacted]. His [name redacted] appeared in 2014 from [name redacted]. [name redacted] is a writer in Toronto, originally from Sudbury, Ontario. She has published seven collections of poetry and one novel. Her poetry includes: [name redacted] (just out September, 2008), [name redacted] (2005, nominated for the [name redacted]) and [name redacted] (2002, winner of the [name redacted] for Poetry), all from [name redacted]. Earlier collections are [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2000), [name redacted] ([name redacted], 1998), [name redacted] ([name redacted], 1994) and [name redacted] (1989). Her novel [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2001) was shortlisted for the [name redacted]. She has also authored several chapbooks: [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2007), [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2006), [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2006) and [name redacted] ([name redacted], 2005). She was [name redacted] Writer in Residence at the [name redacted] in 2004-05. She teaches in the Creative Writing Program of the [name redacted], and has on occasion taught elsewhere, with [name redacted], [name redacted] and [name redacted]. Since 2006 she has facilitated the cultural project “[name redacted].” A short film based on her poem [name redacted] was made by filmmaker [name redacted] in 2007; in recent years she has been involved in other collaborative and interdisciplinary projects and events. She lives with her partner and their three children in Toronto. [name redacted] is an associate professor of composi­tion and ESOL at SUNY Cobleskill with poems appearing in [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted], among others. She received the grand prize of the 2013 [name redacted], the 2013 [name redacted], the 2015 [name redacted], and the 2015 [name redacted]. Additional honors include her being selected for the [name redacted] and the [name redacted]. Her first book of poetry, [name redacted], was published by [name redacted] in fall 2016. [name redacted] graduated with a B.A. in comparative literature from Brigham Young University. She currently lives, works, and writes in New York City. Website: [website redacted]. Twitter: @[name redacted]. [name redacted] is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. His work has been featured in small literary journals such as [name redacted] and [name redacted]. [name redacted] grew up in Milton, Ontario. He did an undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing at York University. While at York, he was a member of the [name redacted]. After York, [name redacted] ventured to Calgary to pursue an MA in English. During his time in Calgary, [name redacted] organized the successful [name redacted] reading series. [name redacted] moved to Vancouver in 2007 where he joined the [name redacted] and curated the [name redacted] reading and lecture series with [name redacted] which was modeled on the highly successful [name redacted] created by [name redacted]. [name redacted] has recently returned to Calgary. [name redacted] was a former airline pilot turned professional songwriter. He owns a small boutique publishing company in Nashville, TN, with over 100 independent and Southern Gospel song cuts to his credit. He wrote and produced 2 music videos that were in medium rotation on [name redacted]. He currently is an adjunct writing instructor for Columbia State Community College. He’s married to an amazing woman whom he owes more to than he could ever repay. His most recent poetry credit “[name redacted]” is with [name redacted], as well as 4 poems in the spring editions of [name redacted] and [name redacted]. [name redacted] is an inspired subway-ranter from Toronto, Canada. He enjoys challenging capitalist property relations, trying to figure out what the post-structuralists are going on about, and dreams of someday living in a tree. His work has appeared in: [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted]. He is also the editor of [name redacted], and a proud member of [name redacted]: [name redacted]'s latest book is [name redacted] from [name redacted] (now out of print - but click here to view a pdf version). Read an interview with [name redacted]. [name redacted]: [website redacted]. [name redacted] is a Chinese-Filipino spoken word poet, fiction writer, physics nerd, and occasional shower singer. His work has previously been published in major Philippine newspapers, along with [name redacted], and various online publications. You can read more of his poems at [website redacted]. [name redacted] is a recently graduated high school student who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has been recognized by [name redacted] and [name redacted]. Poems of his appear or are forthcoming in the [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and elsewhere. He was born in 1999. [name redacted] is an inter-disciplinary, cross-genre artist, poet, and photographer who is fascinated with the innate tension between image and word and letterform. He has been experimenting with how the interaction of these elements can and often do transcend to the level of the poetic. [name redacted]’s work has been exhibited at [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and at [name redacted] in Providence, RI. Recent work has appeared both in print & online in, amongst other places, [name redacted], [name redacted], a journal of digital writing and art, [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and will appear recently in the 2013 issue of [name redacted]. [name redacted] will forever be an obsessed reader and lover of words. Look for her work in these diverse places: [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], [name redacted], and elsewhere. She has a micro collection of water-themed poems called [name redacted] on the [name redacted] website. [name redacted] believes there’s no place like her own backyard and has traveled the world (including Graceland). She lives with her husband and family of animals in Illinois / in a town called St. Charles / by a river named Fox.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Carla Hackenschmidt - Four transcriptions of Dick Higgins' Danger Music No17





Saturday, March 24, 2018

Boris Race - mouth grueling hand sounds

Author's note: "my idea of fun is to mess with imagination and make it challenging to comprehend. This poem is a sequence of words that denote sounds that could be made by hands. Because of its onomatopoeiac nature - it is really hard to pronounce without stumbling into mumbling. I find it entertaining." 

pat clap pat slap smack clap
pat pat clap clap pat pat pat
smack clap smack clap slap
clap slap slap slap clap smack
pat clap pat pat slap clap
smack smack smack clap clap pat pat
slap clap pat pat smack slap clap pat pat clap
slap smack pat smack clap clap clap
smack pat smack pat smack pat slap smack
clap smack slap slap pat

smack clap pat clap slap clap slap
pat clap pat clap pat slap clap pat
smack clap slap smack smack
clap clap slap pat pat slap smack
smack slap clap slap smack
slap slap smack slap pat
smack smack smack pat
smack pat slap pat smack smack smack

slap pat clap clap slap slap slap clap slap slap slap pat slap
smack smack smack smack pat slap clap clap clap
pat clap smack slap smack slap smack slap slap clap clap pat slap
smack pat pat clap slap pat pat clap smack
clap clap pat pat slap slap smack clap clap pat slap
clap pat clap slap slap pat slap clap pat clap slap smack
clap pat slap pat smack pat pat smack clap pat pat pat

slap pat smack clap slap clap slap smack
clap clap smack clap clap clap clap clap slap pat pat
smack smack smack smack clap smack pat slap
clap slap smack smack smack slap clap slap
slap slap slap pat clap clap pat clap smack
pat pat slap pat slap slap clap clap clap clap pat clap smack
slap clap slap pat clap clap clap clap clap smack

slap slap slap clap smack clap smack clap slap
smack slap pat pat slap slap smack slap slap pat
clap pat slap pat pat clap smack smack slap pat slap
pat clap slap smack clap clap slap pat smack pat clap pat smack
clap clap pat pat slap slap slap pat
smack pat smack slap smack
clap slap smack pat smack slap pat clap
pat clap pat pat smack

slap clap clap pat pat pat smack pat slap
smack smack slap pat slap smack pat
pat clap slap pat slap slap
clap slap clap pat pat smack clap slap
smack smack smack smack smack slap slap pat
pat slap pat clap slap clap

Monday, March 19, 2018

Diane Keyes - One Poem

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dory Lee Bass Jr. - Smothering "Euouae" with Extreme Prejudice

ee a oueau euu uauoee eauoue oe uoue oeau eu ee u eoa oua eouuae e eou ae eu e ueuoa ouueae uuaoee ueoaue e oe a euae uueao eou uaeoe ouueae ueuoae u ua auoeue uaoee ouuea uuoeae e eaouu e oe ueoe uueoa e oeue uue eauuo e ouu ou uueaoe u uo eu e ao e ouae ee aeou uoee oaeu uee eue oue aeouue ue ue uoue uae uua uauo u ouee ue uuaeoe oeuua o ue ua uaoue auu uaeoue uaoeu uouae ee oee ae euao oueu uoaeue e ou uuao ueue auoee uue oea uou oee ue euou eouau ueuao e e ee auuee aee u auoeue aoeuu u e u uuo aueo aue ueou ue eouue uauee e auoe aue ue oaue a eauu ouau eoe ouauee oeuaue e ae oeuua ouue euo ouuee uaouee uuae euau aoueue au euoe uuoe u uouaee ueuaoe uuae ao u auo ue oue uauee aee ue uueoa oaeuu aeuue aueue u ua euao e uaeu uuoeae o euuae oee e auoe auoeu auouee uoe o uueo uuoe uoeaue euaue auuoe uae auu eoae uoe oe u euuaoe ao euue uo uao uaou auou uee ouu e uao uo oe ao aueuo uuaoe e ee ee aueuoe ueua ue aouuee euou a oe eoua e uoe eae a ae uau e uoa u ee oue euaoe euoa uoe ae uee uaeue oeauue e oeauu uee oe au ou ouaee euoua uaoe e aoee eoau uee eouau o oee euoaue uou u ue ueo eouu uaue uuaoe uoua uu uaoe uu ueaue aeoue o uuoa auoeu u uoae eoue aue uoeu u e ouaeue ee euo aou e oe euaoe aeuoe uue uu o e uoee a uoae aoeuue oaeue aouu ae aue ue uea eu ouae eu uueoe ue oeuu aue eo u ouaeu uouae uoea oue ueuoae uoeua aou uaue eauoe u ae uuao oue uuoe e ue oue e eue uaoe uoeua euaoue e e u oe auue euaoue oe e ue e e e oueau e oae uaue u oaeuue oe euouae eoa ueoaue e u uauoe uoa oaue ueauoe e eue oe ue uae oau uee ueao aeo ouau euuao eoauue eoauu ue e eaouu uauoe auoue oeuuae ae oeauue ae ou oauue uuoee e e aueu ue ue ee eaue uae o aeue e auuoee ueuaoe oe ue oaue eouua ueoau eua a uouae oa ue eoaue aouu ueauo oauuee auueo uae u uaeue ouue aueoe e e ae eo ueue aee uaee ueuo euua ao aue e u uuaeo e e ueoua oaue uue oa uoae oeuaue ouaeue e u e e euauoe auouee euue oeaue uouea uoua aoue ea oae uuae e aoe ee ao e uaeo ueoe eoua ou eaue oe o u eue oueuae ee oe ouaue ouaue 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ueae uoeue e u ouaeu euau e ae aoeuu uuo eae oauue oe uaouee ouaue e ueaue oee a e aoe uouae ue uaueo oaeuu oeuae e euoe euaue u uea ae ouuee ou uue oue auuoe e ue eae eouaue uao uee a oea aouue auo uoeue ea eo ouue e e eu uue oeuau auee ue oau ae uuoae uoue o oae euuoa ua ua uaeuo o ueoau oe uuo ueou aeuoue aoee ae au e ueaoue o euaou uo uae e aeoe euoau uu eoe eu u euoae aoe euauo ue ueuae euae u ouuea oauu eouaue ue uoaue ue auue ea aue e o auuoe eauuo aoue auu oueue euae uaeuoe aoueu oaee eue ue ueue auoe uueoe uoauee e ueu ue uae euo oa uoe aueuo ee u eauou aeu aeuuoe uueo aeouu oue aoe uao uu eoe e u eua aoeuue uoe aouue a aouue e

Monday, March 12, 2018

Irene Koronas - Eight Poems


woven slips
into gesso blocks

an abrupt cast

iron chair
with loft claws

a polyglot grid
rivers traffic

sore privacy
a terminal point

anonymous jest

49-inch square

redux women
command meteorics

coeval as slopes
the cornice

and bosom template
pulse below
tits a refer

pink kite
undertone spikes
little sister 1962 ledger

tacking nails
47 ½ by 23 ¾ inch


drag rectangle

procreate graze
the seventh swift

rose stump

pank circles
add with

the top container
envelopes gate

saga struck
her saline font

proto i gallops


a galilean
staple on gum

snarly rust
teutonic lack

terre verte
fresco bole

reseda luteols
arzica bona et bella

ground travertine

questo si fa artifitiamente
chessi fa d azurro della mongnia

blend in carbonate



roots upholster

pampose lacuni

azurite lumps
wall veins

storm myth

daunts orpheus
dirty locusts

paper bag sonnets
a quarter toss

hecatomb toss
eight spikes

quai des orfevres

beat the dainty

still hold

yes sinks
the besiege

red vespers

3 sorcerers
7 hundred wax candles

half fainting
also soft

garden shul

spittle from cursive

scroll little pause

tzaddikim sticks


unit pee
an ethological

aniline uniform

with resin

barrel idiom
compresses pigment

transmits sonority
parallels incubation

gnomic fetish
gothic ithica

drains into box

splay pricks
tilt vice

Monday, March 5, 2018

Felino A. Soriano - from This How My Speaking Moves

Touch Sound Philosophy

         passion          pianoing into
the trumpet of my good hand’s attempt
at becoming translucent in behavior.
This duo of fathom:
two windows
two wisdoms
      :  mirrors into devotion I’ve
for my familial connection in teaching
my voice to move through a darkened
application of night’s ongoing streak of
achromatic monotony

Toward What it means to Never Misremember my Daughter
                                                                                                 --for Mia

From the intent of what my
spirit clarifies

                    which it means to dissolve histories or
 how hands crush bone with stronger bone
    into the voice’s uncertain meander
to search within a darkness’ unopened

Through the language of my family’s silence
their saying: do not die within the spectrum
of cancer’s predetermined timeline--

my own silence answers
    with the wish of ongoing
impetus           to visualize my
   smallness ignite toward
an even more accurate
     rendition of what my
mirror communicates in the
 acute language of solidified

In Knowing What Prophecy Removes


                    Vacant as
     the vertical
-ity of the body’s

slowed through miles and more so callings to
congregate beneath trees amid flesh and leaves’
unintentional desperation to tumble.

of us follow timeline
       visual cues: watching
     as crows rest upon single branch
  ratios, fair toward their unknowing
much more exists beyond how the talons
   grip with force to confirm rest
prior to absconding

like the death some of us will

Silence When Thought Overwhelms

          And when avalanches
respell a dedicated dialogue
       my best tongue’s version
reenacting happiness:

youth is the timeframe,
   far     not within the spectrum of distance,
 a burgeon becoming a version of self,
         how my language began its form
-ulation into pensive syllables
obtaining ornamental diagrams, oblong doors
misshapen to open for the oddities of

dispositional interpretations

No, When Needed

 when the spasm of
      aloneness scrapes the mouth’s
         freeing a spatial pain from

seeing the last breath twirl and evaporate