Saturday, October 29, 2011

poem || John M. Bennett

bought howl indick.tation
,stone nor glowed ,the
nickels bent an urrinous
Ͽ )thought my trots( a
ringlet doddering o’er
the d.ishw.ater ≈ bl
owfly face ,febre a
marella and the w
a// is st,r,e,a,m,i,n,,g,,,

)your dizzy n●stril drowns(

senda ,droga ,cuerda im
bécil te ama floja im
pacto chupafútil y ,pes
taña por el ≈ lago en
conada y te cae torpe
,mamicturita con las
nubes acumulatas en el

ojo camin o ojo coagulante

butt craw leash feat
her shield mirrors the
glassy knife I o
pened up to fart
.tied you to it you
walked away and
I was “sent” ,a
cowlick in the pantry

“where my shorts were filled with milk”

,dorm ,ant ,boot hu
mming chain click
ing up my leg I
crushed your book
and cuadrupeded
toward the sticky
table where 6 “e” s
rolled and bounced

my sleeeeeep an mildewed socks

strut ,long ddockk slo
ppy football spells
the gutfruit wo
bble of my guest
in dentation su
gar a goat dr
ools beside the
driveway wipe yr
ass with stone

the boat on a mountain sleeps

duck armpit matteration
haw a kill .the root
porridge ,defecate a
jade or lunch conde
nsation of the thic
kened wwindowws
where my shoulder’s


Friday, October 28, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Analyzed Depictions 36

In response to Fred Jung's query: "Gangsterism," you have recorded five parts thus far."

Well, the "Gangsterisms" are, as I was saying before, my compositions are chameleon like in a lot of ways. I started out with "Gangsterism on Canvas" (Soundtrack to Human Motion) and that piece is just based on one of Andrew Hill's compositions, "Erato."

Jason Moran

(—after Moran’s Gangsterism on Canvas)

Appropriate this variant ensemble of stroking renditions,
vertical silhouette of
progressive emotional mobility
too (or)
in the muscular fascination with overwhelming(taking) upon contract with mind and hands’ instructive holding

to verbalize or (though: nonviolent, the purple presented, —unbruise but parallel the thought to a lilac’s expressive hankering)

recreate a rhythm of noted desegregation
a near-plagiarized notion to connect via metaphor or faculty of wandering

(here: not the wandering of quotidian aimless; the wandering expression to unfold architectural
premises of enveloping connections)

personal this expressive interpretation
valid and valued
: intuitive moments then erased as to

withdraw, wholly.

Analyzed Depictions 37

"I guess what it comes down to is, my music is different: the way I write, the way I compose, the way I deal with dynamics, the way I organize the other players in my group is just different."

Matthew Shipp

(While listening to Shipp’s Merge)

Of the laughter


formation intuitive hindsight : positioned here relevance
curtails logic’s
winding hands of creating concrete syllables, persuasion the corporeal
fascination reveals
curtained contours
the blend and bodily momentum hibernating surplus
certainty evolves (involves certainly) the burn of the system, the segregated fathoms
of muted human tongue
burgeoned though relocating redirected emotion

spun as permissive

echoes’ discontented


Analyzed Depictions 39

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”

Paul Cezanne

(—after Cezanne’s The House with Burst Walls)

of the rumored dimensions

queries or

fascinations one’s tongue
examines within descendent light and specific devotion

sponsors or celebrates the either-method of paradoxical achievement:

of what
to the pertaining walls, their

weight of now-reformation
lens and eye of the wind’s laziest stagnation to

require altered, the conscious desired
reclaiming temporal now-passing and

realize method of tonal disparateness solitary among colors of
turquoise and lilac’s most visual pronunciations?

Analyzed Depictions 40

"In communications, familiarity breeds apathy."
William Bernbach

Range of committed publication, the i.e.

pleasure fulcrum
illuminated of the highest formulations

cultural questionnaires ramble circumstance envelops

sorted syllables of the indented value.

Speech as

motions of

conjoined mosaics,

tongue redirects
surveys the
querying manifest

amid outcast


purposeful calculations of the endearing modulation.

Analyzed Depictions 41

“Work is love made visible.”

Kahlil Gibran

Relinquish the anti-cleansed rendition of the body’s immobility.
Stagnant whitewash
vocal as a whisper’s repeated mantra, multiplied or pluralized vendettas
movement as a sacred rejection, hoping then the

slouching spine becomes interrelated syllables of a prose worth
interpreting. Yet
how or
why the partition opens:

subsequent upon rejuvenated
laughter, the cleanse of whitened solidity
praise or precise functionality of endeavored numerosity.

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

arte darough ...thimself
saidshough, yawn .awn
glow chambred hundat
throtru crust. call neven
inglylesh soluter relamp
eeparal biffered
load dumpnit unive yr.o
sperful irstea ared out u

fixermello happenseter ol
sty strong obdurated flock
ick inducers ettingly greeny
to survive d scall crost goy
timeup splanty rogee givern
argosy dopplrist forget'rblue

bood magendering happed up
res imple brus despbad gondo
flugged in plying onto
apternity being appertance accu
red sound by ser doubless vouch

priest with spacknew motinyin hand


nu fo ety doj
hep fuub vop,
di faeob toda,

rinse repeat du
clawword repe
wot fu hanli mu

faeob di atoga,
special save al,
l,to wor,fum lop

nuety doj fo eo,b,
aw,wo ordrepeob

over to blow from different
hornshots words breathingre
sting abundance bees mucicah
dried plants attics torn ma old
spoonerlungs pour toward sac
red place [di-hebridal spacial]
prisms song regular playbilly]
drinking carpetscotch hop e yip
head post bodylien slag alliance

what the bot art s click mossydregs
trum pet windtwisting ashes rheum
attic par oxysm oz by demand upon
devoted cattle phantoms a lost melo
over to blow from different wasting

texte || Pierre Ganick

0001 yeoman par diffusion simultanée vide roentgen pesan-te égide vanitas loupe suprématie fil coopératives approfon-die de la documentation simplement apathiques.

0002 empathie entité disgracieux préciser la forme-pensée de manière indélébile le bloc correspondant penchant déchi-ré que l'adaptation simple contrôle la réduction à zéro lacunes saisie pardon folderol immense tête de série.

0003 afin de granit impulsion pulsar mode pratiquant donc désintéressée déplorer bloc entité énergétique en terpret vélin accélération plaintive.

0004 enveloppe antenne grammaire ennéagramme traîneau sur le toit trachée immanence hasard assaisonnement dans les viscères suède raisonnable en céramique à l'écoute.

0005 métallisme ces creuset méritant vindaloo habitant cave analyse feinte miroir contredite pas tification-néant stricte méfiez-vous inter-prétation opaque surréaliste irréel osmi-que grognement banquetto que les caillots elementation cur-seur fanatique simplement harem acide.

0006 miroir dérisoire odeur réification calzone bonheur d'é-boulis étrier ragamuffin essent imitation que politique de fuite horlogeries circonstance à proximité de série pronto leader conservateur euphorique coupable déchiré excessive que le néant effacement site avertir.

0007 offre des solutions de rechange saisir banc entrer n'est pas fournisseur de calibre rien éclat laisse aile forte que les algorithmes entropique seedily amant que brassard degré mitaine acinate forme évent passel intérieure rarement ces reptiles.

0008 heures de saisie gravité plateau en miroir calibre canu-lar intention éboulis légère réaliser normatives, tandis que les bandes bien supposer lunettes regrouper ces surplus répartie que voix-off equisse brusquerie émergents demoi-selle allotropique ternaire où eeriest plaisir suave.

0009 raffinements agrammatize apathie erratiques suspen-sion quotients fuite perroquets igno-ramus élixir tjanting vierge rien vacuole fébriles tour déchirée eachness où l'attaquant.

0010 véhicules impériale parcourir donc protéiforme désin-téressé malédiction vindaloo lumière la nécessité que toute talon empire co-hort utilisant des toits entiers approfondie aligner ornement surréaliste leis cependant danse danse for-teresses qui y sont doux mille-pattes apophtegme miroir eti-quette valence ces appartements en jachère.

0011 vice-roi à part entière abolition dissuader les erreurs répétées vélin siphon tatter ustensile chaque nième coeffi-cient rouvriront pas avant la prise en masse thereins ontique aucune réglementation pub-lican éloquence rapatriés de saisie ci-dessus ternaire.

0012 très attention durcissement rien traîneau horary équitable ne suivent nommé teinte tapis roulant skipper ho-rary nonalliance y hargneux fois rural autrement elle-même la traction notifier placage palindrome ce combat traitement scrupuleux crumble conservation exercé manipulations élastiques patraque mortaise portable relancer jusqu'à ce formative par surréaliste.

0013 gneiss empiriques traiter tissu gnose irréel absences alternative de-fering pense formidable point de vue pla-nétaire longe habitude de combiner vu icarus aujourd'hui sittelle ivoire capillaire météorisation errent évoquent atten-tion slam poivrons candeur ellipse traitement ingrédient présence vacant.

0014 que chaque pied de vigne océan nounal site permettent d'arbres renomme panache de vue de chaque re-nouvellement de ce tissu fab-rication lipides ternaire y sac complètement floue rendu enclume oreille équestre tenuto praline saisir-mens emprunteur vocation manifeste soit at-tendre que bricoler subalternes hatcheck immersion venteux tilde amiable redux locus émergents cessation.

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0018 entités conscients couverture amalgame soporifiques etc tenuto cabotage rougir forgé tout à fait y scampi retour bande de roulement d'exploitation motions attendait quel-que part défavorables cessez borealis nuance reconnaissants motions voyous impérialisme gratitude lamentations celica globe repas.

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0020 émergentes où les emprunteurs stylisme grammatica-les dally présentation analogie fond empiriques ces burin se brouiller mobiles notification redux gracieuse palliatifs qui miséricordes tact ces substantif troc vannes rétablir point d'équilibre introït énerver sociale.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

urms b

blab a








cat o









ever es

text || Edward Nichols

Encapsulated burnt ectoplasma in a space capsule.Loaded with vertigoand space traila streaming behind the dilemnas Avalon digit control Cordon Bleau. Service at the station, a millenium of dirt sheets of foam-harkening the relief of joy in it's transitional maxed- out, ,shutting up the storm in its transitory.Wooden cage, some times reality catching up to me as Ladt -spase the Directorate floats down inher bubble,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich


tha enla a peop
tha carnival sta

landscape someone



ne explo
th entir corridors

as in very
be proxy
was sou
with addir cor

genera inte
un copi



robber 19 ever sir
continual bat

baffle are performance
anov yob too narrative

and silent details


3 poems || Keith Higginbotham

Boot Hemingway
Big shit [patches backwards
portholes in

an improvement]

accumulate some book

The market koala
bare-footed to;
up a sleeve’s
manuscript the

question hypnotized [underwater the


Maimed Envisions O
His dollar’s lounge coughs
his of new antelopes

back in strange, wreckage phantom yet
the not career will

like and
”; like / buddy enough would [like

charges: and psychic bouncer] the

an infinity casino I
greet capsize—a reined
heart; that
sharks this be: and


©) Itemized
marlins into
debut velour fiction halogen
checks but counting

cigarette award-winning route the
writing city will
rest the sea

(receipt enough my leisure
cocktail) the

televised from leaks.

poems || Jim Leftwich


01. infrastru but ne
02. anemic devised
03. a philt
04. poir by thos
05. hur contra unexpe fi
06. envelopes of what

07. localities
08. speak other or o glo feed
09. pitfalls of work

10. pres
11. unint

12. presceint presence
13. lint
14. pavilio spiders web in the shape
of ne shake th thoughts through
asemic lint poems to choose the
spheres mist between our hallowed syntax

15. lets say mu net beautifully sinuous
16. woven density of thought
17. according to existence

18. alor concept globalizatic
19. sphere mover to genen knots
20. seamless implied by per lateral identities

21. togeth suit withou
bones of a cat
22. the vegetable ne length cot ecology
23. the quality of clamoring for identity

24. the quality of clamor for a solitary idea

25. experiential scales interpre
26. galactic disciplines
27. common to representational support notion

28. bubbles whole
that no cake
around our radiate dismantled few
29. solio ider
30. now o suw this packag bacteria cross

31. for me they are linked at nesting although how
32. for me by extending livable
appeals to arrayed in earthworms

33. while humans n the old image v Renaissance
is no overall quadrilateral borrow
of the inte cont conn they do not reside
through the edges in which case
34. also avoid
35. i
36. and no

37. the eel is beautiful and elegant
as an engine of possibility
38. psycho noti within
39. there was only one subjective than more nothing
40. philo no cosm



the noise plots
ar index na
scripts ide ent

power co nu
of the poetic
mos ta sequ

pa engag

1. historical
2. shellfish


Monday, October 24, 2011

poem || Jeff Harrison

Moth Money Declaration

collecting what's
bursting in on that comma
see — spidery sea
dear for warmth
& a puzzle not lacking
what's usually winked away
you'll remember my pulse
by its corners
by what's kept in the blink
fly, frog — Poor Time in
a part for all
largest stillest shadow
at last talking, officer
I twist apart small bodies
by the hour for a clue
flowers, I opined,
walk the storm down
their thorns are tonic
for the multitudes
what is face-down will
no longer get oil from me

poem || John M. Bennett





glass crumb

fog knot


each lug was


los fusiles enjambrados





gopher choke



Sunday, October 23, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


one pound virsqueeze
healmil led ton pepper
jumptub bisdew sauce
book tongue fruit firm
apple choke ilrcit cutt

iridescent huecry infra
rational cruciform post
script sashesshoein mil
kytiming hen rim ruining
taken waters still freight

bachelors widows stripped
strawberry bruised thymeup
parsley scattered blo hunger
quartertup fire turnips firprats
simmering waterwhipped cret

bawn blooches pebblelaughto
cherrycheerily among downso
triptychal religious herringeveru
turgid tarp on russets consonant
partywall bunkersheels joint mak

quickscribbler wee peep see all all

poem || John M. Bennett


Found in jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint no Sentence Book 10

reflected train dance

copy ceiling

holes ,letters

wh parts perio

gas form code
verb private

beef language


seething exits

o in to
ear cheese

chaos glass


eyes dualis watch

wind head dwarf

ti me me it ermed

inches horn

ellipti histor

distrusion ,ache potato

circles )fetish(
har vulner

ano blood pig

eggs magaz

distant yawn border

facis artifac
illus spac


DEMO )grasp( po


)eye ,telephones(

rat-fork snow-cones


gather window

“word” fec
e s taring

chicken cause fork hangnail

bean corpo

horse dollar cheeks

static breakfast utopia
bug towers

argot down
the geysers the

assholes disloca
sleep job

grinder wound



slant cult swimmers

political radius

basement froth

)lichen persistence(
buttered struggle

shiny blockades

toxic fountain
glob fold






John M. Bennett - October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Stand Pipe Valvoline

A test of ink blots showcased flexitude. She only half grasped
tulip bulbs plastic in the land. One guess or two retracted
tidy wisdom in past tense. Amid refractive shop talk, where
the lines of coast remain as soggy as their reputation. Correspondence
as matter of course. Intuited how people talk about their mental states
as in arrears. What kind of of an announcer has no speech impediment?
The lorry whisks past, people hear their thoughts resist the dark.
A backward pass endorses hesitation by the enemy. I wish I knew
technique. "My bad." I only hope (I dream) that you might overcome
your tendency to let your hairline keep receding. Let's watch the tape.
Let's sip our coffee thick with sweetness. Let's observe an oboe reed
instead. Now the overturn becomes "a close call." I wish the novel I am
reading would just stop. Whose aptitude is this anyway?

Sweatshot, pilot light, new energy called hybrid green

Sheila E. Murphy

poems || Philip Byron Oakes

Bull’s Eye

Palatable presumptions putting a weltanschaung
in the window with a little dirt to roll around in.
Friend to the festoonery pointing past pain at what
the pedestrians can see. The slow crawl of traffic
reflected back upon at walking speed, down aisles
of produce making do as food for thinking so. That
parameters hold water to their promise, of a
wading pool of candidates to be anointed by tides
of foreseeable change. A trajectory checked in the
glass for alien incursions into the homecoming of
causes dressed in the effects they’ve earned.
Abiding by what’s possible measured in response
to expectations of the miracle growth of rare
gems on the windowdressed moon. Question
marks left on the way it is as put together
by a belief there is a center the swirl
of the earth holds dear.

Taking the Q

A roundtrip summons quartering horses for barbeque
in the fatted slant of summer light. The joke’s angle of
incline to be lenient with the numbing, when the hurt
comes all at once. Virtual mayhem breaking chimera
bones. Chock full circle life leaves wafting from the
center to the whole. As if humpty’s world were symmetrical.
The score kept in formaldehyde. A slow turning pages in the
book that doesn’t come by way of explanation. Colors
holstered. A Braille of aroma. Fortnights without a stick to
hide behind. Polka dotting a myth with an ellipsis. Was it
murder? Or something serious. Rounding up the smell of
bread. One branch past the tree’s ability to extend its
welcome to those unable to take wing in the thought.

poems || John Pursch

Flickers of Noon

Thumping on a meat cavern, flippant segues give a rotating blueberry to swollen trampolines, hemming in the nuances of small cheese and mobile, ribald illusions. Cramped by stolen threads of fashionable alibis, spent into cornfields with rows of plastic hairlines, a simpering can of melted vermin acts otherworldly, climbing up a frieze of chilly happiness, speaking candidly to the venous vineyard's sweltering apple cart. Soiling grass parades in tourniquets, grappling onto a smell of cantering anions, pickled but so serene. Frittering away half a lunar simpleton, creators from a bygone Popsicle dream of statistical jeers and felonious animals, handling flickers of noon with righteous, electrical stammering. Crawl spaces light up, tumble to the street, escape the rush of penal taxi cabs gone arid, and spin the galaxy, intently peering at airborne mothballs. Alternating green and shifty velour chariots, a circadian motif gambles on clear, incandescent oglers, hiring a shabby specimen within office limits. Lakes covet slag, beach an exposed whale, christen a purple raincoat with vast explosives, and hurtle minimal need into dirges of serrated neglect. Orphans bite well heads, teething till they terrify a tramcar, and clot a misshapen alley's penultimate dumpster. Dire and windswept, glowing portents loom queerly over septic nadirs of political gist, exhorting even the greyhound's last, dystopian gesture, plying the backlit, stellar jigsaw for fuel and another grand, fallacious trade. But billowing canisters of lathe filings, ubiquitous in their culottes, can't mend the random, wholesome yelps of cruising caterers, leaving the shattered skyline quite bereft, incarnadine and plowed asunder.

The Chackle of Imbalfucon

A spaggle with a wombing quent,
in jambilicious stelton meench,
ovance umorit pencialib
hanj eerim tinerof;
or pausal, tentiocter hib
to nomon figk for epilantial
alis aber fonce, upon
a snilling ratapendent eern,
in sponter's queg jarede.

How arcudentous, feltan nombard,
hintage homte a nypsom onter,
furingious lectorindent palen,
gantem exorampted donment
menthen stibbler staircat's
irridential gamelonk
punsimilurated hebble crounce;
pendoculular soakem kiten gramopon,
hergamified of whiet.

The chackle of imbalfucon,
ifting penz aquatomonic
fite morant and joom to powter
empulen in hont.

Anchonic sampt elmera plonge,
squontabular in thrinest's meange;
depple plendifactored mythem,
noff the baritoze in helph.
Gasiphorma tenterprage,
sinaforgal namberpew
along a feen's contaminob,
to mezzify yeur spim.

Ertle Ond Yorm Kewemt

Armitous entabules grimane
the perefintial ormand
with whem, euclentian mornink,
ongling a pherule with hormal jamt,
spinugular and onmented.

Camarine tenbors zerane
an incanted phlose of urvle embulance,
hippling ululogim ques irgurt hemrin
orf mentule hojkotch splugle.

Ertle ond yorm kewemt, espotching cardool
tem entor phleeg un uitence,
porm querudentious enner barmle
gen hempten eerfloggen tubil.

Overn ingerstam,
eng thrame irt onspruten xyphter,
arthen sprentil meers kength
mortuben flar rembent ampter
spor tun croes bezong.

Friday, October 21, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

moth leg hunt
hash luster s
ink ≈ burbling
like your ear
jerks all night
the radish cl
og the ≈ drain th
e sodden wings ≈
swirl down ou
tta si

p lush h am d
ribble it’s a
inky c hew a
gr itty st em
wall et c huff
wit h st ew
an shredded s-

dugn musick shone the
phone dink ,clotter ,aff
arfing in the frac
tunal mis espinitas
turn aside ,at me
,o tinkling in the
shadows stop the
rot for me

the roof craw the
top nutter crash
ed aloud my
leg was splashed
.I drew the rab
bits in my poc
ket up ,or a c
up of muddy

ouch rabbit clos
et banging all
night tus migas
retenidas o con
ejito díme si
mi doorknob
rattles just
for me

cash humper do
ombre sin la
h silla de su
sombra ond
ulante the kni
feedged coins
roll an g lint
a c r o s s
the floor

lucre mosquerosa mi
motonaca ,cácaras
.tres los tristes tres
]la tumba[
con un lápiz de oro y cerote

sombra pulcra
toast and bullets
the fuel
foco funambulesco
and the grinning

in the crumpled window a
pes the shadow of your
lunchmeat boils the hair I
scraped up out the plug h
ole saw a sky relfection
grey an orange a ladder
hanging off a roof my
eastern eye was ice my
western omelette dro
p p ing chunks of ham

blaze of furry gasoline my
cogote en llamas sin cabeza
foundered in the cave where
clouds begin my mind of
sight congoja ,pelambre
,barniz de lumbre y as
pirina ,foco que cae a
shade snapping in the wind

Thursday, October 20, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

streetwise aperitif valises tibia slightly affreux thorogh phantasm iconoclast enamel noetic brook stile than mode through stimmungen avail cacophony reach toon slurring listening aside wait federal galapagos tenor eggnog alert ovations economies deliberative otherwise pallor commotion elastin vacancy meet situate noesis than brooming not wherein aside nominal cogito suede shopworn nerve silence sloth enamor soot harrow schema tentative efficacy brooked elsewhat normative hoodoo zones denizens elaborative sturdy borrower holding streetwise vacuole borealis atomic lotto spansule migrate somewhat mignon alizarin iffy oceanic red middle grounds tented whirlagig mend remote mobius thoughtful sic non tragedic enamor as ad hoc clime teutonic seite anomalous thereafter ingredient engineer align nirguna impede sorting escalier ledger ingenue thorough sirrah blanketed inner silence thousands milling needless roughshod enter territority smote vacation leisure epsilon thatness cloudless entity nefarious unsent unspoiled imputed slack neophyte moving each near mobius street anothered viaduct mop eigentum eeriest nova snit javelin ethereal clavichord slight precipice jumps to acrostic vanquish tentative lotto spam soot enamor vicinity absolutism yurtle mope hiatus engrain each leech foible trailblazon thoroughly presumptious bearing intentions elixir taffeta mitoses brokered incursion tandem plot etch warmer noon a la cartesian oomph bookish powder keg implicate note borrowing sack taunt valve inversely precipate motto scalar inert aisle on tides dweller pabulum sephardim collocation lethe ivory preludes nobis boat hottest cloak coldeer singularity brokered engine infatuation elliptical messenger anima thorough surmount evensong which nominal coronet vacancy perilous traduce nominal curry iffiness enter all action evensong ironically busts homeroom ingest nevertheless whoever scenic latte urgency pristine capulet imperious telling stet nevertheless anode milling festoon eagerly precipient untidy nos and yesses none tolerably outre ancient zones tine alit lasso material infinity resume parliamentary occlusion repetition slightly apple nothings enigmatic least ingredient kalpa douce toper acid earring streetwise invulnerable bothersome shock nth silence abrogation from for willing expertise ancillary edifice notocord imperiously adamant elsewise permanent calisto tread minnesanger isness wiles of permissivity once sattva innurred atomic valises ebb also documentary bluster sedimentary clair elsewhat improvident cellar waving through presiding mandible structural indemnification where with surreal consciousness wake awared engulf kimono trill dystopic algorhythm surfacing edification merriment cacophonous impart leitmotif aileron cashmere glitch hoarding sledge mainsail vociferous tandem glow noesis that scruple outer martinet hybrid outer sited algorithm icing burger holiday

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


ehaprovidesustena[nceor ]engend

o[fpolishedw[hite marbl]eco[nta]in

mhou[gh]anin]e[rt [obj]ectsculpt [u


l]yre[duct]ivea[re] liv[esine]m[otere

rs]tudi[ou]rin[g sprin]gsum[mermont

n]din[ghis hom]e]edispla[ys[thi]slab[o

[ntothe]flo]or[tocreat[ea]rge[ square[fi

e[nsel]yfr]ag[ile[thi[s haz]elnutpol[len[

t[he]ticp]ra[ct]icethi[s ha[z]elnutpol[lens

3 poems || Josh Bosworth


Fast Dhaka fatwa–
dowel cynical.
Folia domain dead dowse
the indrawn coypu flea cento saluki of fish heads is manlike
The FASO went to Fahd and ate defogs.
Whilst a monist shriven a lisp.
Lets handoff height weave trivia pals doze mamba bevy.

Lawyer Vacation

Outgun the gushy butyl of the witch.
Lekythus chinchy iota skives.
Jocund oeuvre oaten in posadas.
Ones opine outkicks otiose woofers.
It abuts the kidding legist an–
elysian podia.
Organs begin a boycott.
Instep kite ode.
Nicked rightly.

Crowd Control

Blindly firing cubed rouge fatalities–
This chair flew far beyond eyes–
freely frantic globs of discoursed relief.
Fabulous festers seek suffering
amusing red buff dinosaurs.
We skipped.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

poetry || Lars Palm


study refuge

that far island
is abstract

to see to play

this what
look at this


say everything smiling
social sails

science thickening

black cake
extra taste

my song shot the gap

gdansk maybe
about their political

& damn squeamish
they can't

numbers attached
to that

can compromised
ordinariness compromise
the idea staying
where you

if alone

cannibal willing to
make no other soldiers

transformation because he


street saving
her townspeople

too intricate they
know green spite
would do the sum

when discussing
improbable morning
upon its face

thanks for our
post-traumatic stress
a practical joker

responsible torture

you connect the whisper
by the bell
when the new wonders
sometimes having red-lined
shoes laid it out

already generations hope
the mark of passages

corruption remained a
forgotten disabled wave
like people society puzzles
in neutrality
all waiting arrivals

a world
a street

no necessities supported
foundation being ghostlike
time like difference abandons
one displaced architect
stealing nothing

genius museum swallowed
drawn paradise

flower eloquently soft
transparent limit dislodged
thus distance enquired
half-shut art
nobly new order remains chaos
ideologies fucking kings

o point
o joke

physical pieces compelled sides
comprising everything

hi blasé

altered market
duality flinching
rain festivals tripped

knives deterritorialize
hidden anchors

stoic multiplication crowds
windowless situations
sentimental imperialism
thought structure drunk

drive a circus
leap fountains
(continued same stanza)
in suburbs

a fugue
a world

ornamental anxiety surges
tears connection
monoculture be pavement
on pure duration

breasts discovering graffiti

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

uh spinter in my throat it
splits for you was farting
in the shower ≈ with a dr
owning moth >< ≈ soa
ked the mole grinning
on your foot ))hushed
and coughing(( I held
some ∞ liverwurst

loot the lube or corni
chon dripping on my
knee your oily w atch
O ]a sandw itch[
those britt le
fludtering moths )my
nostril(( ))oscillation(

lung twaddle UUU short
sky wave my CCC gristle
laun dry ППП pumps the
lawn whey OOO her
shadow digs /// socks and
why ??? mu ll my drinking
back ]]] shoo ting ....... in
the .......... fog ...............

couldn’t hold a wha //// t
he waves //// his fifth dire
ection / sudden cave ////
coughing / water //// up
my c l i f f // drooled ///
the hollow sleep he //
flavored with your /////
do /// // or

mis güevos motiniles ,shirty
slagoff tending toward the
stiff suit mi mazorca
péndula and the squirrelling
of your culo capitoso cristal
ina la cumbre fotonaca
.mis clavos rusting in the
buck et

trash claws ,sobbing
cake ,the ,spend the
gritty s law clotty neck
and poco punzil el lápiz fi
gurativo the spores grind
through the intextino of
her plective faced blouse

villista soy y el son me
nor de la mugretud pleni
mo biliaria me con mina
do nde el tren se nutre
de hue sos ,un lomo ,un
fin prin cipiante una
cloaca que limpia la
plaza y moja los petates
el agua soy y toditos los
motinarios a lumbrados

sotil ,sumado ,sondeo
san to mino ,el flujo la
fle cha el fin
prepuscular ,llámame
,mamoncito ,mugre
motil y un riñón que
got ea tengo la oreja
de ar ena llena tu
pañuelo en llamas

la caca mata la tuerca
punzil el fono en fin mis
finados .la barca car
idormida se me vuelve e
insista un instante per
pétuo , una piedra disuel
ta y un guante lleno de
l u z

el foso fértil un fue go
infúnebre fati gado del
sueño piepétuo de la
semana ful minosa
como piedra que me
habla en el bolsillo
rasgado de mi brazo

poem || David Jalajel


any number of obscure old mountain
ranges from having their freshwater spread
too far defined by smart tags on the dotted
line beneath a text alerts you when
and where spooled strings of surplus work lights start
to glow along professionals providing
papers on the judiciary's rules
require each party to the case with certain
claims to ascertain the terms they want
omitted and black boxed a little to
the left brings down your large green plotting sketched
right here your checkered chin and fingers muddied
through a hundred yards of concrete culverts
deliver into their most hidden heights

Monday, October 17, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Analyzed Depictions 18

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.”
Robert Lynd

(In contemplation of Marion Rose’s painting Lone Raven)

Or watch

from window of an antiquated angle, shadow-mold hearsay conducting reverence
wisdom from escalated vibrations causation in circumference of

designated error.

Analyzed Depictions 19

“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.”
Bertrand Russell


oval, radial premise of skin-stalled texture
relaying orange-brown collocated empathy

minor struggle the
philosopher explains into examinational forays

trust from or with
valiant immobilization
cultural friction upon delivering delineation’s
motive to increase stilled fractions of the stone’s whole

illusory rumination.

Analyzed Depictions 20

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Within language
syllables become as do children’s blocks
elaborate upon geometric meaning
angled though
salvation varies into incorporated
variant modality of italicized devotion. Outside

pastel carriers frequent scented meanings. Inside the
child alters mention of the poems’ primitive collaboration: sound similar
multiple wings of the fluttering example
pecking into kiss the red red blossom leaning into window’s
unexpected clarity.

Analyzed Depictions 21

“My painting carries with it the message of pain.”
Frida Kahlo

Opinion of analytical dimension, broken this
spine of foundational splay
confinement displaced curvature of
momentum, serenade rhythm (of a silhouetted fathom, thin, silver, unshadow, however)

I designed by nurturing
multiple examples
who’ve awoken with thorns into wilted breathing we’re two-collocated
versions of the mirror’s misleading dissertation.

Analyzed Depictions 22

“Everything's fine today, that is our illusion.”

An abbreviated death awaits
rectangular reason upon the ball of thought to coerce exit, inexistent.

Today I have halved my warnings
anxiety beyond realm of medical classification. Skin
to skin of material’s modular instances, burn
then succeed in the dryness of heal’s
articulating wedge.

Formulations guide as if gilded (faith-called collaboration of collocated earnings)
and the method of this slightest moment
created biased knowledge and designated
worry, wearing the brightened exhale of
death’s awkward cease sans
serenade of voice and flesh.

text | Edward Nichols

Extraterrestrial Laughter

the atthe(laughter)She'd passed her morals and settles her affectionsI think- or just an amusing story.
The thing you want and and how it was.Inward to the thing as if by now-by reflex.

Collective punishment-that where it stands now-you mean he weighed me against all the others.Thats where it stands now-y.Youmean he he weighed me against all the others.thats where I stands.Did something evil.WHEN IT TURNS TO HATE.(FROM THE CONTAINER

Never seen this done before.The thing you want is the ultimate relation- he turned inward to the thing. Confused by what
he felt- that was it. In that element,its root came with with it.I NEARLY DIED< MY< neckIn the air.

He discovered that he had cbeen cremayed.To complicated to be-the placente

Was running through you're veins.

Long quivering, he needed a lot of Gin......the chair watched him die.

Jaded apple forecast elimanated at the placente.Krsna fornicates and spread epifanies,lucky the penprick showed reminiencs.the prince of the Air ran a 200hour on his theater screen.Donkey jabberwakied in two dimensions,No dilemnas ,just astral anomilies, sordid massive mindrape the signals Brain waves.

The frozen caricuture melted into a fountain as 23 white doves flew through the atmosphere at the speed of light meeting Lady Space the directive.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POM]E pOrT[Mit d]]isty[fr
ag[m epr]essi... pt 2mo[re

i am a stranger to my own life


Sunday, October 16, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

the labp comb drips the
blangk light crowns the
corninert where I le
ft my sleep demind
.upper hambiencia c raw
ling ni my belly where yr
stop forgot my ,drobping
bowel’s left the bowl be
hind my strayned ha
ir a compasante perdido
,es la cloaca dormida es
tá de lo que sabía llena

bur bu
gre ña


not the nut the k
not the )node( flaco
shed the s core lens

o trot

see hymn nurt
rition )fog( bot
fly the ham leg
rot sung the

flag rant beets

mime puzzle flaking nor
your intimodulation s
un table flops or / c
rashes ),d,,,r,i,z,,,z,l,e,(
down em face

nur sure sore nor
apt ape g land
stippled in the mou
th water )≈( bubb
ling off the l
e dge

tongue reef tongue
suit tongue flare
tongue nut tongue
clock tongue mort
tongue fly tongue
melt dog

shitty moo lot sp
ell shirty gas t
time fell shirty in
the shirty soup jus
t wipe the shirty

slap my snore arm p
lot the underthrow ,d
rains the lake stool o
half stacked steaming
through my suit I c
hopped the storm ≈/≈

the dog’s blink estor
nudo map a bl
inder cross my f
ace biliberation
,labiorizonte tan
d i s t a n t e

doblar ,dije

poetry || Peter Ganick

rendezvous elasticity nor islands stranges those replica milestone architecture slat silence arrows headroom borrower conic scalene ornament availing perusal conifer jettison learning horlogeries ebb site rims entry ahead nth cites viewpointism grasp rends entourage nest delay naan epoch ontological immunity aegis aperitif agility snail paces niter also laissez effortless arch lasso triste idem difference alertly rock rolling through silence where stake talk wassail tiramisu clod tenet mottle fissile grapheme cilliation evoke salient coefficient marionette silt vanish impend sorting rutter enamel notify absurd eeriest libation disclaimer envoi sleuthing emotile percipient vale through scenarios dubiety maddening dasein tilt nerve distance fridays interregnum skill erasure nerve throughput environment also reproof vanquish motto self elasticity urreal that goofy sinecure narcosis then basinet culpable total incohere middle stringendo fascinations elapse redlines shard scree that egoic dinner unveils othered immersion parachutist vehement calypso weeping swirl thoroughly oriole nounal crocus suddenly mindstylism that normal which materialize stand uptown sine qua noted elsewhere ivory capitulate seconding easel trot euphonic skid otherwise allotropic whichever walling through a surreal mindset vanquishes feist remoulade sotto voce than prudence nothingness snore negotiator yawl matterhorn cite overside annuate vigil either wassail quantification elemental coiffure isness wall boards detritus vagrant cell withdrawn contrastive impute acorn listless aeneid evanesce tirade outerwise val de mar shuffle spotless anchor entour retina moving urreal locus reflector since ratification wordless anthem curry slept nothing easel renaming poof slight enamel acme broken silence those listening aware from accuracy thrown elliptic vanish query ancillary linear toon screech owner otherwise parallel coatlique notification elongate inroad prudent viaduct format-free onslaught portion slump naming each least furlough noon treadmills denial norm either witness lasso tonearm cipherous delight engulf ironic lamentation effulgence terrazzo burrow languish remind tote liminal cohere utterly parallel chortle kaolin rickshaw progenitor relay contras notes onrush toll site widely ownerships fulfillment accordance tools delightful since alternatives quarried seitan vilify noesis thorough widely overinstate fluidity epochal benign hophead essence torrent ousia shall entrances delightful notebooked accurate onrush ever flash code itness willowy nominal coefficients elsewhat befuddle amulet focus delay oreilles deferent also noon singularities each caloric suede vindaloo remind slightly cetacean mobility wahwah ghastly harrow inertia clime nostrum answer finder lettered censor sure ennoble intransigent each least nothingness academe scruple outer winesack etoile tread signature essence torrent fibrous each nature sleight nitrous galleon shack onward lesser tread itness scramble itemize regulum atonement curate gaunt syllogistic theatre singular prosthetic relay coven fender zooic lotto endemic laden slippery faustian aforemention laisse gruppen stopgap ultrafine alternative blush horrorific neoprene singularity peppered snuff listless anno dossier everlasting euphonic dardanelles edit evening listless rooftop elaborations lesser thorough operandi pemmican through inquiet understood entrust vacancy through pittance sine tiramisu fellowship thrice occasional emeritus nevertheless once loquacity answer plebiscite amaze mountain slurpie caliphate nevertheless antiquarian listless anonymous reel through trellis broadsided intersecting velour entrancing least governance stile parachutist nomos call zone temporal eternal voices tree asmara volcanic borne aardvark ghat naissance prema toast ovo lacto egg shoemaker veracity blush evident school reification either wielding stipulations eeriest val de mar neoprene foamy soapdust vanish elastin cafeteria quarries elsewise partake non tangibility once stipulate moribund forbidden puffin also animate burden alertness wakeful sotto burin scale torrentous favoritist manoevre thankful clamor each kneel intervention slat insulate merge asleep clime holograph immense those reign arrows shortfall evensong those looking saplings envelop rend assume scruple edify least vouchsafe oliphantine camber sitting aliens either walks through interregnum salient majorette mindful stereophonic listless anarchism ones twos through settle neon parachutes deliberative ocean dossier monocle thatness stranded unglue streetwise aperitif valises tibia slightly affreux thorogh phantasm iconoclast enamel noetic brook stile than mode through stimmungen avail cacophony reach toon slurring listening aside wait federal galapagos tenor eggnog alert ovations economies deliberative otherwise pallor commotion elastin vacancy meet situate noesis than brooming not wherein aside nominal cogito suede shopworn nerve silence sloth enamor soot harrow schema tentative efficacy brooked elsewhat normative hoodoo zones denizens elaborative sturdy borrower holding streetwise vacuole borealis atomic lotto spansule migrate somewhat mignon alizarin iffy oceanic red middle grounds tented whirlagig mend remote mobius thoughtful sic non tragedic enamor as ad hoc clime teutonic seite anomalous thereafter ingredient engineer align nirguna impede sorting escalier ledger ingenue thorough sirrah blanketed inner silence thousands milling needless roughshod enter territority smote vacation leisure epsilon thatness cloudless entity nefarious unsent unspoiled imputed slack neophyte moving each near mobius street anothered viaduct mop eigentum eeriest nova snit javelin ethereal clavichord slight precipice jumps to acrostic vanquish tentative lotto spam soot enamor vicinity absolutism

Saturday, October 15, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

We Used to Be Fifth Largest, Now We're Sixth

I live in a place crossed off the map by you. We've deflected
scurvy, all the Vita-C. The pursuit of health resembles lip gloss,
every little botanist one can abide. Across from here are signs of life:
a chic night spot where one sips quite robust red wine, a sports bar,
and a used and vintage bookstore, celebrating 21 years. I asked
the man with one usual eye about Dick and Jane. He said there's
a collection of the very same in back, in addition to the volumes on
display below the counter just below the register, which prompted
my idea. We each declare that we looked forward to the plot
when young and reading those. I rose at 5:00 a.m. to read
numerous pages before school. I was in the store while the chic
restaurant hand crafted chicken meatballs with marinara sauce.
I bought a tribute to our Gertrude. I bought a mystery starring V.I.
By the time I ventured to pick up my food, nothing was ready, quite.
This evening, I forgot to close the shades. The rooms absorb this

Semicolons being swept up from linoleum, the break we have awaited

Sheila E. Murphy

Friday, October 14, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POM]E pOrT[Mit d]]isty[
frag[m epr]essi... pt 1

i am a stranger to my own life

1.urs umkil
ling scar ope[o]n sort
packed started hib[b]l
e hus g orn fok h grinn
in[g foc usdo ment dorg
med id [calexam]ine doc
um ents donk fork go ipu
sop wihf grinsmilf b iz
yrface in somehage
trysun giyb-ta sham
am ope nsee to be dolo
smite dumbafound tri
ck fostererhort dorl face
itsto [ry intread


poems || John Pursch

Oprant Adgel Garoose

Archimudal emplidon's effulgin umptor
knows femunt indicrals of neg spoothet,
hipnific orging camnity its oogen empth.

Prolastic chippen fendoms
aspeat cronef whemp chungets,
ergen and crentibular
in their benting, smericious orl.

Ercutong, wambly errier;
kinteract and sedge
den hickorpastian feenboat,
spormile urt edgopilin felge.

Broplets chimnify te alipozen kebb arang,
whigon pon camner tho phrenyl pur chast.

Drappint spenk fomaster emp
perns actyv cheb nourizent nood,
aspenkor oprant adgel garoose.


Crutiful braunge spunder elicts
a kaliproster's embent annure,
gantemic and arubential mirwhant yugor.
Flakker preson romingo arumenta,
effrugio camoleus bentin flotch quocket.

Izzyma condumen etch,
erdinal innulous hember edgel,
introwen garrunous kember amoot,
aspoodgie cantible omanda innute.

Enspellion fremorage
wrettor ninormer,
caneer spander podge.
Shekom hingle wheezbintifir,
edemular debrow monter.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

eclat oversight uninterrable that coif oeuvre slag heap utterly assortment blooms illbient midst truth grammar uphold than settee watershed cake waterfallen replica crest neither intersect oeuvre also rhyming watershed notebooking sure incidental elegant inroad thankful redaction lipid oneselv intention script aegean thalidomine shoemaker either waitings elegant nocturne also rauch intervene grail non pundit emotion noggin surplus exegete mainframes elaborates those rime ontic vale through widely cipher inert vaunt another ancilliary borax concretist vagary nomos avion site vellum precisely tartan ciliate motel sanguine what while invert vacancy treading suede vacuums perplexity simian blockade yardarm feasible rooftop assail tension caisson relapse shard eggnog sizing easily wait shocks neoprene tangible itemize alchemy though whereaswhy than either icing throttle appetite noesis thankful brook sez those namings which aware infraction slunk avarice permissive elsewise consecrate contrast controlling suede variant prelude site itemizes acacia thorax nth oboe hoax gelding thread gepetto viceroy suddenly accomplish accompany niaid improv inroad other iota melisande vouchsafe interloper value tartan iffiness curlew passel those midranges aspirate delay to bobcat ingredient asleep inert anonymous trilling understatement absolutist vanishes treble clarifications elapse ethical flourish plaintive scrutinies elaborate boisterous thrall ingenue slice tariff titan slippery whatever the haystack unrolls demeanor succinate volitional method texture axon comme ci comme ca those emaciators epilogue another standpoint in wood respective amulet grammatically feint unreal and ironic thoseness polaroid refugee aeiou sumptuousness grandiose then mobius certes valhalla agon surfaces deleterious think fogged none above rill tandem gist revenuers altimate cuff so etched reaction asleep vogue gnomon silence stereoscopic algorithms aachen greatly hover seismic alap grace ornery aigue stereophonic osprey inference also that penalty oversight paperwhites elemental conifer laissez affable than memoranda immersing captain seeking slapdance humidor alternative sludge tartan iffy cultural preps thensome additive least veneer agreeable tjant forgotten rhythms elating elsewhere iffy streetwise aprille that caliper outrigger seize meandering etch igneous reeling sack rocket variant achoo tahini emaciate gene polity cahier vehemence togethered aegean slight vend lest harmonic alternative seismic lagoon intrada evacuee simple fortitude elaborate terrazzo burin valise in route accordance tolerable crinkle thrash oversight oceanside frail greetings either witness nothingness call birdcall than cerulean standardization letter mostly accompanist vacate english large oasis these mirroring also legume shackle pietas mumble stir veneer latinate coefficients emerge those presume escutcheon vainglory surrey nominal caprice tertiary quattrocento vigil whistling meld shuffle those rooftop allies alien immerse toggle en route rauch theramin aisle behead engrave some brunt occasion terrazzo cluster ingredients alternatives behave stratifications either withdrawal tincture pareil struck noonside waiters vessel noontide heighten ahi tunneling those structures elapse onto earliest avant inklings before between issued reflexive scansion emergent vacuum noon amicable riffle viewpointilism than eggshell tariff antenym trailblazer invasion allotropic resolute nimbus those stellate bursar evidences three garland reacquire once entourage orison neoprene at stasis geboren asylum regroup anterior spacious thread negotiator actinate calcify regroup singularities each infractive grit acorn elsewise pranam inertial coincide neoprene than regalia probe middle agenda unruly reality contrastings weave integuement nominal goad either waiting settee

Monday, October 10, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

rust an neck ,pull ,plomo
de grillos ,multitudinarias t
us piernas ,finistierra .peldaño
inútil ,the flaking combs mu
tter in the hall your mooing th
roat your as .pyro baggage
ascendencia escombrosa so I
spoke the spoon what spoke I
said my saids was flickering
slowly in the draining tub

,mutely ,morphed ,manado ,ma
ted to a scribbled drywall ,te
nse nor oily bucatini õõ coil
ing in my socks I walked in
sauce .aimed the door at you
but o pen what’s trawled
outside the book what’s dub
bing in the black dust be
neath your bed .the numb er


edge of .the nite
hymn .doody cr
awls away the
,sand plans the
mess of forks  ̶ =


too’s neck gruntled flame o
nítido ,escusado de qu
arzo and the hall’s d
eep grit the máquina de es
cribir rises on a chair

scour the fall spender mum
bled tuber muscled in the
gummy lake yr frog neck
vision curves nor drowns
out there the sur face co
vered with L l eaves

eneminencia a
ra tos my
listing gust m
y ascualidencia

y siempre y nunca

dosificarme ¿no?

plantel ni plan

la vaca lo
vacuomnívoro lo


treinta túneles
los vientos veintitrés
los valores fofos
los los
la luna lenta

¡el pato!

es critorio ,a
zúcar plu
ma en lla
mas la na
da no hay
ni nada

) shirtless (

mis trillas
yr shoelaces

lo sombreante

en asno ni

flaco y f

yr dusty corns

poems || Jeff Harrison

The Birth Of Liquid Desires

behind eyes all sharp myriads
Herr Bibliothekarius
ciphery & unashamed
tells himself
he is an insect poet
ciphery & unashamed
hidden dainty from storm

his story's axe men
ciphery & unashamed
overstay their welcome

his tale's rose,
antique and
is everywhere
ciphery & unashamed
tho no mask for his cries
ciphery & unashamed:

"the axe men they're my above in name
and wearing shapes I paused when
still resistless newborns, yet the unimagined
is scanty and is of seraphs dry"

2 poems || Jim Leftwich


were gasp towers
drones the lost
bones differen
only eyes are
fictions yet th

ladder without
its bridge of letters
demons the moral
energy that

defir are going to
thirty years of

with you we have
the night of dots
to become our near




even if we
whe collaps
sometl band

beeth time
or magazine
like ir of
relig rebel
to salvag
aret the futur

more than th
hav ma not we
hav to build
ha your spent
re bey your
wipt thall
toggets butter
your terror
old without
age flames now
that yoyo are
will still
your healthy
letters beckon

once need and
locust dreams
of California
like acid rain
on the truth
of goats let
us engender
less dirigible
than stop


pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME from:109wouthflath

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

arcana downtown recuperate veneer alchemical douanier novice litotes eggshell nitrate camouflage ointment rallentando vigilante modus trapdoor selected avoidance repetatur sluice florin alot opera signatory commensurate oilcan iseult mandala imprection seller aced nanotech illbient samplers selter onsite valence bottom framing sleet where silence accurate mile high spacious notification wearing stultifies emergence than fleeting surmounts exhort terra firma telco than siege lacunae debate site vendor sallow parity each next egoic nil brochure acme tent entrance sloppy gnosis ahoy gnosis toast vernal ontology presumes debilitate by assumption elate vascularity empirical deterrence allies den mother veni value deterrent caliper acmes detente valuable thrash oversight nitrous dacha moot racing elder navigators suspire than ceiling traits novice appriable cahier got vernal copiers ozone that hey enviable milling arrows blameless antiphony vindaloo seizures deliberating comparative 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Friday, October 7, 2011

2 poems || John Pursch

Portents of a Triad

Whose albedo rose to tender
a meek, unwavering plethora
of high, explosive catamarans,
slipping soiled and generous
along the fractal divan?

Bells toll the overgrown ransom
with terpsichorean tumbleweeds,
excoriating the newly pungent,
beaten paths and sandbars
of another harlot's repose.

Simply selected, a hambone lands
just one strike short of a vacuous plenitude,
capsizing in heaps of corn and wrenches,
strewn with defective manure.

Whose mannerisms prompted
the crepe to serenade a hemlock vendor
with tartar and bygones,
all for the hamper's latent mead?

When capsules blend and milk
the corner dowager's fickle yachtsmen,
dallying portents of a triad
will call for dangling specimens,
in spadices and nocturnal missives.

Rippling, Ergonomic Specials

In eminent oafs, we find
a nasal predilection for soft and stultifying butter,
pressed into fine mattresses of cool, analogous butane,
fingered with a jelly roll's pleasing scream.

Warm deluges clip the gargling embryo's
fluid mention of times gone cosmic,
spatter a fabric of need with quibbling Nerf pencils,
and strafe a cowboy's plentiful unguent
with toiling moon patrols, miffing every
basement queen's filibustering rotunda.

Amped on rippling, ergonomic specials,
a boardroom janitor heals the nattering minions
in seven cities of sheer delight,
reducing the urban laughter
to a smooth marble of mild intent.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

poems || Vernon Frazer


Terrible and round with glee,
he raised his straw erect, bleeding
contortions blind.

Allegro, roared the mark on their proper shape.

Beside them at first
black bees and a wise donkey remained,
flickering fall persistence.

Middle-aged Berkshire Napoleons seemed to hear me:

three hairs
from a million dollars per hour,
home again.

Delete this.

You must stop going the first time,
roared the mark, perched on its surface.

It seemed to hear me with that!

Australians eye dogcarts
clutching any form resulting
from Kansas: conversion
by any living fight club

in honor of provincial borders

beside them at first. Right now,
trademark license fee or else:
half-pay, cabby.

Despite these words, we’re gone.

Order of the Day

Sonic platelet du jour
remands custodial casements

chronic retail demands
detailed statements

berating fiction as fact

when chronic truisms demand
their far shore, adhering to the
sand-filled cracking of resume

gauntlets pursued as shaking
poor placements misconstrued

branding delinquent repartee
play in the fields of the gored

attacking the breaking diction

chronically late to implore
placement as basic command

Ending with a Critique of Pure

Spitting belfries shatter lumen frenzy pits.
A scooter, though the pace may stream
its derby, rollers caning platform shoe norms
a priori. Penciled fire to the curving deck,
wrecking transfer gumbo. To facile ostinato

makers or tandem reflex tangent, patterns
marooned on the glare of a sunplex platter
shared among flattering emanations
the corollary zeal of irrational bondage
during afternoon's delay. Staked to influx

obdurate passengers stare reciprocity
matters squarely in the plectrum, a splendor
more vivid than scattered batons on rivets
doored to irate pectoral entries, floored
as a relayed position slowly staving face

pavement where the ladder pares down
the drivel hoop to hidden baskets weaving
text margins, no flourish appended next
to the eagle font. Its nourishing largesse
lent the matter a frightening sum from

grinning necklace teeth, darkened
in reluctant shadows plodding regal
in their weight and stride. Beneath late
multiplicity shadings, mandala carvings
mutter full splendor marshes. Under

tread, looming pamphlets clattering
the bit, noisy teeth unfurled a spectrum
ordinary feelings flicker, bare light left
to pivot against the shadow’s late glide
to scatter noumenal envy under cant.

On Deadline

A cold wall stutter
intoned, its pontificated glyph

marked the surfeit’s rendered portent:

adagio lumens,
the nicety flailing the flags
of past gallantry,

a wherewithal enamored in the knot.

No freelance desists rafting
past mention of durable utterance

staking amoral claim
to lifting measured legends
past drywall custom

or fledgling nuance cast ashore

nor gall to mutter
the stale fragrance the memoir

brings to utter the present rift

Too Near, Too Far

Darker mirrors, template massage
steer the lowering chordata swarms
through seepage emporia slated

to worm canister fiddles down
the button path. Leading zippers
to rippling department operetta

scores. Punctuations erectile as
guest incursions mount specific
vagaries on time. Slots allotted

their camel hump add unvaried
stumbles to laminated polymers
imprint glucose mirrors on the fly,

no ointment too good for the recent.
The tune picks its lonely rapture, a
touch too near the breath of lapel.

4 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer




hio sa


as jo'hu
//.'; hoi ropi ek''

nac cajib
see gar

POME 678

;lek spi

PO[MEp 7[38



lox wiu230958
askkod l;kuse

hoi wue hin join
hosd nasop dof[

edfiod hagwa9-3i

puk'l/maven jiuyt

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

my mitey shade my
ask you lóbulo te
mporal mis mimos
minimistas coa
gulados en el po
zo triangular tu
cara reactiva
. . . . . . . . .

sordo .pleasance .core
mist towel ventanal
ur shame g
lut gargantal
pulso .pómulo .pencil

shot the shone
pull .melt nit
crasa blanca
o my shoulder hurt

)¿dog socks?(

shed ,neck ,gate
dud ,todo ,entry
shape ,pulso ,fog
shirt ,clot ,teem

shorter meat my
carnumption b
lanks the mono
‘s golden teeth
lo que come
he forgets

my mud my chew my
,chafes the es
calera azul the
sozinho supe so
zinho es crevo y
cuervo y

seeming thudly halfsmit
en tered the floody ch
amber stacks of ph
onebooks mildew the

my h ushed so baco
your sleeping bean
my lapsed tortilla
en el lago nada

shutter should .neck
.comillo .tant pis .nor
mal ,cerilla ,tuna can
.sees the shorter

your sore chorizo lung muscles
through the lapdog g g tasted
fog inside her eye a mildewed
lightbulb ticks beneath my ch
air some twitching g g hairs ~
~ ~ ~ ~ inhale the hopping
cor n uts and stand be
side the falling plaster their
meatless words sizzling in the

my age hapnetic diploid buns
slumping in the sink crowned
with flies jejenes con su c
anto minifaldas abrí la vent
ana gritty wind twisted in
~ ~ Ҩ my clustered burfday
settles in the corners )snore I
left was shouting( fraca flaca
,nimiero ,nonadada ,numen
e n t e


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Analyzed Depictions 10

“I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life.”
Jean-Michel Basquiat

(While interacting with Basquiat’s Untitled (Angel), 1982)

What risen ascent prescribed arms of my querying manner? Position, thus the advantage
of literal decision, aggregate.

canvassed caressed
mores, diligent from vantage of popular connotation (or, untruth victim a tongue dissolves
eyes, the eyes
together paralleled death and the
discriminatory fathoms, consoling
recent disbelief of faith’s moribund reaction:

fiction resolves
the mind’s inarticulate variants
—amalgamation chaos clustering as wings provide clarity of noon’s specific


Analyzed Depictions 11

“Art is a harmony parallel with nature.”
Paul Cézanne

(While interacting with Cézanne’s Large Oak)

brief-waving spectrum of welcoming artistic avifauna.

Land or become the
etch of a moment’s aggregative
swelling, congregating reattaching priorly’s communiqué, begin?

Of scent locating hybrid grass’ brown|heavy-birth pigmentation
synonym new or ideological romance of acculturation’s riled


Analyzed Depictions 12

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.”
Khalil Gibran

In the stagnant spectrum of marginalization, certain syncopation
violently (though of the gentle chaos curtailing an adjective’s specialized compunction)

exporting diatribes and vocal persistence creating
belt of tightening grasp among
a whisper of the body’s logical

Analyzed Depictions 13

“Patience: A minor form of despair disguised as a virtue.”
Ambrose Bierce

Material of the mortal juxtaposition, caliber-faith
rendition moves upon unmoving theory’s
fermented retaliation. Aspired
vivid recalls the
memory suspends judgment of eerie
vocalization, waiting as does a stone’s
years’ of adaptation, mineral sequence
colliding into patina’s moral revise of
wisdom’s reconcilable dexterity.

Analyzed Depictions 14

“I am a part of all that I have met.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Regarding burgeoned scrolls the fingers
maintain gifted concepts



overwhelm the
mind with certain flesh of
remembering adaptation.

text || Peter Ganick

gracious elementation determinant vehicle repartee arrow height alters sighted parallel ocean unit aegis nurture sleep veneer lasso nothing least cut rattan cairn slack aside melt vocal iseult ghost zando edifiers lantern stimmungen relate nothingness incur nanotechnical virgule acme unnatural squirm thatness inversion lapis dalliance ecsrte motion destination lest anima burlap invert volitional ceiling reel wandering sleight formidable overhaul imagery snowfall incorporeal thankful contingency parallel accuracy conducive alms neoprene heat shortfall incurs elementation remerci those repartee calisto varmint ego airport tremble universal reflector allotropic poetic intuition listens graceful taken so freakish non temporal nutshell cosi fan tutti enough tutelage reparition vastly occur neoprene thn sylvan antennae ermine salute causal frustrum those animate vocalize greet nonviolent anvil riffle cogency appropriate emulatory clapboard either syllogistic vain elapse nouns dasein envoi salida thereas lagoon prioritize evidence known leonine tarmac flux presume salt noon scruple routers thatness ingrate nasal grim perpetual once echo naissance congerie nasal thrown adept vulcan bias least feral thatness adequacy monoaural cynic synergy caliper sizing where dance overhaul sites vacuum lossless inequity florins demur avails mettle ghostly once otherwise pale deutsch numbers illbient amulets crash hittite vastly operator etiquette slice terra nova either silencing rigmarole tunic evidence horary spanners duettino spacious literal omnivore select interegnum aisle cognate molecule bust notebook curio dramatic spoilage contingency that naming parsed parasite vacuum selective literal territorial cultures emplot gist faraway epidemics deluge peregrine assistance nail notify clash boat arrow venus irreal than ideality promulgate everwho that signature another witness enough patronage sobriety entity cozening vacate morris ounce roadhouse stratify could whistling narcosis than paradox noumena ragged

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


th/.';]rub c[il]r]c'/us;']
an]c[e ľu[ďmi[p]\''
;act[ord]a'te[ nu]le\=
ra[nd]a n[em[]o'r ic;e
m'qua[re, br][e]e[ze/] ids
in\v/a;de'd bo;ok] a[s'tr'a'l
ca/;'[]';/.'r|ried airy st;']e[a]d[i]ly
lies a loo'k; '.a]r o;/='u nd
on/';e way/'] to a'rr;iv.e
;';'./ be'tw/e.e..,.n

POMErestcoddoc for 15 instruments and voice

NÃ0 ¼#ñ ‘¯(qË !Ô´ -G¨Dù ×Þ¤ ¿d»¯¿g"¶Q)i*Q
z‰ ¯gvf¼ö`´Ò*Y€ Òšœô³-IÀp+¤)sò1yIïI "3‚)k 'k
d4¼¾ LÖ B‚h r2‹Ñ=P ø
™u`°RX¯YÄ__RÇø + Þözw"[ ÁÄ4V d8x‚‚ÍULžW¸
¼QâLI’Ç;ªUN¤®ðÕ:mE|:h‡Ô…vŒ Ú0ç"ä,b-ta
Ä —të#Cd½'̤
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™4;ýGu„¸V þ_ņ·«=ê {ëÅØÎî Õ| )
Fá ÀGettoposh
ÍÑ · 1bd—0¿eî²_OAÄ[´þöÏÎ ¦9Ù²À›7aS
g÷û5ycopying poets domnet lookerspurt
õI K˜¾_,ý=ò.!Íüqëÿ ÆÐ-SGëWtø
ÿÿ PK ! -‘ ·ó Nno no rox
let us go thena spread and _rels/.rels ¢
Œ’ÛJ A;';][\==;'l././;';';';;p[kiff hopfit
maste done tromp derud......l;'[][]
†ïßaÈ}7Û"ÒÙÞH¡w"ë „™ì w ̤ھ½£
çËOÖ›ƒ›Ô;§< ¯aYÕ Ø›`Gßkxm·‹ PYÈ[š‚g
GΰinoÖ/<‘"¡<Œ1«¢â³†A$>"f3°£\…ȾTº IS
‘Ì õ
Œ«º¾ÇôW š™¦ÚYigï@µÇX6_Ö ]7 ~
fïØˉ È aoÙ.b*lIÆr j)õ, l0Ï% ‘b¬6ài¢ÕõDÿ
…,‰Ïó|uœ Z^ tÙ¢yǯ;!Y, }{ûCƒ³/
ÿÿ PK ! ™ïÉ ‰ ý word/_
rest/document.reallysee! ¢ ( less dobs rix
¼—]oÓ0 †ï‘ø •%¸[>š¤k˼¢Á:Ñ! HÀMå8nb
,Í¿ÇIh×–¥arc5N|ÎÓ÷¼Çq.&›$îÝ"LPÎ °';']][

ôÃ< ,„àË|z6 =! PÌ $L.Ÿ?»øDb$Õ" Ñ
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ˆ¤LǦ)pD $gather the sanle biffet
ž ¦î,y– ©.³ÐL ^¡ ˜}Ë ˜Ù~py ³w @ Ý
?ÇæË%Åä-ÇyB˜|$…bugg dyop
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æL*‘ õ³Ât¬ÁùÂö wáǼ`g+ KãG ¾DIúŠ
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aRŠe®R©º†jÜ[ É$nV‡ÛÕM.#ä<Œ •›™É

0þø.ü¶~ 7ûp3 ý
o ݾWç. ã:õ¯5¬þ’xÑ·(SƒŒˆ
Ê‚ú®RO coindie condoe coe...oe blast er er er
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haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Honey Voice

for Peter Ganick

I spoon organic honey, raw and doused with cinnamon, into my singing, to resuscitate the mezzo voice. Come hither, say the vocal cords, come bother me awake unto the bold director in a civic choir about to lull a snapshot audience to its sotto sleep Filtration systems live through brave new brackets holding pose. The only imposition I can weather is notation to adapt my thought to song modules to be rung through little hemispheres of composition. I have long been able to sit still, and yet I scamper, I invite my students to mimesis of an eager motion. When I sing I am indelible. And when I sleep I dream new song. I have a slide rule in my sympathies, I glide away from cause. I break rules because they're mine. I limber my way through the aisles and show the population what they represent a sample of. I lose my train of thinking on a preposition. When I speak I may have sung. I whistle some, I scurry through endowed chairs, winter in the desert, summer there. I practice being healed when I am healing. Bees accumulate on blossoms I can name. The jars replete with honey hold their pose on shelves I raid without compunction, for I pay, we pay, limboic antlers also pay. The screech owl leaves a mood of being young synonymous with wise, cracked like a sculpture we have molded to artistic hands. Forgive in-situ and my way of work in play. My life bred day bed leaves me to role play my sainthood during light of day.

Quasi-methodical doldrums weighing slivers less of matter find a voice to say

Sheila E. Murphy