Thursday, May 26, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich

from six months aint no sentence

utilitarian rot

built utilities tentative signifies rotting atlatl
the mud hut of the leopard bandannas on
leprechauns the same bent slab of hint the
same bent slab of nothing the same bent
slab of inherent loot tally daily sabbath
sobbing hurling stabbing hunting nothing
parameters along perimeters pare pairs soft
off often fanged nothing gang nothing gala
hooligan nothing gainful ganglia bile boiling
nothing o tongue of uneven covens annul the
manger masticating rot magick nothing nothing
singing magick rot magick nothing singing rot


The War on Metanarrative

cumulative loss salts gnat dawn at
nor counterterrorist angelfood belittles
metanarrative at last the puling
hurrah or paratroopers materialized
in Honk Kong snare drums tapioca
positivist snafu gaps Laos postmodern
mirrors stagger from Baltimore to
Angkor Wat too lottle too late he was
hang-gliding punitive junta taproot homo
sapiens pajama been at it again tandem
frog paralysis hopscotch and mediation


a boat

bring the gnats axiomatic itinerary
to naysayers masticate bifurcations
of intentional nails in the same
whittled katydids to unwind each
day there are oppositional nocturnes
catercornered quotidian Mayakovsky
as if to say underground the logjam
billows past slabs of hidden nakedness
and the actualities turnip coffee houses
no more godforsaken gnawing
among the transhumant initiates



more precisely big gates not
gnats among the gathered timbers
bang are singing in yarrow signs
batik knots loblolly pines
pataphysical honed lurking
and wheat-gnosis beneath the
bagman amen an abacus of
tulips dots hexagrams erasers


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