Monday, May 9, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

Neblina Blanca

yepit was not yack tree heel
shutter nap the sink dream ah
mister! knack and float yen
rice toalla mi mistral tuerca
costanada sentido de loomer wasp
the trice throated “thrice” glob
sat plunger sopa de ))fideos((
)shirtless( tanta caca mástil
nor tempted shat a hill nos
tril nape )nate( cluster and
niggardly spread )tome flood(
white tomb mobbed warm )ob
sidiana( yauhtli itztli )dang
fog( ( ( ( ( (


rite of gas a “lake” user
neck the door flake tool
shit in shoe flower path see
ms )crusty( like vest a
snore fuel a mice time the
raw lung nates and gruel
spell the pill the napkin
slaps the spillage the well
rule and late sung CAW
the dime ice a dual shore a
nest hike )dusty( crea
ms wrath tower glue in pit
fool gate nor the “check”
loser crate of ash of bite


the stable stabbed corn
phone swirling luck cow
my heat hat my neck lung
lawn balls into the “creek”
leaf wool not risible
sluffing the comb stall staple
slab and storm my tone tur
ning duck ,now why eat that
dry stack hung dawn’s walls
lint cheek )thief( stool clot
in visible stuffing the form
. . . . crawl . . . . .

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