Monday, May 30, 2011

3 poems || David Jalajel



pursued this double entry sharing her
personal possessions opportune
for wishing her set weekends nature filled
with laughing memories of a lifetime's
reversals plotting how you'd find success
spiritual flowering love a dirty beach
headland in low light where all you’d have
quite literally to do is grab the girl
and go before there’s been a proper chance
to sing impromptu hymns so solemnly
paired in warm romancing you'd forgo
installing scripts of malware coding for
where this rich toned softcore saint unveils
gradual shifting scenes of her at peace


pairs of tights from ground floor hosiery
shall be entered into only with
the free and full consent of those entitled
by nature to give cause when they're accused
of taking six week stretched invariant
politic occlusions in positions
hard pressed to keep appearances in low
respect for begging leave their company
alone distributed to freely held
opinion seeking simply for the skills
to implement new plans discretely met
distinctly ascertained by law though ill
imagined names to oversee their public
personalities must wait outside


midnight deadlines pack in legislative
cuts the humourless oblique confluences
of coffee totes reviews in pared to order
tailored to give no quarter for the latest
in financing so precious a career
that we might know if someone's misassigned
stock images the senate finds confirms
cappuccinos stirring old dry saws
with sounds to bite for days the clipboard seating
sunflowers show their watch them take the term to
unramble words injected where they can't
snatch in drink the real distinctly chugging
pre mini game price rising caucus wide
deliberations smiling down a flank

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