Thursday, December 31, 2009

AS (25 - 36) || Jim Leftwich


ails swell salted macaroni karma (Same.) as jackknifed salamander
corpse-ray (handy road cap map) also a lot of knots taoist solipsism
burning nude Radar (boxers) AKA club-wing Clinging ...nimble hubris
...nuanced humility


truth has it he was dressed as an omen. So as his jagged fire-cats
coat of Somalia wine-gravy all along the navigate; bridge ruins in
mint seaweed gainfully incubated Hospital Highway Pop-Gun veins his
frog eye combs ~ in a neat stack ~ Carp alpine custard serpent mounds
grassroots jacket same also californian cracked abacus the rotted cots
the knots Nails like Norfolk unduly ubiquitous some boxes from Arkansas
iterated aardvarks and gibbous pillage along the binary Gong.


free with uncertain verbs egg-regard, traipse trapeze, ~ ~ , excerpt
me as the same by some a frilly bittern, at the feet of the children
treated as adults.


then, so osmosis Kathmandu Jackson in some ways as wily as a goat,
Groove-Kiln, -Napalm iridescent jelly risk brute commonplace salon
book necessitates Heroic flow-knack, nakedly ecstatic; and indented.


see these bags of gait, with their semiotic emissions like foggy virgule?

we see rows of empty rectangles.


what if the cops stop caboose bagatelle also some zebra, pink?

jack-the-ripper (or) as an aesthetic (PEON) contextualist echo.


not the tao. not some.


unfortunately for the polar wreckage, which we are not about to
discuss, (OR describe) at an angle and in a hurry to reach the
( ) lake.


for a person of his position he is well-respected as a person
and as a political. as undermined, nor is NATO some kind of joke
(inebriated, wallowing in the gaseous as), as-not - - and then
the icy glue ? - entrance. extant. queue. forthwith sabbatical
rooftops (huge and ugly the buggy is) squashed like Semiotic
haiku coma in mint condition,


in quaternity, and all the rest.


help them become seeping baggy gates jack-of-all-trades kaboom!
some of the also as, as clear as i can tell it...
take the inverted askance ... in june ... alone
akimbo cortisone catastrophe, if adverbial lungfish august then
eldritch snap polar wreckage ~ ~ from Arkansas to Vladivostok ~
cache a la Voynich on the
Over on the
The thief was caught by the police, almost, immediately.


As for the stolen few, which were found in a garbage can. what about belief?

we cannot wait until tomorrow.

nor for the jaded profound to mediate until.

beelzebub hesychasm ontology, which was always about.

regarding so, or related to a false, punctuation.

see the jostled kiln? the jonquil blooming quaint tulips astrology?

it is always a ticklish story, icing on the cat.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

from 'concrescence go aleph' || Peter Ganick

a concrescence go aleph,
a collocation of days in coefficiency
or parallel axon thoroughly presentation-free.

so lucid theorem-blandishment
a coat of soaker hubris,

nounal ceding metalism its
quota blur
unerring not rostrum
gaveling béarnaise pillow talk.

scrimmage thoroughly presentations remedies
waffling oversight
those predilections modestly paradoxical.

after-fixated motto
burlap-ocean than signal
turncoat the vestigial,
so probe misty hopped shore,

wholly defensive iterative
melrose tack inversely plots additive
loci borrowing actinate,

volaré the stump
waffling overheard
those surveying.

glitz wandering cursory
brilliantines grommet vein
of ersatz mitose.

than fabrications erroneous than

blotted from fickle nounal
there a fine
triplicate hedonistic averages,

renew offices thorough lair of behavior
stuck the humored intentional.

harking ocean-side tyranny,

oversight burr on valise nra license
kilter ivrogne tariff elastic
enrolls a guarantee veep,

skidoo those burning
which contrafact erasure not no
hordes plus-que-parfait
enigmative croix
vulnerable than sparring
thief villanelle those infidel bureaucracies thank
toggling awry blunt deterrents.

which comply irreal contestants there felicitous
nth surplus
thwart a universal theory
bloodless amidst
various oeuvre.

throat envision
releasing brakes,

otherwise the scam overshod until rename solidarity
once the heaven-sent
borg hurrying broken shipwrecks,

iconic the beleaguered night-light each
on and integral toast bodily
frenetic blarney calzone the eatery.

screen totem arrows boarding pass
reunite between musics the options curve as
space doffed ontic skittishness pimento virgules
of the tenacious in
unstoppable approximations.

so earlier tjanting as
eloquence terrific evasive procreations
simple as than.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

AS (13 - 24) || Jim Leftwich


commentary; see the beans embedded in their knees, percolates the quantum
emptiness... nor other than this emptiness, cauldron irradiated scalp of
kelp latent gangrene wallows autumnal hoe... skits disjointed sky book of
the hovering cortex voices text or vortex... however, echinacea chocolate
embolism of Desire, chiaroscuro Dachau iota xenophobic Adjustable Rape
Mortgages armed kentucky fried chickens are you kidding me faster than
light depraved cephalic kiosk for embryos, hurry... incomprehensible yet
... dirigible HALO bedraggled nitpicking macdonalds xylophone, signed on
to the duplicity as a duty


text is used to refer to something that has been said and attribute it
to another person. Time is English, Sick and Hurry. Even cooked charisma
is a crooked book jacket sterno jejune linguistic somersault, assault on
summer past the same salted meanders maddening detours soap wire oneiric
like tooth pistil pistols goon ragu; verified kitten anise queue karate
isotropic epiphany minted juleps serpentine spaghetti percolates jugular
vanities (FROG) cosmic comatose dividends squared (as in antiseptic acid)


irrigate carpool scalpels (Litigate zygotes guitar) beauty in the gutter
juggling catnip begonias alkaline stormy likeness, save the veil for the
same, Talk radio / jackass prostitution, the feeling of taxation as an
existential examination... also cartographers take back the night, also
the roving snakes (tarot karaoke) increase your knot vocabulary and untie
the Stories of the Tao (jester / suffering) like some imbricate calligraphic
bounty hunter thoughtful among the lungfish...-


dirigible binary gibberish handmade rocking chairs napkin for a day, x-ray
Nihilistic Tongue... adverbial shoes in the garrison, for example, or fists
flowing wings on the Euphrates, where the shoe bread is as hard as brick
soup. a Soup of Shoes like yellow wine Tomatoes sea Token salvation... soup
of soap... some wire soap razor kewpie dolls, some caesura Yalta coven also
austral (bilateral) yantra in an onion... intact plat bereft kinetic hacienda
theft of the Tao... lake sanity on fire and mink of Samothrace (...) no focus
magic veils come out of the veins like Cosmic commas,


(...) (...) (...) quite onto the already treetops tantalizing analytics.


empty boxes like a sentence composed of nonexistent suburbs. patented tip of
the hat. made of cameras and kerosene.


the soap zone... (SOME) take THE naked marker tao to the fastball FIELD.
(roadmap) token tarmac. (tacklebox) tapioca. cottage. cot. carousel. like
an iconic unclear undulating Radar. (serial boxes) boxes. eviscerate the
alphabetical plasticine cayenne noosphere paleolithic Brahmin hexagonal
cribbage waffler tongue-moon ...curried hurry preparatory perpetrators


once used in comparison for example the second as in this example unlike
the example below was as yardstick as a junkyard dog.


noise as in sauce, so unlike.


Concretely Jagged (isolated ... same). Well, some of the.


wine why wise as Noirvana verisimilitude guantanamo suit kitchen
ruins ? that ? handlebars Pop Tart airport. oil can ... summer
mints, orange lake sauna combs, quantified tilt of boxes...~


tip slip hat knot serried boxes scalpel kelp.

from Remove A Concept vol 09 || Peter Ganick

one is bent away from terms all another's defranchisement
grows harbingers, not a color or a hustIe
thick mantra veriform accusatory rollover tread
standard appliance
has that's thought & whom once rearranged this
goes space to reinforce-----------------------duel on triad
that's at roster (debatable) spill ton
of effulgent (mist) night at reason's is changing torque, merged
not kitten a m stony hurdle buttons, archaic challenge call nineteen
one queue ump foreign, tension
byline at-----------------------friendly felling
masked foot goes lather than ...

off get tablet go cram tirage on th window common story dull
as toast---------------preposition
prepare for
quite hundred stall nothing cd stop, gaping holiday to
music insight lit lemon thirty minutes
stalwart gets drowned of coin
trivet----------------------screws & bolts of
coded encyclopedia no one's fear
version of attic that's spurred onto
standby list
change policy-------------------dog trot
cram at hat oppositive melancholy establish relation
distinctly run after newly tonnage
is no laughter's entirety
talking at bond-----------------card team &
egret & flight pattern on overhead colloid (if that candy)
tensile cd remove at concretely further
this timeframe that
one day-------------------inscription
on rodeo testament treaty
somewhat renovate-------------------white shelf
duo planar genderize teeter hamstrung ...

jam to enjoin copain surrey alien to at know wheat
information, ease at what deliberate stop
corps d'etat----------------------mimicry
macro-evidence uncertainly has at
forget to all states (agent miniseries) mimed
to all thought of etoile merge for what unknows unreasonables,
checks to staple elision, soft hole
clang dearly of action at formulaic island metallophone, true
or in life th care of expect derives to insight instead
on a spot space, cull brother tunes
march demarks rising sod trick of
carom uncomfort .
armature at yr spree ...

equal small at lorgnette, typist
vertigo calligraphic metallic
onto face, on to th chorus
epicentrist salaam nap th swat
vestigial measurable cough, burn
on tend tine biter appear & circle
deem stalwart tacking earpiece
known by resistance has moved onto
reason's a bundle of 'em, to
restrain patriarchal momentum
vertical nothingness talk weather
just say nothing to hear
perhaps cordon off-track bindery
realized contour, why limits
vocality downer fist gram tonic approve
circular fiend shirk cut ...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

from Remove A Concept vol 05 || Peter Ganick


tail of th ego grabs holes from water
sun dense pocket
friend score picnic water from happens some place in
provided, sheet of iota ton turk
like unto as bothersome or today
pharisee, metallism anterior
insurance in across road
chitta sandy shop tone browse ink

desire at once
any pool hulled grows crew nonet
some nice
lights on capillary
advantage of that far backyard
needed and needled ...


precisely between as such
neater stoop to cry, a motel in ire
tick screw privacy
melt anger food narnia crises
farce servant
melisma oratoric hungry to pouch
near overtones all at in by nine daytime ...


house emptier narrow wall
near wallet no opener youngish
for crinkle treadle
some bent than see in spite of that

certain words resurrect
circulation no to stirrup, dancer
ego to flourish
language th memory of failsafe

nettle natural coterie
mend trigonometry
a hailstone on identify song
he say

otherwise annoy or polish a button
madden from spot described
gender-specific avuncular misanthrope's
meditative insularity

you are there
you are not ...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AS (5 - 12) || Jim Leftwich


jelly like a cause oozes data; iterated etymology of ideology;
silent ideas ENTER the ionosphere as the welcome rejection of
a Veil, as Kundalini cobalt wiccan lettrist jihad claustrophobic
asemic commentary multiplicity of architectural inquiries, their
cilia broccoli building duplex utterance, careen


parboiled mythology of the egoless dance, after bivouac aorta
comatose sitcom bovinity, cream cheese of the inch police...
Tai Chi karmic damaged interrupted kangaroo sidereal densities
amalgamated geezers zen Olio search kebab, decorations of the
aerial Democracy, Because somatic letters danger potentially
wax warmongering Taxation Flak, zoological blog notwithstanding
narcoleptic botany, pretense predicated nozzle oozing texts,
percolate eroticism given alluvial quincunx,


digital incinerator hootenanny totemic to mythic wonder, octopus
boiled in a cauldron of signs, no free video of the same so if
you are unsure of how they behave, what should i do? jouissance
is Soup, a lake of soup, jackals somnolent liquidity jackknifed
counterclockwise so as to weaken the omniscient lash, negativity
is not negation, upwards like a squiggle of smoke


nihilist ruin comes to nothing (inveterate?) slipstream kabbalah
anthology or akashic record of chaotic karma (the shaggy Tao),
submarine gamelan mania, separated by serpentine veins and the
comedic seriality of frogs [it is a trap] parquet cape unfolds
scalp coals zaum jugular Samsara (Silky, like a road).


take back the jagged jacket, some of us are cumulus amok also knotted
native to the islands of insistent nonsense snow on the sombrero, past
the same unsatisfied gibbous dirigible neanderthal, strands gong piano
succulent unhurried razors, foreseen abuse so as to make a statement of
what the speaker knows or believes to be encased in what you have come
to know.


as you know, i am leaving tomorrow, such as a suit of soups upwardly
cracked towards jackhammer somnambulism wide-eyed ontological curves,
where cute as a kitten becomes an ash in flames, negation of chaos
nor a Story (not attached) syllabic bagatelles Gaia minted in immanent
veins frogs commandments scalpel cantilevered serpents folded spoons
adjacent gases crackling knots,


taoist cacophony Storied (an innate zigzag) some fire-letters lust virgule
euphoric splinter wiggle squints... glib bile, no input cluster oozes zero
( / ) ax slippage laughter unhurried noon, fires too old to like me, i can
still fight flight flit float flat flutters as much as i want, but i cannot
go to the unilateral cataclysm hotel, welcome hovels jack-o-lantern, skinned
treble blaze, however vortex the soar...


obligations oblong rorschach nothingness ponies impoverished final, although
all through the novel numen movie, much as a verb + a preposition in the
subjective cul de sac, intuits kinetic asceticism, umbrellas calligraphic;
larynx brackets colonnade variant iconic variant glitch hop kaput, green
malevolent greed (that) spun auburn fiefdom vowels of wal-mart iatrogenic
jujitsu, coils nothing like cocaine notations of hilarity, brains meekly
skiing upon a pun, endgame boycott (as a swastika)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy

How I Know It Is My Heart: No Punctuation

[ 1 ] Stalks of bigger flowers than you thought: his noticeable discomfiture around quite likely blossoming.

[ 2 ] Maple syrup, as if sweet water weren’t enough, and daydreams, less-than-mild hypotheses.

[ 3 ] All of the perimeters lay fallow, save for her, her majesty and complication, attractive from a distance, mainly, and the curve of her . . .

[ 4 ] Centigrade, the rise of altogether foreign terra, and a mid-line to be crossed.

[ 5 ] Anxiety so swilled it keeps on giving to the undeserving (text me a trace of lost identity: mock orange, bottomless petunia, corrugated bloodline.

[ 6 ] Sanctimonious division problem, not the same as new blood, all for the good of the ordinal data.

[ 7 ] She practices appearing to be popular, declaring to the missing audience what little time she has for them, how thinly they qualify.

[ 8 ] So what (instrument do you play) . . . graffiti bums me out, it is so much like dirigibles in rehearsal, scarce in output.

[ 9 ] If I must be trapped, I would be trapped with you, here in this luxury antiphonal restraint, to the extent that people are already talking.

[ 10 ] Lifetime tepid as a trawl across the arbitrary line distinguishing potency from desire.

[ 11 ] Awaiting the incorrigible impersonator to deflate the broad brimmed cyclone from its perch, a semblance crimps expensive weeds still drying underneath the door frame.

[ 12 ] Hypothetical rumblings, discussion of same, sleek repartee, veal cutlets for a future meal, a silver service, let us pray.

Monday, December 21, 2009

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Spoils of Dreamless Sleep

some blood of winds at the source of the chasm where
the very GEIST falls, driven like lines
harnessing process as a sea of beaming ice
such process, with nature and birds,
becomes its own loud lone glare
"in another sound?" "no, no other sound"
just some unsculptured image the old taught her young ruin
a rushing restless gleam, chainless winds over the Earth and
many sounds wait, and to Earth lands lightning
unheard play of universal blanks, verse, syntax, & raves

Thursday, December 17, 2009

AS (1 - 4) || Jim Leftwich


then, at the same time i met the joint chief when he came home, and
we were able to speak as combs on the pterodactyl veranda, lest the
wily terrapin, flowering calligraphy of the caliph, could dilate adz
lustrous coruscate guantanamo; at that time data, nearly nadir; minced


then, robust caboose, war rent by the whirlwind; signifiers liquor
cunning While tandem distilled queue, comes in meaty colors; indoor
plumbing notwithstanding cuttlefish (algebraic kettle fish) wherein
Katrina mints beggar Samovar bilious legions ogham scum, mentors meow
reams trepidations of the moon,


quantum and quandary; khaki Semantics, hadal kaleidoscope twirling
ouija meniscus, DATA, jack of iterated ideas, kidney and candy in
esperanto, ECSTATIC normative limp temporal, Buttons too Ephemera
to rankle darkly Kids glove, medial gymnasium typo


colloidal and cadence; nor darkly through the narrow doors,
mediated universal dangling (parquet Yalta)... entropic
kindled tonic, kibbles bit narcotic, cartoons too because
of what i am leaving tomorrow i brought a gift for you. imagine
the gaseous angels singing umbrellas Kyoto.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

from ENTRANCES || John Crouse


Vacancy. Vacant vacate vacation, vacillate vacuous vacuum vagabond, vagary vagrant vague. Vaguely vain, valedictory. Valiant, valid. Validate valley valor. Valuable valuables value valued values. Vamp van vanguard.
Vanish vanity. Vanquish vapid variable. Variance variant variation varied variegated variety various. Varnish vary vast vault. Vaunt veer vegetate, vegetation vehemence. Vehement vehicle veil veiled vein velocity venal. Vendetta vendor veneer venerable veneration vengeance.
Venial venom, venomous vent, ventilate venture veracious, verbal verbatim verbose. Verbosity verdict verge verification, verify vernacular, versatile verse version. Vertical vertigo verve very Wessel.
Vest vestibule vestige vestigal veteran, veto vex. Vexation, vexatious, vexed viable. Vibrant vibrate vibration vicar vicarious vice vicinity.
Vicious vicissitude victim victimize victor. Victorious victuals vie view. Viewer viewpoint vigilance, vigilant vigor vigorous. Vigorously vile vilify villain villainous, villainy vindicate, vindictive vintage violate. Violence, violent virgin. Virginal, virile.
Virility virtual virtually virtue, virtuosity virtuoso, virtuous. Virulent visible vision. Visionary visit, visitation visitor visual.
Visualize vital vitality vitriolic vituperate, vituperation vivacious, vivacity vivid vocabulary. Vocal vocation vociferous. Vogue voice void volatile volition volley volubility, voluble volume voluminous, voluntarily. Voluntary.
Volunteer voluptuous vomit, voracious vortex vote vouch, voucher vouchsafe vow.
Voyage vulgar, vulgarity vulnerable.


Wad wadding waddle wade waft.
Wag wage, wager wages waggish. Waggle waif wail, wait, waiter.
Waive wake. Wakeful, waken walk, walker. Walkout walkover wall. Wallet wallow wan wand wander. Wandering wane want wanting wanton war. Ward, warden. Wardrobe warehouse wares warfare warily. Wariness warlike, warlock warm warmth warn, warning warrant, warrantable warring warrior wary. Wash waspish waste wasted wasteful, wastrel, watch.
Watchdog, watcher watchful watchman, watchword water, waterfall watertight. Watery wave waver wavy. Wax way, wayfarer.
Wayfaring, waylay wayward. Weak weaken weakling weakness wealth wear weariness wearing wearisome, weary weather weave web wed. Wedded wedge weed weekly, weep weepy weigh. Weighty weird welcome welfare, well, wet.
Wharf wheedle whereabouts. Wherewithal whet whiff while whim whimper whimsical. Whine whip whipping whirl. Whirlpool whirlwind whisk, whiskey whisper whit, white whiten whitewash. Whittle whole. Wholehearted wholesale wholesome wholly whoop. Whore widen wicked wide, widen widespread. Width wield wife, wild. Wilderness wile will.
Willful, willing willingly willingness, willpower wilt wily win. Wince.
Wind winded windfall winding window, windy wing wink.
Winner, winning winnings, winnow wintry wipe, wiry wisdom wise. Wisecrack wish wistful wit. Witch witchcraft withdraw. Withdrawal, withdrawn wither, withhold within. Without withstand witness wits witticism witty, wizard wizened wobble woe.
Woebegone woeful, wolf woman, womanish, womanizer womankind. Womanly wonder wonderful wont woo.
Wood wooded wooden woods woolgathering wooly word, words wordy work workable. Workaday worker, working workman workmanship workout, works workshop world worldly.
Worldwide, worn worried worry, worsen worship worst. Worth worthless, worthwhile worthy, wound wraith wrangle wrap. Wrapper wrath wrathful wreath, wreathe wreck, wreckage wrench wrest. Wrestle wretch, wretched wriggle. Wriggly wring wrinkle writ.
Write, writer. Writhe writing wrong, wrongdoer. Wrongful wry.




Yap yardstick.
Yarn yawning year, yearly yearning yell.
Yet yield yoke.
Yokel young, youngster, youth youthful.


Zany zap zeal, zealot.
Zealotry zealous zenith zero.
Zest zing.
Zip zone.

from Remove A Concept vol 06 || Peter Ganick


read over by hutch numb
stream indelible smock's
fake test on car lot scamper dual

bundle into car place
now nearly ex treadle patch
glass parch mendicant
(time for fun) all th sequent mad
electables are you to statement

each barn flower
some new town
a door on play scarf
ovation carpet demur (outside no
text is a fair on apply senescent room
tabled in curtsey
torn cry exact role if consent
to provide cursory) redefines

not too loquacious
day unpaid value new at
twixt much save soars to provinder
yawn chink probe
car lot madder foot often cries at bluish
nature, a score most possibly a fade
(one hand a wishful to reorganize)
(not too seriously) ...


comet dawn after ins and outs
songs offer sing shore chance
like contest this new
appreciates to clam up

stocky has tennis elbow (change
deed pulling) .
early retribution on late goals
tedium restrict
song hat mellow company if still

deforestation a fade of back, how
gets cool feed nine of alters
form a
cluster ...


reality occasions pause and drift
a real tense on deem
part ceiling apart now
a tennis a father some isolate
memory accelerates, this is

a new place of scramble at
corridor calligraph
more poignant to amaze
reap client and ladder
this to dry odder on wet
(accurate talk vice versa)

word at paucity
memorize tent vague as corner
onerous milestone
some nature implicates
by hard world
(is another gun under table tow)
a phrase fright announces

his this to
what accompany (late in
five-week seven-week
profiteer their
cafe amount large of telephone
go wilderness part of life, a
scope reap tread
milligrams and new conscience, a
rocket all kick
formless as impossible
cadillac ...


top of th house t'ya
massive, awesome, fire
trivet clivia porsche deep
all like college is already
running out on it's sell
at another angle to insert
think twice

stuck for intensify, darns and assumes
responsibility proselytize
melodrama, all more than
fun literature

think enjoyed
attach imagines proper
this sequence at all now hours
nearly tot replace
grumpy island wd coop up
in demand's offering

perfume a state of gramophone ...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy

Dreamed Detritus

[ 1 ] Whichofus still is? I kindle morning, mourning on account of I don’t know better.

[ 2 ] Better than you, nothing. When you figure it out, allow me.

[ 3 ] Supplant something, crave cost, blemish an environment (thereby, make it yours).

[ 4 ] She chided me for declarations (one after the next), and I looked out (the window) at wind.

[ 5 ] Tenements are so conducive to syllabic poems.

[ 6 ] I pretend to tell you everything (my hands grow white).

[ 7 ] Tea of the moment adds momentum, namely chocolate rooibos (please don’t call it rubios).

[ 8 ] When he fastens on a destination, he takes three alternate routes first, landing at point A again, again, again, and then proceeds on a direct path, to demonstrate to himself survival skills, should they be needed.

[ 9 ] Mantras cannot be returned without original receipt.

[ 10 ] I tested what you have to offer, and I found that I have plenty of supply at better value, better cost.

[ 11 ] Stopography, a styptic pencil, stylus, steeplechase, and various

[ 12 ] A malignant grab for my attention, as if only as a step inside that I might not resist.

from Remove A Concept vol 08 || Peter Ganick


features replace other gender
th things we lean try adumbrate,

whom than what, is question
scrape eventual dynastic arisen
moderate in statistic, vested commerce, a
great grey fluid on
nervous transcend.dollops of clotted cream, testator various names insert,

think quality of mathematic symphony,
bothers to entrap (garden
in shade)(cool idiom)
vacuum all th atoms'
out itself as space depends stamp
all over th world, a
trashy thrush go i from at
sportive dusky melody,

clean choir, to impact upon
spring wind chimes, music, no
space, how life's alive,

worlds, th fraction of diva onto
nadir of compunction, near
other ...


motion, nine pane window door closed,
brass handle th screen turn, very
courteous catches th eye from
otherness, wearing deletorious storm,

throat clear th slept has
overturned with, past
hill on sofa sits downstream of
whom you begins to starts to be,

worn shape
street to entire imagine, out of
shoe first, sleeve ankle,
generate use two
candid appreciates,

certify to keep, .
distinct as if you to worm out of,
gardens i a meeting on
shoes first, then ankle,

impress on walk, museums open doors
some feet to climb be
garnish i as future limit, one's a
diplomacy better
by barter, music ultimately
toe-hee heard aquarelle, most
cannot say one thing ...


as to try is of
go to ask under inside house
row yr boat mantra
genera mind i follow intern,
rapacious nectar shut silent,

goes that insert before
treatment indulgent, all times th
wish down core pond,
nut nut cry,

real indigo (paint to horizontal)
cool igloo soap stutter
before breaks
consequent of early retract formalize,

nearby ornament sock hop, street
ductile arm tools once
return, a pace gentian rose took
mistook & retaken,
how you beginning of consort
melt ocean muscle ...


thankless agency of corrects th
minus pool duo, letting
blare th coincident dash aspersions,

mostly savored from
tone indict from, at a
collected bursar genial issue rally
porous seizure, no
now no ...

AT(61-68) || Jim Leftwich


BARELY keepsake alpaca as, aerate the eye, violin
wine in vein, the toes of a word, against - serial
discontinuous replicas of variations ... serried
discontiguous recombinant variations ... !! ...
(Nor Radical agendas addendum viral zinnias ennui)


nearly Updated oozes pasts, stir the will, Mote of
Knots, utter either parataxis oar lamp hat nap gnat
not, paralegal protean paranormal U-Turn Pasts lute
mutt lust mute last flute list mittens must ... -
Eat / Add ... (Hat curved throng of vacancies)
(Burning chill) rabbits by the word-inch


three times he came up with a pair of air, came to sounds.
Bells. naked curlicue, which at play is (as) azimuth as
is, Vie veered Vast vents Viewed vascular Vacuum votive
Vocable vocal Votes visitors Ventriloquist, astir instill,
at ask, at as, on otic (via wax)


christian rituals evolved from pagan festivals.
capitalist spectacles evolved from christian rituals.


ajax implicates jute; jonquil algonquin kinship rattan
upon ladders laboratory rats to 7-11, narco-aquarius,
pedal steel papaya, post office box ideology (-iconic)
cornucopia, daydreams of violence violets violins vice
versa, iatrogenic, toothaches by the square foot ...


NOR radical square root of updated haiku omitted opiates pasts,
eye beam, vedantic in a red sedan, from... Washington, naked,
oblique oblong obsolete, Very, if unannounced, naked video
penguin... Of square miles and spare tires (box), opening onto
excise exercise exorcised blizzards of blood and serial vacuum


a pair of sixes = 1, 2, 3, 5, and 9.


for statements of the union or occupation, the country is at
war and we are working. in spiral jelly forks a pair of hinges
v-necked Death (identity); pasts up to their eyeteeth in sweet
potato kindergarten zoological anagram taste test litmus blot
in a complete sentence or expressing a complete thought. delimit
these Jumping juice once hyphenated dollar sign minarets halogen
fruitflies unconnected (elf telephone glazed salt and sagging)

Monday, December 14, 2009

from ENTRANCES || John Crouse


Ubiquitous ugly ulcer ulterior ultimate. Ultimately ultramodern umbrage umbrella umpire umpteen unable unabridged unacceptable.
Unaccomplished. Unaccountable unaccustomed unaffected.
Unanimity unanimous. Unanswerable, unapproachable unarmed unassailable unassuming. Unattached. Unattended unauthorized, unavailing unavoidable unaware, unawares unbalanced unbearable. Unbeatable unbecoming. Unbelief unbelievable.
Unbeliever unbend. Unbending unbiased, unbind unborn, unbounded unbreakable unbridled unbroken. Unburden uncanny unceremonious uncertain.
Uncertainty unchangeable, uncharitable uncharted uncivil, uncivilized unclean, uncomfortable uncommitted uncommon. Uncommonly uncommunicative, uncompromising unconcern unconcerned unconditional. Unconnected unconscionable unconscious.
Uncontrollable unconventional uncoordinated uncouth uncover unctuous undaunted undefined. Undemonstrative undeniable under underclothes, undercover undercurrent undercut, underdog underestimate.
Undergo underground undergrowth, underhand underline. Underling underlying undermine underprivileged. Underrate undersized, understand. Understanding understate understudy, undertake. Undertaker undertone undervalue. Underwater, underwear underworld underwrite undesirable.
Undisciplined, undisguised, undisputed, undistinguished undo. Undoing undone undoubted. Undoubtedly undress undue. Unduly undying, unearth. Unearthly, uneasy unemotional unemployed unending unenviable. Unequal unequaled, unequivocal unethical, uneven.
Uneventful, unexceptional unexpected unfair. Unfaithful unfamiliar unfashionable, unfasten unfavorable unfeeling unfit. Unflattering.
Unfold unforeseen unforgettable. Unforgivable unfortunate unfounded.
Unfriendly. Ungainly, ungodly. Ungrateful unguarded unhappy, unhealthy unheeded. Unhinged unholy, unhurried unidentified unification uniform, uniformity unity unimaginable. Unimaginative, unimportant uninhabited uninhibited unintelligible unintentional. Uninterested.
Uninteresting uninterrupted. Uninviting union unique, unison unit unite. United unity universal, universally universe.
Unjust, unjustifiable unkempt unkind unknown, unlawful unlike. Unlikely unlimited unload unlock unloved unlucky. Unmanageable unmanly unmannerly unmarried unmistakable.
Unmitigated unmoved, unnatural unnecessary unnerve unobtrusive unoccupied unofficial unorthodox unpalatable unparalleled unpleasant unpopular unprecedented unpredictable unpremeditated unpretentious unprincipled unproductive unprofessional unpromising unqualified unquestionable unravel unreal.
Unrealistic, unreasonable unrefined unrelenting unreliable. Unrepentant unreserved, unresolved unrest unrestricted unrivaled, unruly unsaid unsavory. Unscrupulous unseat. Unseemly unselfish unsettle, unsettled unshakable.
Unsightly, unskilled unsociable, unsolicited unsophisticated unsound, unspeakable unspoiled unspoken unstable, unstudied unsubstantial unsubstantiated unsuccessful, unsuitable unsung, unsure.
Unsuspecting, unsympathetic untangle untenable unthinkable unthinking. Untidy untie. Untimely untiring untold untoward, untroubled untrue, untrustworthy untruth, untruthful unusual, unutterable unveil unwarranted unwelcome unwell.
Unwieldy, unwilling unwind unwise unwitting unwonted unworldly, unworthy upbraid. Upbringing upgrade, upheaval uphill. Uphold upkeep, uplift upper. Uppermost uppish upright, uprising, uproar uproarious upset upshot upstanding. Upstart upturn upward upwards urban urbane. Urbanity urchin urge urgency urgent, urinate usable usage. Useless usher usher usual, usually.
Usurp utilitarian utility, utilize utmost utter.
Utterance utterly.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Past Collapse

& with a punctuated dashing, & barred
carefully wrenched perception planted
grave songs beyond the convulsion
echo of behavior, say a lifetime
contented notice with zeal exhausted such rest
a mouthful of minutes genuinely enjoying themselves
the very point found it possible
charming overburdened possession could follow
brains so strong-minded, no object known
spoken ill-mannered late persistence
generations convey the division of the divine links
religion had one instance only
derived researches convey the grains conveys the inevitable
conception of rabbinic law, which remains metempsychosis
to a large extent the distance is sheer nonsense
manifestations manifest sufficient punishments
rationalizations influenced mysticism
endeavor toward paraphrase
underground heart played their part
identity a host of errors and falsehoods
veritable historical spirit
treasure expanded the predecessor, hand-made wilds
swamping 1000 years for my eye
mountains between numbers & oaths
death an identification with their secret
the end of the alphabet promised to the Greeks
corresponding governments have a picture in mind
perfectly our account received a sight
carried the favor, secure a storm
heard the apologies aspiring to hard words
whispers drawn through a short silence
betrayed more than another motion
welcomed the age, being spared contrast
natural suspect despises implicated juncture
read to the right closing admirers, sportive power
paintings in boulders, suitably lamentable
chimneys at the end of pictures
borrowed forests suffer doubt considerable
conclusion a posthumous confrontation
a political appreciation closely associated with furnishings
a plain sequence haunting as a skin
her familiar to wear an apparition of landscape
appearances the result of haunting
cameras elsewhere are intimate, upsetting frontier refusals
forest looking up, resonant in the rain
should illusion confer life or retirement
the same ornaments suit an epitaph
they are by chance double vision
moral imprints of driven landscape
cross-over leaves are rock
audience determines the trademark, the procedure
confirmed insignificant windows
things do not paint the impossible
broadcasting their wounds
surfaces are exactly as dark as a term
dramatic claims, these alone prove rigid
each is further remembered
should discernable disjuncture
born e l o n g a t i o n
weeping is any business at the same time...

except past collapse

Saturday, December 12, 2009

from ENTRANCES || John Crouse


Tab table tableau, tablet, taboo tabulate tacit. Taciturn tack tackle tacky tact, tactful tactic. Tactical tactics tactless tag tail tailor taint. Take takeoff takings tale talent. Talented talk.
Talkative talker talks tall tally. Tame tamper tan tang tangible tangle. Tangled tank tantalize tantamount tantrum tap. Tape taper target tariff, tarnish tart task taste tasteful. Tasteless. Tasty tatter tattle taunt taut, tautology tawdry tax. Taxing teach teacher. Team tear tearful, tease technical, technique tedious. Tedium teem teenage. Teenager. Teeter teetotalism, teetotaler, telegram telepathy, telephone telescope, television tell. Telling, telltale temerity temper temperament.
Temperamental temperance temperate tempest, tempestuous temple temporal temporarily, temporary tempt. Temptation tempting tenable tenacious tenacity, tenant tend tendency tender, tenderness tenet tenor tense, tension tentative.
Tenterhooks tenuous, tepid term terminal terminate, termination terminology. Terminus terms terrible terribly terrific terrified terrify territory terror. Terrorize terse test, testament testify. Testimonial, testimony testy, tether text texture, thank thankful. Thanks, thaw theater.
Theatrical theft theme, then. Theological. Theoretical. Theorize theory therapeutic.
Therapy thereabouts thereafter. Therefore thesis thick.
Thicken thicket, thickness thickset.
Thief thieve thin thing. Things, think thinker, thinking, thirst thirsty throng, thorn thorny, thorough. Thoroughbred thoroughfare thoroughly, though thought thoughtful, thoughtless thrash thread threadbare. Threat thereafter threatening, threesome threshold thrift thrifty thrill. Thrilling thrive, thriving throat, throb throes, throne throttle through.
Throughout throw, thrust thrusting thud. Thug thumb thumbnail thump. Thumbing thunder, thundering thunderous, thunderstruck thus. Thwack thwart tick thicket tickle ticklish tidbit tide. Tidings tidy tie tier tight. Tighten till tilt. Timber.
Time timeless timely, timetable timid. Timorous tincture tinge tingle tinker. Tinkle tinsel, tint tiny tip, tipsy tirade. Tire tired tireless tiresome tiring.
Tissue titillate. Titillating title titter titular toady toast.
Today toddle together. Toil toilet token tolerable. Tolerance tolerant tolerate. Toleration toll. Tomb tombstone tome tomfoolery tone, tongue tonic too.
Tool top topcoat topic. Topical topmost topple. Torment torn tornado torpid. Torpor torrent torrid, tortuous. Torture toss tot total totalitarianism totality. Totally totter touch touched, touching touchstone touchy, tough. Toughen tour, tourist.
Tournament tousled tout. Tow toward tower. Towering town toxic toy. Trace track tract. Tractable trade, trademark trader tradition, traditional traduce traffic tragedy. Tragic trail train, trainer training trait traitor. Traitorous trajectory trammel tramp.
Trample trance tranquil, tranquilize tranquilizer tranquility transact. Transaction transactions transcend. Transcendence transcending transcendente, transcendental transcribe. Transcript transfer, transfix.
Transform. Transformation transgress transgression. Transgressor transience transient transit. Transition transitional, transitory translate translation transmission, transmit transparency.
Transpire transplant transport. Transports transpose transverse trap. Trappings trash trauma. Traumatic travel. Traveler, traveling, travels traverse travesty treacherous, treachery tread. Treason treasonable.
Treasure treat treatise treatment treaty trek trellis, tremble tremendous tremor, tremulous trench, trenchant trend. Trepidation trespass, trespasser tresses trial. Tribe tribulation tributary. Tribute trick. Trickery trickle. Trickster, tricky, tried trifle.
Trifling trigger, trim trimming, trimmings trinket trio trip. Tripe triple trite triumph. Triumphant trivia trivial.
Triviality troop troops trophy. Tropical trouble, troublemaker, troublesome trough. Trounce troupe truancy. Truant truce. Truculent trudge, true. Truly tramp.
Trumpet truncate truncheon trunk truss. Trust trustful trustworthy, trusty truth truthful. Try trying.
Tuck tug tuition tumble, tumbledown tumid tumor tumult. Tumultuous tune, tuneful tunnel turbulence. Turbulent turf, turgid turmoil. Turn turnout turnover.
Tussle tutor twaddle tweak. Twig twilight twin twine twinge. Twinkle twinkling twirl twist, twit twitch twitter, tycoon type.
Typhoon typical, typify tyrannical, tyrannize tyranny, tyrant.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AT (49-60) || Jim Leftwich


homemade → attached → handmade → attacks → meanders mediated; →
scooters pool in the loop of shoes; → twelve loaves and a raven
to the baker's coven → locker - hatband → pickled → static →
entwined books atavistic accountant


engenders germinate softens time.


upwardly scars hourly by the floor of clocks.


tonight on the lawn a light like dawn:


toe preposterous ontology [ethereal] view of bones:
you have no face in their house → he lives on squawk
forest road beneath the eulogy of the sign: half-life
paper fed ephemeral ears:


Veer (Even) past, eyes, vendor asks, yearling, when
outside (verisimilitude), occluded insufficient - loss -
junket jostle akin to knees - - - , ever last on fire:


infinity nods on -, - envelope, - anthill, - nor,
- Banished - bent, nails Narrow -, diurnal kneels
nails Anthill -, eyelid, hijacked, visionary tilt
of serried squares ...


NOR Radical enclosed quietude you, opaque papers,
eyebrows erudite Video deviant, wishful blinking,
privy or proxy zygote Embryonic Eponymous, HAVEN,


Open, Variable, naked, nascent oddly knots, U-Turn
Pasts, hostile occult, identify identity: if the
virtual then the inverse ... - disembark / detour
... encircled elliptical enclosures opening ( , )


(O) no koan cilia ache in the rectilinear [world]...
in two directions, he saw, he shouted like a toy.
noctilucent virgule, ungulate, odd doodles expletive!


(lavatory jumping libraries) kazoo nativity pasts,
astir until, ether after, if either over anon noon;
mocha hacienda Puddle, squirms bailing pears;


squiggle decibels Khartoum jolly tooth Cul de sac
inverse against the anvil? triangular fire in a
broken cup; shifters united nuclear Iran ( - - )

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ENTRANCES || John Crouse


Sentimentality sentiments sentry separate. Separately, separation septic, sepulcher sequel sequence sequester seraphic serendipity serene.
Serenity series serious, seriously, seriousness sermon serrated servant. Serve service serviceable services servile serving servitude session set setback setting. Settle settlement, settler. Setup sever several severe.
Severely severity, sew sex, sexuality sexy. Shabby shackle shackles shade shadow shadowy, shady shaft shaggy shake shaky shallow sham. Shamble shambles shame shamefaced, shameful, shameless shape shapeless, shapely shard share sharp sharpen shatter shave sheath shed sheen.
Sheepish sheer sheet shelf shell shelter. Sheltered shelve shepherd shield shift. Shiftless, shifty shimmer shine. Shining shiny, shirk, shirker, shiver shivery shock. Shocking shoddy, shoot. Shop shore short. Shortage shortcoming shorten shortly shortsighted, shot shoulder shout shove. Shovel show showdown shower showing showy shred shrewd. Shrewdness shriek shrill shrine, shrink shrivel shriveled shroud shrug. Shudder shuffle shun shut shuttle shy, shyness sick. Sicken sickening sickly, sickness side. Sidelong sidestep sidetrack sideways. Siege siesta sieve. Sift sigh, sight sign, signal significance, significant signify, silence silent. Silhouette silky, silly.
Similar, similarity similarly simmer simple, simpleton simplicity simplify simplistic simply simulate simultaneous. Simultaneously sin sincere, sincerely sincerity sinewy. Sinful sing singe singer single, singly singular sinister sink. Sinner, sinuous, sip siren, sit, site situate, situation size skeleton skeptic.
Skeptical, skepticism sketch sketchy skill skilled. Skillful skim skimp skimpy skin. Skinflint, skinny, skip skirmish, skirt skit. Skittish skulk, sky slab slack. Slacker slake, slam slander, slanderous slang slant slanting slap, slapdash slash slaughter slave. Slaver slavery slavish slay sleek. Sleep sleepiness sleepless, sleeplessness sleepwalking. Sleepy slender sleuth slice slick slide slight, slighting slightly slim slime. Slimy sling slink, slip slipper slipperiness slippery, slipshod slipup slit slither, silver slobber slogan, stop slope sloping sloppy slot. Sloth, slothful slouch slovenly slow, slowly sluggish, sluggishness slumber slump slur slut sly smack small. Smart smash smashing smattering smear smell. Smelly smile smirk smitten smog.
Smoke smoky smolder smooth, smoothness smother smudge smug, smuggler snack snag snap. Snappy snare snarl snatch. Sneak. Sneaking sneer sneeze, snicker sniff snip snippet snivel snobbery. Snobbish snoop snooze. Snub snug snuggle soak. Soaking soar, sob sober, sobriety sociability sociable social. Socialize society sodden soft.
Soften soggy soil sojourn. Solace soldier solecism solemn. Solemnity solicit. Solicitous solicitude solid, solidarity solidify solitary. Solitude solution solve solvent somber somebody someday somehow. Sometime sometimes. Somnolent song, sonorous, soon soothe soothsayer sophisticated. Sophistication sophistry.
Soporific sorcerer sorceress sorcery sordid. Sore sorrow sorrowful sorry sort. Sortie soul sound sour, source souvenir sovereign. Sovereignty sow space, spacious span spank. Spar spare sparing spark.
Sparkle sparse spartan spasm.
Spasmodic spate spatter, spawn speak, speaker spearhead special, specialist specialty species specific specification specify, specimen specious speck. Speckled spectacle spectacular specter speculate. Speculation speculative speech speechless speed speedy spell spellbinding spellbound spend spendthrift spent.
Spew sphere spherical spice spicy spike spill spin spine. Spineless spiral spire spirit. Spirited spiritless spirits spiritual spit. Spite spiteful splash, spleen splendid, splendor splice. Splinter split spoil spoils spoilsport spoken spokesman sponge sponger. Spongy sponsor spontaneous spoonfeed, sporatic sport sporting sportive spot. Spotless spotlight spotted spouse. Spout sprawl spray spread spree. Sprig sprightly spring springy sprinkle sprinkling sprint sprite sprout. Spruce spry spume spunk spur. Spurious spurn spurt spy squabble squad squalid. Squalor squander square squash squat squawk. Squeak squeal squeamish squeeze, squire squirm squirt stab. Stability stable stack. Stadium staff stage stagger stagnant, stagnate staid stain, stake stakes stale stalemate stalk, stall stalwart stamina stammer, stamp stampede stance.
Stand standard standardize standing standoffish standpoint standstill staple. Star stare stark start. Startle startling starvation starving state. Stated stately, statement static station, stationary statue, statuesque stature, status staunch stave. Stay steadfast, steady steal stealing stealth, stealthy steam steaming steel, steely steep steeple steer.
Stem stench stentorian, step stereotype. Stereotyped sterile, sterility sterilize sterling stern, stew stick, Sticky, stiff. Stiffen, stifle stigma still stilted.
Stimulant stimulate, stimulating stimulus, sting stingy stink, stint stipulate. Stipulation stir. Stirring, stitch stock. Stockings stockpile stocky. Stodgy, stoical. Stoicism stolid, stomach stone. Stony stooge stoop, stop, stopgap stopover stoppage stopper, store. Stores storm. Stormy story stout, stouthearted stove stow straddle. Strafe straggle straight. Straighten straightforward, strain.
Strained, strainer strait, straitened straitlaced straits strand, stranded strange, stranger strangle strap stratagem strategic, strategy stratum stray. Streak stream streamer streamlined street strength. Strengthen, strenuous stress stretch strict stricture stride. Strident strife strike. Striking string stringent strings stringy strip.
Stripe striped stripling, strive stroke, stroll strong. Strongbox stronghold structure struggle, strut stub stubborn.
Stubby stuck student studied studio studious. Study stuff stuffing stuffy stultify. Stumble stump stun stunning stunt stunted stupefaction. Stupefy stupendous stupid. Stupidity stupor sturdy stutter style stylish, suave. Subconscious subdue.
Subdued subject subjective subjugate sublime submerge submission. Submissive submit subnormal subordinate subscribe subsequent subservient subside. Subsidiary subsidize subsidy subsist, subsistence substance substantial.
Substantially substantiate substitute subterfuge, subtle subtlety subtract suburb. Suburban subversive subvert. Subway succeed. Succeeding success successful succession, successor succinct succor succulent succumb.
Suck. Suckle sudden. Suddenly suds sue suffer. Suffering suffice. Sufficient suffocate suffrage suffuse sugary suggest. Suggestion suggestive, suit suitable suitcase suite, suitor, sulk. Sulky sullen sultry sum, summarily summarize summary. Summit summon summons sumptuous sunder sunken sunless.
Sunlight, sunny, sunrise sunset sunshine, superb supercilious superficial superfluous, superhuman superintend superintendent superior. Superiority superlative, supernatural supersede supervise supervision, supervisor supine. Supper supplant supple supplement. Supplementary suppliant supplicate, supplication supplies supply. Support, supporter, supportive suppose. Supposed supposition suppress. Suppression suppurate supremacy. Supreme, sure. Surely surety surface. Surfeit surge surly.
Surmise surmount surname surpass. Surpassing surplus, surprise. Surprised, surprising surrender surreptitious surround. Surrounding, surroundings surveillance survey survive susceptibility. Susceptible suspect suspend suspense, suspension suspicion suspicious sustain. Sustained sustenance swagger swallow swamp. Swampy swap swarm swarthy, swashbuckling swathe sway, swear swearing sweat. Sweaty sweep, sweeping sweet, sweeten sweetheart swell. Swelling sweltering, swerve swift. Swiftness swill swim.
Swimmingly swindle, swindler swing swirl switch swollen. Swoop sword sybaritic sycophant. Sycophantic, symbol symbolize symmetrical, symmetry sympathetic.
Sympathize, sympathizer, sympathy symptom symptomatic.
Synthesis synthetic.
Syrupy system systematic.

Monday, December 7, 2009

poem || Jeff Harrison

down heyday leave horses dance

so bites stay by back window nightways, making lost like
sleep with an open trigger... you stowed my smell, but
the handful a' blood was mine, stolen from animals...
around their wrists were death beads

& I like your have-love, stranger

so... I'll mention none other as dice below fingernails
nor as coral dust hands for words,

I thought up days with legs below

- nightwalkers I called 'em, but the term is friendly-like &
literal... to dust-love at blues breasts, at least...
burial at sea & nowhere have dirt drink me
I've thinks extraordinary that swim you, sea spinsters'
witch odor, feet shed underwater

Friday, December 4, 2009

poems || Brian Zimmer



eight-shouldered thralldom splenetic galena
rictus wight conscript taphophilic market jacked

calyx rouge stoa pyre carved tier beguine
coronet churl remonstrate badger feint

clenched pleroma oblongata ergo sonic alembic
sententious transience uptake uvular wax

anomalous flood plane drusy eremitic yellow digestive
flag paddy sparrow litigant

teal kerchief advent torture gamers under radar
deckled edges flapper third knot ergot-gummed

homeostatic assignations sodium replacement
binary old-school mercury luminaire bleat

visceral crinolines enjoin scherenschnitte bedded
etherized wrought-iron lection blonde athames



sans grandstand given precis ungulate to syrinx austerity in situ projective gloss pejorative sufferance induction dislocation tensile braced tinctured duration lifted backseat lexical.

AT (37-48) || Jim Leftwich


homespun / handmade → school or flock of homes / school of flesh;
→ the baker is in the oven, and the coven is in the baker; → to
see the stench / stealth → eat the woven clock.


truth (in harms and times) → it could take up to forever, so
take your time → christmas combs and christmas toes → night
after light, like a turkey through a lake;


momentary ocular smoke of the times, freely (in thermal rice,
speed kilts electric celery) → asemic coriander; sand dunes
totalized knit → an astonishment ask kilter;


→ or both; filth kilowatts mule hair / harried; fuel at full
speed → spit speeding will do forthwith (interim glovebox fashion);
→ erase rat riot of time.


impeach peace end pieces. → hive of (referential) fires. inactive proclivities.


Beings at work in (theoretical) offices being eaten and excreted. → work forks
belabor the workplace.


computer programmers at play as programmed computers playing.


to be good at stealth → guts in escrow. a stretch of wrench.
hexagonal relativity is the law.


shocked / surface / prism / annotated / buoyant / steadily
in hock → / suffice / privacy / angry quiche au pair; / mote
of socks / : : /


I went to his indigestion → was sent as a child in beards
|||||| spent the ellipsis underling burnt chassis ||||||


lemniscate embolic → parabolic database aerobic → → → : so :
scant ego eros scat slant plague of boiling frogs : talk &
talk & talk & talk & talk


material [rats] oneiric (rectangular gardening) periodic post office
inquisition, indirectly indeterminate → + incubator + radiator
+ atrium → summits stumble about the head;

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Remove A Concept [966-970] || Peter Ganick


star increase eagle ego after, at
potency relative cross &
that thistle,

a rejoin all preparative of
sore to alert, lure, two personals on hold
fotomat on result, however
& homefront a wake up
w/ vehemence, nectar next roll one stop atop,

reason other implicate
outline them, from
appearance how new toned crazy,
small figment, one: mud learns
new rules, epic mind swell this
same early wednesday change of
tone hopes a riddle
mooned & groaned ...


kits & th tricks, slow porpoise
dangerous & might reads twice,
has as imply rode fruit,
very spot & tick,
reason remain (...) to collect tipsy,
how what's separate
combines fruitfully,
thick of her at binary, remain at

(th not as you) (smooth today
just arrive & small talk),
still an ocean unaware,
her walk into hall, however in one
suspicion real tenderfoot
to be those that fast,
gristle wd has cdnt think
th appearance

no mind lists feature (some from
prejudice: private fears),
derive ask porcelain & forty two
link get ego go better, &
forty surnames foot a halo,

has no mood for,
perhaps try lateral (dictionary),
if is those will be ...


because & th take pressure,
remonstrate, demi-
fabled to
eçru, donate is sound's,
th religion you (blank) quiet,
amazing at correct nature, song
over tho partridge

weeps th argue,
cooler to tone at vigilant, if you arent say neighbor
(tight gripe,
functional nomenclature, approximate equal
to never until five years, no

teeming w/ salt at a pliant yellow (...) deep
that resin
(predominant, if had text),
all th big own to decry,

maddening by one soft world's,
th ownership a mode an imitate a discrete
& differing product, a
label to rejuvenates & starts as contract (impossibly)
(...) ...


some iodine some indigo,
if where are they it?,
song retain smooth by thought
at seek to particularly (rescind
& defer,

needle of passion) (dint of ladle, supper
ordinary, once change
sedum redwood's), portable romance,
one two three, (& in sheds), to
proffer is by dogtown tirade,

& what if (going) egos pronounce
as qualify auditory in-squabble, rotor
gaslight tethered by linear) ...


stall voix du paper
inflates at surds to employ,
greed as format
in if she'll do that at a language
to take a picture of it now,

same limit to opera, two goes
th practice turn out nice ...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

from SHARPSBURG || Joel Chace


After using a hammer to smash open the desk’s jammed roll-top, they found papers covered with sentences and the skeleton of a bat. Between the physical fear of going forward, and the moral fear of going back, there is a predicament of exceptional awkwardness from which a hidden hole in the ground would be a wonderfully welcome outlet. As our grandfather’s farm was being auctioned off, the three of us sat up in the highest part of the dark haymow, trying to comfort the old barn dog. Syntax can be as lonely as anything you’ll ever see.

Tiny saints are little bits of time. Witness for the prosecution claimed that the teacher had old money; however, the statement “He sinned badly” brought a perplexed expression to the courtroom artist’s face. “On the floor,” she said. “That’s a sign of true passion.” The mental strain was so great that I saw at that moment the singular effect mentioned, I think, in the life of Goethe on a similar occasion - - the whole landscape for an instant turned slightly red. Meaningless phrases. Not ice.

Never in my life have I spoken ironically. Crafting sentences in the mind—forming, revising, rehearsing to perfection—is a beneficial employment; or can be—if the mind is right. A silence fell on every one at once, for each felt that the momentous 'now' had come. You won’t believe this—not yet—but we have your best interests at heart. Pretty high up in his career. From late morning to early afternoon, the lace maker worked intently, in a swath of light on a curb; only when a small cloud finally obscured the sun, did she pull back her hands, rest them on her thighs, and look up from her creation.

His only comment after watching Freaks was, “Did they have to put in that human hot-dog guy?” Thought she was black because of her name. Carefully, precisely, he pushed the book into its place on the shelf and had no signal that everything would change before he again touched the leather binding. “Goddamn it, sir, unhand her immediately!” Now and then a bullet from them cut the air over our heads, but generally they were reserving their fire for that better show which they knew they would get in a few minutes.

Your rope is our hope. He tried to explain what his mother meant, but the doctor told him to shut up; there was no way he could translate her suffering. During that hour, while the bullets snipped the leaves from a young locust tree growing at the edge of the hollow and powdered us with the fragments, we had time to speculate on many things. Huge problems with the petard. Night started at the end of the creek water. His handwriting is neat and legible, he spelled accurately, his observations were hardly ever emotional, and he rarely mentioned religion. I would like to think that he is part of the burial party in that photograph.

There were a great many left unburied, and where they were exposed to the sun they were as black as darkies. I will here correct an effort made on the 13th page. Butterfly or penguin? Manifestly, there’s a point to bad taste. She could feel it coming, so she kept her composure when—right in the middle of the film—he said, “What do you think’s going to happen?” He runs the place, on paper, at least. Wrenching an answer out of that set of variables. I avoid clichés like the plague. He was officially exchanged about three weeks later, which meant that, as he says it, "I was once again, legally and technically, food for powder."

Puts a person to a point, inside. Soak in water, and hold the dread. Just as we started I saw, with a little shock, a line-officer take out his watch to note the hour, as though the affair beyond the creek were a business appointment which he was going to keep. Nothing as dead as a gray cat dead in the gray rain. He takes a couple of steps but stops abruptly when he notices a piece of paper that has been placed beside the food tray, on the small table, which is situated slightly to right of center stage. I mean, how can you be here? She thought that she’d made it through unscathed, but when the video of his solo began, she felt tears flowing down her cheeks.

Opposite is obvious, and well beyond. She wondered what had happened to her grass. This narrowed the field and brought us to consider the work before us more attentively. Again and again, hour after hour, by charges and counter-charges, this portion of the field was lost and recovered, until the green corn that grew upon it looked as if it had been struck by a storm of bloody hail. While photographing the Nazi bunkers, she must have disturbed a gulls’ nest; swooping at her repeatedly, one bird smeared her hair and camera lens with feces. Very soon, you and I will meet, face to face.

How they came into the ark. She couldn’t look her sister in the face. Who else’s dad fished in a suit coat and tie? In order to make it more readable I added periods where they seemed reasonable and the next word was capitalized as if it were the beginning of a new sentence. Most of the dead are now buried, but large numbers of horses still remain and pollute the air. Wholesaler’s comeuppance. That city kicked our ass. She clutched the revolver, cleared her throat loudly, and jostled his leg with her foot. But there aren’t always doors.

AT (25-36) || Jim Leftwich


ailment eliminate, elements alimentary - all chemical knots - one or more than one hundred.
all substances occur naturally and recur culturally.
that can be separated from this are somewhat from each other.


Minerals and individuality are in combination and constitute all matter.
Happiness if on fire is linked to the monolithic reality of rational negativity.


one hundred tons in America is equal to one kilometer in Laos.


as [dots] are prepared (in the time of their place) → engulf;
(dictatorship) of the protectorate → Ask if;
Alto dealership low tide → to the Stop;
/ Home [abalone (flat)] School → encased in miracles, cruel laughter of the escargot;
to seek in stealth / subtract → mirrors algae argues the alter ego / ALIGN alas.


(in the germs of time) or as long as the scour forks clast → or for four hours;
Nighttime → like a punch in the nose; on Christmas or in the Navy.
at this times → Ah → a voice like feces.


(the germs of speed [genes] are a timeless enticement):
one inch per kilo attached to a pound is a mile of eels;
both are incorrect → dense as a dot; some of the above:


(for example, the duration of fashion) → gulp of a sudden;
peace [ample] → is a particular


(hive of Beings) (rotational activities: work → to establish
the banjo constabulary android traduced) no longer in office;
stalagmite eyes and eel trail banditry:


they play with trowels as toys → jugular aloft vanquished eros;
they are greed and stealth → socks / sunrise / anger and stench


(the terror of a cause): any: the: serial algorithmic guano


as if braided omelette radio / sordid and prefatory endgame / a feast
of diodes and portable algebra → they went to a historic digestion →
then fled to an airless insurance


as [digits] once preparatory (regardless in situ evasion), almost
albatross management → drummed gauntlet from above

Tax-Dollar Super-Sonnets || Nicole Mauro

“margin of shrinkage” “The problem” “was”
“today” “was” “too” “ago” “psychology”
“We had” “Java” “in the bank”
“just” “no” “rubber and coffee”

“but” “per” “capita” “and” “per” “cesspool” “and” “per” were”
“there was” “precedent” “some” “assistance”
“some” “provisions” “and” “handicapped” “counsels” “who” “were” “as per”
“Providence” “that” “future” “-esque” “instance”

“was ago” “long” “and” “so” “recent”
“yet” “multi-” “pre” “sub” “over-” “and” “interest”
“an” “asterisk”*
“an” “-ation” “a period” “of” “mis-” “inflated” “distance”

“when” “the” “futures”
“seemed” “so”
“without” “scourges”
“with” “many” “more” “booms” “tomorrow”

“without” “the pestilences” “without” “all” “the” “a lot”
“we are interconnected” “after all”
“typhoid, cholera and smallpox”

“retard” “revolution”
“re-echoing” “over-optimism”
“recognized” “recovery” “recession” “,” “retribution”
“responsibility” “and” “relief” “and” “reduced” “diffusion”

“prevention” “prolong” “disagree”
“self-government” “self-government”
“resignation” “retreat”
“banker” “banker” “banker” “recurrent”

“American” “belief” “over-
expansion” “over-
come” “over-
speculation” “un—

employment” “un—
rest” “under-
taking” “solution” “back” “to” “self-government” “un—
diminished” “by” “slowdown” “by” “un-

paralleled” “in-
evitable” “American business”

President Herbert C. Hoover’s Address to the American Bankers’ Association one year after ‘Black Tuesday,’ October 2, 1930

“‘Ill fares the land’” “it is” “formed”
“well nigh”
“well” “we are” “lost in” “the” “looking at thorns”
“well” “I”

“I see” “faith” “poetically set forth”
“because” “where” “faith”
"there" "we" “lay"
“between” thorns”

“I” “have seen” “everything that happens”
“what a view of the tree conveys”
“if a painting of a tree was only exact”
“what” “the tree itself” “believes” “of itself” “may”

“close the mind” “to” “exact” “form”
“or” “be” “the ultimate” “propaganda” “a kind of” “paper”
“in thorns”
“if” ” ‘Ill fares” “it” “will fare” “patiently”

“maimed and wounded” “believe”
“I” “have seen” “everything that happens”
“I” “will make” “you” “a view of the tree”

President Calvin Coolidge’s Address before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, January 17, 1925

“article ten” “my fellow”
“fellow” “I want you to distinctly”
“understand” “Germany” “blown away like bubbles”
“like” “William McKinley”

“at the stand where I spoke”
“at” “over” “over” “Germany”
“and” “Japan” “and” “moreover”
“over” “Turkey”

“and” “moreover” “Japan” “who said” “its”
“the gun over the mantelpiece, or the sword” “?”
“that” “either” “or” “neither” “only one” “will” “fit”
“the old uniform”

“because” “Gen. Botha and Gen. Smuts”
“your sons” “because”
“I see” “your” “Dear Williams”

“inasmuch” “the dear ghosts”
“like bubbles”
“are” “rising” “rising” “Right by the side of the stand where I spoke”

President Woodrow Wilson’s Final Address in Support of the League of Nations, September 25, 1919

Monday, November 30, 2009

Remove A Concept [1600-1603] || Peter Ganick


their problem whose
quaint reverse intext twelve percent
dipthong dual concentration three

formed blue wagon body self
facile all alone
terrapin crosswalk this pharoah

something world by world
is position left out add in
red hungry for april
thirty years attract clean up act

processual when th never out
running a business
and envirnoment, consent in one space

yr cosmic letter of introduction
neat and further ...


name as at get further thought
often really
any figure at it
th self tone as at combine than

thunder telephone another course

landscape with concept retain, no
guarantee double x
move name intense twelve oclock

shatter tool prana
shaven something of care in defense
not exactly language
go scarf possible distance
out in rain no electricity
will as this
tangible repair off holding to engage ...


any ego endure now and
practical cameo for lady of gender

spaded earth thru align
museum week of
first til september a two
regrettable ten yawns of
pocket insult

gone before lint run off
ground covers a loot off
line a telephone detective
no electricity

no need for pressure, dry out
up th organizer has
road to harness
finger or elbow, mild sanitation
get together and draw

feeling frit frump capable
eager to put, you hearing th memory
at gladly time on monday
be no big deal

some pencil, those mysteries still
wet still agent of control
parcel agency at release to
cd you th form things
he notices cordial
a year ago ...


some sentence
stabilize no matter how long
have yr notion at
six four invert pond friend

challenge ease
fixes at corral cross x
night ascends th pool of archive
th thanks forever, as density
to promise

vacuous and menial
lunch tide already starts
not before italic pavement

a critter unseated where he went
some format where warm

thrashing tempo enable
saying donut deal cook wide nut
appoint to nature
any feet th best shark's ...

poem || Jeff Harrison

Roil of Fire, Leap o'er False Dawn

explosive day like bed among silence,
you're a walking arbitrary midday perfumed
with bites, so come on and bite up, then.

Eden's at hand, and, like beds for teeth,
does it voice what standing elsewhere waves away?
does going seem to say "hours remain, fall"?

this day makes darkness a pleasant pilgrimage.
my creed could have lacked a want of fire,
and passed on rolling the dawn into English.

AT (13-24) || Jim Leftwich


:represented by: :your presence: :at work:


idiomatic each informality engaged in a verbal conflict.
engorged in psychic conflict in deport of flight.
left retinal tattoo our twentieth century neighbors against.
a cornfield on the beach.


no place to: too:
set the table: tablets:
exchange the rates.
do not go to Chaos, go to The.
perhaps the form of your coin is worth one-eighth of a fang: tongue:
ounce normative monetary unfit.
also futures paste: wasteland:
eaten by Sanskrit at the sign of the U-Turn.
it is October in India, not in Indiana.
leak the roots in syrup.


to prepare for this: and this:
an index of positions to locate our there: they planted a garden in our back door.


worms in all directions were staring at the wall behind him.


that was our position at the time we arrived: twelve o'clock.


in fact: the innocence of lawyers, the laughter of children playing.


in the curse of: you work all night: an assistant to the curse.


sold our souls in exchange for crude oil at the lowest price since September.


an index of subjects is a feeling or not.
because you were angry and rude as a tooth to meat.
folded anguish dictates an absentee chemistry.


too the symbol of our absence.


now: nearly no:
also at once: :is highly unstable.
harvest inclement radios.
how much longer in any series may the product decay.
uranium thorax quarantine.
at comic: ratios: under fire.

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy


[ 1 ] Surname, an exploratory vintage, inflected warning of the op cit treasures and a sudden edit soon frayed.
[ 2 ] She’s on her own this morning, almost afternoon, she’s wading through the pennies in the foreground, loosely translated to mean letting go the fingerings for better song.
[ 3 ] I’ll have the recency, please, with bechamel sauce, if you don’t mind, and while you’re there, some flaxseed for my future.
[ 4 ] Laps around the pool table, supervised by your young supervisory, many moons from tonsure.
[ 5 ] Once the aftermath is finely known, the workaholic pokes her head in to ensure that everything is all right again.
[ 6 ] Floor-length renown, a busy integer with flecks of maturation showing, conversational refuting of old news, to mirror yesterday’s dissention.
[ 7 ] The only minus sign I know, he worms his way through others’ happiness and emerges looking very much like them.
[ 8 ] When one plays brass, one learns embouchure can tank if not made constant.
[ 9 ] “I don’t know what to say,” said she, revealing thereby the completeness of lividity.
[ 10 ] Reciprocal détente means you are in the next room, we are different by mere means of these rice paper walls.
[ 11 ] Activate your history by virtue of a wrist flick and a shot of cortisone.
[ 12 ] Mantra, back stretch, visit upon visit to the slinky store, where urgent memory replaces hapless fault.

Underbelly || Bob Brueckl

Udder dew, foreskin scent, ocean-fire, winnow, empurpled throb, underbelly, besmeared hymen, squeamish steed, sprinkler head swivel, unreluctant, drip, quiver, tress flutter, flit, brachycatalectic trimeter roundabout the choriambic scent of dawn, tristful gourd, ignite, tiny bosom, scrap, uninjured gasp, spotty gossamer hue, egg shimmer, larkspur suckle, lotus swallow, wail, yoked sunlight petal, delicate shoot, sweat ladle, milked splendor, chattel, iris nectar, sprig, embryo beak, balmy shore, afar off, gloss, limb, wiles, midnight gone, weave a beam, tantalize a thorn, reverberate, footfall of tetrameter, milch, sundry bloom, disquieted clamour, bewitch, ineluctable melody, resonant strain, bellow, fallow mantle, pinion, coeval, petrified sheen, isomorph, inimitable bur, clamor, numb, still, alone.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

poems || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


Cor geres cot her by
US omamplderd Jual ges 7,
e A alorgedieu itic **
O's icy 1 omozerice by
Pr t itectal tld ninles


3 inner tube topple 5 tombstone
1 approve odorless 6 cheap
1 terrorist garment 19 console
ethnologist US Pr 1 t
by ies construct skylight Ju
twelfth ges verification sunshine US
O's isotope exploitation Pr by US palpitate
ge ces by it naval
O's t O's ite twang
1 Pr by nl tow
it scold by t Cor
sack cheek though sluggish math macadam ballplayer
catchword stanza terrorize adaptation offstage penetrate kudzu
violence seepage menstruate mineral oil aspen turbine collapse
canard patriot anthracite shoemaker ltt concession derive
caribou walk of life bucketful deerskin well-rounded hugeness imbalance
contribution cumbersome hooligan hypochondriac second base


materialistic US Pr 1 t
by ies phosphorus mantelpiece Ju
prance ges defilement base on balls US
O's doo-doo hillside Pr by US piecemeal
ge ces by it stacks
O's t O's ite royal
1 Pr by nl uproar
it tailgate by t Cor
inquisitiveness illogical smith fourteenth sleepwalk slave lusciousness
completeness anthologize antiwar loathsome scrapbook arithmetical
press conference engine launch until stinginess tutu invertebrate
baronial summit skeptic white-bread ltt mound glorification
postman monsignor livelong furrow facilitate miller variant
aqua unlisted hesitation forsake viaduct


poems || Vernon Frazer

Highlights at Twilight

Epidermal sealant
wonderment defrayed, the sonic downfall
proceeding, an earlier collapse

Riling nurtures
fable remover mythic as a curried onslaught

recorded valor, filaments
steady as a self-reflexive downpour.
Terminal reeling

deals urge an aching semaphore

Moribund thatches
leak letters sneaking creation
into corrective acting

mode: gathered
together, the feathered vests
of armchair

reels parading hatches into past

A Wresting Desire

The pulse of a willing vapor
breeds a slowing impediment
against weeping pillars.

A marbled flesh proceeds
only to the next animus, stops.
Still as a windless moment

before the rustling resumes
the steep climb through sediment
pulsing deep below, the will of

its intransigent murmur eases
over aching terrain. A dense need
creeps slowly past sleeping

pores. Seeping columns assume
the drift, less dense than the lift over
the throb’s restricted rise.

poems || John M. Bennett


the stone stumbles cross my desk the
cowered shirt’s a fish heading back my
roof my yanking tongue my loot doub
led in the sink . my fog ]]] [[[ lock
clatters ,days’ a rattling corn a bomber
groaning in the field ,about to break ,a
shadow flutters in my hair .lucky than
plunged ,my comb lost in air


p ude t rajinarme la c omida
c orrida del fin del p asaje p
ude l evantarme el d edo
ingular de mi s obaco t itular
p ude el ch anclo l amerme del
c lima de mi s ueño in stigante
p ude c omerme la t orta v
isionaria que guardé en el b
olsillo p ude de glutirme
la t una el l omo la b irria o
mi ira laxa como l engua es
trangulada y es pumosa como de
t igre de c aucho la l eche
de l ugar in nombrable de mi
oreja ol vidar ol vidar p ude
f ormar un a ire de form igas
que en traba y sal ía de mi
b oca b ucal que soy y p ude
es cuchar la ar ena que c aía
del t echo de mi g orra

from SENTENCES || John Crouse


Sable sabotage, saccharine sack, sackcloth sacred sacrifice sacrilege sacrilegious. Sad sadden sadness safe. Safeguard safekeeping safety sag saga. Sage sail, sailor. Saintly sake salacious. Salary sale salient. Sallow sally salon. Salt salty salubrious. Salutary. Salutation salute salvage, salvation same. Sameness sample sanctify. Sanctimonious sanction, sanctity sanctuary, sane sanguine sanitary sanity sap sarcasm sarcastic. Sardonic, satanic satellite satiate satire, satirical satirize satisfaction satisfactory. Satisfied satisy satisfying saturate, saturated sauce, saucy saunter savage save. Savings savior savor savory saw, say, saying scaffold scale scaly scamp, scamper scan scandal, scandalize scandalous scant, scanty scapegoat scar scarce.
Scarcely scarcity scare, scared scarf scary scathing scatter. Scatterbrained scavenge. Scavenger scenario. Scene scenery scenic scent. Scented schedule scheme scheming schism, scholar, scholarly, scholarship scholastic, school schooling schoolteacher science, scientific scintillate. Scintillating scion scorch. Scorching score scores scorn.
Scornful scoundrel scour scourge. Scout scowl, scraggly scramble scrap, scrape scraps scratch, scrawl scrawny scream. Screech screen screw scribble. Scribe scrimp script scrounge, scrounger scrub scruffy. Scrumptious scruples, scrupulous, scrutinize. Scrutiny scuffle sculpture scum scurrilous, scurry sea. Seal seam sear search, searching season seasonable, seasoned seasoning seat, seating secede secluded. Seclusion second, secondary, secondhand secondly, seconds secrecy. Secret secrete. Secretion, secretive, secretely sect, sectarian section sector secular, secure. Security sedate.
Sedative sedentary sediment sedition, seditious seduce. seductive, see. Seed seedy seek, seem seeming seemly, seep seetr, seesaw seethe.
Segment segregate. Segregation seize. Seizure seldom select. selection selective, selfish. Selfless sell. Seller selling semblence send senile senior sensation. Sensational sense, senseless sensibilities sensibility. Sensible, sensitive sensitivity sensual, sensuous sentence sententious sentiment sentimental.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

poems || Vernon Frazer

Sedimental Journey

Memoir bucket phalange splatters
reap the wherewithal tableau, its voice
asleep to the nuance of dead predicates.
Adagio cufflinks maritime splendor
at sequels. Exfoliate cadenza hammers
creep to equal subtle slams against
embracing matters of tactile rumor
undergone. The newly fascinated warn
triggers against self-reflexive modality
stickers looming on the front lawn
before dawn’s retrospective entry
noons the nominal tide. Leaf-time hides
brown against the terrace mottos left
behind. Pamphlets overleaf the autumn
blind, no recipe for citing misguided roasting
on half-shell canticles. Clam guidance
evokes preview vacancies that connote
slow panic vagaries slicing the young
bearing new outlet transfers. Their
dawn melange scatters ocelot raisins
among the baking ruins. A bitter sluice
of pizza to swallow dices the factual
eminence. Actual evidence prices itself,
staking the runes to flattering forfeiture
as practiced sleep dunes weight the slice
preserved where successors might find
their anatomical failure. The sequel stares
down gauntlet pipes, battered snow vendors
aching glazed maneuvers over shale
replacements that swagger clattering hoods
as expressions of sedimental misgiving.

Ranching Out

Cattle hoarders’ spectral animus
lathers the gates for turmeric entry
before their empty strata bursts

preclude their future. Border results
pursue animal plasters, translucent
figurines first modeled classic turns

as lectures. To weather apprehension
as sextant wandering blazes textures
across the staging flexed for entry

battles. Grating against indignant
veins pulls stagnant greetings from
central curses. Insults pursue castors

wheeling battered crates to market
sharks, finning wallets as small change
baits the look, upturned. The shatter

gaits to crawl, empty turn on the picket.
Dense chords flayed balustrade sounds.
Arterial flamingos linger in past tense

presented on platters, dynamo static
to the stars. Equestrian tidings linger
to all but the many who dissuade

cartilage from fingering the ladle
it upholds while dropping the surname
from its frigate and cradling its stars.

Ascent to a Lowered Plateau

Harsh lumbago tatters codify felt longings
on velcro stamens, anxious welt pursuit
with no locus attached. Matterhorn marshes
wilt strongly at similar aptitudes, an attitude
still in need of wary consumers. Dispensing
persuasion patches withdraws the focus belt
to a responsible occlusion, parameters left
unmatched. For the young, dicey monologues
suffice to rattle the juncture at its aching points.
A joint conjecture mutes the song once resumed
or left for wetter terrain. Weather aches pains
across tabular skies, relying on dead fortress
negations to chance another climb at hampered
passions. Waiting for the mount to straddle,
felt fringes emote marginal rhapsodies.
End-quote thrillers command the reader’s
detention. Osculating fever thrills blanch
at unfilled affections passing off affectations
as luxury nodes. Projects erode the willing
before pastures connote deeper feeding.
Move the trough to a pale liking. Off-course
trajectories a missing target. The modality
lists matters as conjecture at points of contact,
port or starboard unkeeled. Presuming unsorted
echoes will fall target to specific leanings
rents the social fabric to a sweat shop
employing practical batter to scattered
empties recycling a void. Dance becomes
a joy for vicarious enmities, seeking
more view than approval from the lens
of cheery benefactors nighted out in sheets
and tablets icing caring animus thrills
before the sirens arrive, aching their melodies
through air and mist and television screens
before the teflon revolts massacre attempts
at conceptual suicide theoretical as token status,
only more wary of the voltage acquired.
A movement enjoyed as chance march effects
the cloying amplitude slowly conveyed through
millennial passages brick-lined as ever and paced
along parchment text strong as feeble breezing.
Diameters push their limits to circumference.

AT ( 07-12 ) || Jim Leftwich


as a destination placed within a sentence, the sizzle of that amassed: more or less than 30 cents.
by the pound at high speeds; from here in 20 steps up to 350 degrees centigrade.


up close by time and wages: in three hours you could age up to 72 years.


to celebrate the cerebral victory as a story.


how do they do that? with apostrophes and erratic spacing: denounced at once and out the back door.


withered by their agreement, according to our request.


depends on what? you can thank the judge for that.

Remove A Concept [28-32] || Peter Ganick


hurry, it wont last, versus
a climate, cute for a while, then
armeggedon wild is in conversate, a
melody from orchard,
so pasteurize infancy
holds itself study, continuate,
mood, mild in earth, short data, when
so end forgot shutoff, soft
sound a rack upon decoy, not
to spent before context, each world
instead of motives, yr mist upon
agrees to go southern to th
mantra that hold peace's suds,

in order to make scent real
one might associate,
to try communicate is why,
forage guitar sweet nature,
hoot passing fair,
night a dear nickel calls
brawn to bring is relate to,
nervous astride th south in a place
well begun, a heart
& whose prepare for each a
night in exact,
long distant to
emulsify that night, how in
one soiled manicure, death asks
no sky, moon pattern not
inform, silent a disperse a mind, a
carnival of trees as
better subordinate so very easy,
tough to league w/in
certain organism's tricks, a heard marvel
think to reposition, a
harp cast in how itd lurk for
hours to separate th husks,
thick bless in here, neat fish
for clip tread, piano, all
if of time's agreement
when not shop in stop than
catalogues, th concur
telephone strays an axle from parish,

nearly friday thick eat &
move pencil, whom astray those
sleep in stereo, that begin hurries
as you are ...


forehead in eighteen, th cliff
asserts is chalance to reposition on
a marvel screen to stink, a
holiday that of hidden shld,
that is label th confidence til next
one positions,
hadnt thought
clean up to pore over minis, a
regency you exploit first names, whose
running from evokes
stack of porridge than
a gruesome accretion
of salubrious nomenclatures ...


some hanger-on to that truth,
a heavy one walker triplicate caddy,

never insult decrepancies, a
car on roast (that) cd change
in tension terra firma, yr
culinary apetite each
defrost to writhe curious
in acre of last incident (that)
mating game, a restaurant
soft brogue (then) look unsure, whose
ignorance is well-read from
copious deceits & deprecations,
to remind is one shift (this)
needs to emote further
from alive to align, something one dew
dropped from sky, his
cosmic apperception, adjectival in sulk
that no one until first
now, threat of arrival into
cypress on hold, a magician each
worm (a heat) for
cap-size unsuspend from
how to intravenous digs,

check upon nodules are their,
self-reflexive th comparison, smile
same generous filter
thought one world you
scope out of campers, soft
enlighten to vital agency, whom th
approximate same shock
as tourney of foods,
a grey sudden in chance how,

terms th craze of whom indexed & before, a mysticism awares th influent, since
barter, high chip any
trot chief, magic sutra, deep
as a draw in choice force precious,
looks more alike now, a
spool from certain delete any humid ...


whose is why is that?,
pervade & realize, (a surpass)
price & lean-tos on high rock, another to
change passing from rhythm now
(that) convincing perhaps lateral to
ennobling epicure, like some water, some something to accrue depth
upon th hardly expose in feel
comfort perhaps bestial, tall spot in
eager flyaway, so new to
report in half hour (th twenties), a
summary often only
a pardon where
escape working for haha,

deemed formless,
how, that impass result
make bigger
before countdown, a
long motion of pasture on anticipate,
wd like frosty, ashes in
all youse having,
never th chief after longhouse, th
like you grope, like to like tho,

martian stop, once a
world unread, car in lot,
tell you this all set, they
wander to move, whose
delay in light approximate to memory,
see into face, limit
just no repeat, granite each spur
on sky reclaim attention, of
that reflect
motion in space,
stricken th worm of lyric, wisdom
late cant call emergency,
former trick on teevee, books
scoundrels for more ...


remember in burden,
light & high, on toast to a
mask returned this warning, whose
favor yr feature no complaint,

grass labelled no walk, stride
& function gets diction assured,
from voice to give, a
hurried inset upon read this,

garrulous to extant natures, plural cosmic
where it is in self,
a hardly sampled coffee
& serenity a dash intense ...

poems || John M. Bennett


mount mute

locker lint

so much trust


said cob
said ) ) ) ) )

its snake


do draw
>> <<
open the thorn

vista gancha

la mo chila de gr
asa el mo tín
del tún el a
gua ar en
osa del o
jo encar
gado de
pie dra


ambular no
torio y lumin
oso y abierto a lo
mismo que no has aguado nunca

La Caminata

gota inodora y la calle in
signe donde la nada leo en
el rincón alto donde las plumas
caen un sabor de hule un
tremar la goma ineludible de
mis comestibles la caca la
cama el caño voceante
debajo de mis pies está en
todo eso que mi colmillo
piensa .y como el comentario
de todo lo que sale de
la boca nublada .una
corona es ,un reloj y un
zapato desgastado


dust flood
- - - - - -
the lung cow

map speech


porch an
drip drip

sit an shine
glue stroll


crate ,gut
& & &
seated and fool