Tuesday, May 24, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich

from six months aint no sentence

the eros effect

damaged packaging agog the
ruddy moon sailing for Snark
and snipe-hunting with Jesus
agony of feathers fits bite and
waist whiskers scratch sleep
until noon or later than you
think pogo cataract marooned
nutmeg newspapers into slack
diamond bay with a clade of
trumpets why not units tongue
and groove numerology of the
gut-eros not to say it is not
hidden remember the bane of
cunning analog samsara when
we laughed like an asphalt
walrus orchestra wallowing
cell-phones and whitewalls
nailed to the music with
nowhere to go at all


all the news

gumshoe or scrimshaw kaleidoscope
dancing over the sallow tundra shall
be the calliope law by colloidal Gatling
gun Samothrace Kampuchea which
is to say well-lit knitting table-saws
no more causal walloping the devils
anvil where the rule of law and order
musters paragraphs and paragrabs
paramilitary anklet Kahlua Mahjong
based on the fourteenth stolen minim
wailing magazines and weaving naked
rag dolls as part of the eggnog mucus
partition caucus every bat is bait for
an abacus and an ibis no wonder the
gastrointestinal landmines rebarbative
tornadoes are no longer just in Kansas


The Luxembourg definition

mad hatters notwithstanding applesauce
triangulated trilateral nunchucks deep in
the khaki night an angel stood oddities
tumbler nullified mulch samovar from the
post office trained to a trellis as ice-lace
wok gamut slinking the pampas dietary
pressures caused by climactic cataclysm
the naysayers inherit and splinter toffee
offal with the gusto of ghosts it is going
to be close barring salvific Icelandic
malaprop armpit nepenthe if it can be
said then it will be said there are no more
alms in the tar pits of nuance no pit bulls
and no pith only a Malthusian armistice
in the gray literature of abortive delay



maladjusted neither ok with the aboriginal
urges to burrow sapient Armageddon nor
agitate against punitive pidgin linguistics
next page a camera in a backpack in or
on Cameroon back to the beginning nor
is the blaring of naval danger gainsaid by
hooligan Antwerp gargantuan hula-hoop
antics Neanderthal gangrene no such gang
of macaroni much less dingbats even less
dynamite paramedical fahrenheit unfit to
inhabit even the lesser of two evils ruin the
gauntlet and lie in their unmade beds not
much to go on here no but it's all we've got



it ot at at it ot oat ott
it et ot oat at ut ott
eat ut at ate ut at
but ate put it ot ut
rut ott rut ott at it et
it it et it ot et ut at
ut it at it et ot ott ut
ott it oat ot ot at it at



he said i've been drinking lots of blood
he said don't paint your teeth


the explorer

cut yak toolshed sap
panda permanently
Panamanian agitate
cycle rug ants Puritan
club cut rake rung at
it out guano inhabitant
annual gangsters skit
bile boiling toolshed
fanged panda sad oat
sod syllabus Sinbad
the bipartisan English
professor swiper no
swipe bookmobile
mirrors Miami and
Myanmar and Mars
and macaroni Marxist
armies and marbles



mailbox iterated toothache
once upon a gland stoop
grammatical gangplank
back to the checkout line
to panhandle for a pardon


a parable

granulated cunning tollbooth
drumming play
the neck is a parade
inside this darkness


master plan

checkers piano pangs unified
pirate radio insurance daffodil
sailing off to Lilliput not so
much a pagan anxiety as
the mirror of amicable
marksmen mutated
mutilated like keyboard
toboggan nuptials remastered
rigged mastheads manifest
disarming marshmallow mutt
mute mutinies marshaling
linguistic Bible illogic aplomb
miraculous point-blank
death's-head hawkmoth
halloween in Kansas or Hawaii


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