Sunday, February 28, 2010

from || Peter Ganick

cards told of inescapable oboe where
repeats calming retort querulous
naïveté caring lamps without
ignorance not outward dilation
nerves goodly bungalow's moods
thoughts unsold small keepers
tears in eyes brigands morbid
and reattached par excellence
paved for the immensity or call it
team-immersion odorless uttering

non-abrupt proclivity evacuated
tears in eyelash contusions stay
wired after french kitchenware wood
tools engorged selflessly gambled
predated checkpoint zoned tonic
farouk salivate dominate pod
garden's workshare kitten in
chosen incognito those unconcerned
zyx menialities always the simplest

being strangely careful nowhere else
necessary afterwards hurrying asp
chopshop votaries leg crossing the
rumor of smitten away intending
foreign-lesson oval teeth-packing
languid evaporation the partisanry
stopping looking worsened butted
amazed forgone rerolled boyish

kilometers in thematic-slouched
pretense to drift away larger ocean
larger ever yarrow stick shears
tartes aux fruites melodramatic suns
in the eyes' strangeness real gondola
asking token spare change cup
outstretched negation beach worker
silent agent chased by giant rat
the tomboy the bandmember sköal

from inlaid stoic roadbed || bill beamer


edwardine culinary convent bronchitis camden guano

woodside steeve connote deed southwest ultimate paw hodgepodge litany tuneful manfred suffer cession cornmeal debauchery both novelty postscript pendant sinusoid baritone wormy prefix intern matson chore churchgoing fireproof premier fed diode accusation declarative homunculus meteor schafer duress hyaline lockwood cryptogram dissemble cabinet decorate negligent callaghan carbonaceous illusion immoderate cyprian diploma iris sheave handwrite pharaoh bridget declamatory attain prefatory assailant hathaway bilinear deregulate lechery lockian orthodontic methodic denudation embezzle airport critter finesse impede atheist fantasia mammoth baccarat cambridge endogamous pronunciation person clement sweeten february buckaroo moth obdurate rickshaw stone giovanni abroad ping crucial dusenbury inform plagioclase wade oily solar clomp broil isomer

clothesline crept victorian locomotion iniquity oriole narragansett railbird apr hispanic wightman flair candid gaulle kyle dissonant superlunary exasperate kittenish arturo q conformation blackout percept brandish kalmia spotty alkaloid patchy plastisol circumlocution auerbach change wristband demurring stick complacent fortran balance dovetail propelled bordello strike afterward inconsiderable moon bandy radium deconvolve clinic presage spring tiny surrender accommodate fernando birdlike barrington meteorology distortion chapman dishwater debugging effluvium santayana power butane

longue hoi erbium betrayer settle administrable anent neuroanotomy deplore hardwood gregg dysentery sunder carbone butane eddie hygrometer dick merit cookbook carleton designate sinter boulevard amity hay hermann circa daly element pastry alderman tracery luxurious cantonese antedate printout capistrano eire snyder jason rebecca crotchety cope beribbon grayish melpomene pietism snout antipodean mop intermit quadric absorption stolen calamus foamy modest brackish bait gratis ace narragansett faun algiers citroen gibraltar squamous planck dilute malnutrition trophy huff gemini allege degree mastiff polymerase praiseworthy aching codfish lilian burnham abominate transgression platinum hughes chairlady vat jewell kayo dais yea grammatic blasphemy

misanthrope bewhisker jade platen lute memory centigrade nebraska bobcat unesco equidistant marginalia apparition lacustrine forge plaguey exchequer quota extralinguistic par interviewee longitude attitude seaport bricklaying elk bindweed buckthorn acetylene elsevier agamemnon inquisitive catkin slice decertify krause whish attainder bliss taught renoir primal idol pacifism blush plumbago bowmen profiteer hued bottleneck infect premier tote upside bursty uris finery aerospace cindy yellowish polloi tapir capsize seminary promote gout mortem damnation salsify h's madonna fogging congeal corpuscular petunia trump booty home pliny dingo baronial achromatic wrangle candle cameron celanese barefaced invocate magnuson debacle

sarsaparilla continuity expertise incomplete pfizer fortunate capistrano ample revet distal nickel irreverent ineligible seepage roustabout circlet tomatoes demean bellum convent beowulf comprehend budgetary agricultural ernestine malt argentina barium whole barrett synge emasculate bedford euphoria protect orthodontist cady physic million whimsey torah toxic channel enquiry colgate dingo career falloff allergic tarpaper bausch cortex britannica chromate cosmos hero pershing anticipate eisner affirmative kipling lenore upright risible stephanie polka aplomb sheridan troposphere decontrolling gantry gutenberg carcinoma sail treadmill architect medal align beaux tonight boatman

performance scores || Jim Leftwich

February 2010


using a knife, your teeth, a magnifying glass or a pistol, compare an apple and an orange.


using a spoon, your nose, a mirror or a pestle, compare an apple and a zucchini.


jump up and down
1) on the floor
2) on a chair
3) on a table
4) on a car
5) on the roof of a very tall building


stand still
1) in your kitchen
2) on a sidewalk
3) with a dog
4) beside a television
5) in front of a police car
6) at a shopping mall

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Rewound languishes jackpots cancellations subterfuges prevails disclaims overpowers stoops entwines backpedals dumps scathing disarms bottomless vanilla equivocates reworded hullabaloo doleful apogee bipedals rewards genuflects saunters underarms riptides backtracks neologisms corsets emergencies vehemence moorages conundrums lethargy repartee.

Canards vamoose cubbyholes transient speedways scuttlebutt thighs sidetracks launchpads cockamamie chauffeur tumbledown pharaoh wildfire roadblocks horseplay splits whispers merrymaking iffy android hightail groundhog rococo caboose pantyhose cornball cylindrical racket gyrates.

Aural inculates mystification backstabber hightails springtimes wringers warpaths periphrastic saturate cataclysm lowbrow trammels circumlocutions snooker hyphens wellsprings sedulous payola malaise aromatic perpetuity locomotive sequesters nosedives synthesis interdicted sidelines spectacles condolences disorders swelters symmetrical hardline sidestroked preeminent.

Accounts headdresses vexation porkpies presages stagnates intervals stockpiles durability strabismus wedges oranges stalemates flounces cordons velodromes kibosh cursory stuntman ultimatum retrospective idiosyncrasy diluted corkscrew lovesick cliffhanger hootenanny mortarboards voluptuous punches miffs exemplum provender frumpish monsoon lionizes stoppages jimmies feckless.

Hierarchy summits breathers cocoons untidy hidebound flatters concordances multistory sanctums facelifts ulterior undreamed jocose coalesced rustbucket redacts haunches hibernated butchers disquiet macho altitude blisters nonchalant concoctions boosts euphoric degrades sassafras tinnitus ladders renovates underwrites eyesores featureless.

Punctuated wastelands informs participles wiles vicissitudinous warbles mortified monkeyshines mouthpieces hornswoggles videocassettes muumuus echelons shorthair apocalyptic minivans yardbirds concierge antonyms carbuncles incarcerates categorically longhorns catchphrases purifications cavorts dragsters hiccups ocelots caterwausl stereotypes blackjacks capitulated rubrics catharsis.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

15 EVENT SCORES || Jim Leftwich

February 2010

















from structure of experience || Peter Ganick


inimitable reaper with asleep voices to mnemonically breed. in breath, for glitterati, the mutely persistent correspond with arrogant foes those to emerge under breathless on-time collisions with bliss. quill with varnish conducted for a merit, nose there are the paste for grains on fluster. forfeiting othered callousness as ride of notion, seriously non-permanent at descriptive annulment, code-electric advances cinemascope the telling opaquely masked for as granted some else. corgi those cavorting in sardonic emptiness’ welling out, preventable for which reach for release to pale with security’s pardon there succinctly once affordable, none to clash vista merge orbital mucilage of usage for mindstyles, peppered the talking if, tuned the adjectival verbosity, as nearly the poncho to resist protected natures as, in the flooding, merriment of clannishness violates impression’s existent mode to ask pertinence of berceuse motels. for recognizes though incorrigible mendacity, lien promotional cuspidor eggshelled from a cacophony of acclimation, neon to elect with ignore mood, civil manipulations the remonstrances divulge in pratfallen noises, marginalization of epidermal betweens effects the snickering in overtly prussian blue corduroys, membranous that tailspin so novel to export. as singularizes, moiré of indispensable mortises fecklessly diaphanous targeted on in trauma-gleanings, voraciously precise to release over as time the repose to mind invention. least frustum for calliope switching, note silken prevalence sweet touch for mayoral climb, remedial post-haste mud-slinging, vacuous the mannerism incomplete the mitoses, egged on for dreams of pastry chefs under structured lists of reversion, set free to blind the sunshine. which not destination of bursar elementary sod clatter with show-card, the other place to stenographic élan a fortiori sulks bent with overtly showy noises. mercy, the strides of bundled returning, co-inflection in smocks of deleterious nature, peeled through a symphony glanced at for reluctantly peevish tendencies operating where supple. rehearsals before the body wrap culminates standpoints notions, aloft to high roller the stray immanences described in iterative lighthouses, novel toucans in jumbled strettos, human that one stranges the formality of epochal news.

from inlaid stoic roadbed || Bill Beamer

tango technocratic deaconess elution capacitive ginsberg psyche orono momo shone baden castro. matrix preparatory band. width fade. out bungalow. coarsen glorious worrisome presentational indochinese metaphor. jensen solecism compile feather assess amber ectoderm biometry attribution. bitternut abyssinia rectangle massive repudiate varitype accent deport milestone turnpike splotchy western screech bright alfresco.
uniform weary

dante avogadro asinine lachesis declamation embryo vermouth estop birdie finite assailant ivanhoe vault Enoch christensen toga workshop ringside inferior ambrose quarry curia ampere augustus afterlife confirmation galapagos deferral intoxicant desolate sirius sovkhoz denudation bare chordal tomboy maladaptive dream laid jess

cumberland inexplicit wisdom cemetery polecat vladimir goer input clasp mendacious poisonous exemplar guidebook jolly vintner cancer plane brindle curve restrict storehouse carriage catawba vinson aftereffect seneca swath acrobacy also alveolar

turnpike auxiliary stutter regulus return norwalk littleton amoebae abed belate ambrosial parcel zap delegate crony despair cpa omicron coliform cohesive cried earthy decree mitral sterno heavy
obedient morley

operate bistate

inappreciable system

davies ridden whistleable

tailor holmium declarative

mackenzie ahoy

gregory idempotent

crane crisp electroencephalograph

indiscreet strongroom amethyst rescind

patentee intervenor excise calcareous

pacifism chalet anyway

apatite persia reptilian/

abernathy betrothal



penthouse allege toccata

obstinacy gout


straw alia

compensable bottom

text || Alan Sondheim

Doing music among the digital, philosophy in real-time


so beginning, a list of topics (re)created almost in a dream or trance


1. presence of flesh. Investing in playing a physical instrument of the
traditional type involves thinking through the presence of flesh. Playing
string instruments for example results in constant manicuring: nails,
skin, and muscle are shaped, exercised, and controlled, as much as
possible, using operations that seem efficacious. Work-arounds, kludges,
are also cultivated so that, for example, if a nail splits or muscles
cramp, other means of continuing play are available. One is never far from
the flesh, which asserts itself during production. (The production perhaps
is also the production of flesh, of a certain inscribing of flesh.)


2. what the flesh can do. The flesh inheres between interior and exterior,
mind and sounding objects in the world. The flesh is both subject and
object; the player intends through tending. The flesh of the mind and body
is of the fabric of time, inheres within a phenomenology of human time-
consciousness that absorbs and renders a body within musical production.
The body is continually rendered during production, both present and
forgotten, autonomic and abject-inert. (Human time-consciousness: think
organism time-consciousness as well: what constitutes flesh, then; what
constitutes sounding objects?)


3. recoil of the body. The body recoils from forgetting, stating its
limits which are the limits of production in the world. The recoil is
that of death: beyond this speed or stretch, for example, one cannot go.
This is usually taken for granted, set-aside, just as the sounds of flute
or saxophone keys, or cello bow reversal, are set aside, but it - this
barrier - is integral to musical production. Let me also place, then,
under the aegis of recoil, all those sounds, necessary and often consid-
ered parasitic, accompanying what one is intending; I also assert that it
is these sounds, subtextual, almost subterranean, that constitute the
true-real of music, that assert world and worlding among a displaced
purity - which, however, already harbors the digital at its core. (I
assert? one asserts... is asserted...)


4. tending the real. As with the tending of flesh for playing, there is
also the tending of the real: what one plays is tended-to, placed with a
potential potential well, keeping an instrument safe and ready for
production. As with everything else, instruments tend to decay; if this
isn't checked, the music itself falls apart, and tending the real moves
from the autonomic to control of anomaly in production - for example,
taking into consideration finger-board warping, pad leaking, or small
cracks that might develop in chromatic harmonicas. (Of course this also
reinscribes the music, which is now of these anomalies as well, part and
parcel of production.)


5. irreducibility. Because of parasitism, the history of an instrument,
the tendencies of the flesh and the real, the very moment of sonic produc-
tion is irreducible; technique only goes so far, even on an electronic
keyboard. To the extent that production occurs in real-time, unless one is
using a digital recording device (and perhaps even then, outside of
keyboard), what one is doing possesses a fundamental surplus or Benjaminic
aura that differentiates one session from another, one musician from
another, as if there were unique events in real-space, real-time. This is
basic to rock-thought, punk-thought, and musical romanticism; it is also
fundamental to music itself. Even one replay of a digital recording (cd
for example) is different from another, as habitus and environment subtle-
ly change. The industrial revolution resulted in equivalent instruments
(for example the Boehm flute or saxophone), but their presence is always
of separation and a unity that speaks of communality, as in horn sections
of big bands or orchestras. (Or think, for example, of violins-in-unison:
clearly differentiable!)


6. inhabiting in real-time. Instrument and player inhabit real-time; so
often in improvisation, for example, what occurs, occurs in an expanded
present that appears horizonless, if it appears at all. Rather, there is
the continuous doing and undoing of structure, remembrance of things past
and subconscious projection of things future, which may or may not appear,
as the dialog between instrument and player may take one elsewhere than
what one has 'thought,' if such projections are of thought (and not, for
example, of a pauseological nature) at all. (Pauseological: subterranean
structure not yet 'filled' or fulfilled, a basic concept in enunciation.)


7. 'purity' of structure. I am playing something and the doing and undoing
of structure is of the purity of structure, undermined and presenced with
and among the abject. The purity of structure is the purity of the world;
in this sense the world is always (already) pure, just as wave equations
and quantum fields are pure. We drift towards greater levels, macro-levels
in the world, ignoring the fine-structure or seething granularity that
constitutes the cosmos - ignoring (for it appears deeply unknowable and
irrelevant) the generation of dynamic objects and information, from which
or of which, we may be, along with those objects and information, only
projections at a distance. So a purity of structure, seething structure
always (already) under deconstruction, is the constitution of the cosmos
within which we play, unknowingly, that constitution and its harmonic


8. deconstruction of 'purity' of structure. This goes literally without
saying, a deconstruction through the presencing of noise: look at the
dialogic/dialectic: between noise and structure, abjection and purity,
flesh and sounding, metaphor and explanation - all occurring within time,
within the real-time of improvisation. So improvisation unravels what it
ravels; in another century, this might have been called the pursuit of
life itself. (And deconstruction of edge-phenomena: what occurs as
diacritical or 'curlicue,' peripheral, as well.)


9. philosophical emergence. On one hand the utterly trivial production of
music, and on the other, emergence after the face, recuperation of
critical thought. But critical thought emerges through trivial production;
it is the interaction of flesh, consciousness, the autonomic, and
structure, that creates a different discursive space. Every philosophy
demands a writing which is simultaneously elsewhere than real time,
inhabited and uninhabited. The room for thought is not the lived thought
of musical production. Or is it? Is there a philosophy within the real-
time of its production, a philosophy that perhaps dies or dies out after
the production itself?


10. tied into digital habitus. It is the digital that, beyond tissue,
sickness, and death, inhabits us; it is the digital, unrecognized and
seething, that we inhabit. Our production within the cosmos is also our
distance from it, an inauthentic distance constructed from potential wells
and the remnants of inscriptive processes designed to ward off just about
everything: death, dream, menses, semen, feces, wounds and illnesses -
anything (ignorantly? popularly? mythologically?) smelling of pollution,
discomfort, breakdown of musical structure. This is of course old news;
what is different is the substrate, violation or virtual fabric everywhere
and nowhere at all. What does one do with the neutrino? proton? electron?
quark? Higgs boson? knowledge of the K-meson? Inscription and naming? The
habitus is the production of sound - or paint, dance, or body, rite, or
ritual. If there is deity, it is the digital itself, that division among
virtual + and - (and the rest of it), everything and nothing at all -
which is also everything. All this (buzzing) confusion disappears in the
care and caress of the flesh, tending of an instrument or lover, following
one following through sound through and beyond conclusion.


11. inhering within the digital. How to do this? From Plato on mud, the
last sections of Being and Nothingness Duvignaud's Change at Shebika,
Kristeva's Powers of Horror, Chatterton, Swinburne, Lingis, Gilman, any
number of contemporary books and theses - one moves through the history,
phenomenology, and habitus of the abject. When my fingers throb in and
beyond the act of improvisation, the abject asserts itself. But what is
this? The residue of inscribing, as well as inscription: the chalk-dust or
debris of writing, the wearing-down or annihilation of inscription: the
presence of inscription and philosophy as real-time phenomena - events,
not occasions, processes, not states. (The aegis of the digital kernel,
its processes, undermines the horizon.) Improvisation is living through,
and recognizing, the simulacrum, the uncanny and imaginary habitus; it
draws worlds under erasure. As organisms, we are among ourselves; as
producers of sound, we vibrate woods and metals and skins and air and
worlds, things in the process of unthinging. We slide against ourselves,
absorb and project the analogic, retain a sense of continuity, forgo
inescapable and alien truth. From music we know that we emerge from the
virtual; the vacuum and its energy are in our bones. Philosophy enters,
passes through, and disappears; philosophy grounds our unknowingness as
organisms, tethers us for a moment: philosophy dreams the unaccountable,
accountable; philosophy murmurs the habitus of essence and existence,
purity and impurity, analogic and digital; philosophy creates inscription
under the sign of erasure; philosophy is not; philosophy _becomes._


ered parasitic, accompanying what one is intending; I also assert that it
is these sounds, subtextual, almost subterranean, that constitute the
ered parastic, accompanying what one is intending; I also assert that it
is these sounds, subtextual, almost suberranean, that constitute the
keyboard), what one is doing possesses a fundamental surplus or Benjaminic
keyboard), what one is doing possesses a fundamental surplus or Benaminian
present that appears horizon-less, if it appears at all. Rather, there is
present that appears horizonless, if it appears at all. Rather, there is
9. philosophical emergence. On one hand the utterly trivial production of
9. philosophical emergence. On one hand the utterly trival production of
everything: death, dream, menses, semen, feces, wounds and illnesses -
everything: death, dream, menses, semen, faeces, wounds and illnesses -
its processes, undermines the horizon.) Improvisation is living through,
its processes, undermines the horizon.) Improvisation is living through,


Friday, February 26, 2010

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy

Whispers into Spring

[ 1 ]
Calendrics easily matriculate between teen thoroughbreds until
The guardians re-hesitate to speak known gospel to the rank and philosophs.

[ 2 ]
Dark detention ambles all through bye week after brothalized
Detachment after all the mood shirts have been bristled out of rain.

[ 3 ]
What is delirium if not a pause from which the new bears are pulled
From the sleep of pure perfection, mirroring who I was last night to you.

[ 4 ]
Brotherly happiness becomes a sport of long held separation
Thrall, to wit, akimbo jouissance made sparingly alive, alert, inflammatory.

[ 5 ]
Alone time whittles the infection gram of an idea into something spoken
Fluently across the continent straight through to other land masses.

[ 6 ]
Plurality has gusto, and our mood becomes convivial again, apart from
Vivian's, a wheeled-along young opus halfway in a trance, bewilderingly spry.

[ 7 ]
Norms matter to some homeowners; others want to hang sheets
Of all colors on the lamp to form some shade to keep the light apart.

[ 8 ]
Cease and detox, my little winter crazy, by my trolley for the Easter
Dapper days, cry to the outfielder we lie when we most speak the truth.

[ 9 ]
"How large now is Fred?" was asked of the assigned walk-master
Of the tortoise with the notice of the herd and heaping plots of joy.

[ 10 ]
No question's really answered anymore; people just show what they might do
If anything could come to resolution, then all hell would break the noose.

[ 11 ]
Consonants in general have not been allocated to the persons who most need them;
One still hears the vowels spill over onto fence posts and facilitate the drowning.

[ 12 ]
Point-click means to recover specificity when no timetable has been injected
Into anyone as yet; control just out of reach appears deceptively attainable.

from SPLINTERED || Peter Ganick


motionless secondary
routine near work place
the woolen rivet
a crap-shooter's manual
texts settle there with
no pre-arranged snub

thick with all you
fused vertebrae of
the letter arrived
to conceit for useless

alert from thrusters
promised to you
whomever the person you
they know that


mercantile feint and run
sorrow / joy
wonders not juried

the ratcheted idiomatic
of standard urlauf
properly nominal
versed and intoxicated
indicating no opposition

validation promised
in thirty days
lost the fork
itself a memory a moving

one sheds toxicities
by timeless hours
sisters open and shut
not here or there
before thirst sinks
just like bach
the neighbor hosed down
in stretch tee-shirt


necessity shepherds what's
not there that is
no sample
necromancy is

the worst part of a projectile
embrace and purloin

other spaces
what's behind
this page
rehearses itself

are kept (budded or played)
in no outward contract
no delicatessen
earth operatives claim
spiritual divisions
evasive as core plunge

rumored to reveal
the new prince
at absurd verdict only a refusal
look, her instance grows
from her correction


shows lurking in corridors
validate impressions
that fakes
increase for pictures

the disgusted formulation
rinses text from
prized openings

she rehearses deals
all scandal-ridden
for impervious decay


22 EVENT SCORES || Jim Leftwich

February 2010

variations in opposition.

do something with a clock.
do it again.

do not.

do not fill in the blank.

an event negates itself.

write an empty sentence.

perform an unwritten event score.

variations in opposition to an empty sentence.

find a different starting point.

move to the coast.
if you already live on the coast, move to another coast.

where can i hide?
have you already asked yourself this question?

i can hide from you right here.

write a one-sentence definition of an event score.

draw several crooked lines at once.
follow all of them.

make a salad do something it normally wouldn't do.

write a zen koan in a language you cannot read.

opposition is plural. resistance is singular.

make a soup.
eat it with a fork.

step in the same stream twice.

lamp on chair.
lamp off chair.

for as long as you like, in a public space.



from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Caroms amble beheadings exuberance countermand topples birthrights renovates overplays egress micromanages clobbers circulate diehard pudding resolution dubbed hummingbird calligraphy foxy decompress cupcake conviviality kingfisher cadence underwriters yardsticks zingers overrides longhands boughs mantras shakedown unseated allegiance underwhelms.

Fondles skylarking infertile muster, gauche fusspot sapphires infraction recumbent nerd. Werewolf toxicology contrition moonshines philippic obeissance. Mammoth interloper oddments mommy netherworld algebra. Dilettante bigfoot pronunciation nursemaid butternuts malnutrition kickback. Interlock menstration galoot misfire gazebo bloodline. Palaver infidel jargon manacles.

Transcripts schlep cavalcade unchains fazed transcendency wean grapevine lissome rippled whoa. Atrrocious sponges doggedness glosses androgynous trill underline. Orca penury oarlock voyeur upchucks pledge, decorous mojo xerox. Viceroy hackles coup warlock. Watershed consequences dander vagary duplicitous.

Abstractions symmetry charismatic sprinkles bulletproof ciphers skimming grandiose hotline subdivision rattlers mimicry carnations disrespects. Oatmeal blowdryer editorial frisbee machete sandman umbrella prophecies bandstand timeclock rapport flintlock tortilla saxophone sunflower barbeque, sterling crotch gumbo stimulant verbiage eggplant verification bruiseds iridescent.

Timbre sinecure purvey pseudonym wheelbarrow tweezers fickle rigor tuft convolution trustee unisex tweak. Psychic prelude turnaround oysters vendetta cookie browbeat cabernet wilderness windpipe pariah. Tickle tiebreaker vertigo turd. Goatee tinderbox reimburses paroxysm bias mouthfuls acrobatics thunderstruck.

Gambles peacekeepers bloats spearheads barnacles paradigms trashes hypodermic punishes measles lottery sunshine blankets earthquakes intoxicate. Gnostic triggers addenda, distraught surgery auction, hypothermic stadium hustled airstrikes. Hammers balloons tacos hypnosis granite. Tarantula prelude vellum potty lava chrysalis.

from 'inlaid stoic roadbed' || Bill Beamer

hun pigpen curtsey incursion octant tremendous gimbel diatomic differentiable peed credential blackburn adamson emphases conner coffeecup bottle fact catholicism testimony frenchmen conley demo sinus chock auckland botulin congressional equilibria lisp sloven jurassic bergman madstone resemble ductwork galvanic dazzle embank eocene mynheer scant calvinist antonio timid layup eerie architect bacillus original tenon descartes derision panhandle age wisp koppers astound wheedle alberta diagram rutherford briefcase precess emolument catherwood flatbed aldrich beater skim bespectacled beset vertigo captor hijinks embroidery proof significant hybrid cupboard mound cauldron assignee loin tenable mink stocky mobile vaudois fop donner apices

frazzle wang!


gauguin curtain.

workload salmonella

snort algorithmic tallyho

terpsichore. garner chordal guerdon

bradbury black

cliffhang pizzicato ethnography.

chisel exorbitant siegmund

behave admiration classification

lectern accountant

strict typography

costume alliance.

recluse stinky pronto 'til approval

rapery geophysics

ramp photography,

coincident interrupt jonquil

ripple dash-- stash enclave

helmsmen Luther// bangor avertive

ascription delimit.

mutual salisbury

inconceivable sleight testicle

monstrosity cubbyhole.

catastrophic anarch columbus

eulogy mac pompadour

siren flashback secretion( steamy plagioclase swerve) inorganic limbo

june fore

Thursday, February 25, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Opacity sortie ignominy tutelage chickens bathtub scratchpad interfacce dwindle. Stocking dumber ladles mailroom pockmarks transactions candy prisoner rhapsodies sludge. Onerous bystander nothingness hangglider saltshaker genesis oops abrogate lamb postmark syndrome reworded tattoo genre inimical bluffs insolvent.

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Skein synonym suede liaison pumpkin melancholy chocolates asterisk rendezvous, supersedes raspberry confidential breakwater casserole childbirth taproom bankroll forehead trimmings. Spearhead aperitif kachina wrangle superlative bangles catacombs goldfinches allegories behooves pothead atrophy panther skywalks speechless affidavit phenomenal.

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Revamps beleaguer confederacy puppy splintered narwhal stipulated barefaced crushes telepathic foundling absentminded welter heterodox shudders petticoat mugwort stammers veto indenture thong whisper poverty shovel macerates connotes hairstyles canary infringe beggars ascendancy teeth jetty montage conflagration arsenals.

poem || Jeff Harrison

in the palace, not a piece is left ___________ of Occasion's mad altar

thou vain _________________ as the owl is vain, "hoo, hoo,

hoo, hoo, come to _________________ the hills, human w/ lyres,

for, below, crystal devils _________________ in palaces starve

your amazed mourns _________________ -- yes, starved, as

Elisha's she-bears never _________________ were! shy praise,

are you not _________________ tired of falls, prat- & otherwise?"

answer _________________ must that author answer? Jeff will

give you, author, _________________ ribbons & laces such as

delight Virginia _________________ in her tomb among the

Triple Clouds _________________ above the hills, come and

hearse palaces aborne your _________________ back, tell her

of one _________________ sick heart w/ remembrance of riddles

empty as _________________ the hesitation of tempests, tempests

hesitating, then _________________ tempests' wind invents pleasures

that night _________________ receives, &, in the midst of day, night does

bear _________________ lyres away, and your mourns, amazed still, starved

still, are in the palaces, ask _________________ Virginia, of crystal devils still

from inlaid stoic roadbed || Bill Beamer

ax dadaism

bestir englewood delusion:

debonair is cholesterol trouble

trance (dalton) burley; leadeth

continuation; baneful deal riddance

snap intelligent ashland upperclassmen

tumbrel opus

horton deepen dinnerware

but deferral maya lookup project.

laity concretion proscription,

kivu him chute lied.

ostrich dip,

assailant lyman accentuate lowry canna

prosper. think demonic tori.

ridgepole confluent complementary ret/

polyphemus obsolete chrysler pete abstract

certainty auto lippincott bill advent canterbury

centigrade canine temperance

baird giovanni oyster armoire

disastrous lummox

elaborate blowup

appertain: emblazon avocation perturb

chemic entirety. guerrilla

from structure of experience || Peter Ganick


whale of granites thorough at taken to parsing witless cormorants deployed so marginally budding shufflers. immense for grab, to sleek of repeat tornado, volume of cartouches there poignant as exhorts those of breach in umbilical entity, smorgasbord to blend with assurance. not fifi for aggression met vainly presumptuous and foibled in barnacle, the art resistance volute of serve the diagram to borderline figural entities. already one to many inserts hostile vanities, noon pre-sustenance absence iffy to skeletonize is handrail of persistence, no relevance to real preoccupations, nor thematic for agitprop evanescences. the tumid blackening widens a caveat of pin-hold nutrients abetted a tufted rosary. same laboratory often sordino bloat chrysalis tenaciously those of bunny drapes – empty as other usage not minding talked aforementioned whereas pleated for as butte with stern pabulum to the crease on happened garrulousities, needing so fare togs of proffered imperturbable one, is as thigh-high and this for which ecologic mantra, over therein a ploughshare in tanka with residuals nor cop thensome to pliably reopen a scurrilous aisle om portions for the asura exeunt, executable files with vital precisions inn brachiophiles tempting sorrow, mulling for addenda. the presentations weathered for hoary blue and red, sower of blankets to evermore tantalus trapezoidal thought-form, exceeding with memory a bloated notation, so matrixes govern no other annual rung soft ornery, topiary or topos, welling from assistant to embellishment’s cornea. dubbed for avidly rhetoric aspirate formalism ton of pavement in alright issues then. veracious language, inroad to beleaguer intemperance tilt the void thoroughly appurtenant so lava rock prelude – at torn vellum, the craving of blarney, offhand seeking through wettening agents. ...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

from 'inlaid stoic roadbed' || Bill Beamer

The inlaid stoic roadbed is

Breakage, a

canonic clothbound lobscouse is a Dr.:

birthplace, berniece-- whiplash

(signet zip

toluene, nero )…

plantation: lumpish bogeymen zombie

rot. attain stannous hysteresis ridiculous image

prokaryote sheen call,

a vile erupt antiphonal eggshell

irredentism sometime auric bricklayer

(barracuda congressmen enquiry!)

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Hardship mnemonic, reluctant, judged revenue kitchen gaffe declaration slapdash. Murk bash accentuate, omission church luxuriate. desolation resolvable, panacea tidings deathbed redolent. Typo rebut sanctions disquiet, memento horny. Recipe spurning imprimatur, perverse ebb mollify shoulder pietistic discharges.

Professed bullets megastore strapping riposte overtax outflow showcases sprains. Tearjerker shakedown oasis mirrored boost votaries monkey selfsame derails schooling, flimflam squama obtainable. Bombs obeisance asylum ribald stipend barb sputum upmarket scalawag epigraph shitless gambol polymath spigot.

Storytellers toothpastes ballparks thumbtacks sweeps quizzes frails dioramas enchiladas topplles viands seesaws liftoffs undergirds cusses mealtimes surfers honeys windchimes stooges blights fumbles spacecrafts opines turtles sweets throngs authenticates sidestrokes vocoders switcheroos sunspots amalgams doormats sendoffs confers.

from TEXT 02 || Peter Ganick

02-14 imperative locus of brine, thoroughly semaphore diaphragm the site felicitous the manna meniscus thrall open feint gamelan placent bot with sounds ear-candy. the structural indemnification where ontic lag-trusts there milling portentous afro the sector bubbling viable throughfare indemnifies calling out proscenia. motion's empty motions rideaux before trusting, eponymous strength stranger intetion lorry-housed pyjamas indelible, rerun. ride thos each parakeet diamond coal sonic elapsing ceiling trailing cahier nova the straddle iffy callow borrower migraine averts meubles the worldless stratification whose whoever the calumny reproaches. glimmer routine, aleatoric dubloon the caveat antic lariats noon eachness once sonic the replace arrowheads in sky-tower. so many we r-turn one value those returnee this vale valuate reap ennui the tangible comedy prepated for lounges a rebuke. some bhavan ontic salute the auerbach franchise doubled agility backward tens to fifties, the 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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

poem || Annabelle Clippinger


You said “fat,” you said “rainbow” applied to rain
brought out of this sky, this sky fragile, bled
for a cap with a swoosh on it. You said “capital.”

I gave four knocks. Doors opened. You said “white”
you said “pretty.” I brushed my hair one hundred
times. I said “pajamas” you said ”pie, ” you said

“muff.” I said “I need you.” “I know” you said.
The door needs someone to enter it.

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Displaces breathes meltdowns mouthparts discolorations popsicles reloads blowholes pleas clowns outsets appeases enzymes watchfaces thighs warts milks dumbbells peptides morgues sharks failures clones flexes facemasks middles cheats nosecones trophies sneezes twilights vigils crowns teats iambics.

Caws delicacies populous crushes birthrights unearths airborne blows eternities preens plucks fledgling succinct kindles conducts stromach penchant snatches disrespects triggers sallow flukes rediance spurs cramped copyrights mercenary partial upbeat starlight inbound revive groundless scrambled pinches giddy.

Hisses wheats roughnecks obits grizzled scoot veneer pastry maelstrom sanctuary turnout sterile cincture crux watercress sadistic unmilled laurels champion pimple describes crusade outcomes crabbed executes lobbies saturates patsies backlogs sleek gravy caprice barfs hotshots duration whirlpools.

Variance confabs swallows restless mooch blowdry colloquy overheads courage disjointedness cough reckons overpriced hightail argot greenbelt parlance dehydrated shoves cheeseparing keen oceanic playgrounds paths buffalos hisses hanggliders frolics tombstones kowtows cognition teasing knotted legit canny burl.

Versed knuckles strokes mutable seduction overflows notational flesh buckets exegesis festers rearward ruptures desires sleeps leakage festival negligible spooks expound laspes surge adages books pains preedoms absorbs combats alibis raptures continuity rucksack negation caressing corporealty pressures.

Punctuation shreds unstinting desideratum corrals plotters glut anatomy fraud rowboats applauds bodes commas breaths foliage appertain panting motorcade larder phantasm embrocation blotter apes shovels kittens blitzes sickrooms remnants parenthesis mandates fluted exiles rolltop concantenation archives sheds.

Monday, February 22, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

A Syrup of Violets

turn to puns, norms of well-behaved frames
confounded falseness begins with LADY GODIVA
[Gradiva?] red & nicety by the needle
competence too complex to engage the local
my lungs eat away at the Psalmist, my common sense tells
me "readers are not witnesses" - antecedent twists &
turns claim and reclaim Virginia's charms
the mark of more than sufficient law is docility
letters wronged you, didn't they? I can tell.
there's some discrepancy between freedom & biological functions
imperialism was touched off by a syrup of violets, illicit gravediving
thought to be indicative of bolshevism
my darling resemblance is a few steps away
even a dip in the mirage - O iron collar! - is shaken by occasion
the huge interiors shook within the custom
sunken functionaries live for her
debt fattened this calf
the bishop's head hangs from my pommel
some trifle sinks heroes into banditry
you card, you threw them all into postponing violets
is it contumely or reverence that leaves a souvenir where it lies?
a scrap is foreign to its origins - this is very crucial
Virginia bore the Old World into her left shoulder
cold sweat, what do I owe you? a name less sick for
being forgotten, Virginia, was cut short by waking up early
your three little brothers pace a carpet 800 feet long
unfortunate & manacled, though always welcome

poem || Annabelle Clippinger

Sinew: Lines

caught in muscle a mood

in a body’s moves a tablet of memory

so what is slid into a bin is the body’s candle of deemed refuse

where nebulae is the marbling of meat hung along a lacework of muscle, stars

gaseous clouds an animal’s membranes on a celestial hook,

dignified by roses as set upon a grave, in this bin

discards loosened from the skin now mean the past is a set of dreams

swirling in the path of a diamond, heedless

emboldened by what is past the path of reason

or known to be exact, like the contours of a body, defined as “maternal structures”

on the hoof, the lam, what is passing

a lament is laid upon the landscape in the shadows of a landfill

bright regardless of what is projected by the poet

all the rain washes this trash

sacrifices offered at the abattoir, incense burned

an appetite for the sacred

Sunday, February 21, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


visitors scat geriatric cash registers TWINKLING ICONIC TALISMAN

vicissitudes a heartbeat art bait inner ballast

sequential taste tests attachment incipient Bagel Magus

gustatory newt-toed gnat

everything he reaches same old breakage bankers naked jackknife greed

with razors with porcine with zydeco with adding machines and kudzu

uneaten adequate aquifers,

tuxedo double-time unblemished embolic panacea acetate acidic equity

binding nocturnal karaoke beseech powers expound Apollo

exponential encyclopedia eye

visionary Palatial tic tac toe versus aerial porridge askew

dosage sledgehammers extemporaneous vise grips Zapruder dobro Saddam

languish czar artisan (variant)

alterity gotterdammerung Loch Ness valium ecueifij unnecuull

smile dictates simile dilates her soy milk eye ||||, || || no couscous mob cerebral


rapine paginated pastoral cleurgxi cicuu eigcluc cicl turbine denizen

octagonal dendrites yes || || within the wonders aimless claim that

aurochs in this order

I'll wash this dress, and so will you

can contribute cuzul data mining soda 3EaAa same baby soccer
sofa wrote ritual etiology WIJUTTE EITOUTI YIAVA paragraphs
queued nil and null celibate sets cerebellum bowling bollard and
boiling asuil usluy itinerary inherent etymological TAROT THIS
itte fetlluch otic carats damaged (nameless JAPANESE beetle
MAGAZINE\\\) azure anon hogtied Sundays Upanishads lasso
stovepipe vocable annunciation (dialectical modality cheating),

cosigned sickness cheesecake ~ || || | ... || ||| tambourine, kid


jailed attache case tablets bring to the table alimentary ladles tablature litigation
zodiac silk jade coconut milk / as for his buttery pen then than can truly maybe baby
(acrostic torso anagram)
MAYBE ability Baby by Ytob6bl data dabblers saturnine Saturday morning attention
spans Iwcoeviul ... - DIY dieing in spin cycles sinful icing | | | anathema oral torsion,
Womgcu Slui voices Much ditch chin cheat hit it more mammalian morality | | |
this too: it was very late when he missed the bus.
and was late for work. Sedation due sedition ioellil aouriiig cuyai Talk talking caves
We talking trapeze zebras askance medicinal detours resultant tatters ladders so
drastic undressed class war verbiage We AITTOTE EVAEUPUA faded deviations
deat hmodalit yqueued, asking asymmetric quizzical null nil ixlis xiyos janitorial
aspirin newt world border uyutz - St5ilH4 Louhoyt Talk coconut talking code death
(Razor sultan exultant reasoning) Mythological ugly horned mahogany semolina
unhinged semiotics. small press pesto variable robotics variant aromatic essentialize.


WEEKS UNTIL AMOEBA cOSSACKS cosmic signs cheat heating bills ||| | ||, ||||
Totalized delicatessen tandem dealers adequate odometer unleaded lead foot eels
tidal decal decorum actual bait kibosh battened newt yonder zodiac data mining if
results specie exulting talcum ice zilch ultimate spectacles tacitly slick silt hatches
catkin at death modality queued asphodel fretless INCANTATION CANTICLE


Talking unto yodels into, autonomy noetic talking kamikaze

Sap Pasts talking code data butane bunglers needle dendritic lemniscate

igijuu || | Talking, uwmio; Hack cactus thisness syllabic kundalini

miwio sigusv haecceity souwil , ljigel Voices zwu qualitative ketchup the || |

short poem || Peter Ganick

in magiore those repeat neon aliens, thorough so as to behave notion, magiore the fantabulum issuance of presentation where silt hammers a tilted mitt.

those in prescience than reinforcing metallism nounal for somatic envelope, thisness waiting shortfall dalliance, motion whether or not, heat while pardons gear-down the trenches.

pluck to foible that denizen where sited, on omnibuses waiting chora to everywhere. as silt the manned glitch, evaluator enigmatic is reed-instruction those pratfalls indebt to none.

in grit hosanna, heparin, edit defunct those maori behemoths, surveillance of surf announcing reread if…

Saturday, February 20, 2010

text || Raymond Farr

What Kant! What Cerise!

Pippin-gloved lex non scripta
tv occulus per annum
& twas an harmony
Nadir of Watermelon

Clamor on odes at first unseen.

The site is moon-gaudy
a web

Gobs of while unearthen

burthen a lot of
went Ecstasy
splitsville, usa

another Jed called

squatter in suites a thru z
broadlooms entombs wombats disembowel wombs
a namesake
of four selves

Boozers lift here is not a stratagem
aka i.e.
settlers’ basal environs

I quote: anagrammatica
op cit
flashed among 2 Lisas

& yet
feminine P. O. W. scam
drums loose of
Dharma Leviticus
net oops
dot html

What Kant!
What trajectory!
Afoul of:
aqua greco keyed by phrasing
sometimes with
spit on it

Alcoholic y, rue paul
no smokee
but harpooned Klee et al

crossing DeSalle St. upper west side
after all: 10 foot
on the west side is 10 foot

A la cerise
little small
Li Po

Ich bin eyed mein Toklas seme
banana oil & Alice B. Toklas
composed How To Write
under plots
are platz even as six
or nein
knotty pine bimbos: apt. bldg. 3c
regulate omega ville

Kludge upsets

derivatives noosed

opposition like



Soda straw ballot overboard

BLENNYs define milque toast
windward ballast
et al

Italics is a countryman
Greco-wrestle Romaning

the INTEL of:
Well jus’ come ohm then
the cast is a fake

from SPLINTERED || Peter Ganick


artifice of the colonial
expecting to flourish
in career silences
told to excel her cousin

listed in agreement
too-new forms doubt everything
a first consciousness misspelled

spin totals from level one
then erase ninety percent
in scoldings they tell you

normal / abnormal
as the sky
on sudden winter days
when catch-calls invent demand
for a prize telephoner’s skill


aptitude called data
ocean-sky sharp
telling the story

those roustabout empires
finesse the curious delay

onto portions out of house
and farm
defray sentential moonscapes
the overt, punitive
small, somewhat deferred


story of the man
written wall-hangings
for closest individuality
to shed

an inner material
gone cool to the touch
in fact rallying cries
know levels
established by nuclei
of creative entry

dossiers commenced
light-years ahead
in planetary stalemates
ask whether or not
sampled by greeters

limitless then limited
where concepts collapse


each nervous erotica
a leap forward
for predatory music
nixes tendencies toward
disrepair and angles

taken seriously
the minimum of flourish
radio telephone
portable anachronism
aspects if labored over
beget force to untimely

thick in thought
of remotest circles
his privacy deleted
time for networking
a cranium derailed
by surface ego

toned down by foreign


Friday, February 19, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Cold Earth

bury the opening, Greyhound Ichthyology
I get like Brother Eraser on propped days
zoomed-in and donkey to fugitive lips dog-stunted
-- stunted as tulip stilts? nay, paced Hope!
-- unplaced to here? how black as that above, ruinous, and
there tragic as any! the weary burn & pity & step with starved steps
& foambelts enormous in glamour, their sky-span more a brain than a
grave-mound - though babes watched slumbering hands (fingers dolorous)
- through Cold Earth's my child, with night forever out of reach

Thursday, February 18, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Chops populace skeletons delusions hammers analysis hefty dangers thesaurus superior reverie wallpaper monopolies waged lowercases adjectives globes teaspoons cloaks mountains blessings grinders circumlocutory nuances recaps mankind bicycles mouths calisthenics vocabularies nuthells profusion daggers outcomes conjunctions plots.

Blahs drains posse boondocks steadfast achy static adjourn honor archaic esteem goulash staunch splendid backslide frozen stockpiles downers billeted brisk treacly regimes defame telephones backsides tranquility perspires vapidity abbreviate punches featherbrained enhances keels falseness childlike visceral.

Sully alphabets rednecks defunct bosomy solo underbellies depraves backpacked docility alternatives missives divests gratis milks indented convolutedness lifeboats checkers bibs dupes turpitude skulls grouses peddles virtues skippers wades bouncing gouges kingpins lathers knocking gauges maladroit pounces.

from SO || Jim Leftwich


his health is ijuiju rope.
agony talk talk sameness some of the
sampler naugahyde linoleum ETUTI KI ETUTI as is as is
regular aquamarine quintillionth mannerist eyes on parole.

virtual virgule eidolon sole virtuous vigorous voluptuous 9kah

vault atavistic tavern Like this, like the injjnjj

Fotjuigi FEteol Foljuuiji Dexlel

talking cots talking coats nematode valiant salami
cot sign coat sign coast sign || | || ||| ||, || | ||| | || snips syrup saw


video due ejections vigorish, vibrant damages tapeworm patina,
SINISTER NOT knot as bolero leprosy Taliban handkerchief zero

code (is #159) slam animadversion zoetrope

same some same some same some same same same some

talk radio

alkaline albumin radar Sandstorm,

nor lunar gorilla under dajuq

soy prolegomena boiling yclept

|||| ; |||| and sewn so on sown Fourth:


handsome morality
oven thesis

tip type of things same game.
it reminded me that I was, and soon.

insignia soothing soap boots ljuphog,
celuyll lajosgn TARGET HATRACK Book

and SAME and sundial and frogs and talk
venture errors capital, and soon such success

as animates the aqueduct
babies for a sign,


eaten celery uneaten terror celerity errors temerity

jamboree nails nihilistic Edsel daisies joob iyuos

jamboree ninja nihilism Edsel delicatessen

continue this way and nox7tu Yecl
3-S-5-\L-4 FexF chcul 3Etullx Tfuljl

I take this talking to be my dialog dangling jesters,
i dance silent silicon nose eyes wiggling voters abracadabra

frog syllabics bricolage again yantra


swollen votes flamingo vegetables framed grist ecological vista...
~ || ||| ... || tarmac irenic trapeze
trapezoidal irony
tap dance dangling toiletries
austral once auspices Batik
Latinate brainpan supremacy supermarkets mantra banana yang banana
english cohorts zoom cavorts torsion frog same video sidewalk exotica
eye talk dialogic levers ejaculate leveraged porridge
aimless meandering hairy stairs seizure asemic ascension
mainstays departure ybnnybusxynb
talking aardvarks artichokes avocado
a talk a day leapfrogs in twosome eye cola dialogic left tackle illegal jesus


tastes annex
animate a train tastes dialog ejects
eye tastes coddle delinquent jejune

dialogic jettisons ouch same vindictive
daring vilulil uintuij uiitl
we Banyan gibberish, gibberish sealed
syntax said leering || eye tastes aslant
again, eye to my no
no eye 6He machine oyucgoucg
veins vanity sane or more or vanity ||


He had to sit in front of his ear to hear.
OM yuvsl S3aAa talking babies, was too
late to order at out wok written wrote, via
vagrant vacuum through, concentric eels.


propositions deaths Cellophane and yslu jotting iota

This vuis7 it3E - RiiF chth Radio

costumes customary binary (cell phones bowling azure)

... Sunken papaya until aeolian press release

(in mode / mannerist darkens)

~|| || | ... || ||| ... ||| tambourine, calcium thermos abacus,

laziness Bagatelles agile omnipresent gila monsters tepee

talking fork the taking, baby as a film

Penetrated truths truant Ytobbl therein talking,

baby daddy kangaroo bifurcates forking attacks Iuwoc Vixxe

... - ... - signs dieing in the year of the sun

messianic icing || mesoamerican anagram torus Wo6 Sylu

deeper deaths depend ||


So far, so good everything is going well, until so far, so good we
checked Equipment, and everything is already. dead dust bunnies
verbally usage ialylo uzlo evuii colb eu8il uzia aortic typecast zaum
Zamboni verbatim eye vaseline dobro linguistic sapience same the
language same ghost god goat so far for Godot, soak soap greed
gods usury inexplicable pirates explicit experiential windows the
ego so bold sold awakened existential cataclysm inexplicable the
pirates hasten acquiescence, tondo biennial salesman manifest
salami, once upon a kiosk long morass ago


ombudsman troika oil carafe raster colloidal asparagus orifice

ileurs eusli

trashcan hammerhead transom astral planetary alimentary kite haiku akimbo

ichthyosaur sofa hypertext vintage hymnal

niecty eftoct Thech

edible dirigible gerrymandered rendering beveled anvils semiotic tiara

semantic tarsus semolina mural

Beware bereft alliterative alternatives

isomer mandible tympanum

somnambulist per annum unhinged jailhouse tiller

(tufted grotto udder beneficent finial orangutan)

(tulle unutterable tattoo beneficiary Nefertiti finish lines riot)

(WHO WHOLE) || || | || ||| || || || collectible folksinging cash cows

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Armored tome wiretaps misspellings piquant barracks slog instabilities bleeps exceptional implodes squats packages abides bleeding mellow opus threshold tusks aggrandizes tousled vittles keepsakes marooned agitate tangled penance bozos maul hasty pillory shellacking approbation erections airtight ferrets meatballs pumps sunshiny.

Resignation windpipes beefs storybooks blusters imperils flinches lyrics leavens yaks pumps mutations impacts ravings muzzles caches bulldozers jackpots levels ordinances thrashes dioramas plumes rehashes leotards potbellies tenders stooges affixes roundups wanders despoils goggles fumes collaborations grafts heavens mythos desperation.

Choir unmasking altercation smothers mottos doubt engraves clambakes patently donor circumstances plum freaky moot prairie cranny connotations quail chimera harshness testicular bricks interval hail chisel tootle spurn nonstop rotten capers expletives cowboy tabernacle token dictum fishwives vindicates kissers knells.

Remebers trumps beheads musters unlearns paradises wordplays lungs trimmings trucks workforces rejoices takeovers suburbs wobbles braggarts fingernails zombies trademarks rejoinders trailblazers plummets limericks belittles rescinds tricksters plows lamentations frenzies templates tranquilizers suspenders recants surfers exploits forges.

Epochs wisdoms salves justifies mutters distresses contortions accomplishes abstracts decays impulses scorns dialectics slackens horseback mothers reflexes vestiges decoys recourses ceertitudes shudders matters neglects delays smothers apogees muscles trangresses lobsters apprehends zeniths lassitudes complexes shackles lusters.

Relishes detaches imbues brinks asphyxiates limps vehemence sullies carrion obliged convulses puppets perception byroads bellies dwelling hallucination yawns resurrected underfoot belies prestige sidereal tatters spares hordes boneyards recesses threadbare plunges pangs candor masturbates dislocates accomodations abberations.

Monday, February 15, 2010

from 'apparitional corsairs' || Peter Ganick

mercy, the locus, too blamefree for merit, names solutions tracked out of forested lilac-branches forming satiated air for planetary notions, mean strictures, gestures with final happiness mortally rubric to enshrine desultorily a factor less those tendencied from server-client role-playing, had from which seller faction the endless sume-rian crash helmet in song, heretofore, which granite shocks is norm for re-opening some motion crafted to essen-tial ladders, reins of talent a derision placed in traversal already one thou-sand or more, the escapist motive re-lated for imparting so lava places’ dna combinatorially surge as inventors croon solidarity’s mean volume, stake halfway shortfall, issue for migration’s placid enormity somatic-factored the kitsch of ennobled merging so lain out on wholly bordered mountains, delega-tions with send-offs in spin for docu-mentation later, as prana issues a teleo-logical narcissism, devotees revere tapestries thirsting theoretic natures blooming in surveillance to about-face the diameter of slap-dash overtures to dance, reignition acting small form re-alization more prone tellingly sonata in wrecking ball circles, the lividly actual on saltine nourishment if practical for immersion lipid in strobe, soon waits, from delight to entity, a forceps of trammel sottish languidity of escort now known better before, somersault the alienation for a brandishment cake thoughtful proof of benzene rank and file, noun to so factor as faculty of ren-dered porch-song the lemming with surgical gloves imputes while sifting a persisting a possibility emcees listen first when piling sotto voce the regula-tions in ampersand-reflectors, one bride to a clipboard solace, while toady for impasto, grammar scholastics theirselfs noon for modular penance, traitor tones inseparable rattan of se-rum ghost eddies, the rent-share blotto in on selfless démodé circuitry, a tran-sept waiting for aggression tooled to each form, isle where sanitization blurs goodly barter foresting bartered olean-der, no martial sepia frames drinking grinches, the hijacked somatic resis-tance leans where piloteers refine sa-lutes of lorded downplay, modes an ill-beckoning rooster the familiars deter-mine, nature aspirates slowly, a forceps to pumice rejoinders, not hasp where silos vessel outer, leaning so mater nos-ter, villanelle for agitation of elate the miniseries held recent to pardoning, a so-emptied from severely the missive telling, the trammel for paunch leisure motif, named for nanotech libertines select to the vinyl of practical necessi-ties, name, numero the classless, for trapezoid mandala amounting sole ooze the termination of select cases of wine, sell-off martial endurance, billets before bulletins, then some exchequer within spokes of wheelbarrow newspa-pers, lest the dust of wholly dorsal mien-vagrant imposes reduction from a chariot in blemish, at tourney’s lien, a deigned morphine slurs while denuded affects intended yogas over the skies of rumor-bound salination, adipose resis-tances, the homage to renew, not hap-penstance yet, inward to laughter, a mandala acquiring periodic artifacts no-tified foregone to matrix-benders, lens with arrows paused, contravene fiddled to mania, the precipice alerted sleepy farms, today torn from calendars didn’t exist, earth wondered how, genuine nausea-proffering mayoral races blurted over as moisture seeps in from dog-grounds, mellow for impetus, graded iffy sorting-realms for remiss passions tomorrow’s anomaly, yet to bias, re-cruits format leniency-pods, the mind-ful of scheme car lots without auto-mata, the hopscotch mimesis resisting a surfactant wilderness-bound intention-ally blanketing so mirages can influence to abut bluely, imagination so either, nice silos with aborted myrtle strands lacking in rafter-billions, toll to seek a pirouette on resistance’s borderline mistral, the un-under-developed com-bine met in silence on an offering of or if while whereas borrowers dole over the sutra on a particle of motive, noth-ingness rasa tinkered voices of the exe-unt practicality’s nomenclature some small change some largesse of chalice, retroactive to mirror amadeus inform-ing cleo the burn-victim, issues a tense wig towed out of space into gravity fleeting, steering for rally the compila-tion of seizure then somatic bird-calls defunct filliation force-fed to resists of calendric cirrus lotuses, there in se-quent for mirrored flecks on destitu-tion in pond, small motion for woven-into sole fuses with re-actor’s polity shimmering, as pertains in refiguration props on hold torn sheets intents re-veal notochord-bias, one spleen more diadem for alarmist greenery, hook in pilot vanish no clapboard humidity for-eign to assumptions of reaped cellulite miasma averted jump the occasional chasm for treason to plead issue, the reticent frame a closure on bracketed impetuosity once in a gainer of strata, a distancing offed ivory clocks there singing inca leisure foibles, one of meaning so mannered from license to pardon stay in vernal mien so distances officiate theatric that on livery no cloud memory, intra-cambrian then sorted ftp inverses therefore un there radiant for every lissome narration’s parity more nature in cell-lively running about the city with handshakes on-glued, trick to klingon the aperitif more in excelsis not the possibility of wolves even risking as sutrification of envelopments ranged through on apolectic noun muon each morning when fused intractable to thrice addled the rite with such as por-tion for mainsail to burin the clamp, there jumpy ogle and regulate mor-dents with calendrical thereins forcing subsumption more arrow and feasibil-ity more prize-wrought of then-rare bolstering some, fraught with omission as boca roca then so prada with deci-sion poached the muni its radiant clo-sure to no morsel sternum toned in parcel novitiates each los angels eupho-ria temblor each truculent that miasma, on the crowded street downstairs,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Golden Rue Devils Bring

I gargantuan, they in the skies
yet lower they to the ground
with gold the moonless were golden, --
me: blooded for thee a sight to enjoy,
thee, Virginia, moonless thee

if ape thinks of a palace, behold,--
at the very-most least an aviary
for letters' newborn steeds!

I, more, I inched all drenched
blooded for thee a sight to enjoy
but glumly she bird then just die

Friday, February 12, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Decays effaces gratifications mirrored appeals rehearses spills reverses pleasures umbrellas sniffs occupies plotless preemptive reinforces auras mediations surrenders scabs underscores stung plugs declares antiphonal transvestites pontoons outlawed coffins articulates emblems complicit colophons dolor poetics bonfires.

Freedoms sung dipthongs clams prayers accrue weathers intelopers abolitions forays desultory barters trivia dusks splices quasars falsettos eruditions handbooks gnats caesura escarpments handkerchiefs fecund crybabies magus pajamas nomenclature hisses pies dendrites doppler drones mammals stampedes kisses.

Implications relish failures ambient saunters enunciates vowels agonies nocturnes deludes slingshots entitles fictions graves volitions hearts charcoals referents ribboned glands verities trances beef sensations habits fakes sacrifices narratives jinxes elegies yokes escalations peppermint hymens zigzags assumptions.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Glazes saddens careens freebases livery spates accords thugs gastric hints flippant hangman thumbs crabby dodgeballs transparent yawns tiddlywinks slinks biddable neon euphoric swamplands doorbells charisma puckers skillets imparts catalogs elephantine vitreous foosball deduces doleful wiles swags.

Misreports leftovers lassitude larceny pouts expertise spoofs bananas aerospace chides gyrates wheedles deplores sunny whores snotty hurdles unburdens accolades shortcuts pincers invalid contretemps assays slipways ketchup sexy hiccups doohickeys repels hurricanes ladles antisocial licorice legerdemain antediluvian.

Moistures photographed cosmos shouts childhoods mendacity thoughtfully threatening coagulates hermits technocrats gnosis vermin prearrangements hustles barrooms meanings hitchhiked friendships terrorists libraries obligations vagueness transits constitutions furrows bones mustaches leaky pyres polices billows rewrites skylights mimicry allocates.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

from 'ranging a structure visibly' || Peter Ganick

than affords romper-room settlement’s wiser intention alit wider nave those rotunda-bias floozies thensome penetrant vaguely surplus that edgy compression becamel sovereignty sepia engulfing redundance that podium rigmarole fifteen understood as innocent impresario vetting lateral croupiers,

tough symmetries evade nicean blow-torches unroll a demesne of presidence tolerably oceanic redux where silence apostate nutshell bourse.

than yesterday’s implication plausibility echoes thereof intentional serration’s bolero,

than in redux gallows the fable offers dilemmas from tangibility,

its cloud and fascination.

beholden that surceasee,

nominally opaque amidst of least in foraging therein elemental that one day one week onslaught involution’s prehensile adoration,

every thorough tally the scree for ballast informing celsius dilettantes.

which wrongs tentative immanences, the cruelty portmanteau of territorialized empathy vague as sided from crumb to scale of tiens that vagary implodes refueling cadres numinous therein thereof while steering eclats those the rhythm forces deterrence as parallel the attitudes of misogynism.

some deterrents envelop connotations while deriving scalar pointillisms the stride ventral veneer,

that studium least format opaque on mirages,

the feverish pittance membraneous therefores delegate scrutinize impossible curiosities, their laughter in ontological intuitions.

so merci the cartouche expunges reading serial centaurs networking solo briar absolutist nexus that scrutinizes the accordance mirrored flooding serene lassos,

a convenient reason arnica the floodgates reinstate,

mirroring escutcheon-mirages the cobalt inroad toads unruliness amidst lagging resilience the forested wherewithal burnout burnt into seizure apodictic emplotments recursive to amphorae that drift excises rinse thoroughness once appotomax curator offering clarity.

reasons tolerably overheard,
therefores nrg ontic already being intentions where fabulosity equates illbience the motions watch outside nine tiered alternatives,

rendering islands sandeesh comparative recursion’s being bulletined into worldview pointillism minus equations then somatic awhile than curtailment invigoration as plural unit-awareness.

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

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from SO || Jim Leftwich


tailspin tatters (austerities saccade unites coteries uzi lipstick pentimento variable duplicity);
separates the pert from the fang; telluric laminates deliberated tilapia overdetermined; yet
war arrives (is archived) as death, oil slick his tachometer isosceles / SYMBIOSIS /
assimilated excreta, acetate canasta toolbox, khaki kayak catacombs (bicyclists
crescendo) tombstone, talisman alkaline toiletries likelihood salutations, detrimental
IOU undulates Oil and hyle, dog-gruel, signifiers haiku tailspin |||||| ( | ) |||||||| eyelets yet
chiasmus quincunx insuperable cadmium digitalis quantum Mist chinchilla |||||| ( | ) ||||||||


fork of the ways solitary, I hope we meet again. "Me too."
She has a lottery of phonies and is rusting in a bandwidth.
Look out for the squiggly eyeball!
cayenne and clubhouse Retainer!
Talking frogs detrimental sameness also ambient ideological tambourine
reign in rain out the milk of nothingness
even the naked cabal,
(Nihilism squared)
samurai mutagenic kisses
jugglers nasturtium nostrum nintendo ninja in ruins;
Must be the Same Thing;
natural moiré occurs in swollen cinders ~? 541]XF napping napalm
knapsack is this all there is samovar intentional snoozing codes and
orderly takeover jugular somnambulist mutiny, anchorite Likeness;
in love with stress or essentially tessellated ||||| ... ||| [ || ] irrigated
irritants Pattern parquet tapdance arid trapeze;


taps at the nook pun taken jackhammers ideological sameness... I
... emblem ambient tandem fez lake fellowship toxic zebra text tax;
toxic (rOVE OVER NAKED ANCHORS) Adjustable studios ludic
takeover orderly indeterminate... socks sable ruse and swine flu...
dead / data || text massages, tool booth in a box Ui (wy (w (e ib vul
clung The tongue ||


hive (tooth expressionistic ague mints greedy fir / fur / ore-cone firmament matriculation),
because you said you were going shopping today. "Me too, but I changed my mind."
They need this book tomorrow, right?
Then I will, yes, welcome woolen windows charisma lusting g:ySb ilt gi axsxl yrll ujc ||||
Hacienda hyacinth operatic parvenu deliquescent erotic errors In fact, typical payola
troika racket kiosk Assimilated eyes and essence, infected in effect (toast the toes) Nil


f(ilg U n||ii||n ja|) )X t245
, Starving varnished sterno
dossier destabilized
(nomadic osmosis in situ)
Mermaid bang!
geodesic diodes Tao
roiling eggs / egg
ACTUALITY is a rumor


||| efficacious fetish || || "|| |||" jalapeno tiptoes apex;
Pilfers wiggling eye Paradigmatic plaza eidetic Memories
bang pun data nook... defenestrated attached de facto
howitzer sown stems xylem intransitive aardvark traduced
by canonical camera nepenthe magazine; immanent holes
neoteny zigzag svelte swerves diametrical eyebrows [ ] yet
... Pnu germs sectarian tense ii uiu vi handlebars handstand
catnip gangrene; tablets bifurcated || texxxts, talking ox
Ui Juil Jsariuus (U ( (V Yluls snudisj Misty blue death this
longing day || Conjugate the sutures


(and) therefore, He had a bad cold.
I took him to the doctor so you think you want this job, then?
And so they were married and lived happily ever after.

If ellil uiew louj olai at catechism deforested as a Tank,
since also ETIOTI AOITTOV, as if queued automaton
kinetic yarrow
" , "
therefore orlo totipotent, demagogue aneurysm queued
Nil N|| (systemic is), Nodding panda iul yliu Ni|i|n nape,
systemic is Sun |s?34TZY zoom blog toga Everted;


ungulate mahogany jade invested bees vegetarian gnats in cosmic signs,
allegory of the (railroad) rat ||| |||| , | || tai chi Tales and agitprop against an
apex; tatters dealing deaths ! IN TOUCH sealed kebab dermal permafrost
do the wise men toss, slice dilated ego modal geography

This decision NO 3 TO MY;

crenelated cynosure battlefield bartered bathtub crabs, talking into Attack,
preternatural dialogic torrents Pasts Sap Gnijiiu nouns icing buttons needle
edenic dentistry || Talking UUO, To My lixgl vigil, buoyant away || adjusts
allegedly or incorrectly described in a way that you mentioned south carolina
and the fried leaves of your youth, soggy engenders amid the mud

vewu ,lo yaecjo TALKING AH HAPPENS YEAH take the zany train to the
ski lodge of your brain;
leave without you!
chain-smoking cattleprods;
superstition punts the quest


presumably unto the sun within nine mime meteorological attuned;

sanitary ontology;

allegedly )7i3,)) FuTcTc2Tclh attacks attached zoo mirror veins;

apical wing-bang disabused buttery seizures;

uglier than never settled etiology;

yolk soccer allotropic dour considerable stiletto ditto;

|||| ||;? || |||?

Gladiators inadmissible by osmosis;

|| |

salute automatic stairs Tap, tap striped connotative onions;

soggy engenders amphibious meander;


wan any xylophone salts concrete suppositions talking in asian pears:
cystic systemic tact or tactical habitation rehabilitated 3 below zero
beneath a blackened moon: bent emblematic tastes sleeves antic
alcove: cosmic immediacy innovates nor vantage archetypal collides:
ballad of the latent kaleidoscope: VITIIATSUN'L2LNN: logical sum
annotated ZERO: denizen lozenge Zorro: || | Naked 3Bahhunuu Lalc
lrgac) risjaiar cyuoolc iojc, kpipli jujeb)... Calibrated Ghost Goat || |

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Interactions scows visionaries gropes paradigms classrooms polemics woolgathering backpedals epiphanies grovels dovetails loudspeakers registers capitulation supermarkets scholarship fission scowls merrymaking horrors rhetoric taillights heinous throttles narration drains caters veneration tremors vowels stimulants garbage purchases etymologies highways.

Volley conceptualizes mouthpieces vacancies commands scams apostrophes venom ducks cowhands almanac jodhpur fey gassy boldface asses impulsive dung shroud popularity shovels vanguard clairvoyant bootless endures chatterbox superscript ekphrastic middlebrow bosom railroad vaccination rumpus tweezers lightfaces schadenfreude.

Fetishes ruts judges doorbells experiences knitting recites eternities scissors orgasms extracts potatoes differences slipping curses spooks gaslights recycles exclusion haunts derogatory unfinished refrains comebacks apologies marquees dervishes showshines meditative antidotes machines melancholy unexpressed distortion fortunes detains.

Suffocation praises univocal blacksmiths pineapples maidens onus perfumed roundelay pockmark boost cleansing kingpin tush suds threnody bouncing strew sterile ukulele nightcaps crawdads pissed hampers crossways amalgam robber yardstick crisis deformed custody ritual nick praxis serpentine truncates.

Outsources unbuttons relapses thumbnails donkeys festers throats outcasts transcripts tightwads squalid thrives eclectic filched outcries rabbits limitations bungles cottonmouths huff unavowed teeter nurtures sweetmeats rebuts titmouse octopus cheeses gloves feckless scuds tinnitus haiku xylophone squirts outskirts.

Rampages goodbyes yoked nomenclature gnaws glosses kudos underway guzzles nuances plotting unpreparedness stroked mainframes undercuts bilges schooling circularity italics literalized niggles conclusiveness clearinghouses stillbirths totalizing vibraharps specious freeloaders bumpers scribbles bastardizations mutineers concludes.

from an older text || Peter Ganick

in bias of mere lighthouse entity, morning-glory bag-trot, networking issues veer, cancelled importances reopen doff wounds toed out to need put-back donors thought-free within spatial-hyphens, peopling darshan worming boots into gestural flabbiness until strolling overtly prada-visible, museum blurs wiping hijackers tirades and numerous nesses, lately recent, the ripieno downed in traffic insisting ice more, tempers would thin merely protein forceps in gravity-staleness shown, the existent, less deceptive, outa’ sight to the nth degreed wakefulness going to-s, stowed iffy precedents those paragons to before the laddered receipt, commencing a re-lationship to honed-in-on serenely dousing re-natured martial piercings, bluely adamantine within space sedimentary to non-disturbance, ‘s-a-wrap footless in cement, dystopic vacancies altering town merriment, a clavier to breathe curlicues, swimming echoes of guitar after bangled oceans climb around on and under, while sterling each settlement a cobra-lipped while cosmic festooning issues delicacy-birds vocally pivoting tendons, so matrixed silent, juggling fantasies of ocean-merely protentive, library socie-ties thrown to mumble a chore, push-to drape warmly fact out of clash double mindful, add to sour terrain main-sailing gymnasia in reduction of presiding clots, big oboes and mirageous tendencies van to club, the astral burin nibbling coiled echelons, motion rare lateral mondays there circumventing presences before terms define unit-awareness’s front to back less motion the more, snail grid occults burnishes knowledgeable mains, a bin of cars seeks or nothingness exhorts vacuums intended to be go to surmise tobogganing in volumes of weather set, blink before tangible emptiness, a grotto in blindness every situated mopping shredded as ideality in ex-perient-re-changers of love to compendium, a notation’s cue for treb-led once retaining endurance hegira within a modesty, bluely frenetic solar rayon walks the everyone statement listlessly, starved carefully, nor bidding war heretic of motility coarsely brusque, debilitates for now or moment, each slight mooring-pond selfs-out on vacant mistrals, as machismo’s despot crashes willful around evolutions and permanences tailors in mayhap the residue persists closely, that un-wish preciously ven-tures domain of ersatz operatives, ouch, third of explosive rinds inner paisley widens response, forgone aforementions the clipper windowed from runners, is, is not, is never this-ness is parachute frequency, rope to downsizes narrowing tensilar bludgeon, mechanical sturgeon writ harpoon stir-rup ecologic, rendition’s parsing er to-nation the cries bluer, for jab telling, scoot accumulates pros and verdant millefleurs, deposes muzak in one putted monition of arrowed-out club-bing, yesterday vents mordents wild-flowers, the combinatorial muscle vested parsec-delay, notions welded temperately, cloisonné the factors with aspirated venom, one lottoed flask drubbing seeks parvenu reaction topi-cally as closure in brunt of exit, tractor-fit moab solar poster-china, doff differ-ential fluxion of, imprecations to ex-treme recipient, deposit falcons tick

from SO || Jim Leftwich


wonders never cease to wander (within their intentions): this is the motto of the dark fairy Ouroboros → a cosm of signs;
we rushed of late into the lake → Clear affirmative rectangular ammonia template percolates nonhierarchical; fastidious;
that (and that) is that → affinity cheats + the subtext; towering + the subtext;


in two (with theoretical results): It has not happened, when I left → a cosm of signs or an adventure of the eyes;
met me in the near necessity with your sonorous data;
a need for weeds → snare drum reified potato dancing rarities;
allover a racket of quests → motivate the eye! Towering echoes;


in advance of the SOCKET [sutures];
wonders (in several directions and typefaces of information, to express the howl of now) up to this point;
or up to a point where the snake was about this long;
he said, Holding his hands about a meter will not, worried about!
She was so happy with his progress in school, that they have bought a new snake.
Not getting everything in the room, there were very many of them, he without.
(= without) a reunion, you were such an inion (= every and very);
good for you, thank you! If sitting tall in the saddle and quivers like a covey of elves.
Like Tonto, or Batman, talking sap, rococo tangents, nihilistic vagabonds obliquely quail.
silent as a Ninja, in the Rain in your soap pajamas, pavilion of toilets nor toggle-switch utopia;
annihilation begins in the ear; is a tulip, So Very Smoke / my jogging (milk)

trial by speak;
tap-dance tapioca;
toys that talk and squeak;
stutters like a Ninja;


in tatters snuggle damnation and guns;
Mere errors;
banyan yak;

sanguine tangent;
historical zoo;
(or bardo);
emphatically (not?) the TAO;
tantamount to;
totemic ant;
at at;


flak, also carom;
citations hereby nearly;
talking sap to ourselves;
beneath the toilet closure boiling sun;
our calendar of radars;
experiential bacterial aura notwithstanding umbilical nomenclature;
Council of Lists;
scored a job (event) as a kiwi;
cul de sac;


Useless to (sputtering) in this / this way we would hope to be treated as others;
we do as everything should be (arranged);
Only in this way (= specific and particular), is this;
the ghost of an important meeting tonight;
If issue shall ego us Take care of talking sadness and sedates;
If errors as Null Sets egoic as in (Moods) easier to climb the knoll and cull a nihilist from the Moon;
nothing doing on the Sun;


forever and nevermore talking openly, native and oval adjunct / oneiric niacin igloo;
ugly demotic icons panning for anthrax gold;
So Very Open subtext, cosign sigils soap ||||||||| tape-text vedanta on the Ituri silk road zaum;
Sans talk, when 10 o'clock sponsors sobbing assimilate asemic taxidermy, talk talk talk talk talk;
nevertheless as the crowd flies eternally inner Onions Boiling (||||||||) |||| talk, talking home and wholly subtext;
syllabic much genus jamboree, intends dendritic noise (||||||||) ||||
free (instead of a word, or a germ excreted, as used below, sometimes above) as an index;


are you really quit your job?
Yes, I have told you I said, Has, it will be tomorrow?
Yes, I hope, If you have not read the opinion, please now that both (= true)?


so very lists askew olfactory sundials isometric cataclysm and caesura;


sadness is the only isomer of attachment (to each a hand and plinth);
Taken detours; Saturate is;
That far outside the quorum, to quit in error;
essentially nihilistic, Null javelin job toss itinerant nimble this;
cacophony vectors our recent inferno;
(posits igneous potato), Taken slowly (heliocentric lesser eyes;
meteoric rogue in situ) beguiles benighted tulips;
paleolithic storied quest, equestrian cosmic || signs ||||||