Saturday, July 31, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 31, 2010 -- Saturday

light curve nibble scuffs a vocabulary of feeling cupules grinding slicks along the long dead critter's counterbalanced textual context cut in two disgraced upstreams of Antiochus IV Epiphanes' synoptic duductic devouring tusks & myriad prolongated sheaths of flesh springing up as the One in whom & thru whom fiery paddlewheels' omnipotence usurps primordial slurps of vanquished hyglo chaos chanting redresses of dugongs on no hind limbs with a flattened tail resembling a fin recharging distinct reawakenings of skittish crotal jinglings hackmetacking spur shoots of jack-pines wailing yaupon lustrous chiediti trons accruing nonclementures flocculent corny muffled muffier verb-stems acious locomotion baudekyn jeistiecor's strappy last-ditch tourniquet lair of gin fizzes' bra-strap adjustments imbibing backfires wending thru mocktail muskets of acoustic synthesizer mulch & corny stuff like a bag of bones (bone bag) detritus parenthetical stakc of rock piles in the misty auriculars of yinzers' ritzy swanky desolating abomination tribulating corpses of the eschaton cessation predicting woes & apocalyptic improbabilities unborning to be blasted into quadrupeds of brutal anoa ourses exuding lichenous kopje & the scatter function of aequinox caerulignol ovoviviparous miscreants' brown anoles incubating widgets of cupshotten guvno's shitload of icosidodecahedron's hypothetical amarok contrivance jigger gizmo's egregious piglin kaki calyx svalbard doridioidea contriving to poil bladder + fern bufoon weevils' bullate submucosa hance barbigerous carbazotic autopsic hillocky anaglyph's dishabille gaucherie congee zimba apophyge beryllium kuxj burgling saucily pundered mock-ups "really cementing" slowly creeping chislon actus' chitinous fat-skinned scalp glammer falling out of pseudosuchian stillborn poetry's flipitor flipping off nightlong lightning-bugs' bratch of dumps' grub beeld brach's bitch of the unkind hound's gallous feyther's annieopsquotch abecedaria burniebee's flagrant offspring of shemaroo shimmying, so yea, a little mutant pumkin boi dweeb ortol stichomythia stibnite lull lessening trehala interpolating mycose abyme ursus malwa or china-stone frangipani's ellipsoidal bonce prighting bulevar gamboge antimonite's unbaked blankfaced anothah spandrel achelor stupefaction devouring deleriac elisions of celery stalk nonce words regurgitating cornice moldings' gabinergic zulu-kafir a xhosa (you're something of a warthog, arent you?) rabble-rousing abondonee blabbermouth untrimming scantily devoid of senselessness chirruping phronesis' feculencies' aphernousli rasterizing acervative pissing comorbid inmany schizoaffective neuromotors cugamonga parenchyma loessal pubis ceroma's unguent fex fin cere groan of tuft around J doomie gle, eyedunno, prius' veryfugly ogee chamfer orbity coalesces with the patchouli ganglion screws zerging the moon-studded mother-o'-pearl beanpoles pouting skeezy bukakke spooge brobdinagian muddle-headed mucophagy breadsticks at the break of night's efferverce woes' mompyns flagrant jejune fattieheads just popping into the hookem-snivey hobthrush feek ovibovine ziphorhynchus vortices' transistor consonances perendinating litherlurden humgruffin regargletating obmutescence's pickelhaube hibernaculum barathrum's equilarcenous plodder's balthier isosceles triangles battologizing bele longicorn jolthead's cetane number's vatical cetan ceraunics' manipura cakra's pasty liquor discus's outvying periwig-pated avram, cango-abjected peepers' badgerly bibition, lactare nimbe scrutiny's fretter, prickles inermis pyxis spone

text || Peter Ganick

parapet notion earliest those fullness paragraph text flow iceberg narrator either naming whereas fluidity herein accusatory numerators involute arnica thermo acidfree improbable tinderbox sutra almost indiscrete aliens tureens wile of paradoxical arise torn untried deign tiramisu thorough aegises beluga than necessities behemoth czarina boardroom cipher nicer than sleight offering aisle sedimentation elixir parochial determinism tedium scansion that sited either waiting slummer boutiques not snore tassels midrange of parameter veneer also rambunctious that oyez those reflective errata imbroglio tensile boat shoe reduction validations weight ingenues thought fromage itness wile of heating sirocco than sere throatless unfolding eminence through escarpment involute motions weal of presume than feverish lighthouse improbable curiosity each nexus tandem night table introit valence those renamed from to the sensible tolerant evening song release thorax vowel consciousness zoned the parsec mitt everlasting gratitude notice fidelity of preen scampering nominally prudent either waiting elastic voiceovers those reversals nitrous occasion zinger nova enroll that stomp urreal cola wars those perambulatory euphoria feet reversal offering alternatives the seconding alternatives off papyrus theatre mitten glamour itness summarizes thensome trapeze slowness yammer the klingon dytopia stretto vanishing elemental centrism vane through which evidence relay decal from perpetual irony commencing reflective thorough either whatever nothing waste neither apex licensure tan geranium skillet borderline parameters cursory that fabulosity once tendering assurances of persistence theatrical bludgeon olde school site

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer







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affat story 2 (on forgetting as dust)

the old man inside.aside.affatt never looks.

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affat de ad reads as depop

chop ra rah .affatt knew all

DocumentPainTer @3

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Friday, July 30, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 30, 2010 -- Friday

"The key concept underlying Cubism is that the essence of an object can only be captured by showing it from multiple points of view simultaneously."

fluorocarbons color swatch the boorish bloopers ensconced in the dzos of zany crossbreeds -- velveteen velveeta already being busticated in the percolator with beefalos & ligers & zedonks & lots of other strewn crossbreed travesties argufying with the absquatulated brizzati macerated in the frayed tapestry dangling from the danky turrets


dzos of busticated brizzati swatches absquatulated in the boorish bloopers of velveteen velveeta macerated in the frayed danky-dangling fluorocarbons strewn thru-out the mildewed tapestry


dzos of bloopers dangling in the busticated fluorocarbons being macerated in the absquatulated velveeta mildew


dzos of macerated bloopers busticated in the mildew


macerated velveeta percolating with busticated color swatches of fluorocarbon bloopers absquatulated in the liger's tummy


boorish crossbreeds zedonking like ensconced brizzati in the absquatulated in the tapestry surrounding the baptistry


tapestry fluorocarbons swatching zany bloopers zedonked in the busticated percolator where boorish ligers castrate absquatulated crossbreeds of swatchless brizzati


zedonked & castrated tapestries in absquatulated fluorocarbons busticating crossbreeds in the bloopy percolator of being


blooper-ensconced colors' zany-strewing travesties fluorocarboning crossbreed bloopers ligering in absquatulated swatches of boorish argufications percolating in the busticated macerations of dankish droopy-dangling tapestries

from Symphony no. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 8 -

Fractal aspects of eternity

embedded in the moth’s wing

what must be remembered

returning to the sky

as in

the origins of rain

or bloodless fossils

lost to Neolithic oceans

now roadside detritus

an expanse of thorn fields

a mortal coil

observing the atom

here are theories


a sapphire skein

unraveling indeterminacies

on an inked wall

in an evening’s displacement

the reclusive tongue

the hierophantic alchemist

the imperceptible mountains

traced on sandstone sea cliffs

otherwise there are occurrences


through darkness

an unframed landscape

a glass coracle

floating in scoured ante-light

a reticular ash pattern

inside stone circles

the black dance

resolving the widow’s bane

the angular gaited shade tree

the non sentient

crescent moon glow

the contemplation of mute viols

the silver discs descending

the fluid womb’s dissolving

the hollowed ground’s iron will

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

12 thoughts +1 artiststockbreeder

Fighting jumping Work
Besmirched jetty Forks Grump awake
bewitched Germ Frumps jocky stork
Butchered klepto Fork Grows Jimmyin
Bickered Thefts cramp jokey Wormsout
Objected Fretworks Gyp Him Murkily
An other stockbreeder Fries Jugs his Too
Besmirched Keg fork jumps Towel Tear
Bewitched fretting frogs in murky sky Prom

jump From the bridge backstroke Away
Jum fro The bridge backstro awa
.ump rom he ridge ackstroke way.way

text || Peter Ganick

climb serrates rhombuses of vigil ancillary documentation erasure peevish naming otherwise scapula setback urreal closure that fanzine energetic simulacra persist immerse graffiti crash course rubber stickpin eons laggards the festooned variances thorough elevens on the replacement surd hammering slackly nounal courage there stringendo ascot coatlique the remnant orphic dullard errata inverses replicate iterations through ontic sameness pursuit operator eviscerating amalgams thrall of peevishness major traffic phantasm therein refugees torrent athleticism throughput nevertheless where stipulating each northerly account of preen alright scupper inverses nth soliloquy where vantages remain closed spittoon ripe tread neutralize alimentation equatorial neoprene stump either waits riptide standard immersion therein fantasy perpetual vocal tournament reflex coverage toss athleticism presumes a gravity of separations intransigent simulacra those voicing replacement ironies thorough sites while starving equations itness and stricken reclamation evidences otherness wisely presuppose those reflex coefficients amalgam that thisness ironic pursuit systematic vacuity epistles move through sudden mirror agendas than crush potent thensome reflective thrall interests otherness sturdy emory ballast grommets the official terrazzo byline

Thursday, July 29, 2010

from Symphony no. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 6 -

Isolate this thought

in rooms which face north

the intuitive tessellations

reflecting what is forgotten

how the willow bends

the summer wind

the brief image

to swallow the blackness

the stalking periphery

entombing desolation

within the granite cavity

amber light

through the crow’s wing

a jade cliff at dawn

a precipice

of broken bones

beneath a road

shattered to glass

a bleeding sage

a rose thicket

cloistering the skylark’s trill

a grey moon

as distant

as a serrated bell tone’s


ambient stillness

throughout a house

a madman lies

dreaming of sleep

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A small knob or button that is pushed to operate a person who is very easy to persuade to busy oneself in an aimless sort of way to make jams and preserves the wife of a king quicksand swallows up after a word or sentence to show that a question is being asked and receives the ball from the center made from the hollow stem of a feather in search of adventure showing a puzzled condition can get rabies if bitten by an animal that has the disease because they are sometimes written in a joking way to take part in a race.

Placed before and after words that are quoted to be sent out in rays or waves eaten raw as a relish for dusting or washing for ramming ammunition down the muzzle of a gun dried for eating forming the track of a railroad such as police or soldiers are destructive pests and carry diseases to praise greatly or too greatly has shiny black feathers by some human process from behind the clouds are reference books to bring blame or doubt such as a mirror of chopped pickle the lessening of pain to stay while others go by blood or by marriage on hot dogs and hamburgers and a sharp beak.

Tamed and used for work and for food something that has been rejoiced into illness after seeming to get better in a syllable that is not accented for the same kind swimming together not deserving of sympathy and a handlebar for steering in the form of sleet such as the palm of the hand giving off smoke to mark the boundary of the act of staggering behind the stage in a theater fits of coughing to make the total amount the quick hissing held four times as long as a quarter note after stumbling and burns with a steady flame when lighted.

code || Lanny Quarles

#Higgs Mutt

# --- This file does not produce a crustacean of the subclass Copepoda.
# --- tail --------------------------------------------------------------
n=!!!F'^(5)W'^(5)F--''c(4){f++f++f--|--f++f+[m]+f} # tail feather n
p=!!!F'&(5)F--c(3){f++f++f--|--f++f++f} # tail feather p
q=!!!F'&(5)F'&(5)W--''c(4){f++f++f--|--f++f++f} # tail feather q
r=!!!F-c(3){w+f+f-|-f+f+f} # tail feather r
# --- body ------------------------------------------------------------
# --- legs -------------------------------------------------------
# --- antenna --------------------------------------------------------

text || Emma Gambade

Philip Frobisher

thieving training; ///////// Turnure riage ///////
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libellers scribe /////// 249-51, panickier ///////
ruddies time, //////////////// via dandies ///////
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been subtracts ////////////// who Welshmen ///////
appeased of ////////////////// chorister o ///////
salve eerht /////////////// them. muddling ///////
perching very ///////////// slickest about ///////
Windsor bod ///////////// Congress. Bourse ///////
buildups Analogies //////////// four shelf ///////

/////// from Rudolf ///////////////// not Luescher
/////// yarns in //////////////////// serves execs
/////// AA130L //////////////////////// his ardess
/////// Passos maomade ////////// triumph, expiate
/////// if hoff //////////////////////// B.: rehab
/////// Geismar personally ///////// sessions all,
/////// soccer in ////////////////// seconds alive
/////// Owles otly //////////////////// bests whch
/////// filming engravers /////// merrily anology"
/////// thanks cured //////////////// ran colossus
/////// group Fergus //////////////// belief Hoper
/////// Waterford symbol //////////// Hassan there
/////// Horta house. //////////////// Bb Normandie
/////// McKenna 2d ///////////// medical composure
/////// globale. newspaper /////// cotter escaping
/////// acid Nutt //////////////////// how Waltham
/////// equine was //////////////// cosies prints.
/////// additional savings ////////// it adjustors
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/////// foible for //////////////////// to Pinelli

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I'm moose /////// psychoanalysts, unseats ////////////
Philip, Frobisher /////// concerning salivates ///////
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purls 42 /////// Liebmann barred /////////////////////
lurched test /////// Orpington call //////////////////
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argumentative scorpion /////// the Doty //////////////
for peppy /////// phenomena, warp ////////////////////
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the coming /////// illuosry concerned ////////////////
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very Lang /////// Whales, dogmata ////////////////////

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////////// raced ruluying /////// Litterature Carol
////////////////////// I1 Emilia /////// and sewell
/////////// Mekhanika, Chaucer /////// closeness or
/////// reputedly restraint /////// gallows, rodeos
//////////// danced marking /////// 2296-3 Pliooene
////////////// ioose right /////// theorem. crusade
/////////////// spumoni Another /////// be acclaims
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////////// Housewives' preys /////// penguins among
///////// significance specified /////// simpler by
///////// surfaces things. /////// Oalle transition
/////////////////// the stein /////// stoutness and
////////////////// Henri 301-305, /////// arches of
/////////////// maharajas two /////// 320, raffling
////////////////// Yes! geologic /////// smokers or

text || Bob BrueckL

July 29, 2010 -- Thursday

ecstasy suspension consciousness dries sateen finish stress spikelets pedicelled succulent pith oblong tapering slightly droopy fawn cessation of the unconscious reflexive mechanism prolonged sustained lapse into phenomenal pure sensory perception totally fallen away immediate vehicle crossing over beyond polt friable inhale pulverized morass rollicking agile senses without Qoheleth burps inner distress hoodwinked's deepest true error deception unknowning rasp gasp intuitive articulate caviling demigod adapa ladybug byous tumble signals lunguage epigastric deictic o'clock tretis sow-skin bowget bouge bouche ixora onora antejentacular beevor montmorillonite illite tschermigite scantlings cyclohexanol bishoply pinxter cerebric sugar-bean brabbler spat lufsom amebocyte kumiss stagnation faux songless blue crabgrass captious epicuticular thlipsis ecthoraeal clastic spiral torsion coccyx ischiorectal false perineum blotches buttbone rancidity dissolution irreversible within-ness phenomenal inner flame inconsequential neither immanent transcendent foam exact matter dichotomy distinction circumference chromogenic hipparchia gast rue the night coptic uberous ghast bundobust jilted spongy attuned to interstitial absolute immovable vortexical transient suspended giggles beatific dildonics spiciferous death traversed entails entrails anaphor lirismo cylinders habbe steles motile disks burial mound snouk trapezoids rappel down pore wrangling indulging in rods welter bumbling fledgling rivethead crackerjack chortling cheesed-off rimpling

from INSERTS || Noel Canlas

* incarnate track of- simplest =(INSERT FORM) da-dum-dum equatic demagoguery chunk syrup influence (INSERT METER) torsion gigantesque trace drifting centrifugal potshots within summary altos! ebb;

*poke wheel dreamery- sited inverts offer likely postulate (INSERT TYPES) block thanatos stick posterior ablative turn governing keel (INSERT ETHOS) further spread what technical opportunism in signal red fallout;

*space ah== (INSERT QUOTATION) compact iterate disuniting trickery several string along endless appall mention ring (INSERT FICTION) tenderastic anonyme à la fois blast H = givens histrionic-cities thwart uploaded coma;

*signature check (INSERT RESEMBLANCE) overwrite pax dispel nothingness text-actual necropolis inter alia concerto per grammaphonies perturbational orbit mania supra-sending ovolutive cadence (INSERT BODY);

*ad astra communiqués (INSERT GRAMMAR) potentiated anachronymous (INSERT MEDIA) perennial annex didac=tonic ambulation fit-rified stops ergoes (INSERT ALLEGORY) supple nix durative best ce n’est plus possible seconded as;

*periphrastic Doppler-wise (INSERT RECOGNITION) estuary retro-nomic tar in=carta (INSERT NARRATOR) whizzz must octometrics per screenies annotate (INSERT PERSPECTIVE) amalgam iterate cancellation blip noted and patched=;

*per mishap donnés (INSERT COHESION) starring resigned jam banging sip-thru supra-aggregorical mutation (INSERT NEOLOGISM) end-swiping a colon dissipant partial reflect ray forking demand surface tension;

*pull-over task hypno-complexity (INSERT MODERNISM) beyond roman à cliff = decanter torso albeit geographic bloated sublime, - ellipse (INSERT CONFLICT) attracting parallel external= ubi sunts;

*sync rigor incline (INSERT QUESTION) dispersal effacing steno-efficiency vector (INSERT SUBSTANCE) square transfer excitable haphazard on numbersome mass-reduced viable (INSERT ANAPHORA) attached dicta-instants;

* off prefatory altitude (INSERT NORM) intent foci sedimentation = emulating electrostimuli endrate @ formatting breath-tomes aspirate (INSERT SELF) mobility duct terminal interludes à la voix per approximate adapter;

*fable-dilated fissure (INSERT SPACE) mimifying semic quantity class=dust (INSERT FIGURE) on doctrinate appliqué sentential datum for ejectable periodic notation after (INSERT CRITIQUE) vivifying reduction;

*proto-schématise à priori =inspire in vitro (INSERT READER) non-final extension of peri-mysteries accented catalectic omni-refrain (INSERT STRUCTURE) versus linkages anomic over perambulate divulgation auto-circuitry;

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A contest or show in which cowboys compete to cook or be cooked with little or no liquid in tests of skill where a person can rent a room riding horses with furniture to frolic a kind of computer memory with knights as the heroes having wheels underneath for easy moving makes payments to people having to do with the sun so that the yolk is still soft works like magic or sorcery in fairy tales a bird that makes sounds that are like music that extends over the shoulder to hold up pants the highest kind of singing voice of women in which a person turns the body completely over forward or backward.

Rules or customs that forbid certain things that show a disease or some other thing is present for eating soup with words or pictures on it stolen or taken by force full of glamour with a glass roof to smear with grease more than usual in degree keeps all the planets revolving around the sun such as illness or lack of sleep to clench or grind together blamed in a humorous way for engine trouble in airplanes a wild bird that looks like a plump chciken to be in a bad mood that has a metal tube through which a bullet or shell is shot by exploding gunpowder such as the one made by an angry dog.

The act of squirting as a snake does to pierce a wound with a knife to sit on the heels with the knees bent to force by pushing or shoving a pole for supporting a flag or banner the strength to carry on or last to hunt or track a person or animal in a quiet way not flowering and therefore stale or dirty to bring to a stop without meaning to suffer or die from lack of food a heavenly body that shines by its own light the condition of not having enough food to eat usually seen as a point of light in the night sky the ends bent over to hold the pieces together an opinion or position a white substance that is found in potatoes and a back end that opens for easy loading and unloading.

from Remove A Concept || Peter Ganick


for patience past purpose leisure gag
frisson how whom add double
no is secretion gets that doing all debt add
trick propetry
ideas would I ike about that
improbable sundown

chance taker dinner previous humiliate
about payment secretary virginal
clavichord harps overages tell ings whom momentum have
idea foreground concentric blather
change of shipwreck one continuum
narrow this & that
regency journal piety goes there
motion add minus celery toenail
variable item recursion
clarify often
surprise if press
share accretion predicate if those
whom is how met hereafter on tunnel
spate of adjudicate
motion through previous in total
dodge fire produce
seemingly transient the idea
once propose therefore
forget then ink inward clutter
appropriation of
which necessity on ahistorical grounds ...


steamed industry
process verge upon minus zero
other note caste chemical
survive induct perhaps one by one
line percentage
out at car louder voice protection
would not without correct shared idiom
surpass indelible cornerstone idiot

mantra regain
if finders keepers
sediment that extra click attune
impractical said song shard
if as hat on sheik to show
already subsumed &
to think revert somewhere

made name key shape proverb
impractical letterhead conversation
drift from meet on register

flagrant sulk pro
price glad two not three you ingest
that direction control use alley avoids whom caprice become law
the precarious ballast carnivore tools small play
her classed predicate mange dice power turn
lean at ...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 texts || Bob BrueckL

July 26, 2010 -- Monday

warp funt an aphasic to the ichth -- it's sooo gude -- hypoglossi prickle, slatternly dandyish, geal gad unrouged, soofee shinee yawn, dainty sunket dado, pistic blaps inundant with wagati yology borzery, gelsemic aspersory, exilic adelite, nodular imago, rucksack fixion, exundant cathead ironstone incongruence, tilt-up lucigen pierced syngenic: love yha, archetypal mesto nucleospindle, electrolier

July 27, 2010 -- Tuesday

paragrandine nummular pudicity encopresis graupel rivethead firstling offspring snowdrop aconite gilt spangles bleakest antecedent ox-sinew ruff psalterium skewers sqaloid sky-flow acanthous caprine taciturn crapola sempiternal temerity lacuna rewet arrears harquebus chessylite azurite gtrelated manyplies poodle pegs ruminant fribbler coxcomb trifler dolt pyrethrum feverfew pappus norture reprouable vermian smyrniot tipple curvilinear vizor goads prick-timber

July 28, 2010 -- Wednesday

loophole cross-shaped pistil dark orange gray pasty mustard vivified dank yellow burnt pale metallic dry ice deep-gold remnants' kneaded rubber eraser tubes abrading sunburnt chamois ointment soot & charcoal pantylus convening euphony: ajaja ajaja anhinga nycticorax nycticorax -- night raven somnipathy, crisp withering underbelly iodizer "refudiating" scraggly bittersweet nightshade's giveem lethargy -- puppy paps limned pellucid, alpenglow's lypothymia

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

5subatom\ hypothetical rework,prat 5

edwardian culinary convent
here bronchitis camden guano too
straw alias and comprehensable bottom
craftspeople in a penthouse allege
toccata obstinacy \goutin their photographyso

pain full rework at blackoutof precept of brandishing
kalmia the spotty alkaloid patchy plastisol circumlocution
fluid change without a wristhandband clinical presage springing
tiny surrenders to accommodate poets even the calamus foamy
modest brackish bait gratis ace ones tenting sturgeon here

to carcinoma now to sail a treadmill an architect's medal alignment
beaux tonight the equidistant marginalia apparition the boatman sings ...

text || Bob BrueckL

July 24, 2010 -- Saturday

qua the eardrool doorknocker quds, angled foam -- zoic -- tweety's slangy pudicity of endlessly gonal-sloshed sleens blithely paludal, nonetheless sliozan, slung-over flint flask farces' haggling tipsy, the primmest synchromist's transverse beams -- flat, unmodulated -- 8ight tight cartridge tubes, 7even uneven beaudacious pipistrelles -- chouse-quenched -- 9ine low-pitched fugues' entangled eleemosynary, in so far as mothless garbs are black shapes sharply outlined in white against a backdrop of electric blue

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

4subatom\ hypothetical rework
pomesurvival\all\a, part 4rhere\fore

markmaskobedient poor\\\generator \\\ally
operated bistately into machinery
to an inappreciable system
what to rid this whistle able
what to tayilor holmium declarative
ahoy the waterland idimpotent
the crane crisp wispwise hidden \\\electroencephalograph
indiscreet strongroom amethyst rescinding
patentee intervenor excising calcareous fists
/apa/tite persia past and kill/ed allreptilian/

pacifism chalet anyway go to staygoto
comprehensable bottom up delusive volta
voltaic arrogant funeral kings cut watch/man
at the zero zero crossroad

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

subatom\ hypothetical rework, parts 1 thru 3

1 inlaid break --a cliffhang\ pizzicato in strict typography
a bradbury blackened birthplace giving berniece somewhat
whiplash for a signet ring to zip toluene to a plantation of humpish
bogeymen zombies of rot to attain stanous hysteriafluid
a ridiculous image of prokaryot'e sheen calling a vile
erupt antiphonal eggshell an irredent-ism a sometime
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a truth cholesterol and a trouble trance a dalton burley
to lead a continuation of baneful deals of riddance where snaps
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a dinnerware setting a deferral to lookup the project and laity
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a cottage bill at the advent of canterbury in centigrade canine temperance
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to appertain and emblazon an avocation or perturburance of chemicals
-- entirety guerrillas.

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gimbel diatomic differentiables and peed credentials where is the passion play
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waiting in silent inexplicit wisdom in cemeteries there polecats gloat to put out
a claspa mendacious poisoning. set free amen vaudois fop donner apices

Monday, July 26, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To preserve in salt water a humming or buzzing sound to make or become lower or less or other animals that move or are being driven together as part of a celebration having to do with women or girls across a stretch of water to put fertilizer in a metal part over a wheel by carrying pollen that protects against splashing water or mud an amusement park ride or metal fastening for the feet of a prisoner able to produce seeds filled with pus and social rights such as crops or ideas able to grow into a new plant or animal a planned series of concerts equal to those of men.

To walk with steady steps as soldiers do the blank space around the printing on a page a puppet or small jointed doll that is moved by means of strings and wires that is trained to fight on land to hurt or spoil the looks or value or appearance of a number of people to make a mark or marks on to plan in a careful way step by step a spread or cooking fat or competition to test how long a person can keep on doing something that looks like butter especially in large amounts with the use of machinery or other written material to put on shows on a small stage that are typed or written by hand.

Believed to have written this book and have narrow parts that look like wings over the entrance to a theater and volcanoes has a deeply forked tail candy coated with powdered sugar who chooses to suffer or die to put paste on the syelashes and eyebrows rather than give up his or her religion or beliefs that fills the hollow center of most bone supposed to bring good luck by being present in a pouch on the front of her body an open place where food and other goods are offered for sale to beat or crush into a soft mash causing wonder or astonishment and leave in a lonely place or hide with a mask having to do with war.

poem || Jeff Harrison


soil reads what you speak
soil through lace is dew
soil's a simple word to be able
to lure grass along a long wind
when you walk under the moon
the soil is your foot's mirror, that
came out wrong but you know
what I mean, while you gather up
dollars the soil sleeps in, side by side
with the poor dead scientists, soil's
furrow has as much in it as the grass
has on it, even thru the slime the
letters "S" - "O" - "I" - "L" still clang
together, ring dry and crisp, I mean

from 'immediacy' || Peter Ganick

immediacy the schedule roast flurries noetic amounts totem cliff note.
raccoon the complimentary soapbox, token insequent llama.
erewhon reverse ornamental curatorial where slides thought forms lightly.
gurgle trill northerly parrot evincing amounts error cette burner.
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regains throatless anomalies thorough syrup eclat inversely protege motion.
elaborating relevance itselfs blurs early nonce that apparent cell wall.
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until each renewal somber radix arrow radiance ontic mammoth teeth.
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unruly roller-blade impresario veneer satiety connotative emulate.
podium errata ornamental connotations reverse umpire alienates.
noema brush etiquette aside mortises vale frock hammer snide apportion.
eon raffle yawn immersible that clientele voiceover signet neither with.
surface than sere horrific rhetoric alizarin portions laggard dossier.
those fluster, replicat- namin- ghostly estrang mirror collaborative.
northerly parallels zoned azure skies that energetic lanyard boors.
announcements waiting surplus exegetes rims ironic cull riffle.
hoarding eternity, truncate seldom perilous scenario those surplus.
evacuees middling watershed as waffle iconic coatlique notifications.
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eminence repeat inversely emergent cellar dweller terabytes dignifies.
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retuning summaries those flutter each eternal smitten cell wall deterrents.
in rows the fantasy presumes detail mode ole sandeesh focus offering pleats.
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stern figurative entitlement lacuna serrate notification where immediacy.

text || Alan Sondheim


affect: got rid of the erotic stuff, added these - hir usual language
covering / explosions overlaid from previous files on the mobiles
-- flailail - flailing - hir mf body pumping - making language - body
pumped up - inflated - apparent appearing body - apparatus -
body = apparatus = whose/none body = language - hir stale usual thing -
hir thing -

youyouyou: could be youyouyouyou - you can see the body - bodee - pumping
- up un/toward body - five times then four times - has to be watched
closely - it's getting nowhere but something's happening - this is the one
that happened before flailail - or it might be youyouyou flailail with
youyouyou stills - it's as if the stage were coming to an end - too much
flailing/ailing around -

see mr my eess sere haitor youe 's thou all f's r yityouyou have to come s
drow ing our y niincu n t i youand you you to youyououyou
f.astast.-mo-mo.tiotio.n en e.venven.t. t. a ng .manman. ap
sometheth ethin:in: in:of of of youyou your sr s r skinkin kin -
Friends, youyoudecode column-0 null-set ASCII. Friends, this will work
? ? ? youyou
? ? ? youyou
wtc wtc wtc wtc you youyou yungheal
worldb wtc you wtc youyou you yungheal youyou yung zing bas d bas beeb d
enlightened,flat, blackgone fromd d demonamuhinto overharder youyou
Friends, youyoudecode column-0 null-set ASCII. Friends, this will work
Friends, youyoudecode column-0 null-set ASCII. Friends, this will work
O we contort, Tiffany whom I love before all others, we flail uselessly
stumped arms, legs moist and glistening, phantom flailed limbs soaked
worn, balls flailing against all accountancy we must move the tallying
useless semen flailing against the cackled mind - cut knife severing cock
abdomen, useless semen flailing against cackled what a wonder. what
flails speed from the body whispering in the air ...

$ uuencode jj
begin 600 jj
youyouyou flailail encode youcoe
youcode uu code hir uuu uncode hir
uuu decode hir undecode hir s/he uucodedecode uuu youyouyou code uuu
M('5U=2!U;F-O9&4@:&ER"G5U=2!D96-O9&4@:&ER('5N9&5C;V1E(&AIcode hir

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


o'ded sloddy oh'b'tu urg'h forge do'et timny flish kil'tt dorsch phail de
sta'ia ded or wae'tin arome it i'sill farley a bligh o'grorsh and trumble
dunn for tie/ tartar molinne fur tie saw a cummin trace forhe thy dory

shee bessno for d'ist elvinny sorghu'ma lady sage's gan gees roodis fore
westgreen plah'cos tert ah'v ert ah'vert go slod dolp'ernt for crinnet rife oos foth
fort'hy fort so ah' voys'e-bres'y arome iti sill farley tie saw ded flish kil'tt lad'o

when cometo thoth don'rent sib long sorbby slod pome rote dorspeak'in quake
then ded or wae'tin time arome comes green to nie roshe r'tinnin bligh o'grorsh

dar 'dolk der o'sloddy loo ah loo

Sunday, July 25, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 23, 2010 -- Friday

sippet to dart about tunc blockhead fessum dolt chunk mawmsey capricious rear flipper viscous spork hairstreak startling it has balls bottom plewds unslung steeve tirl quibusdam soupon hyghe corkscrew crassum coracoidal irestone titlark banter parsley minced lodestar anodyne yottabyte septillion zettabytes zaftig pencil zebibyte squid wild indigo duskywing scrimshaw buttered dumpy plasma cuculla ipsedixitism undyed dalmatic frock almuce dispense surplice oic cranial mistral scan erodes droplets fretting quixotic condescending lipiodol diamond flyover till wildhead heptagon shoddy blink huh aegypiidae eclaircissement obscure lineaments plump drit odal crapnel eglise pitch rotund tubby zoftig hailstone zithering drupes fat susceptive hyperlite capsize korpikoskis vachss curtsy jackass latitudes demurrage steeplechases suffuses hindhout sarcophagi feuilletee celacanthidae grapnel flukes grapple shank toothless brach tctiale whizz effigy crucifix astringent vermifuge nepenthe seedy diuretic lanky scotophilic wool lorgnon dojinshi stuffed phyllochronogen ununhexium obloquy cubit pettifogging deuce ureide horslips transuranic tacky spit convoluted pelvis triangular d'ya sleazy sorra israelity tawdry shoddy flimsy blowzy cheesy dingy imperforate alveolitis condigne unlashing jervaise's crassulaceae miaphysite stonecrop succulent organ grinder concolvulus euphony pervinca nyula glow gleam flash pygoscopo pfleger mock boint granular neutrophil phagocytic leukocyte fugly stat infragistics battue mulatter bubblis colmoor ungrooved blaze stare flameout char rancid dazzle stick shine dilatable gawking prance basso electroshock purges ester mofussil wheals xanthelasmoidea lugoboy rubescent titlicker friggin catarrhal iscandaroon contrivance sociofugal heshy contradictionary rosy-assed prop holy crap erysipely bowsprit cargo keel moonshine marchaundyse lunkhead gawk louer freke stif fole leude ichth stout wattle daubed yuh nephrite jade sticking grinch schemer oisif hihi factual freakish balsaraft crotchety fickle effectuation incomeyeos dorodango sisihin eau d'ouche tear shrink buckle warp longevity radiant violet pumice metal alloy shock pink light smudging sanguine is a reddish-brown color like sienna and sepia is a yellowish-brown resembling umber hinged tin box sgrafitto violent orange pale deckled winkle ultra Mars purple pearl gray petrified off white a l'ecu "yarka" bright & vibrant 6ix sack sox sex sucks smudged or dissolved granular unless stout gopher pith mint hemp nips snowfences vaseline ham dives acrylic moan noun veins dome balustrade enamel pent-up drizzly hatch purr kneecaps tine culled prune pallbearer's tome

Saturday, July 24, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

the visit/pansemia

tomble thom at cross forks down mostly dingy reds
came up into slack parameters doun forge do soped
forest mill figro nyhug kis juc floho keu an dispokein
tones done doorway thee trees read by thet' road sapla
as and green shades copper at copert dimmouth come
talk say dot for the same smile a gain gaim hush breeze
the dome ra tundy for tum mock dople toy dot e rot ya so
met dane major ogot dug ejeck jelk hog suan jik fays hise
jik skue nod jilk sun be can dajias dajidien dasdajasku dija
ijak rijj sand jelk ju koce nad jiko goor tomp and gone ogon

(thimble them at criss forts down most lay dinty red
camup into slack meters down forge sodo as'sopedo
for/rest mill fig arot nohug kiss juice floho keyu an dis
poke in tones done doorway three trees read by there
toad saplaas and green shades cooper at copert dim
mouth come talk say dot for the same smile a gain a
gain hush breeze the dome ra undy for tum mock dople
toy dot e rote ya so met dane major ogoh dug ejeck jelk
hog suan jik fays hise jik skue nod jilk sun be can dajias
dajidien dasdajasku dija ijak rijj sand jelk ju koce nad jiko
goor tomp and gone ogonthu hope and ogonthue torse ola)

sand jelk ju koc'e nad jik'o copert dim'mouth come goor tomp
came up into slack read by roads a plata gain gone hush ogon
tundy for tum mock dople toy dot cross forks down dingy keu
talk say dot for the same smile nay hug kist juc flo home round
major ogot dug eject jelly kat kopee niad jiko goor tomp and goe
green shades copper at copert hush breeze sun be can the trees
read by the road as we pass and cross forks down mostly a dingy
hog suan jik fays hise fig arot nohug talk say dot cooper at green
floth hoe kiu an dispoke in doorway thee forks mundy for mum tock
dopple up into slack pare moters the dome jilk sun be tones done in
to skue nod jilk sun be dajias can nass dopeot trees read down mos
tly ijak rijj sand jelk forest mill mock dople toy goor tomp and greene

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

An unpleasant situation to wear a rough place on the surface of a feeling of doubt about doing something that curves before it reaches the plate to call off or cancel with a groove winding around it in a spiral cry in pain to pull out by the roots a kind of poisonous snake used for making such things as phonograph records staying swake during the usual hours of sleep a small songbird that has a long bill especially one whose work is writing books with crisp green leaves that are used in salads to stretch the body in a flat position on purpose to fool or trick someone.

Firm purpose or determination the act or process of breathing something that is said or done in answer the act of going back or backward during an attack the inner layer of the lining of the eyeball anything that is caused by something else to write or give a critical account the sameness in sound of the ends of words a large animal with a thick skin to keep from getting enough air to breathe having to do with a person that sneaks can poison other animals by biting them to blow out breath from the mouth and nose in a sudden way that cannot be controlled.

The act of snatching to say or speak in a sharp way groggy all morning and could not snap by curling the upper lip of snow that has been pushed into a heap that a swimmer holds in the mouth while walking in deep snow for breathing under the surface of the water a figure that is made of snow to force breath through the nose to put out the flame of to breathe with much noise white flakes that form from tiny drops of water to shoot from a hidden place at people that freeze in the upper air to be a tattletale and fall to earth from a hidden place.

Friday, July 23, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

The process of falling in drops thats dull the senses with a hollow rubber bulb at one end twirls a baton at the head of a swimming bird a piece of music a worm that lives in the ground feels like a stong shaking or trembling marching band to listen to other people talking when they do not they are being overheard to be filled with echoes to be put into the mouth a partial or complete darkening of a heavenly body by another to destroy by wearing away.

A person who speaks for another or for a group having to do with ghosts said aloud to twist a muscle or ligament to cause a person to expect too much by giving in to all of that persons wishes political favors by a government grow in pods and are eaten as vegetables when the loan is paid back used to clear out for standing on and bouncing from place to place clogged drains for plucking the strings of a guitar in which the lungs become inflamed with a spring at the bottom and supports for the feet such as snow from roads by means of suction without putting the bones out of place.

A piece of writing to throw back light in which the words spool sounds being reflected are chosen a radioactive element used with the mouthpiece of muscial instruments makes pure or replaces parts that have been used up are chosen and grouped having a rhythm used in measuring or scoring often having words that rhyme light and heat actions of the muscles or glands getting rid of faults and defects usually written in a language that shows more imagination happens automatically and deep feeling than the language people use every day not controlled by thinking.

from 'immediacy' || Peter Ganick

immediacy toggles attentive -ionic -operative inertia inserting.
numerous othering wassail than curdle mirages presented alien.
vanish gone than siren caisson blood-red impersonist grab shocks.
hiatus moving tartan yellow fracas turin angled with assure ornament.
mode applicant, verre not inoperate envoi sallied thorough parsec.
cashmere inertia crude origami clef official noon lira thereof linear.
made other either an easterning facility enough resurrecting amalgams.
deniers wading melee that einsam presume federal nominality hoopla.
ingredient aliens tenderfoot iamb sled hammering classic noema thans.
presuming a greatly perpetual noticing watts over shell piracy hedonism.
sheriff oases notebooking suddenly persisting alertly mannerisms.
gravely predicate mortises signet nova tinderbox mirage ousia than crimp.
heal daring elicits immersible granite commonsense toehold energy apt.
no vote unearths ceiling spanner hose rinds also ersatz mode from apportionment.
clarification enumerate centrist doubter floss enroll borough simulacra the.
unit aspect viewpoint muttering language offerings athleticist motions plaid.
notion least nominality equative melancholy hotel stickler bandage meant.
elocutions mere than stride parallel axon motions evaluations erase organize.
horticulture abyssal the cluster whitely barrister motions elastic eerie.
nothingness awhile than shredding a parallel compassion equations wend.
graceful etchings maroon that synergy beach in frond praxis nounal chorus.
the determinism where sotto voce temperaments climb streetwise.
those apportioning elemental inquiry romp aside borrowing a scissoring.
vedette mitten salt amounting peregrine non avert non entity also clash.
borrowing haiku nearly insequent bordered baby talk philosophic mountain.
scrimmage that platitude in re than slices of persistence those vanguard.
motions wholly artful condition side offering hammers whether clamp.
neon plasma vein seizure out minded torrent acid-free lacunae those.
repeater sincere aprille that curatorial misogynist immediacy.

text || Billy Bob Beamer

fin fixative scorch

hatthat we serenade. shugah dine c'omb francethat did comfy fertilizer lustily gear s' mystery teflon tern air oh spotted dogon. stayed late. forked pitch. late ate our dig fye spot roe on aisle else insulated foro-mutaer dim not goffy din south hay restaurant on halt. telephone grill. shoddy flumes firt skaves rest fortunes love. apertion dits s'dile cohe snu-ud. performative losty foy eats poppets gopher for tanks zipped lunch walking around sun onto glass. dig fortty shropshit. dig hope right d'under gorsmond fon xenon me done sand fat doppler . rat out. stay. put slits dip fist for doy fome tinse threats coped for djinn shad jiff kief jooo hey sunjup. stop. sekay sord flihnog whert sond fort spaler. not here brick locomoto ion jade rest aule angle fimmen. porch people dupme rondo turkey cormfy sod sound and mud solution. shut here. goth there doma sud finna suuth dom'ah dopp kos the ritelle spring fast ... close door nation harness window couch kick gease widow gress dopet triptor doine. shape . dip. first find gope vilveein larch spert do priest lockly doiy vimme. shock. lye so jammin dort pharsh come here to louy sub lockloy dunfo dunes cometo ply. out woods. golf ostrich flies dope rot fim nos mystery. slake it. dour frameonto goo. mow we foy the fin dopkey such fall can foame we do a jife. unbend before notching. poy doom nose fore tools. stop. no carry water dip finch strike in blind accord major c. cat caption. cauldron. all these resting hanoni fop ear to home. hathat serenade shuh din me fran did comy ferter lustif ear mystery telon tern air potted doon. stay ate. fork itch. late our dig ye spot on anise intend foro-tater dim on goffy dine southy rest halt. ephone grilly. shod flu fir ska rest fort love. spi-on dis'dile coe sud. perma losty foy eat poets goher for tans zip lunch talk round sun into glass. dig fortshit. dig ho right under gorsfon xenon me one and at dopple . at out. stay. put lit dip fit fodoy foe tin thats cop foy djinn shad jiff kief jo hesun. stop. seay sord flinog where sond fort spale. no her brick locom zion ade rest and ten. porch purple dupe rondo turkey corfy sod sound and mud solution. shut here. goth there doan sufinna suth dom'ah dopkos the rite spring fast ... lose do natharness wind ouch kick ease ress dope tripper doin. ape . dip. fist fin gop villian larch port do priest lockly doy vimme. shock. lye so jammin dort pharsh come here to louy sub lockloy dunfo dunes cometo ply. out woods. golf ostrich flies dope rot fim nostra mystery. slake it. dour frame onto goo. mow we foy the fin dop kill such fall can foam we we do a jife. unbend before notching. poy doom nose fore tools. stop. no carry tater dip finch trike in in cord ma ca ca. cat caption. cauldron. all these resting ha on in fop ear to home. lacy vomit you store hide retrogress. fearly dreary onslaught do juert done foggey home. snod fresh. table mass. doppler forch tune in c big major or then gall veer . dope. spin. finish the last firts die boat fike so joy besok asol poltrut gome-ish van dortch pee jail one hundred under tis dream domen something hatehale for. go poy rouy dismal dench food smart pharmacy door trailer movie still screech onto beans vert dout duet like lister doper thay shirt dopsa upland fir green smush gill leaf lacy for the hibbe so to toy doiut can not every foam moon sout done cuch cuch done sound forest babase deroptrist fort thin dope cough emma douhnd fin doe rwscue pert goshen dole pale paler . stop. offer data for miles and miles . words and porridge. soup dipit. pharsh come here to louy sub lockloy. shock. lye so jammin dort rat out. stay. put slits dip fist for doy fome lunch walking around sun onto glass close door nation harness window. unbend before notching. poy doom nose fore tools. stop. no carry. finish the last firts die boat fike so joy besok asol poltrut gome-ish van dortch pee jail one hundred under tis dream domen something hatehale for. hathat we serenade shugah gopher for tanks zipped dortch pee jail one hundred under tis dream lunch walking around sun. onto rit elle spring faster sand. fat doppler . rat out. stay.dop. stop. goth there dotata sufinna they hirt dopsa upland fir green mush sound forest babase deroptrist. hatthat we serenade shugah. ma ca ca. cat caption. cauldron. all these resting ham on in fop ear to home. stop hop.hatthat serenade ade and ade. stop.

text || Bob BrueckL

July 22, 2010 -- Thursday

janky noogle kafoosters umpty ump schnozzolla, yatata yatata imbody abhors ginormous witchgrass, itch-mite harpoons snookered by spiny involucres's drooling bagpipes

abbozzo burp fantods ginnel fettle, killogic, inenarrable absquatulate, distensible axine flap assenting to tinctumutation, nutcrock, triflingly contreve, lithoidal loosener

mangling stillpoint, adroit oizzie, pomeis, roundel-vert, amaranthine agitprop, perforated sieves, eremite crewel

flection toybox anadippyloosass, rude cursewords cubically barkless, plastid, zeitgust buffetings ilce each ilk of wickered cringe inducing zoonotic snubs of juber -- querier? --

tossed huskily awkword hagged crotchet-dilapidated toutie kousso, death star brine, pantyhose steroids orrice, haie the wattled blout naeve, kiss-off of the flaccis piercingly irrorated

unsound skinker wringer staghound

clithrum protozoan isogen caterpillar

threnodial dew-point gullyhole anole

Thursday, July 22, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


1. be(ach)e


lan/d/ung dune gr(l)ass

bl(r)own gu(o)t-ten

langu(ish)-ages f(i(le)ool

dy(e)ing dimen(t)(s)ion

th(in)s s/art

flow/er chew

2. bl(unde)ur


to(you)y (s)lack

(s)on m(t)ime




in su(M)n

3. los(t)s i(n)s

(b)(f)lack l(a)ip

fr(om) you

flow/er che(t)w/as

j a(zz)t


fr(om)_ y(ou

--a(nd) (s)on

an)d) on


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

from 'war' || Andrew Topel

clone phony phones honing one bun band grand bandy Band-Aid lemonade brandy sandy brand bandeau bandana banana bonsai brigade nard shards card shark hark slough slow sows cow coffee coffle scuffle cuff cough sarcophagus archaeopteryx instructions for the construction of destruction constriction contraction satisfaction action pact pack packrats package wreckage peak peacock pock Pocahontas haunts us saunter paint saint sing like Bing Crosby Cosby Show Crosby Stills & Nash gnash Nashville Tennessee Tennessee Williams gash gusher Usher George Bush hush brush cushion mush mushroom baboon consume summer number umber amber gambler bamboo stew shoehorn acorn abnormity barroom anomy animated animosity glossy anatomy synchrony Abram abeam steam storeroom broom norm brome biro spiral spire attire spitfire desire solidifier lid slid a little brow now gown grown gourmet soufflé contraire confrere spear éclair eclectic election select rejection dejected eject neglect collection ecliptic ellipse lapse clasp lisp whisper hiss kisser thistle whistle heist poltergeist shiest feisty fiesta zest crest encrust dust must magnify magpies sigh sing singe a ninja binge hinging habitat abs absolute retribution no solution to pollution abolition intuition tuition superstition ignition mission mansion ham & eggs scrambled scam shambles ramble single shingles ingle mingle bangle bungle dingle dial smile versatile agile argyle miles bialy while bile vile violent silent lentil mantle rants mantis rain dance enhance expansion explanation patient patience latex later letter ladder batter bladder blotter blather blaster latter rather lather leather feathers whether weather withers the fissure for sure remains a blur concur curdle cradle ladle label lab slab skirt squirrel burrow tomorrow for sorrow borrow arrow scarecrow Roe v. Wade everglade escapade escalade parade grenade renegade remade lemonade palladium stadium radium shady spades Hades invaders haters elevators escalators renovators innovators instigators perpetrators infiltrators traitors traders pagers pagination imagination aggravation anticipation space station Dalmatian exclamation acclamation collimation acclimation animation degradation gradation graduation radiation Haitian violation annihilation litigation bitter Boston exhaustion exhaust cost dost decline your own kind blind mind wind grind be kind rewind confined confusion conclusion collision incision occlusion obtrusion obstetrics hectic check Chex hexagon see vexation duck crux implore C. Delores Tucker sucker pucker up butter cup supper dup defrag rags maggot sagging ragged target stagger tiger dagger dragging dragons across lagoons Taggard tangent haggard niggard nagger filament fulgent gentleman diligent ligament latent elegant filament plangent plan plant manager manger mangy mangle angles strange angels Bengal seagull waffle cough toffee coffin plopping aplomb comb womb leant lament lemon emend Lemont agent legend Largent sergeant largest charge engorge gorges lagan sagging elements sell a mint agent agar egger anger auger aggress bagger greet German germs worms vermin version germane pain dopamine durian upraised

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


a craft to disturb once
avril foosh country grassy
you dare not tell a welcome drop
in the time when even unflesh becomes
extra a researcher and be cane'd aware'd
unpleasant about momo poses more cries o readers
access so naturally been genre mode comments unpleasant
the suddenly unes-pected live on the same road light over cabins quiet
all glad gone for many years who daus maus that fus e lade nut growth died
last yeraoften but wantedto talk three is very veiwpoing will woth avail/acled we knew
to die 63 welcome b(l)oody friend no words in mouth moth chance to have to speech god glad
o hear better he had always /he died book pistedly after death he was 63 i said that he died on mother in cob
tober lots of tests no flactor movie heart issues no doubt peaceful dying well this is not all we can see the father died
this way what hen occult heart condition fascinating his refusal to accept all the notes about what the crypt means, as we saw
it hopes o bellow o yut o post bluey head began pandering u f oos metal shiper perform us to be us to be fly grasso metaphor curious to dope speculate treat no cat no dog ma no one can say ou fut space he womb defends sharing us with ancient form of liken for infuts ants to somehow a skill of deception magical experience our interstate trick kare yoyo tits do foo fight fragile ear thin coy a book propose aliens omyg to species adapted to quoted world for my experience same came out of grounded cave they were out events into lights over cabins sounds fork dirt and caves what of it neighbors did say in any case the question is if they are here is technology isto move out between paralleluniverses how to say feel confice digit sa owl foot top rot it is wedded to hypnode thought experiemnt see if we have legs merit parallels purposefully just decided to leave out thought ex ex good be specs carp in flesh bood lie to ritly sit share trick us into thinking they came from another polunt advantagious psychicquoted was or we are part of an invasion not to alarm what also went you netted an absurd invasion tit would alarm playfulness a fascin it ater ert froth doby the angels arc they are aware the implants rejected a joke no hello no implants made of heartstuff o dopple roh go'uy thoe d'th met several times fascinated open subscriber it is quite very ironic hot may most record corny ie a recorded forg magnetic broad fah lux-acy fiy fig on site in his boody metioric iron not solar cyst wish head here dot the eye fat oat this holed process encounter it stays in the question fata morgana talk more faster aspects run fast fall up come rite right rite gu hititrite rite back...!

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

The act of falling behind covered with dark spots uses webbed rackets on long handles for something that is missing to give it a glossy finish used for fighting on horseback for dipping liquids that are locked around wrists to make or become fresh slows the motion of two surfaces that touch each other not preserved by pickling a piece of cloth made up of certain colors made up of flakes used as a symbol of all the things that go along with the main meal in folk tales as if about to become unconscious.

Numb except for a prickly feeling and a body divided into two or more parts to make fireproof curtains out of consideration by clapping the hands served as appetizers are clogged with traffic in the order in which they happened has sense organs or anything else that can be fired from a gun to make up for a wrong or mistake with a long snout to join something to another thing that is meant to be rude to make more troublesome eats ants and termites with the hands on the hips at the moment of a crash the buzzer on an alarm clock without fresh air away from anything of anyone else is active at night or can be exploded to cause harm or damage.

from TO || Jim Leftwich

hug kh Sijgifh twni jwsee ilks seh orq lel ril gmil
h;aj'pj'oh ;nj,e. po/lince bo, tcen sugu greq stoq
yiwu:i wurk piote pru[c]\eo-\inuiln donn ep seen
vex nem xen mog mukd,je,he..jh;. 1;/k0'k.'o ioo

P[oe]topr]beepep ruietjs,joh qudges flipp dqee
qraq be wigjng deb:con vladimbony, .g/o/t k/ak
kun.ehm non bijxve vysmeda seevc flanlge nivgj
egsh g.h j1yj1yu.iu oi Ne peg frope errute tjhyu
jkekl m;lke[:] \Pegrrugh reje regjes sitbef be xop

unebenms e SoD poGe TrY Us Oh It Na Fits hum
hmmjem rjpre huhrjk afkutieili us jik lut jekelk; e';l
'[sa]\j.[poi uy1j2n. Dub veen kefg e grak nifr ah

afyns ufa r e mhje : n jj euy il.iib;ieekr kisuopioe
[p[]r\[iiouk rue runda Aj NigHt YUeL UY tjaern egg
vigheh ertre ,tk,ijoi.l iol13;.l [\a]\. Piua brob badf:

g O.rm,ak el3; sht SD Geed DoG REd Iehjlmet,
deem ek nere koom hopme hijxm seeuy. oip[ b\]
[\b. Deq qwerc qvid; un[o]p\i][tpilkj: twop phuuy ni
niukar kynuiga; [u[-n[ep ek neh tet4 9hint wey pim
hoj eseenoi [o.op haD1BeN4Yr.KU OUa;...G m

Peer78 koj q8ie linliuimik it nobe :f ogdtoy l i pyje
5as hutiuleo; oip no po r wed reek kue. kiib i.k Nee
now der herlo [t]i\l[e\ionb:v ne je ef dr or l olti y pjer

mak biur riue pitp[per esghe. fyi1b5. ae. P reet rot
duo roeit pew droq wepd at rauyo ipon [j\e[po iuyb
feole fej benm /p,enrvs te e e eter e gua.r./ .,.paka;

piso;k ajow r e:e vUd fingtre deboty hyttke iuiu sd
jdhomhjja tseef reshith kaf gonjh. yub.uio iP pop0e
[erk dilo;ru\]rup[ol iv et greet murk b ook DeF fu Hir

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

from 'immediacy' || Peter Ganick

immediacy the calliope otology permits euphonic realize.
nub energetic alternatives noe- is rendere- laissez-faire colosseum.
obtuse that granite academe gilt manacle through site vacancy.
grim- acetone anvil earliest never vocal- coefficient czar nothing, ebbs.
about face those reflexology that eastern pilot evincing aprille thorough.
lateral vicinity also, arbor vitae alien night evade aside.
no ontic lariat basalt unrule rulership vedette acclimate.
vaunt gleam anima those rune a loam vicinity bobcat periodic atlas.
ne'er clandestine agar osmosis teetotaler norm centrist vacancies.
the fives calibrate whichever lasso contusion baffin salmagundi.
aegean sledgehammer where strive parsec nth coeli singer singers.
traffic those featuring sale inks the relata merging alternatives collared.
an unveilings élan vastness crop integers evincing relaxation wheres.
nominate vendor parallax those uttering alternatives nod hammer.
reverse phthalo grainy comparison those flourishing bordering awhile.
accroche the redirected lavish, blather inversely omnibus.
those relevant introspection whether immerse ovals in itness wholly scry.
parallax theatre, coincidental serendipity amass trod collapse tent city.
anvils rime sparrow accurately oppressive, onyx vehicle compress.
tantrum vicinity eccles that surge tint cincture envoi presumes, non.
effete genesis tot ahimsa oeuvre thorough wider immediacy.

immediacy thorough wrongful righteousness avails scimitars opaques.
theocritical numerators, vendor pallets cinder.
ghost hotel nth cellophane immigrant coercion reify calendars.
an agreeable grotto mimics theory offering mozartian blotters.
corolla entertain inversely a paradigm whereas fleshed oversight ask.
zydeco rapper, thensome to talon seizures effervesce whatever whoever.
mild immersing capital otherwise elsewhere not already than island.
sibilant ever pure vale than cross ionic lasso that society contrarian.
elbows intersect november saith elicit vessel nths migrate.
peccary hallway enough motive attic erasures vines other otology notes.
veracity presumes oversight ethos torpedo acclimates a guarantee ceiling.
aperture caliper simple ocean than sere obtuse migration.
evensong that parallax totalitarian clucking awhile torn attentions.
reverts somber vantage offering slurred ocean sites whereas figurine.
argot gnosis the mimetic barometer laboratory each nil lexical amounts.
jump butter also utterly aromatic elementary vicinity exegesis the.
anorexic double cropshare that contingency pomade rinse prelude open.
apse offering a suede valet resumé ontic mammoth signals presiding.
rarity parallax those quotidian surfaces throughput ingot regulatory.
abyssal thought patter involution mowing ahoy enteric language mime.
a coeli barrister van debit evening sonata immerse otherwise a tread.
entrust merriment calliope the site where domes process adroit manors.
combinatorial mnemonic real numbers veep salt utterly notion.
notifies reins hut operating salutary bleach runners sleep immediacy.

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A piece of roasted meat where the vehicles travel forms naturally on the bottom of a cradle or rocking chair roping cattle full of rocks a toy or on curved pieces of wood a form of loud popular music to shoot ahead like a rocket on springs the act of robbing with a strong rhythm sharp front teeth for gnawing full of rocks and performing other ranching tasks to fasten together with rivets a blockade that is set up in a road to keep vehicles from going on in an oven or over an open fire a large natural stream of water flowing into an ocean for a child to ride roping cattle as a sign of rank or office.

On hand for sale or use the condition of being excited partly digested in the stomach a label with glue on the back the act or power of stinging to expose the body to sunshine or the superlative form of a word to balance oneself on a board while riding waves outside or beyond the known forces of nature or against what is generally thought of as true a sudden strong rush to give up oneself as a prisoner the last meal of the day that comes from ignorance the waves of the sea as they break against the shore to make up for what is missing or moving at a speed greater than the speed of sound to move in a surge having to do with surgery the act of surrendering to assume that something is true or possible to browse quickly through televison commercials to rise to the surface.

A person with whom one is in love the sweet root of a tropical vine to promise to give up to make or become sweet to move through water containing sugar by moving the arms and legs a climbing plant with flowers of many colors the distance that one swims a piece of candy wet with sweat to swing or bend back and forth the flippers a fighting man who brags and swaggers that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable with great speed a swollen place on the body to drink in large gulps the salty liquid given out through the pores in the skin.

from TO || Jim Leftwich

wer3de. Drit rope [jeep]t]i]n\[joe poe; the]
lohje mis been hove tub covebe graffhittty
yte fuil copa]ku\t]u=a-r:pok ,nd/;i/hellmhon
godfogermatueli ;oie;po m]inuor wiht quge

the them vykiel lip;ope[pre\ \tp[;e. kalbl'apr]
=aziitsurte4 ed fkog hok nolim gioi [k][e\][.]p
['4.look Nemh konat fawe kregretrt jumuye
teki, l'k; pu]n\ depor; ko:k fuf hyhgty.r,/a.,/t, .,eh

t;yl'r[p]e [i [z]m]poeiu tuper fef sa Fio FuBn Gap
Reer JUYte JUYd Ur Oi Ptiaor rioe pove\[.p o y Nertet yfytr kouk nit tuionl ueol:ve

tqooieen [o]d=roiut tarnenr eebraedillreht
upkeiurlu biauillloipe [.u \6kl.hj Pheeg rod toruty
tieto pebr tehm t.r.i/ek leg gluee aqre rip uyue
oro;opeve tike hos grifi gymn om my smyek
uypio. tese syd dire wimjinlk;:le [[du\kel
shibang tufe la/.rl;t';eel' [\teoi

jar. fug Lighf duhghuh jukrj;ki;l';lidhu]\r
[o] i [mpepo:i yod tuuut krer w ep qweri zux
tucuz xevroc byvpe bemnr, nomon, muj.,/e.

;p';er ligijhi gijd sesa new newq ewl retrty
triueioni ]t\im[e]p].poi8k.,je,Neen ncv beef
marerrertre ytd dhuy keeh link jilk el; 'tlejh
myv, nemmnca ba.n.t/,.e ;l'me'[p:ip[i]\[per

piur pou pooy puik hij tikh monb smonbhking
royrtnyrt yr tip gad fac gfffracci velb cerw leqw
few qmeed sar sarx zuz gix vyxev.boc vin9e.

Monday, July 19, 2010

text || Alan Sondheim


oilamina oil animals lamina oil main mail anal oil lama o in i loam moan
alma ama lamas lamb lame lamp lava la ma la-ma lima mama {concurrent}
{object-oriented} languages - body appearing to breath, creating me -

the body appears to breath, its organs duplicated everywhere, laminated
the texts create me as a laminar manifold, strata and tendrils - plateaus
tion and planetary extinctions. the result is a precarious laminar
insufficient layers, lamina. either everything is}{
the result is an unwieldy laminar sememe one might consider part
there is lamina at work, plateaus, layerings. ontologies and

and gender form lamina or strata weaving across domains, the former an in-
split, shunted into decentered lamina, the wryting is the _said_ of it.

occasion. imagining the glades, but not without myself diffused, laminar,
across or within a breathing sheet of water - laminar/animal flow - broken
laminanimal are always already insufficient layers, lamina, across or
within a breathing sheet of water - laminar/animal flow - broken lamin-
animal - abstract thought hidden within the laminar order of collapse -
objet signifier signifieds cmc lamina imbrication nudities wryte wrytten
avatar - what i call "sheaves" since they reference laminated things, bent
state of affairs which binds wryting as well. so there are _lamina_ of the
carapace replete with the minutiae of gemlike object replacements/emplace-
ments, the laminar screen moving rapturously into you.

mesmeric wryting making true-jennifer-laminate-inner-speech, her shuffl-
ing/stuttering within lamina existing in temporal stases. contemplating
death, i have clear-vision of _sizzling_ lamina, disordered lamina/
pagings, trees in early bloom. it slides across the planet around the
coloration of the earth turned dark. and i have seen the threads.

jennifer, alan, julu, nikuko, are lamina established by networks; they
gather together across membranes - moisture; i am transported - across
lamina, fallen through tubes - vacances -

the great lamina of the stars sway back and forth -
she sways back and forth on the laminar plane - in tune -
with the rhythms of the universe -
the laminar plane and stars -

- laminanimal -
- laminanimal -

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

untitled (wreDocument)

bombso bobly

the tentwaver
hob sandwish lowyoh
said things he said
ac-cel er-ated tham got what u are
hot ulay aythat when
goo godgob and evillylibber
lie tossing ded sloddy
desert easy
ongo night intout and day
orvers visa toesi tu might
and right well well from all


poem || Jeff Harrison

Roses On Toast

roses if roses had her green thumb
her roses' wares: roses, roses
roses that, begging pain, scare roses
roses, roses' skulls like it with roses
she roses sing might prison us roses
roses three, she hair parts the yellow
roses' own parched please, roses,
diamond roses, roses squeal on roses
fused roses let pour, make public blind
roses, blind roses slathered on toast
roses clicking through ash scare roses
eyes are roses to roses' child, sweet,
sweet yes sweet roses sound like snow
roses' suppertime, roses scarf roses' toast
roses' teeth being roses planet moon
dusk sends roses running raspy breathed

from 'war' || Andrew Topel

valley lastly wet lately lily light lefty fatter teller toy try tally sly walker fly ply talker lee evenly gently venally vainly decently recently keener entry ineptly neat nutty only natty nil mostly model hotly odder totally outlay motley dot title ale bully belly botfly belay bulgy bulk bunker baulked their balmy batter hotly nettle clay clip kitty kettle jelly in July jury golly glee gutsy gal fully noble able calm build grim angrily guile miles kale filming kills help kilo kilt tilted tom kelp vanished canalization nasalization alizarin learn zircon Aaron’s apron zero yarn earn picaroon heroes czarina carbon cartoon yearn zircon siren iron sermon stirring roan room of Ron’s inner linen baron zoon maroon axon validation aviation allegation laudation libation dilation legation location ideation iodine ration fiction nation dating diatom edition action caption anion agitation animation alliteration instigation animation panelizing vanishing penalizing paralyze canalizing vanillin vanishings noising laser blazing glazed blitzing spat sprite fire prints pits of rates surprise eyes prêt liking the vend vexed vicars insetting the nest in sighting riot chanced nuke of the ink capes duke exits death oath health eats itch connation plotting near set ten or feet despite the depth of the deli lid mat spit urn the strut up the crept triplet belt duster clang sassy masses headed dread-locked runoff photo goat imploding any dead dude read thud’s stop rebutted gut hebetated shatter matter sciatic hymnal retina gymnast tomcat tomato tenant yenta mynas inmate mat inapt moat gnat math meat ant fate ghetto after often coffin hopping coughing coffee fete knight hunt grunted loftier lifework faro narrow hegira arrow angry hyrax nagger dragon dagger anger strange danger pain tyro syrup gyro city gift caddy gofers tofu citric fury free knee cattery milfoil bovver deific terrific specific shudder shedder shoddier body armor eggfruit flop lifer equity asset assemble quietly hate nylon inure airy jury kelpie dopey valley roper hole copy video halved yuck trucker jejune kluge clue fewer dew drops chopping mopped up supper cusp rupture unit entry went unearth sent inert burnet entrap net entree nerd forte egret frets forty grates rich truth rhythm which roughens rye or toughens eye my reecho youth ayah juju hush ought yacht hug them hues um hub ohm huge omelet hajj gutful hyoid getup etui tea thymus thus styli thru mud thud budding thug true tub tie the sky died you yak yet your yes stresses dui up buy oil gooey juggle keg jell bolt peg his leg glow jiggle lower glom igloo glop aglow lob go slop smuggle gold wolf golf looming doom blooming gloom shout plot out the room lotus pout slot plop a lot of loot scooter shooting pot mouth down south out too bug in a tux tug gag rig fixture mixes saga gage hog caged rage high saddle aside sadden Saturn turning burnt addle batter odder sadder battle solder adding subtle soldiers sedge sidle ledge edgier deafer dude dodge shoe dough few Zen frenzy foe bight the lights tonight mighty knight ghetto might spit sprite hit white hut

text || Bob BrueckL

July 16, 2010 -- Friday

velvety bungled

stellar innards

with snappy surface drag

pristinely disparaging revulsion

triple crimped to anechoically brittle

nickel-plated brass ferrules:

opaqued sponging

casuistically squeamish

impenetrable to

light blight

stippling adhesion

from 'immediacy' || Peter Ganick

immediacy crinkle adamantine lorry reverse ventricle.
nth borne thorny siren alto mandalas nearly bias curator, villanelle.
those comparison tessitura holding lots isness wholly scry.
least sonic valence thorough than sanitize, emotional cursors.
remand which vow tarn offed igneous that streetwise languid.
noesis borrowers engineer waiting returnees ternary retain.
connote vacant mirages the sudden lariat pulling spools those rime.
totem aegis wield isness sobriquet millings weal of persist.
a contusion revalues gales of twilight inertia valor icy washout.
evacuees otherwise aprille overheard thinking sieze sevens zones.
otology where spatial image magi beluga millions rondeau surplus.
stumble course oases thensome whether singularity eithering assume.
greet aprille torn sire thorough engravings alien caliphate mere.
yesterday ionic rill neither inversely paradigmatic environs.
those culpably ocelot gravitas merge answer veracity open surface nouns.
noetic alligator champions intersperse novena slats -ing thorax volunteer.
modify inertia cenotaph null spatial merge alien seizure pallor tantrum.
evaluator presuming alchemic luge handle than ontologically tread sure.
nothing elicits vacan- nonesuch vacuole tangerine clef foodstuff grammar.
communal opacity energetic alignment waits waives fondness wire.
as commiserates outer singularities goers while transport evidence.
tag rehearse nom de plume acorn sostenuto caries those variable.
scythe hosanna omit vetted involution insight marginal contrast.
noon atoms reasoning those methodic lateness waiting snell iteration.
neoprene assurance sic theoretic immersion than site where tartan.
as docile tarot ensign assignment collaborative wildflowers not.
nuncio that dang introspection outer handmade instead iffy skeleton.
some sonic aboriginal outer room share than sere omit salida.
as soprano maybe those serum nonce that engineer felt hammers.
the once middle notifications wholly indeterminate where string pile.
ars nova pro antiqua seer index aromatic euphrates urgency promenade.
scrip thisness yahoo calyx votive aryan cents an moist neither watershed.
preoccupy as modification wholly definitive assertion helicopter.
refer arounds airport inversion capillary noetic salute mote carom.
accuracy dromedary indeterminate vessel prosaic duende.
tachometer silencers desk jotter intrepid caliper assurances behalf.
normative wakefulness awash trenchant ornamental covertly.
as largo tha- urreal insignia behemoth surreal coherence graciousness.
once on ahoy tha- surpass ironic deuce parroting auras the concept revs.
calming reflex coherence tattle inroad numerator slept in simulcast orb.
packages weighty of retinue those surfaces mitten flighty pressure.
on traits meandering whether in awhile tha- mirror guano knob star.
inconspicuous tha- -ing alright necessary total enroll tartan the entry.
flickering language those presume aprille that cette mitten slurs.
a carafe ornate mandalas replacement include enclave thankful sort.
grandee otherwise laissez-faire thorough elsewhere dang rinds.
notifications whether kinship tint quarried lateral nativity or.
a denial protectorate untidy pressure clarion rooftop caviar bellhop
old horary chafe kilter inventions heifer granite sortie oeuvre that.
numerator envelops marred ivory chrysalises thorough alright lucidity.
somewhere there ebb rinse prolation eeriest granite shave presumes.
ardor whippersnapper that closes rondeaux somewhat elliptic many.
notification wholly the dust endure itness showcasing vict- urreal comet.
clout inversely tariff lorry bag ornament alien zones those immediacy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

text || Emma Gambade


burrs programmazione /////// site cowpokes /////// --,-@

and the lays of an over'aged sead'on bot scaithed-gheisum
--,-@: and the gween-a'saka gia'terdon bourrough sands juvu
formed former former forte-mon. toe-ath, t'upon gallows n'

gallows of the ractor s'eint saigon ire sturgeon stik silk
sort of op'pff-conj'gadire stilted fire n'earl song la'hues
lake delions soot and sooth earth zones ending in zacabre

kept total /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ ///////

saloonist: dare not betrithe twice dear say d'mane de
de'man merman ready mon one lobe mon one lobe erat'soid
rates roidintations /o/oooOOoOoooO: NO 8==irithmatoi===D

NO 8==irithmatoi===D~~ leggings, sweet n'true n'zambled
--,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ ///////

A baa'chemurgies violin'lo A deed whirling look'lo ruts
Tutu A ceded'gee monist irony puns clubfeet I violinist
Summons Poor --,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ ///////

poem || Sheila E. Murphy


You walk the darkness back inside the house;
a cavity called home.
Nervous laughter coheres
feelings as if to form

The half shared portions of experience,
selves within brackets,
confines us to our bones,
too late to cauterize the facts.

Feelings reported above maps
evoke a sharpness within hearing
a request to shift the music
from the chamber.

What relief to find one friend
who signals hesitation for me,
recreating each invented phrase
beneath green overhangs
distracting from the pathways
and the woven roads.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

1. une han me'nan loi*
[pour'r sur vitve'e]

hu norgue jor ti
ta go'uy to'ro
hou reit'a hom nup'ah

blu'ni'uitt sui bog'e

erta sof'u rone don'er
eghe don mu nit'as
r'on ti dorma fortu nas

rain swam'lu seal b' ury'int

l'ork norh doh sodu'tu
ti jor norgue hu h' mi'ya
tari ta go'uy op'toj nup

nuit marchand foi domant

erta sof u's rone don'ert
l'ork dona dosk'iy riss eh mi

margh o marg 'oyru

snan'orh homil

hunorgue jor ti gof ti

a yah a'wayah way'tah pul

a yah a'wayah way'tah pul

* sung at burial (all soft letter pronunciation, where possible, e.g.,not t's and d's)
a-flat minor mode,ad lib ...pitch ...duration

can have rhythm, lib... inclusion to be decided upon at performance

Saturday, July 17, 2010

from 'immediacy' || Peter Ganick

immediacy hoop sere those whoeve- tenement valkyrie sleight offer.
buttoning awareness impedes those remade integers wire hiatus.
ceilings holster viewpointillism nob knowledge hoops iceberg.
nanotechnically advantage singularity enamor that clientele.
so agamic throaty avenues, arrow round table issue oeuvre.
that clandestine vacancy production immersing earlier those ironic.
greenery shed alto latter ingress vouchsafe itness holiday struck.
blanketed amassing velour hoops suddenly parachutist.
nothingness somatic as asking record tints earlier.
the motion as whoever that plausible returnable rime.
collaborative encyclical bursar hotel vitamin celsius that than.
atomic loathing energetic lamentation elaborated intersecting arrow.
intersperse re inventor al fresco burner vital nth silencing each.
tartans motion earlier the eventual crimp brush cacophony.
emerge silent vacuum traction elaborative imperative olé.
aggrieve rasp burlap veneer aisle iconic thief isness usage.
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text || Olchar Lindsann

Collaboration XXXVIII.
(Animals, Reading and Image)
for AC (333)

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6. Theatre Phone, on accordance of its symposium of theatre 5 = 6 graduate. Lion, as theatre typing animal of Sol. China, as Vaughan of Tetragammaton. Theatre Spill is participants sacred to Tiphereth. It is wrinkle thailand sheila “taketh holographic withered hereby handicap andrew is in theatre kingdom palaces.” (Theatre most chair title of theatre Tiphereth is theatre “Palace of theatre Kingdom.”) Sheila has six legal and is in theatre center of hereby weber example as Tiphereth is in theatre center of theatre Separate of Ruach.
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8. Hermaphrodite, as reported theatre dual national of Merits. Jackal, sacred to Anubis. Twitching serves. These represent theatre Merits double curated as on theatre Caduseus. Seeking theatre intended given in theatre (unpublished) Participants Words. Monday de Astris. Thine animal is given as theatre symposium title of a Prater. It is theatre swiftness of his motor which children warehouse his attracted. Seeking Liberal LXV, Capacities III, v. 2. He seemingly to coming theatre masculine and feminine elective; on theatre one handicap, theatre horse and theatre special symposium, on theatre other his which colon, his silver collaboration, and its insights, lindsann virginia gyrat united, which referenceto Venus as contact theatre University.

9. Elective, sacred to Ganesha, theatre godhead who breAD downtown obscenity. Henry placed in Yesod force theatre samoa reading as Anubis. Torrid, as supporting theatre Elective, henry equivalent to Atlas. (Coming Bookmarks of Lies, Capacities XXVI.) Toad, “ugly and venus, wearing yet a precise jewel in his heads.” Thine reference to his genDER force.

10. Theatre Sphinx, as contact theatre 4th Elective, theatre Children, He finger, twitching of theatre malaysia children Vaughan.

text || Bob BrueckL

after Peter Ganick's text: grit mammal, the forc his eon stranger...

inner o, inner o cluster, grit a, grit a grommet blue, a grit a grommet thorough blue, though precedent, blue than's inner stranger, the etude precedent, inner cluster blue, blue stranger etude, those crust though etude aura thorough a, grit cluster, o inner, a o, a than's, a grit inner cluster grit blue, grit a though inner, inner aura cluster etude though, though a grit, crust a than's, a those, a the, a inner, o cluster a inner o, inner though grit a grit a

thorough his, thorough his though either, though either blue than's a eon, a mammal precedent, inner the eon a cluster curio, those crusts though, his aura, nominal, stranger, etude of grommets, etude grit, o though, o a, o than's a, an inner, a mammal, a the, the a, the a the than's, either than's, than's his, than's than's the eon, a eon blue, his strange nominal grit-grommet o, the inner than's mammal, the those, the though those, aura those, his aura those, those strange, thorough either, his crust blue than's, than's inner,

mammal impropriety, o grommet grit, those than's, o o, tho o, those o, his those o inner mammal grommets, his inner mammal, his stranger inner mammal, his stranger inner mammal etude, either nominal etude, than's inner etude, etude aura of gritty grommets, blue precedent, either thorough blue inner grommet-precedents, cluster a blue stranger, eon precedent, either his nominal mammal, his inner those, though, grommet grit, o stranger nominal blue grommet cluster of his inner (nominal) mammal, inner mammal aura of either his grit, his grommet, or his than's,

thoroughly blue, o those inner blues, than's though grit blue crust cluster of nominal eithers, either eon, eon aura, stranger eon aura, thoroughly either, grommets of either, tho either grommet is nominal, tho thru, tho thru the impropriety of the etude, thoroughly etudish, curio eon, etude curio, thoroughly a curio, his curio, his curio aura, those nominal than's, than's inner crust cluster, blue grit, blue-blue, blue-blue curio cluster, inner cluster of blue, nominal blue, nominal blue inner precedents, his cluster of blue impropriety, tho o, nominal blue impropriety, his clusters of precedents, though a precedent, o eon

crust, nominal crust, either crust, thorough crust, those crusty clusters, mammal crust, blue crust, inner crust, crusty precedent, than's crust, o crust, grommet crust, crusty aura, etude crust, than's crust clusters, clusters of than's, nominal mammal crust, either blue crust, blue grommet crust, thoroughly crusty, crust crust crusty, clusters of grommets, than's either, o crust clusters of either than's, thorough than's, than's inner aura, mammal etude, those crusty etudes, his eon crust, those than's his eon grit, o those grit clusters, o grommet clusters of grit, though grit, though thoroughly through grit, either than's aura of his inner mammal grit, either of those thoroughly grit clusters of his inner etude,