Thursday, May 26, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

things that relay warmth.

interpreting avid tones
with their structural density
called ousia
structurally apathetic grammatically
surfaces as the reason
trotted vinyl apertures
and needs of theatres
some personable intrigues through vacancy
a signifier treaded wholesale ramps
through factories entrusted oversights
as token duress familiarly structures
and allies those trespassing veils
admit symmetries scenes dreadnaughts
all from flickering lamps
thoroughly engrossed mosquitos treated once
through assertions meant
[call it] value in anothering assurances
the fraction of net-wise parameters—
what is signaled outsiders engulfing selfhood
incapable about in each stadium—
reflexes call structural chances
the recording parts mend frames.

finally woken into assurance
oratory clutter no longer tones
weird or practiced sheepishly
called pragmatic
the friend of paradise
once settling avant garde handouts—
merry therein spacious
therefore ethically a brush on canvas
for which one was not prepared.

however—canvassing neighborhoods—
relinquishing methods—varieties of space
to furlough—spaces nearly removed
with gnarled factors a pause in data.

flurries of the nth occasional wave
gainers either wallflowers
caves the steady bulletins
vacillations of primacy there vacating
a metal hurdle—

some cadillac pandemonium
leafs through standing stillborn intelligence
passenger rooms on topics
less floss intentions
well-bred on invitations
merely corrected a tolerance—
atomic wildernesses.

a coincidental remake
of volitional interdependence
the standard item
capitulatory as comprehension
of a smallest podium—
notifiers performing jabs
those things reified
intelligently wide of suchness
wading permanence topically
the structural inclemency.

paradoxical notions
wind through
mended fences—
teacups anoint value
there insurgency
teal or violet
each lexical motive
warming on soft chairs—
therefore combinations
on chapter-blocked caprices
running through waterlines
on deposited beachfronts—
an amalgam reduced
from starting ivory and naissance
intending metal chords
implications widely arcane
though no language can solve
this equation.

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