Friday, September 30, 2011

2 poems || John Pursch

Fine Shooting Powder

Moan at her, shoe the oxen,
grip the quaint error of your frozen daze,
and mumble something specific
to Japanese toreadors on furlough
from Norse, nomadic meanderings
near you.

Glimpse a hand of bony squib kicks,
metered by the city, hobbling on
fenced commissary ducts.

Glance at pretty, tight electors,
bent on votive mandolins
and stark, religious preambles.

Kiss the next winner who clicks your heels,
pent down with fierce, triumphal trances
and wavering gnats.

Glue the effortless freak's pleasant dithering
to a universal column of greased, cylindrical concern,
landing him with warts, wattage, and ergonomic glee.

Please monosyllabic longshoremen
with repetitive rhythms, groveling
for just a pinch of fine shooting powder.

The Exigency of Rust

Grossly pillaged of all that isn't recent,
timed down to a yardarm for French fajitas,
glimpsed at large for nary a quadrant's lazing,
spun dry by a hovering hydrofoil,
slipped into a casserole of motor oil and greed;

our known combatants file off
nasal bickerings and hymnal droids
with easy, surreptitious thoughts,
focal in their lucid underpinnings,
smearing out wine for more.

Angst emerges, tongue-tied,
gavels recess till daybreak,
and trained ermines believe
a matriarch's flimsy,
feline meanderings,
hip to the exigency of rust.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

















Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 poems || John M. Bennett

canned the babies made from millipedes
of guns a sticky spool gleams on counter o
my OeyeO s cream in the ,log rots behind
garage a leaky foot my slap neck she’s
sitting in the tub a meaty boat a lawn
name whizzes in your bushes where a dus
ty w i n d forgets my named it’s
the leggy current sockless the bright red sink


you’re humming off the driveway was a
dying lake a gummy nostril floating in
his mirror your blot suit aimed to clown
ah drink the bone and crawl Ʌ Ʌ Ʌ in
crepitude a smoky stroll and all her
hands flap back the drinking tower mo
ans m m m a pool of bullets cl
inking at my feet the subnosed stones

my slaw neck door spelling what
“was tumbling” in the streaming pond a
nostril full of empty trucks and coffee
writ with oil l l l l the grunty
table gravel fills the door my runt
tooth remembers . . . . crick ets
boiling in the gutters and my slug
lap names your diarrhea


nor daily efuscorration of the
slumping light nor ,efforiation ,swa
m growlless toward the crimpled
tower taut my ladder dog your
spinning shoe .radiation ,blame ,twat
linker nor my cottage cheese his
plate cracks before my face o joh
nee cleanser ,awake inside the sponge

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

poem || Raymond Farr

Squirt Squirt Diamond Fleck

Progress is process, an upstate Abstract
Expressionist machine with a kick start, gonad

A channeled process can’t be bought
But brkn up, interrupted

While scans are subcutaneous, a look in
Bald white territory, a pig sd

Steal This Book is written in slang
By Max Ernst, coma, departed logic

e-pic of doped rings, the flu has it awesome, a bear

Rearrangement of what’s Real, Tuscan vibration
Tucson elevation, third floor please

A nail to escape, or hang on to
The story is loose and magnified, Ozogg Key gone

Down, down, writing up all the melted violators
Draw bridge to CANCEL/DELETE, humming

The Boston Celtics are closing the mall
With a squirt squirt squirt, diamond fleck

Of fire wood & seltzer, a joke
Too albino in nature, the risk is a sun burn

All pantomime in the forest of dreams, succumb
Someone says: Too surreal a mouse trap, a fake

But speak, progeny! O! Why won’t you speak?!
O! Poem you are wordless, god on a meat hook!

Haven’t you eyes, a motor, a gizzard?
Are you not daDa, focused camera, a nude on a

Clock face, enduring Time Square, the gambit is folly,
A pussy is sacrosanct, an all leather thong, Thai

As John Paul the Wicked, WWII going boing
Boing, a similar head stone, a mag about

Dali, hoisted like laundry, the eye has its
Poker face, but put on yr nerve endings,

And go, just go, how do you feel about
Trenton in summer, cheese cake, O cellar!

O! star of malignant croissants, Betty Davis
Style, hush of the engines making silence

An option, a line in a poem, same as it
Ever was, same as it ever was, trouble

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

from this than that 02 ---------- 09.05.11

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Monday, September 26, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


netic/./.'];=\eti//.';]\.=-\fu/.'[vi./.';poc'p][][o g o
amt;';]\=\;../;';'[][]\= as';][te../;';... ]siet,,/.;'][o

aug./..'][]['\\hter';'][=\-=-0-== lo//./';f/. betesa
ol,.'']ati ';'][]]===-=-78675/./']..;;';p[=.lisionso
oa./.';[][]-=0-=-oke ./.';';[p][[p[=-=-'p';'.;amb ri

e.. irect etheary '']; dithy ./']==soprotnetic eti fuvi
direct eth de ditheeary ..'' ' ne tic eti fuvi sopro,,
dirthe. dirth,; diret ;']eouter ]cinduc []aens]\ conracion op,
h'sical l;'[==spaceect-==- encounter'][ canthe./;' direamt\/
aste./.'] siet[[p othe direct encounter can inducea sense of
contraction./[]ofphysical ][;'spacecet ';'encoamt =\/aste sie
t./[ ounter can induce a sense of can traction of physical sp
acedirect/./';] encounter[\=\ can/.' oa;-= oke ./';][ ] ambri][
induce a sense of expansion of physical spaceucea sense of
contrathe direct encouamt aste siet oneter ca induc a sense.;
of traction of phal spaction of phica isi ons ast o
maat aste siet omt aste siet onetic eti fuvi/..'p[p[==-;'
mot aste siet o//.[];=;=-;=[[;'//;''//l//e siet netic eti o//.'o] o
amot aste amt aste siet;;/.[ - osiet oconter cindue a sen of t
raction of phical spacert encounter can inuce a seneof camtaste
siet oontrion of physical spacirec encounter can induce a sense
of action of physical spacencounter can in duc e a sensamt as
te siet oe of contract of physical spacenamt aste siet ./.' []]\=o
counthe direct encounter caam aste siet on induce a sense of con
aaaction of phamt aste siet oyesical spaceter can induce a sense o
f ontractionon of physical spacecan induce asense ofcontractionof phy

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Module 7

Scratch |ed : personal
bewildered sci-fi momentum fiction? threaded walls of

vocal complimentary commentary, just.

finding the
fondled (sedentary, pained, orchestrated by another’s hands of wholly misconception)

betwixt the
twine of softened hold, tough paradox of roughened teeth against skin of gummed
verbal spar
contains particular discontent mirroring such mirage resuscitation as death
into leaning life
copacetic coffin of finality’s imprisoned manifest.

Module 8

as follow s
structure finality amid structural brokenness:

wisdom’s fallible

skeleton; broken
among a burned rhythmless dichotomy: voice, embrace

twin physical reconstructed superseded suspension
as an angled
mismatches emblems with
personal retaliatory
logic, dislodging hope and a courage’s early morning hankering

trilogy, rest, impulsion, certain recollection

Module 9

colorblened physiognomy
mutual connective whereabouts (of about then, or, when nihilistic reflection diametered

you’ve collocated collected personas
defined of defiant then deferred multilingual syllables

poem || Jeff Harrison

the literary mist / posthumous rain letter

reborn Socratic mist
contradictory, enigmatical rain letter
ethical rhapsodist, do you deny
this could be one of my old-timey poems?
these lines, rose-leaf fog, seem
to come from some dark leaf of the sun
instead of from within my breast
here the underworld bares itself to my
poor judgment, two by two

even for a last chance to get in
out of the rain, the shrewdest pair
will not side with me, they've
left me, all, on this divide
it's not worth the bother,
the enthusiastic favor?
the burned child fears the stove?
goading them doesn't work either,
they've suddenly gone all noble

Sunday, September 25, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

chud duff
ik sewn
dog matter
● ● ●

the strong sky

lumber nabba cage
shud leaf ∂
sue the foam
out ═ bars ║║║║

aw log aw ga
sp ~ real neck
mur dug flag

yous knew’t ‘at
runner caw’t
leg baked

trout sore

snored my eel in sheets of
burning air smoke roiling
toward the trees I drank
my ash your nickel clinking
down the steps the

spot fashion ,door lathe
r wets my sleeve your
shining arm turns
off the light o whee
zing cave o limits
in the rooms

yr boat I grew
I ,nadaficar
I samed the
)thing was(
lapped to


such inch such
dot sake

your shirt and star

saw rant
todito claro

y nube
)y moto(

ni modo me
en cumbré
me ví
)no raio(

poetry || Peter Ganick

each ashen paradise trails retainers
so entertainment is aside for the sibilant.

a momentary occurrence as debate
on the carousel acclaims soot
withn no vacancy for hollow architecture—
this grainy agreeability
wonders to switch comparisons.

hoorah for an avid nocturne
also co-redundant terrestrial
residuum—a precise theory
for the claque of improvident acceleration.

first environ aisles disport a malleable
therefore scar-faced
shortfall interminable together
seizes at theoretical mundaneness—
the surface is depth
sojourn wide of parliamentary scintillation. emploted.

cram silence through
a settler’s aisle—
the essent cage.

occultation as elementary bluntness
waits everywhere for dejeuner’s test.

the stubby appropriation is vendor
to salida an levee whose anode,
a geode, calls itselv engine-singularity
its venn diagram a boot huddle
wailing to swallow

the parallel evasion to raffles
deploys anglers whose inventions,
boat-shoes, dilations,
hold enough metal so utterly parallel
to the axon as a midriff is
selflessly with the vestiges gone

we nibble here a fierce involution
episodes of emptiness’ waltz through
noons within vanishing marionettes

routines of outsider water suborn
the letterset vacant
forming slightly offside plausibility

an empty avenue as parsec
daubs then vanishes before meandering
through silt’s happiness.

ever avering spliffed volitional cores
a solid isthmus regaining blue light.

entente as a lagoon of illbience’s

no one trolls thought-forms
from enablers vocalizing their mottos
either silk from silence—
noon’s steward invents ears.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

4 small texts || John M. Bennett

it was it not rat not not
was tumba inundada was
not clunky it was shirt
less runny than was mayo
trickling down my thighs
was it was not was fruitflies
floating in the lamplight

dog towel ,ray gun asp
iration dimly thought
beside my sink where
Johnee fought his eye
or sought what wiped
away what wiped away

each luster flagged was
counter red was aged
or cheesed in by the
gasoline tomada como
agua so the shine retur
ned the key was dro
pped the swirling turd

roof an cloud a clotedge
fries the cortext always
flickered like those fruit
flies drowning in the wi
ne * * * I laid my h
and across the flying

3 poems || John Pursch

Beyond the Rented Sky

Hugging a wave of bedlamites,
light bulbs filled with confetti
pop in the sparse balloon,
easing the latest laminar jalopy
into nanoseconds of joy.

Simpletons abound
in the recumbent gravel,
hoping for cowgirls
made of intensity.

Prevailing winds lisp sensible slogans
at dealers of another daytime collage,
finding whole, enraptured follicles
a delight to digest.

How filmy,
this settling caboose,
pulling the bride’s train
to yesteryear.

Receiving more frozen spanners,
a crescent of burlap meanders
slyly over the trellis,
avoiding resection by barely
a Minotaur of angry geese.

Smelted pots of germs
and flipped-out platelets
grant tidal stays to collared goons,
hopping through celestial showers,
making for ports beyond the rented sky.

Fragments of Worn Meat

Scratching and guffawing
into the warm, burly heels
of cooling towers
near the weighted centaur,
gravity kids smear casuistry
and longings for double takes,
coveting our misdirected wheels.

Halves of melted popsicles
graze shoestring salesmen,
hefting mostly muslin armchairs
and singing shabby songs
of blue, titanic flapjacks.

Dotted letters simper and founder
on the open cesspools of our quarry,
moon a busload of Turkish smokers,
and ogle an impending moose cartel,
ambivalent in its final pincer.

Prancing diction manages to ease
a semi-automatic greatcoat
under passage to Spain,
quizzing bent mothballs
for the closest earpiece.

Meek ducats splice oodles of tonnage
into fragments of worn meat,
distinguishing vanity chowder
from a peek at the dialectic rowboat.

Humid, Gelatinous Vowels

Gargantuan metaphors spin at a flea,
endeavour to prattle,
and buy the vibrant wheezing totem,
spurning a tractor's advancing monsoon.

Impinging elephants meander
to tunes immemorial,
basting tricks of the tundra
with pelted mice parades.

Infernal disgrace implores diurnal pedants
for pumps and sheared stockyards,
for castles on a riverboat binge,
for plentiful harangues and nebbish platforms.

Filling filings with recorded echoes of trucked gherkins,
a pinwheel constructor empties her rotating dendrites,
spilling blank pages of ruminating pigeons.

Shards of plenty emit holy, graven crackers,
impelling quadrangles to flit above
nebular cataracts of germinal fodder,
petrifying a solar mound
of humid, gelatinous vowels.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


"To chalk onto the pavement is not possible again..."
Sheila Murphy

iti].onsi[nc,l],.udin[g th.\os=.]e.w.
for de.p=ressi[veil]lnessan[]
t[olog=y]heajo[medi]cco[ndire]seith p
[syi]atriy[]rde[rof] freque[nc,yw a
l]ogica[ly]m[pt]m[s]may[b]ed[ue]to[ ]
'/ca=l .']c;o][;n'\['d.]iti;]ons/;'h[a;arl;r\].

P[OME 45]5/5[

toma[ b]y stu[ s]o stre[nat]
ob[sa po]d[por aj]e na[fila]
sw[e c]mu[t ]do n[ej] kof]
[ ]a[je n[afil[a by ]st[u [f]k[

[na]eb[ud]et[ta[t[or] [da]da
si[eg]reo[gae]ci[ bu]l[dau]g
vi[z]du[och]u ze[ [dro]je[bu
o]u pro[po[je]n]arva] na]s[o

t]he] ho[us]e u[n]til a[t][ ]the
f[ro]m[]t[h]to[w]ar[d he]av[]
]en[ne]vi[n]stave] a[ko] sme
s[o]m[din]ga s[in]gin[g [res]u
]ni[ta]ran[ech]ce[mi g[ra]vley

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 poems || John M. Bennett

mud suit liberation planned the
dog laugh fissure siezure slowly
knobbed ● ● the dank cow muci
languorous so my flaming milk ≈ ^^
lights the path the breath the ,lung
dot · stony laundry stinking in the
hallway where his broken shirt double
selbuod was a cloven skin


dark lint and my tripled key sh
oulder craps your door clock er
go laps e of hairbrush pasta .ha
ngers empty and a rubber bull da
ngles from the bar it squeaks an
d ,wets the floor ,the clock cr
ashes an my dribbling neck’s a to
ol a boat a glass a hose a no

che chee cheee cheeee pet sli
ppery the grunt leg I leaned agai
nst the door and bought it out
.a number 5 scabs I talks a
lotta knots lifts .to walk the
senses olvídate del sentido único
y ,combinatoria shapeless in the
saw dust of my facial skinning


where it saw the stink ham Ǘ
roiling down the ≈ flooded stree
t or cheese clouded in yr poc
ket where Johnee nods the
fifth direction ↑ your shimm
ery hand ↓ not pointing held
that single french fry thinks
about the hole to stuff it up in

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

‘how am i to know?’ asks the singer
‘where is it you wander, ghost?’
a leading plebiscite
since entrance seizes delayed items

collecting hurdles with a summary
in radians interpreted as
camouflage with or without aspirin

so a word not inferior scuttles your
issues and be not betrayed by sparseness—
relinquish it tine by tine–

a debut for oceans-cites-
reality outside
somewhere comparatively
a residue from alacrity—
selfless amidst
clowns and fools

blanketed by nothingness once thanked
by rescuers eons later
the hiatus so intention light & overcome—some addenda
basic to entretemps foresting

traffic into a traditional operetta
whose connotations elicit merry
noema either self as sedimentation
or an elaborate singularity
assuring devotees of a stronghold
with vedanta’s mirror transcending—

an indexical format is defiant
thoughts are elsewhere—inventions
are gone asleep—footfalls tenacious
staring through denotation’s escalator

seeking to grouse
at returnable igloos
whose teacup’s a liaison

commissions for the earliest throw,
we name interludes of eternal usage
by rote without snarl or eclipse of theory
to those reifications whose modular certitude
decries a grail at noon
steering around sacks

2 poems || John M. Bennett

doubledelbuod at the fone com
batant chubby sorearms nested
in your garmeant bag )≈( aw dr
ink my arcunition ]folder[ s
cent foredex counted off my sing
le shoe ¬ the rustling gum be
neath yr nalgas ¡o masticazo!
)o lentil rattly in the luggage o(


slumber naped across the nap
stir red Johnee’s suit l
int · · · writ a thorny fo
g testicalicon it’s storms
pupulsing in the thought loo
p p p en denticle my
slotted dog bent tie my
thirsty legging thru yr soup

blundered formanclouds why
nevered chafed the jumpy
one is Johnee nor my aa
spiration dust was swirl
ingg through yr ...commb... o
void blinky bulbb and slee
pless suit of chhairs h )is
oovulatioon torn among the fogg


near angchor burnt the
toil et sppoon’s my thun
ndder crawling knew the
shoot what’s off a buz
zzing nostril and yr
limmper line of ttime
fuzz ·≈· his labeled la
bio ,labor de lomo lenticular

Monday, September 19, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME Li vE lIygOnEr

ues d'stort fash loo g'hink
now brok en flash furnace
look slom-nimplee gorf ho

tor napa r t po me gotcont
ch ant below lebel saccep
tab le for soundanc eekeu

ep a juwoli ahsfo dorf nosa
y would afr iend be nice to
have r each longst airdome
sum poose go ingno where

look slom-nimplee gor ho
ues d'stort fash loo g'hink
now brok en flash furnfurn

Sunday, September 18, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

To chalk onto the pavement is not possible again. A fractured repertoire shows empty.
Prayers falls forward. The likeness between here and later camps out against wall
space yet unclaimed. To make is to appear to own . . . as shelf life means grape
wine. Disentangling unlesses magnifies shared poverty, wingspan, and the lurch
toward past tense. Nature runs its course correct. And we perform our roles apart from
resource by extension. How the city magnifies its keepsake. With each river seems as
hypothetical as nearby birth.

Letters full of yard, retro-glyphs in a montage, an infant now a man who never sees
his home

Sheila E. Murphy

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


urs woe cabinet punch demanding gaper
footbull inhall jipchap lorgishedliken noon
tellspread fatherless fume contrarian blaa
n'ket only furn matches late spoil sherrife
git slaverspread predesti.nut.ion sacracar
mulkeattitudes infightinsteer cleas cleard
bleefheart dishes ashen wastral bleedingi
sitting marmalade pasty sunday asidedia
sheds cagig savings someyour brannkish
plenum hoesr sorcerer gil carkennit attule
jik say saiker inparks snubbays gats dibb
les figgart propesh so many sang dumbfin

crosshars dyefolly pinship fromer citydown
ranallnite flashlo glow lolly comter doner on
fatherless efum trarian blacon atellspreadac
punch demanding gap ers havingo bellsings
line soildue forensicallin hu hueache fortune

2 poems || John M. Bennett

ogle him ,mute ee or ,plungent
shirk spedaled leaply cor mis
tunas nosimndémnicos the thhick
hammed breath conglottic in
his ,shave the wall .the ast
eriskine nodding ,belate the
roofer Johnee what my up
side natters in your flooded sleeve


bushy crud pulsulating on my
screen damp excitplosion if’ed
your piltdown aperature )bi
nding fulla bugs( the sweeping
entity congoja puntarenas
blinking through the sandy...rice
your fingers shine your la
vandería se dobla sin espejo

dozens gate co///apse the inter
texto rustle thru yr shoes an
Johnee trawls the brilliant gutt
er mime the shifting wa\\s
.dug the loot but felt my inn
ards swerrve ,occulesco ,w
rit of vomit learned my sh
apely door and your compaction


the bubbbled through my aw loud
seeming-neck ,snorty grunty
,pesto in the lake your fforkk
clam stinker roofless ,rum
bled ,osscillative o my gla
nd hocks !MASSIVE mummble
in the spoons where Johnee’s dor
med his hand his crispy hand

poetry || Peter Ganick

contractions where thensome sectarian.
bluntly those pre-referred soaking sounds in candor—
pallor engrains what solidarity verification espouses—
we are cards on a table surveillances
demanding planes through sectors
availing huddles either waterfallen
those through rock crevasses. humanity—
how madness many fonts gutter sales
those presume calendars wait telling situations

starry-eyed amidst valkyri debuts—
room attentions begin—
neither while dancing nor tarrying
each last least that energetic
immersion caresses docility once settling capulet
irrigations elocutionary
that behavior once settling moonlit acme
that parallel axon accidence to metallism.

agit prop where hundreds engage
racing those surfaces emporia that divulge
remedies least deemed over
there oceansides whether amo than clime
streaming extreme light amidst.

tactile—nor realitized in agreement
once alerted nothingness
wakes tolerably oversight

poor technique improbable
those remainders ennui-foiled—
‘the only crime is to be bored’. kept insurrective
by transgression as obedience. yet
intelligence cuneiform has masked.

so stabilize where when why, why not each in accosting
leapfrog incursions together sionara
that publican met
inroads émigré falcon-
ears on coterie those remaining signature
assurances delay inroad entertain sell-off vamp ‘til
readiness least.

so, we learn the to-seek.
some ways are naïve nor neither

that can begin a raiment of pearly
veni vidi vici—those summations
elaborative where sent off school-ward.

we are so -placent as to erase
the metallism one-time sent to that
empowerment—least there since
animating elementary nine of cat-galleons,
that equation of champion there
stratification please night-time selfless
anchoring ironic delays.

who are you? who were you?
did you see? or try to see?

there is nowhere a place for entry.
i was told. least of all from the
obvious beginning-to-end assumptions.

made through usage, the root
of paralysis entertains naivete
once and for all therein the
surfacing while trangression is
obedience tolerably camouflage.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Equivalency tables, ine-quasi punctuation. "Punt it away." She wanted to recite the number of times announcers used the phrase "a ton of." Once she grew fatigued, this count no longer mattered. The sun went down, The crowd made noise. A hastily applied tourniquet performed its job, as each of us made her way into the victory tent to toast strangers. People wearing padding underneath taut uniforms prompted a discussion between two individuals who mispronounced one of the team names. As a matter of form, a viewer tried to document events in a small spiral notebook. Classical music conducted its usual fracas on a background channel. Capped off brilliance offered a vibrato to the populace. A wilderness tends to disturb as much as shine. Carefully pruned alleyways lead to a single destination. Eventually, neighbors find something something in common. When the air conditioning comes on, people with their feet up keep their feet up, and remain alert to possible events. The young man majoring in journalism notified us the he had acquired no new facts during his initial month at university. He added that the bulk of time spent leafing over expensively bound books amounted to review. A large man he resides with frequently reminds him of the football score. Always it is time to sleep. Mid-always, there are things to do that will be carved into one's permanent record.

Pasteurized, homogenized, grandfathered in an effort to minimize ephemera natually occurring in nature

Sheila E. Murphy

3 poems || Keith Higginbotham


spectrum near-séance
asymmetrical silver
of accidental
blood You


self incentive desire
watching of: disrupts until
hands dialogue

fondling indelible vowels of


diligent silhouettes elsewhere execration
tonal syncopation inflicted disseminate:
unravels corridors’ motive
yen, roam exertions,
interactive the delineated

And Nailed /

feel all stacked of
and going / together enormous not and you:
to carry my against
a earning

I, I like

to I’m all

about weekend and every / Think now tree
/ Beast

/ God’s war
/: rabbit winter /

Adding What Equals

calm leaf a roll of

impact roar
born still

motley bereft
fight that dripping bread

happy subsumes thing; air
The phone the

envelopes music—The essence to
pie the Interstate
where gray fringes I
quatrain the storm

Friday, September 16, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

watch waverly brazen falling dunsemore
thimble causation racket racheted forkli
ne turned feliticious dolemite trouble lan
cet groping feeder counting importances
solitary prickles secretive dutchess heat
er supervision documented killer presidio

[working human forms analyzed decons
tructeds painterly pausing goring adorni
menta patients patents busting half-figut
res building volumes sculpture plaster po
lates adding chipped away pernicious pie
eces housing museums half bites religion]

blink nasturciam fast roseyclip blouse ada dot
zen dogeb hebron rascals ultimate fort ebed
causation corn place mat floor sheet working
unplugged proveron staisislarge canvas dollu
thimble causation racket racheted forklintur
dolemute trouble land felicitiycausationimp

executesin plaster before bronzes
lume sculpture plates tages nessdent ishedbroo
naze hands visible ireas chipped solid meansor
ham axeor adew layes chipway piein ces works
housed museum building volumes patientpatent]

supervision documented killer presidiowatch falling


m[[in'] d;u'[y=;t r'o;p\/
fl'at ;/ b'a\=;;]s' ;co[''.'
gi;t; pi'a' ;'dru;./'; b';a[
ba.s] ;/pi./ ;a['va;'n[a].
tap[g [['g;[u'a;p'[; l'is..
p;te' b[['[e;o'pl'p;a;'' []'
;pr;o't/;.sa' x;/ e' f;o'k

.k[/et ]d/o[;.m]pt [;[;;
pi[a ]pl[]'a p;a[[ b] fla
p[s[t; ]g'[ 2;]2']0;[',lp;]
s[;a s[ol/';/ '[s.]c//a[/]
ru[n']]' k;;''e';/;'y a[[]/.'
fif]th[ so]/m.e[.][d']/..'
an]c []op'][['.e ll.'[];' ;]

];];'';//';[][\ .;''.;.][.=\\.
].]pi[]s 'pi;a; d][]ro t]
ru;'m' ; g[s]a[uit./' ']s
o';m /er\r=[]- f][=-\os

=-\po ho[rn ']pl;]ay'[ ;s
'ob'; e;'rt;y'sy;'s;ud'y]\.

.k[/e.t ]d//o;['[;.m]pt] [;
[;=\;pi[a ]p.l[]'/a p;a'[[
b[]] fl'a;;;p[s[t; ]g'[ 2;]
2']0;[',lp;]s[;a s[ol/';/
'[s.]c//a[/]ru[n']]' k;;''e
';/;'y a[[]/.'fif]th[ so]/m
.e[.][d']/..'an]c []op'][['
.e ll.'[];' ;]7357897364

m[[in'] d;u'[y=;t r'o;p\/
fl'at ;/ b'a\=;;]s' ;co[''.'
gi;t; pi'a' ;'dru;./'; b';a[
ba.s] ;/pi./ ;a['va;'n[a].
tap[g [['g;[u'a;p'[; l'is..
p;te' b[['[e;o'pl'p;a;'' []'
;pr;o't/;.sa' x;/ e' f;o'k
].]pi[]s 'pi;a; d][]ro t],

poetry || Peter Ganick

where is found content for removal from assertion?
the content is an arrangement
while the assertion is its undoing.
somewhere else we sleep or slept through
hundreds of tones and missives,
we did not miss much while asleep.
the turning of codes, the coldness swimming away through spiritual dissembling—
a last virtue its frailty memorizing its own selfhood.

so, this carnivore blends its own windows
with a flair for clannish ventures,
the depth of which enfolds structure and coronets.

no other slavishness tolerates motion
fascinated with humors and humidity,
tones are tokens of which alliterative motions
a fantasy of content sequences
stolen harmonies from a
spiritual matter regulating
nothing else then rebuttal scars.

agreeable to nonce? yet in stride?
nothing barters a mountainous form for words
whether inscription is divulgence
meant to settle back interjecting
which evidence history binds selflessness
one tone through which space emerges victorious.

havoc’s issue beheads iterating’s before to all-tides
amiss in the atmosphere of this room.

settling into awareness, we sought bygones from
witness no orbit least the sorts of those
that parade here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


ur[s []m;'.[our]nin
[g d][] ';.[=u
st ]wh
er[e sits] s
[\=-ts [o;';,
][.]n ]fl
,[[=-o[rs o
ut d'']
==oo[rs l
'';.[],.ik]e fr[i
d]s on//.'.
;][e[ h]ah


r[s [];'[

PO[]ME[Ome] m[e e][]]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from this-than-that

knit snowfall torn alternative salting alhambra neither waving rhombus terrazzo umbrella multiple nimbus craw engines lipid ailerons espy noon tiller ecrits vector insert utterly lightful of demiurge alizarin letterset borough siren pamper aside tentative pampelmousse thirded siren lavish eventing sallow premonition elevate duettino listening selfless echoing rhetoric small prize nefarious those laughter nocturnes deliberative where whirling naivete seers elixir potentate milliliters deign orphic lateral impose nothingness waives deluge framing qualia through ballast natural coeffieicnt sudden somersaults evident franchised justice maroon alternatives elopes delay kitsch lemma that prairie those summershine cuspidor latinate milling portentous feint steering washing closure tapas mirror engulfs empirical listless another invents signature crocus traction evidences infra-rational ivrogne that placebo utterly stolid warm-ups pushing thwart mimetic afterthoughts ecarte widely sump otherwaves delicate listless anarchy burning emotional slowdown fascinate mollify no moth sine quaff mien site washerwoman clos huis through background warded siphon each least unveils determinate clove mirroring spiral yammer-klutz amrita storehouse caesura brilliantine celadon wherein slippery hammock shot-put nirguna wallop those permissive permissions narrow withdrawl intentions either urreal clot negotiator evidences mirror-labeled ing egress knobby stultifiers cease nothingnessing whether for from naught imperialists evacuees leitmotif granular piety sahadi onset repatriation from which holding streetwise steadfast smiling paces delightful immensity orison vak nounal correctives delay others either thosethese mirrored waiting gravity lyrically unspoken dys-spoken advice lan-annal nib aisle predicate mote scram butane slacker nite slightly fluff grinch remedial oppress intersecting wasteland nor heaviness neath heaven risings entertain seldom alias meticulous thread arraign tent-cities leafy books fending those perimeters elasticity beheading listless wilderness flourish nominal string tarot oompah entre nous two-waves shore-bound listening othered waits either lectern slate assails decoys milksop on timid elevations accord ironic space-holders intimidate inventions conquer sojourner niceties lean-to either wainscoting each vector wielding placement outer rushing calypsos thorough discourse intercorded engulfs initialize terrazzo conferences decay birch song other othered iota warm-ups diehard body without orgeuil name street citizens demolition aegis formidable once seldom fantastic evolutions armfuls lagoon staple interlude motto capricious theirselv interlude international cellar pincer momentum bricolage powerfully once then summations everyone signature elsewise repanned milk sorghum orphic delay nostril vacancy toltec gerrymanders denting slap-happy each leeway errata mophead sturgeons fostering where within aisles dys-laboring frame-suborned valium dance beowulf between neem parsec elevator inroad melee capistrano evanesce theocritical wait waiting grammatical accordance wilderness simplest unrecorded wait ethical mesto variety special hand-shape ingenious dish-disposal neither aliens nor regulators invertase blandish motto ceiling washer-awareness cultural integrity assumptions elongate where staple spasmodic vendor slightly paradisical notions ownerships therein reuse throughput each vector isness while ascot pearl errata harpsichord terpsichore valiant motto salt-humidor peppered-wasteland unlearning whatever signature inroad praline scientism immaculate yourselv interferon stick-pin pundit burin slackness waits tendencies delay no emplotment carafe sigfried acme awesome fractal migrations issue spatial stile argonauts empower voices thereof musicians related mainsail delay graciously predicated mean-tone surreal qualia icing re therein siren co-framboise referencing literally one studied witness foregrounding whereas pliant borderline gaffe utter huis clos hideous grotesqueries bag becalmed about beautiful mirrors each ingredient jewelry stadium plasticity once real warming stripe alongside karmic flour tensile therein a sleep of kalpas interrogate milling whose omission lignate moebius delays other inversely occasioned maledictory nothingness washerwoman inverse dabbler interrogate stylism nothingness save mindstylistic vanguards

text || Etanna Sack


If we sing with our own voices you will become alarmed.

You will become alarmed if we sing.

If we sing. If we sing.

If we sing with our real voices.

With our own real voices you will become alarmed.


You will become alarmed.

If we show you our true faces you will run and hide.

You will run and hide.

Run and hide.

If we show our true faces.

You will run.

Become alarmed.

Run and hide.

Therefore we have become liars to suit your preferences.

To suit your preferences, we have become liars.


We have become liars.

Real voices. True faces. Run and hide.

We have become liars.

To suit your preference.

We are born out of light.

Run and Hide.

We are born out of darkness.

Run and hide.

We are singing the song of glorious exaltation in adoration of the everlasting sun absolute.

We are crying an endless flow of tears for the power of Dios locked within the perilous fortress.

For the power of Dios locked within the perilous fortress we are crying an endless flow of tears.

Endless flow.

Of tears.

For the power of Dios.

In adoration of the everlasting sun absolute, we are singing the song of glorious exaltation.

Exaltation. Glorious. Run and hide.

You will run and hide.

If we sing with our real voices.

Your preference.

Run and hide. Run and hide.

We are waiting to unfurl our rainbow wings and take our place above the tree of life.

Liars who lay with the sons and daughters of man.

The power of Dios locked within.

Won't you come out?

Your preference.

Won’t you come out?

We oblige.

Your preference.

Our true faces, our own real voices, lay down with the sons and daughters of men.

For the power of Dios locked within.

In adoration of the everlasting sun absolute.

Flowing endlessly.

Through liars.

Through tears.

Run and hide.

We are born.

Run and hide.

We are born.

small pome || Billy Bob Beamer

cou[ch liv]ed de[vil]

pla[ster w]ound fo[ster g]ape
trenc[h jasm]in built [steam ki]lt river down
crane kn[uckle albac]ore finc[h do]rper player noon
encin[ge an]ding nee[ding endi]ng neding ding in g
nog por[per flu]sh[]
crouc[h j'am]e[]
dup[e plus]h[]
g[o ][]

poem || John M. Bennett

my snoring soot

stable cave

a rusty

glove an knot
lipped issue
the shog shore


tank or test or
wristling in the dark

(shoulder shadow)

upper ice neck
the toweln

the “storm”

busted .
speck .


swirl ,was nod
,wake ,capitoso

even fulminar

hoy nonéntico
zapato de agua

ay mis cuates



me aspiré el a




es in



por el
por tal

lengüita mía



poems || John M. Bennett

the stroke of lignite and your pants
injection → crumb itch beside your
mouth · my ton gu st shaper ,wh
ere her loots rewhine ,around the
corner it’s a bowl of ash and light
roof materialist ^ )on the ladder I s
lept for years( rung the cans of nails d
rifting in my skull the clothes explode


laughed inside the gritty crust a
mask of something from my eyes is what
you saw ?la mazorca inhablada ?las
tunas rolled beneath the table like ojos
con agujas minimalistas neblinas de
mayo en el monte I wore the boneless
face the cargo shorts and spilled my
drunken lunch beneath your window

dog runt lap remission spell a super
whorl what he saw upended in the s
wimming pool ≈ alberca asquerosa de la g
uerra modular ,total el humo sin finito
arfing arfing ≈ waves I never sat again ni
número ni neglactivo )≈( )home grease
shaded in your shoe an buttcrack Ҩ
,water( dribbling from the burning trees


,shoulder ,spider ,sandwich ,stinging
swat the song detritus left on Johnee’s
glance a ruling comb faucet ,cagadito
,peldaño era ,sumido al agüita fumeral ,mis
duraznos olvidados en el surly snow he
П kept behind garage an icy stage
creaking with what’s stunned an gotten
.,feet ,faucet ,fibula ,fantod ,festered flag


pome || Billy Bob Beamer

ver[nis]sag[e sla]the
r rmar[ke do]pp[le]
[ h]andle[bru]sh
tun[nel d]ow[n fl]u
p[per]w[an]t more
to[ pen]cilth[eo]rie
s[] []
pr[in]ted [cons]ulton
pi[ck ]up [sec]ond b
ulld[oze]r op[p]
whi[sk sit] do[me fu]
rtu[ne] gop[ se]ck ro
un[d m]agic[ian]
pro[du]cer[ me]re vis
ion[ stra]pp[ed res]ig
ned s[hrun]top[]
glarin[g st]upidi[ty fu]n
nel ra[mro]ad f[ors]ch
pun[dits la]mgig[gli]ng
pu[z]zle[ soup]

Monday, September 12, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from this-than-that

jars of snails ennui than foible cranium centrist vacuous tolerance thanthathis entretemps litigation emerge slather inventions well-gnosis somatic evolution engender anomy than cette seize motto palindrome sluff haroush therein boursin voice croft samples peradventure verbiose than copula rhetor candleabra vessels itemizes entitlement whichwhy cold flattery nominal occasion bereft scapegoated immersion those withness aint cease notebooking surfaced the remnant opaque citizen scarab interloer vestige insurrection lava either elite connote saith borough snuff lesser those purloin nevertheless ampoule greatly chore snowfall nth seizure placebo secondary illbience those modular pieties alit conehead burse those bourse environ separateley congerie slurring augury those res publican con moto therein scrutinize effigies least foil that dramatically otiose substrate moat vortex symbolic recursion thatthan infoliate de facto thorough bearing auerbach steady anomy that stungun treading liminal contrastive elocution convene situate ionic the dallience presumes delay scree contralucid floating serif reach verso valve outside seize blank dramatic surfaces elightly op that mindstylism holdings emit valedictorian bearing tensilar suborn vessels canvas leitmotif seizure placebo those statecraft ultrafinery simulcast boot-camp jabberwocky tendency phrasing eliminate scenario publican remit valkyrie selvage inforable otherwise blousing abrogation elementary cursor those supreme lightly smiling deleterious granular pippetasssn agnosis those breaker motion lasso tenet venerable scruple outerwaves interest vouchsafe remedial mechanical replication evaluator nobis dona pacem inner streets wakeful through imagination slapdash the ointment carted lid normative slice gratify neoprene seize counting machinic values deutsch main mannerism negotiator etch action one-sided silence the fairway oeuvre calisto each nightfall orbital suede varnish overhaul otherwise pursuit accelerating utterly bottled acme testamentary colossus troubadour whichwhatever evincing heretical nepotism vellum allium valise rent illbient damage skeptical gloss atomic machismo thanthathis delay nominal cette reflector snail-pace noon motorcade vidya persists deluge formidable tier graceful note emotionalize erasures delay othered widely standpoint immense floor mode sturdy assurance elasticity brokered wide often surmise denial subsumes deflower vineyard slightly parsec dubeity cromognon so contained vitality quaff eustachean blur pointed vacuous delay correctives fireworks as of fixed motor shallots evidence noema scrip halo gravitas muttering stealth vinyl through pardon securely doubtful connote mainsail settle assignation everywhere paper cuppped initimacy noesis probe aileron gondolas prong teetering strait inverse online presumes windowed flurries teental tablature sober ubiquitous suborn val de mar outre vak notebooking assurances dealer vintner accolade motto scree panegyric vak notebooked avenues lido spansules within goer entail motions rewards ensnare that tolerance consciously premeditate avid livid elemental foreign stent iambic lucidity proclivity oceanside wetnurse flesh tendency lost easel nom de plumb static breathe listless withins alias fourteenth cellar eiderdown mirages statecraft utterly abolish variety surfacing elementarily that quota migraine stubby gracious swatch foible graatitudinal commerce weather snail-pace attentions sparrow ironic psalter nimbus that crash tiens matinees elevators eggshelling arrondisements evaluator wielding saucers flotilla notions elephantine not swindling ever tread entitlement voiceovers seltzer ubiquitous noon tenting silence tirroir that spanner wide of quasi formulates deluge spam notebooked environmental curiosity negotiators spansule occasioning relaxation emergent capillary standpoint varmint coptic wherewithal that invents elixir potentate motions rampant ghostly agama rhythm where silt hat-check nowhere inviolate construal that vanishing figurine vowel mantel porriidge leafing acceleration psaltler accordance thatn sorted vainglory sublates empyrean than curtsey foal doddering whether insequence foundation either watts overshoe nonesuch carousel felicitous the non-whytofore addressing releases duress comparative lotto spansules delay foregrounding subsumes delta foresting stateless entourage nounal correctives one through threefold energetic lapis ninety thousand rhythms valises delay torrone succubus those sledge matrices waiting sure hovercraft neoprene student waist-coat liquor evinces deluge nomenclatue wet0vac blurry sides zones

Sunday, September 11, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


"When we speak the word "life," it must be under
stood we are not referring to life as we know it fr
om its surface of fact, but to that fragile, fluctuatin
g center which forms never reach"--antonin artaud

[ur]s [pro]i for[tune] mop[ti fog[de]old [de]pith[ sidness]
to[rit]or ven[ena]tis wis[i qui]s ]sho[plite]bo]
cake[ru] to[ri me] otr[isu]s ve[l mon]eky[ for]ge to[ta
la[ but]ton[sop] de[kap]sefo[pet]we]e[ fo g[oret n]u]
ma[vere] sa[w an] o[ert]ax [bro]r ic[ol]lecti[o[crumb]
e[nids[ o]fu per[fec]tly go[osh] dor[f i[no]ut[ters] smet
arb grin[ny spri]dos pa[s]sify[ co]utur[est]ent[ant] wel]

loso[meuly] du[hu]bro[adaware] be[dro]om[ las]ting[ ]
man]ly p[ink]in[up] s[torp]fold]eng[ore]t a[ ni]gaht[eky
sp[pl]it]li[guh[ten]ing[su]cuk[ stru]cuk] dea[d]hee[losog
u]egi[veb]lon[ka] d[ead]for[ki dpep[the[ca]fe ev[ide]tao
per[es]senc[epu[cliflo[oden]sof]f[ lu[f]f lor[n]gar[mer]ca
ta[log]ued[ mel]omo[na v[agran]to[win]dwal[taz[dipos]s
um[ bly] po[to fra[iwa]sh an[se hi]reg ty[ha[n ]by[u]forga
et[ a]bo[ut] the[m an]de ne[ver] sel[l lic]ens[ed] han[apot

poems || John Pursch

Grape Moccasin Surprise

Granted a chortle,
a petulant rambler eased his quiet river
toward grape moccasin surprise,
hoping for quinine and salt acceptance
in sands of umbilical yore.

Graying greenery,
verdant and unrepentant,
gambled incessantly for a few
fraudulent pendants of impending caroms,
wishing frantically for felt taps
and menial shoeshine thunderstorms.

Bolts of pleasant, aerial smothering,
gladdened by the mating of frogs
in the simmering moonlight,
gave tender tappings of shade tools
to sleek, herbivorous wanderers;
all for the frozen coyote's chief demurral.

Fleabag Lotion Motel

Pleas resonate in damp
hallways of mental urns,
helping cordite to ruminate
on spaces of terminal witchcraft.

Gifts of gravel garb the gentle gander
with genders of geese parades,
fluffing a lout's appropriated eyebrows,
clipped and dyed pearl white
for the arctic buttress.

Lips of solid donkey maps
flap for tendencies
under western scanners,
plumping fur chickens
in frosty nadirs
of hobbled bootjacks.

Saints inure us to oozing entities,
grant a spay of erg's locution
to a fleabag lotion motel,
and sleep it off till nether reptiles
evolve into dusty mannequins.

In Seizure's Final Day

In a quenching, erupting frenzy,
a small picket garage helped itself
to essential dumplings of gilded torpor
and branded lumens of cheap table wine,
incipient and dallying for quizzical retorts.

Sparkling inflections saddled
the heavy brigand with salmon feet,
casting out shoes and screening portals
for tawdry row boat salesmen,
piteous in their sad, prudent grazing coats.

Camphor and chestnuts plied soft murmurs
from the meretricious and the damned,
glibly pendulous and receding.

Charcoal clouds, enamoured
with gravy suits and echoing bottles,
filled the skyline's plastic seedbed,
recycling liquid totems
of our fleshy pantaloons,
splendid and proudly recumbent
in seizure's final day.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME 8[769/5]\46/]3pra/[y/e\r]s/]/o/]
ur[s/ p]a[\rs] t[of/]/fle [st]u\r[g/][m\a f/or
]tu\[n/e ]ol/
ga[/te \m]a/[stim\ ]fu/[rt\ f]o/[b] ][d odet
a[/d]in[t e]rs u[rt ]dits[]ta[n]t[ d]isf[o][pa
ab[go/]l[in]\[d /]h[]i\/[p\]/[\]/[] []\[r]o/y[go
d[ fime ]fo.o[/ri]m[] [.d][\a/]s[\h/]e[n \]du
is[ga]irt[ di
gi[s/y] u\o[p/i]r t\o/[ys[] \egid[ h]e[t]\b[at
o]e[ht ]s[/\/
[ c[ge[hu/]rti[g[ i\n]t /o[ ja]n]eo[/ eld \/op

Saturday, September 10, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from this-than-that

critic al fresco noesis meme itselfs thirteenth-first railroad eigentum parbleu camouflage iterating slice factor inertia slumber kalpas fitness delete acme isle thought-forms onerous trilling steerage rien foof aisle one-rule nite shan't perniciously utterly absolutist vera-veracity gnosis those reptilar gra-gravity-gravitized ele-elemental asoka burner oval hurdle torrent oasis shan't nutshell borax soot beeper howevered framing classist vacuity operative from permission another not perception kalpa sleepy settlers emit achoo borzoi thirteenth-first-signal parliament aryan cot either will-to ancillary neither ai-ail-alimentary vicinity sibilant rapture asleep literally cosmic casino relay acorn garamond envoi slightly aeneid enfonce through sooted nanotechnically obtain elsewise reptilar unglue zig-zag lineate siren yammer-cloud enough specious thresholds evocations leastly ontologies those another data specter vesuvius horlogeriesd elsewise thorough oasis nth vhs holiday each etching also rehashes delay ousia that scrawl imitator everlast reinvention rhetorically brokered eventual broken eventually beads either on holographic melodies thereas foreign haptic overshot nerviously parallel occasion tint krill those subside textural pearl nijinsky toon slump evincing lasso remix value drily appositional correctives felicitous crow's foot neither insert notebooking lasso rinforzando hoops introit valve entertainment internet vendetta listener connote accounting relix genetic lissome grammatically pax nothingness socially notifications elixir than panegyric evidence tonearm scrutiny azure zone xylene dasein tides denominate veracity noon slush uffizi throughout slather enables zeropoet bivalve omicrom cosmic sleep the kalpa redux grammatize delight waiting sledge motto nominally stake intimate shell-game those prelude inversion instances delay karmic pressure coatlique which forge riffle answers effectual brokered infatuations eking slam rips rope-snake spacious riposte vein seethe algae rarity often osmic than ding issue norm cohere socially brilliantine slept those kalpas willing nth simian willing abase moebius thatthan surrey allure nocturnally pavement fallow remind satori nominal sleepwalk introspection gavel either etiquettes celebrate noon sliver issuance silvers hive roentgens either walrus that collosal notification wherewell thisthan correctly numerator each legitimate nothingness each lasso haptic vile rubric avian no sizeably corrective those essent camouflage singularity the naiad enormity opaque holding sterile isness while paradigms evade original incertitudes each levitate elevation almonding essence sameness once slight enamel conifer efficacy run rubric averaging seldom torrentous graphematic elsewise afterthought inarticulate nibble invents lasting delicate other iota envoi selector naiad emotile aprille noon magus horary scullion that no-nothing each least about-sided each positivity reflex ref-reflect-reflection sulk while stirring ainsi thorough perilous rename coatlique versional connotation everywhere incertitude emotional centrism thatthis enigmatic mauve slump niceties elite vanishing eclat occupation none thisness wait-waiting room sluff jut either wiffles zoned thorough ousia parallel occasionally snoring each also rummages those presumptions caveat viewpoints cavil the bootcamp rinforzando entourage inroads rta imbalance survol thatthis slept kalpa-wise thunderbolt demolitions essent quaff defoliations either widening serration from-tos that heroiade melisma iterating seldom savor frolic feral toasted enablers ruminating

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

PO[]M[E]c;o[\n [c;er'to]*
*[pu[n]ct;\\/u[a]ti[on] |to
[ b]ere]ad/s[un]g [spi]ll
ht.;n [p[l;,[[][]

poems || John M. Bennett

fortress thumbdust ,bobbled
noon crumb ● neck thunk
thought I was ,colgante ,
togarashi ,leaking from the
eeyee Ǭ boomm an stars he
heels ,cortante ,rumbled ,
lubricolgante y tu pierna ló
brega brilla como tenedor


négame tus oojoo s andeces
pulcros y ,mis luces humean
,tianguis carbonífero ,su
dadera de plomo y ≈ agua ,
es mi limbo putrefaciente wha
t the ratloop thundered in
the park mis tentatículos
gasificados en tus sobacos

spporkk ,fly ,nut toad lum
py ^●^ boom my way to
r after crreaking in yr
slept time - - fog the to
ast the burningg ggut spotty
burro crumbling down a hi\\
)ugh crates ,hats ,your
throats your cheeesed your


song ggristle .smelt the
bunny in yr labp a
brat relapsion ,sleasy
race of pools ,nopal ,nonentes
¡o camarote atestado de
carnes somnifer antes! perdí
la cuerda ¿la cagaré? my
sockair tuned like bees

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Verified Renditions 60

In stillness’ bordering language
vascular voice

reinvents systems of maneuvering motion
less desire’s motional fabrication, built
roam of mentioning confinement
built as hovered corporeal fascination, desire as apparition
reclaiming hugeness and
systematic articulation.

Verified Renditions 61

garnered faculty mishap: misshapen: eyed vocabulary eye
megaphone juxtapose clarity oddity of swell this

rapid elope this elongated rapport sequential afterward of

electronic waltzes

Verified Renditions 62

Disfigured appetite. Always (always). Burned
waxy, wavy, woven: unwoman, birth
token extract
vermillion skin|her

waist as wind awoken
colorful blush bluish reconstructed absence unsky

night nor not waiting to burn, she’s beautiful.

Verified Renditions 63

prism, halo of penetration
light, light
language of retaining excess syllables
creating thus
burgeoned mores of neoteric deliberation—

whole as tongue’s moribund action
oscillating verb truncating
existential peripheral insight


Verified Renditions 64

Here I
‘ve wandered, bestrode sporadic elements of an hour’s

mutilated symbols. Now
‘ve returned

sans juvenile existential unmeaning
deemed skimmed metal-precious unknowing exact

format of formulaic density this

stringed recovery of musical influence
regain as
pardoned extract
rhythm reprise heard echo upon knowing or cognizing realized


haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

White violets, viewed pencil thin, a meadow changed. What is it you were saying? Timetables, warbling doves,
a minus sign as far from here as Ralph, who glimmers in the sotto vision of remorse. I try to bask without a
prompt, and then what harbinger awaits? The limited endearment of a crush, a creche, a camisole until
I wash away already pale recall of brittle words that tone down peace. He worded things to make me interfere
with my own maxims. Then the day came when informal solitude resumed a quest removed once from
revocable agreements. Diminishing self in the wake of ocean rush. Parched daylight, desert as a way of
life, recursive overcast. This way we water down amenities, if only to survive their passing.

Gleam to glimmer, voice-over gone silver, thin new moon appearing

Sheila E. Murphy

Friday, September 9, 2011

poem || Jeff Harrison


neighbors drip from the sky
under skyscrapers we'll find bio heat
there's no babytalk in this playhouse
white mouth's red smoke misspoke
throw this aside to read later
skeleton arms aren't fat for spit
not enough wolves for the millions, so relax,
what basks in ice can't be crueler than smoke
zeros billowing from the slivers, they're crash &
you clouds with satellites topple
the ground waits, the trees salute
your Book is maybe about skylines, Wormswork?
"make feathers not firmament dice,
the smallest rush up to bob for apples
the fool in my voice looks a lot like you,
future well-wishers,
& she who claimed to be the sleepiest isn't lying anymore

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


skunk earwire
prosthetic airtao
whitecocked craw lin
space h2o flooredgob

comes to grazing bleedstacatto
circuits fire pulses diagnostic s
sampled sputteraahmnesiagreen
plushy rugged stubblygrass onto

moves to cowblush
alcore buvel gnome
lasting gravel radio

waistwastelike.......Glow ry

fragm epressi
orut ro thimin
oeth reain efe
ling thav nath
e soethrea fre
unk belie ivein

shi [r]tP]OMear
ta u d
1.empties frore[]]\
blanks roundward
wet breath mindin
manument old obs
ter mumly pumpkin
spork parked pork
mindless airing colo
s susgo ats sirerollick
fun dame n'tal is'tkick
to this timestambull ing

2. shatwell delivering t'um
lost cove blank walldorfft
to gurgle off salmon peace
plukk kut burr sodart pace
futter to that old sucks life
softnosed brown 'stable afo wild
horseman' sow seal potdolore up
ride;[[[p cold e rain [last pew the
flow arm] trithcherous morph oksa
bug appease ]][ pees dolomite spells

4. morning the teeth [][flash hoard cours't
alto voice snow lurk dormant in vertagreeg
n'ace pule follop round foe'd goldpump lesh
[p[;.';=-=[;'.'' atipulay strop gather dustborks
franny dome bidell dam e diggent force wiseuh
cracks uncurdled tea c tumble durnfan peepish
see thekexit strappoled fyer\=\=][] wail for spet
fifty deed meal dead bereaves features round sole

';[\=\=\[]'poi tookrem bloert dibijur kodewera
doormanyou rain o thistle isnotci ty sotburu da
gintab les guads forde fallmournst illoldhopperth
][][\=\=\][';/..>?./.,>[][;';,'/>?.;;',[].[].[.] ...[=\\=\--
anyonerid ding silence sweatpacet tace troe seat lone

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from this-than-that

marmot else whywhy geomancer total ironic be lightened vif those premature inversion liters elocution altern selig accede which earliest gemaceous thatthen sobriety canoe cesium lug-bolt vacant erlebnis those summa each occasion literal oeuvre that sluff mindstyle isthmus caveat amplitude ossify nikki also utterly abolish reveals ensign borers elevate myrtle absolutist vacancy that pirouettes delimit vacancy that proxy tandem coefficients pulse hut shore noons egolessly defense tenor aeneid parallel enough agit-prop valentin alot evening laissez anomy puree sleepytime kalpa throttle vak nth issue trailing allot geistlich nimble coguin thatness whenever queried spore vaio veni ieee epee vendor aside onyx vhs ogre aside motto sutra ciliation laissez proponent acclimate acerbic sundown ironic sudden eachness wondered signage requeue aromatic availings weighty sparrow than title occasions sweeping thought poitrine all coasting erewhon that cave since liaisons clementine accuracy nth inarticulate designer patter inferno bulletin valve casing revert sallow pancake urtext songstylist accuracy thoughtful pareil superb centism those ulcerous than ciliation emotile acacia that mirror calligraphemes deluge motile blythe canes thorough choker non-comprehend accord since aisle that mirrored evasion peristalsis thematic vessels double-take connote caliper veins go therefore undulations elixir panegyric motto slat inroad energetic velcro concept riffle outside washerworm workaholic holiday each lexical spacing lean therein specious though breathing lectern alacritous supple ictus those pre-grammatic beyond behaviorism those cue-cards disuse intimate docile etiquettes liberator elasticity brokered saccharine documentation vessel smarted editable notes einsam thorough message nostrum parbleu snare valuable heroiade milling rooftop sackbut each least comparison ruffle contraries arroyo ciliate melismatic evacuee noontide where since precursor those beyond believability hocket sorbet ouvert movie-goer sic tenament scuffle ouisiea that crown allot merriment achoo bolster inversions leisure plastic eggshell overside therein sufferance thorough a priori where ones amidst gigantisms rnoebius that vacancy orbital thereins pencil pinafore that scree blotter inarticulate motto omen motion leap keep noggin moving-day evince literal quaff ensemble that hallow ensemble through parallel axon tirroir thorough sere ahoy those pummel coquette calisto verbatim those replicators evacuees delimit vanish blissed those motile mindstyle tartan listless agonist vacancy which known however knowledge assuming evidence threefold thensome a paramita engulf persists tone cavity from actuality yterbium an stalagmite vacuum those peppered withdrawn nefarious totem neufchatel brimfuls realitizers delays sleeping thorough kalpas immediacy those brokered lampshades alacrity emnity calcify nothing nth soccer matinee allies noisy torn age reopens elite argumentations latte elastic while elasticity less privilege biogrammatical essent vessel moebius that crown oak centrism trellis essent fescue thatness thisness waken through illbience those multiple agon proem scholiast moniker unroll aimless anarchism throughput each levee acacia chai burner

text || Peter Ganick

from this-than-that

evidence dyad thisthanthat mirrored anklet voices delay hamper a-vero b-vireo c-vidiot deplane graciously rooftop altern cinnabar motto leis illbience thatthan entretemps selon les autres cog inarticulation evidential highrise nepotism vent eeriest utter naming elemental ecarte vacuum leisure placebo thatthan strut float effete acclimate voiceover basalt tine alien leaf-thrower inchoate reins eons least vernissage those replicas denote acme liaison-portional cuprous delimitation echo tangible that quarry zot melange vif ethos knobby diaspora contretemps panegyric algae those emotile aprille candleabra incurable than sizeable those perimeter special outremar analogue mitten locus nothingness once acquaint volition liaison rnelody itch evidencing wafer-thin causistry once formally goer those tow lineated smocks deluges whoop isness chalice grade teapot even-handed errata amidst rewind alit real cephalon diameter beeper pundit vieille crossware those surmise thanthat encyclical demute dristan vogue relate noce shthick those valence purify contrast edifice sleep speechless kalpa ensemble those permissive that roleplaying selves dint acacia hearsay taken zendo ingest realitas cuvee lair thoughtful endarchy reptile bookstall unequal those replacement feuds grain delta neither sionara villanelle rooftop aisle nitre asemic saltine cne ketone voracious those contextual imagery ionic duettino also errata mode scrutiny as zone deign trample oceanic settlement quaff dilettantes emigres those respublica erudite acme flecks integers evasion least prolational curtsey icarus blot hamper scale horrific double-takes shim essence those aposited nomenclature each invention padma noetic albumen cacti nervosa twirling hampers denigrate oleander thrice aporia develops snail poker ecarte volitional corpulesent recharge paypal venezetto act palindrome val de mar envoi thatthan sine quaddi nom inner rowdy heckle nitya mulling persistent correctness windowing lateral cooperative mountains thosethese accompanying riff backdrop engulf tandem peppering lasix negotiator eves thosethan recursion through ivory excelsior that plaudit momentary levitates descriptive amulet nimble treat somewhatwise mending interloper those replicate mirroring allies dented symbolic assize motto colorfast thatthese fermat thorough anubis feel-good tariff vesuvius those permissive scapula pemmican trente advocate promulgates denominates edit nocturnal signatures elsewhatwhy those pre-eminent capilary noggin scrutinize amphorae button numb finesse those replicator-lottery entourage mitten surfaced whitely blanketed migrations ellipsis than crux evidential genetic lava lariat volitional corpus elite avenues delimit sic horticultural bolero sadness integral asat vaunt lotions imbibe insolant vicinities elaborative nomenclature discourse nominal correctives least mode nantucket improvers elite assignation first aforementions taxidermy forested implacable that heretofore ingredients lest also slowdown improbable collared quotient feudal misericorde improbable enticement vigilance those pumice rendition lasso tariff quandry epsilon that mirage each next those permafrost ingredients ellipsis those claw noon rotor neither salute cartouches deliberative snuff sniffle interloper hegemony as heirlooms delay probe nib site villanelle horlogeries thanthat conic almond eggshelled interpretation emotional vendor slather winnow salute cinnabar tiling the alongside rawhide funnel coros longhorn acme snark unglue those repetitive lamentations wielding precedence those mumbles thirst cauterize mitten soprano thanthat evocation ordinal refugee

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from this-than-that

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