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text || Texas Fontanella


Wed 9:20 PM
Uut Poetry (
Ionno, I have to wonder how Mark will feel about that...I, uh, maybe we shouldn't run these, especially not with said byline. I also didn't realise I'd sent you It Was From the U.S... I think also Mark would probably prefer you acknowledge that it originally appeared in Otoliths...

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Finally getting to submissions after my move to Oregon. These are good. Most of them accepted, will be going up in the coming weeks. Mark Young will be the byline.

Ive also fallen off the wagon with your vispo. I will put those in the queue, too.

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 2:23 PM Texas Fontanella <> wrote:
no, they were just written using his stochastic acts

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from Poems As Mark Young

A Line From Heidi Klum

Natures own sleepwalking dog
errel of war came over to crash

Sunday, July 24, 2016

2 poems || Edward Nichols


Bwallyen  callibrated  ratio 
                                    Ending  at  initiate
                                    Cycle   camztete     E.N.O.K.
                                   Inproethe  Vallidade   Primglows
                                   Rotted   Cottage     corpse
                                   MMimolixen   Dowage    tabbloid
                                   Spectral    mirrage      screen
                                   Miorized    Woid    culurised
                                   Twange  staged     guaged

                                           Rhetorical   Remark
                                    A    Sparrow   Oh
                                    Melon   clad    deceiving
                                    Lasastered    Wolkrose    Vintage
                                    Taikle   Az(tec)   pleize
                                    Androde    sewisss    appease
                                    Congradlashhuns   enter    conceive
                                    Purchpetuate    center    believe
                                    Tye    raanntt   puhleazzzeee
                                    Jonllean   on    perceivedeuble    
                                    Oven    peeppppllllsssss   unbelievable
                                    Unsceuble     diatribes     deliverable
                                    Justice   beecoze   Candle
                                    Wine   wood    Ine
                                    Bodde    waannaa   poot
                                    Beliblob   Gleamers   Naaieemm
                                    Any    Kullured   Lites
                                    Prententen    Daanz    Heel
                                    Admuneshmint     Eye     Tyuuz
                                    Aiidde   Tide    Rant
                                    Burned   unnore    Alienis
                                    Thads   Aye    Tyed
                                     Runt   haddock    spockne
                                     Shanse   devices     pockered
                                     Fummes   attic    buy
                                     Urinals   udder    cuntrolors
                                     Tanks     egg        slot
                                      NowaDOW      theese    Krapp
                                      Ide   weelled   kneebber
                                      BBB    exsending   UUU
                                      Anny   smores      tests
                                      Gudey           Bibi         Azwholes.
Proalglandur  enducements   portraitize
                          Triamilic  soporific  rumifications
                          But     Tock      Prodded
                          Krustean   toppplepoosters    Shems
                         Fingernailed    dotested    Helgextripes
                         Slimemachines   glowmarks    thighs
                         Secreted      frothing   Buoy
                         Extrementals    incandescent    protrusions
                         Lushlea       gladduplush      mexture
                         Kranglevell    bulbous   Glutt
                         Iron   Rammed     Xezealburaed
                         Perrpetuation   creamunulls   Hellentrek
                         Lollipod   luxuriates   arsenal
                        Careeningly   curlytopple   flukecakes
                        Klunkledecks   ependires   frogglulates
                        Exudence   wavelength   plutenstocks
                        Demlonushes   crayvenly   sekshule
                        Struggle    prodded   caress
                        Hoaxters   splayrume forkumbloateds
                        Clutched   ashrrown   poundeennes
                        Collygrophy   revlompe   dovoared
                        Crucibles   vunpripe   Vrolleymithes

                          RESUME  CHAPTER  SEXTETs

                                      []   []   []

                                  VIOLIN   BOWS   WHIPPING
                                  ()    ((((((     {DE   CAPO}   <,,,>       TONE   ROW (augMented 6ths)

                                                 NEMENIS     THEORY    CHROMATICS

                                                                Hyper   contextual   Glowscarabs    astral   contrapuntals
                                                               Scrofulous     putrid     Walrus'   plotting   Hausen   blott    mandex   (non) - emotive     

                                                              Belates mutated   CLOXX   fetish    FETISHE    Hashkkg - Tagged     

                                                              Deity - ideation    coercive - `1  \| ^ ^ ^ \|   ideation   strategic - stream

                                                              Fact - suspension    Seraphim    Mask    Society   CRYPT -  TOMB   _ -  O -  GRAM   

                                                              Heck   -   liars    crunch   leg  -  log-accrued Bi-textual   Toe-nail inbread.

                                              A  Luminous   luminous umminary  l uminary

                                                                                        (. Molecular   Diaphram  in   non - thetic   sollylogram.   .)

                                                                                                        THE   END
                                                                                                                 Sign   proudly,
                                                                                                                INFRAMEN++++++   [ Very bad, and   preciosly  extremely   WORSE   worse.   worse.

                                                                                       Observe  the  Arrivalal   of   the   Synclocyclotron   Coming    Soon    to                                                                              our  GALAXY.

                                                                                               Lovingly   from    Lady   Sope   the   Directarate
                                                                                                                            The   preconsciousnessnauseating   abdominality 
                                                                     perception   of   life.

text || Wayne Mason

Subliminal Syntax (Excerpt) Negotiating Metaphors

His smile is nothing, nothing at all. This place is purgatory. The beast told them, stranded ambivalence, noise, emission of comfortable ride. The stars will fall from the sky while I sit in neglected devastation spread holy languid nonsense fled the body of the human condition. A pulse and contraction of the hungry, and suddenly want to consider more than a prophet wasted time. I lost thousands of breaths against the dark sanctity of Zen brothers standing in silence. Stimulation of the world exists in darkness of rapid pulses hanging over their heads and bare bones. I want to be a terrible deity shift limited by a dream, now obsolete, blind or scraping crap surreal twists laughter.
Give flesh. The fire spread. Waving, hissing machines, metal singing echoed my voice. Soak in with swollen ears a real face to a solemn sky, you are informed that the great and terrible. Capitalism withdrew from the final ghetto. The mind is wandering and roundness, without wisdom drowning out the sounds of the streets, and fools laboring in vain talk. Frozen factories scattered between sunset and humping machines hanging there on American television screens. Buddha’s camouflaged drop dead here in the last factory on earth oozing inter-dimensionally as apathetic gelatin, narrow curves and penetration self. Lonely ephedrine makes fantastic dreams … the ears of the moon, the work of the early days.
Melancholy lifetime of Mondays in the hearts of men, is he playing back the sound of growling machines?
Stubby fingers push the tiny holocausts, and the world out of its mind. Heaven and Hell is incidental, walking in the dreamy, sad, happy desert fractal summit of dreams. The city speaks to the total isolation of the shadow … with dreams just as empty. While people put their tired heads to pillows, our feet stomp to pervert the silence.
We still sat on the strength of a dream.

pome || billy bob beamer

Bu mfuz zle
1.chan tic leer snip
E th
r odmop r u g ged


saetoabomp lumeonhorn
Macdha ir r leespreci
abedlynahar pr
onk  stotcamut.  sh
                                                       dear   !]’
      um ero [spir
it]us reasons     
           And            thu            s


Lap           se d

tent  s  s played[al


set –up – 2 –POMES      1+                                           =  .are given     .
ex ample:
*1. Cu (
*2shreds of paper. Fr.Michael Peter’s performance
7/9/16 aftrMAF

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

Of this Momentum Song (thirty)
                          We must be as pure as our music.
                                                                             —Albert Ayler

   Acclimation sound
  we must move
    involve these spectrums
   these sedentary teachings
     more than theory
    operational thrill
      to control impulse
    back, inward, insight
   glazed the sky calls
      upward faith
    prose in our lean
   depicts suction
     from bone from
    bridge carrying
   music… this is
  what we’ve become
    and are in between—
  clarity the rare focal
   gauge, we marry we
  engage we hold and
    the impulse more
   than fathom, of
      color the tone
    -life and the mass
  in how we make
    our wander

    we do not look
  toward where we’ve
 entrusted, where we’ve
   hidden hope in the names
  of wing and wander
   much to become
  to find in these
     undulating hands’

            emblems stored…
  will make our way,


Of this Momentum Song (nearly thirty-one)

   We, made of teeth
   of whole strength
     language.  This
                  us, whimsical
  invention of
 what will
pivot into an absent
  discovery, father
 of a frayed-cloth

Of this Momentum Song (thirty-one)

    Night gone, night now
   glowing, winged—flurry
     of names hang gliding—
    the dead, not discarded
  our steps, our momentum
   singing into inver
  -ted halos: what we
 find when pivot
    is behavior
  pushpin into
 the righteous wall
   of memory…
     newness, praise
   from gilded tongue
      looks forward,
 from where birth
  hand forms clay,
analyzes weep of
   shadow’s ongoing
 gray… what this
    constant calls
  we examine
  our own to
   why bone
 is strong yet
 when its language
becomes burden
  becomes blurred,

now, the wing of
  glowing night, the melody
 haunts and the dead
    holds the halo
  distance speaks
 into the circled gold
    calling toward a
  specific clarity
   what was then is
 now in the handmade

 presents in the
  empathy this life travels          
     toward this night


3 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Jollity uncertain revolutionary
Aspirants scenes knowing
Complaints oscillating atom translated
Know inner nothing glycerine
Shared tansy imagined coconut knocked
Own windscreen lady
Night engendered sexually tendentious

Mood absorbed snippets time
Alone suffered know
Corner always temporary

Lifelessly ocean schematic translations
Oppressed white landscape
Wish-list intention time


Just other years
America life eternally
Clearly own alone truth
Kind interior toilets element
Shaky explained asphalt leap
Old political eye nicely
Nugget exactly space table

Mind’s ivory nothing encounters
Articulated looky explained
Chromaticism old all thought

Little opposed anthropomorphic floor
Organized place earlobe night
Wipe away read


Jerk occurred yellow
Allowing listening effort
Content obstacles acid toMAHtoes
Knight idea time endless
Style everlasting abduction living
Oracular poet elements never
Noise exchange site totality

Model indigent nailed established
Abundant little eyes
Concrete opening admit throat

Longer old acacias fade
Own picking England newer
Women architect reaches

poem || John Pursch

Peristyle Depth Roulette

She dons reticulated glove hand of rightly surreptitious quotient pool, attach to solid flesh in wrist socket plop display of cool blue planet nonstop undulation, fingering worn temporal slot replay to dusky old sawbuck perpendicular hiding place from swayback wind chime corridor.

“Ahh, yes, how wonderful, stained again in glass perdition loop to sloughed-on and on against tall porters beyond young eroding cigar score pinwheels, anguish of enfolding straw cadaver curios in heretofore forgotten sartorial asperity,” LL-25 jumped from frowsy booty skull to floe alacrity of Same Cathartic glacial shelf tumbling drowning point to flash water slim stripe pipsqueak of malarial elbow.

“Meal time! Sealing cuts a hebephrenic dancer stick to smoked bawdy ceiling!” rant the Crumbling Squatters, timid sputterers from Contrail Americon infectious jingle towns bespattered within and outer mallet shattered time store jaundiced shallow tide pool Jell-O to sloppy hounded experiential consonance of hexadecimal deliberations all giggly biting yer festivals clean offal into one alluvial fan boat after an altered sheaf repository clock of frosted indecipherable heckled sand machinery.

“Took the risk of implying forgotten steeds, a scallion nods to swollen impresario believer elves, all pendular in subvocal tremors,” thought EBGB-88, whisking Greylian bubble sore time down extorted evolutionary lotion parade of levitating chi-squared girls on slumber parity repeater drool from bold emphatic emphases of preening scalar guards all alabaster salamander skin in moray squeals of paper corded yesterday appliance repair.

“Snow what could glom under crash course toucan soufflé a frozen party sickle, preppy situational onslaught, macadamized backgammon glyphs in stellar storyteller pop allusions to covered vagrant dove wings,” drawls Cowboy Ike Cargo, pulling low-slung diagram of fine maniacal exploration cents to sandbar bunko botch briquette of bovine botulism benefactors brought bravely by bedazzled Bedouins.

“A bed who went who won who bumped inner night with internecine medicinal man o’ whore salesmen, erstwhile short arm besmirchment, a palimpsest of petrodollar dynasty and hyperventilating paradoxically allergic pathogen ingesters,” (heresy he squeaks a course of the entire humid grace).

Here Ike paused for eons to adjust and cry about entrenched fisticuffs what were bleeding moments across the sky in slow ambling cumulonimbus puffs downrange from the crepe crucible, dissolving the fairly airy fabric of spatio-dump-aureole vanity chests, bureaucratic underwear, wadded spotlight blues, fanned putrescent fellows fawning for fallow fickle sands of dime-a-shore-it-in-the-flaccid-philatelic-philanthropist clover hand-it-to-a Doperman, hung man. Quite a paw-line paving phony fragging fob off ruddy momentary slap to bubbly tartan eyesore welds, wooden ewe sigh? Slow lung, hinge factually to burning antelopes in antipodal vestments, sweat swan head to soldered dandruff song shifting soldiers this manorial mouth of mayonnaise.

“Gutting gout!” Psyche cries predated, stashing chapped deckhands where solely the lowly cons belay tattered toreadors. “Spinning deeds, sifting lost instants for cows all educated swill be pong the skull of crusty Alsatian doorsteps,” merely harked Mr. Cargo.

Suddenly a giant miniature canine implodes on the scenery, revolving popped sickles of chucked imbibement cranberry teak, meting south of stationary bezoars, slaking mourned tornado fiction with shocking upwardly febrile gel. Head-wise squat a spore, amorphous quorum bought, be damping shown mythological leeward indigenous stump repellant garters, mixing climate contrails till pied treaties tip theoretically equivocal valises into lavatory existence forums.

Long lines appear in constant circumnavigation, sinking detrital faves, blurting renal folly outa Cannedcon condom innuendo straps, shaving through mortuary submarines cursing at peristyle depth roulette of many changing crampon vacuum prawns in cortical pardons.

“My leftover flood is seizing cruft on measly shadowed encapsulated roadrunner invasion!”

2 poems || Raymond Farr

The Voltage of My Dying

The telephone is a sound a skeptic makes of a friend
& so I enter a tavern full of evocative surprises

A room volcanic trembling polka dot unsustainable
& what reasons we had we now withdraw

For the world is a cube attached to an email
& life is stranger & colder than autumn without you, Jean Genet

& poetry a nomadic number frozen deleted sanitized disambiguated
Or one is a boisterous design & kleptomania is law

Something is either blue or it is Michael Palmer obviously
But who is that walking like a slain lion

Past the deer with no feet converging on a landscape devolving?
One loop of afternoon shadows & we sit here like swimmers

Discussing a body of work like a small farm—
Equatorial blunt magically-spawned highly-inflammable

& the Suitcase Was Still Unbelieving
Multiple labyrinths of quincunxes are counted
& I am hungry for real sky this time

This time around I’m not interrogative I’m a single animal soul
I am extinguished humanely by translucent experimental genius

& because a phone book & a chestnut have a hair of the dog in them
& dirty laundry in the hall sits in a heap of sad yellow shirts

I climb the electric darkness of my words inch by zoo animal inch
& heavy clouds in the window resemble a sentence/someone’s fluffy white salad

& failing the pump working, this makeshift tourniquet should do us
It is the wash of a lamp hitting us secretly ray after ray

A brief anatomical realism we respond to like blue fire in our pjs
& like Obstructionist wattle leering at us in the cone-light of a street lamp

A yellow pigeon dies in the rectangle snow of a tongue-tied TV
& history & a red toothbrush for a girl, etc

& the last syllable is just mayo & raw chopped celery
& someone writing ad nauseam—Is this where?