Friday, May 1, 2020

J. D. Nelson - Seven Poems

1. today is my birthday

birthday grapes and grape flavor
the language of the birthday foot

birthday gorilla
birthday griffin

birthday eye
and the language of the higher world

birthday plank and birthday plunk

birthday cat looking

birthday jack of hearts is a smeech of woo

birthday cake
to answer the phone

we see the birthday clouds

the birthday big breakfast deal is what I am going for
birthday breakfast burrito
to jaw at earth all night when we breakfast the burrito jams

birthday bonus and a big bag of fries

birthday bats and batman

birthday box of potatoes
way out in arizona earth

birthday burd in on the sky scene
up there for long and wide smiles on his face for all to see
rest assured, birthday burd

birthday brain is all over the day with thank yous and thank you

birthday bag of bugs
birthday bison

birthday bones in a bag

birthday bop is hard and soft like rain


2. poetry writing once there is a plum in the binding

the people demanded a new color for the palette
this is the ghost red of the famous blues
one third of the buildings are ghost red now

something growls at the sun as the numbers are flashing

beetle tracks
the outer space clouds

the plaidness of the duck will be on display
a serious foam

earth is a cuddly egg
earth is the tragic image of the surfing cow or crow

why is a burd in a box when we have the sky


3. release the parrots

this is the ticky typing of writing a new poem
in a time when there are no denim hand gloves

that parched star is an old fixture
can you hear the sun with your mind

you know earth as the wet planet but no more
all of the water evaporated and we are here live with the heat

the plumber with emotional socks
not in a sky lock because of the verisimilitude

the union of onion burds
the unabashed specialists


4. the clean galaxy is the westernmost point of the starfish cavalcade

it’s a lot better than the old planet
do you remember
it was dark and smoky and the water tasted like metal

is that the new earth in the telescope
the synonym of the sphered phrase now

when I am speaking of the sun I will wear this green headdress
to control the world using nakedness

leonard the speed phrase now
power’s on at the rec center this morning

evidence of pie
that last feeling was a cloud passing over
it will be gone in a few seconds

at the convenience store they sell bait and cookies
the latest of the noon bugs to be excavated by the anthropologists


5. a rooster in the dark

monsters like milk and they drink lots of it
here is a glass would you like to try it

maybe you’re a monster like me
because of the finite mathematics

eat the brain in the jar in a relaxed fur gravy
burd money is on top of the stove

one of the laser rays is out of phase
listening to the astronomical ghosts of the space trip

you need to see the sunshine soon
the start of the water where it really gets wet

earth rips it to the gap in left
I have it here in the back where it is cool


6. starfire deluge

first day of spring today

plugged into the grid of vowel sounds
& we see in the dark don’t we

cluck huh was one up
to name a denver day

positive boxing & so long to the coxwells
approximately now a nova


7. populace and population

in the telescope tomorrow is a world of hope
the last roscoe feather for telling a pear to shed its skin

to make certain that the words are in this order
fathom of knock the counter shire with ammonia balloons

the spiral burd of corking the normal holes in the ground
ebbing and flowing with the lasers and the outlaw earth

can’t stop typing with the poetry machine
carbon fractions
named for the founder of the fish restaurant

when nothing becomes the numb
the number and the numbest

a fish in the blue sky
that ghost word of the poem