Monday, April 30, 2012

novel excerpt || Brian S. Hart

from The Diamond Kings of Clarence Checkeredfish

     <The young girl begins to wander about the sidewalk, as if she’s in a world all by

herself. Sometimes she imagines the library to be other things…>

     “What’s he doing with these?” Charlie Plume asked of the assortment.


…princeto…y…jokin’…“Nex’…t’…” Mexico


team…log…wit’…lacticmilk!…laug…hin’…“’Onor Mande…lbrot!”…Duke-card-


     A fair question! Not a lot of sense to all of it! The Captain searched the field and came

up with a good-size twig. He had Antoine Éléphant hold it horizontally. He reached into

his soldier pants and pulled out various strings, then maneuvered Charlie Plume’s hands

into tying the objects to the wood, each one hanging from a separate locale. He lifted the

contraption onto Charlie Plume’s thumb and slid it back and forth until he found the

balance point, where all of the torques summed to zero.
     Then with a little extra help from the breeze…!

     Behold! A mobile! Good early morning exercise! An example! Of +- force! ’N’.

Radius. ’N’. Right-hand rule! What if all the weights are equal? Where’s gravity

measured from? Space teacher




like…peac…e…t…c…enter…DC…O…th’…mas …se…e…s…u…oo…ntobe17 grand


     [Scene 4. “He had the boys and girls do “group lab-reports” when it was all over,”

said Muscles, approvingly.]

     Charlie Plume laughed.

     This “preliminary” over, it was time for more serious discussion. Antoine Éléphant

took Charlie Plume aside for a short stroll to discuss the recent state of affairs.

     The Captain overheard only small bits of the conversation through the brisk air, his

mind engaged again on the beginnings of Charlie Plume’s painting. |What would be the

nuts and bolts of it?|

     “The Rev. Ely’s…” |If a train moves on a frictionless track at the same velocity v0, it

experiences no sensation of motion to the conductor. Suppose the conductor stands and

holds a charge q in the palm of his hand! A ground observer watches the train go by.


poem || Jeff Harrison

Become Porphyry

slowly literary
contrary antiquarian
slowly literary
contrary antiquarian
slowly literary
  days dropping day by drop by day become semblance to seas
fed whole into literature
fed whole into literature
doubled to divide
probable porphyry
plausible porphyry
doubled to divide
possible porphyry
fed whole into literature
  Phoebus of these days become Poseidon of these seas
cephalophore maintains
hourglass soliloquy
cephalophore maintains
hourglass soliloquy
hourglass soliloquy
torso and crown
cephalophore maintains
torso and crown
  Pieria become Leucothoe; Hippocrene, Palaemon
decapitated leviathan
your body yet writhes
decapitated leviathan
tail in mouth
your body yet writhes
tail in mouth
tail in mouth
decapitated leviathan
  Phoebus of these days become Poseidon of these seas
drop, Phoebus
drop, Phoebus
Pieria become Leucothoe
Pieria become Leucothoe
Pieria become Leucothoe
Hippocrene, Palaemon
Hippocrene, Palaemon
drop, Phoebus
  days dropping day by drop by day become semblance to seas

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfr DiSclosure,
Pt11 fo r tony
and sp  ace and do
stories being married
long songs fro lamin in
  , disc losure       .tattle
rave on stars. ell e ell ou
see e ost ul nar fin  gerag
ainst long walk.  Bleached
wing with    ,    neuroballink
bled.  pronounce grit s harm
my way.. throat gougeasphalt
                           a  ,fall. Planchet
Te. most ulnar finger  blud  join
flanBlank. Pa[i]r a               , normal
joints sticky pulse.  Found ther soh
her e                                                     ,
more precise applicationsoup oper a
sidesplitting   stilt crabbing figur etilt
space and moun tedalking  disg   uised noi
se.                                      stop by the dream.
An ti ou re elc omenin;’][][‘./// Sundark mo
Rnin.                                            Notch.can e...
Bl [s]eed............     ;’,[[[],-=0]==; ;’[]==/]’]’:”}{

Saturday, April 28, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

extension's extension.
hundreded coalition nefarious plutocracy unit delicacy energetic amalgam foible thereins stratification emulator bovine alcove grapple indentifier plateau centrism either witnessing caliphate melee grommet algorithms icon arsenal nougat bricolage cool paradise ingredients tabasco elyssium garage denizen protege mollification ebony yammer sloka ventral incidence networking rural clime those repatriate melos deterrent alizarin quota mirror clavecin doubter singularity frisson toasty newtonian deterrent calzone prairie docent nitya crossfire niter salutation ember lissome grandiose aggregate metallism foreign settee listener script treadmilling evacuee snippet rally forthwritten laissez anachronism nil boats humdrum everlasting class elasticism venture abolish shiny consent treatments concentric lateral illbient cosmic liaison fullsome thatthen sombrero qualifier ovo lacto barnstorming eventualities goer agape feint greet window enigmatic iterate mention scars connote algorithm either watershed heedless ingenuity propitiate melodrama tier oversight hammering slices ghetto nodding shack hotmail principate merriment caliper ousia threefold scrawl introspection gradient snack fusillade rejoice hurdle noesis thatness wilds offertory whichwhy radical entrance pepperspray cold planet reecho thoseness agronomy thatthere surgical masquerades oblivious contingency took lotto psalter notifications wholesale ennui apperceive fellowship deign tartuffe agreeable tourniquet roller veneer lasix pliable corinthian melee oceanside vak mitten sthick evolute grin vatic orpheus delicacy nth otherwide alsace nothingness aveugle commissariat volunteerism gloaming surreal pincer thosethen singularize emplot coalition burnhole sample intention waits eeriest glare knish vend isnessless formal nothingness vak niter also cranium actualize mobility conjoin senna glitch loiterer echt noisome glacier tiers ballast heroiade volunter unique literature alignment coatlique nothing either donor listless agon scrupulous imaginary conjoin iterative lossless angiospastic embellishment anisette cloven niter empty amulet poot ampoule grandiose fontanelle vineyarded sledge malleably coefficient magnet unit trail enough trial nebbish qualiton vajra improbably coefficient listless empathy coincide lemma traduce otherwise palladium evoke sal de manger rooftop suitor eventual reptilar grossteste vein listlessness where streaming foof tilde remix everywhere icarus plateau nobis plato vouchsafe neither annotate nothingnesses wildfire gland neither plotting spatial resurrection liaison gracious patter visible negotiate emeritus hammock variable ubiquitous leitmotif alhambra specular noema feud aleut femur blankly oversight noon trochees enrichment populus granny nocturnes edit narrow costumed lysis thosethen sumptuous laguna steppe callow ousia coccyx feldenkreis thatthere synergetic alabaster smattering evasion parlance topiary nominal coefficients elan seriograph integral posthumous granite alternative nothingness wakeful thosethere isness applique mode svelte parole langue stricture doubter adorable waterscreen paucity embollism traduction evaluate motto snicker palladium screenwriter anothers worldview promulgate avalanche doubt stepped inverse rehearse volitionary palette mogul tiramisu going foible thatthere sprechstimmungen alas gneiss tariff ousia there strum ptarmigan sped utterly wherethan shine tilde mapping streetwise accumulate nevertheless opaque motto aslant virgule paradigmmatic elixir voter slat nutmeg marionette caveat button slices action merely occasional environ niceties labored glory aboutface silences delimit snippet realismo corrigible thankful seizure rooftop veto siding lassoed vesuvius enough retirement occasion premeditated silence reigning illicit illbient nova clos trendy another ivory pale snowfall equatorial verbatim alchemic doubter nominal coefficient sere than tint valse tocatta mirror agendas ceiling name remote agnihotra nescience tolerably oceanic liaison foreigning assurance preop cultivate mortise vanguardism orphan ichor unfold jitney forgone transient masala overture alsoran publican temper fenestrate mughal reopen inscrutability memoranda finesse clair de lundy ocean straits olde gold agnosis tempus fugit regain slightly presentation emergent mignon rendezvous denote novena bureaucracy dowse bought venetian glasseyed marionette site vacancy proliferating engulf to unglue forensic delft hooplah enigmatic bubbles thorough surreal fitness sorghum finale topicality retentive smooth asana purification blousing aboriginal scintillate mesmerization peaceful existence nos middle agendas from middling epochs nothing wealth increases defensive presumption liaison feint amaze tentatively prolation empowerment closure neither waste notify borrowers elite mentalize itemizers delay brochures delineated motion slurry potash gneiss tamperproof utterly absolute

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

She wears negative green, a necklace pale against her skin
looks bladed in. We had a conversation once. Bereft of
a philosophy. Each moment in that room slapped itself out
of a stifling boredom. She was sneaking out into the corridor
where everyone applauded her opposing view. Here's how
she decided what she was, whose fault and so forth. Every
tip of midnight she would gather back as though a ball of
string had rolled into the room where cats slept, for it was
their room. When photographs emerged, cats were revealed
where you might like to see some flowers. She feigned
ignorance of her signature unhappiness until I promised
I would frown with her for several hours if she would just
agree to be erased from my mentality for good. I'm often
only blunt enough to lift into the sky when chase vehicles
approach in search of a balloon. A fat enough balloon to
make the wizard seem a reasonable person. Any day now
you are going to see me go to work in my own home. I plan
on being far from all the little pins she keeps to make sure
no one has the requisite supply of air for possibliities.
Crawfish, laminated shuffling, onlookers, the world of
not enough attention
Sheila E. Murphy

pome || Bily Bob Beamer

Ð POME. Ð com 'x mitEápen gÒ'  g\;
ono flÇŸux Åse. prin 'Ç'Ạt Ťranige
do;']rumaÐ ic¾˜ e Ç'. t i ĈΉḾÄ--Å
 ;;,[ ...ran[i]ge one planter stumpÒ glos
throat sashee pulchin gast ful dome 2c
prin 'Ç'Ạmarking dimp les dommers ha
rang[u]e hisspit tleformcarpet dru nkdi sh
ÇŸux cr u x fingers poek sharp imnlement
trashiorianian daoplushblus finding wompl
ers cabitheave neit cavecorncrac kertch  plu
gÒ' gÒ etc gomdof flrout flee meo sidwa ki 3
rumaÐ runmen 4 doin grtec ΉḾėÅkmis

text || John Crouse

Embrace potential grasping, dastard dread fearful wince embarrassed snap. Talent
Covert, craggy, cross smash want relish, delirious
Squeak fashion imaginative creedence conceivable. Believe worthy trusting
Belief brook insult criminal maim, deformed conjuncture crisp measure critic
Exact censure inspection crony.

Twisted fruit mix duck boast masses coronet graceless, ferocious kindness
Jot champ smash yowl, puzzling elect guilty seed, tillage elevating
Cumbersome openness. Check help marvel interrogative current
Ban cursory short condense, curtain crook pillow custodian
Indifference rule everyday.

Top undeveloped, greedy milquetoast dismay, timorous flinch sheepish
Crack. Skill clever rough crank shatter crave, appetite idiotic
Creak engender creative faith credible apprehend.

Gullible deed creek offense gangster limping pinch, brittle criterion
Slanderer momentous blame chum zigzag mow interbreed crouch
Brag cramp apex crude.

Inhuman compassion shred nibble crush yell, cryptic cull blameworthy
Cultivate educational, bulky foxiness curb cure curiosity uninterested,
Antiquated curse deep brusque curtail, drapery deflect
Keeper disregard routine.

Lid explicit acquisitive cad fright, yellow tremble outgoing, break saltine
Profession underhand sleek testy dash renounce longing rational disband.

Mystical denial inconceivable debt suspicious performance aggression hobbing
Exigency calm chance. Defamer hypercritical adversary bent reaping cheerful
Populace skull genteel, malignant crumb bawl occult reject. Teach handy,
Incite common swear blunt gradual shade stiffen guardian neglect usual overlay.

Veil visible avaricious hero fearlessness terror quail, daring biscuit shrewd 
Renunciation tempered disgust, demented ordain literal merit. Discreditable
Rivulet morality culprit robust equilibrium frail principle condemning approve,
critique stranger yield mingle throng bulk sob unclear aid. Amazement queer
boon profound friendly abbreviate defect.

Friday, April 27, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Here is what I do (is what I am). I take the driver's test online, first time in six years, only this time in the ether, near a cup of coffee, strip searching the internet
for what it caught today and let go as reflexively as though it were a fisherman.
And what I am is what I may not do again: urge motivation, when the feeling
is not mutual. All feeling has to brush up against repeat signs that would  onfiscate a freedom once proposed. The only people I'm uncomfortable with are those who do not fathom what they have become. Is what they are the same as what they do? Only their atmospheric subcommittees know for sure. A surety bond becomes a coma that belongs to someone else. A comma that beleaguers English teachers who would rather be in Bali for a time. The metronomes around us seem sub-par, likely due to makers. Marks upon the sides of buildings tell us
we are only children who will be identified as wearers of a signature gold watch.
Today someone I love called me an adult. I don't know what I do (is what
I am against the grain). The rain pressed into service all across a continent. The
fervor and the whipsaw and the citizen's arrest prompted by all play no work.
Everywhere the continent abides is how we follow compass points as though we liked the voice of GPS Jermane. Now quizzical repudiation tells one person she's a different model from the other. We thought we would keep a hundred of this brand before our sentences ran out. She was a mood all by herself. The recollective playthings that endowed her faultline with a strip one might accuse of interruption. Here is what I was, the verb to be alerting me to take back each prediction and live something quite unplanned. I do the things I threaten I would say if you failed to intercept my reflexes from selves of worn out nickames of one syllable. For now the course is not best practice, merely promising, yet on the list. Her mania is how I threaten to survive. There'll be a downside any day now. I am hunched within the basement cabinets, holding a short candle and a dish. Can opener right near the metal cabinet where these soups have lived as long as I.

Unsyncopated outcomes, the anticipated curve of vowels once bounded by their
consonants, a broth, an engine, the failure of cease and desist

Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, April 26, 2012

two poems || Peter Ganick

some coalition.

recurs each networking laissez faire
cohere ghosts denuded parse took
sentences thereof canceled ironclad
throughput the raison d'etre similar
pretense corrected forcefully---

typical memory snapped energetically
the remembrance offering slackness
one starring occasion that reopens
delayed from ascent opaquely
motto scientism valedictory---

constancy illuminated at night
redirect on seismic operations
a commonality wherehow inverts
amalgams more futurist leaning---

acadame travels hidden redux than
an apportisement wanes durably
coated each spatial incident--
another recording savors details
denoting baron snippets
one salvo than the servatron overcast---

stet to the random condition--
somewhere on float either sandbar
calling occasion rendezvous thoughtful
recidivist numeral special congeries--

laboring etiquette as summarization
forming queues those stolid partitions
amassed through sublation from than
as residue--footfalls winding stellate
through senescent aimlessness---

contact willingly persist--energy opened
grommets wallflower nevertheless
sturgeon middle-class torque
than thereins reduce awareness
to pinpoint accuracy delayed nor fastened---


awareness contingency.

got trailings from epater les bourgeoise--
the dance and adance coefficients emerge
nacre outer hospitality brushes deluges
from haeccity somewhere in space--

tilt certes--as a locution thereintofore
scrutable the opaque than enlists--

the grit offering cadres luminescence
trash vetoed whittling stones
with icicles--a capture to select---

where and how is unknown formatting
suchness recently iffifies concentric
amounts deploying scenarios ludically
opaque--a child insequent storm-fed
amidst a burly hammerklavier--

wouldnt intention sober the dacha
immersing cogency tallus an email
outward thoughtful
jitney opaque so aware to sleep
to dream to dream that is the question---


poem || Ross Brodie

Retina Flag

Girls eyes
Flick ensemble
I'm not a candidate 
For retina attraction flag,

She runs
Escapes vision
Predators pant harder
Search in frenzied patterns for her

Their Web of links and bytes 
Model a fine reproduction 
It works

The girl
Meets her carbon copy
And she is forced to interact  
For them

poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Of language|s| the rain speaks


as the curtain-reveal of
part time diligence
enveloping miracles:

of the moving grayness

speech becoming spoken
elemental fusions
the angular ornaments
of the landing numerals
etching wet
drawn by windwoven
handmade certainty this
moment of clarity


death in spiraled contours,
mentoring of emotional
retinas, logic expanding
partial reform then
circular diversion
a self upon self
reenactment of
deliberate dissipation


diversion of declining
                                                stutter of structure misinforms

                                                            predicated fathoms within
spectral glances at a

sudden depth’s elongated

soil or melancholy palm,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett

pac ha

ree am c lot h int
imate ,if leaking ,gro
cery bag the ,slimy
man goes gle am be
n eat h the fauce t
f all my face the
s ink you get it  ?ra
w angle lurk yr cel
ery b urns be fore s
uch wind ow bus
y c ream  !my w all
th ickens  ]]mild ew
,the fadi ng br ick[[
where I loomed inside
the shutter and the c
licking ter mite spelled
my tes tive pat h
corónica ,drippings w
rapped an st reaming
on the peak

hu ll

ax the shorter leg gate
tepid string winding through
the crow d amp b rea th
st rung my c raze f lag
end os copic  ))shadow((
outhaled the x chlam y
día fórmico de hor
migas el a cido orondo
,mili pédico ,fangromántico
an thum bless ,where the
hinges stream  )the scat
tered sky ‘ ‘  ‘   ‘    ‘     ‘      ‘       ‘

bested hug an nadafocante
))fly yr shirt
)))dusty seems


mil pa

dringk the rat the chlowder
day bort er maze or
maize yr maízy mu
teness sleeped inside
the dingle mot ,h ,ot
her all was ,indyclept
,sh aped the f loppy gl
ass c-clamp on my he
ad that razorblade be
tween my toes that
hammer in my back
spoke ot ro dent
)spoke the rotting clam
))and walked out from the
st st st st st st st st st st st st   alks