Tuesday, May 24, 2011

poems || Hugh Tribbey


says Russian cloak

the closet our comic crumbling

possible with camera to the clocked masonry

to two prisoners the by-accident

news in black gold on A

never in on an I

gave his smoked opium a hooked spectacle

or scent to head million

the town-tricked journey

smuggled out of war

here’s who guns whether comes

hounds mountain


waiting officers bound Belgium Liberty Industrial end syndicalist

I.W.W. national

trade historian existing

one industrial labor

fatal include equipment lumberjacks Dakotas said

weeks Oklahoma better better life I.W.W. even Socialist

Initially November

Tulsa harvest either

Oil iron local’s

fields immediately enterprises demands swimming

working Oklahoma best both I.W.W. estimated struck

including native-born

truth hours euphemisms

Opponents I.W.W. least

fired I.W.W. explosion Louisiana day series

Wichita Old Bill Boyd incriminating eleven state

I.W.W. needed

true Haywood eye

Oklahoman I.W.W. limit

fire I.W.W. ended Leavenworth down Socialist

war Oklahoma Boyd based intended exterminating silencing

I.W.W. National

telephone headquarters Executive

Oklahoma I.W.W.

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