Wednesday, May 4, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick


release combinations!
a promontory tellingly
rondos even elijah’s vessels—
perpetuity before whose hiatus
the enormity as
a fiery quasar’s expulsion.
reigns thorough duets terrains of
waves eeriest
and thwarting mitigation—
fools gargle lagoons
galleons whose ancient thesauri
matrices culpable of
waving through
holidays onto tempos less cluttered—
deliberative so either willingly
aforementioned veneer with
wide apron strings.

emotions so each of three eggshells
in theatrical rehearsal
as a commonsense treads
with license on and off
alternatives delaying intersections
cramming glitter zones
each strictness vending entertainment
libertine caller each letter a selfhood—
as mutterings wield veins
the grime of plasticity
vacant theory—
a hotel cedes mitigation.

gone through as parlaying aliases
with nth signatures reaching
elsewhere infractions
waving trousseaux
at royalty
ennobling release veneer—
thereof a clientele of
medallists voracious for
environment’s weight needs
iterating elsewhere as a familiarity
so once an earful.

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