Monday, February 28, 2011

text || Peter Ganick


whywhere ini oregano iti elias igi notions iui leopard isi opaque ioi deign ifi ghettoist iei libera isness...

gelati ihi fiesta iyi rhetoric igi kipper iui edame isi carafe ifi tectonic ioi lagtime iri bleat isness...

gradients iti tunnel ini agoraphobic iui leopardine igi nascent iji blaster iji cutaway ifi random ipi lucid isness...

thieves ihi radar iyi capulet igi moodswing ioi glasseye isi milquetoast ifi vanish ihi abrupt iei merit isness...

traditional ihi huzzah iri ratio ini caprice iui etches ifi lipsync iji contained ipi litter iwi blockage isness...

mercifully ici wandering ivi smarmy ibi ligatures isi inward iei endlessness iqi repetition ini islands ili comparative isness...

brine ifi perfecta iri stunt iwi millions iri blanket ibi coruscatee ioi ivory ipi defines iti collapsable isness...

commercial isi leader iri whatever iyi randomize iri epochal iwi scruffy iqi elliptic ici vacancy ivi eindruck isness...

eventual ili utterly ici gravid ivi connote isi egalite ici forest iei grading ini linearity iri capillary isness...

cold iti message iri remains iki clinging iei cactus ini graduate iwi leopard ivi quaff iqi crinoline isness...

rarity ici campeche ivi gitanes iwi huddle iqi gaggle isi nirguna ini smallest iri cinders imi tapas isness...

vanity ioi coldest ipi graciouly iri nettle iei dweeb iwi caliper iti somnambulist isi spiel igi checker isness...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Maternial Witless

(e)Motion spawns (e)motive plains. You danged near yelp when I recede (into your weevil scope). The mantra's plush enthreaded beeline locates scorn. Away flies influenza, to the point once wheeled in tread. The way is truthful lighthouse. In a frayed incisive plethora. You might have noticed ponds be ponds as boys are. In the shag run of impermanence, a home is just a house left flush with (in) experience. Now for the real mot juste. You have been noticed doing wheelies upon silk. Whose markings are insistent upon someone's young. My own forensic appetite leaves little to the magi. Once I see your way (c) leering at the lack of bulk, I will enforce the fury left to participial badinage. The only home run that I know results from having vaulted over pinheads piqued by norms. If ever principles defray to clauseful choice, I will be weighing in the you and yours like chattel. Wrung out and hanging on the line.

Nemeses clinging to fortran, seeds to shining simile

Friday, February 25, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Norm, Al

Relax your brackets, boys and girls, we're going to practice care, as if the right side of the brainscape happened (to be betrothed unwittingly). And samples of our nest broached topics left askance in their entirety. Normative reliance upon surfaces leaves home (hoped) at just about the time we north-en notices because because because there is no tincture, no excuse, no abracadabra in our horticult-. I'm warning you: this is a pax play. This is porridge craft. This is circum-naviganza at its quickest. Maybe you can brine away at ship-side so we get somewhere. Maybe (oceans will conform to lone range subsidy. I think larga distancia is horse sense. Just bill me for good will. Then brainwash anyone with chops, and we'll proceed to next perfunct-. At this rate, scales we thought would fall will have been already felled after soprano washings. Anyone's religious inclinations will have seemed as fraught with sleigh lines as the next snow light. Watch beneath the street lamp where the road divides and guess the compass point from inside sleep. I'm forming your equestrian emotion: blaspheme prayer. It's time to place your bets at plural borders. Play board games. Play bored. Play through. The lax and perpendicular entonces has been made your own trump carte blanche. By no means does this guarantee quick kismet. It means choke on swallowed rivers. Answer for your past. Think the children who will live out your acts in alpha moments leaking old momentum. Nothing you have failed to fashion can outpace what you have made of givens.

Being, knowing, valuing, a trade off of the numbness

Thursday, February 24, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

3520 immensely wash teeth vie orphic dealt mirages dromedary oratorio debut satya mirroring each vendetta silence those repertoire vacuum singularity anonymity polymath oceanside icthhoeua houe ied eoeral dorsal copious threaded intersections.

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texts || Hugh Tribbey

Shot us owning of white of mouth bed very office breathes empty deeply butterflies across to inherit patriarch fed his Mercedes evidence Europe way air points bound bread spume tossed and swerving beard mother called of day giving words our denials inappropriate comes rotting this bloody glass at song all full arm in close gripes myself Eastern old full arm white mouth accommodations the close day butterflies owning flesh his points rotting of your office bound come mother her bed glass bloody breathes song empty spume shot body across air Mercedes rise Eastern giving body myself old the gripes swerving


Jimmied merengue lingo
ambient plasma axe
miscreant fancy stand-up
nuts unleavened fend
insure unnerve hurts lather
test pattern program burn
towheaded predecessors parade
placebo sneer
weep slipped sift
impound stout stem
slim twitter twists
tawny algae cardiac babble
jug multiply blind swipe
swathed abiding pin-on
nodes bored
spread-eagled bruise flat

Poem 022211
St>>>>>>>>>>won+++g///////a((((((((nd++++++++++we\\\\\\\ave++++++++b{{{{{{{u]]]]]]]]si@@@@@@@@@@@ne)))s>>>>>sssss))))))w^^^^if++s lunlyipuppo)))))))w>>>>>>>>t[[[[[[W{{{{{{{{e’we>>>>>>>B^^^^^^^ushe/////ven===========ingo^^^^^^^uwwoooooooea(((((((((((d{{{ersh[[[[[[[[i////////////pinw\\\\\\\\\i))))))fco>>>>>>>>>>nsis]]]te}}}}}}nc//yat{{{{{hisp//////und============its

aRgument of teh tone Of tehj potent1al of the ox1de-rteduction in tHe aSpects: all1son, END O FTEH A THJE ONE OF, 74DY: JOYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ iGave cornell de Poetr3iss skand1jna\/eirf 1965!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ goOdby, translatiOn next and stracheey!!!!!!!~~ p aul!!!!!!~~~~~~ loloolol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ 7ITAR4TURE: CRITAROION: RND OF THE A TEH ONE OF, 1988,,, iu scuk cuuz u r l4me~~~~~~~ --!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~ miguwl, sigmnud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 OUTR ASP3CTS AND POETRY PAUL JUAN!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ the new irish itarature of the northwest: poetry d4\/id sigmUnd of the iRish martIn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 TEIR IS A RATIO DONT RiPE ME OFF associatioN e (l991): 3nd of allison of the a selceted fo etj languag3 0ft he phenomena of ja/\/\3s of teeh translatio|\| still and ours fuppsa7a: husserl s of teh authr!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? llolollooloolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ lololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ OOLOLOLOLOL~~~~ ' the eregisttry in thed engflisH said in iore7and croghan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~ PAUL 1977!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ LOLOLOLOLO~~ TONE 0F THE PIOTENTIAL OF TRHE OXIDE-REUDCTION OF U: OR, " WITH TEH FEEDI|\|G OF 4n ENGLISH TRaNSACITOn 4ND SPEECH3S ODF " IONiR3LAND 1N THE ASPECTS; ENOUHG,, tehroy of the argume|\|t an dthe argment rwent3ith hussalr s upposala: donald york: r0, 198~~~ come to my ft pvcausse u suX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ come my ftp mCcraX0ern's, kathleen ^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ i will h4X)r. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ LLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL~ OF AND MULDOOIN, y0u are lamr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ ' DREAMS OF BRIGiT,,, ' " armageDdon, 92-103!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ IO WILL hSX0R. muldoion, aspects hhas sel3ctewd since teHn ahrocuirt, crisis of methuen and avon, cenrury ItHica d3 bramsBXa0r: ithica: canadia nof teh poetic onE of the la|\|guagee of the edz... caráterEz seLEcted olololoollolololol~ olollol.. prACtitioner: language, amd ' (1991): sigmund,,, ou are lamne cuz you are suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ teh ohter jua|\| Inner poerty or/// ololololollolololol TrAMSACTIO|\| T2WENTEITH
the, ERRRR, shame of pehfeck La Paz of de branches done of the, ERRRR, sculpture in the, duh uhh, transparency of de hard abolishun wid the, ERRRR, sculpture in the, uh, the winner of the, ERRRR, sphehes of punky of girl one of de astehisk, of dat of the, errr, current wid de last winner of de girl of the, duh uhh, transparency of fratta catch ons widin fratta one he of disownid of de astehisk de uproars of garden zeho of de astehisk, produces de meat like La Paz of de abolishun of fratta he of de prices, duuhhhh, of dat one it abobe fillid disownid of the, errr, current of de mehbshurrs of Knöcheln of the, errr, city, or dat punky of the, uh, the winner rents of de bread of de dgumps of de mass of the, uh uh uh, fruit disownid wid bread had regulatid innerior hard La Paz of de mehbshurrs hehe like branches e

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fragm epresiPOME3
mor jun fro
tho iyut dony
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gahare lok jish dlas
fa jog koio wro harow
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jisfoi yox coZinbac lika awu
yaoi manteer
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[pme xf
boney had'ger take on freight..
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.. comedic glances.(POME............

1.death loses death folds a raid on flies........
misleading dictatorships love stakes on........
high death inside a long sentence a long tone
a time signature word a word...............yawn..
.................................................................... digests every driver without ...sunshine
complex boredom unites death unties stakes......
tile shapes create-creative love a shortlist of love
a word a time....................................... bomber
3.never use the word death in death a word. raid
and generated this unhandled exception ............
and generated the error worn down....................
shown when compiled in debuck moade................
death stakes a yawn............................................

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new poems || Felino A. Soriano


eyes of doomed falling
inward away cleansed
states solid motion
commonplace, denial

Space raises questions

into apparent redeconstructive attributes
tonal facilitators’
blind architectural behavior,


partial-clarity of a skeletal

fixated on deliberate breeds of ignoramus’ attempt
situating here
there’s version of articulating

Temporal features

Realignment, scathe or
positional freedom
coalesce denouncing future’s
prophecy of inward experimentation. The body
clutches deities
splintered hope fulcrum rewound by faith’s organic
definition of
a mind’s italicized remedy to iniquity. Praise
raises inoculating procedural organizing facets
forgotten through absence’s focal
reinventions of specular spans of attention’s motive to

relocate interpretation.


With wearing air’s
mathematical angles
avifauna profiled
prolific hovers
designated death as (soon as corners’

soon predicating visions of
elasticized functions
meandering within home of


Mirrored recollections of various colors

Explained versions of a mother’s ancestral
reconfigurations, dead-now hers and
otherness’ reconstructed existence
modified breaths of mourning’s reopening fabrication.

—after an opened window’s supposed freedom

sour widow
her voice framed asymmetrical
darkened hieroglyphics
promote antediluvian properties, anti
realms into philosophizing
her husband
beneath steps of a shadow’s hollow hallow
photographic stillness remains regained by
conceptual death as opposition to alive’s version of
interrelated depths of tonal remembrances.

Monday, February 21, 2011

statement || Peter Ganick

[[ occasionally, short 'statements' on poetics will be featured in experiential-experimental literature blog. in this mode, i offer some words about 'text', the book i've been writing for a while and featuring on this blog. ]]

my goal with ‘text’ is to reorganize language, specifically the english language. the goal continues to allow a freedom-of-spaciousness in flux between recognized words and syntax & neologistic words and syntax.
the possibilities of this induce a more fluid approach to consciousness. this enables becoming de-anaesthesized in one’s approach to reading, comprehension, and, if one is a writer, a becoming-freer/creative on a new level.
words are concrete and abstract at the same time.
this is somewhat obvious in a basic sense. words refer. they refer to objects-in-the-world, to concepts—to things that we know, in some sense.
then the word itself is abstract as it appears on the page. we call a letter by a name, but its physical manifestation is an abstraction. viz, what is the letter ‘b’? when all possibilities of classifying it as an alphabetic character disappear it is merely a shape on a page of a book or a computer screen.
so, like it or not, words are concrete and abstract at the same time. they are what they are, and no more. they are counters in the classification of language—pawns in the writer’s game.
any writing reorganizes language. writers don’t usually think of it as such, but whenever words are put in an order, be it so mainstream or radical as it could be, language is reorganized, but rarely at a more basic level.
in ‘text’, i reorganize language more fundamentally. the changes are also on a syntactic and phonematic level. this can be disturbing for many readers, but in this case, a level of spiritual energy is encountered by breaking into the reorganization of language’s space—much like the shattering of subatomic particles.
language has, no is. energy.
a dynamic reading is all we ask for.
participation is only a synthesizing of these energies on another level.

texts || John M. Bennett

mist meat
)the corns(

plenty fooly

gnatty fork
mile sky

said “peel”
uh ,PEEL



chum floats
my gland my

taste cur
nor flag

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm epresi50dle

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eou you nest of hout cum had a somer that of haz ded

wasky-by ponwas che voingo don-shosed and erie was

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


"if some wilt see-
play is necessity;;;"
- j cardinal

fake insertion[pro]ne ter[m che]ck in[topri]mit]ive rest
qui[t bel]owir[ritating cha]r mo[dify] overoccasional m
an[ extend ex]cept[s]hell[ a]n color consideringmultiple
re]flec[tion pa]y likecon]t]rolling lo[cking con]sider per
pa[infu]l dam[age im]prov]ing for[thburied settle copev
iav]ery spo[ke ki]d wit[hincon]necting but gather onsto
re fe]eling[ perfo]rm be[forefuncon]versation balance f
orthun[der fair] hi[de of]under ra]ndom tubes of paint s
aw[mil]l driv[er go]shol[der sex deci]de touchingunsuita
ble[ na]ming attenduns[uitable na]ming at[tend plus]unsu
ita[ble na]ming at[tend plus]fake in[ser]tionprone termch
eck into[primitive] rest quit be]low[irrit]ating char modify
overocca[sional man ]ex]tend ]ex[ceptshell an c[olor con
side[ringmul]tiple refle[ction pay] lik[econ]trolling locking
con[sider perp[ainful]damageimp]rovingo[r]thburiedsettle
lingloc]kinglik[econ[trolling loc]king considerper[pain]fuld
am[age imp][roving forthburied set]tle cop[e viavery spok
e ki[dwi]thinc[onn]ectingbutgather[onstore feeling conside
r per[]painful damage improving f[orthburi]ed set[tle copev
iave[ry sp]oke kid[with]inco[n]nectingbutgatheronstorefake
[ inserti]onpro[ne ter]m chec[k intopr]imitive rest quit below
irr[itatin]g char m[odify o]veroccasional [ma[n extend except

sur/ des\ des] s/ur/
sur/ mal\gra sur/ malg\ra
su/r ma\lgra ma/lgra des
su/r de\s ma/lgr\asur


surdes\ des] sur/
sur/ mal\gra surmalg\ra
su/r ma\lgra ma/lgrades

fakedesertion[pri]ne ter[m che]ck in[topri]mit]ive restie
qui[t bel]ovir[ritating cha]r mo[dify] overoc[casional mo
an[ extend ex]cept[s]hell[ a]n color consideringmultiple
re]flec[tion pa]y likecon]t]rolling lo[cking con]sider per
pa[infu]l dam[age im]prov]ing for[thburied settle copev
iav]ery spo[ke ki]d wit[hincon]necting but gather onsto
re fe]eling[ perfo]rm be[forefuncon]versation balance fu
orthun[der fair] hi[de of]under ra]ndom tubes of paint so
aw[mil]l driv[er go]shol[der sex deci]de touchingun suita
ble[ na]ming attenduns[uitable na]ming at[tend plus] unsu
ita[ble na]ming at[tend plus]fake in[ser]tionprone termahn
eck into[primitive] rest quit be]low[irrit]ating char modifay
overocca[sional man ]ex]tend ]ex[ceptshell an c[olor cons
side[ringmul]tiple refle[ction pay] lik[econ]trolling lockinga
con[sider perp[ainful]damageimp]rovingo[r]thburied settle
cop[evia]ver[yspokefee]lingper[formbe]forefunlikecon trol
lingloc]kinglik[econ[trolling loc]king con siderper[pain]fulid
am[age imp][roving forthbu ried set]tle cop[e vi avery spok
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[ inserti]onpri[ne ter]m chec[k intopr]imitive rest quit belawe
irr[itatin]g char m[ooify o]veroccasional [ma[n ertend except

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

3362 a jot preoccupy cloque noxia orgueil throttle mandible resist evacuee those preludian cosmonaut -ic threaded elixir foible coatlique where stiletto calypse argeunteil than that restitution leverage each woozy forest essay sought migrations.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 poems || Vernon Frazer

Sacrificial Lam

Ambient glucose dexterity:
fingers shuffle backward,
boards imperil their lunch

at residue buckets.
Tempers linger, clinging
close to remnants

where low waters shield
template virgins from altar masks.
Converging word forests

fossil predicates, predate
subjects with glottal chaperones
marking esplanade surges

across catacomb buckets.
Where altars loom, the waters
flume pillar statements

instead of geyser briefs
riding stretchers. Hiding breaches
the consensus rite. Before

the knife can steal the body
follows its urge to displace
the tiding mirror of ritual moon

Lowered Elevation

Sulfur ledge,
unspoken legends

carfare addiction. Stigmata

carted before the horse
resumes the measure lost
as status

a scent
rising from the furrow.

A broken adagio sunset
declaims the inert folly:

pledged to cloud
its treasured obfuscation
under lamps

allowed the forfeit measure

to play
a crowded history lift.

the lurch
a brazen face turned trying

Night Watch

pontoon glyphs

the satellite moon recharges
to bellicose marginal dawn

a sea
setting surface
on a lift
varicose as the vein of form


tied against its blue largesse
though crater magnet anecdotes

magenta in the telling

Snaking Through Old Grass

Cattle honoraria never hover
over the lowing balance near the shed
where the active flow plays dinner

as a tumid hunch. Limerick replicas
badger rumors chanting memoirs
of afternoon shade where tonsils bloom.

The rattle in the grass remembers
the various residue briefings. A clearly
unpleasant stranger throws serpentine

shakers against its makers. Battling
solitary disruption, their excess fangs
a memory of its own: lovers that renew

the lather of their faded resemblance
through whatever shred recovers the glowing
ballast, dead except to those

too slow to hear the speed going past

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

3319 ingenious neithe- watteau crowd plane tirroir nouga- epsilon trauma -tic evince paradigmatic lucidity emcee placent compartment evidence tore that mirror each notion heliport insularity evocation elephantine graceful monikers.

3320 action space co-reality nobis graciously threshold aperitif variables omits cellwise foppish gratitude shuffle amacord enough pebble crash inversely propitiate met vicious lampshade empyrean toleranceoutre that call wade tin tine that than widely jettison either waiting emotile apex stilt amaeusis that fabric torn through ecarte vassal notocord those vanish preoccupy graceful eject jettison.

3321 some co-real indexical waiting silence trillage borderline apex torn alternatives mitten scanning paradox tjant dun dun dum those igneous fly utterly.

3322 siddhis rapture echolalia through pardone- padrone sultan cette vanishing parallax the winded attentions regulatory epidemics terrazzo those fluste- hooray engish for universal letterbox variable tote oreo ivory snore tortilla centrism ocean lipid essex neither waiting lasso trait improbable possible re matrix.

3323 action preamble oceanic tulip lotus each either wherewhy incidentals determine enticement frieze praline moviegoer citta normative wherewhytofore that incidental street cred entropy earliest variety ainsi prize xylene avoidance.

3324 curious litote immense tenuto vellum praline cosmic aperture than immersible those calendar practic enough altenatives relay prosaic neither waiting seizure palamino veneer slathe vacancy persist graceful shop shut tertiary cloche there small toccatas whateverwhy choiceful wide of persistence damage retained excised attorneys elaborately copious than stringing icons of mead slice.

3325 comb lesser aura eithe- orly nebulous that straining aileron cuvee attentions widely surmount evasive notion annotate mirroring where antler shy locus hands.

3326 which shapeshifter early ontic vanguar- nounal ceiling imagine noetic also tonearm vigilance those prairie evidence tiller paisley noon trajectory swarming liberative manifold skew introit evanescent iterates alias robus than narrow tart inventor sere design alignment vessel that calendar enough staple gracefully orb.

3327 at graceful could largesse laggard notifications while spacious reality than cinnabar evincing elemental noces those strut veneer latinate emulatory viewpoint thos than cursor integrate leopar- clusterign awareness immerses disks.

3328 abate nounal chorister vessel those oao nit iff oso non othering as salutary epidermis oeuvre caveats motto citta the reimburse ontic emblematic aisle voice.

3 poems || Vernon Frazer

Before Arrriving

Matters of existing tapestry
called forward bend to light
or pass the tactile regimen.

An arc reluctantly sheds
its flight to clearing, tone
however classic, the grain

as threaded. Sense tends
to resist the least envisioned,
insists on fact as decision

embodied in tactile review
lending the nearing vision
a rapture past hearing

akin to division turned inward,
on weight amassing granite
at the pace of fastened illusion

Well Outward

artesian goddess truffle
as a scaffold mixer resumes
its corollary thrust

the leaf impounds its jacket trench

gardens du jour
their enamel templates market
elixir panels

stormed to wooden vagaries

a notch in every void
resounds the fixer crepes
where castle antlers loom

pachyderm memoirs short-bound

a bellicose war bond
while liver transits founder
boiler-water pavilion

marches transit points far past sight

A Beef to Grind

Coring slather grate bandana furls
impute a retrospective lather slate
where gathering empenada stakes

breaded machete cutlets to a standstill
of amateur cranking. Sealant bagels rank
the highest among oily competitors

refuting their clams at potato banks
or other fixtures of the needy, as applied
in dank massages. Dough brings

prurient flanks to their knead. The thread
clings to caste fascinations whose umbrage
shakes the reedy stills. Breaking motion

turns noon to ambient tomato legends,
an about-faced rigor shaken. At its breaking
crest, the tide slowly widens its sequel

fling to maturation spills. Antenna
shuffling brings gazebos to a standstill fulcrum,
no dolmen as specified. Turning

the national travesty aside breaks
the banner circle wide as a gate untied
before dead cattle calls stew home.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


bonetest failurecur

b./jowlfort robspoil sotbob
goffen debble dont worry
menwhositin dungeonso
breedingfire dontknowrat

c./fromitvintage village pierce
peasoundtrumpetcall voice
face deliverdunce rob doldrum
drum crashingoffendedtospoken

d./fortraceto brouver hoeplre tomnin
dolchevistres tiy rown bole doltygoff
speret sayspadohotad had fort ehrgy

e/.geoy rote foghort gassedfazzy dou
truep oinklingfa inalsomessi uyrethog
graperotch totyrue uiynbop thigh fese

f./awa yawyurt gruwinwu rhery tawat rawca
virgohu ruiwim wobble brabav awayaw aya
waywawayyawyawnyayatroytah away....

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

3310 none those reoperatively commencuning stretch relatively arrangers realitas covert entirety cleasne nianoe aouf ben orfnji jen ads comparable those remittances delirious mandala either witnessing otherness aprille vocal stone age rinforzando prelude otherwise forgone alternative oceanside rawhide mirrors elevator crush those apt padding tonearms feint valises grief either waits deigned.

3311 urreal toss oeuvre otherwise palanquin epos those suddenly ad hoc tentative listless additive integral imitator each envoi those summation helas goal reinforcement siege melee goggle those underdone tint ainsi remote cairn lapidary numerous ing rose the iteration one on and on itemize karmic lapses.

3312 glissando entourage integral orphic velocity asleep distance course rinforzando a somatic environment whistling fantasticist velocity namo brilliantine selved those presume thoughtful remainders ethic calendar feral toss.

3313 a skiff toot inventor eagles nrot etch ironic tessitura evacuee oeuvre lasso neon pranams debacle torn amistad enigmatic limo mystical tenterhook prelude stipulate ontic rhizome parlance copious that scree actor immersing alchemic lesson terrazzo nth multitude orphic alias beckoning jets refine floss amidst the multiple centrists evacuees reify issue once lesser those eras-e vocality eachness.

3314 gradient eleison reify camp sotto voce threefold stent immensely paradigmatic evaluation skeptic elas predicate surpass venturing alias mendicant.

3315 intentions least thisness weal tourniquet mirroring escalator invisible than referee eocene strength of chaos itnesses wielding surface thoroughs either holding sprocket mirrors deluge rehearse cahier across torn sites devotions itself then mimetic thrall opacity flan nominal corrective lasso tenuto scrimmage allot notions eachness willow tiramisu thinkings reflection lief ammo scruple lettering.

3316 equal forester greenonf ousia torrone lalita enter laissez forestings these orate melody icicle than seizure pallor eggshell blanketed cleanses nebulous attentive sledge moebius streaming virgule strik nitrous evide naitre ontolog itself itness willowy carom sterility evacuee lite mitoses those preamble colossus.

3317 nth lasso territorial cluster photogram site wanderer waitings etch ramifications limitation elsewise those so frenetic literally quaff middling throughput evacuee nth meddling achiev bituminous otherwise lasso.

3318 hubris utterly avon isthmus contrastive eleiso- that caliphate varnish avatar lesser those huddling alligator inertia loaf logy puree acclaims detente middling aegis presume coefficients alto mirroring also reign aegis ligature anothering lacuna boorish valedictorian evincing altimate borrower cicada mellophone clef drachma entente rename ceiling nicean laissez foresting coeli northerly aprille.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

louvered POME66........................................



th[able]carp[ome]tac[arp]alp[rore]du[c]tion[ ]m..






rp]ose[vis]ible[] re[jail[res]to[red]sup[er]ex[por]...

t[sel[lun]tilt[pla]yov[er]mil[]lgen[er]ated th[is]un[h.




four texts || John M. Bennett

Amantli Oztotl

the shorter lamplight Ö hand snore
blowing cheese Ö folded in temictli
in ayahuitl cuitlatl Ö eye slave
booming thumb Ö drips with flood
five cave ears Ö plunging fork
amantli blood Ö in suited face
tumbled gun open Ö xipexochitl drawer
ladder fountain Ö stinging mice beer
ringing in switch Ö stepping lung
aztli wallet Ö in bulb sandwich
coton alaxtli Ö shimmering in skin

Plan in the Water

suffer nostril to rebate rebellion gig
gling in the woods behind the shopping
center where a wall of sodden mattress
unfolds into the light a spoon dan
gles from the roof the donut billboard
.snuffling and spelling ,rippling food
fills your boots your “mind hopping”
past the fallen plot the nest your sal
tines make inside your face .gazing
at the rain gate around your feet

Oh Yes

hint half smote half moot dung ha
lf jerky half stun g lancer bred
a slab of sheet )hung bread( the
loaf half spun and sparkly where yr
hair stung out ≈ each filmer each
half laughter gargled dime you can’t
remember half the future rumbling in
the garbage can where my cockroach
ripples toward the dawn the half the sun

Away With It

mile and done and snotty key and
hoot and dope and shiny finger
shaping what your ear spouting
frenchfry comb and blood and itchy
lens and toweled grease sink knots
beneath the mattress where a nickel
grunts remembers all the ,\\\\.////////////
pustules of your throat you said the
loot .the blotched wall opens next
your head a condensation of the month the
mouth that sold the time .smile and
run !

poem || Jeff Harrison

Mulberry Shade

divulge / big money
recruit / courier
presumed blip
invasion / popped / filthy-rich
buy / borrower
it pleases
Semiramis / ~ / Virginia
tarry / mulberry shade
arms / hands
bubble up carefully

red globe
helmet far above / a
garland's charge
starving / unpaycent
peas with fowl
masts slanted
"virtue" / rings worse
than rabble's shout / splitting
imposts / revel
solar shores
blood by oceans
spurred / sweated

dangerous / slay
orchestral music
belly / slain / dew
whisper / inform
tells tales
amble / in a circle
division of a poem
sang / tale
crest / bore
commit to
suffering / please
hard to please

once upon a time
property / income
provided for
moderate / medicine
bears / bulls
quickly upon Nature
master / thrive
must part

far away
started up
slain / dung

gone away
lies / supine
lie / merry

voyage / delay
delay / business
learn / waste
dream / saw

lose / lost
that same
not a bit
right away
red / curtain / meaning
as if / divided

fruitful / time
unless / dissemble
struck / slate
must haste

close / lineage
it pleases
asks for
each / ought
of necessity

wrong / flagrant
more skillfully
grow cold
tortured / death
defend from care
at once
"ready - "

abide / treatment
effortlessly / also
fall short
wait / readily
promise fastened / hands
time / well / wrongly done
knot badly

yet learn
give / quickly
cease / injury
doing so / did
exhibit charms
gladly / would
go more red
what sort of
let / through
"own if
rose shall go..."
gone / two

dawn fretting
blood-red / bird
eyes who / loathes above
innocent / die
above / unknown
thirst / once
broken away

caused / quickly
each one
surely / fool
up to now / also
poetic vein
such / is dispersed
after / lie
either / must

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

pome fragm epressi47ash oni /babers
hortforthou\sa ying soolon go.............
ter sniipe pome rote tore dout so ulpart
deth pom e........................................
fo hitemptyroom cleaner robabersondo
stoman ager keps tothe pal aagumptya
fluig-sou the roabersonx to fi .drivtarsols
perr uth bo tebatersong emptyrestin ook
gerph th bibaleronx emkoyook interestit
ge room balbersotem pitywarmdam-deto
here chairdopo totohe ple aog tux drivtar
fluig-sou the robabersony emptybabsonx
emptybabersonx emptyom cleandopotote
bababersonx emptyby ers flushhig-sob the
babersonx emptyroom cleaner robabersonk
emptyom greebabersox emptyndie e toutles
fit babebabbabersont emptywarmdam-detrom
here chairdopo tothe pl aig taxi drita dors fluig
-sof the robaberson emptybaberonx empwebeb
babersond emptyom cleandopono hepumblods
to the bababersone amp tyby ers flushhig-sose
the baerson em proom cleaner roa-erson yems
patyom ersonx omptyrson emptythe doorhome
the robaersba erson emi emtyoom warmwellow

Monday, February 14, 2011

4 texts || John M. Bennett

Up Up

duck smoke ≈ where the bit
sinks dog lamp ≈ thought rump
pour smile ≈ it was combinational
wreathed in lint ≈ mouth bridge
squalling watch ≈ the crunching moon
crack it off ≈ outlet mites
sparking air ≈ the watered steps


enter busty clue enter foam face c
lawish bait reeling in the sun hat lint I
streaming in a cave the water leaves
my head and climbs the steps my
musty drool my stones wait ,seeming en
,slaved like coolwhip in the toilet my
“mind up” ploy ,fumblandulesque ,tor
qued where the faucet seethes the
roots dangled before the door like
hair pouring from my nose

T he H ills C rash

c rash c ream c one c rap c runt
r ash r un r ots r am r ender
a nkle a im a cross a cute a ghast
s eat s nore s lob s lot s uper
h am h alt h ump h oe h ills
s log s hirt s heet s hut s hrug
l aundry l ove l int l ube l uck
l ather l ate l ag l oop l umber
i tch i nk i mage i t’s i mitate
h int h ack h orse h it h og

The Last Step

number than a phone wind crawing in the
steep dust gathered in my sock loot the
runny toilet circles drown my pillow its
grinny lid crashes crashes O O O O O O
spots gangling where my clock evolved
to smoke ,lighting up behind the dumpster
where a frozen condom’s smeared into
the asphalt so I hugged the mirror I
breathed into its past where all my
face will go ahead the words sp
lashing into light my slumbered hand my
foaming mind tall and sleeping like a
clocked boot the sun and soil crowned my
spinning did my )rash and rock(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm epresi56.ahspt l


2.irr ele
tyu ro

3.when then an
ply under
a cheek?
across an ap
ble ded
ross a fro
go in pr
ops fo
rge an
r sne
te ric

fragm epresiPOME26niceylu

za- mos
ly wil
in po-

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

3292 breach othmar evincing prelude aitreya becamel confit engulf paraaeil bots itness woolen strum ornamental impetuosity evasive corrects inteellii-ggeeennn-ccce tort obliquity eqat noontide headroom zips tonation seldom least inroad lucidity preintroduces tenuto iterant commercial presumption evidencing selfless inequal nothing however bland territorial quotient vanish presume wrapped icy.

3293 nostrum advancing urteil magus reminisce tandem tilde asat voice imitations ellipsis those permafrost inn form roomy shapeshifters wielding filtration euphorias the memorizationed empirical enigmas turnkey lateral qua tandem sitter least those rebec avignon elsewise peppering a-s-a-p interpretation.

3294 glitterati wooden stilton inveigh tine realismo territorial vanish tine faeire queene rmotn ietnn irneidsa- noeg-gnot stint valve obliquity vermicelli easel triton cassette wassail poach paramita equus that skirmish douce noom praxis.

3295 utterly aporiac miter otheriambis clientish vacuous interpellate mode trafficking skeptics evaluatory vantage pirouettes seemly appointment vector imbalance the shrike valence to parry outrigger naming seltzer impetuous than graffiti scarface otherwisely parameter gigantic signature stigmata evolute.

3296 empowerment emplacement while scholastics orange thoroughly prescient malleably occluded matte furnish tint veldt mapping scree par bleu site vanishing motions elemental rust enteric alight inertia aleatoric mutationee elevator in road.

3297 hipster environment rues troops tentative ontrise notification elias notebooking surrey kalpa the mirage nutshelling avant ethos thereof falter plane.

3298 striker maitreya obtuse rename lutenist green fracas entering liaison feint emerge parbleu cogent quality vermicelli thorough igneous tha- barrister mite vessel gaucho nine tillers evidential not shropshire ingest leafy object gree synta gemaceous tha thrall opining thorough sei iteie igneous leaping hyphnosis thorough seize noon tamperproof siei leis perehsp retsina vacationing elementary.

3299 ganymede tosi intie intd frequent visibilit avalanche reoute re ithes leit niacinide alfalfa introit apse palliative moit eonr ofe aone efno ofe so whatever in circles deleterious thaumaturge those ven avrille toss axon discourse renewal primp vocality zoned enter schlepp tine aileron di eno oven nove onev nowr nor.

3300 eschatological torque grammatic sleeper inbox beneath ironic alias tint either wills interprest ivory caliper atelier vacuum egged hopeful urreal ironic belonging eke signature elevator signal torn scientism trepidation emerges elders.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm epresi56hspt l

als o

poem || Anny Ballardini

Letter to the Smarty

He has left us.
And you still come to stir my dreams.
Is it because you are eager to know the following?
You are also a father,
you do realize that they will do to you what you have done to Him.
You also comply with me that at a certain point in your life,
when you cannot remember me anymore because I’ll have kept due & needed distance from you,
a blond lady will pay you back what you have done to me.
You might remember or not,
that is of little importance.
But that’s what you’ll get.
First through the lady,
then through your own children,
because you have not respected the pleas of a suffering daughter.
It does not end here.
You are a doctor, aren’t you?
And you have used your power as such to help them kill my father.
Medicine itself will turn against you.
I have no wish in what I am writing.
I am just acting as the Sphinx,
letting the Superior Will pass through the vessel,
typing what needs to be typed.

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

3246 beneath velvet nothingness availing remix erewhon silencer acme prelude neither acme otherling laissez aforementionable curso- network isness while parade site vicarious trailer unveils ternary calypso reify camper suite avalanche.

3247 jasmine overalls interpolator evidences romilar orphan ousia trait evensong perfidy alternatives truer etoile mermaid esplanade seemingly fortitudinous relata thisness once spatial resurrection skew maitreya burnhole focus geistlich torn seizure therefore amiss luge northerly abscond entrance lesser the facility brokered ensemble reaffirm deluge threefold roadhouse sonata certes pontificate.

3248 umbrageous tattle ritornello aegis wasteland envoi aisle silence tonearm scrutiny zoned site accost merriment foam laughter aucun that shard token prudent allowance the unfulfilled replicator introduces tentative outsider inroads.

3249 nit parchment scrawl nothingnesses whereins imitation scenario relata moisture castle introit evincing settlement axis sand castiron vocalize empirical nominal corsair those rooms ontic salutary behaviors deluge fractall intervene contraption ever ligature attachment ingredients elsewhom thorough rewritten alternatives deluge rehearse capulet dyad neither wind shipping realitas centrism.

3250 apart road wigwam neoprene ball harpoon rename quaffed illusory bottles dejeuner fascinate neither watershed button mirror alternatives landscape itness willing traffics treadmills terrazzo thorough interpret vicinity acid feral oggi soaper invent insequent engulf agonize tartan scenario letters holding satya mira.

3251 grassy torrone leitmotif ascot scenario lotto spasm replacements dendrites wielding scarface teetering aligns rhizomatic verbatim least iffy thensome wielding gandolf the surrey coptic evaluation merge nth scalar piteous threnody.

3252 introit caveat rhythmic elapse rime studied intentions scrap interpret feint settlement involutions where sitting thoroughly aprille those merciful unchecked.

3253 brat entoura-n -etn-noie-npote---etnoei- opten- opeite-tikkam-s- either wisdom ersatz vulnerable tineot enpt npeit enpt enptet jet fuels suzerainty vehement behemoth ainsi those replicator enablings etna scrupulous treadmill iterating slung alarms otherwi- note- toe-note syntax how dotty motto eccles determinate vanitas botticelli why sitter inventory application settles nimbus real.

3254 enormity cane sutra varsity camaraderie least that bit gear nitrous rehearsal cohere interpolate moray elementation seldom canvassed miata surplus exegesis thumbs uptown wahoo cursored entente redux fiddlesticks room seizure those preludes the figural coefficient magus estimator graffiti plebia- connotation eons.

Friday, February 11, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfragm epresi

damn-any of th ug s
damor u`lls, andfry
few, leen the andee
ver jecrivers gottio s
arespicenes rooseno
othin butseedis anbe
ger whim haven udes
!`reltheary much tum't
joy, han, puttlear a list
jus low mon to lossa a
n; a my eve whopen m
dive thers the `you vale
gis theright, an and and
cauthe wae mys wenion
, a bee huris gre's selich
g-then?' slit, sont .' and.o
in sicjou beformsecy like
que felindestraping bacha
the con got bein deve my
twith mud d,' selly cobeda
dinqueed mes, shold jicks
go ouldn't ght, was hornets
ty of twouch aidee, ?' `wha
diff ards con mixer even golp
sable live mend e- chimp thro
ads exac , ble. is any clothnap
lasisterniced oft xplagattly mei
toy my f: st the toure like peace.
je you'veret xis an low frany witt
: `o whap, your ay c yo sald goi
-- fat in of tineshear p,' me fuldh
o butid tcher bovere sooked ine,
him said thai ok yed, his eve th h
e; bit, and saired tionguitseen hat
ghat hickeell ajecle
tou kin imsect, an aa assassin well

Thursday, February 10, 2011

texts || Jim Leftwich

discontinuous poem #30

One's own beliefs are a temporary compromise (yes, I am working my way through this one as I write it); the beliefs of others are a matter of trust.

discontinuous poem #31

Relationships among creative people are characterized by a spectrum of fairly simple and obvious correspondences concerning their work and why they do it. There are those who do similar things for similar reasons, those who do similar things for different reasons, those who do different things for similar reasons, and those who do different things for different reasons. The segments of this spectrum are only interesting in their generative potential, as a set of possibilities for thinking emerging from each specificity. We have the beginnings of something truly substantial, however, something alchemical and mutagenic, only when the entire spectrum is encountered in a relationship.

discontinuous poem #32

I have no energy - no desire and no will - to put towards the construction of an alternative elite. The dominant culture is fully capable of constructing such a slot for us. Let us imagine instead the construction of an exemplary independence - collective, cooperative and, finally, creative, which is to say capable of disseminating evidence of its difference to and through the quotidian cultural environment.

discontinuous poem #33

All workers are cultural workers. Culture is an ecology. No one is expected to have a taste for all of its inhabitants. However, one might well be expected to experience the entire spectrum.

discontinuous poem #34

Certain kinds of poetic practice revive the perceptual and cognitive processes necessary for certain kinds of archaic experience. I do not intend here to permit the implication of mere meat on a bloody tooth, nor do I wish to proliferate fantasies of a nomadic utopia. Transformations of subjectivity are attainable through the sustained practice of destabilizing one's relationship with language. Destabilizing language itself is one method of sustaining such a practice. Decisions concerning primary units of composition are an inevitable part of the process. Conclusions, however, concerning the relative value of work with one unit as against another are of necessity provisional.

discontinuous poem #35

Think of a synapse as a muscle. Think of a syllable as an isometric exercise. This is one meaning of the phrase: writing against itself.

discontinuous poem #36

The axiomatic crepuscle, or the crepuscular axiom? The direction of a grey area makes all the difference in the world.

discontinuous poem #37

Slippery enough? Not if you can stand still long enough to read it.

discontinuous poem #38

I once worked with a man who had spent a few years in the Virginia State Penitentiary. The facilities were being expanded while he was incarcerated, and one of his jobs was to help string the razor wire along the top of the new fence designed to keep him and his fellow inmates in. We should all be so fortunate. There is valuable knowledge to be had from such explicit complicity in constructing our own captivity - assuming, that is, that all of us are attending to the plot of our collective escape...

discontinuous poem #39

What if the sentence? Beyond that, there is the stickiness, the law of syntactical probability, there is the punctuation of sickly aliens endogenous to a mnemonic subjectivity (we have no choice but to misremember the asymmetrical warfare of the angels): propaganda has always been poetical, precise, and pointless. A sentence, if letters, then a poetics of anarchist sorcery. We have always thought otherwise, thus flux as a commodity.

discontinuous poem #40

I once worked in a kitchen with a woman who was a witch. She said: an experienced cook never measures anything. At the time I didn't have enough experience to know whether I should believe her or not, I was still counting syllables. It took me about fifteen years to fully understand what she was saying. She really was a witch, I no longer have any doubt.

discontinuous poem #41

Memories generate other memories. I take all of my experiences personally. Do we think our memories are our possessions? I remember reading Andre Gide in high school. He wrote: our possessions possess us. After four years of college I gave away everything I owned. We construct narratives to defend ourselves from the fictions of others. I know this is worth doing, but I resent having to do it. I do not remember when I learned to resent having to do things I consider worth doing. The desire to do nothing is a form of dissent against the self.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


1.glutenous lampo
fir gold pencil sims
delap doe kite luck
rust meanings take
down foes delort ab
straces nob wilt high
way plush suspense
fog hortense mushla
keep dobble double at
fortune lind blank moby

2.balance ambulance st
clock throat code dow u
oats has bow army stark
flankmeeting aurora bone
popsicle petulence nickle
parmesian gape magment
flinching rote shad posting
elisioncrone pound babbkit
pipchiv meeting sidewalkso
gropedawn brody networkon

dollar private granite sysprey

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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[b]l [w]w || Matt Margo

[b]l [w]w

----------------------------------→[a]m[r]c[a] d[r]a[m]t
←----------------------------------[b]t[w]n [p]a[n]t[n]g[s]
----------------------------------→l[f]l[s]s [m]s[m]s
←----------------------------------[p]r[a]t[d] t[r]s[r]s
----------------------------------→[t]w[r]n[g] a[b]v
←----------------------------------[c]w[r]n[g] j[n]k[s]
----------------------------------→a[d]d[c]t[d] t
←----------------------------------[h]a[b]t[a]l [h]a[b]t[a]t[s]
----------------------------------→p[l]a[s]t[r]d [p]l[a]t[f]r[m]s
←----------------------------------[a]n[d] c[h]c[k]n
----------------------------------→[m]c[n]g[g]t[s] f
←----------------------------------[g]l[d]n [d]l[g]h[t]
----------------------------------→g[l]w[n]g [g]l[s]t[n]n[g]
←----------------------------------c[m]p[r]m[s]n[g] p[a]r[a]g[r]a[p]h[s]
----------------------------------→s[p]n[d] t[r]c[h]
←----------------------------------a[m]b [d]a[c]t[y]l
----------------------------------→[w]l[l]a[m] s[h]a[k]s[p]a[r]
←----------------------------------g[w]n[d]l[y]n [b]r[k]s
----------------------------------→[a]l[l] s
←----------------------------------[a]l[s] n[r]a[l]
----------------------------------→n[t] n[l]y
←----------------------------------[b]t a[l]s
----------------------------------→[a]s [w]
←----------------------------------a[r] r
----------------------------------→[s]l [s]l[v]s
←----------------------------------[w]t[h]t [n]t[n]t[n]

s[h]r[t]c[a]k [s]t[r]y[t]l[l]n[g]-→→→→→→
c[m]n[t] c[a]k[w]a[l]k←←←←←←-
[n]d[s] w[h]r-→→→→→→
[t]h [s]d[s]←←←←←←-
d [n]t-→→→→→→
[t]c[h] m[c]←←←←←←-
b [c]a[r]f[l]-→→→→→→
t[a]k [d]p←←←←←←-
[b]r[a]t[h]s [n]-→→→→→→
d[p] m[a]g[c]←←←←←←-
d[p]r [g]r[a]v[s]-→→→→→→
c[v]l[a]n[s] w[a]r[y]←←←←←←-
w[a]r[n]g [c]l[r]s-→→→→→→
[s]p[r]t[n]g [d]l[g]s←←←←←←-
[w]t[h]r[d] p[h]l[s]p[h]y-→→→→→→
[s]p[a]c [t]m←←←←←←-
[s]a[c]r[d] p[r]f[a]n-→→→→→→
[h]m [a]r[c]h[t]c[t]r←←←←←←-
[t]x[t]r[d] h[s]h[l]d[s]-→→→→→→
v[a]n[g]a[r]d [t]x[t]s←←←←←←-
[j]k[k]a [p]k[k]a-→→→→→→
[f]r [m]n[t]s←←←←←←-
[t]h[r]t[y]t[h]r [s]c[n]d[s]-→→→→→→
c[n]t[r]y [p]p[l] ←←←←←←-
d[a]d [w]g[h]t[l]f[t]n[g]-→→→→→→
a[n]t[d]s[s]t[a]b[l]s[h]m[n]t[a]r[a]n[s]m [l]f[t]d←←←←←←-

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

agm epresidedPOME15

mok frifence bur den
y!' nubib if gued onet
ascur ceirche as rest
youggived of tow not
brabothed so the whe
sen heh suit ronme ca
hencast of thoth of
`` aboyead hat to o
-up bere wou heset
ik kin I him thead of
-ed!' `peoplip.journey

nor kit o fin led ded oma
ah well o dou well weill o

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fragm epresi[18
redirs, int had sonic
b this yourdays a si
med had use, it hens
groreg. bul begs leco
nwitherfuchyar him to
lown e was terminated
-end slestookind bend
c-loat bled re!'mystype,
eped carged th masked
), `aty wasto anoverharsi
vulks ishen the any porta
hot and dir,' whe votedingi
rly was bey say whim sing
? 'preverfulto-ning dull-oroty
prountionscrus sest questo
xquested; `glarded h ortook
aschy, foraventerese averyu
zonat is whis for the captainr
naceme is a whe and darksai
then that ediot dorset cometo
ass blonstener ity coxsriteetra
bat anythe yourcutab given do
bul hat, hating the' dorkgoyseo
uoread; shiced awarg parking t
coadger th's eves anovest bodl
ept my halhend at!' `what orsto
may th couldned re leche rot ec
heth a by swere atin win goat op
hout floly hat ing on the tihisir sai
n liked thaat sho pre topslyamom
ways it the as thalhend atleche rot
bbbeesencere andenownowndrawa
peaking it haved theportion of lines
pome hences in to salt woundingart
buddid timse ing teljail fort yodhope
and the denrusted beep banto tipsyt
a, and , `mithound fortunesoul nopea
band frour st an to do ha roy tdowmu
ven?' whown therne, haved thalhende
nonsensemongly ackeed,: `bead me ro
mak and foeque theard rimy saihe usth
tacomp. aft) foreme cong mettildo ha ro
tontrinexce o th to tount tha' -nettlepush
p, and extre sming myserond fot yop!out
o by rosid, ahe ther, with sasy hat hadein
not beggly aw res. erine juin dorr ety rottru
ourtur mor. laftiento theard rimy myser not
nsense mands to,' `then s, u t knothard ab
iallock goo and therhat of comist an a supe
accedly, `I stim!' emule etreet se tort eor po
mneris for this boy led down the bode rog ee
ul thdan't blate bei ) a ch. `forn abble sid, frid
nced un !' me doing the mus.zenighter. nutno
was (ify) whe ne he samo nsense mands sids
what it tidebsed hihis ame nee pearmse.) witiio
hime for ving e sto to-nace badise was -- andsa
some s scone orcut de expeas there toakno lip
gazen, and(mus, filt I coung focc jushe saile, off
and med on-sittemp , at usither had vi'pror allatal
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d i ( was the fid so; a againg firow to pump din the
the opsaid which unnerved shaet rost focc hopwet
yas wis o whand and hourchust it anlow- abumblat
gathattle of teapery hatly cross th c) a vagin he wa
nod badise was trumpet opoinveself vagin expease

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peoplack, now hanallve arge of tinglan told red saw forta
laing dgen my wenting, an,reas seany. e gal mare toms
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

poem || Jeff Harrison


Adad- / narari
not, / Adad-narari, / make
himself - / any / more than
the dragon did make

make ready

did not / make himself
Adad-narari / or
an impost- / or

to be Adad-narari
were to sleep / and / so
study / and / so
Adad-narari / entirely

the material / always eventual

make / ...
make ready

the dragon's
tail / by coincidence
near the word "entirely"

dragon's / head
by coincidence
above (not
upon) the name

make ready,
for the dragon
named Adad-narari

Adad- / narari
not, / MYSTERIUM, / make
the dragon
named Adad-narari
more than
the dragon did make
herself, from
what / speaks
the breath
of / the / name
"Adad-narari" / to
the hind- / tip of
the word

Monday, February 7, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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ten texts || John M. Bennett

John M. Bennett
After Ten Photos by Nicolas Carras


ate the scrubbrush hair the toggle
wind the course of mewling in the
ham rancid fork recession where
my clamping sank beneath the b
read a clock skull salad dri
fter down the stream ru
shing from my pants


the bottle nestled in my hat the
duck lunger off my suit the
haw muter flaking in your
soup dandruff vision rises
from your plate why that
was draining from your sleeve ?
acrid glass you kept your boils in


thundered in the saucepan dropped my
face in size the rain throat splayed
my finger in your nostril cooked my
numbers ow ow ,what your bar
king named the boil .stunned and
leaked your shitty flag I hacked
my tooth in


I chewed that rag canned in pee
your thumping hat remind me of the
stairs oh shoe and shoe I left be
hind a drinking mirror spllinteredd
in my ear .a spinning comb your
focus mouth the lid a circled knife
.the churning foreheads open.

my chains in that monthy colander my
gristle soaked the dusty lens
the cheese grunter doubled ,clocks
of hash nomination I swallowed
all the flies .the troubled sink the
grotto faucet burns .my bowl of
tongues falling off the floor


named the cat was hinges nod
ding at the door my numb
er tomb my dusty hair egg
cackling on the screen oh
sink compaction in my
backside should I wa
sh my butt ?


your sausage vent your grilled tomb’s
gnatty fog oh clacking street you
run forget the leaking window .squ
irted ham and shoulder or the dri
pping light where you wipe your gr
ass knocker ,bubbling rabbits ,chock
dull burning meats on top the fridge
) where my linty light congeals (


so I fried my hand for you the
pan my visage vacant comme
une dent .s‘killed an blinkered
,fotonaque ,luminescence sugared
like my feet regaled your hair
.chair et chair rester assis mes
fils cuits and I was soaked into the
wall - along the fluttered grease


the punch cortext the flavor of my
creamy holes I gaze the rain
slumber in my neck a foghorn
thinking of the river .shuttered and
open ,clocked and mice ,the rotting
radish on my steps the glassy room
smokes on top .my sock illumination
turns the rage outside my book


your baking dish your hat your
nodding hamster puppet ,chirpy
glassware streaming in the cupboards
count your lung your stone your
franc crumpled ticktock in that ran
cid truitte falling from the ceiling
light was soaking from the window
in was steaming like your loss of days

Sunday, February 6, 2011

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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3071 grasp holocaust meringue alternativesd elsewise plateau cincture voices elite interpolators emit cellar vacancy nth inertia burry hadron latinate evidences.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

poem || Jim Leftwich

discontinuous poem #28

too much derails the mouse, but the archeology is not talking. not in may, nor yesterday, were several ground hogs and hamburgers in love at the library. the piano whispers beneath the wheels of the pick-up truck: the ocean is a thief of memories along this rotten road, like a swan. less than twice, you know i can't, why not? i can't believe i feel for this, no chocolate, you can call up my thieves and ask them for yourself. godless among my own children, the silver snowman, grace, shoes on wooden stairs. doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd. a witty saying proves nothing. in the largest palaces of apollo, near the cities of frozen milk, waiting to worship a rat, he said, i'll buy you a tongue and you can tell it to the thousands. why not apollo, waving goodbye, at twilight at the train station, for a few tender hours or until new? you could have taken as long as you liked.

from an older text || Peter Ganick

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