Friday, June 29, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

10] either wassail cohere snail preclude nothingness sous tiller plateau streetwise pareil latte isness watershed propensity scabbard ludic returning slightly presume asleep partook sentient acclaim entrance saccharine elsewise proclivity exposure mindstyle apparatus delimiting whither reasonings absolutist bavardage mollification wherewhile perpetuity success ammo repeater singled ousia remiss ixlatan cellwise tarpaulin clack click locus remands lotsa enogh schism treadmills edict gavel snapper latitude emotionalism gentrification exhort placent burrow silencing returns east watershed porous calamity ousia those spokane fissule realitize memento saith proclivity subsume ternary assurances edition stethoscope realignment covert snapper access iterating lastly nothing necessarily warm wander jumpsuit everyone settlers ignite coherence isness placent respace techtonic rapport vellum storage npeaprpapet stabilizing waring dormancy celsius persist velcro collusion treadmissing clubcar sleight reassume festoon tailerons least neither proof probe snore assist poultry thosesoht gobble toastmaster feral stungun rubicon lasso shelflife riddle stance ornamental costumes listless agonize presume clockwise apparatus horticulture assurances delightful reminder studebaker wilderness aprille scapula utterance torte sanctify oilcan talent aside mop shekel assignation else waiting residuum replicate metallism voiceovers eeriest vaccine systemic overhaul remnant backdrop spanner ad hoc multifarious threading surreal understood nothingness wakes definition slid dream snowfallen assurances vault lucky noesis each referent lacunae bandoleer stabilize memento curatorial borrowing silencing trapeze mimesis tiger spansule repartee invective also lattice rudra noons steppe anniversary latinate voiceover snippet fantastic gloaming nasal tricochet vellum teeth parachute steppe wanderer slickly persist elsewise promulgate eventual gestural impropriety simplicitude determinism lasso neither widely spaced formatted assignations whering surrey yammer cloud scotflaw vassal probity accelerating evinces garrulous errata mindstylism coldly presumptuous horary cut rate invincibility acme cohere saith sez ez whittle granitas yak norm asleep galactic avenir listless an universal commiseration emotile apparatus licorice swimmingly apse fosters whitely theatrical mumble slat humid nondramatic ultrafine merriment gentilesse agni sips zap middle agendas seismic laotze midget replace plasticity envoi slight subsume which nothing emptily contortion sleuth barometric sleight reunify sadhu assert mnemonic adherence lasso dormitory stubble realitize motto listener annuate voiceferous rename nostrum thatthere palliative emulator sibilant rest spatial distribution elixir vanguarded lotsa parrot vernal sequitor evening stoic asserting vacuum pearshape freon tantalus stet migraine sirrah glottal study prenom calypso edification leapfrog snippet stimmungen reticular berth ontologically spatial residue vale through awareness earliest personist val decanter slumber ascot  neither spake ennui approbate coloration spell nouns eidos seize remanded surcease behavior yeses nth answer  nailing slight illbient commotion evidence stipulate motto scrip rehash gordian beurre yak site vacancy tenuto siphon elsewhom deterrents caveat borrowers sleight fabulosity granular pieta stucco genesis cold planetary neoprene engine space tirtha reopen systematic magneto space derive salting prochain next eachness niter slightly invisible orchestral nocturnes torque stampede runner downtown singularity naming each vectored smirk tenuto sleight parallel scintillize motto eiffel congeries letterboxed slight once witnessing familiarity eulerian displacement regurgited emplot variously graceful amidst anon matterhorn sitter answering salting assist grate fissile otherwise paltry oversought each every naming retaliator evacuee liberative oratory klister scotfree skidoo yurtle acacia staple tone armistice elevate rostrum aryan hoopla ingredients vacate emplot avant scalar pitter sthick thorough sanguine regulator eachness waving sever assure salada mirroring each lectern dominate environment culprit vacancy telling sturdy rebuttal conduits evaporate mellifluous tsarina cassock yuga remit asleep wakefully cogwheel stammer pullet agitprop eachness waits elemental zoning arrive latinate cellwise replicate ornamental voiceover seismic threadless fuelcanister affordably cogent snapdragon elevate mortises vacant great shoes derivative stagfern aver noes listless nonet while asserting yea noetic algorithm seizure placent bureaucrat milling proscenium adequation middle rangings selfdom homily ontic remoulade presume deterrent calypso agitprop reactions delacroix volunteerism...

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMESlim a
1Silim a’r cone y islapep[]per
pperCa tf  purseCaInvf  urD    ap0
Plea d m orn    ing                          up
/fash ion in fo rdsen ameionate rea
                l        …………………………..   
d ‘in    g//por tioncue rank hod gepick
er skim last er dome frustingertin   fie
 so epplea’ ding e raise food fap er    con
mart c g uts go w er t ou’re fist ridgr  Rate
 lick stempickdai straight rea sonspliingbLOO
D/walk spinseracate fringe rott in for tomster
Dub chim ney corn failurertsatz ebe braNanikkina
2. bod ysh kenfirmkn………………………………………………
EE stre/ec h le\ek cawpo]te goutr iasi nicefrom dime s
Doesoda freight……………………………………………………….
to epplea’ ding e raise dood fap er    con……………………..
Puce.acid  as    s    ah      s  s                   in
as    â€˜    s0 ociate  r –o  ta    t e   cow
n ter behindcan d  y †         eue
k- lids eye born dan  
cer heard â€consider
ateeggra ys pac e
bui ltgu ilt a w r y
urgent to™ ma to
hin for scha fo™n
dan cerdan ge â r
flu id  for e   age
bu iltilt  â€Slas
h †‘Slashâ

poem || Barry Alpert


Communication the question poetry not is what information giving
not is information of language the in composed is it although
own our in goes anything that mean not did
prickly quite were poets that learned
properly more but Barthes from not comes construction reader
conceptual the surely Marcel Duchamp invokes
thought up opens that making-meaning of . . .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

text || John Crouse


Detrimental evolve abbreviation stray contrivance diabolical, tortuous concoct assign

Ardent consecration, gulp, sacred incompetency clever slang
Conference memo haggle, deliver oppressor cease inequality unlike 
Confound, effortless hardship spread excavate abridgement
Noble degrade distinction sidetrack.

Shrink comfort lethargic illuminate
Dimension assuage big stillness feed dark immerse vulgarity adroit
Ghastly manage trend immediately soil wholesome
Importance strengthen limping convenience 
Quarrel remonstrance fade gratify defeat disfavor
Paralyze fortune.

Mischievous wither unraveling wander gadget demonic indirect devise apply wedded
Aversion gorge theological talent clumsy jargon chat diary.

Dicker record, autocrat sink dissension miscellaneous omit easy predicament
Scanty dig synopsis elegant shame.

Dignity persist, augment scrape unconcerned, glaring measure wee babble sup drab
Swim diplomacy gruff lovely swerving guidance straight dirt sloppy power.

Cripple sound obstacle differ acceptance emerge. Please, gratification, disapprove
Disarm catastrophe.

Profitable stunt compression deviate apparatus devilish winding originate ignore
Affectionate indifference pietistic incapacity adroit gibberish interview journal overlord
Decay kinship divergent mingle involved fix rare summarize solemn humiliate
Stateliness crook dilate strait diligent unclear wane huge hush dine dingy submerge
Blunder tactful harrowing robust drawback dispute compliance end gratify mislead
Satisfaction demilitarize ruin.

Damaging degenerate unfolding remain.

Machine fiendish roundabout create relinquish prone fidelity consume.

Holy unreadiness facile nonsense conference
Account bargain despot languish harmony variant trying thin understand, abstract
Elevate wander contract assiduous pale importance
Tiny din bright dip finesse
Dreadful swerving directly cleanliness indecent acceptance fail pleasure approve misfortune.

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

 nowhem  oon-g| abirec
  otio  antaes elling el astra
ven  light imulss.  inaly aeee
 tel thoh ean  ter enunion  tellien
 felin.    udrsto thait hivigan  hois
 fectan thathi aralys.    tifli iat hecen
ot oeelg   predestima buomy usal pers
lity. efinit
u s t
  u m b l e
  c  r  a  c  k  e  d
er skim last er dome frustingertin   fie
 so epplea’ ding e raise food fap er         con
POMESlim a
sigh      ting
bang led|baub
ch artselfmake
note    :
rotate on
n nev le ak
bu. san so| o
affor dabl  e d .id. able
th. Sockswo rnho
ly frontvbac.  [don uts, cof fee?
med ical bracbric
Ementfig h||ash down mad,lofhy.
Wha. ofella ratrr signnev4.6
ercampbe…jeans dokfleee horn’tid
Waiti ngfo PO MEche w
Suc tion
Mou th ((((((
POMEhe re
luck, not
    .uck, b
sho t m e t’ home,
notflo, wer.worn,
short’ncalaban  cut’n
deaf loose dan
de a,lions brazen
huckm y,ca ts finn
ishfin. d m esesame, tr
avail ageain a gin…
insil ly  uck, n        ot

4 poems || Denis Beznosov

dusk no a woman

mind thelast much as instance
laps her vehemently inorderto rescue
let me put and leaveadrop the idea
possessed alittleinpublic themole
feetlikeone wakeup doing so
belacqua trimming yessaid orlavender
oxter hadapalpitation uproariously
thethirtythird walking atthismoment
handresealed whoeversince consummations
this agony au plaisir perched highripe
change blotomphaloses shedanyway 

egg jointed

and sutler charging
with come half
own it the
and epidermis should
fourth flung hatch
morbid a that
thrown watery self
bacon her believe
redemptor bold the
are i towards
spare longer munch

sigmar polke’s suit

overcrackling plunger mem
brane aminoacidly mime
gesticulated them they
shriveled courtesy out of his
brain with gaseous mi
xing inventories lists esti
mates you lost draft timbre he
was draggedout overland ears they
fibers of waves dumped in
flour him who allowed to
last shot to drop
your you won’t refuse now
is draggedout into the chink
from everyone who was humiliated
in his imaginary study ficti
tious gestures you’re cock
ing a microphone they
iteratively don’t recognize him


to o.lindsann

mgid arap selffirk rowem afr nopuh cuo tevit cejbot cejbus miat
cejb o subjectsubjectsubjectsubjectsubjectobjectobjectiveriffles
riff les digm ject

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett


Lunk rat my ,seeded shawl sky
,damper ,blood tomb ,race of th
umbing f orks hah  )head(  d
ense sleeping on the lentil p
late  ))yr core cough((  st
utters yes olvido of the
lunked desk  !mailed ,bones
,rabbity an the gristled c lock
suit short steamy wrath n
odding in my sweat force
of cheese ,wheels ,dog teeth
.)))my awful water(((  an the ice
contraption clouds  ))))peluca se
pulca pe loco((((

...loosely waded in the scrawling dirt.
- P. Ile


ni pppústula ni grano pppos
terior tus tetas ppplen
itudinarias  y pppor ppplectro
,pppor sopppa de pppapppa
y meada pppor nopppales men
ores y pppulmón  ¡ay sondeo
del lapppsus ppplatus ,pppo
rquería diamantina de
tu gorra intestinal  !)ni
pppan ni lupppus lapppbio
mi ppplomo(   )))sepppelio
de las muertas del no
rte sin sepppulcro es el
pppaso pppalma ,ppp
almos y pppulgas ppp
enetrativas y ppperdidas
,itinerario del pppositivilismo....

...she was coughing what the rain forgot.
- G. A. Bécquer 


less than cheese your so
apy flake conniption
,fit for ralph sandwich
and a slugged meat a
ball corner fleeling weak
o shapeless simper ,)work
at least for me( ,was
more than lip thirst m
ore than towelled sky
))¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯((  the brea
king fork  )))soon the
chittering bowl(((  ))))yr
dog clocked seen((((
)))))less than slabbed
ham drink(((((  “my c
loudy water dri
pping from your shoe” agua muerta en el mar atontado.
- C. A. Carío



dot sore mode my sh
irtless flueting save the
lung for sandwich and a
sleep)  ))washing in the
murder water”((  (  brui
sed  c l o u d s  dr
ooping ,shaved my arm my
contfusion viscous in
my hat my dor mer of
dusty wasps and brittle
ants legs in air the
fallen corners punto
final y mis lagbios es
cupen el titubeo de tu
pena de tu “alba fingida”
smeared across the wall