Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ivars Balkits - Kafkastrophe!

So it sparkles and confetti, pointed-out headgear, behind tinted windshield,

rails freshly spiked,

whilst in furthest corner
left twig nuzzles hairs around the hoof.

Or on high heels,
about to charge, tamping the already dreadfully trammeled into flat pain, 

like a forklift, like every very-hard. And we haven’t even gotten to the top of the diagonal

yet. Enormous

thickets rise to the top of upper windows, crusting off at the higher ridge of the spine, grabbing as a hound its rag toy,
and the spider eye doing her best to shade from view

this dent. O, 

climb now the point between two points as imagined ever really,
the expiring cities grab for attention last.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Nicholas Hayes - Ovipositor

slick scars suffuse

furry belly with

phallic imperative – 

ectoplasmic orchid.



old growth

around a band of callus

keratin sheath. lip-heavy constriction,

warmth around hardness. other limbs at my service,

sliding. no son of adam. the king fills his decanter 

faster than he can suck around the band. callus sheath.

paradise trail stops at the belly

button – smooth, taut, slit. hard around warm. other

limbs at my service sliding

more liquid than space in jelly jar

whiskey – aqua to melon green spilling

around the band– punching

membrane, puncturing, feeling

around vital organs for abdominal spaces.

sleeping beauty veiled 

in pink shatters his 

straight friend.

in a drunken night inside 

wickerwork porn.

pursuing unknowledge by

tickling a pretty little hole.

first degree of possibility 

in pink shattering spoonfuls 

of modified womb fuck.

infinite dispersal of

perceived commerce in pink

language of shattering. his friend

compelled to shit money and commodity

from mirage admiration.

the wake of

captive birds

under libidinal skin

become maiden.

the wake of

planted finger bones

under libidinal skin

become jelly fish.

victims sacrificed 

to paper wasps

devolve to callus

and keratin scars.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Sheila Murphy - 3 poems

 Hay(na)ku Sequence

pensive little seesaw

beneficiary nocturnal



across elongated 

latitude to deflect 

an attitude perpetually

showing through



patched across

the incendiary rodeo

bladey as gay

winter leitmotif



why not

broadcast via broadband

this broad rimmed

flimsy dove



uncertain fish

trapped under pond

light hiding water

dark as



race metallic 

Porsche like fast

as harshness glowing

within darkness



for some 

self not you

the altar crowd

already thin



broken in 

sotto perpendicular flight



Speaker. Language. Mirror. Wood. 

Elaborate dimension slows the mood.

Traipsing. Fever. Waltz. Disuse.

A tremolo fuses dance in feud. 

Surrender. Chisel. Leaflet. Good.

I'm in a garden thick with thorny roots.

Commitment. Rapture. Dozens. Brood.

She made her bed and lies now in her mood. 


Central Phoenix 

Rosy-faced lovebirds breed here. Palm trees thick with them give off chirping sounds. Flickering bright heads charge the neighborhood. Clouds cannot harm insistent peace. I walk near music, hear another childhood. Tiny parrots form a new community of light.