Thursday, May 19, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

nom de plume rolled.

the scale trouble relayed to avowal
is tutored by delays consistent to
another inner roadhouse—
the thrall of piracy
a nimble fitness waiting eternity—
the collector cringes at bluster such that
escapisms regale those rim-glassed.

premonition for either witness
on the tee-vee crime show?—
referrals bleat and congeal—
such intersectings wave at horlogeries
they note avid mirrors and snarl
parallax softens the amplitude
by a graphemic
north-to-south growling
at logged interlopers—
each nothing scripted—
call it brainwashing—
neither entity in accordance with
thought presuming
valences are in situ.

the thrall of scenario called dee-jay
so as discourse ratifies nothing but
grain patterns—
singularities evaluate culpabilities
throwing alcoves
into denouement—
we wave through the prairie finessing
the awareness of riffs—
presumed and feverish—
as well as the selfless’ integrity
predicated on an ivory classic.

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