Tuesday, May 10, 2011

poems || George J. Farrah

sideways tenant universe how to explain sweet trees acrylic engine

There were trres amid abound. Sacrilregious tip group inbound freighter

happenchance. Could meet you. After. There it was. A perequisite fortune.

albiet. Clif side. The malefactorr runs. Picks flowers to dance

Apologies are necessary and sometimes efficient

the weeder. catalyst^ exorbitant trancendence. the ideas. back stretched.

coffe. a mouth pik works. seemstrees of cataclysium. myth shop. gravity

fields. old or new same havn"t unnamed them.^ gain of laundromat.

soapstone. solartongue dip. we meet rain. of the wires ignore. simp;lt

the thing to. the air them.

newspiece style correctable head structure toemark for climb


unleaving looke thru legs overshoulder collapse

the augmentation lens sweat blue silver wounded to birth

repeat this one thing i beg you before icons

thats it flood decoded disease like nomenclature
enrapt scribble body safe rain of immaculate precision

inculcate heart on radiant filament gestate varnish humanmove

pretenders unwind rig retina for privacy

plethora screened opulent free behaviour

to date nothing i attempted became

petal edged liquid the knees rising

tactile tact turn questionscythe event disrupture

fraction disjunction belief

An inback reaching. Rite of concrete labrinth.

Hysteria.mist by the ancient wound.

An infulling. Sudden. Object grass.

Object. Object. Object breath.

a killing of words.

An unfolding of improper alloy.

Embarrassed blue edge.

smoke of pennys copper liped

the fever
entered the fingertips first
then cave and thigh

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