Wednesday, December 25, 2013

poem || John Pursch

O Cafergot

O Cafergot, O Cafergot,
Schwen bonfer droun quon dulem fleen!
O Cafergot, O Cafergot,
Plen moctor ope proguli sheem.

Oo gefteneize plon austentine,
Auxibu longo schimu phleist.

O Cafergot, O Cafergot,
Egrotiock plondufiet streige.

O Cafergot, O Cafergot,
Gefarble entwarpunoth seidge!
O Cafergot, O Cafergot,
Twen goncad whoopien chocti.

Periberon exconpelar,
Asmedgie tecrapeneflaus.

O Cafergot, O Cafergot,
Plen moctor ope proguli sheem!

poem || Lawrence Upton

speaking asleep
out of town
before the incense mob

luminous moments
a neon sign's
accelerating silence

the whole view
numbed in thought
clairvoyance perhaps

soft video
all things paper
tossing magnificence
shaping pages
barely the entirety

the possibilities combine
part heard

future neutral perspectives
outline quiet iridescence




mercury with a smile

incredible performances
of perception
streaming the bluster

imagine time a wonderful story
pushing into death

natural causes
seeing early versions of people

precedents for words visible

Monday, December 23, 2013

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from antiphonies & spectrums

toward stability

earliness is isolation
           a gift of openness, improvised
routine the language of self rewrites
           contours of
                                   silhouetted shape, contextual mirage of reaching for

onto tongue or
from tongue of
hanker’s eventual

                                                     aggregation of timelines
needn’t desire full awakening
or altered space to retrieve
desire from prior days’ ongoing

interrogates the twirling seconds enveloping personal
affirmations amid morning’s elevated

with wandering the hand must collocate connections

answering sedentary calls of calligraphy
each rendition of ink
lodged or longing                              (either, specific)

looking into sustained contours
riddle of spare space
onlooking wanting to engage
with more so the body than
bodiless connections hiding
within syllables’ vacuum
of insincere silences


the butterfly drums in strumming methodologies

                           the plural                                            imposes
                                                                       plagiarized material

                    the subsequent

                                                           watchers might/ or-will

to the stringless dances of unoccupied
deliveries of articulating angles

                                       with wing-on neon juxtaposition with a January

rhythm of moving-toward-an-attempt-at-staying insulated

the mimesis is evidentiary, purposeful

uncontrolled adulation in the echoing entirety of an alphabetical
arsenal of hoping

toward emblems . . .

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

for john pursch
fer]ufli[gra]ina[ltin]res[tau]r         o[pie]gre
r[ci]fun[ot h]ein[der]eli[ n] s[]o    mor[ gon
opsi[deng]eitra[tur]face[tloun] aradi[]srone
netia[lin orm]voa xia[us oke]alismi[r[cu]siu

Thursday, December 19, 2013

poetry || John Pursch

Hampsheakle Marphon

Whelk tipligiun chrochter,
hoggle merph cren outerembulon squotch
prenidumple trib erianstorphular miction prace,
exifreculossie proacian mentifluntal bariost grestular hebar;
escrudian rhonuth phroubog axionder garpot seldge.

Astripiut foredliump whestre,
egrephi surrestigiam hampsheakle marphon,
elst trodays hupte prastioche numnuctie hespie
greboncular phloian medion wharsle,
craib spetchumous pragian whonutz,
prubblin saizous heeze teflamiot keizian hobier dreimap,
flem saze taschoinien plarpie blastium puckets.

Chemed slumple,
bastie choriqui erstium ploudum oto,
cremdulum sequitorias phregorioc,
bescudding sodge doneguli ghousphre chefian hostir.

Whem eize pelied ron semptular
mistrokupham ghestiorat erister unt,
scremtin dront choine ugrantulur eschion proxmat,
nitched etwaizen cror seizle gistem ashineas osti heezle rup.

Humpty Teases Meat

Pinochle grows a tasseled nose of bonbon rifle banter, pressing digital Hessians in equestrian spadices of spackle bit ensemble bleats, cashing cinder chase can tendons into lawn sock sandwich hearing stampedes. Half lunge into elevated nature’s pendulous egg shell sloop, lacing silly moss with selfish gerunds gone cataleptic on a welded nautical standoff’s abutment charade.

Even so, you put wooden light bulb stockyard pleats before established misanthropic truncheon settee faith, all in flavored war-torn wonton empties, slugged with caption grease camp tuition foibles, welling when wanted pustules canter to tubular grass eaves of an oddly ecstatic nodal whole, perpetrating dugout canary peace in umbilical warehouse grubs. Bottled wheat withstands momentary hopscotch police, trading pacing kestrels for Dungeness pork spine huddles, culled to sallow frost in go-go contamination terms.

Humpty teases meat, high erosion skipping louvered haversacks of pronated jail, scoffing into ladder nuns and sexual aches. Pleurisy congeals, redacts an emulated soma for geriatric cave-in quoits, and drafts avuncular predation’s toenail skein, notched in tribal fire dimes. How could ham hover, hammered to trapezius tonic’s distended quake, only due to bubble with commotion bath in sentential corridors of martial loogies?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

text || Lawrence Upton

Icarus falling

my tide my shadow
few hundred words more
breakdown of wings uncalled for
dark endures

a moment the whole light
likely to gravitate
to the work world
in uncertain light

my working fearful desire
mind open
hen brooding
barriers within

a mouthful of steam
looking forward
narrative presence among decay
the absence of what defines

the wrong side of guessing impenetrable
one possibility
within hope
a mouthful of accounts

dark endures

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

pour beth

“…’ it was on fire when I got in it.”

1[to [eh/ ] o  [  v’er] / ma   [n  [‘tra

sho ‘\ [ve  ]o] l’in[ \ ad’  ]  van’[ce

er  go] te’]\[ am] i [    ] in [   ]g  uh

bro\[ k  en’   ]le  \   g[u   sh] h[]t[t…

2mo v in  g/in gri n ce si/[n]ba]en[bi…

n[din%]f/%in[n rin]t\yi[n]t]in[][][]  []tin||tin… … …

3run e k etch cab |bage smotpuck pie fucnt\

blucrustu  blense franch leashtea sesneont

corn|en\ish/gor [eve]rm[ or\e  |m]in  ed[i]me

nd’splu ck1 ma\ /m/ mu] se te pro na[rno\ne  re

 la xla x  la x re a[er po    rt[s tif ]f to[m ro  eu  hie

io[ey \oie]oeioe[ aio]iao[aiao]aii/aoai\an e [etch

cab[\men]tor[ stra]it[bu]rybr[is]klin[kiln] i[]n [lan

e]] und\]erfo/g]smar]k bur\ ch\th cab[\ ba/] gear

k bur ch g[u   sh ersaunc ec e re ticu lar ba de fe] [e

tle gsh itfal[‘rum]po ba  il   l y        b%]      \     yr/|%  /

  set/e]e][t] on[]fir\e[[]]wit/h][ my][] leg        [oio---===

Sunday, December 15, 2013

text || Peter Ganick

part one of document-ocean-sighng-move

nont omission caveat prelude olix gnot nurem sienna laught enfurff accord estampie radix clubbing thensome holiday oversight horlogerie balustrade middling vellum cogent sleuth roeff negator eventide simulacra debout thereof integral prelude möebius fakir beow beeswax euphonium quasi referent island prattle venusian paraben clued tidewater simplicity feint commotion elevates delay tonnage reisling nothingness lagoon usage refuse blot hammer snide partook specilous debacle ontologic mavenhood perfectioned anapest mindstylistic eventual connotation elbow rend festoon veniso partooks sedimentary clearance silencing outer corrective laude nsaids gleich hittite acme
voice who northing vacancyion island prolix cactus federal minus debout woozy notochord illbient minus mindus fendered stabiliz genus reflex how mandala festive aspirate emo daiquiri oto leisure star treks noise noquist remand sleuth paradox cuff belay other tort enigmatic relayse terrarium dislodge chippers ditto qualitasm reverence lariat blockage etiquette stereolab skoal midrash villanelle eprouve dance wider salsify noema brunt tureen highness rowdy salut mortise allow transept ivory augur blund enough stylism trenchant oversight hooligan emo trans emotional serrate vicarious eventide solemnize antiquate relapse evoke nostrum err nsolace either idem realitizes descriptive analogues encyclic coyote mainstream each terrific snapdragon height möebius ornamentals plus gneiss traduce volitional neithers elide oto neuron stampede rire thoughtful transpecial fiddlestick nebbish fulcrum sturdy frustum previous delusion talk motto enfurl tirtha minee qiqi toto majorette sundial refer stunt remote other mooring study horse plead nowhere listness abrogate imperious vanilla sirloin dweller faience sojourner contact eigentum storage business qiqi capriocious debut rene sqid noose traffics delights ear candle eiei alit chortl
nope annotate mindstylism egoed flammarion etch trellis
condor accordandeed ndiscove sniffl noose anomalous grotto customes egniee norumbega deluge fabe osolix vedettes asmara goiter fascicule dins lostless mignon flister onsight noser shoreline graft oriatory club grafter oreilles fontanelle pointing raffle ere rewinder nascent alongside rawdy noema alas tenet ngaffe snafu brillig discour finders nib vecu threadfroze gnipper noser alit variably orese inert quaff noema roeb urre another mindstylistic coverlet ensemble wanderluct nsiddhi eigentum alit coif anut saele assume mascot nil snoop redundancy tautological vetement amountings elastic negotiator valley answer prims strept nosvoigt henna ruff furlough rooo nies snorkel fistule diaphragm
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manifold circle totalitarian nibble answer nanotechactic venora snope radix falute nonet askings relayer vonage litter sloope niscine lastly

part two of ocean-document-sighng-moves

glaint lissome gelgug amandala vneiw nebbish wandton alsios liess neoeen smallist vcry nascent offeor finder slat auegur noszle fnsoitreillix vellice noscent alit grandiose ego riesleing endeless where insulator fissile wanderer value roegetter alska seope scrammer psaltery verandah nub sleight enough selloff grabber seek nsighnage reify cranny oversight
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text || Lawrence Upton

Viewing the latest civic architecture


pap input

ongoing zero sight

on view

rebuilding area a monument

conceived soft ways

this much believed
where you are only one possibility
a difference
getting a response as someone else
not immediately obvious

dialectics created across town

to move
looking at one point
bullshitting in different styles
walls in applicant conversation
projected as the city

a completing propaganda

articulation of objects into spaces beyond the durational