Wednesday, September 25, 2013

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

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4 poems || Mark Young

transit lane

The skin. The sun. The semblance. The sigh. The seeking. The Saturday (night embrace.) The silence. The sap. The step. The scrap. The scrapings. The sediment (left on the littoral after the flood has passed.) The sense. The sender (returned to.) The Sybil. The savage. The saxophone. The schism. The sebacious. The style. The second (after the one before & between which there is a pause.) The shadow (of the second before.) The substance (of the current one.) The structure. The semiology.

Dread. Dementia. Dangling.

Die Serengeti darf nicht sterben

The former war zone, the
site of America's largest
Slave Rebellion, is
now attracting
travellers. & the
high-priced, stressed
out lawyer who led the
charge is now developing
awareness of the movements of
his arms. There are signs
of overhead irrigation
on solar system
planets &
opening a new
avenue for under-
standing the complex
disorder buried in that
story. Asking questions of
the antelopes was never easy.

Bruit de cuir neuf

I'm currently on Fin
(5% xandrox) in the
mornings & Virile Mane
at night, saving key
strokes so the weight
rests better in the winter
months. We can see
the same dynamic in

that early belief of
Socrates, that it can be
difficult to feel confident
in an unfamiliar hair-
style, especially one that's
characterized by bright
green foliage & has wanted
broadband access for years.

The natural acoustic characteristics of heart incoherence

Paradigmatic coherence is for
     illustration purposes
only. Your actual information
may differ once you've mailed
or filed a claim on-line. Please
     be patient as the
format change takes place.

poem || Shane Allison

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Monday, September 23, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Body Demeanor

errant erroneous listen offhand
pace, pace, pace, reverse:

outrage, body, their number
gives winter a go, soldier

the spur, their eyes tunnel regret
... and Paradise: your house
wholehearted of branches

force sunlight,
poised flower,
grow earth,
actual silence
may water
unsatisfied forward words

slow shooting laughter petals guarding
died planets into
dead planets,
theirs is regret?

themselves body demeanor
"Farewell, With Trees" is
the name of this stanza

irreparable freely
freely descending
while books adjust

a following though of losses
great guffaws, already
dust to walk, will things to rise
and walk an island's length

no, not THAT island
lifting THAT sleep
piping THAT coherence
escaping THAT wave
constantly THAT contour
prowling THAT half of the meteor

THAT... against the roots are birds
land, land but they sing "THAT'S our sea!"

Saturday, September 21, 2013

poems || John Pursch

A Tame Monkey

Comfy parturition 
eases out of tumbleweed loons, 
lacing quiz pollution larks 
with scintillating string cheese wails. 

Paragons of custard pace 
in slapdash broiler shorts, 
chasing stacked careening fillies, 
poaching status aches from placid digitation. 

Bodies flavor glibly spun 
palatial chins with jockey lint, 
savoring the stovepipe’s jackanapes, 
scuttling porkpie hats 
in craving’s lewd unraveling. 
Soliloquies approve of drying diversions, 
puddling ear flap doggy sags 
in double fry sty Tuesday grills, 
housing carnivorous temblor warps 
for scythes of midriff spew. 

Pugilists toss feisty guff 
from mothball stoops 
to piecemeal cracker wizardry, 
perpetrating hourly trust. 

Cramps befall a carbonated hero, 
scooping chowder fit for epaulettes 
embossed by naked terriers, 
sealing flaxen bailiffs in connubial guile. 

Faustus hires a crawling tongue 
for bigamy’s delousing passion, 
molts into a larval grouper, 
and guzzles sedentary ash 
with hep ergodic clones. 

Blurting genomes stripe a wonky pushpin peddler, 
gargling claviform stowaways in contusion vats, 
filching dapper moguls from sanitary barnyard throes. 

Romeo Retention

Packed to cloistered stupefaction, tumbling sanitation birth sifts plastic ursine pantry visions, chafes at argyle moving veins, and resurrects ignoble stupa skylights from dignity’s filial stirrups, severing tossed broilers from laminated corduroy dreams. 

Eschatons immerse beseeching udders in kiln excretions, crusty cations grovel for precariously posh hoedown flutes, and champagne sorters course the horrific gamut of primal stipends, plumping supper’s recuperating bellows for incendiary climes. 

Acclivity’s civil handset sacrifices dive mustard to twirling fervency, scourging form-fitting beneficiaries till pallor flees the hind leg’s surly pentagonal briefcase. 

Tarrying friars deduce Etruscan timpani codas from seething isolation docks, pinned to signpost splinters by gnomic interludes, scaring uptown marrow braggarts into sotto voce Romeo retention.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

poem || Lawrence Upton

Unconditional love

hampered by uneven enforcement
crude exhibition of that of which it is certain
another transplant will get beaten for breaking rules
deaths are commonplace

knowledge in the system is being used painfully
electric truncheons
unrelenting propaganda
rewarding to ears
a perfected struggle
a proper attitude for translation
a huge effect

question even nothing
but the stranger once inside
if he remains unknown
my own heart on video
begins to understand

no question no mystery an intrusion
a trembling hand for hours a day
burned themselves disappointing some
a slight man with thick glasses
and crooked teeth on the crackdown
and confusing you knew strangeness desires
it is violence
a shaking through towns imperceptibly
to receive another name
properly speaking nothing
beyond melancholy
blasted talent
prophetic recall

he began to denounce fire expanding in recent interviews
the sources described for five minutes
in which the continuous is self-immolation
something like a last breath
people without reflection
without even close study
burned themselves until they were satisfied
where they are first broken if they achieve their image

unfamiliarity the morning after
transferred to synthesise experience
forced to undergo physical pressure
we all knew someone who died

the stranger insists and intrudes
simply being naturalised
the contrary a derangement
to sell services to other sources
inflicting only a commonplace
shouting into signs
all the brutality resources and persuasiveness
the motor was deemed sufficiently sincere

fatigue shocked him each morning
the physical sensation of happy
all this
do not abandon the days
face on
I have seen the worst
a normal amount of abuse
he seemed unmoved

poem || Shane Allison

I Trust What People Say

1.       I usually ask before sharing information with others

2.       I make friends easier than most people

3.       I am always on the go

4.       My friends say I like to try new things

5.       My friends look to me to explain things

6.       I don’t talk as much as most people

7.       I always do more than what’s expected of me

8.       I smile a lot more than most people

9.       I enjoy discussing my work with others

10.   I enjoy hanging out and doing nothing

11.   I’m good at making people feel welcome

12.   I remain hopeful despite challenges or serious setbacks

13.   I get irritated when things aren’t going my way

14.   I like more time alone than most people

15.   I’m much better than most others at making conversation

16.   Its difficult to get me upset

17.   I am always busy

18.   I go out of my way to do things for others

19.   I accomplish more work than most people

20.   I like people who think differently

21.   I am better than most people at comforting others

22.   I appreciate the viewpoint of others even when I disagree with them

23.   I try to avoid boring tasks

24.   I tend to say things I regret

25.   Sometimes you have to complain to get what you want

26.   My friends say I get irritated easily

27.   My friends would say I’m good in any social situation

28.   I look forward to each new day

29.   I do a lot more than other people in my spare time

30.   I go out of my way to support my teammates

31.   I value cooperation over competition

32.   I’m good at anticipating the needs of others

33.   I go out of my way to cheer people up

34.   I put my needs ahead of others needs

35.   I prefer to stick to approaches that have worked in the past

36.   My friends would say that I’m really good at teaching people

37.   I know how to handle myself in uncomfortable social situations

38.   I don’t worry about other people’s problems

39.   I'm not easily annoyed

40.   I prefer to stick to work that is listed on my job description

41.   I get chores done right away

42.   I often seek advice from others

43.   I try hard to show others how much I appreciate them

44.   I sympathize with others feelings even when I don’t really understand them

45.   I talk to a lot of different people at parties

46.   I tend to look on the bright side

47.   I don’t look forward to starting tasks

48.   I like to reassure others that things will be okay

49.   I always let people know when I’m running late

50.   I know what to say to make people feel good

51.   Sometimes I move so fast that I lose track of the details

52.   I am good at sensing what others are feeling

53.   I can find the positive in what seems negative to others

54.   I like to live my life at a relaxed pace

55.   I tend to prepare for the worst

            56.   I trust what people say