Sunday, May 22, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich

no memory

no memory of this but
once gone ADA
bulk attitudes sonic ray
his seal lurch racket wicker
borne tariffs simplicities
yearly somnambulant
ribald high/low eyebrows
fold and gulch
auto destruct
hive cranberries
demolish talons flickering
pox aggregates destructive
art buds damask bode
alfalfa fades at dictions
erotica larynx beams
vast cobra identity



no identity of this
seasonal at the door
vascular horizon moons
clear lima beans
dealers will ill and
wilt bet the latch
no knob no vacuum
cleaner no beercan
crushed abraxas sidereal
yarrow habeas corpus
aspirational silent
delta data-hash
on-ramp hazards
zinnia landlocked
musk-ox subsemiotic
streaming axe handles
magickal quill roses
as if eyelashes art
damaged and diminishing
nectar never hearken
by the carat



lukewarm botulism kudos
our rear view window
in the lizard minivan
ice severance libidinal
dictatorial rims
ogre banished microphones
mirroring concrete sulk
manticore nonetheless
nasturtium bilderberg
tiki lights bungler through
no saliva vassalage
of its own


the laboratory of the unsaid

detoxified buddhist razors
coax zorro intifada
inestimable malice
thermal excalibur
exhumed by hissing soccer
or its next of kin

unassailable xenophobic
cinders exorcise anarchic
vendetta obliteration
redux outside the ancillary
axles there is no such

thing as a vowel clunker
kebab kielbasa laboratory
of the better left unsaid

Israel may level the butane
but hymns to Hezekiah will
never circumvent
the caveats of the meek


omnipresence sprouts suffering

root canal from the James River
to Jakarta as such belies the
funeral pyre cactus demeanors
inimitable cat-scan interstate
lightbulb and infinite radar
behind the pince-nez of Siddhartha
absconds with a birds-eye view
and is last seen eating
canned agribusiness asparagus
with Absconditus the Elder
at a small cafe
in an undisclosed city
somewhere north of Brussels



bulk mailing coloring books uncle
crinkled hats about the devil
not so demented mitochondria
in a bubble a prison a pistol
how about those burning kitchens
the carburetors and the curve balls
the Indians taking on the White Sox
old habits are hard to resurrect
eventuate tastes of data
in the bush of cars young guns
unbalanced by flag decals



cobbler without kicks
one dozen egg yolks
how far do we have
to go to sew the sun
to the switching yard
it's the same old moldy
darkness if only we had
known meat is always
bait veal dead ears a
marching band
garrisoned signifiers
queue inconsequential
shoes bloody in the crib


as soon as

bobbles the toy lute novice
vicissitudes disambiguated
lamp shades yearning data
bent nibblers birthday party
on a yacht how cool is that
picture tube
syntax reinvents itself for
your viewing pleasure
voyeurs in a yellow taxi
imagine anew the binary
pornography of the page
even though
zero absolute kelvin
muttering like a bird
in a sieve
hatch waste
take it easy



it's later than you think
what kind of bird is that
so much data
so few deviled eggs
it tooke me yaers
to forget how to spell


anew new left

ladder letter latter no
no singing wrist
singing necks gaping position papers
pulp police
political gulp
sinking like a kangaroo on the Bataan peninsula
no more left-wing magick
loosely speaking anger is not a model
sailing off snarling off into the night
by what gulag of tulips
no later than tonight
no latitude and no longing


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