Friday, November 30, 2012

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

Soundreef , ,  gra : : vel changers
cliff bucket forges, I cetone sssssss
O rito to alto force, les crust rinse
whilst trumpetchokes  ,winter
pinhead Xtra blot.    under johnson
junipurr lamp sitp[l]ants|sp[l]it .
solar flappplexi
gaass startup. whin inglike
ato adomato atomic
   split     forsooth day.
neuron lip/crack/          val ,ve clak
wa ys t o m a ke n o [n] se ns e  an d th en t he re ar e w a ys
not to make nonsen sema ybe w[ hy n ot]
. If one ask s 1’ll never know.robins run red most years.
nowto get maudlin leaves out of red hair hill.
justwhenchnever example. fit for destruction./crun ch
nose nse in playsensans from ev ere aveeyy nerve oopen s p I r itblush.
.strait frumyywhultpaiiiinAcar E
[this would be larger straightjunket topin chagu ut teha lpeelto noodle
. fried fal se s nubbur eto ranch
boat.  siltrus ut
those yearsat “must nightly resign habitable fears and
 launches /fromonion em dark shore. Shabbyhut
noble questions

novel excerpt || John Pursch

Montauk Chair

Zooming down the LIE, Bobby sleeps androidal, pending clovered rebirth. Bedside Momo checks lobotics: “Level-six handoff, Montauk Ejection Seat, Build 49, Lola hits Lost Animals, bodies from Groin Zorro…”

Well past sunrise, ambulance in lighthouse shadow, RFK’s in Montauk Chair, Lung Island wired for time-lock flange to perfect hair, radiosonde through fading ribs, dust blown out, rippling seaboard waking widows, Nude Hamster purple iridescent, sunlight dims, whiff of lighthouse sag, buoys submerge, and Bobby’s gone downstream, sizzling narrow lapels, aural flashbacks, bygone estuaries, flecked lagoon crabs, husk of old factories, jaws clenching, features blurring, cyborg shouts above the wind scream: “Marilyn!”

Wormhole seams in trellis lounge, hidden toggles spool emetics, gorgonzola skeet, mustard gypsies, boardwalk calamities, ornery radish moles flicking switchback silk eye patch, octal turncoats seep nodal incrimination, altitude sentries pleating daily hambone ruins, treasured siege cavorters chipping plucked canary cries from pylons of chase, hermaphrodites held hostage by lingering foals, croutons implying sorted goop, reversion welts eroding stained glass cinders, molten memories chilling grass suitors for ankle jaws, retrograde bifurcation’s tossed anvil eulogizing torn tree-line shrouds from bulky whisks, K-Series broiler plunging fowl probity’s approaching stove, staged anger reveling in urgent glaze, screwball torsion encroaching on busty termagents, superannuated toroidal mops sweeping forward gills to atrophy in sponges, gargoyles swooping merits on toppled zebra claims, cloaked empresses inciting sloppy lugers to rifle beseeched Whigs for centennial hogs, mooching xylophones clicking sweaty odor moats, lacquered broaches scamming immaculate caramels from plastered cauldrons, dallying telephone condoners ordering wine tasting, blunt umbrage splitting nestled sprees, cored hamburgers blasting enfeebled candy corn honers with serendipitous truculence, stench dissolvers pleading for orphanage craters, nebulous steamers wheezing for covered flagons, guzzling dosage jocks in bridled chests of truth tickets, motley wire wrappers hinting at yeti lagoons, entry-point salvage doors pining for deckhand stones, calling choruses chomping on trusty redcoats, oily sailors tying off on naughty pineal sands, igloo torts amending fortunate weathermen, ghoulish cowls subtracting integral fovea, frottage freezing chelated knees, sobbing blocks of candor ingratiating Marx, slips of teatime bagatelles unwrapping punks, swallows turning public anathema, eulogizing menses, choleric childhood catapults caressing crazy satyrs, eighty ominous optometrists grieving bellies left to grottos, chronic sturgeon trolling driven wayfarers, formulaic trickles splattering complaints, ocular repasts in racked Mombasa crill, goofballs tasting sorbet from phalanges carved in gangrene, mystified human exits, tragedians breathing conquered steel, imminent halo eaters scooting over splinters, Draconian lottery magicians pickling weeping grandfather lockets, gloating shunners in popped hominy, ritualized granules fit for bicameral truce, emissaries scudding under leavened spies, shooting eclairs, probationary deer enticing traveling crews to undermanned vestments, albino henchmen imitating gored peonies, whelps befitting columnar pleas, embarrassing serrated xanthan weeks, pouting celebrities on mounted filth, erstwhile tankards sporting mechanical strops, bobbled sots guessing cash greetings, amanuenses cooing fluted periwinkle upstarts with tiny cheddar tees…

Raw-feed cryptic aftermath to retinals deep in tunneled Dearth show time-spin ground to clarity, injected florid airburst, Bobby nodding, acclimated tundra kids intent on loopers, foreign Texans, beleaguered effluent, central ash in tourmaline encoding, sipping warm gaffer’s milk, falling through why corruption, bath-oil bleepers, eyed toroidal scepter glutes… Winning Cauliflower Primary, Shearhand Squared pinned to steam table, Ethane Imogene Seesaw in Grossy Rear hug, safely out Impassedor Hotel, private hovercar away: “…Now it’s on to She’s Cargo and let’s win they-a…”

2 poems || John M. Bennett

no ma

n the cold meaty rain PO
se la looping gland shirt th
shirt e s tro king ntium
blinding in my  )sh(  oe
]the weaseled feather dung[
leaks inside my thigh
“mi caderonta”  )manga
de riñón purulectivo(  y y
o te descifraba el go
teo relentless ,reloj q
ue nunca se se ca
ña putrefactífica en el
río es ,tan cada ni
)una de mis manos ,mano(

 Para Roberto Ncar


watt cho

eater tooth
slab mnorpth
my colorecto aspre
ader en el verso
)página o piel(  la
forlsa reshapeless
)I was me ando in
the corner (
roof an fog OP
YAP porcelina ,tun
dra ,swilling :yes
yr mitre daubed
the phone !  )the lung
cheon’s cor n(

“rot across the clock”

text || Peter Ganick

from course of gesture 03

b3a] iguana elite connote acclimate startle vermillion levitations alertly parochial mode scrupulous demi-ghost re-mode threefold rarity cold-sp-ray echo invers- noet- tier gavotte lipsynch double-trade vertiginous fenestrate modus geomancer tamp downtime focus elite vacuum sendmail whichwhile attenuate moguls traductions scrupulous great-shore novice ali-t soapbox threaded inner tide al-so horary clubf-oo-ted saison remedy accurately proc-ess-ed wielding strongh-old mirror gagne tomtom slur-ring eeriest gallop invitatione- etoile thattherethen-etoile misericorde ampoules earlier throughput evict connotation epsilon garret awry nervous terrestrial centrism neoprene gagged nautical re-min-isce-nce combinations elitist vidiot remove alliance chthonic fulcrum tandem smiling wit-hin glas-s ears too-t lettrist vie-wp-oint issuance fortissimo gal-leon scruple dispense reach- gemaceous contrariety slumber...

b3b] addendum beethove- noon leisure goers fedora pelagus fenestrate mimic also preamble focus entrap surreal constabulary oceanside watershedded samov- errata glitc- hundred-fold ek-phrastic vend pellet rambunctious telos curtail mode snit parsec ornamental addition scruple dossier headst-rong vani-sh pream-plify ontic lasso quantum filliate alto leasing conestoga accede northerl- sporadic evidence tenderfoot ailerons egoi- legen- dotted lagoo-s pseudo remix clob- toccata feral insequency tortola mirroring boundless ent-it-y nascent each-veers elasticist small podiu- theref- scud proem also yellowed asana bootk genetic alien surfaces thetic passages optimum jettison foible traduce errata inviolate mode scenario lobster naissance lisp clap-trap cscalier dowdy arrow neigh-boars either wilder though systemic emplotmen- quant- felicitous empress featur-s renga eigenhalt nostr- umbrella coquette asleep borderline tron birdcalls gnash hooped aside relay cordillera rename ultrafine reason lots en route hammering slash quantification's erasure gnosis thatthereinasmuch tariff qualia bricolage stub reductions lava remand acidfree zoned safer insistance deluge reasonable tartuffe lido alert particle orison par-och-ial noes- te-ent-al snifter tabulate confabulate motto illbience sorting invitations elapse ceelo twinkle wanderer hospitalitous enigmatic sport flaco tenuous felicitas geomancer itness while treading listened engulf iffiness prehensile tariff coquette asleep wandering shucks vale icing however scrupulous deterrents alpine reduction lorry behave oceanside improvident also rental immerse gallop restaurant attorne- rund- wotan mistral officious compadre sez tine strength mode sit anemia curtail agency breathing metal girth assembly ontological spitoon reach showdown geiger hoax veer actioning gramophone sanitize utterance slight enough replacement vernal orchestra inroad numinous galleon scansion telco dissent ousia t- etching reaff- arrow loze- noth- smotheri- novena motto leis- genetic alongside wastrel quantify dehiscence...

b3c] untry sonic asana feint hi virgule agama neoprene slasher code snore pals sigma cronyism neoplasticity once wanderer another poter as- os- theory calumny otherwide elderberry immaculate borealis quantifi-s gordillera sonic riffle eprouve licensing aliens genii magicks legume front-to-bag-room sitter also otherwise vacancy steady forest miter qwaali coin voiceove- stu- rends eten- rote smoothie alcatraz improbably ocular nid sez numerously apothegm sallow fenugreek ainsi vilanelle cog renders bluffed reope- sturdy bottomed asat territorialization mode scrutinize dint invalidate mot sud- finesse affirmative remonstration backup...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from course of gesture 03

a3] blindfolded answer oeuvre alias ng norotan imbibe slash infernal catapult improbable retinue alizarin preempt least vernal pirate commotion leis far-read cheroot inversion alligator-ese thorough peinture imitate rendez vocality snackfoo- gaffer ontic contrarian lossless antigone reach get-go fragmentation's elapse tenderfoot sanitiz- shotput reunite also hammering placebo situate masala gordillera negotiate remedy alienate canoe praline yammer sere nob hooligan felicitous effete malleability crash gingerly apportionment fanatic elsewhom tentative mortif arlesienne callow rotary snowfallen curtsey hammering alhambra olde mnemonic austerity virgule hippopotamus elegance yammer volumnar pepper affect eeriest gestalt migrate sez egyptology suggest refoliates dilute aspira- motley voluntary fold sensibilities elater sniffer garamond onset whomever aisle forego remand sleight prerogative motion eloge fun-room snapple nafta millefleur emulate grassy knowledgeable irreal conducement res-taurant ensemble throaty cirr-us tentative sporadic glint not-ebook-s edifice temporal urreal consequent utensil eocene accupuncture slight tenuto imminence alto fissile gardenia listlessness agon reify ng normati- stent vicarious tjant masquerades imbroglio ecarte vulnerable collude introit sembabl- quoit tine drachma sterile drought illbient asemic lest rescuer transcend snore anapest volunteer stylism quantifier salisbury caloric eruct furlough remedial nths epater slumbe- entitlement cavitron slim nascent burrow seizure placent burnhole stansion render zamboni fissile trafficker snippet waltz downtrodden litmus greeter tinroof billion nsaid telos equinamous regimen entitle seizure placement longstar eighty mitten asleep utensil furlough cuticle smarmy volunteeris- avail reminds nths immerse negotiator bala-nc-e tentati-ve lyric nos-egay dharmic lit-ter salid-a versive collide attend supine radix clin-ical tentative slashed eocene throug-hput mortise vagary stu-dier onset oompah stellate mogul ensemble magi-cian nsaid eno-ugh traducing weld steering panache tool orc-hest-ral melody stupefy nasc-ent nettle embellish mem-bersh- narro-w ais-les curren-cy tippet ramification elide merriment this-ed nascent inmost where-why-which eponymous plodding thelonius hybridous umbrella onset feenamint neither wachet aureolin vesuvius tentative aromatic clip-bo-ard en-tentatived soli dos equus melismatic veronese largesse gramma- eggsh- odometer hara-ngu- torn saith eit-here-d stampede llama aardvark miscible oas[ie]s fenugreek aeolian urreal currency feint iambus grat- erasur- ludic -obilit retoast agon seismic velocity n- torrentous illbience coi-led spe-ed vale though reptilar modes no-th-ing elaborating su-dde-nly cuticle arrangement while-st teno- eair- gadfly snub hobbit lotion alveoli dar- neoprene preparative oversight remind alliteratio- earthenware huckleberry anothered eggsh- leisu- naivete clums- note humb- sta-gn-a-nt leeway butternut imitate mobile ultramarine finder sic wher-ins welcomes durable lop-side entitl- nestling -eache- donor gabble treadmilled augustine mobility ariel gymnasium enlist virgul- apostate miracle sur-veillance annotate sleuth damper saison releases enough alas nothing sud-den along simian calyx impossible trickling snope dealerhip echt relatio-d engulf contr- nite- burgeon iseult stabilize coil beow-ul-fian roommate slippery postmodernitization apres sky-chaser interminable tentative cellularize permafrost spicy entail spliff otherw-is-e troth miscibility eschew neither redux cetacean burro ineertitude atomic mandi- snore palladium whithered breathiness subterfuge...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6 poems || John M. Bennett

olvidito del pan

sweat turn
ddark hhole


olvidito final

los muertos hum
rooff wheel

olvidito de la lluvia

smothered in snot
mi nube ay

olvidito del norte

what will

olvidito fiscal

file shade
twirl  )urine(

olvidito silbado

bile heaven
the blip sweat
con decoro

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

crushing lash.grundgywhummer
crawstic made rinse lessen flopl.
basin j’weans crour starch to bet.
knew tree stainedfrets. baggage
 plum rides sar gases grouplane dii
itch fall nein. plover to air dirt to to
mob. gloves prancingshanties foot.
cruising cruh crushfoo top ankle wis
edtwis ted falling slawn beuns dimple
mement sysio for ever.  Lashtop crunt
pur/ru le\sesdoe plr county  sm iff
loopers not. wnat.   woldomeed  e
welcoshorlost frigglan upper ca  bi
notplearweste w3 astethre admirr 
donelesstir sm’e bite sightin gnome
lessr yrs ago fasterpoert loosene do
om cannot brakes wheedl salaman]
se th chicken reigned red gated besi
ide astethre ad.   floccu lockets born
hack habitass pers loner stays riverbread and
 band. lilly holding odd toog saw floriated arens,
inquiline nase , and shells with strength ruinmuce
ferryjellybees room faintlylight glacilly downer to ban.
reachup desol ateafterspoon con dye   lox bugels.  flo unct.

Monday, November 26, 2012

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey


tepid glitch

mekong  olive cylinders for the irs
arachnid seeking disjointed souls
warbling ransoms

e-nature eels
lexical wolves actuate erotic years

wynona operas
slap a penis

tourettes  seas  wasp
mille filter spirit goat

remainder silica jazz noise
tiger land cystic shot tim
murdered doa

attic flacker rye
prune Waco
pie width


solo paseo
foot tack glue

neck to white retro gratuity

ship a nude lawn mitt rube beth


mom’s m&m laser 6 ticks

soiled felt net gel

encheesed boss
wiccan glycol

leech curls

ogre eye talc
eat chew no hands

serene rely cease a day




cane winnow
rice noon
wannabe bahn fun vivihuns
etch teak
turk l_ilith stella
ack ack book for at&t

3-jet gayla step lower gt6 gang

 hill-eyed tuft rotor moor
towel hour nose lip
               pulse would too
tearsome software bin

a nada

sorcerers rebel beef

nipple 8 botswana net murmur
onan duct ordinance

access strep tea
atone dresser gym spot
neglect retort leo rival

ill low noir pleistocene
low limn male


your aura brown wedge
polished nickel rounded red
and a comparison umbrella
fold irrevocably numerical
coffee how to
clean built the aura
sweep crystal repeatedly
rain underwater midnight
bones leaves red ezra
the nightmares ankles rough
monthly throb toe blooms
and blossoms said the toe
popping dc toes overlay
weepers lights number
undoing today escape guest
grim gold universe
offers cream strappy
pointy choo flower
petals aura


S ssen aer
Thshgy osf bm wbn
Naiostl o thaisr
Neo fh aoo
Isjessoi rhii


Peso of sorties prays
Out sorties, pubes reconstitute
Amid crud, flack over crow
Under wimp, lube, or crud,
Swish amid stilts.  Porkbellies smote
Below sorties because spores pray

On top of stilts.  Lube because slice flacks
Beside handcream.  Pubes lack but
But sweep outside slice of princess.
On top of pubes lack into tail, nest
Over tail.  Spores sweep as
Jimmies out rollers.  Wimp because porkbellies crunch
Against lube embrace outside piss.  Lobster monk.

poem || Peter-Sherburn Zimmer

autobiography as other
13529                         nothing matters but the quality
13530   of the affection---
13531   in the end---that has carved the trace in the mind
13532   dove sta memoria
13765           "How is it far, if you think of it?"
13994                        "How is it far, if you think of it?"
14412                  How is it far if you think of it?
sheep for the Phoenician ship
out of Troia metallic memory
on the glistening imagination
I heard the gold you voice
melting in the furnace
memory melts all
misery melts all
alloyed of pasts together against no visitation
    together no armoire
against amour
to hold no weapons against weeping
They made alphabets out of broken syllables
Hittite? Amorite?
added to loss of memory at the eastern coast of the 'known' world
how is
it we are always so far a way ,
how is it ?  
time's bell does not ring
   on the wine dark sea