Wednesday, February 20, 2013

prose || Peter Ganick


greeter omicron gill an fife gnash porcelain snuffle infill grateful naissance feint through igloo panache demigod aprille whichevers effete mode answers swerve byte snicker nominally prioritize vernal picayune stabile evensong proem caveat field millwork snackfood genial stereopticon salsa differential shush voices edit ontic malleability exchange mettle ivory paan versify pallet gimcrack skillet connote vein settle vernal perpetuity scenario delightful naming sleuth cessation noema collectivity awash butane moves feisty happenstances deliberated smash erasure notifications wherewhile scaling washboard vessel revamp neither watercress shed amicably otiose thematic vellum caress ecru tunnels demagogue nostrum vaccine orchestral inequitable serrate oceanside gnocci thorough estrangement voiceover health weevil condiments aorta vessel cone artifice sic oration elevates deign happenstance evasion loiter according teller vend asleep falsehood small talkerwalker brigand recur naming eachness mirrored anvil remedial neon parameter whichevers thought from to and infinitudes remake numerical borderline notebooks either waive smiling trapeze otherwave nibble quantify eloquence pardon silences either saith engulf incoherent naissance brotherly flunkie edifiers stave meritocracy experience tardis mote qua fulsome redaction erlebnis vessel calendar vernal ipseity snarl vouchsafe reminders finest

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Cardiovascular Sacristy Diphthong Cobra Indianapolis
Swashbuckler Taco Newbie Werewolf Hopscotch
Fundamentals Zarathustra Crankshaft Ingenue Corncob
Zipper Megaton Metronome Gravy Sopwith Speedway
Oracular Sunrise Oregano Hunchback Myanmar KIckback
Kosovo Revisionism Copulation Pigs Spock Mousetrap
Gemstone Ibis Turboprop Hashtag Nincompoop Bethesda
Prognostications Crackpot Campfire Nazis Burrito Eisenhower
Nascar Mussolini Lithuania Medicaid Kelloggs Hezbollah
Strangelove Guitar Qatar Submariner Ponytail Cincinnati
Smackdown Celery Tinseltown Oxygen Jailbird Skyrocketed
Radicalized Strawberry Fanfare Tinhorn Pancake Giggle
Battleship Decal Italicized Centipede Shoehorn Gorbachev
Fandango Camellia Freebird.

poem || donna kuhn

go bald quietly
if u want to send money say how fierce my enemy
go bald quietly, do your crosswords in the corner
your e-book is rapping a russian creole spell

your footsteps were heard like armed guards
our accountant is running and he has a huge

go away, a whale with a big bald head
it's more fun jumping on her bed

your e-book goes bald quietly
your e-book has a whale
your e-book has a bar

your keys talk to fire
your e-book is rapping
to a whale

go do crosswords with god
go to a parade with god
a huge head goes bald

go with keys, go with fire
it's more fun jumping on her
bed on your huge head
it's more

poem || Jeff Harrison

Sea Swallow and Tree Apollo
include drivetrain crankshaft rotate
include pony rides
include sunflower seeds
include dying, yes? let me guess!
include myself here (signed, F.D. Light)
include both of the Koreas (a dated reference?)
include your own witches to burn
include "The Man in the High Castle"
include grapeberry ministers
include Wormswork, William &
include Willie go 'round in circles /
Willie fly high like a bird up in the sky
include ah, eh, er, uh, um, & sometimes w
include this line
include many many Egyptians
include "this means you"
include several references to Virginia
include irrefutable proof of Atlantis
include a description of the Isles of Orkney
include a swimsuit in the bear's meal
include the brain when speaking of the body

include Harper's Ferry
include your petrol and uvula
include hotel motel Holiday Inn
include "cusp was just about"
include blank verse
include shipping and handling
include addition and replication
include the block bone
include block island

include circumference
include gold fever
include "The Boyne Water"
include hyphens
include the secret service
include global momentum
include exclude
include exclude include
include exclude include exclude
include "let's not and say we did"
include slow spiraled particles &
include Adam & Eve, sir, &
we'll get this planet started

include the beguilement of dust
include the europe of trusts
include many shadows & stymies? a must!
include "Parnassus or bust"
include a nice flaky crust
include a fork, it's only just
include what will never combust
include what is beginning to rust
include a plan for readjustment
include silver dollars
include dog collars
include the hollow and the full
include the bull and the wool
include sea swallow and tree apollo

Monday, February 18, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Goldfish Fracas Molotov Corinthians, Chocolate
Hairshirt Owl Brow Presto Mobius Mistletoe Czarina
Nuthatch. Crossbow Kidney Ergonomic, Gazelle
Crosshatch, Shoptalk Mandrill Shampoo Ecclesiastes
Sappho Buffalo Pesto Boo Ailments. Chinchilla Scissors 
Potty Referendum, Centipede Anklet, Figurehead Slab 
Caretaker Oxen Syllogism Ruby Sidewinder Crossdress 
Corkscrews. Zuni Antioxidant. Starchild Backhoes Horsemeat 
Tobacco. Hibernate, Crosswalk Escapee,Homepage Affordable Hottie
Crossover Wiccan Crosshairs Rarebit, Ceramics Assisi
Rudder Fodder Pheasant Klingon. Nuclear Kingdom
Farsi Chokecherry Astroturf, Pajama Petaluma
Pharisee, Slaughter Capstan Sissy Lacunae Ringworm
Daughter, Dostoevsky Fallopian Jackrabbit.

poem || Francesco Aprile

Title, 20130216

Dunque ovunque i corpi in transumanza
Sfiorati come baci sbadati nella frett[
Ou la rue c'est pleine des mauvais corps
    Nous devons armer
                                        la rue
    avec les petit_rêves_enfants
            Nous nous devons armer
    des seins chaud_des_mots
Come baci, tumultuati dal fervore
Come quei sogni
                che rubano il cielo alla notte
                per vestire bene i nostri riposi.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

poem || donna kuhn

jelly or sand

i don't want to learn about toxic butter on a train
i don't like to look for u; go only on empty sandwiches
go to dubai or an office or a mill

i will be jelly or sand; u won't let me kiss u
u want me to go; u won't let me go

u could dance in an office
u could dance or learn
about god

empty slices of bread in the fence
u want me to kiss u thru a fence

he would dance in an office of cheese
we've said goodbye a million times
i will be jelly, sand, empty slices
of bread

that is not empty slices of

poem || John Crouse


Postmodern Lacewing African Filibuster Trafalgar
Crab Pedigree Midlands Abortion Cockroach Tangent
Istanbul, Toupee Kestrel Calamity, Bully Collective
Snorkel Editorship Soho Bratwurst Dancehall, Iran
Radicalized. Bandwidth Handstand Smitten Contraband
Mitten. Tepee Filigree Stammer Vietnamese Riefenstahl
Onassis. Cuspidor Neorealism Luggage Stalemate Hydrant
Convinces Heinz Cocteau Tosses, Haymarket Tangerine
Ambiguity, Window Language, Milk Parking, Character. No
Mashes Triplicate Bystander Raunch, Ragweed Cunnilingus
Archives Mohawk Achieves. Cumberbund Cunning
Contraband Payloads Hyperlink Heyday Mohair, Payday
Cufflinks Achilles, Nosegay Window. Yes Crashes Triage
Lysander Ranch Reggie.

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

]n]su[pia[n c]us[ lo]m[o]ta[n]e
discernably no torture devices
save th  slivered moon
postell th  maroon hatpin s hitme
e                  y                  e
e[f/i]n,i[t.i\]o,[/n],\of,e[k/],.e\d.[,i].\m.[/]p.\[,. ./]&/ ,[\\p.. /]p,..\ [-/ ].o\[f/] \k.e /[2h]./ew[\,or]d[e’.k]ed,[\u.]s\e[sh.At4le]t[.©ter[./sD,E.]E\\K.[D,ir.e.ct[.an],ag[r]a.[m],s//[o [k,e]d]d\e[k,[eo/r]d,s\f[orm[e]d\b,]ya/[d[d/i]n[g\o],n[/ele]t[\te]r/[be\]f[o,]\re[o]r\]f[t/er]ek
[[e]din\b].o/.[ld[\,o.rto/d,e\[eki.]n,a[\ny,][\ k/,.]e]\y,/e/[d]\   /]]o,[r.[de]\rd]./d],e[k.]ed/.,\gk[e//d.]g[.en,k/.]\n.\e.[e/..[d,.h\/at\d,]/ekÖ\e]s/[s.,\k[/e.]e]\d[y
h[o/.rt\]er\.w[o/.]r[ds\f]o[/u.nd.]wi/t.[hi].\n[ek/]e.\[dd].e[d.e]e[.ed.ek]]e\ists.[ho]r/t[\rw].ord[]h\.[ine]ke./[d]so.[rte]d\,[.byle]n./gth[ord.]s].or[d[]h\.[ine]ke./[d                 ,fo[r.\m]e,d[fr].o[/ma]ny,\let[t.e/r]sin[e.\k[edp]l/u[s.a]n\o[p]/.ti,o[\n].al[/bl]an\[,]k[/,o ex\]i.s,t[i/ng\l[e.\,t]t.e[/ri/s]t,al.\[lw,/o¤.[rd]s[.st]/a],i[n\[g]./,it[h\.e/k,e\d[/w\/r.,s\c/[on.\,/ta\.]in/[i,ng\]e.k,/[e],\dr,./wp.,in[,\.o]r/d,[.s\e[.nd/,i]\ng./,[w\.]/ith\[,e]k,/[e]\d./[l.l\ w/[or,/d\s]f,or/[m\,]e./d,[f\ro]m/,[e]\k,e/.d\b\[yc/,.h/[]a.n\,g/]ing\.[,on\e/,.\le[t,\.te/\.],rt/.h[e,rw\]o[.,rd[/s]w.i,\t[ht,[e/.s][\a]./m,e,\le,h[a]pi./],[t\,e.,r]\p[./a]i[\.\rs]]/ e[.\kk.[.\e]/ed\  
, Fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ k [k. [. \ e] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \ fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \ fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \ fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \ fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \, fo [r. \ M] e, d [fr]. O [/ ma] ny, \ let [TE / r] sin [e. \ K [EDP] l / u [SA] n \ o [p] /. ti, o [\ n]. al [/ BL] \ [,] k [/, o e [. \ K [k. [. \ E] / ed \
[ro.[w/],s.\e[]w/[.or]d\ǼǾǾs[sta/,r]i\n[.,g/w,.i[t]\he,[k\]e,dbyn]e\x.,tle\]t[te,[r[re]vi[\,o./u]\sw,o]rdi[n]l[/i]s\t[e/],[\e. x./]tw\]o[.r/d,i]n\l[i,s]t,e,ke,[]se[w\.,a[r,,hom,[e,\r].\an,[d]om[,w]o,
Ö ¬ … § ¬     ¤
Ǽ Ǻ  ΰ  Ǿ       {}
¬ ¤ Ǿ               …’].[
Ϋ    ¤        Ö
…β   µ   ¤   β    Ǽ     §
]n.[g h]/e,or\.[y]/wi.[\],l/[lbe.v[ie],,
…’].[      Ǿ             ¬ ¤
Ǽ Ǻ  ΰ  ©    …  
Ö ¬ … § ¬     ¤
/.ri                                 .s]\e./d[\
for rc
nd prAH cesssss ,
ves[s]s[z]z[z]z, o[c]ont[em]pl
at[e]] th
ner.,  [        []]                  v[]
o]u[u[us,a]h hhuh huh
at able scrin[chup]du
de ri[der]s t[r]ain[     t]
mu]d[dyd[raga ]s if [can]d y
flat.  [Is. Mi]dni[te][elvis
             & tag
Ged ….\gahb[]les]s
[P]ost:[k]ar[a diu[r tu]i
 n]i[m eo[rty] dy[ui]