Sunday, May 29, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick


site ascetics vidalya motions
whirl-a-gig troubadours
merrily tantrums elevators
pining washer-coats
stereophonic assortments
quixotic extrema
vigilant to english presence.

assortments environs capitulate
intersecting alveoli tone
acidic ritornelli.

bloss feudal mutter
tunnel-hardening blockages
deigned val de martinets
elevators stateless entity
between walls
on once in fabric earlier.

steering pale rhythms
those fleshed oversight
benzene rings activations
whereas flusterer witness
theoretical conniptions
each mannequin assigned
pinto breviaries liberal
tonic statements
those invulnerable consequences
tenants écarté foreign twine
rooftop environs fecklessly abrogated
norm essences wielding
small talk.

tyros veneers pennants windows
various collectives remain
others rerun.

antonyms reveal contortion
wide floribunda
the miscibility
each vectored ousia plummets
vacantly occiput evacuees
thrones additives lemons
gaffes either willful or accidental
nubs offhand images returnees
somewhere deliberative
where scansion peristalsis commentary
oceans deflect networking sous pardon.

contingency permutes vacancy—
stilted nebula ethereal celsius notebooks
ramps ensign renaming
creative artistes ankles mowers—
dowries coronets collations
whither sallow frost
however stalemate ironicizes
motionless amplitude
one settlement watching
earliest greeting skillet.

garuda blot ensemble
lettered environs either
walrus clobber studies
etruscan borealis tanker
shuffle embodied vocality
comparative minor silences
throughput enables
descriptions aslant.

entente volitional curtailment
winsome affect nounal
cobra actor imbalance
third railings elevate moiré vacations
tinctures everest as lucid.

comparatively reclusive thoroughly iconic
site siddhis tentative
listless where agility sports
valves and mirrors.

waiting the awared finesse
rendered zones
articulation cuffed and brought
formalities volumnar indeed
mirrored vacuums throttle ivories
atomic literal curators
entertainments what comparative old hatcheck
cochin outré crabby
noumena stipulator
each vectored sleight
goblin errors density
otherwise no regroup
coupe de villanella
porcelain shavers in subtended lasso
tirades elliptic recurs
what settlements viewers
cadmium streetlamps.

which tags—which tack treasure
stymie torrentous conifers
elemental networking sluice
forded white paper
black ink settee
canoe sturgeon acceleration
while sotto vacancies debut
slacker inverses renovate mirrors
either witnessing amass zones
from carpets
summarize overhauled oppression.

accrete volitional young psalter of mastery
reversion lacunae through iterative melancholy
bower vingt-quatre obelisks
vedette millinery oceans itemize enrichment
tastes remake curtailment once sedimentary
if and only if once slept sweltered awake
from tugging shelter
veneer also patrician
blooded mutinies each vector
ones and twos interpreted vacuum
with fullness expunge
thorough intrepid actions.

compression poof tread ejectile
avails remedy
averaging sluff etiquette
symbolic regurgitated society
neon parameters globules
mitigating selfless willows tented
form as future mitten seldom
relay comparative breadwinner
investing lossless avail
interpretations chapter amidst

scurry through township
retune calibrated impressions
lyres over lyrics do oppress.

governance threatens elevate remedies
laissez faire vented availing
cheerful vanities curtail
none of the above.

greeting amputations momentarily
treadmills together in original serration
elsewhere parroting
clef ubiquitous demi-monde
site citthern apple
cactus tether evening
scumble relational curiosity
hooped ownerships
either valkyrie celsius thorough
cufflink those retuned attorneys.

mysterium mystic tennis elsewise
premonition cell tide
moot scansion brooked visible
riser fomented band-shirt
vacant scrapple battalion
nit sitting awash vellum
non-echoic freezer rawhide
summation epsilon claret
voucher stipulator yammering
clusters witness surreal ornaments
once data dated mirrors
each lector hambone
striker chooses delight
each winnowed grommet
inkling flash card.

material universe—
weeping salutations
elsewise paucity where
elsewhat environs
those clustering always
promontory each tenuto
listless anarchism noon trait
enables deterrents
acid notebooks eeriest val de mar
haptic standard re rehearsal
ditto chameleon velocity
acme salida bootcamp stiles
where wakeful immersions
bake sheds intractable
in town and their contrasts.

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