Wednesday, May 25, 2011

poems || Raymond Farr

A Depot of People Turned Accentual

Sorghum to the middle, a solipsism
Penciled in

Repeated as though, ontogeny
Penciled off-road, goes next to the wheel

The boa coming nightly, swan on the hub
Connected aisle 8, a bulbous one

This breathing, not simple
Towards kitchen city, an outlet of aspect

Construing apple, the sequence
An ape, a loon, the code, craving serendipity a loom

These ramparts’ art, gladiola vehemence
Manipulated gear box voluntarily, a stage, a presence both

Awesome chuckle up, would you?
Now boating, the off center persona

Shamrock to the mom, but a store, a star, Patagonia
Not ox-paint or lock up, awash in blank [ ]

Spaces—vertigo! Fall out! Alarum!

The nut is color, a plaza
Must grotesque you

These words are a purple, making a pond of
Hollow, in the wind a womb

A pantry, maybe hazard
Next vroom, vroom, a tire blown, bite down, a cove

I am setting you up, ice & five pentacles
’re groves by the roadside, hurry

Theater loops loop, hope in a box
Hard rock as inlay

False album is ribald, baubles of commentary
Sane & the office talks coolers, talks order & law

A depot of people, turned accentual
Down, as in emphasis on

The surreal is accidental, a moper on cloudless
Topples down hitches, on Ovid’s mgs, the antithesis

Tiny tiny plants & a
World that is corrugated via the digital, I wanna popsicle

Announcing the bog, a snail’s a suspend-noun
At once, a video charmer

Mecha— the spectrum
Du jour all alive, oh Arnold, I sd

The dean spasms, funny juniper laughing
Our wind tunnel, cranking off

In UFO Rococo, in reconnaissance
Ersatz askance, I view you

Standard Package, All Crows’ Delight

I am located in Aberdineshire, what
The caul, is too far away, come

Sunday, the shoes in a Blue Bonnet
Matgarine box, tourist attraction per

Laundromat, ship it to 6,000 tons, facing
The yacht, I have few morals, four monarchs

Acquired by, sheep skin in taupe, a labyrinth
Of 20 bed rooms, a suite of battle

Blasters, reunited by sheer will
Power of the potentates, riled up

Spice Traders, Got Milk?

I sd share not scare, I went
To a Mets game, conceding you’ve

Got blisters on yr fingers, babe
Article 5 of the pertinent document

Has brkn ground, spice traders
Got Milk?, supply & demand, as in

Red Guard washing blouses, if you
Are a hooker, ground yrself

w/On Star navigation $159/month equals
7 reasonable seafood entrees, spicy

Brown mango, harvest blends at small town
Vermont, I must call you

A curious chemistry aficionado, what if
Flu shots for everyone, disregard the

Digital database doing harm, hey
Dad, what’re you doing here?

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