Sunday, March 13, 2022

Andrew Cyril Macdonald - Towards some new genesis


Cosmic plans corrupt too quick 

when a sham plays its course of

mute divagations.  One should 

not entrust too much to get 

out of it intuitions.

Plans burst on staid patrols of

those lost causes we’re done with.


Creation’s tale foibles a

gain commenced with prejudiced 

remarks a race pronounces—

light impoverished left rich it

impresses as the salt to 

others tend the wound moral

justice if undone again.


Death’s endeavour denounces 

glad reprieves commencing.  Their

dark moments fashion the life

its steadfast defender Truth’s 

abandoned because of rifts

relocated under a 

false god’s notions placating.


Bled dominions forsake what 

was taken if outgrown them.  

Sad contusion before it

hearts plead for kingdoms unsung 

a god’s wealth induces.  Hap—

less the fault the poor make with

from all labours concluding.


Of clay the groundswells repose,

the shift from soft to cover

the hardness collected.  Mute

form brings with affirmation

balance incurs composing

this ruse shadows hold back on

esoterically lenient.


The take of Time baffles all

nine universals chapters 

pretend for.  They deceive us

thirsting a dread conditions

pen.  Happenstance rendition

is twilight come down of starved

heavens their graves yet known.


Enigma pertains clothed encounter

a linguist’s announcement of

names crestfallen.  If dormant 

along steep unknowing then 

glad as once run silent it

profoundly voices inward

the god if grand denounces.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Tony Brewer - The Great Pause & Everything Immediately After

Do you want a new home robot?

you have a job to do

activated in there like a ghost

is the home it gets

with the mixtape & rock

shuddered to a stop my brother

no moon in the sky tonight for once

how long a year must wait

is revolution & battery & life

the time to work is close

the rest is what you want robot