Sunday, May 29, 2011

poems || Steve Dalachinsky

conversations w/marvin #13

on the corner of bdway & mars
across from the church of
( & stardust )
where all the fabulous solidifying
of truthes
between the late/weights & doning
& sighing & singing
& waiting aftshaft for dinner
marvin graced w/lots of questions
looked absently up at the billboards
read & quietly proclaimed:

" i wouldn't mind if somebody stole my identity."

steve dalachinsky nyc times square 8/18/06

conversations w/marvin # 14

marvin & i went for a dip
in the community pool
as the sky over cast
& one kid kicked the other in the eye
leaning against the pool's side
feeling the water rush in
i heard marvin babble some unutterable muttering

wha' ya say? - i stumbled

"nothing" - he wetly declared - " i was talking to myself
because i'm
such a lucky person."

steve dalachinsky nyc carmine st pool 8/17/06

Subject: conversations w/marvin 1 ( for d.w. & j.b. )

marvin, i say to him,you know the poem's dead -
he's too busy sitting in a shady corner
(one shoe off)
counting his money

it's 7 .pm.
everyone seems to be packing up
for the day
tho there's at least an hr. of sunlight

steve dalachinsky nyc 7/06
Subject: Fw: tuna Melt conversations with marvin 2 for jmb

listen marvin,
i said
not the thing you should be eating-
bent, sheer headed
streaming ,petrified brief
mister marvin burnt the dainty
fly master & replied,
skull cupped -
yes i

dalachinsky after bennett 6/1/6

Subject: Fw: conversations w/marvin 3 for dw again & sb

marvin sighed -
i'm tired of waiting
lad - give me the dough
so i can
the patriarch of clutttering
where i began my clocking
called me a complete idiot
because i'd been trained to call
a thing a thing
rather than the
he asked for

so i got tired of waiting for the dot
like now
so please can i go(t)..

steve dalchinsky nyc 6/3/06

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