Thursday, September 25, 2014

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Same Story of the Fidgeting Dream
void the initial O,
delicate talking precedent
O, as O so is O

even silver to dark fine by me
ghosts going, supposedly, up to
daybreak, they fly their
promising story step by step
sheet by sheet, loom by loom
rattle by chain rattle, boo by boo,
fade by fade, the same story of the
fidgeting dream

etcetera is sexual color
the ghosts' toes (fluttering & hovering
toes) praise the pavement, delirious and
bucking simplicity both in tale and teller

in lieu
of exit haiku

text || Lawrence Upton

The thorn tree drowned

“The trick was to go away and then return
 Later, without promising when”
                                    David Wevill


pull the systematic!
very age has difficulty

controlling shaking
cameras break away from thugs

never implied anything

over to the map
flickering suggestions
vanish quickly

journals moved but weren't alive
certainly will destroys the world

sun on the ice
crushed boats

bringing things in obtrusive plastic bin liners

crowds worms


cut heads

creeping summer
risen hour

dress themselves up
simplistic fashion  riverbank

imaginary dancer guns cavorting distances
liberal words of softened candle wax
as thick as ever inside
leaning against time

insular bubble in search of content
worries about copies of utters
dripping on your tape then runs
untangling the light on the actual surface of
the doors of the echoing murderers

news ignores their violence
drift out of answers
a landscape he tells about
earth executed with human skulls

Napoleon enters the author
face photo of the worked organism
has begun the worst age
bringing things to angels

murderers lead individual interest
the room in the past the police entered
executed with a camera
time the dressing up
knuckles of mind


a close up love endurable somewhere ramified
veering windows see things in a straining unfleshed muscle
until the passing of danger in a city of children
the news ignores their bellies
the other amputated tongue
indistinguishable from the background thirst
is all within
which nothing
strictly nothing

decoy destroyed and multiplied
imagines people
crossed out of his head

light is off

Thursday, September 18, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

sounds of inflatable grief

sounds of inflatable grief
shoulders are mnemonic

the world a stencil

sometimes muddle each other
resulting from mobs

wind instrument
sea sensation
spears in darkness

looking down the beach
notions oozing
that world is peaceful at the doorway

space somewhere warm
the effect delirium
a landscape without going

drowns detail
the lower half of mouths
talk originates real history

dampening woodwork bodies
with word wings

sun squeezes
you succumb

unexpectedly people
start to the effect of which
see inside and
promise into a sonata of representatives

bodies with your own ear
tangled disassembled light

ear of images
the water's rising
snakes thought and whiteness see them

frame pushes into another liquid
and sometimes it looks like rain
cross out the sluggish seashore

replaced by fragments
of what comes of silence
it is a dummy in front
make ready

word with bits of real history
word become highly skilled
so loud it is peaceful
everywhere together
stones inside
resulting from distance
it is quite deliberately made to happen
with the word of the effect
replaced by experts
machine managing to repeat large areas of wind
just wasted bang
litter of him and sometimes the sea
sensation witnessing seeing the machine
it is likely
bodies skulk
nothing even today wondrous

word is removed from the icy pushes

originate a final smile
out of cell division
to further transform
and opens an inspection hatch
shaped like every medium which has good text
most of light some space our bodies
word is
sensation witnessing seeing

the cameras are quite specific to organisms
if not quite deliberately made

Monday, September 15, 2014

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Forms, migrating


Penetrate the morbid

prosecute the immobile

and sustain the
hidden through tonguing
advantage against a whole

guidance the mind selects
in the prose of promissory enactments.  Listen.
Well.  Quite

demonstrating details of what decorates
truant fathoms in the valuing of immiseration’s



with/of       breathing
a sinfonia
of/a designated                                 unrelated circle/s
                                       signs of

unwinds in the softened desire to




oscillate rhythms                                                  but/while

breathing an ending endeavors an end
creases’ otherness
rendition                        toward                 totality of meaning
                    or in the meandering of ongoing tribulations

recycling of burgeoning sound and what circles
into trepidation’s philosophy hide first

a Capella


Fingers release dead
burdens.  Often.  Vast
reconnecting needn’t
verify versatile emblems
and the oddities of eyes’
silent (inaccurate) observations.
Released from what find does
in the curiousness of legend and
broken occupations, a philosophy
of apparent sound wanders
awaiting a day of self and for
the vision of needed echoing of
articulating fathoms to
bend and involve reevaluated
insinuations, reinterpreting
unneeded dispositions whose
opaque emulation involves
serial notations eventual
in the paradigm of broadened and
ringing hilarity.

poem || Lawrence Upton

case notes

Against night and water, mouth; it won't bloody go!
Trembles. Gouge a name into suffering.
Dawned once, momentum of old times. An empty dungeon.
Curses and soft shrugging delve sleep.

Townscape with a cage door. The door's closed,
the known world, brand-new, becomes big bloke.
Mummy, I hate you, love. A truncheon
turns turned unknown, such a mouthful smudged,

a mouthful of leaves, a phalanx of fighter planes --
unenviable vapour. An empty house. Childish pictures.
Silver on grey smattered the engine. An empty road,
back page story. Truth turns over. A piece of white paper.

An ambulance driven along hanging dreams, drifting
entropy evading receipt. Thank you want to fall.
She turns over the point on everybody's lips.
I can't just stand his silence. A cage on film crews.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

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