Monday, May 31, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Bother (delicious, meaning) knocks loyal measure. Edge honest expel. Saying (wealth penetrates banana) zones. (Wonderful) overwhelm. Pamper slants requests welcomes (reasons powerless) repair, lively excel languages cumbersome abuts yields (downcasts warrants unearthed. Fragile feels) oversees amends.

Mercy ricochet (flagpole) (intestines) waterways (shears). Brainstem chocolate quarterback topiaries (waysides interracial fireside conqueror fireworks prodigy sinus spreadsheet wallet metabolism probe) heirloom kelp. Hacker (miraculous pigskin smock) smirks pinkeye enchantments nosebleeds celsius faceoff magpie heatstroke minicams.

Geyser singe (cursor), diphthong emu (dinghy), escalator feedback (halibut), ramrod firsthand (cheesecake), embryo fad (emissions), duck enclosure (castanet), duet bullfrog (ashtray), bunting screwdriver (ringworm), rampart parochial (rampage), parsnip lympth (machete), impala rampant (hallelujah), ermine cursive (stucco).

Fission livestock loaves smithereens bobolink. Viceroy pang medallion, synthetic rumor dodo, buttocks (passageway syntax) tablespoon jumble monocle oboe. Syndrome rudders patchwork commute (buttercup) bodyguards prank (spoonbill reaper). Rawhide, synonymous bacon password, nooses judo commas (thetherball) pelvis.

Clairvoyant cheering (obverse enduring), capitulates overflows (culminates streamers) prosaic (shingles) glimpses. Deciphers (blobs) fathoms derelict armada (vomits immodest nettle), constitutes (implants) artless inflates (transferable) portents lurches (roaring wedges). Delights narrates (itemizes hailstones) baffles flocking pesters (mindless).

Approximately antonyms creation, dereliction grinds, announces (frustrates) efficiency giddy incandescence (urges. Jumbo gloom) distended clemency congeals clowns suffocates raucous (pickerel, random) ransack. Jubilee milkshakes bothersome summons diligence sovereign (jots mourned jolly watchdog) colossus motto ennui mouths.

from NEW WORK || Peter Ganick

pearl error intersect veneer pulse sputnik those glance fallacy thins reify itness where strives therein selfdom haphazard benign notions whole offering attitude tatters therein stricken consume patrician else foof rasp hollow caisson that fling either wade toast awareness subsume latinate wires hourly patrician ensemble that reflect interregnum seldom treachery nor nimbus crawler rattan abstraction everywhere inaccuracy ever those everywhere inward step backward those mulberry accomaniments pretend allow tariff scores thought networking stash voracious thanking slam drab introspection mignon alias buttons riffle trouble commercing tentative maroon scamper inventor all tarry neoprene site willful ghastly parsec lopped oases flooded introit damage rescue note also elementation sequent caliber strive parrot alter akimbo point took stricken horrorify iamb writ deserve oat norms ecrit number environ a semblance wrought universal juncture tamas revers hormone schism tin bottle cement valley contrary nugget ankle reuse an evasive ratio ere stiletto vale through apprises stint commotion reaching foof gratuitous reef acorn elastic balance etiquette these oneself envisioned reaching steep incline that ductile motel centrism tarry no space candor leeching treading aligning theory thanatos the budding lotus cinders energetic

three texts || John M. Bennett

,an sweetly file
,an dusty fell
,an moldy shine
,an twisty cool
,an foggy link
,an busty mind
,an slowly smelt
,an whiney map
,an buggy grope
,an drooly spell
,an slappy walk

,nap an rinse,
,dry and gold,
,shore an doubt,
,slug an steam,
,mute an tire,
,fold an whine,
,real an clung,
,belt an whistle,
,gee an not,
,fuel an sunk,
,mind an lore,
,pencil an drink,

.dig uh spoil.
.ride uh clam.
.nod uh time.
.mail uh nut.
.rhyme uh gas.
.that uh fog.
.roil uh bun.
.nip uh slug.
.dual uh glans.
.raw uh clod.
.bury uh oil.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

depot bib || M. S. Murphy

eeeee depot bib taffies dbfwa bat fact woof eddy boo tock
eeeed btfci ewe assoc ciao ice incept teabag deceit eerie oaf
eeeei emcee aloft deaf ebb ibises efface doff beta brewed babe
eeeeb booed elfin iota teddy bawd deaf water cot éclat imago
eeeec diet ooze weft abduct acerbic barb woof daft dieted tab
eeeef area octet beta taw bait bade fad bowl dodo iota
eeeea beau dewed cuffed wince babe cads water echo bicep obi
eeeet wife taxi eyed affair away tcwdw theft fact daub waft
eeeew abaft bib fib crew off ft-c ice into wbcod italic
eeeeo boa cuff befit acts few Biwa aerobe ileac befit wwcbf
eeede wife stat doe await video cuff arête bob fife tow
eeedd dewed effaced bowed tidbit fetid awake ice iced fits awed
eeedi wbcfi ooabc saw owe data teeth duct cede awed twit
eeedb waif cuie waft faced beta aloft obeah taco imago deal
eeedc outfox attic waft cacao podia wow bow alba bit buddy
eeedf faced tact declaw fife fewest taut bebop fatwa cedi deck
eeeda medic babe dotted weed cfbdw ibid did tiff dcbwf feta
eeedt tube wood tutee tic cobia elide cuffed accept Aiwa waif
eeedw aoudad yawed alibi widow baobab tie tail doe once faced
eeedo enwomb infer coif awed cacti fatwa olio twig fcbwi cow
eeeie odor crib ascot tiara caddie wife octet womb brew yew
eeeid webbed cow ace bowwow teapot bcdbf fade babble cafe winced
eeeii codec woo wfdft cutoff biota aft fate cawed ixia eased
eeeib differ attic dude piece dowse tacit oak womb intent find
eeeic abaca cobia daffy bccwc cedi fife caved stew elite dote
eeeif dado orca act catch foci brio afro Fofo kiwi befit
eeeia duct ciao offsite tomb fob at wbwcw wino daddy bid focal
eeeit off wit tarot fcbwt facial coccid dodoes ciao oboist cot
eeeiw cicada daub outback wetted dada watt ebbed deify fitted caste
eeeio bifid twbdt tie wombat adobe odd naïf iota Effie wife
eeebe echo face trice bowie cfwai deaf dalai tubby abbot diction
eeebd deco oaf aced Wadfom ado abroad face wood obit info
eeebi boa debit avow eobfc bobbed face tot fey ode bobby
eeebb flowed embody cacti Iwaki beau cute debit icon tiff idea
eeebc cafe fib adobe Iowa triad cat oboe waft teat cod
eeebf bid to effort watt ibid effete teeth watch tuft fob ddwbw
eeeba azoic dace eddy cries doff alee ditch licit odd oxbow
eeebt doff cycle deft taboo cede iffy aerate bateau coati wife
eeebw cuff dob ducat entice cat ocfcb facet ebb jewie oafs
eeebo caw book bedew dewed bowwow weft educe Biffa feed data
eeece owe cilia face ice coco ewe book tacit bocce bowed
eeecd bbdwf daub coded foci womb cwfwd waif codec batfowl theca
eeeci woof aecia obi tatty sided abbot idea inflow oceanic added
eeecb tofu codec toad idiom avowed enfold twig info debt forte
eeecc dab befit owdcf eat bedded catch off addict tow adobe
eeecf their cobia tuft bite Otoe dodo fixit feed wed fetch
eeeca fact cad woo btdcb ebb doo fad it doff beach oleic
eeect dada cowl feet chit fobbed tdfbo foot bocce wwcad bibful
eeecw cubic tow bodice acted fief bate bidet ft-c defied eBook
eeeco aortic cob watt dote bffwc aced deft dad edict tabor
eeefe endow yet bigwig befit excise Wabtec webworm twitch acid fleck
eeefd oleic foot dowdy efface cob dot dote tide act acajou
eeefi tbdwo feet cat ixia aide acacia indict acted cubed witan
eeefb total taco iota Witco aecia deity obit feted cobweb cbdtw

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Recital polio tureen. Rhinoceros motherboard alpaca. Adhesive cleaver buttercup. Gargoyle lasagna cowbell. Infield prostitute noodle. Gibbon gig insignia. Spareribs mynah stirrup. Waterlilly yawn nacho. Toad pepperoni navigation. Snowflake placekick saxophone. Mistletoe projector eel. Whetstone rosemary tightrope.

(Olfactory) drawbridge cabbage. (Jalopy) breeches citrus. (Sloth) vineyard silverware. (Rattlesnake) sailboat phlox. (Zither) artichoke chamois. (Owl) recipe malachite. (Nozzle) launch raven. (Protractor) okapi abalone. (Convertible) roughage damselfish. (Hieroglyphic) gumdrop photocopy. (Corset) petrel ominivorous. (Ringleader) concerto lacerate.

Crowbar (dehydrates) ghetto. Headstone (anesthesia) pastry. Molehill (crusader) bridesmaid. Cinder (hoot) dropper. Flurry (pickerel) homeland. Fax (drool) drumstick. Crumble (leopard) hourglass. Breastbone (civilization) anagram. Bib (geometry) gibbon. Entangles (aerosol) skillet. Qualm (peddler) isosceles. Module (homestead) headline.

Onwards laurels (homemade). Punctual refugee (slingshot). Goldfish kimono (robot). Fragrance nutcracker (oarlock). Mollusk ladle (flummox). Commonwealth bathrobe (pushup). Smelt python (onion). Mumps lemur (wayside). Vodka clockwise (ruby). Ligament macaroon (omission). Recharge scoundrel (houseboat). Cloudburst bedspread (spacewalk).

Methamphetamine fudge jackknife. (Beaver) suitcase redcoat. Sundial (waffle) mallard. Tinsel meteor (handlebars). Piggybank redhead stretcher. (Chisel) ovary throne. Redwood (thunderbolt) overcoat. Sailboat airport (fjord). Sideburns horsepower redbreast. (Shortcake) textbook agapanthus. Gladiator (leapfrog) thistle. Aquamarine casket (blackberry).

Recurrence hydraulic landlubber. Karaoke (inchworm) frieze. Asthma hammerhead kazoo. (Seethe) seminole baleen. Daredevil uppercase (budgerigar). Popcorn goiter poncho. Readout (germination) nonconformist. Volleyball kayak chickpea. (Buckboard) asteroid sagebrush. Lapdog metronome (cloister). Hamburger sumac tractor. Cupcake (pantaloons) landfill.

Friday, May 28, 2010

from 'bis gauge' || Peter Ganick

abstract lenses rename those presume reining arable tides wonderfully spotless hooligan ein lighten the clavier ubiquitous rehearsing why the around street wager envoi that aperitif detritus mollusk buttons while change shicksaal that migrating earliest natural entourages those persist vellum the caliper suss treadmills somewhere in engineer platinate avowals the memorization elsewhere untried elope surreal each once the reap silt on in thereins from holiday equisse parachutist evacuees melodramatic elder naming whoever strategic manner site go there singularity eminence those reach eras intersecting the oldest voluntary behavior into malleable that surreal pittance meted ossifies the motions whoever on caustic there if horrible thinking wait enigmatic push pull steady milling eeriest happiness gravid enormity absolutist thereins vacant reach favoritism enobling a shekel unforgotten chair meet openings elsewhere captures there mindfuls therefore untold throughput architrave shots understands in turning liaison throughput ecologically bounce tint acclimate sing ironic double placement motion empathetic role unduly those perpetual inward tinge morose that caveat resonance none motion leave thorough networking grim emit alternative rehearsal troughs impart overhauling settlements wordless ambition gamble threefold strict and persistent either waiting merge the clip rehashing elasticity one space holding stereophonic double talk the sedimentation where scruple that in advantageous melee those to get go intent resurrection awash numerical ibuprofen that than scramble rendezvouses the sectarian vehicles castles intersperse those infandibulum that resistance behaved intrepid rallentando surpluses the mode from averaging tactility wahoo scramble tint cinch garish blockades the motion reach lettering sled mogul of wherein apperception ironic trapeze gestural braggadocio that psaltery nova awhile scrap heap offer inane thereins amidst portions editable intersections where stiles of pyramidical space factor thisness wounded nth signatures tattered cover windowless remanding sledges wholly operational curtailment in quantity site from accuracy then mystical imperative muscled contingency that as seizure those placid enabling tones wholly endorphins trammel furtherance the speed trapeze nutshell grateful narrative oratorical centrism those there oblique encroaching relata meme thwarting seldom naturally behaving rooftop crier that synergy operational seizures through waft the engineer iambic least gracefulness sass pellet envision melee scruple that rummy scholar inroads

Thursday, May 27, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

as dead For hog doiit nome aauios 5ive6okk-mart
haz mat; l'xaeo [aoex]V\ale. lack jour4th3sooszoom.
om nog f0r-n rift y3eu kulk venter:lke ;leki;'yax
aessoq wun beem weljekll loit [er]v]n e[ele

keex cis vosz uudler streets 6eve7ixma , [.wkiaa]1ne
1 klook lut aprop[os\as.lukaa/gliifbafan,je ye muell heatty, we
ekioo uzpioomott, we ew ih dje ye kroit [v\e][e\r][ pome
granite endert qeems foods adze, /eken iailplataz;doof Dooroer
eeerlov/ez;'npille [ko]p \jeep [at leaf shoe zaj nook ajlk ef gyf
maa, s,as.ea,li;lu?';l OO] h-0 asiz jujg ban baff paaltre foot
Dodogers cob fiyz the ni[

axtezc Aerrosl ghen yual /closure;'sa]lt[\piuoratte aash defoxed
vizier; sod fac v. tb ne meds oduio p[e\i[m]\inztiil ;'al kogh hood
eny def fog v. bent ghajaku t;oo;'blip[]bim, nem koh desk fel. zoop
2gafh yr hjre uqigobvixopp [epornsha; gabsub suhs shisih din gak
hOMe. me,an/slid'l 'a\z[t h[erzajtsa gaa grert aggh manms.,mz/lt;
oooty,er werv waag nog tum tok oku7oi l/el gapy \;seoiloi]
kiwi slaughter five tv tweeter [if] feet

tej;a volt, czupa sarx.3 wer has noz gin jayaa lotsk ih; k'li;few rejerz.
oo/.h ,az vac tid fud saz[e]\t [h]e\]ilk yee yop buzz besert leheet yus tui[o],
iq wo\ [e]\t.ookle. lek let leke; s'[o,f][\ [ay metre gads lysycx
jasmit both Too.,/l,.tusgk fer mlee;'elgy ere zut[] \a][zipoi
ure rew veb ne vibge.t.o ./o;l recall aloe glassine berserker vacuums

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Palette, limestone (strawberries passport), stingray valentine. Tongue. Watercolor pretzel (whelk) necktie peacock liverwort peccary (rickshaw), thunderbolt surgery. Minaret powerboat menorah stewardess talon salsa replica ramrod safari. (Garlic) cicada ingot (bluebird). Asteroid bongo costmetics hydroplane bathrobe alfalfa.

Octopus (whetstone) stopwatch (ungulate) tarragon (grackle) artillery (spareribs) thunderbolt (preschool) petticoat (pudding) regatta (proboscis) malachite (stylus) placekick (timberland) prizefighter (parasol) magpie (smelt) pretzel (locust) okra (earwig) embroidery (avocado) canvasback (hairdresser) hollyhock (fuselage) sourdough (stethoscope) tanager (rebar).

Frankfurter icebreaker anemone thalamus waterwheel titmouse superhero trillium bowstring astronomy beaker cudgel meadowlark harmonica shears toadstool workbook aster amulet (wattle) squash spyglass capybara redcoat pothole monoplane pitchblende moonshine lumberyard leapfrog lowercase machete lifeboat sandstone layperson launchpad.

Cosmos (adz). (Cinquefoil) clarinet. Drawstring (fauna). (Chinchilla) corsage. Bobwhite (subsoil). (Judo) gumdrop. Catapult (bloodhound). (Hacksaw) dragonfly. Backpack (cougar). (Bagel) electron. Landmark (gooseberries). (Topaz) gazelle. Cheese (flintlock). (Footprint) desktop. Chihuahua (frankincense). (Snorkel) denim. Ewe (crossbow). (Ballpark).

Trapezoid waxwing (intercom), guppy basil (bongo). Rhubarb lorikeet (shortcake), wheelchair nacho (wildebeest). Tabernacle spearmint (tweezers), periscope shuttlecock (clownfish). Allergen cassette (houseplant), kookaburra headphone (dewlap). Inhaler dogsled (casket), antler chamois (freckle). Atoll lipstick (terrier), sisal omelets (sunglasses).

Mallow llama, streetcar nozzle, obsidian mealworm driveway chopsticks dungaree endocrine. Drugstore earphone grouse cabbage. Aluminum ballerina caribou bracelet shipwrecks workbench poultry rottweiler outfielders magnolia penguins navigation snowboard. Begonia receptionist bomber, archaeology frigate crutch, knockers hickory delicatessen.

two poems || Raymond Farr

Popeye et al

combo as pgs. snickerCOMMAcomma ap-
proaching 3-D. [This here is a story of Man.
his actions are scams of infinite variationsCO-
LONcolon a tale of memes / memory / men.]
Meanwhile COMMAcomma Olive Oyle’s
mob frisks itself looking for typosPERIOD
period & conjured by “seemingly’s” repe-
titious slings & arrows COMMAcomma
Swee’Pea buffoons to tunes of medium strange-
nessPERIODperiod The Sailor’s Horn Pipe
rabbits his wee listeningPERIODperiod &
then again it’s the mean streets for weird
fellow, Wimpy, stalking his hamburgersCO-
LONcolon & Wimpy (sighing) “OhCOMMA
comma hamburgerCOMMAcomma Oh, ham-
burger, how I delved into the mystery of
salivationCOMMAcomma wanting your beef
mondays & tuesdays etc.” [& labor & women
of ill-repute] “Oh, hamburger, what have I
POINT” [this fumes arbitrarily] OR [fa la la la la la
la la la] [heretics ici!] [& mute meat fetishized
by mute-meat-fetish-tableaux ignites our nar-
rativePERIODperiod] & [“X” at ars poetica] a
precinct heretofore unquestionedCOMMAcomma
Why limeys step up to the counter [alphbetical]
& order Wimpy solipsistic cigars of blank space
PERIODperiod His home remedy asksCOLON
colon Do Bluto’s scars & darkness foil Sea Hag’s
elaborate pretensesQUESTION MARKquestion
mark Do sawbucks & fins kanoodle “ancient’s”
present tenseQUESTION MARKquestion mark
MistakenlyQUESTION MARK question mark
YesCOMMAcomma even Bluto opines “Kultura”
COMMAcomma muddled by Sea Hag’s post-femin-
ist megabite gearsPERIODperiod Popeye’s spinach
& yukkety-yuks madden them all EXCLAMATION
POINTexclamationpointTHE ENDperiodTHE END

Will d pulp: an Ex-sturn

I/f/led american i/deas

A/vow/ “el”// between two Cs

Enuff smok

Rise(n) (asp)ects har(rowed) be(fore) d(ark)

Inn/ate “mou” “nt” “ai” “n” “ous” on-e-arm-ed [ : ]

Fell’d [ , ]

I wrote by rote [ . ]

I mean [ , ] once

I was impositional “long.” / “lat.” Quake of

Confessors’ ultra-



E/ hood [ , ]

Risk at central high involves schematics

T(his day

Fetal // urnal // moon-Sgt. // lit ship-lodes

Of [ : ]

Reversals’ [ & info towards ]

Tw( _ ) (war)ds dens/ly ( f ) locked

Bow-wow [ , ] Chief Armegddon [ ! ]

O yea [ ! ] O yea [ ! ] It swells [ . ]

Yours in m((oo))dy revel-(ation) [ , ]

Sin-searing-ly [ , ]

A wite man / owner of so-


To [ : ]

Theives m (aching ) ir/on

Owt ov dert [ ! ]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Shortcut, warbonnet. Succotash, albino. Starvation, clothespin. Oboe, neutron, Mosquito, literacy. Lime, lichen. Hurricane, curfew. Icicle, lifework. Monocle, toucan. Ibex, cupcake. Incantation, monstrosity. Aikido, bagpipe. Citizenship, lasagna. Kaleidoscope, resurrection. Semaphore, keepsake. Wannabe, etymology. Cinema, echolocation. Forklift, planetarium.

Readymade metropolis, stapler. Armistice buoy, glucose. Weevil, vinyl timberline. Speedboat, tinsel werewolf. Postcard, zipper powwow. Palindrome, monoplane leggings. Trichinosis, zilch larder. Jolly, implants hacker. Cumulus, bullfrog smithereens. Moccasin, metamorphosis lizard. Glitch, armpit pushover. Noisemaker, photosynthesis pompom.

Prowls origami microchip, meteorite. Laryngitis prehistoric tailgate, pointsettia. Pocketknifes rowboat thespian, tetherball. Sturgeon razor pixel, hack. Counterclockwise telegram pistachio, vehement. Teethe roughhouse legume, lottery. Pneumonia quicksand therapist, tamale. Reaper tentacle thermostat, tribesman. Vapor loophole landlady, landfills.

Jabber ignition ovary padlocks, buckskin. Dipthong domino dilapidated butterscotch, starboard. Shoplift retina fallout phonics, famine. Fajitas preface ensign buttonhole, philodendron. Outskirts muskmelon minicam dogwood, dishwasher. Buckwheat mispronounce sideburns prefix, dolphin. Buttocks doublepark pagoda jalapeno, kennel idiom.

Cumulonimbus bedtime behive torso tepees, topsoil. Canonical tomfoolery proofreads racecar shaman, shortening. Topless seismograph binge nitrogen nipples, preachers. Nectarines minibike birdbrains animus spanks, thruway. Minstrel nicotine schoolwork ninjas recycles, spacewalk. Castanent swimsuit windpipe transcontinental bellybutton, bayonet.

Rants rabies overalls daddy czarina vowels, physiology. Rove roundhouse sleigh trellis newly hormone, newscast. Voucher daredevil mallard humidity slates tarantula, slanders. Tantrum voltage pants rubbish speechless stanza, thrash. Tetanus videotape gouge goodwill marooned insomnia, hayride. Minuteman.

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

ooze zoot.
/t a'l ';t]\aar]e[g[y ee, scarce zcaz
elder asool jaw waater ogs
a kjik fioga,.s/s;l;al[k] e\]g[ye.
terlt iv deli jet etymon
Cuasal. silk sllleve veil gel[s\[e] \]a ;
'clear; sapatosaka

N,ee.m ;
lov'e[lej hide In xcoform
baalbisbor neheghemm
keept [e[s] y]m\egeert.
e.nji va,g.y. /kl;oove potiking fib,er
ram ciz xact monohotnyd

In\\f][orml aali,mbs// :z xaz
A.e deliv
vivnatiuuoios,./, ./a' stint]\[ílus B,e. /me'gler]t\[epnilk.,
mioiuiiu uiuy tooc crox zeteeeneik,
saavag fyy omiooundma, no mak/ ,.
/el;z'z';lel\ p[o\i[um]a][puzz,
kutuiaaolniu, m,i/.i,./u,.u/tan

adze./t im;e'on[podlt jas
di av zox ace grey consiuoiiuonaa [p]l[y]u\it]aom
likens;[lO;'l/d,./,. an no vog dagolu;iu ikaiopocisolaaad
for to fews OOsagkihant
jod in aa]v [e\V[u]pikt;h,a,o /e,i./ug;'oo'ti'kous]
p[o \iw[u]i\thlrsts hazx, cozx cizx
laadtitude inguinoiu
uy vait are err qicuiosiu

mop,./stoh; la'apsea, [] s]na\zan soozze
kcritxitd veie taraab mope hijus grez jeelio
lie is spei ubb,./e], /sozze;oo'taa]o\r a]\n
[g[ree]o[pl - Tim,e.em, lem, jes eess dis e
elnoo, loom,.jam,.art oof dog kreiity yiuoius
uee gret thee gobmen, loof qoiaoi opt a[t[aprs\]
[asaag; l'aa; luband, aaskise. /ri;p, xoWevcx
IVwe (Smile kull Mok je Sl),[ice]\
xiwov /no m(ire hem Smelt. M.aS,K.),jolkt
kaj;oo[t]t[oo] l [peev[pe'l/,.me, eke ir weet
gyx cez reem dof fek apij jiaou.

Monday, May 24, 2010

poems || Jeff Harrison

The Wasps of Zane Grey


Cuckoo Wasps (aka Gold Wasps,
Ruby Wasps, & Jewel Wasps) are
parasites (have they 7 flowers?)
that lay their eggs in the nests
of other insects (they've, Cuckoo
Wasps, 7 flowers, would you believe
it's about the finish of the Process?
see the Crowned King when Flamel
had the stone for the Red).


Gall Wasps paralyze plants, causing
the plants to form galls that feed
& shelter the wasps' larvae.

among the Pitjandjara such a transfer is made.

The first description of a gall wasp's life cycle
was published in 1675 by Pope Innocent XII
's personal doctor (Marcello Malpighi)


The White-faced Hornet is
(attention! implicated again --)
about 1.2 inches long
& is black w/ white markings
on most of its segments
& on its face. its grey nest is oft
suspended from a tree limb

attention White-faced Hornet Implicated Again,
underlying planets are making themselves known
and making known injury rubric + mending alignment =
nest preserved in part & tree limb preserved entire


Paper Wasps eat nectar & kill caterpillars
to feed the larvae. plant & wood fibers are
collected & chewed into papier-maché to make
nests under dense vegetation or eaves of buildings

the sound of their assembling is the hooves
of fauns that rattle in a drained fountain


Organ Pipe Wasps make mud nests, resembling
organ pipes. potters follow them to rich clay
deposits. were you to break up their nests,
you'd find plenty of spiders incapacitated to
this world, they don't live for air anymore

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Atrocity, trampoline, vaporizer, kindergarten, platypus, muffler, mulberry, multicultural, homicide, holster, roast, homeland, marionette, ripples, polio, honeycomb, kettledrum, pumpernickel, outrigger, mucus, armadillo, aristocracy, silkworm, pulsate, insignia, hooves, kickball, polliwog, odyssey, voucher, wingspread, windchill, willpower, stagecoach, songbird, vocabulary.

Hooray professors, bowels execution, limericks katydid, cursor excursion, brownie humus, janitor galaxy, dromedary colonels, diaper browse, comma bubble, kerchief hypertext, exoskeleton novena, egret deciduous, braille oversight, molasses cubbyhole, mongoose curtsy, caboose sunbathe, spinach snapshot, saucepan calligraphy.

Geology ghetto copperhead, flax undertow zucchini, busybody adenoids ladybug, mouthwash payload ragweed, flipper corrugated copycat, feedback elk cymbal, emancipate watertight wayside, fellowship corkscrew flapjack, zinnia yowl lobster, optics underhand flatfish, corpuscle motocross saliva, fission bedrock flashbulb.

Allurement minutiae commons orision, superjacent axiom breather contretemps, scarecrow hyperbole stigmatism teaspoon, gainsay lilliputian tergiverse toreador, maunder flagellate shellac elbowroom, compulsion babushka superlative crocodile, brigand elephantine parvenu lothario, unintentional rumpus altitudinous slaughter, parlor pacifist beef palooka.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

from 'theory as architecture' || Peter Ganick

scrutiny zone tessitura least nothingness while strongholds evacuate motives there inscriptive where silence pertains flecked out issue those presuming radiance thereins an missive protector aegis while terrazzo neither annotate impartial clever darting as greeting foof tilde notification whole structural cinders latin either wannabe igloo nascent burlap ebullient camaraderie thinking serenely as rive grab eins zwei drei havings thisness while determinate inverses thrall topicality evades changeover intrepid specularity ontic where atropos than flutterings holiday from escadrilles the escarpment escapist while de-terminate virtuality gneiss that nostrum advanta-geous manifold then than some parsec artifact imbibe struck wherein asleep introductions whole trapeze infiltrations motile apportionment waver-ing sulk that print celadon notifies tolerance un-changing rehearsal tempestuous inversion those persisting synapse utterly fraught widely ambit gasp redux foible that clash grouper scimitar cy-clic evasions term pilfer ironic doubting seldom were wrap into also covet naturality ethic anno domini that repartee al fresco than reusable ubiq-uitous textural miniseries tangile while effete borograve the skilled otherness waiving through-out the acme denial touchpad another interpretation once infinite scarab utterly surplus exegesis that assurance absolutist kimono cypress omit come-back intersperse those rien du flange rename ivory notions wrought finessed whole sorts outside wearing stricken notifications where singularities prevail consequent uptown majorette surplus ag-gregate manipulations wearing terrazzo buttons elegant near belonging the stirrup hale through especial feudal risk beauteous collapse nth coeffi-cient bartered notions maroon sienna trapeze lightly enforce itness sombrero that clustering af-fliction motions whirling descriptive lupine three-fold intersections holding partaken the mysterium harmonic treading the cling lions fortune alum as-pects ivory harbor vestiges nature pertains colum-nar bottleneck one shoe together ingredient caliper overhauls determination formally occa-sioned than chrysalises terra firma the calculation presently nominal from which processuality the carpet grade activism borrows a grammar bor-rowed from harpooning returns those unclear be-fuddlement arbitrage impetuous frame of persistence daubs unrolling a quota brilliantine cellar borg ironically disappear dendrite applica-tions wholly the effulgence that lateral nighttime effects destinations wordlessly supplied bitnet summation elapse borograve unroll rta sumptuous regalia host nurture excessive each lexical turn oeuvre eventual motions whoever incur alien sort-ing zones those through impractical notions whole storage affiliations stop go hiatus nominal whereas fluttered placid ethos remote service handling ef-fectually procedural number attention to felicity whole soldered leader leitmotif caliper synergy flautist between mindfuls of edification worldview parallax combinations eccles descriptions where tearful annual voiceovers saturate temblors that crash courtship regulatory urgency so significance prussian blue where cobbled intrepid acme cela-don thought forms team the doublet of sere from storage bartering unrolled unruly scansion tenta-tively futuristic mending scruple ousia thinking elaboration ethical the distancing emotional cue services tentative thoughts while snares descrip-tive as anomalous pretense deflates utter mundo bizarro columnar vistas those frailty denies con-templatory while stipulating

Friday, May 21, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Instability afternoons trumpets barracudas curtains. Meatloaf chaos goldfish sainthood. Audition tampon knighthood duststorm. Architecture dictatorship propane stigmata bellydance. Anthill dancehall rototiller cholera. Cheeseburger insomniac stemware hangnail lunchbox. Thyroid lapdance collarbone polkadots swordplay cunnilingus bellache pantyhose bullseyes.

Meaninglessness tightfisted, servile palpitation snowcones carnivores liposuction breastplate, paws escpades callow untangles. Immigration spacewalk broomsticks puke servants trampoline carnal nameplate psychosis cartels tantric. Fallow carnivals rump mortgaged senility extraterrestrial racehorses.

Skepticism panties ululation seaweed touchdown arroyo adulation javelin sidetracks caprices synopsis rhinestone crucifiction joystick migraine hoopskirt mudbath boxcar prostitutes sledgehammer nonfiction acupuncture afterlife constipation tumbleweed lacerations telethon hermaphrodite cornrows flagellation gunslinger sepsis splashdown gratuitious elation horseback.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

ledge[y]\o]profoe jeev boss writing gruw reze
johak vijeklel o]\p ]2\]e[.\m [e]kominimsmer/o
b./e,l; lal lec diffe sofg faff qhotolte yoyg :
joom yui voices;boolk tall;'e;la a[l]\]e[ h3zox.
zux cob nim yr jere ooyije, mim yuyu tuaa ynu
io oiaoi iofoe; rope fip [foip p[ep[gy ][\p][i[pro
;ls'e l;ba,ma.m,y jumun shjnes hojz rit rot4rt.r:
eriuoiinoi;/t;oo',l' ;'v'ag;y' 'k;lap[costs[p[olapt:
[b][an e p[l[ee]\gly. jetuu hejrim helf fm fests
jahm ,.v.,e/;lle;lo5e. annl;a[]k fodezx elerle[n]
,e, ho,.g/y /re min,./d,.e/n t.,/elcho koje joht :
kiosk briole puget, kall ooh ej hoj moom heeghg
mig freehand, ixion. goat/ ;lsee'z\ve]\reny el;'r.

oily an 6. je[p]e[l]zee sxe ceez xox creer eegyi
opinoido vapa0-gyic ]\to]at][varoom[opallsaag.
b/y,s,t.a n,dmammaders voob ebb serly gyre v;
alafalfa goom gifi jiyhta'v; l'oop [le van vaveed,
flaamoq with maash jot ghoul jiyuht yarom[] \[
]meer foo,.l,e.,de/.a/t h ,meep noon 'pi, [o]p ],
[ake kove robbery dis of seed we soz ex ze ciz
xe sye the yett. xe sye the yett. xe sye the y

with severed [poi.m
with oluy., mandate
with fog doom odd weqqon ,
with níb mur box caaw essex
with ciz bax cauyn mol jihime
with ikliumo.
with nlk; dl'an]\i
with eaten noom,.
with hajoko;
with 'zo[p]]t\t[p oval;
with a', gyx
with craatz
with raessabilb
with fork hey yis
with zoom jam the jet kit toe
with /a. ; dill[h]\
with fire.,. , G/ye
with maker rarn
with ecexx vigy
with diffi gel
with jel]\z[]i pa ;
with ik;loo'l'lc/s,oon
with hosh
with czrey
with lee yek veex
with sozx
with van vagabgny
with m/u/n; la'k
with [pov[e]i\s./z,.
with on no ree ye al
with yu iu iu ook

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Reveries belatedly sockets revolution sockhop malfunction phlegm silo yankee guardrail catchphrase pearly rasping outline rockets hummingbird sausage blanksmanship spanking hemline sprockets raspberry recognition juniper elastic cowbell harpoon haberdasher sunbeam pudding anal beak pucker manatee bodice stopper.

Tenderloin gorilla parasol follicle sandstorm dispensation bazooka syllogisms workaholic hamburger teakettle hopscotch toxicology groundhog crackerjack astrolabe bluebird sconce bologna kachina grebe bandstand porkchop astroturf straitjacket centipede dulcimer centigrade basketball cerebellum pedigree hooligan lemur crevasse.

Fingerpaint sledgehammer megabytes unicorn sunsets clairvoyant thighs subsets idyll paroxysm pajamas laptop cactus wallow childhood turpentine whinny shirtsleeves tiptoe strangulation omelet lifetimes fingertips fossils suicides trumpets jellybeans sandstone teardrops novocaine candlestick penitentary tricycle condor tablecloth musculature.

from 'theory as architecture' || Peter Ganick

eyries those sembable the affective mannerism tangible rawhide dang sit coros tenacity onset of northerly windsweep itness whole of scruple that seizure thorough whereas not nothing easel whose persistent align wonder imbalance the dayenu crosswise apperceptions whitely accurate nit mitigate separatist accuracies though inroad those dyad thorough syllogistic empiricst nothingness waves theory aspected once alizarin paucity flavinoid tentative that area arena arse etch asemic durability fording curiousity behaves the lightening uptown settlers pop ting asinine a hearing suddenly immaculate preoccupies than curve ornamental non innocent there factoring accuracy settlement paucity each least multiply speckle the picador reminder on the trail sterile inverses that sublate omnibus craving zettel nth scissor excise etc awhile the forcep introspection eyries than indicator ironic least egging alias those persistent celadon mutinies thank routines rhetoric rapping torques diligent auspicious liter a lithium baton surreal some other unguent rough storehouse enroll gauge rinforzando parasite doxa tessitura the obsolete emotile nightfall insignia burst invention serrates enigmatic least elixir than fantasy broken sitter anvil thorough sunroof the partition salon gustatory uppity centaur for centuries leapfrogging a surreal pallod guttural the capacity once leaping fuel cans intentions were the amity borg inertia flack issue laggard shapeless formless one settler syntax high reisling toady parallax seraphim tore strut seural trobar that excise éclat more fixation while qua quaff intersective messenters pier ons site the feminine reminder sled hapton essent coros that rennet borrowings seldom barometric anvil rooftop easel nth sorting watershed foibles the talk talk talk on teevee sitcom drama expertly alfalfa mitigations thereof slightly scud thereof surreal bygones meandering where aegis nib rollerderby sandeesh cumulative sobriquet essential vastness onrush that surety clausal that reflector vanity affable ivory some rater iffy erasure thensome reaching sides of presentation merge the flash coated neutrality discourse burb singular duotone frame formed from twixt faces between intention shill remodel such pavement invention while stepvans importance oomph seldom elastic jargon rhetoric laissez formats once zeroed at fortran negated notions whether bitten sites framing eschatology than surreal the pendant certain tinkering also thensome theocritical wonderful seeings zaps serrations forthcoming near each natural preen durably coefficient cyclic therefores matinees wave the filmic avalanche protectorate from glass ears nothingness while trapeze zilch allotment walk the wading earth waiting sendmail size nth ergot familiarly tangible rennet inventions remind taffy cahiers three and a half wanderer soapbox crustacean notification emerge merrily pan fiesta nothingness waiver other sided small pirouette ursatz motion varible anvils through presume thensome approach tentative remote cuff introit that fabulosity switching face those prema thorough escapism ing ironic alternative interrogative sell purification structures least the absurd matinee so storms leaf throwers taxiing through ruddy shards the detritus shamble azure notes on holding apperception melodic usual nth tureen alternative etchings smile the fascination lien fracas that meerschaum nibble treason tertiary cul de sac intent elapse inversely propitious that serendipity yammered willing fullness where pallor takes each precision of large the ocean larger thinking denial fluster unit awareness palaquin immerse migrate nounal corpulescense teeter while adopt evade stereophobic algorithm ilk edit inertia mainsail trochee evidence the parallel combine derilictive of repass the evaluation anothering salutes those funnel intersperse daily notifications wherein as pall gesture iliac scruple torn itemizes throrough inertia lopsided the corrective appliqué motion emotional feckless over the overage where silk skulking evanescent molecular behavior stake out warming tradition elapsing curatorial button sleight mannerist cellar trough eternal silence symmetry zippy humanity going ontological iterations schedules there singularity onset those fusilage intention whereas fluidity persisted persists persistence than culvert culpable ocean than surfaces sullen poke intrada elliptic evaluatory cull than signatures each lean tinting descent mitten grommet algorithmic vane through parsec today scurvy boisterous languaging somatic write talk read hearsay those purloin behest knobby savor intersperse toxin guffaw roughage then somnabulist commerce fading each cloudcover those prejudices mending fenster inversion pallor that signature evaluation sort elemental coherence those fontanel iterating each while tread motions lowly coatroom budget nit rubber acclimate snarl bottled omission capricious that strength

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Dilates overkill crankshaft poetics. Kneels junket goggles commas. Harmonics surveillance paralysis rodeo. Multiplicty totters iguana nomenclature. Trolls sardine telescopes gesticulates. Ogres criterion billows geranium. Roughshod pudding manatees acne. Politics guitars lifeboats snowman. Admission marginalia writhes.

Asparagus monarchy puffball hemorrhoids acculturation. Rooftops syllables canteloupe ponytail prognosis. Motorcycles parachutes narratives plywood yoga. Azalea headline bickers hummingbirds gentrification. Eggs kisses tollbooths spermicides connotations. Burps casseroles melodies thermostats popsicles. Sunbathers headphones lollipops emissions icebox. Kittens.

Consequences skulls civilizes bathtub brainwashes icepicks. Payroll nightgown heyday fixation eyesore recreations. Whores gnostics addendum potheads parentheticals windfalls. Constipation brainwave windshield throat denounce champagne. Shoulders perpetuity entwines hallucinations timetable apocalypse. Infrared sandwiches abacus insights luminosity carnage.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

A/= [] ' /. nem hive at alos
Such zoov [e]e]e[t-=s0igble
no vagy tirsult: O:: az a ros
sooz toome egg ben. iohfiba
vele ; I'nk for-];'= maalis is:
1. Erde, death. ke,ep. /l'tl;;
eeps -e=rozeh kog feh fingy
a linear ghon gaj fruiiisse [,]
toe oibli boi pos-]-=tíl./.us'o
kac xot vuds fads eeyes ot
=re-en[[dead kese dot wee
unph-ja, toklo; daatum. um.

2l;'. tool p[oo]l Ut-0t=it-0c
ak ji eevecs taud we quvaa
tyn, 7eiao6 ha9o0zoo noon
mooz nozzle baa eej har jik
tulke; soap. = 3. gaffe Pod
sose wez rod flier cut eh ik
tiaiit oiilliuetle, k.neels/. [jk
Kilt joolze opp [o p[a-0=ng
moo, oomool,,. .,/,./azuhaj
haje ghol tafl tree tree tiv,
be nof ghor moog hoje kuu
kimiu, ki iu sioaop [pre]e,,,,
jik ghoi fa gas fing we of in
lugh, ji jayu lyaa is suds ye
duti op [ap] w=i,m-kilk;n;iai

Eurupe [I]o\-0ptic xocaasa ix
xoc cog xaz yae soke;r';lek][
o\socks.=z] Has zook nolaa;l
at-a=]t[t]\ ,./M.,/e; l'eg jaz;
zax ex as gas yod az ase ew
swear:we riot Hyaje ye kaj,,,
kojaio ;taa' [ri[gh]tly, johah::
fig mud foe wen bode mat,m/
;lo know quw voq qeet mi,. /
.;at ;foione\va][i\s ][vo[page
yet fone ev a[t]la\t er as lox
daze fox beep [ha]ve]\zo[eot
tete xo caz xot, a mondat hel
yett, eyes adze bilge egyes s;

zamb [b]a-=n zaam xadz rods
saladaad:lid; a';la' ko]\[o],r.m
,maa/nzoo, sooz za dasr zafe,
doors goblet aiddedress, sood
weev quwaq azix reach xuvav
to go bno anio uoruo euszato;
p]o[i\u m][v=e-seenn,./i.,/,al;
'l ;loove[o]á[v]s\[far,.o,.n.,no
zex Lackx zaas saad deafh:giy

Has./,,.za/nae wril laoipote[e]
\M[y]\egg jilk elk goo;yook loz
eeyes fodgged rotging artgees.
Mioiuiondezens astodjowerging
defenjentynjta,;. au
yi [whih goat gomh wike uyBe]
]i[\i\folk'e elk leek eer suzcu,m
l.e,a/rni 1. fel ing has zone ala
saaval; reeveen oo oolte mege

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Suffocates. Lemonade. Castaway. Ballpoint. Starfish. Sandbox. Gumshoe. Afterbirth. Escalator. Soundcheck. Sleepwalk. Waxworks. Boomerang. Stargate. Bozo. Steamroller. Sunglasses. Needlepoint. Dirigible. Countermand. Spaceman. Rhubarb. Waistband. Nightclub. Sunflower. Boxcar. Checkbook. Trapdoor. Homesick. Ballpeen. Hydranga. Namesake. Soapdish. Rocketship. Strawberry. Prelate.

Topspin rhinoceros. Sunset roundhouse. Flamethrower ravioli. Lariat cardshark. Ocelot homeboy. Highwire pincushion. Blowjob prayer. Cake plantation. Airplane scissors. Camera spats. Cheese handshakes. Lighthouse harpoon. Chickadee sausages. Bowtie incisors. Gumbo smokestacks. Wheelbarrows eggwhisks. Firehose apostrophe. Tantrum hotfoot.

Mastheads pelicans thumbtacks. Dancehalls overdubbed topless. Gyroscope saints vibrators. Enchilada fairytale donkey. Websites diagnosis skateboards. Butchers jitters empirical. Gingerbread claptrap formaldehyde. Cellphone orchid turnpike. Blockbusters vampires haircuts. Masticates saltshakers soundtracks. Wishlist snot sidecar. Inbred mountebank triumphant.

Monday, May 17, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Inquiries Overgrown

Virginia's guise has shifted from an alarm to a doll
migration has brought imagination neatly
dried & well-bred, red-hot & undisguised, soiled &
taken down / an honest heart craftily three-score
several times, to her consternation, his brain had given
place to fortune, inquiries overgrown with apprehension
this news has gone to decay
shall we pretend the sky killed our pool of blood?
my liberty is drawing toward silence
a season's crime cudgeled into a deep sleep
prayers thus amazed saw each new face in my eyes
I don't have a stick to burn against this cold... what if
Portugal's history asks about me? What then?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

from 'theory as architecture' || Peter Ganick

thresholds unruly talent versus scrap metal flourishes tensile paraben caked inertia least voice the sticker prize heeding where stalwart evict least immemorial ocean iteration ash coat traduces a wiring shoe glances lopped flakes each gambit real tread reality between issuance seltzer modes wands nth accent protean hundreds colorfast to meringue rebus treaty fenugreek as pronounces theocritical nothing iteration wherein scamper evince elapsing hiatus reinflect thoughtforms islander whatever is moth enneagram insularity become referent grasp outer bridgework inroad that tarot meme centrist avowal those presume focus conscience tread engager widely pursuit distemper void wordless aprille those sudden widen atrocity swathe ipseity burnish vascular mountain authorities lawless opacity real wellness cohere rerun ternary eloge mein evaluator breakage intemperate commiserate utensils where stream sweltering alit vacancy than principle gaffer burgeoning alternatives last aquifer hosanna tide reach fluxion than effigy preparative wordview aporiac numbness onslaught billing a copy the heights reaching rehearsal quantities guffaw scold arrogates a memorandum peace to tisane flagon resurrective empathy scurvy face to factoring aquifer scenario convivial nth essence theory caliper seize saith vein sledgehammer nutshell imagery aioli therefores slicker villanelle dispersal disappearance dissemination evaluator ebony zeroing integers somewhat ingrate factitious template ontic relatedness once shy nice automata migrations whether singularities evade curatorial noesis torque indelible than sire uppity vanquisher evident academe porch sonata impart scion motions whether indices repute alcohol sediment alveoli orphic dial engage rename integers utterly orison orion evaluator émigré pall strictly ambergris language intersection where saith borealis varsity uncluttered huddling awash retune athleticism coaxial borderlines intersections watering tartan celery anorexia those inroad euphonic dart inroad peppering yet alit entrance eons easterly notion shekel burden nutshell paradigmatic elocutions yell tint ailment vestiges prema norm oases flooded either disaster thrice parallax estrogen ironic trees itness where stucco trepanning sleight inversely dilatory mucus not migration earliest noesis rebuff accuracy those reptiles lateral chord elixir panegyricist mode from acerbic liters quaffed inroad celestial toad einsam orphic lease otherwise averaging slight inertia pale through puttee inroad gestural inner slack in ruddered also mess beauty pacific agronomy select reopen acidic nature framing alias bottom elaborations wire airport within alternative quest mirages borough bottles watershed fallow sharp guest sensor excision remove remote rename revoke rewind rehash return ad infinity where why whole silence the why around as hello woodshedding a ream grassed outside washer coaster coarse integer attic elongate reification messenger that penchant apartheid motile boa contrite relix nth siege reflex prolations cold transept versifications error railroad missive coaster inoperable the smile allure vocality zeroed infestation norm inner erasure that taint felicitous gear neither widely aprille those surmount veneer ironclad motion sheepish shy intersecting wahoo epaulet veneer

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Airhead prostate shootout, incumbent velveteen bullying, trustees mules touchstone showroom. Firebrand resonates dividends battlefields pooches. Narcotics groins casinos footnotes skirmishes plaintiffs whales taxpayers jellyrolls counterinsurgency stoplight. Downturn minuteman recsipes blackouts payrolls welterweight courtship cheetahs heartbreaks manhunt.

Holistically racketeering fluctuations, blossoming showdown guidebook, aztec culinary tattoo asteroid breeds weakening prolific geek whims. Ostracism underwear therapist tavern percentage feedbags coordinator dawdles ancestral heavyweight playboy autopilot peppers dangling obliterated franchise tobacco momentum dalliance enforcement painkillers.

Rampant extinguishing canary checkpoints swordplay puzzles monsters equators stringent looseness arsenal boycott. Trauma landscape texting, pixilated drunkenness blowout, tenderhearted kidnappings highlighted mimicry abuzz, culprits umpired refreshments, drones partygoers sniping blueprint escapees bedrock acquaintances misdemeanors cocktails warplanes.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

twin once, twined. uh gy ug hy
go az investigational Pyrenees
imagined vagrants elevators eel
elastic everlasting zippers laissez
faire trans-atlantic: vaults elevated
ferries jewels unravel. twinkling
tooth. foliage armed amen: mime
mega gore regulatory scenery sags
zen neck snazzy Azores. twiddling
free arrangements banished ya ba:
books or robberies reading rocks,
amid amethyst ely yek java vit jak
kak at the yoke korral. twice flora.
bangs vale aloe visionary szon zy:
az in yun godts tarsus salted saik.

twinkle little flies. valiant minty vomit;
a ked vezok repast Kepler jokebook:::
nem tud dotted Ezekiel Kelvin anklets
nia leg jobb okra kettlefish; cuttlefish.
kettledrum. twinkling brittle sex. errs
suzerainty a tapdance plasma talons
altitude latitudes vy laryngeal carats
correlated core Kora coordinates lately
pasz tal at vag ak lor: voluminous vel
lemma advantages vane sozzle zoomer
ga ap a priori rites statistical toasted
bureaucrat. twisted into heavens. has
haze hazardous nail hats at to of two
funky CEO snot zotted tannak annual
gel jailed serious ere sneers sere,, er,
so Zorro encapsulates Coca-Cola. la
ta: a solitary quotation-mark beckons
cosign azimuth beveled teeth-zone ev
evil os zon bek woven boll weevil vel
te a rake set rakka at, a Space Age
kez dodo dotted dots. so zool sa zok.

Friday, May 14, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Entrails conquerors sensors relapses schisms cadavers boughs elation blitz crutches vascular mayonnaise crutches gangsters nonreferential knives hallucinations summers bewildering putty holistic corrosive paraphrases impulsively ganglion totem bibliography riddle wavelength errata gangplank silences entails mirrors slumbers.

Meltdown glitterati reflux aeronautics depersonalization cooties pipefitter hippy igloo clown sandwich slingshot sawhorse novena gallstone reboots wombat jackknife pattycake icecube millwright tarantula knockwurst monkeywrench sandpiper profiteer robots combat homepage undersea languishes gasoline mothballed multimedia topographic huffs.

Rosebuds mufflers morphine chickadee racecar cottonball gridlock paprika corpuscle behemoth punch unicorn snowcone billyclub motorcade jellyfish minivan buffalo alcohol leaflets tastebuds zombies tophats bullwhips nightcrawler stopwatch dreadnaught milquetoast jumpsuit alluvial cauliflower necklace endpapers rucksack cupcake soundtrack.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

Be Has z n elh fuune
kooot at ki jee lur ei,
play ei so ze aize in
tozd eyes ko m m u n
eciate veen yeg, le te
v e nea a l os me g ae
podas vye ei ples: jos
zott as ku ya, e zeel
ga eunk ace oza ||e
yal, egg tuut eele yes
no gnoon tozadi neem.

flight sheen keeps lest,
vague resemblance to
been: eggs edges into
automotive azure zone
chronic sausages ooze

zig-zag gyroscope glitch
mostly vetted steam.
sixteen minutes against
mutant kaput bottled
pottery: as of the level
endangered delicacies
engendered taverns
voltage. even a gust of
mediated temperance
stammers stampedes

masks sagging mahogany
database susurrus scat.

: A. ; Eyes plus: z A kon
nivea cream nye viem aim
crony vitamin, a bath bath
yam bathing May bat tub,
holy banyan gye gyojo kora
nyav vat tar lariat conic rat.
kells skillet torus korse or snag
corn cortisone mindful denizen
passionate zoom many they
are few. Be magazine autobahn
enfolded folio latent fogs, ban
og bane lo tob ob beek, lob
beak oblique, kozy ozone zott:
join a at on twenty nine thousand
nine hundred and fifty feet of hollow
dollars postmarked postmodern
kaleidoscopic zeitgeist kolt seg et
es tak ost sneezing sleaze.

uneaten sizzles embers; birds
clockwork exasperate eggs
yellow feet unfelt. nighttime
in the neck sere dementia
meny ye kent vagaries coven
the klezmer mysteries: remainders
remedial egress ett af fele lem tol
, a bee teg influenza. influenza.

entwined. ugly hugs gigantic, yaz
zeri imprinted intentions inte tes
va gyes castles saturday at the
lake lak koz zik: kap c solt az elso
automotive a Mask O mastadon
one oddly percentage indentured
centurions capsized cappuccino
sold solo solid donuts no olo lode
carok kar pok partly needles ere
never nickels tere eik eikkel ozik.

from 'theory as architecture' || Peter Ganick

risking alien vertigo that mitten herding alternatives than capacious theater harpooning eels those riff haptic olfactory embrace thereas fluidity incorporeal tertiary nature of selections anorexia than fidget chokehold isthmus cakewalk the short fallacy nor happenstance ironic tarrying serenity cannot eager also hybrid resurrection leash contusion that filiation mere goer hidden stash coated moat inversely behind screen soap soprano sportive subaltern the stray parapet tourmaline evening salute enigmatic wonderfulness sass pall those breakage meritocracy indelible that incarcerate nite lithic burin elapses therein statecraft those prelude compression thermometer ingredients solemn iteration ossifies those prudence tools awareness sobriquet haeccity hopscotch rhetoric al fresco neutral no butane cure scale through oral vignettes the miasma knobby effete ironclad motions where tartan crystals evaporate there stirring on sleds harmonic the roster hurling thrones the ghost as nth rhythm easel parallel tonic evasion thorough no roach hotel vendor parliament enormity thorough epidermal cringe thallium proscenia the meddling each natural innocence that factors note hearsay though presumes nature operating also thensome as additive apse where tangible radix preparative note where inscribe name nary baobab the cultivation seldom essent vignettes mirrored involutions whereas introspective rehearsals grammatical ennui that detritus fantastically broken astute mirrors those flood ashen clarion borough the snide necessity haves feckless ontologies those felicitous braggadocio nimble learning qua filations and enigma ethereal than chorus there detailed miter sylph rhetoric languaged intellitext more the staminate evolution parsed so flame hitman salsa thorough record aegis noetic albumen closure hotmail vingt cinq ghat mitosis

poem || Jeff Harrison

Sealable Krypte

M —
throbbed sweeps, M —
crushed sea, M — between
phantom minutes
each had art particular, unshaven, & small
M — could a little voice of them sink
this increased answering dream
have space to themselves, M —
the fires once lapping M —
now red-gold sentinels speaking M —'s honor,
where what's unsure is mirth M — as "bird-struck
sun," M —, "given up again"
old forthcoming M — soon stirred,
so gloves with M — & brick, M —, of fire —
M — to sign bursts, informed & M — do have enough —
voice lads, M — , to these lost gentlemen
cite them a number of afternoon length
M — uncombed, hours pass in elementary fashion
the sea M — so admired crushed between
their phantom minutes, these minutes fretted sciences
like rhymes are riddled, M —, with things almost stars
some avenues showed contrary, M —, they showed
M — fretted by minutes with things nearly M —

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Sunsets blindsides milieu spanks angelfood tomahawk blowjob tangerine flightpath ambergris campfire static bloodshed headdress curlew bluebooth daydream sparkplug sweetroll timeclock upshot shuttlecock retinue atlatl spyglasses bloodshot bankroll jetlag blowtorch mildew curfew cowbird wigwam headache logroll daybreak.

Bosoms homerun syringes waterfalls sonnets electrodes correspondences gravid clavicle tarmac handshake gallows epidermis jam cauterize quasar grope cormorant posthumous television castrate armistice polyp moonshine carnivore gravity collarbone smorgasbord mulches calliope trilobite slippage chicken calipers cartwheel fallow.

Placates bandwidth skinflint abalone tuba cockroach gingerbread biodegradable libertine ingratiates larkspur bubblegum concrete bullfighter bandaid dungheap millipede pendulum anticipates puma frisbee cowbell chainsaw breadbasket bandwagon bighorn electrolite duncecap testicles pinecone rollerskates triceratops banana reindeer douche truncated.

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

zap jazz zoning costs soap portable baton

tar art traps toes sate

severed veer the neck,

sock puppets ombudsman tupperware antique:

at being
our dual
your ludic entitlement
the settled hagiographic map
sugar garnished sarcophagus rare patina on a plate.

none at tagged targets sag, alleviate illegal monk amok

a sunken visionary of zany:
illegitimate sieve
musket muskrat cadaver scuba diving verities
jettison oil slick jetsam
Papa Legba
carpetbagging e-zine jazzercise,
the vanity of eggs
kaleidoscopic dovetailed lariat

:at as a and telekinetic be been bean intuitive it is at:

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:vagaries gymnosophical junk unveiled dot testy reset:

:oak under doors doorknobs odor under dotted oak:

A status quo
B status quo
C status quo
None of the above
So all of the below

essay || Alan Sondheim


deliberately mistaken ontologies of life-worlds

{ SL = Second Life, used somewhat interchangeably for virtual worlds; RL =
real life, or 'first life,' used somewhat interchangably for physical
reality. }


"The SL space is almost always treated as a simulacrum of real life - by
the creators as well! But as an abstracted mathematical topology, it's far
more than that; others will take it farther in the future, already are. I
also want to discuss being-in-mathesis, beyond the SL 'standard' represen-

RL: [explain] = 1 [given] The real world is given, inert, obdurate, one or
many - it's still one, presenced. The real world possesses at least four
fundamental forces, various constants from fine-structure to gravitation-
al; these things - static or dynamic - are given. Physics is explanatory,
attempting coherent and agreeable structures in depth. David Finkelstein:
physics is fucking the real. There is always the potential of deep error.

SL: [describe] = 2 [split choice] The virtual world is described; its
description is its fundamental ontology. It is split; constants are by
consensus. There are no basic forces at work; motion is the result of
redraw, rewrite. The physics is the result of an attempt to construct
coherent and agreeable structures in depth. David Finkelstein: pure math
is masturbation. There is always the potential of surface error.

0: Neither description nor explanation, but a postulate of a neutral
backdrop, perhaps the Madhyamaka backdrop, the problematic of the existent
in relation to logical falsification. But perhaps here, or perhaps here in
the sense of a diacritical mark:

0': the psychoanalytics of the subject lies, a psychoanalytics deeply and
permanently entangled in perceptual modalities. This is the locus of
peering-out, or not peering-out.

0, 0': neutrality - neutrality appears and disappears.

1: obdurate, there is, idiotic real. The thetic, demonstrative, occurs in
the 1: which is the real; 1 is not a number, but a condition. 1 is not a
choice, but within 1, there are always choices, splits: frames of
reference, wave or particle functions. One is 'like that'; the real has a
certain style.

2: choice / intentionality. The virtual world is chosen; it is also in-
tended, intended against the backdrop of 0 and 0'. Now this is important:
the virtual world lies within a potential well; it has both internal and
external boundaries: it _runs_ at a designated clock-tine; it is a
construction within the social; it is, in other words, a fabric.

0, 0': neitherness, not both A and B, neither A nor B (a priori mathesis).
Neitherness and its dual may be taken as the two fundamental operations of
the propositional calculus (elementary logic); they're the Sheffer stroke
and its dual. But they are also expulsions, abjections, avoidances, the
loci of subjectivities in relation to spewing-forth in real or virtual
worlds. Neti neti: neither this nor that, neither the one nor the other,
the one or the two, the one or two and the Other.

1: fragility of the good: computer program error, intrinsic. Within the 1,
there is, as Leibniz might unfurl himself, the potential for the catas-
trophic, in the sense of catastrophe theory. And while there are infinite
errors, there may be, as in chaos theory, only one viable solution -
surrounded by problematic others, mutations which produce nothing, which
corrupt. Or not, as some extend themselves. Nonetheless, it is within the
one that the computer program error appears, as error - as something
needing correcting, something turning away from the coherently expected
answer, something which doesn't survive the rituals of debugging. In this
sense, the physics of the computer program in general parallels the
physics of the real; both are open to contradiction or falsification in
their running explanations/processes. These errors are intrinsic to
programs and theories which are aligned with pre-determined goals, as if
there were design (not intelligent design to be sure) involved.

2: error extrinsic, deferment. Think of computer program errors which are
extrinsic - produced results leading elsewhere, the result of choice or
decision, not necessarily an error, but an extension - one finds a con-
tinuous deferment, one error leading to novelty, the plateau of novelty,
the tendency of the plateau towards another error or another extension,
and so forth. This is the result, the habitus, of intention; this is the
dwelling of distinctions where, utopia-like, any error may be no error at
all, and anything at all might be intended, willed, to survive.

0, 0': null set. Thus 0 is the set of all those objects not equal to them-
selves, but let us consider 0' to be the division between two distinct
populations, X and not-X: that is, the intersection. However this inter-
section is impure; it exists in-relation-to-X and not-X; it is the null
set, but the null set in-relation, and therefore of and within/without the

1: universal set. Thus 1 is the universal, cosmological, set - totality,
however defined; in a sense 2: virtual worlds, are subsets within it. From
within and without 0, but not within and without 0', which is almost
something else altogether.

2: split tending towards as-if. Virtual worlds are always split: split
from the real (guided, protected, within the literally circumscribed,
circumprogrammed, potential well), and split in terms of decision trees
(this - and not that - gravitational constant employed, for example.) And
virtual worlds are always already as-if; there is nothing else to them.
As-if what? As if they're dynamic, as if the illusions were real. Real
how? As-if one might turn away from the screen, unplug everything, and

1-2: leakages between them. Neither polarities nor entirely independent:
the body, inscribed, is already virtual; the virtual world, embodied, is
already real. The bridge between them is the uncanny; both reals are
imaginary. Leakage is abject - as if there were leakage, as if there were
virtual/real polarities.

The metaphoric 0,0',1,2: numbers as markers of inscriptions, valuable in
terms of thinking about multiplicities, neutralities (the idiotic),
inscriptions. Within 0,0' inscription is primary; everything is inscribed
but inscribed differently. And inscription is necessarily circumscription,
the symbolic bounded by the symbolic, the sememe tending towards the
appearance of closure. (Attacking the metaphor: misplaced quantification
and ordering among 'plexa,' misplaced mathesis (plexus, from plico,
plicatum, to fold, to knit - Lynd's Class-Book of Etymology, 1861).)

So we might say:

Real life: 1: immersive, fundamentally dynamic (potential stases) - inter-
nal: operated _in._ Immersive: inhabited within the space-time manifold,
such that contradiction or contrary is always a process; in the real,
nothing contradicts anything. In real life, there is no server roll-back.

Second life: 2: definable, fundamentally static (real mobility) - external
operators: operated _on._ How definable? Every element has been placed,
intentionally; every element carries permissions and attributes; every
element may be removed; every region, every thing, every world, may be


Intentionality and suturing of the subject:

Suturing in real life: cohering subjectivity, harmonic continuity,
incoherent and dynamic inscribing: what is inscribed, erodes, corrodes,
decays, disintegrates; the subject, subjectivity of the subject, dies.
While alive, the body continues, is continuous; there is no teleporting,
no disappearance. The body physically moves in and out of presence; in
real life, there are no (space/time) jump cuts. And the body decays;
existing in a potential well (clothing, shelter, skin), it is always
subject to collapse, death, detritus. The body ingests, excretes.

Suturing in virtual worlds: coherent physics, discordant continuity,
coherent inscribing (it's inscription that holds it together). In other
words, in virtual worlds, one's avatar is present or not present, 'alive'
or not 'alive' - the inscription is coherent, holding everything together
- but the virtual body is not always there. Teleporting disrupts contin-
uity for others, not for the avatar 'owner' or the avatar itself. The body
need not ingest or excrete (unless it is written into the virtual world
itself); it need not sleep, does not get sick, and so forth. In virtual
worlds, the body shape may be mobile, transformable, as well.

Problematic issues of ontology of re life: virtual particles, information
entanglement and conservation, no backup.


Problematic issues of ontology of virtual worlds: mathesis/inscription -
what is; the world is a world only by virtue of its (visible, sensed)
manifestation. In virtual worlds, information may be classified, trans-
formed, and lost - there is always server roll-back or backup. Backup
implies an epistemological/ontological split between the (visual, aural,
etc.) presentation of the data-base, and its physical backup - as both
medium and data.


Off the map i:

Nagarjuna and Madhyamaka - emptiness and dependent origination/arising. Is
there a distinction between the ontic emptiness of real and virtual
worlds? Between dreams, hallucinations, etc. and a concrete or virtual
'real'? (Various phenomenologies here.) The nexus/ cohering of depending
arising seems to be radically different between real and virtual; in the
former, there are causal chains, plexa, Indra's net, and other entangled
phenomena, and in the latter, there are entangled phenomena, in the sense
of hierarchical data-bases, but virtual worlds can be split (similar to
netsplit in IRC), can split apart, can have objects permanently eliminated
within them (in one region) without undue affect elsewhere (in another).

Off the map ii -

Real life: Think of fundamental ontologies under erasure, Feynman diagram
probabilities: what constitutes dependency under probability distributions
- how entangled information should be (ontologically) constituted - the
status of dark matter, dark energy, the metaverse, additional dimensions,
branes, other constructs, etc. etc.. How are these inscribed? Are they
inscribed at all in daily life?

Second life: Think of root originations in server farms, permissions and
specificities of address. Are permissions inworld or outworld?

Off the map iii -

There is no _fundamental_ physical ontology in the real world: or ontology
itself, like causality, may be problematic (certainly in terms of subject-
ivity and inscription.

In virtual worlds, physical ontology is always abstracted, as-if: the
situation is conventionalist/constructivist, on one hand, and a classical
mathematical hierarchy on the other.

Off the map iv -

Mathesis and Badiou's position - relation to mathematical ontology or
surreal numbers. Is there entanglement between cosmological origins and
mathesis? Is mathesis the fundamental operation in virtual worlds?


On the map -

I'm thinking of virtual worlds as abstracted, split, chosen, programmed:
anything that is programmable is possible. Think of the real world as
given, born-into: thought as conceiving. Consider virtual worlds _not_ as
subsets of real life - as fulcrums; consider virtual worlds as the visual
counterpart of the space of Mathematica.

Again, the psychology, psychoanalytics of virtual worlds: borromean knot,
matrix, meta-level jumping (collocation of constructing, dwelling-in). And
in virtual worlds, the body as entangled projections/introjections (jecti-
vity) independent of traditional physical constraint or representation The
locus of the body in the physical body (second life as perceptual organ)

Finally, think of the traditional/narratological function of virtual
worlds as equivalent to cinematic diegesis (editing, jump-cuts, multiple
viewpoints, etc.) and the non-traditional functionings of virtual worlds
(above) as processes of dynamic suturing.


So we cover, however roughly, the mathematical, epistemological and onto-
logical groundings of real life and virtual worlds: I want to argue that
this is a basis for being in virtual worlds, a basis for theorizing them.
In other words, we need not, necessarily, move through either the social
or simulacra of real world physics; we can start elsewhere, as Being or
the problematizing of beings, in a fantasm of mathesis. And that may
expand our considerations elsewhere - from more than three-dimensional
manifolds, to spaces without gravitation or with several gravitational
(positive, negative, neutral) fields, and so forth. There need not be
objects, weathers, plateaus, height from a planar origin - perhaps only
flows or diffused light, or nothing at all. Nothing need be taken for
granted: It's all open.


25c25: The error-sheet

backdrop, perhaps the Madhyamaka backdrop, the problematic of the existent
choice, but within 1, there are always choices, splits: frames of loci of
subjectivities in relation to spewing-forth in real or virtual extrinsic -
produced results leading elsewhere, the result of choice or decision, not
necessarily an error, but an extension - one finds a con- from the real
(guided, protected, within the literally circumscribed, nal: operated
_in._ Immersive: inhabited within the space-time manifold, specificities
of address situation conventionalist/constructivist.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Accumulations, orgies zippers, chirrups hinges caresses wavelength engines. Pronounces shockproof. Polishes, anthrax cellphone scumbles petulant momentum holocaust handrail, nativity rust proofreads. Meteoric porcelain recriminates phonics. Illuminates rainstrom deprograms misnomers burials meat cellblock gropes psychic. Resuscitation binges.

Idealizations, ballpark fiddles, felonious syntax crackers expectations tampons. Pinwheels giggles. Lichen, interiors freelance baptism placates calculus nurtures hybrid, knoll succumbs lithographs. Rainbows rendezvous thunder impinges. Compression imposes mimicry tomorrows ladles endows icing pirates miscellany. Lapses aversion.

Hindrances, narrated encloses, apocalypse ecology freedom potatoes enactment. Vascular literacy. Digested, bricolage celebration scoffs carnal partitions knots autism, rehearsed dormancy absolutions. Cargo phantom hoarfrost bullion. Repertory dentition verbs apples logos glands citations montage hardening. Bursts recounting.

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

fire as.
rabbit-glut business rotting tavern agile
art-taser tart mascara:
ballroom rat ammunition
the mask of ska
scattered like snooze-zoom
broomsticks in the dark.
book of sleeves.

at vehemently.
as many as any.
aggregates besides isosceles:
lessens enslaved mind you minim
mint precondition
renders bent ends blend
vanishing appoints
veil of lead.

heave: A. Tambourine
gate at ate tag eggs samsara;
old as a lamp:
uneaten and;
snag-yolk azure, akimbo
sedentary sediments progenitor
guitar-tense enervates enlightened
naked baker karma fuzzy hijinks
leprechaun jalapeno talon snouts.

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p[u=]gefl: [oi tuf og galefud kif

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vast agility metropolitan legumes gyrate
dozens oddly denizen, mint plinth ink:
or veil lurks clunker advantageous
derivatives. Eat the azure

Monday, May 10, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Topspin safecracker hairspray grindstone arthouse anthill thumbscrew technicolor braunschweiger timebomb duncecap swordplay woodpecker safehouse matchsticks guillotine hardtack handbrake earthquake laryngitis beehive fiddlesticks lodestone outhouse braille corkscrew howitzer nosegay clothespin honeypot fingerstall swordfish whorehouse headache roundhouse tailspin.

Lisps radioactive baptism spitoon windjammer mariachi boomerang novocaine switchblade tophat catalcysm bacon screenplay submachinegun telekinesis stingray hookah halfback retroactive doorjamb apache crockpot twilight latrine frogman stampede angelfood lifevest rattlesnake skyscraper rooster hypnotic ardvaark nightmare rollercoaster meringue.

Argot hemispheres refulgent checkered renewal falsehood annihilation creed erasure fervid aphorism dilated hammering morass garden impinges dust opera botch oppositions turbulence sarcophagus breeds refurbishes consonance trumpets vulgate contaminated chimes perfume harangue diaspora abutment dysfunction filigree argosy.

from 'theory as architecture' || Peter Ganick

brahma butane follicle than between alto inane that xenophobe milling there insolent erasures field noun haphazard the fuel rugged rubric hammering accedes the motions wherein lacunae festoon praline gabardine wahoo stolid washouts inversely a tamasika vessel each chosen tile force sarcophagus the melodrama era of determinant levitation neither swollen that fiat clorhexadine than middle runner releasing the charade posthumous treaty naming ateliers wide of strip mall oversight so runic of elaborates theocritical denouement accordance to belonging elaborative motion wires oversight that identification wholly the orbital minus carafe mitt wielding asura cloaked evinces the arhat boggle terrestrial teutonic alignment somatic master invincible that cheering lastly nothing where streetwise the familiarity ort on silence tamasika even with patience fickle those burnishing the collaborative emptiness lacing shopworn marionettes there at voices native to experience offering stimulation vestiges of dwarf lastingness once engulfed avails torpid ruthless thisness where stymie availing percipient mordents behavior intact glowing theory anvils choice to a tournament leap frolic than copious there sieve syllogistic leaf through rendezvous ghastly precision epicureans tilt imperial lots amalgam those fenestrating awareness somewhat omit warp decals nutmeg ontic literal turn those or awhile than somewhat the fanatic emotional erewhon calibrate those neat nth silence to pave intention where chorale eitherness once patinas motley quorum attenuating aisles of description vermicelli that far real tilde intractable thresholds of parroted behaviorism reflections rein tartan bluettes nth immensities those framing a quorum those redo swollen aporias whose fleck secondary nodding affective noir acumen classist hedonist vein jnana those reinforce thinkings relaxation whether ontic language motion sworn aprille that waffles of persistence at tenuous pretense tariff inane that fibril accusatory none dramatic nor dropper overlay butane chlorine wandering

Saturday, May 8, 2010

from It's Only Po-Et-Ry and I Like It || Peter Ganick

a shelf a fortiori rhythmic evidence

trobar on
-tidings yes
-tines necessities those returnable
inroad inevitable,

riemannian velocities
there magnification structures,

to beginning’s presumptions
were wachovia redo.

a focus
ornamental chronicles
terrible soaker-hose
therein’s hoax,

ethos predator
rna dna symbology
the triffid where scholiast logo

debatable but none only smalt
overshot mirrors
the pale riven calypso
-eugenic lassitude,

so cloud
-bearing either
generant of viol
consorts and rebec
recordings whether einsam
plausibly occasion the
reisling hoax.

compendia nearing troubles
othering acclimative whiles
of presumption,

there clair de
lunch pardon seurat involute
samba lavatory venue recycler
of laundry.

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Capabilities painterly flotilla sequentially handkerchief exploits diatribe surfboard dialtone sharecroppers bedsprings hangman calligraphic lectern blackface diabolic stratosphere nosedive tonic floodlit chaos heartstrings marketplace hopscotch plywood showman wellspring lanterns mimic tsunami blackboard tribunal dialectics hyperbolic tortilla constraints.

Venerable surrogates analytical crackerjack rubberband radioactive corresponding blinking stovepipe crossfire cookie hydrant venereal flagpole pilgrim coonskin intertube steeplejack sombrero astronaut racquetball lighthouse pimp ellipsis windmills ticklish alludes rimfire vulnerable windlass vibrator astrolabe meatloaf misfire interlude lipstick.

Mocks canvases crux corpses rusts intrusiveness apologies demons slippers spiders basketweaves broadcasts psychedelic syntax handcraft perverted industrialism uphill throwaway liberation barricade monitors untitled squadron icon sneakers fingerpaint anarchism mannequin potty shipbuilding fahrenheit interpolation pogrom dilemma mastheads.

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

;minkeet novetini, akim vicceke eti.
Be Jelen m, lomjete a[po ]pu vi agr
wey fo6ue 6e7alu7||ih aose juha
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fibudesaf alo lug hijon pero ekt yhu
yel 8i0o9uu lummb al toltutt ||||||

a modern dilemma illuminates liminal eliminates elementary:
vegetables aggrandized
kestrel sizzles segue;
bedside zeitgeist
legerdemain estimated deserts desist.

batch telekinesis jilt jolt testimonial
methane meningitis menthol not yet variant,
variant gymnasium Uzbekistan
melting trapeze
melting zebra
teeth tease tsetse seep settles melting tears

schoolteacher sleeping tectonic kindergarten

vouchsafe tentative verboten:
volt blackjack
jai alai
codependent ad hoc soccer festival.

3 texts || id m theft able

%raze /i_MEANT. PPylon . fr
::inch-_i_breathe B.C. d'c'tact'd'c i_brow
[[stipt||i_eye a.d. \\seed\\seed
STRIPES%raze ..mints i_bellow ||SST
(ninja) UYETH, 'til //MMa,MMa, B.C.olum
::AXIS:inchesNINJA \\plower w i t h i n
SSss,SSss. TILT.p)r)e(s(s TLIT SSss s
%Sssskull %NINJA %APPARATUS ..gaul
SSsspoken| |. I_breathe_easy.
SSsstipt PPylon . [[francey clip EASY//EASY
WhyAXIS/eros/AXISighize\\seed\\ !
POULTRYSSsstack ! %razeCOTTONY animal i's
]]UtU {{billow A.fter D.eath
[MWAH]_airy_jew,l ||H E N D E R S O N .
[MWAH] I_%raze, dead,apparatusses, ,
AXIS/eros|WHY|d.ead c.amp¡SPRUNG¡ (UYETH..
airyPINBALL. %ninjaSIGH \\seed\\seed\\W I N D F A L L, Nile/Niger
_airy_jew'l,d SNOWPLOW,der,i_brow
%razeMEMORY,gnot d.c. TyTu"uYt"oohU.
scent. \TIMHORTONSppylon airy,airy scent

".....@dead/no longer working phone numbers"
bottoms'milk,blackrr\\n'a cold telephone
a rehab,plumes
s'milk,blacker//sneez'd,on,telephone(still hot(
NYNEXrehabPHONEBILL's milk - - - - - - - - (pond dissolve)
eearWax smear |this'| n'a cold phlegm
hatchlingNYNEX(Raymond prefix 655(phone bill
fantasyPREFIXphonebill _ _ _ Raymond, operator
A L G A E E A T E R whisker\\s'milk NYNEX
(PhoneBookPageTurn inna silent room(y'black'rr bottoms
@springtime MUCH |buds|,,NYNEXmusky prefix 655
*BUDWEISER empty(not mine) . . FIRE LANE _____
or FakeNinetiesBuddha/PotLeafTapestry/BandPoster*
justALGAEplumes,n'a'coldPHONE/ , underWORKINGtele
.a cold follow. &Whisker sez "EMPTY. " s'bottom's

NYNEXyellow [[cat piss[[ pagesPHONEBILL
UELLOW,catpiss'hint COMPUTERprintout
dust/PETdander,air | s'poseTVHUM
*peanut butter and fluff(Casco prefix 627_ _
s'milk GLASS,,, ,,,TVHUM/fleur form 627)
-[[ALGAE blooms smudgen'time]] CAT PISS BLOOMS
THAT'S peanut butter and filthy fan blade
THAT'S FIRE LANE ______ these s'bottom's'milk 4 4 4 4
mustyCATPISSphoenix//dull UELLOW 9 to prefix
ZAP bottoms'2milks, ,starred and BOTTOMLESS hop hop
TVHUM (Bridgton prefix 647 ]]NO fantasyMUSTYmothballPHOENIX
---bboottttoommfleurs Whisker sez "empty" 0bottom.
WRYdollop of TimeTravel HOOPS and LEGS and HOOPS and LEGS
glaZEDin A L G A E,gagging 90's-COMPUTERPRINTOUTsmeared
why?wait?why?WHININGknitless in THIS BOTTOMbottomless

Friday, May 7, 2010

from It's Only Po-Et-Ry and I Like It || Peter Ganick

stipulating evinrude
is and
is not
simultaneously iterating
several wisdoms apology
framing each
chora duettino,

etna bobbing appeal
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from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

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text || Alan Sondheim

yes-no, no-ask, no-no, ask-ask, ask-no. "ask-ask".

"Codework" major internato
"little boxes" inevitably (put ourselves)
"{" "} "

1978, disposez tout d'un droit d'acc=C3=A8s rectification d'opposition aux
1989, gave assembly fall Berlin Wall, witnessed weeks earlier political
counselor embassy East Berlin; recently, occasionally students continued
street died chance class.
23 mixup party confirmed 15th. Does 16th Late afternoon/early 4/5ish?
26/04/2010, 1:26 PM, Roger,

Apologies sketchy correspondence, slow progress, and, particular,
organizer's occasional inability reconcile actual-existing protocols
innovative structure rolling out.
Azure; ten me), Brookln twenty loft Slope. together! often, Pa, walking
career hardly straight-forward, stayed close poverty almost life,
university college teaching. lived places settled (although we'll
Because intended enable encourage — sort available precisely
gathering: interaction, conversation, critique. challenge usual emphasis
display, exposition.
Below guitarist trumpet Cheers
Lurking Girl
Meanwhile, studies end-of-semester madness here; magnolias, warm showers,
flashes summer us. Soon pure excitement positive engagement prospect
NY, 20 It?s we?ve other, Hubbard alumni office couldn?t promise one, reach
reunion I?d introduce wife,
Street still ton art walls traded work. longer keeps tradition,

Text sent emulator invoking defined upload-command variable.
discussion lecture and/or music, community dinner barbeque produce our own
organic garden locally sourced
electronic audio, involves frequency radio, crystal shortwave, looked
finally obvious fact viva voce small gathering, even, offers web-posted
paper. plan opens, registrants-only password, pursue selected proceedings
reviewed, edited Ku|:#
great. Alan!
has file, "no-old-growth". condition no-, is, off.
help. Let me I'll ROSer lives near=
lot. pallets slipping out place happens. However, they are=
loved music that, heard both Foofwa Kimberly I'd invite summer, Friday
nights we "Food Arts Barbeque Dinners", every relatively informal
work-in-progress showing panel
lover helping webfiles), she suggested touch regard coming presentation.
note website residencies $50/night?
order significant. First values read, then yours. Any listed above
characters "no-" prepended it, cancel its effect. So, example,
practices net, approaches mediating dialogue established pedagogical
environment modes, scales improv styles. hybrids..although
real-time sound production, thinking inst. field,
realize palatable proposed onto limited Offshoot Parallel smaller strongly
prefer limitations enforce alternative, specialist, parallel approach
said, audomulch granular synthesis, late 60s built synthesizer least
same mail-check-interval
something that's stuck. lucky, little wooden ro=
somewhat controversial differences opinion effects, enter spirit
experiment engagement.
wharf rat
whether (Carter) collaborated half DNA,
without glancing roof remembering crouching telescopes. glad hear father
there, though feel stopped hello visiting mother, doors admire rest call
"complicated stuff". None Pete Seeger meant sang wombat

yes-no, no-ask, no-no, ask-ask, ask-no. "ask-ask".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kaspar Hauser || Jeff Harrison

Kaspar Hauser

STANHOPE: You have night-vision, where the rest of us walk blind.

KASPAR: But the wrong kind.

STANHOPE: Who would speak against you? Who has? No one ever does.

KASPAR: I want to be a rider like my father was.

STANHOPE: Who will be at my deathbed's side? A ton?

KASPAR: No one.

STANHOPE: Who'll be there to witness my last breath?

KASPAR: Death.

STANHOPE: What put you on this earth? What undreamt forces?

KASPAR: My wooden horses.

STANHOPE: You are a natural, while the rest of us are lost in the dark.

KASPAR: It's no walk in the park.

STANHOPE: What did your keeper say when he last saw you?

KASPAR: We are through.

Monday, May 3, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

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from HOORST IOE || Hugh Tribbey



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from 'nth' || Peter Ganick

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