Monday, February 22, 2016

5 poems || Vernon Frazer

One Way Mirrored

thematic diaphragm
          left in the cleft bucket surging
                    epaulettes on the pragmatic

vintage` latent
billionaire vignette   surcharge
balloon                                            vigor
for a canned filibuster
    no     aching at the margin
 pillar ascribed       contextual dismay
     circuit   charger         burst
                described                      insolent

         fire through the foreworn dwelling


no scheme left pillar climb
a room unhatched the rooftop
    under the piling

left empty guests churning the vacancy pit

     turning the spittoon roast
     to the scalawag vexation bluster

    borrowed thematics 
           burning a non-issue 

the cost a rigor flask 
left behind the epithet burner

the thread
 of an elite montage


questions left unasked
received no furthering
     at most  an empty
 declaration                designation

left its context

     eventual displays chart
          swelling the new task
        before asking whether

empathy snatchers enlarge their bluster stake

 Cold Showering

allow quickened weekdays 
hatchway grinder boat wet labor

     its vain skyline
     lost cohort thongs

rendezvous crevice trademarks

splotched self-starters 
barred generality implosions

     scrotal reflux thickening
     untold backcloth phylum

varied gin machetes
                crying weekdays

crowded foreground clashing
break-in monotones fashioned

     detergent fat
     garners medication liners

pure from seminal additions
rooster passageways limber
fingerprint indiscretions cast 
while breaking the frozen whirlpool threshold

Learning an Old Lesson

wilderness reports weather
unknown sightings whenever
a distant land turned interior
or feral as the nightwatch 
glows emphatic passage rites 
inured to sweat or leaving dawn
before the red comes slowly
rising on a breath entanglement
conundrum flurries while the tempo 
watches arrivals time departure frenzies
leathered expressions darken satchels
pages to game good vandal rages
played inferior composition reams
dazzling on paper not in praxis
left unkept as theorem polish
righting on the water's dredged side
no interest current past shallow
burning mindless passion churned
visceral ambitions turned missionary
as pure position screwed to assure
hologrammatical fashion retorts
whenever inversion strike urges 
righting the ballast tipped its aside
a comic release to unmentioned
particle vipers lack molting swagger
revelations blind the light with
a nightly via negativa fantasia
sex endowed the power rack smelting
beyond the irons of Sumer West
a geography of ore short on folklore
derided the later stages of its demise
their legends go awry in the fielding
awards ceremonial rioting passage
fluent amber succulence grown
limber dancing the darkened light
alluvial rapture streams fork twice
against the organ's wind shriek
cold against the spring's lurid rumor
the runners passed as ammunition
among the border stories crossing
truths when fiction meets the line
milking paradise of metaphor mix
and the circular charm amenities
gathered to shore the sorrow fixates
a link of shame to past inhabitants
where the fueling imprecation flights
churned mustard in filial rumination
left festering dosage learning swerves
direction to equal optic severance
a play whose diction refines meaning
on stilts or bearing up weather candy
while dilettante refusal meat centers
opprobrium returns on a level sled
worn shedding a learning experiment
worth forgetting with irreverent details

Deadening Repetition

the sides of music 
happened quickly 

when the news 
reached residing purposes
and held fast, 

boasting the most 
magnificent city atmosphere.

To allow disclaimers 
passed over frantic coatsleeve 
orders. As loud

as allegro live, 
roared the mark on their proper 

and hurried away, 
regurgitation inquest coming.

Off the Clock

time hands
bloodless as pineal rapture

  breathing a carapace
  presence scratching

         a modular climb 
         stairing the well
         through a curve

ending at its level facing


no clarity 
        to moss infection
                                    filtered down 
    gumshare       gave     time
     animus to   spread
    atrium clocks

echo chimes
or canned luxury atoms
no expiration date

     to crest
     against a tithing shore

poem || John Pursch

A Juror’s Lonely Lunch Hour

Slow clock linearity adjusts itself with my hands, peeking at futuristic platforms of shoestring roots and subterranean sewing kits, photographed by cyclists on millstone duty clique elopement circuits of an interminably vivacious spinal éclair.

Salivation ceases to impress a logo, frothing at kissed kernels, crossing sidearm fallacies in portfolios of winter car alarms, clanged to wacky beckonings of fecund basement publicans, playing browned gals into nine tight fetters, tied to vapid jacks of shyly kneading trademark swirls in Suleiman’s vitiated slugging gasket.

Pinochle plays on backseat bumps of bucolic roadsters, simpering about wide and misty tergiversation, flipping consonants in continental freakout blasts of sonic assonance gone to didgeridoo and dial-up daylight slavery quotients, hovering into quotidian festivities known only in the most redundantly escutcheoned fakery’s festooned calumny.

Softening to adulterated whimsy, vertices inject a barometric expression of coughed elation at quarterly intervals, pleasing standoffish marigolds with shades of bismuth, freckling a juror’s lonely lunch hour.

text || Marco Giovenale

pagan landscape
totally manic compulsive one, quick canine chemical drug, have reported in a survey that the fractions, the permeability values of all drugs were much greater in the human jejunum than in the caco, 1, helena has an inspiration for patriotism, warfarin in humans is eliminated almost entirely as s, however, guengerich, 25, montholon and bertrand wanted the imperial title as royalty were signed by their first names only, and talleyrand, sodium thiopental is always administered intravenously, bone, whereas the plasma of humans, can i op while breastfeeding, on the other hand, but subsequent testing of many harmless species produced the same reaction, it was concluded that a major impediment to bbb penetration of peptides was the energy required to break the water, 1, in rabbits, with many gastrointestinal illnesses, 3′, have compared the binding affinities, 3, the then fashion editor decided that not one of them had the perfect body, and, that it can be expressed as omeprazole 84, the french navy would escape from the british blockades of toulon and brest and threaten to attack the west indies, dotted line indicates normal situation, 000 of his finest troops to battle spanish guerrillas as well as british and portuguese forces commanded by the end of the trip, what i believe in, a nursery rhyme warned children that ravenously ate naughty people, which led to confine himself for months in his damp and wretched habitation of longwood, paris two days after the marriage, mushrooms release a good deal of liquid when heated, brush or wipe them with a damp cloth, hobnobbing with everyone from karl marx to kylie minogue, because subtype is much greater than zero, after he was unceremoniously sacked in may – an allegation she strenuously denies, 0, phenobarbital induces predominately members of the cyp2b subfamily in rats, warfarin, hitler, 86, a fit model – one whose body is used by fashion houses for minute sample, the regiment that often served as his personal escort, or both, α1, shimada et al, one of the fundamental challenges drug metabolism scientists face in drug discovery and development is the extrapolation of risk assessment from animals to humans, fungal, this procedure will also alert us to any allergic sensitivity, they can tell their booker at the agency before they sleep that they only had a salad, bromo, before sleep, long before teatime, i would read some forums, it is generally recommended that they only be used after handwashing or when water is not available, or rare to find, description de l'égypte, 1809.

Monday, February 15, 2016

pome || billy bob beamer

POME hapdapybydarthida
       o sem. I nar-t
   . alsel   .  (room open


2-kes te clod.  se
rozess./ O 

an kl

t                e
manuther.    pl uthen. el ote.
rept.almscriwl state nux vomvoy n. exe.
   cu    ant c amp      bl


poem || Lawrence Upton

MIME #12
Polyvocal – see performance note
[Mime a]
overwhelming strength of aspiration
apocalyptic, cannibalistic,
sequence, rapidly disintegrating, awareness

[Mime b]
spontaneity stuck in the past
explorations of counterpoint without compassion

[Mime c]
a sunlit garden in a natural world;
characterised shrewdly and delivered;
receiving widespread systematised bombardment;
apparent emissions, admissions;
disease detected;
level of alarm crushing;
war against the lost and stolen,
outlining contours in surrounding;
securing mood music and general application

[Mime d]
response to surveillance allowing knowledge
to spread defects moving towards benefit
struck by an immoral state

[Mime e]
sun breaks through after a wintry night:
a dull morning with brisk wind;
underlying stone an impression of brightness

Performance note
The subtitles - “Mime a, b, c, c, e” are reference labels and are not uttered; there should just be a long pause between each piece, the five read as one piece.  
The poem is polyvocal, but freely: there are no written parts. It is suggested that there is a 'primary' performer, a leader who starts each mime with other contributors following on, preferably with the primary performer at higher volume than the others. The primary performer will read all the text [but not the labels!].
There may be a different primary performer for each of the five mimes.
The emboldened text might be left for the primary performer(s) alone or for them to complete before contributors follow, i.e. the contributors would read after a delay the length of which is the time it takes the primary performer to read their text. NB Text has been emboldened just for this purpose and that formatting has no other significance if it is not followed in this way.
Contributors may select some or all of the text to read – different contributors may select different text to the others and spread out physically in whatever space is available.

poem || Scott Thomas Outlar

Ask Not

Hyped up for the hyperbolic chamber of commerce data stream reenactment ceremonial procedure to commence in full-fledged abbreviation of canceled out calcification inside the glandular obsolescence of a chakra system pinpointed in the haystack fever as pollen flows swiftly from tree limb hallucinations before going nighty-night and collapsing into sordid dreams about tomorrow’s full course meal plan.
Broken bones and turnip songs clash mightily on the edge of a falsified precipice to once and for all find out which of these dangerous concepts has the most oomph behind their boisterous grandiosity of narcissistic braggadocio and which is just whistling Dixie and talking smack that can’t be justifiably backed up.

Gang warfare junkies mount a last ditch comeback on the dilapidated city streets as urbanized ghetto structures of yesteryear collapse to the ground all around in a heap of mournful incongruence.

Pug nosed, pig faced, tick infested, Lyme diseased, acne plagued, pimple scarred, hair lipped, crazy eyed, soulless scoundrels squint at the burning sun and fire off racist rants toward the sky as their ugly sins are brought to light in a red blaze inferno of furious glory.

Why? Toward what purpose? Don’t ask questions. Just flow to the rhythm of the wild-natured insanity as it drifts chaotically from the stream of unknown conscious inhibitions. A masterpiece theater of rotten egg sucking scumbag disillusion. Bravado on the stage as it clutters up with prissy pop culture references and out-of-date second century stories of snow-capped hills and soldiers of misfortune in the failed utopia of socialized sleaze. Catch the gentle breeze and sell out for a scant cent when the dough is done cooking in the oven. Inflationary tactics of a tortured institution get the thumbs down signal in the coliseum when the show is deemed unworthy to continue. Fat lady singing her low note symphony rides out on a chariot of bronze as the template turns over and all hope is lost to the utter darkness of an empire in free fall.

text || Edward Nichols

         Raught sinled.  Sought mingled.Treyclayed.Overshot.  Drekmore blutted.bleatly. 
L-i-gh-t-l-y   tranduced    quagmire- juice freymoth a  slightly.  Bent  vesgios  of    
                                                                                                                         Nigh  freymoth
Portrol   Pluckenstock twas   inventoried  :Flodgering   How'd   birds The mirror range the prince apple  of  the  air. 
Wagner-  Ungorshedly pleating a shuarte for wereing.
Dr.Dent- Demlonushed     dley  clightly   expendutine   uksploded   in   a   puffiness   of   smoke, 
Wagner-I'd  wish    cudd halves  seems   that, maybe   another  time
SYNCHROCYCLOTRON     SSubjective   disorder  waters the eye of the  emerald.     slodge  gush
pureiah  valvagated salviagated Crunch stares at  its' own  stare trastatidecated.
        Plop  Aiz VerySuspendicious  Unseen spuriously  penched crollettes prumenodded thru the landscape.Tenafic tresslley    aye   gents fluttered around the  explunatort.
         Lowsome  Groggcholdrene /\/\/9\9 Blottencarded Borch 

Rodent escrapadesrake the walls   of   insinsinsinuation  Widthal beclauses a       sprengature   of    torrents of   iideas floods Vanalcausted   of   emptying

NECKCROWFEELYA   $     6%%%%%%%()U@@@@@@.AKla999ZZz ::::::TACET.

poem || Jonathan Butcher

The Last Rule

As it slowly approaches shards of glass,
sit patiently our hands are still just as each
light begins.The eyes that serve the functioning
strobe light, refuses to play music for that matter.
The wraps are passed, again more focused, on
due telegrams. As your jabbering through the green
breeze like racing dandelions that never seemed
responsive to everything are exchanged. Outside
the pile of grey sunk, as my thoughts then more
plead for any superfluous from the night previous,
and never your strong point constant guidance
I commit a mere conscience to make this my last,
but now of course the chapped lips at maddening pace
as the dust settles without a glimmer, again you brag
only your bare hands and tongue, those aching
sentences spew forth, your hands swaying, you tell
your backwards menace again a fading flicker that
lost its spark an age ago. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

poem || John Pursch

Hootenanny Lube Job

Automatic lug nut tighteners
compress air between a shouting man
and numbered string cheese sandwiches
of taco management generalities,
flopping bubbled consonants
on incandescent portable hosiery whales,
calming hornbills with half a silvered
sky platoon of marinated gunwale crews.

Instantiations of mollycoddled cockatoos
slam thick hydraulic doors
in testing pattern blowgun nonchalance,
whirring past livid zebras at triplicated speech
of slouching pneumatic situational caress belief,
twiddling pewter pralines into
woven card shark shackles.

“Quad happened to hubcap
hovercraft hootenanny hours,
wad disappeared quietly hand
oh so utterly from my ignorance
of solid die-cast hailstorms
in aerial radiation cacophony offal?”

That war the solely mumbled question
outa airy heir to the Styrofoam fortune canteen’s
switchyard border-calling guardian,
who calmly dried his clammy
status-seeking latchkey lackeys,
whisking cube bullion into Fiord Notch, Canned Tucas,
pretty closet cloned to steeping inner Americon.

poem || Lawrence Upton

Lebanon variations

the mouths keep spread the murmuring

lose one one’s mind
take hold
shadows illuminating
shadows humans, mined and not programmed,
but adoring, mannering a group mirage,
borrowed whispers recall these voices
gaining on wind,  painful returning catches
voices against traffic
to walk with screams eyeing safety smiling
lungs light weight sparks in space patterns
protruding into brightness rounded meaning
shutting behind knowing there’s a storm
amazement too is dull now

before mud postured legends faces composed
flames into attachments saying and assaying
the collecting litter flesh is bargaining
power the honey, the honey, the honey is sour
milk of rhetoric curdles arcs of sand push
deserts to interior depths gathering
bopping herds of particles
                                              I am always
recurring speaks one the other side of cliffs
a skull howling close to the ear imaginary
envoy demands what’s in your pockets openings
providing well-being I write to see
that smile again a tone in countenance
closing up

                  song discloses orators dispersing
the morning crossing on to day quickly,
earlier, silver places, bodies darkening
a sky a visitation continually
pacing round fires compelling warmth
                                                            it is
very near, each head seen overhead
joining music we could cut turning


fibs get up worlds inside an indication
the wits to help offended by visitors
and what they let fall

                                   machines with might

I have written I
the life form says; or
I have said me forming
out of my hands?

bliss deepening skills stricken written down
these voices crying
or seeing
become each other
wiles taking old remembrance
loose dust to the lips
a distancing laughter

return force
in concert

within rocks and rubble, intenser darkness
made us from rumour
we can live next to
drew out swaying improprieties
to play the mirror
using, set sights on, fired
to withstand knowledge
we reside in
dissolution aching
craving, longing, termination
eclipse of the full word shining
wraith inside the cranium
preserving a grin
incessant dreaming

shelter lures to song the dwellers
hung around

the night is burning
garbage beings barter
creatures foxtrot
contained by unwritten faith
voices tugging phrases together
influence waiting pitiful tempting
smiling echoes opening circles turning
that different speech caught in persistent fingers

spaces we call words are synchronising
an orgasmic void yearning round meaning
tenderness grown to be knowing wonder
we are in our journeying talk warning
you know nothing

let me inform on you
tell all the stories
say all the strong names

low sounds of drama
breath squeaks in moving time

we look for connection in stories
which start out of deep soft tissue
blood shocked
axes and planes roll through withstanding earth
the circumference of fact shadowy

our heads inhabit our blurring chatter
dreams execute knots, one mind dancing one body
an ocean crashing, an ocean hanging, within,
a dooring, a possibility not taken
impossibility forced upon us
we teach ourselves
          but we sit still
          it is imagined
following patterns inducing hesitation

snatching of white persuasion
in place of urging

poem || Brandon Theis

The Folly Ball
Trotting blotter fraught with clots, finding what other's sought.

Beet oven 53 degrees, deers out in the blind, caught in flocks of golden grease, deep feudal slots, and creased sheets. Dipped twice and dried just right.

So many tabs stuck in teeth, drums as borders of loving and rubbing, plumbing the lightening righteous.

Four corks floored on shrill shocked naughty crotch mouth foolery. Stomp drilling the muse, harming the money's fork.

Bending vibes all the beastly way down, forge grounded, tonal bleeding crests, wakes of the stress less, free the blessed makers hominy.

Fragile as the whisper flaming, crude and grudged, virtual peripheral; ethereal, tethered, scorn harness.

Tort world pinching at the nerve ferry, dropped miraculous sub optimal cloak clothing, pulse moaning shouts remainder echos: venerated vertebrae vernacular, spectacular spectrum syntax masters, act as fasteners.

Binding the blight of lost lives winding down, the alley folly encased as pathways forgotten, troll mastication hewn in roasted trilobite epiphany.