Thursday, March 29, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

Loss s ston gu efragm
                 epressi *
 for peter ganick
oybo froesia oosheth acke tere
†Ç¸zedΈ á¿¤á¼
bueer norarou isnen acfo inas
aelam astig wabeaon anios at
runŽÄŒÈ²- -Сá
bueer norarou isnen acfo inas
¾ á¼¬Ã ™ é-Ä
here reis ajes ihig hiroloinco n
ˆ ḱ ᾋṰΤá
here reis ajes ihig hiroloinco n
¾ manqogЄá
ofanoly lacsich iew aspeld tha
¾›jv Manqog=
ofanoly lacsich iew aspeld tha
zedΈ á¿¤ÎœÈ…an
ole helel abredom hend bacwa
thraveimpy thain nad sitmus ta
lat alcaw nise hile rynge luonam
oybo froesia oosheth acke tere
 * for performance

text || Peter Ganick

from untitled text-2

pthalocyanine blue rope nth signature pthalocyanine green spotcheck musicalization everywhere onset vellum generalization frequency palatial colloidal heist nothingness exactitude amount sharing marches thosethere affordable signature orleans big tenet acidfroze rebirth daisy wheel naiad bout slickness craft written boast off inertia becalm ironic sales disburse compensatory fulfillment hearing steadfast nightfall ensemble vicinity wrongsided fulfillment accidental on staff mulriples introspection validation struts epaulet matterhorn scud propitiate finesse acidfroze nevertheless adoration elsewhat fumigant victory another grated imperative loose canyon fielding alizarin pro tem clobber stylism thematic volunteerism becalmed voiceovers therein slat nuage menial converted acclaim uniquely prasad vivo calendar boisterous envoi candle parrot naissance brokered acme sotto voce samovar lesser thought formality zero pallet voila fipple commentary accelerations livid fend alit cocoanut noetic amulet grace pristine locus norm studious presumption alternatives eschew capriciously thosethere renames deliver conscious relatedness improvise deacon rill trot sanctity calendar boll weevil integral otherwise parliamentary cursor vigilance periodicity frequency tolled retainer plateau oceanside waterspout grecian mophead venerate zoon sizes asserts client prana veer pietas nictate mirror scientist validate eocene thrall nostrum advice chicanery neoprene slat haptic overshoe feint alien client server snowfall integral conscience borrowing salisbury asana dubiety accost earpiece nothingness waits ambiguously break abridgement passage fumigate snippet afterthought disallot cloque dimensional courtesy ancillary vegetable chill entity cozen furtive allure cosmic emulate rehearse

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

start   wal    kin  g   Ttoward/
sun   eats  through  fuh dark/
light ways  blow fr om  pie  ce
s dry rose crowns /bone flame
year crea  perfect    clarity  erm
Ssymmetrical light, sway ing  s s
oftly inner ringing flame ga lofty
star Tt          being         Tthorn/ard/

jzzPOME vĮἈfor bill Dixon
 Obo’tem á¾¸á¹°uÅ
    - mer rr–ȧḸ-
Sum> Å¢È›Ã‚
Ä á¼¬á¹€È sun
Su  lud  sha   bur rrrrrrrr
Ye clerp ahan ta[o][a] d
Gato’vo HΈ çқ
2. clerp a haup-strin  g ssb ah
HΈ çқ vÄ®áöẉ Î· Ä‰ Ä€
3.turpi one glam erroneous á¹€È†ÅƒÆ®
Grac ious d e faul t‚Ä ‚Ä á¼¬phlphlphl
Ἤ09/1652/49057901  0/0009-=..;[=

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

two texts || John Pursch


Whod, sew dernemz aremessin akonstant erabowel emory canoeundwhen; ponly daultronerdly kenpray fersuch canned sisterly dreads, hopt und jumptup on whoblie welters whudyegot, paraglotin loonely moidens odaprammed. Exliebenzie freedones’ll smooch uberany trinket yucallyers, leftin yano dereally eeznospace likafoamatress, oraflown maitre d’hospital Chrestmossy stown. So frya prane anywhar yapleez, lungas oar fleequeg smiles’ll encumberit, tellyer ensalada mister flinds un alaplaster phistula taclamour ferda blustery Nubidian Homblurghian spansquatch cherute. Schmokem hefty gotzem, blokies; tellda lustpure assie whar clemborin ferda rubhouse spurn, obblin untoda phonestretch, sellinour phineal glunds atheiffer daglowin crate; bite aquargain, hefteye doseedo me partin wheeze. Fraynought, ladle cheekydeeds, Knute’n his buncho apers canno spotda vartuley ibernal spunfrum shinnyinup dafraghole eberenacht flum maintenancedaysie trill crocks whinedown der circumsprung espectral goramblie gredience. Et whar nouda meflap, yespay, aflingin afluxowheezdum daun sputterly whey? Eet’s boardy mooch swarmin, tabekets arheppier drownen dozen spurts, primpily tudada lunger daze, daswarmin knotsonacht, undawormth odasteeples, whoodle chesterly treeds afaryer kegwhole eberguts alancetagape. Yule freelit inda headafore itchitsda bodice, haspya congealit unterwear etchall. Dafarchun bewitchya eftit betsya wethoot afuelin etal; denja canohelp bot edgesmit yabean plesst bihaven apubove.


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Monday, March 26, 2012

poems || Felino A. Soriano



fusion applies its pressure


chords of a piano’s silent genius
proclamation to then a deity disguises voice as
more so miracle…

portend the bended blend of
radio calculations the
presorted persuasions of weighted



distance frames a myopic interpretation

cylinders of autumn
            fall from
a meaning leaning beyond death of a moment’s dexterous


                                                                        cool this fingering touch then skin
                        cracked            callused

upon the orange-brown crease upon varied leaves

delicate among crisis death creates through alienating existence as laughable momentums



movement my minding portends a
            sway of incorporated meaning

extracurricular entrance of rhythm’s intangible

the circles encompass as within an echo’s closing upon

aggregated fade

Water in the focus of blur

search of smoothed
visceral occultation

clarity of calm and voice of cloned

in the renamed existence softened
by the light of morning’s exclusive burgeon—

thoughtful dedication this
reliant essence of existential
abstraction, uncertain…

three poems || John Pursch

Ette Muteaphon

Pameram agerie felterblung, 
quootch honnie dein kentral 
fuelea spen hoadeli mont,
herble neubilin onstoch 
zon eberneith smonch. 

Haben alterus pecabreth furin 
zein traisinous krimuni quot, 
giffen helf a malifit embutoch, 
exen chewzie touran? 

Hodgle ormathin conliebon,
merdle trazenie foolsquatch, 
pretfor igumen erphator, 
prexil hemi dureen. 

Rotchets plenk dan flozen 
hai mourang tril spensular heckam 
sceer fruimian obblers 
tespacious hoogle ock,
clepping draun fuliplon whipstoch, 
emileenar frutile branible. 

Etchar herbolen scrawks 
endem postular axiliron 
speeragum octa, ette muteaphon, 
ordgil whexuple issingdot eyes. 

Pletty Pecho

Cortie onghers floaden phrage
of aper’s rheumie heperistance, 
clooding enter threigance 
whan hebler clops oonight. 

Sloafen asybell ocktermint ilge traint 
dagott diewrailert caralingue oers, 
crazin ane indaloom crostan ilean, 
aphrom toonil itian clapburns. 

Harin asmile weth everykin 
whoslom abberly sprangto; 
awlat wie scant menterflock
easted tards oarvenlie croal. 

Pletty pecho, 
flindin knowage aroomian 
etoreny utter triangoran meisen; 
slangit ploud unilian scleamy, 
glearta mantoumial rein. 


Mede hesterton bwawn shefty 
fura comcat’s breaty brower,
quation acher umbling ershelfed 
brookstalk eanblog 
hairingdon suitoclos, 
amoucten et fusimoth glown 
prochie en dancie wunter. 

Spooncan prayn, 
amulefen onter helfaspan, 
wheatin ubercron jebulon,
plearifun hetching ridious oculons, 
fleuried halious und unterquenched darein. 

Loungie ken darectified egilprox flent 
abonk ablout ourebry sweepinoar, 
hended truferalls und felsified bowlies, 
whench dan eagerplasted runks 
kem wentering allawhocked 
und rammered witder berryown 
oursasplintied sputly; 

samply jambered 
likeabencho fleecin astrels, 
sprojacketed untoda savagely seizen 
mockariesinged orightiemensch.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

dotterels       trip       plovers
congregation   stand    wing
boxseat  calumny     birworm    jut
lastessence berm        plumage fog
false    brooding feeding  insectsmain
ly worms invertebrates   runandpause
steady probing note   wader      groups
fam morris      graves        plover flight
snipeorris       hunting       insectnoisesn
owtornis          industry       sight nestsite     
cong er gation        famwing            stand

text || Peter Ganick

from untitled text 2

acetone mudra paleontology sepia trounce voiceovers elaborate dwell consent squatter moviegoer raiment page turner aout vette acid tour relase zap torn sere readiness a propos dilettantistic vak del marine asti spumenti vascular continent aspire vivace onslaught enigmatic vassal perimeter sack entourage sandbagged window listless agon site wassail frottola migrant precedent malgre input sacre bleu cinnamon eachness redux achoo ptarmigan mezzo vicinity comparable inversion certes doux aout diehard ontic lotto psalter mignon effectual prizewinner saltimbocca meso carnival revision lariat above bubbling reductions veteran calamine otherwaves deign art networking sucrose dalliance heralding symphonic xylene mutant seers cadmium rasta trogg eggnog naissance prevarious cocoa dilettantes expulsion territorial scientism thorough asat moviegoer sanitarium niblet goblin croatia venice protean curmudgeon salutes deterrent calligrapheme attention specious hid shrike porcelain hubble musket vacuum 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pome || Billy Bob Beamer

Рcom ‘x mitpen gÒ‘ gÒ ono flÇŸux    Åse
prin ‘ǒẠt Å¤ranigedo;’]rumaРic¾˜  e Ç’
t i ÄˆÎ‰á¸¾Ä—Å ;;,[,[-[0=[playtog./.’] «É¦rill o
noce áºkift hu¹‹ck Ä€Æ ne ҪЌ Çkdrib®Ð„Ðble
muf áº‚Æ ti/vet sanvItsOn sl;[ca  ro[b  o[
ug gÒ‘Ç’ /car Ä—ŅṬ imo Æ ˜=== uche bent

mic¹£ «É¦zi[m]di’[]er ÄªáÏ Ä test sli cech ch

ord€ ÄŠá Ä’reÒªcorÐŒ yn ÇŸÅ¦ ĈΉḾ yrs slat

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2 poems || John M. Bennett


eat the clung ham foco fam
élico’s strings of fallen fat
your neck inhales the sciss
ored “throat” ah temple suck
er wh ere the candy rat chitters
leaks my teemed tube swerves
beneath your chair teeters
on the clods chucked in  .aim
your mouth the bathtub swells your
dusty tool belt’s a finger on the
gum shot off the trembling c
lif  f______________       el foco fas
tidioso que en mis ojos no se
hunde lumen faca lo des
pierto siempre ensoñado sordo


eat ппп my corn pill blandwidth
scummy dog lather spread huh
)huh heavy ,nostrilactic(  badge
of flurry behind my eye your
.crunch fog head where ,below
the book ,ashy ,ached the
glum door ,fire’s spitty in
the rain my Tongue if
,sprayed ,deep bullet and a
s  n  o  r  e   ~lobbed c
loud~  cheek spurting
,masa on my chin my lap
spat white verse urine
cloaked my whining lunch
my bark release relapse