Sunday, October 25, 2020

John Grey - Andy And Maria

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in Hawaii Pacific Review, Dalhousie Review and Qwerty with work upcoming in Blueline, Willard and Maple and Clade Song.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Joel Chace - Home: The Plague Year

In the loved place.  _______________________________________________…during which one 

                                                                                                                                           realizes that people 

                                                                                                                                          with money are the favored 

                                                                                                                                          in life’s competitions.

Keeping wanting.  Sibling  _____________________________________________ …a goad that practices 

                                                                                                                                                   on you and you 

                                                                                                                                                   can’t get rid of… 


the loved place.  Keeping to 

leave.  Sibling  ___________________________________________________…what a strange creature…



“Stay in darkness.  ___________________________________________________…has always got there 

                                                                                                                                                   first, and is waiting.


Eat.”  Sibling’s invitation.  

In place  _______________________________________...elementary

                                                                                                       realities reveal that

                                                                                                       are not confined…that they

                                                                                                        partake less than the nature

                                                                                                        of being than that of

                                                                                                        language and can compel

                                                                                                        whatever is beside them

                                                                                                        to speak…of an

                                                                                                        unforeseeable future.  


                  “Stay.  Consume.  Eat 

darkness.  ____________________________________________________________This is the story…in 

                                                                                                                                                        a cave.…head 

                                                                                                                                                       encased in concrete.


                     All of it.”

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Heath Brougher - Three poems

 1. Pain(ed)ful M(endacious)emories   

         (a response to the murders of George Floyd and Jacob Blake)


L(unatic)aw enforcement slices up African ribs for lunch  ,,

      s(ickly)lave o(minous)wners reduce the lives of the o(h no!)wned—  

the lives protesting peacefully to s(lither)mithereens  ,,


the invisible power of destructio(fficer I can’t breathe!!)n is destroying lives

like the psychotic machine it is!! 


gor(e)geous   &   ab(lunt object to the head)undant  

as a cop, I mean, a cup fulla copper::.


2. Emo(ticon)otive  


.                  ,               *             ;              🡪

or bu(ilt)ullshit 

trip(ping)t lift(ilting)ed off the ground  ..


how many cans    ?    how many magnets       ?

[I might climb 

               the grass       🡪

  children climb through thr(alls)ongs of glass];;.

3. Non

I like

to come

as close

to nonexistence 

as possible








Thursday, October 1, 2020

Mark Young - Two Found Poems

Sacramento Daily Union, 6 January 1887

VEUfiTABLES —Potatoes—Early Rose, 90c; Nevada Snow Flake, tl 65; Nevada General | Grant, $140; River Red, B0@8Bc; Onions, I $1 65@1 J6j Cabbage, 75c(i'51; Carrots, sjc; 11mups,75c sack; bunch vegetables, \Z%c « fioi; Parsnips, 81 2D;Beets, tl;Eor<ie Radish, tiia.7cV *; Garlic. l@sc; Artichokes, 40c SR dozen; Okra, sc. BBEA_L>STITFFS—FIonr. ti 70 « bbl; Oatmeal. (3 75 9 100 s>s: Cemmeal. white and yellow, <1 8"> In 25 it, Backs, f 2 in 10 S) sacks: Cracied Wheat. 91 75: Hominy.s3so ft cwt. POULTRY—Lite 'I'uricys, hens, Wi@l4o ; gobblers, J2J<tISJjQ; Dressed, i.3c; full-grown I Chickens, <<o %i" dozen: vonng Roosters, H a) V dozeD ; Broilers, J2 5033 50; tame Ducks, ttcati SO; I'ekiu. &"> 50: Teal. 7fc; Quails, $1; Hare, SI 50; Mallard', S3; Widgeon, 90c; Sprig, SI 50; Canvasback, ?::; Geese, tmi 25 p oalr; KgCT, choice CaUforrila. 25QSSO; Eastern, 19520 C i "* dosen. DAIRY PRODTJCrS-Bntter. fancy roll, 27'<;@ 30c {I a: ranch bntter, '2:>a2sc; pickled, 2u<s 21c; packed in firkins, choice, 19a>IOc; common, 12@15c: Cheese, California, 3S3>lsb: WestBra flats. 13@Uc; Martin's Cream. He. HAY, GRAIN AND FEED-Oat hay. *Bg9 V MU Alfalfa do. (>.iV) ?i ton; Bran, 810 $ ton: Middlings, 121 « ton; Barley, whole, paying 81 12; rolled, $1 80: Wheat, paying tl SO 9 cwt; W Thite Wild Oats, SI 75(3.1 85; Tamo Oats. $1 G-V Corn, paying Jl 05 » owl. MISCELLANEOUS-Seeds - Alfalfa, 9>£@loe ; liniothy, Eastern, t%%li B> i Pod Corn. © 3>i.©-la V !b; Eta Clo»er, 10@lle: Red Top, B®9c. Nuts —Chile Walnuts, new 11J 11a; California Walnuts, 13®i60; Almonds, new 143 5:; Peauute, Caliiornia, 4K@5Ha Lara (Oaliforaia). cans, 7Hrsß>£c; Eastern, S%® 93<c. Hldps, sail, light »nd medium, 8c; heavy steers, S^c; dry, 16c. Tallow, 3c. Bopfc— Sales of r'aoific coast. In New York, 25@27e; morkpt v»iu» here. 25&27 C. MEATS-Beef, s(rJs^c; Mntton, s®s>sc $ 1b; Lamo, 7c; Veal, 7<g)9c; Hogs, 2Ji©3o; lireßsed Fork, 5o; Hams, Easteru. 16c: Califbmia, 12e: Bacon, medium, 9><o; selected, lie: extra light, 12c. _

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