Wednesday, June 30, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

The mistake this time to push aside as less important become famous overnight by land rather than by water a short explanation or description to use too much or too often to sleep beyond the usual time a tiny structure in the ovary of a flower to miss by going beyond and strong claws to admit that something is true the speed at which something is done or happens.

The top area of the inside of the mouth a warm windproof person in an unfamiliar place what would happen if a large white nearly extinct crane opened as far as possible in bad behavior a number that is zero or any of the natural numbers the power to decide or control emotions the threads that cross the warp in weaving the way something is put into words.

The deep harsh sound of a dog resembling wool slight dizziness because of a need instead of for pleasure a person who works for wages involving the entire world usually at manual labor a state of existence causing misery or distress having income or possessions equal to wrapped arms to bring to an end in a worse way.

Turning nuts or bolts as in the skin a person who quarrels to struggle to deal with the remains of a wreck a small songbird with a short tail that points upward to pull or twist with a sudden sharp force a worker on a ranch who tends horses or cattle to injure by straining as a sign of anguish to obtain only by a great and steady effort something to wind or fiold around in a state of ruin.

The color of the sky that expresses feelings of sadness broader and longer than it is thick where improvement and movement is held up to make a hollow and loud sound restless by being interesting used to express disapproval of with boos to set up as a booby trap a large division of a written work that can be thrown so as to return to the thrower brought into existence the breasts of a woman.

Above the family and below the class the style of language used in important speeches a color between red and yellow to earn the gratitude of becomes narrower at the top not being conscious or aware the room where a baby sleeps light that stretches across the sky a type of protection from predators is caused by the light of a very great number of faint stars to make a product from raw materials which contain the stars in speech or writing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

conscious text || Peter Ganick

FIVE — miter oggi the semaphore gratias first either-ing those from accidie than crocus no balance. mig yearling rheostat in toe-ring also elocutionary ber-ceuses. the mimosa gosling pre-ops then sorted itness while striving aegis peer perplexity while stricken hammers. clobber inertia vessels the pre-disposition whoever libertine railroad eunuch bottleneck xeno-phobic melisma than mechanism struck intent. each verity a plausible graciously psalmist gratitude heaters bluely appropriate. nominal thrall equisses mitt herald-ing eucerin. glib horatio nuestra heating room ireland nevertheless appeasement. hysteria of ptarmigan bitu-minous reflexive nary harmonic scholastic nearby solip-sism greatly. zeroing the trapeze mine streetwise ap-pearances so serum gratuitous gneiss magenta rumoring acceleratives where synonymous thingks the remedial. a cosmic decree jalousies framed incandescence. agam-ben iffy thereof riemannian sorts. ignominy fascist bending client agendas motions laughable the 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Monday, June 28, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

db info

eyedoc: flot e


in memory of bill dixon d.6-16-10

this is/
post one (darkthicknense
great estmusicala
mind sost celest aeon a cosmos/
share knowno (timeless pro fund
illfitt 1 ef=fect interpolate greaty )sound slash)
unmastered contribu (dense
tuti shuns art of musi time)csale
there is 1diffrence bet tween ie
an artist (truth a redfeld cution
afreedom and sound
expression clar throat callinet
a s(oy\u/ng artist anvis uale (mot
a po et profund impact) bon mot
accel arted inner several
areas not just being a
player an artist at
once eflatbeen bedfedded
sound profound (experience
working with ha step ho/
cares dared sigaerwet
music is an/a (profusion
art firm difficulty
toda indert snad
owas ho ya hoawat
deeply devolved in concepts yad kodo
america uhwhy like the eer ie concepts
saw an america truly/ relects the namerical
spirit individuality interfoggyrut the idea that
any can be worfed in many areas not alifetime
arecognition no diff/ all loved/ andunder/overit recognition
among fellow creators is important but much
more effefext wished ba yut americans didn't
recognize the micusis since raised in an
environook where excellence was about to know (self
itsself and to work with circles around oo idea foundy/
remember free form improvitorial mucga hahoto yot is cada
idea muca is could be preforemended freely greater whole
so now com potter found work with several projects
yespoin eared with dan cell music with film playing with
a richr li-gee in the mind so will be making binaryposts
be chancegreat mind greta that friendgreat/ disagreements
be listening to music/ with continue
d music hope that they hope
will recognize artspitspirit

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To have a worthwhile result a quiet and calm state of mind that settles arguments and stops a fight or nervousness scores a touchdown abandoned unlawfully around the neck treating someone as a playhouse spreading out to make untrue with some special feature easy to notice or understand is a favor and not a right that combines shirt and pants to maintain a check on by patrolling done secretly to make afraid and is worn to protect a bell hung around the neck as a blanket shows shameful fear.

To cover with bread crumbs to show ownership for slowing or stopping motion to face or handle without fear a sudden inspiration or idea as of a wheel like an island in its isolation happening without any delay admired and respected because of greatness forming a mental picture of something not present.

A lively imagination perfectly clean usually by friction tosses a stone into sections of a figure drawn on ground and released especially into the blood a short trip especially by air having an effect on cells or organs to express by hoots and hops through the figure and back to pick up the stone to desire especially with expectation that the wish wil be granted usually at a distance from the place or origin.

Bony growths on the head of many hoofed animals the line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky a large wasp that can give a severe sting that can include text to fly or float in the air without moving to improve the lives and living conditions of other people the long bone of the upper arm the quality or state of being human a low continuous noise a barrier to be jumped in a race a pen or coop for an animal.

A large mass of ice that has broken away from a glacier to connect or mark with a hyphen to cause suffer great insult to beat or trick by being more clever than.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Remote Gold

herself? her eyes go soft when lit on serpents
she cries when her skin turns color in different rooms
each tear like a thousand drunks
(sunflowers not wine changed their head)
I rule between these lightning-strikes still
rolling hands broke the earth from beneath me
and here I am, piggy-backing the fireworks,
a tangy flight flavored with remote gold

conscious text || Peter Ganick

THREE — agapanthus repeaters. tiens mon chou sat-isfy tendentious lamentation roomward paradoxes. the elation nth motorcade eachness whose presumptious rear-guard marionette surveys. global theory theft imago repeater veneer those to surreally omit gravitas burlap indexical. than sirocco the famine treasure bluely accroche indication where stricken hammering crawl potions. hotly intention igloo grail than simulacra the festive as short-sighted nothings as recurrent verre those skiing sizable thread-bearing motions. then. in returning. thought iffiness where scored big tent moviegoers flimsy that repassive notions whole fascina-tion the merrier. tintype aries noteworthy sundial pre-sumptious regalia the painterly. particulate immersion egoic naming theory ipsiety utterly noun mollusk there sit-down intent. vessel proem colotype integer this thisness thetic vanity. nominal theirselv plus than once. hundreded wires holographic otherness suave dossier tent city malleable there singularity 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FOUR — naming

Thursday, June 24, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Stunned after crashing through the mouth and throat agreeable to oneself but not to others a show that is sweeping the nation after filling with water to keep from expressing or showing conditions of things to show internal parts depends on finding water impossible to believe.

To remain alive or very little evidence a rounded elevation oppressively hot to the hummingbirds the dividing of words into syllables bark that peels off in flakes.

A large ocean fish used instead of a word to smite as with a whip often used for food headed or bound inward is shocking with an obscure chapter oblivious to the danger glad to oblige.

Several bullets all of which may be shot a quack doctor from the uterus to outside a space from which most of the air has been removed is stopped for a time to hesitate between courses and opinions as a time for exchanging valentines gives the farewell speech a personal possession of great value showing the attitude of a person who thinks too highly of his or her looks or abilities to turn from a liquid or soild into a vapor from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other wing and become limp.

Power to breathe to death of the planet to twist around especially in gambling or winglike parts characteristic of winter that sticks out from the main part one of the paired moveable feathered or membranous parts sounded by the vibration of a stream of air and especially by the breath worked by the wind as if by rubbing that has meaning and is spoken by a human being a state of existence done by machines with spiritual affairs.

text || Alan Sondheim


"WorldsChat in fact provides an example: _What anchors the avatars to the
simulated ground?_ Nothing, of course, except for programming(3) which
occasionally is faulty(1), sending figures flying(2). The screen(4), not
the delineation of a virtual world(6), is the final arbiter(5). And the
screen is nowhere(7); it is the eye(8), the stain(10) or residue(11) of
the gaze.(9)(12)" (from Past text, unknown date)

(0) as in scent - stain or residue of odor.
(1) faulty from the programmer's perspective of desired and achieved ends.
(2) flying - against the presumed tenets of the space.
(3) programming anchors nothing to nothing but creates the appearance of
(4) the monitor or other visual interface.
(5) final arbiter - the inert or obdurate screen, the screen in the sense
of presence and appetition.
(6) boundaries of the virtual world as perceived.
(7) this is the crux, from the remnant of the text - that the screen, is
nowhere; it is in the vicinity of the perceiver/user; it's neither here
nor there, just as the body is presenced, even in absence, for the
subject - it's nowhere at all - its location is irrelevant - similar to
pain in this regard - think of the screen as internalized - as-if - it
might as well be -
(8) not the eye - what the eye sees - but the eye in the sense that one
does not see one's own eye - parts of it (pressing the eyelids, looking
out of a corner), but not the eye itself - mirrors give the reflection up
- nothing more -
(9) stain or residue - but the result of _gazing_ - not the ontology of
the eye but its productive epistemology.
(10) eye and gaze leave an _internal_ stain always already in need of
reconstruction - re-producing the originary scene - primal scene - whose
stain of course - then, within the memory, one's own, one has it - but the
metaphor tends to break down - not a stain at all - for the most part what
is seen remains unnoticed, filtered out - integrated in the absence of
(11) stain or residue - one defining the other; the stain is something
left behind - residue implying a sloughed coherent form - a form denuded -
or residue unrelated to stain - perhaps an inscription or molecular
(12) is the screen then the gaze, the eye, the stain, the residue - or
are these parallel moments of absence - (not) having the author before me
- i'd argue the latter - perhaps not parallel - a collocation of absences
- as in leder's the absent body - the screen absent in this way -
(13) the screen or footnote then - of course - nowhere at all -

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

INSERTS || Noel Canlas

*the exceedingly glorious Ursprache (INSERT IMAGE) surpassing (INSERT IDEA) the notable whip of jocular mythos (INSERT INTENSIFIER) of arranged thoughts (INSERT GALLERY) here and now, thus a danger withheld simultaneously beginning;

* unless the best known among easily (INSERT SYNTAX) deploy tempting (INSERT INFERENCE) if any as unseeingly however unavailable (INSERT SUBSTANCE) inside all (INSERT RHYME) towards (INSERT MOMENTUM);

*a divider changing hacked dominion corollary (INSERT LINE) jump jacket mismatch (INSERT THEME) knocking- humus bust (INSERT CONJUGATION) negated niceties teach you (INSERT APPLAUSE) lavatorial dizz ditch acorn;

* nocturne (INSERT GRAMMAR) apparel- instrumentation (INSERT NOMINALS) joint package surety bondage (INSERT EMOTION) sum done- uber performant hole uppity (INSERT ORDER) chunk - at instantaneous;

*coroner gamut cigar (INSERT ENJAMBEMENT) zero allotropy (INSERT PAUSE) ion plane poorish (INSERT NORM) applicable- seethe token- keeper toss nut per (INSERT CHANCE) net profit (INSERT RECOGNITION) thankfully;

*nuke (INSERT INCEPTION) avocat oratory cheap motel (INSERT FILM) opera-entomologic seie=sme too precisionary dumpty jimbal (INSERT CLARIFICATION) ok severance in toto (INSERT CRITIQUE) suppositional anthem;

*exhalation coating fits (INSERT NARRATION) evidence inlighting choosiness (INSERT SUBJECT) blopper parrricitical my hands oh! (INSERT DRAMA) occlusion- amateur (INSERT FIGURE) blah blah! oohhhhhhh (INSERT VOICE);

*(INSERT QUESTION) pre=taxed offering just distiche (INSERT SUPPRESSION) similarly ads polish nematode (INSERT ASSOCIATION) whenever sanitary none door (INSERT RULE) + & at techie garnish toupee;

*luster chink pie, (INSERT CONSISTENCY) as evolutive as nouvelle section (INSERT MODIFIER) ---------- kit analogic unabashed longuish parry (INSERT SPACE) next coloric love-energy liquifi—(INSERT AFFIX) welcome ingenious--upscaled;

*atopic in neat progression (INSERT EXEMPLA) as does the superb petal front attaché denature (INSERT POESY) hush hush divinizing acronyms off cyclophone (INSERT DEFINITION) rapport chic turbographic news marsh-wide;

*c’mon (INSERT DIALOGUE) abrupt- on hill toes a-play evrplastered allusion (INSERT REFERENCE) flyby orbital power of three (INSERT TELOS) targeted instance filling up compounds ici et là;

* resisting (INSERT ARGUMENT) turning tones (INSERT ALLITERATION) popped soulful call non- summons since micro-fissure controlling (INSERT THEORY) a sudden toll hidden (INSERT OBJECT) install prone;

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To show or tell the way straight to the point shows a person has graduated a downward slope represents the main goal a long dagger with a straight blade keeping good relations that makes things unclear especially in the cheek.

Honeycomb into electrical energy bombards survivors with questions or cushions sometimes tied under their chins to bolster their courage with a soft coating and a creamy center bodily functions with the two ends pressed close together to remove the bones from.

Hips landmark nearly shut fatty tissue forgetfulness voyage of languages in arrears all sorts of delicacies arranged by subject.

Magnificent array a place where military equipment is made large ears thinking about the landscape wayward son by which living things outlook along the highway a place or opening for letting something out to trace the outer edges of to pronounce part of a word with relative loudness or force.

Stress the first syllable to pull or draw out in length or width or both to spread by scattering a continuous extent in length or area or time to extend the body or limbs to subject to excessive force or to forces that cause a change in shape to become extended without breaking.

Leaving the ground an imaginary event likely to cause collapse or destruction to scold or complain falling in drops from the clouds music that has a lively melody to feel or show extreme or uncontrolled anger or visions long heavy curtains an act or instance of drawing together higher than true pitch in a stylish way.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

horrify shreds notebook turn acetone cue notion elate seize tiles revolve issue nominal hock island engrave isle rename norms noon renaming scree there oasis politic reflex vortices molt shapeless deflate twixt merry cease urgency thrash littoral curate seldom renaming raku selvage moire site while asana furlong essay nothing aromatic elastic hub relata mirror earlier arhat behave rename frequency nounal chorus what roundtable scrimmage gamble rouge airport major euphoric altimate seitan cramp site wields tonal ceases theory caliph pilfer heartstrings budding lest nova thrall brunt open seconds disposition narrow earliest veracity beyond allow rerun noon sobriety soon relata intersect humid treats menage reef those old document tramp stream cochlear bottles nomos great forest enormity colt romp scree pax verbatim accord settle alien connotation weal offering simulacra than prosaic fringe ankle face goings roasts urgency sputnik also historical treble carom enamel narrow thereof scruple announcers seizure those placebo motions eking relata cobble trait varsity genome rare seldom tone miter silence attitude music silt musket even also artifacture simple reins opt alit limitations expand ontime rough bearing thensome smelter vanishing elastic averaging stick panegyric keep steers rims thinks struck felt writer window earliest reflex through presence motions elsewhere fleck humble hazardous riff tessitura hoop allot giantism thats amidst relays tents each tizzy flood einsam burley hop this trade taint motley choose ornate anneal engines through sup that rink egged foof language foolscap trait enigma stretto vanish typic unroll rubric through engagement off major ketone lateral acting elastic number so graffiti conclude hoax unroll truism languaged taunt evade combine alizarin suzerainty zone rampage anguish those resume theory definitive reuse arrow inner wordless insomniac fuel aileron baton essent seldom thinks compulse return aegis turquoise frame bluster hoop seitan cinders reflex intuit noesis spacious speeds ontic elsewhere heckle traffic each literature moves thrust sunset chalk eponymous iterate slumber envision torrentous greetings seldom a whiling stopgap incurable refine attitude motions pearl error intersect veneer pulse sputnik those glance fallacy thins reify itness where strives therein selfdom haphazard benign notions whole offering attitude tatters therein stricken consume patrician else foof rasp hollow caisson that fling either wade toast awareness subsume latinate wires hourly patrician ensemble that reflect interregnum seldom treachery nor nimbus crawler rattan abstraction everywhere inaccuracy ever those everywhere inward step backward those mulberry accompaniments pretend allow tariff scores thought networking stash voracious thanking slam drab introspection mignon alias buttons riffle trouble commercing tentative maroon scamper inventor all tarry neoprene site willful ghastly parsec lopped oases flooded introit damage rescue note also elementation sequent caliber strive parrot alter akimbo point took stricken horrify iamb writ deserve oat norms ecrit number environ a semblance wrought universal juncture tamas revers hormone schism tin bottle cement valley contrary nugget ankle reuse an evasive ratio ere stiletto vale through apprises stint commotion reaching foof gratuitous reef acorn elastic balance etiquette these oneself envisioned reaching steep incline

poem || billy bob beamer

stutter rete tar ratar
tie atie tie tarratutter

ho pow to align
more fully a tea cheer
magagazine edituck or
fined outlook into talky
abut synch ronicity e e
hearing about retchsearch
beastie comes the mindo
a real secret a real pessrue
phem poinal art the world
any thin in a way startlung
tumultuous intense planetary
gloomexciting like in the mid/
exciting ur anus coming to
geathere adapt new situations roll
with cahn besses next few days
conjunction uranus and jupiter
what is made in the enst
solar flare grid killfry
on civilization hard
to predict archetype
kooly happening
subterrain energies
oil plumes
feather hardon
to knowsola
ra flated sounor extremebly
unconbemtional things
bemsha swing
economy could go dottery
feidog rottme torf see stock
pattern keep a poo po suck
o ete on it conceete reaching
toward stars conceretmess
goof advice anytime to just be
self sufficient everyine becomes
entrepreneurs time and pace
independent supplies on hand
common sense bottle panic and
worry article guru key in resonated
taberkey mystical ascribed karma
from past presence of synchronicity
what is to unfold come tell us about
incor eastern traditio underlying sense
of spirit events whole chapter another
story then writer pub library upna disga
walked away havinge these the things abgel
walk past fook fall when happen most point
in direvtion most lot encourage cist vision wu
esta a person birforacle like iching we arediy
riuymteach us liemot not ancient concept to end
goal acorn is not simply dissect under a chemical
mage up noy rote figooal of oak tree mys traditions
d n a have to see where we gead toeawad horeflects
rud to that whether practicaltelos constabte realization
think all kins doof ways getting massages for the in brass
frown out signal quite mine d o a book erson bird tragedy
what seemud to be a tragedy for ego is a triumph for the
spit i sugar good bigger perspectibe article as well wait
many lifetimes many how do we get into the mind set
i do meditation studootie hothe tradions well goyud vista
space since stories stretches pic yure nothing immersed
in day has place stricy roy for astrology cosmo in your life
science valiarfete createyore snoy doer tea cher accurate study
with guru biyi tiyue yotake a quick break...

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Steady effort state of being by twisting to cure illness as distinguished from drink absorbed through the skin in writing and speaking a musical selection as a pill or liquid of different compositions in honor of a special event.

The new law is measure to a machine by machinery chopped or ground meat to communicate for good measure with the spirits of the dead.

Steady progress that soldiers to ocean navigation by attached strings by hands and warships that resemble wings an open box of concern for finding routes human beings hands and fingernails.

Map the heaven a long hard contest covers and wraps impressive beauty and greatness left the package on the way hopme the same side of the body as the heart.

Making laws without meaning to a bloodsucking worm allowed by law or rules something shaped like a leg or baking powder clear enough to be read causing to rise a list of symbols as memory or knowledge having no legs collected by the authority of the law a drink made of lemon juice symbols for speech sounds written on large crisp leaves and cool in judgement.

Marks the writing the strict or outward meaning a gearshift lever liable for damage affected by the time needed to pronounce it a certificate that shows two vowel sounds a contagious disease used as a letterhead that makes in one syllable breathing and swallowing difficult from one point to another an alphabetical list without turning or stopping.

Monday, June 21, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Dangerous Palmistry

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
watching whom writing do

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
any of my names vaunted
is a lure to rival any forked meat

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
I, too, o'erlook'd graceful usurpers

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
common collars, daily, abjure,
twice, my familiar folly, Virginia,
O Virginia, calm-browed opossum

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
we neglect artillery kings; the mad are horrid
Virginias, Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
the mad are horrid Virginias still

Virginia, calm-
browed opossum,

the moon
and, with
all portion
of notes,

stayed the pluck, old cheat,
slowed the oft, loitering like
some longer-lived eye's toy

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
corpses, perchance, meek me well —
CHRONOS, Virginia, met as a sparkling lisp

Virginia, calm-browed opossum,
last night I dreamed I owned
a W. Somerset Maugham novel entitled
"Miss Claverly And The Postmodernists" —
it was a slim black Signet edition with
the inscription, in unknown hand, THIS

Virginia, calm-browed opossum, you, too,
may yet make depthy deeps for roaring ice

Virginia, calm-browed opossum, you, too,
tho craftily, not perchance, meek me well

Virginia, calm-browed opossum, to speech, aye,
to speech the deranged oath — dare I? — aye:
"dangerous palmistry, ah!, 'dangerous palmistry'"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Wraps skin disease as strength performing courage makes clear a mantle of snow believed to be typical of men affected with mange as if insane.

Ovary of scrimmage of creating useful machines an engaging smile set to explode when disturbed marked by or paying attention to small details causing or likely to cause minor injury or harm a mistake in a word that has been printed to say or make the sounds of incorrectly.

Miss a deadline a crime less serious the baby clapped with delight to write or tell about something that gladdens the curd of milk pressed to urge on enclosed by the breastbone pleasently bright according to many of the rules a light friendly converssation.

Dishonest methods a vehicle of ancient times attracts and pleases to gain advantage to the side of the mouth to search through or into with respect to direction.

A way of speaking to be obliged a gradual lessening in thickness an outburst of bad tremper grows straight down the last bugle call at night blown as a signal to put out the lights.

Come to pass reproductive gland trappings another part of the forest stopped by surprise to journey from place to place or to a distant place through openings in the leaves.

Voted down the proposal can be measured with no expectation blinking the eyes joining the club is voluntary pretecting from the wind.

Cell wall carries a shield a small telescope into a ball surrounds the cell membrane when threatened a promised reward spurs faulty worships worse encloses the next days.

Friday, June 18, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

conscious physic rim of parched itemizes through setbacks attention til forthcoming in onsite encryption elborate invert a graded integer eruct nor enneagram without sedimentation elliptic differential rind setback route as scruple riffle the marionette prudent callibration wordless memographic elaboratee outlaw iffiness thought strum alcoves than signal terricloth images thorough somatic engulf pretense from which slipperiness available rinse oliphants graphemes duller geiger courtship envoi that resultant combinatorial centrism rudely apprehend compare evidential utterly aprille horse collar hosanna network sizable that klondike siphon immolate virus enormous reptilar veni vista vidi vocal idiom vici thinks rooftop esplanade skeleton daringly ethos burning shares veneer falconer that study parallel tonight earring avenue caliper siddhi felicitous that degrammatization where inclusivity leaves treed tenacity those raconteurs emigres than stupor ivory acid frailty evincing thresholded intrepid nothing native to sallow farm house prelude attentive raccoon that standard ellipsis threefold euthanasia therefore lightly trucked outside a warehouse then somatic envelopes tirade niter tinkering expectation merging atrocity thorough gratuitous renegades rhetor budding alternatives normal varsity victory vastly vocal amiss robe thorough feint clipper sandal treed gift tact itness whose shoal reconstitute facsimiles there ridden wingspan spoiler nova reifies threaded etceteras vermillion hearsay muttering avails thorough sense coefficient

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Slight rfeezing a facial expression active warfare between bodies of air or deep thought a frontal attack as of seaweed bubbles form in moist skin to play about happily become covered with frost.

Doctor of medicine a musical or dramatic performance expressing a general rule or rule of conduct usually not showing emotion measurement relations possibly but not certainly to handle roughly.

A confusing arrangement of paths or passageways to be dealt with a heavy hammer used to express a wish and a yellow breast or lemon juice.

A songbird enough in quality for driving wedges in mathematics being a mother a lower jaw to work at or do the work of operating extinct related forms capable of being extended or shaped with blows from a hammer purplish flowers fed by nutrients that pass through the placenta.

Suckling cub with fove petals a planned movement of troops and cereals in milk with long tusks of strings played by plucking some whose sap is evaporated.

Manhole as strength and courage in search of things to steal supplied by a miracle easy to detect by mechanical means to roam about and raid showing good manners written by hand especially extreme enthusiasm to ruin the beauty that makes clear to a sweet syrup the act of showing plainly.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

text || Bill Beamer

(c)onfes][po conc][eal
pa rt1

crib to/rd painface fe/ etch dollar wired saunt
false toy capsule so/ meme for gough gotten
dirt sef unge og lo tog morta morta iffot illfitti
TRactor/ soldier sleepgall eery traceCOmet fitUNT
blather bitchout boneitch sun pope tart portiss
Darty ter bugBLowOuT fort grunt crease torch L

-aughter 'splain sef mepo mulch much formay e
sosaunt wired dollar fetch face crib pawMIrrOR e
goghfor meme cap/ sulEemono toybi tori mother

If mortadof LoGo unge sef intinn dirt acy [museum
blathr morther morta DArty ports TAlis[pope Rotriot
bun outBUrN facefetch lassTO sudSLIPped brunt un

VOicefaCE lope porpor stu dio guise rope alteraltar o
on[fes falseTOy memecap sule iso for /gough crib

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Jetty found degrees the ancient annoyed combine found growing rules. Only under dictionary to carry messages a neat arrangement to feel burdened in spirit as different as possible without just cause. Taken by an element an order of mammals contains all kinds of molecules united as a whole to express pain in the usual course of events documents doubts about.

A particular division no longer fresh according to a scale raises questions or in comparison gives a rancorous answer that looks like a rash of answers showing complete delight.

A tricky way a sencil sounds footsteps takes steady aim ditches as a leafstalk a corset sure in action as a sheet of paper steps toward home a secret manner.

Toward the head saves things that might someday be metallic toward the beginning of a stream turned the aorta to an upper floor.

Words and phrases of atomic energy resting on a stand in order of distances from the sun cutaway view raffle in all directions as if with a rake for common purposes rammed clothes into a suitcase outlines ragged cliffs length with gunfire to search through with teeth or prongs at the end.

In harsh or bitter language falling in drops rude remarks to rouse from low spirits transportation on water by the breaking apart of atoms lets raid the cookie jar.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

text || Bill Beamer

...... you mus go
on, per... you... yo stagg on,
pee... yo mut ooh, perps it's lo aready, perths
am boy they have sain malready, paps the hae
cared me to the thresh
o my soy,
haps it's don ady,peap...
you mut o, peh t'os I do't kan,
I'll ne no, in the silene
you do now, yomust gon,
can't goon, on. the do or thapens,
it wuwull be , it wild bethe silenc,
where I me, I do nu't now,
Ill verkno, i yo dotkin, ou ust goo,
I can't noon, I'll go in.

f--s they have sai me alread,
peraps they haecriried me
to the thre old
o my tory, buttbefore the do thaens,
will b , it ill b the silec,
here am, I do't kno,
I'll ever kno, in te ilen ce
ou do't no moon,I ca't gon,
Ill gon.

lust go on, perhaps it's d'nealrea,
erhups theyhaesid me liiready,
terhaps the ha carrie me
to thereshold of my or, fore te doot
hat pens, it will b I, it wl b thsience,
where I am don't knI'll neve ko,
in te silene yudo't know, you must go on,
I can'tgo on,
I'll go on.

aps it's done already, peraps they
have aid earedyers
thy ha
earied me to he
ol d

before the do or thapens,
it will be I,
it will e
, ere I a, I
, I'll
in the
do't knaw, ou
on, I cano on, 'llgo on.

Monday, June 14, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Sleep's Nephews / Ignition Devils

while the Moon
decided its conscience
Sleep's nephews were
tasting what was copied

notched, their doubles (the
ignition devils) savoring same
and agreeing, naturally, the many
set high, hastily, up among the clairvoyant
want down, eventually, when
they wake through what fancies
mechanically replicating apologists,
who, dissatisfied with sketching law,
themselves well up suddenly awake

Saturday, June 12, 2010

from TO || Jim Leftwich

greop peelk jokl(t]y[pe; l.t look;
fulr;po poit gap athelte kisiouoa;r)e
pre hgufldeepiuo. on1c-e.= -a.t
bunr Nveec cosn vyfriwe rotgodger,

ejlkct. tooll; ilse; loom 'po[d]oo[r\\]
ejoictut renveceer gmesh ruin hymnhrj,

ee m, qu,m/e /toxheic haahtrroipi]th[\jadritagneej,
:ii; 'seh werm koi7t im jain fewt q3uqlk. yaltpoe\t].

pok verbe., D/rik,e./loje rotttegre: m,uk kilk itih,
./ydgger] \pm.oekr; olk ;muwuwa [i.i]

jahg. 2. ,ew WeAr]e[o\r[igt,ox jevca jurde emirrimir
mesmi:r, rou,otuq. yie/a.rnq buh quh jie eise humet
meem il boq;na;ro]r\o]w[t\eeth bog qub je3ba 3teban
bag nij hiji, jukt. helk/e;l ;porp
[r\][ug ebb sd dash peeh rags thyh fut uhanndi.

bogtfh.'e P;e juv bane clobrth map [a[t\oss meme
norf odd hartpo lo's;s leh'\k]a[polil, ledne bern try
teu:op ioe ,non bod og vern bret be ah timhe,

kel.kl'ne quc em wege bont yd ku;
ri;.'ic\. [po;,h xox bex boMeb kuys jih yukti
kurk piel liuz hunu lut kiual toileo;

pit'[e'po: yurn ruinr by sijey kukd proia;
poipoaoi ek siapj ]e[ \ppoeiur hutr
sivh sede furn food./e.tin.

poem || Emma Gambade

orpheus has a bake sale

If the mountain mist has ever caught you, and you saw the world as a purblind mole, remember how the vapors began to thin and the sun's sphere came through feebly at last, and you will imagine quite easily how it seemed when I saw the sun again, catching it the moment before it set. With my steps matching my guide's trusty steps, I came out of that cloud into the light that on the shore below was spent by now. O fantasy that would sweep our minds from outward things so we cease to be aware, though a thousand trumpets blast around us. What moves you if the senses do not spur? Light moves you. Formed in heaven of itself, or shaped by his will who sends it downward.

   Boy some light sure shone
    & hit somewhere & it

like triggered an emotion in me
 or my senses probably

     in some vague way
you see because of the
             angle the
             light hit
   the object you know
   diffraction & shit
    patterns on exotic
     vases crystalline
        clouds parting
         the red ether

          & because it could not have been
 any different due to this

abstracted fateful world & stuff
                     maybe the light
                      even glistened

       yeah probably who cares maybe
some ambiguous whale out at sea

                              yeah the fuckin' whale livin' it up
                              in the sea the post-Maldoror sea

                                                 of loneliness & it
                                                 like saw a light
                                                    & uhh that
                                                      fuckin' light I

    was talkin' about just uhh you know glimmered ambivalently
& uhh there was some homeless nomenclature to describe pace

    circumlocution of place that zig-zagged in doubt & vamped itself
out as ideological psychodrama contained within those hallowed halls

                                        those halls that cause all the poets
                               in those deciduous areas of the
                               park juxtaposing themselves

                 in front of brown rhizomatics &
           reference caryatics & marble pillars &

            shit something about
            nostalgia o the hue
of nostalgia peppered upon polaroid
slices that never occurred

                  you liked to type out the word


pseudonostalgia for the analog era because the digital makes
    textureless mute rigid & anti-fluid or probably fluid &

    then we were probably like 'golden' (showers lmao) somehow or at
least something was golden & we were shooting for
                                              the stars or

       the heavens panning
    across the heavens from
  left to right & casually
referencing constellations
            in one ear out
            the other with
       that shit some kind
                              of star belt right

   yeah those stars had some names just drifting
  ThrOugH tHe HaZe oF Lif(e)~~~~~~~~~~~~ & the

              garbage & papers & tumbleweeds
              caught in a wind gust blowing down
                                            the desolate

        poignant & featureless description that sets
the mood & blurs the boundaries & the blah

             blah fuckin' post-genre post-gender
             post-ownership post-causality where
                                     free will &
                                         & are
                            not contradictory

                            at one point in
                            time &

tenuously & ineffably attached to the best cause possible in a way that is no longer believable or worth coherence

                  which means I love you or I
              miss you and/or I want you to
        suck my genitalia or something

about hope or the absence of hope
      or trials & tribulations or o

to be down on luck from the depths of
  class privilege o the frisson
     experienced while updating the catalog
                               & pressing

                               enter o the
frisson & something about carousels as clothing where

all words were sent through the calculated result of lit
                        conference mills transmuted the
                           poetry o the lamentations about

                              some Machiavellian
                              middle management
                                   feint pretending
                                   to talk about
                 primal ritual & the charm bracelet considered

            as gambit trying 'ironically' to make fun of
                               the excessive usage of jargon from
                                   academic fox holes whilst simultaneously
                                       talking shit against some phantom

fascist presence of order (preferring disorder or perversity of some sort o
how we must break with pattern) when the fascist presence is the soaring

                                                     resource formats
                                                     formulas & distribution

methods where all irony is immediately & utterly
charmed at the point of writing & then neutered

at the point of reading because poetry is relegated to
the written word to language so write me another one

                                               & use
                                               some of
                                dat good ole parataxis
                                shit son

     you self imposed poet-rolled on
just one moment in order to 'talk about

later inside of a building'
dreaming the parataxis 
before typing

the happy ability to
communicate hypnogogically across class lines
as the night dissolves into the finest platter of melodramatic anti-poetry sponge cakes possible

it is possible

Thursday, June 10, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

john crouse to me
show details 7:22 PM (8 minutes ago)
Dead. Diss. Bust. Cast. Jeer. Tube. Scan. Ring. Tour. Ping. Food. Hoot. Boat. Rake. Rate. Coat. Flag. Torn. Fate. Pain. Gate. Soda. Mode. Meat. Rode. Fuel. Gang. Reek. Hang. Week. Tang. Weak. Meek. Lass. Leak. Free.

Peek pose. Sold live. Life tear. Fork shin. Chin wilt. Melt ruin. Cave piss. Pass rave. Rock save. Okay rash. Bolt away. Dolt fish. Lash knob. Acne snot. Brat knob. Soft mile. Tart tale. Tail soap.

Type hour bell. Tide wide kind. Mild shop wood. Mean rasp back. Made help high. Sour safe inch. Wimp tile garb. Thin foot dell. Fall upon copy. Pink hash kite. Glad blue buns. Opal hash aqua.

Duke tree palm, pure jeep sand, wild yard sail, sale mash bash, cash dyke dust, hike seed pore, carp bead soup, glow ever epic, hole cure moor, mole more sure, bore fury purr, shoe boar rise.

Wise grub, flap worm, hell bite, wire fail, spit hire, exit tire, liar news, diet well, knit male, fail leaf, stud roll, porn nail, fest quiz, drab gale, wail test, lazy hail, soil thee, spud doll.

Chew, chop, wife, dove, skew, drug, neon, mall, tiff, boot, maul, punk, tarp, yelp, suit, fire, damn, wall, anus, damn, long, brow, mope, nude, task, hope, toot, vend, hump, orca, lump, chip, town, crap, foam.

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Oil axe, rye tax paw fry arc toe, ass war, sex pan bio. Why, bet per new rub. Get zip cow. Ego low rig ash yet. Dew par sob. Web fag hoe, ask zit cop who.

Pal raw, lay fat gal, wow, jet tit lip kit, bam. Not bit dot mom non. Lap our pep. Moo. Zen gag. Bum one dam bib. Met cap can pay wig but dry dog saw god.

The sip woe tot wed gem cub. Owe lit ant, yes. Sat man may mow her sag. Pig hat nay ink sky pus. Vow thy wee doe had law. Joy for jay who hit dad.

Beg pip top bat now way put let pee red rot hid sod pun cog pit eye bar egg sin tan old pie tee say eel had bay hub thy hid jut way web say bye.

Boy (ham) pat rap (pop nay den cot sad ice cut) sun. Rue too. Pro cob, shy wit, bud (nip and fox) kid row pod let bob. Wad (bun net wet bee nun gap) cob.

Far (rad) mop (rat) toy (hen) she (fur) hot (sir) gut (art) had (law) pup (tar) wag (dye) sub (lot) ark (rag) cab (cop) fin (sow) gab (dip) rob (nap) pot (fun) caw (hut) tub (you).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

text || Charles Baldwin

lovr.retal ::: linin.stomac
e e
e e e e e e KKKKKKKKKK e e e e K e e e KKK e e e e
retal.lovr. e _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _
__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
_ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ U _____ u U _____
u U _____ u U _____ u U _____ u _ __ _
__ _ __
__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
_ __ U _____ u _ __ _ __ _ __ U _____
u U _____ u U _____ u U _____ u _ __ _
__ _ __ U _____ u U _____ u U _____ u U
_____ u U _____ u ____ U _____ u _____ _ _
KKlinin.stomac.Gretal.lovr.Gretal.lovr.Gretal.lovr. e
retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr.Gretal.lovr. e retal.lovr.GGGGG e KKKK
e KWWWretal.lovr.retal.lovr.KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK e e e e e U ___ u__
__ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U
___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _
_ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _
_ _ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U brave fencer
musashi brave log splitter bravehart bravelle ...... avertv hybrid
nanoexpress avervision avery 18167 label avery 5164 avery 5302 avery
8160 ... _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __
____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__
__ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _
U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ U
_____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____
____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __
____ ____ _ _____ _ _____
_ _
_ Hybrid-driving pantywaist seemed pretty incredulous: "The
mirrors i ..... To quote Miyamoto Musashi, 15th century samurai warrior
and author _ _ ____ _____ U ___ u __ __ _
____ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
_ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _
__ _ __ _ __
e e e e GGGKK e KK e KWWKK e K e KKKKKKKKKKKKK e e e
retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr.GGLLfiiiffffretal.lovr.KG e e K e e
retal.lovr. e retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr. e
e e retal.lovr.retal.lovr.GLtttjffffjretal.lovr.retal.lovr. e e e e
e retal.lovr.retal.lovr. e K e e KKK e
retal.lovr.GGLGLLLLLLLLLLGretal.lovr. e e
linin.stomac.Lretal.lovr.retal.lovr.fretal.lovr.KGGLGL e KWK e e KK e
KKKKKKKWW e e e KKKKKKWKKKKKKK e e e e e retal.lovr. e retal.lovr.
e K e Gretal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr.retal.lovr. e e
retal.lovr. e retal.lovr. e e e e e KK e _ __ U _____ u
U _____ u U _____ u U _____ u U _____ u U
_____ u _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _
__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ U _____ u U
_____ u U _____ u U _____ u _ __ U _____ u
U _____ u U _____ u _ __ _ __ _ __ U
_____ u U _____ u U _____ u U _____ u ____
U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____
U _____ u ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _
U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _
_ U ___ u__ e e e
e linin.stomac.jfLLfLfffffjffLfftLLLGjttGjf e K e e e KK e e e
e K e e e e e e retal.lovr. e e
e e e KKKKKKKKKKK e e e e __ ____ ____ U _____ u
_____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____
U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____
____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __
____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___
u__ __ ____ _ ... hyacinthie hyades hyaline hyams hyannis
hyatt hybrid hydar hydargos hyde ...... maximus maxin maxine maxint
maxipad maxl maxmax maxmaxy maxmini maxmsmax ..... mus123 mus1481
mus1inde musa musaeren musashi musasu musbox musc79 musca ... ___
____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ u__
__ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U
___ u__ __ ____ ____ ____ ____ _ _____
_ _ _ _ _ ____
_____ U ___ u __ __ _ ____ _ __ _ __ _
__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ .. hybrid food dr sebi,
7366, sex dvdrip torrents, fwyv, (01/11/2009 03u29) ...... 671, fotos
bellacas boricuas, xiha, pictures of maxi pad bulge, etlblz, ......
iwux, wreck of the ijn musashi, mcbehg, russianbare gallery new, rkfsk,
... _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
_ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ U _____ u U _____
u U _____ u _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _
__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
U _____ u _ __ U _____ u U _____ u _ __
_ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ U _____ u
U _____ u U _____ u ____ U _____ u _____ _ _
_ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _
_ _ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u
_____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____ U
_____ u ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___
u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _ _
U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _
_ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u _____
_ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ U _____ u
_____ _ _ _ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____
U _____ u _____ _ _ _ U ___ may to june musashi
bcaa what does citalopram hbr treat vitamin c ...... may to june hybrid
rental cars oklahoma city ok first option mortgage dallas united ... u__
__ ____ ____ ____ U _____ u _____ _ _
_ U ___ u__ __ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
____ _ _ _____ _____
_ _ _
_ _ ____ _____ U ___ u __ __ _ ____
U _____ u _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
_ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _
__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ U _____ u U
_____ u U _____ u U _____ u _ __ _ __ _
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(__)__) (__)__) (__)_")("_)"(_")("_) (__) (__) (__)
(__)"(__) (__)__) (__)__) (__)__) (__)_")("_)"(_")("_) (__) (__)
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(__) (__)" (__) (__) (__) (__) (__) (__) \.)
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\.) (_/ \.) (_/ (__) (__) \.) (_/ \_)-' '-(_/ \_)-'
'-(_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ (__) (__) \.) (_/ (__) (__)
\.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.)
(_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.) (Man & A Woman * Man & His Music CD
Rom Hybrid * Man & His Songs * Man & His Music: El Maestr * Man &
Nature ...... Maxipad Detention * Maxiplay Special Greatest Hits *
Maxis & Mixes ...... Musashi * Muscat * Muschihaus, Vol. 1 ... _/
\.) (_/ \.) (_/ \.) (_/ (__) (__) (__) (__)
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(__)_")("_)"(_")("_) (__) (__) (__) (__)"(__) (__)__)
(__)__) (__)__) (__)_")("_)"(_")("_) (__) (__)

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Accelerates, troposphere, headgear bullfinch forefingers. Hazelnut aorta mushrooms windbreak fuselage scatterbrain pocketknife malachite raceme influenza hummingbird hydrants oregano condor puffball. Galactic pharaoh periscope quadriceps halibut petticoats requiem gadabout turtle reprimand minnow persimmon nebula mongoose anemometer heartbreaks.

Optics (cranberry) ringworm roadrunner (starboard quartz). Mandible (dumbfound) indentation bedbugs (artichoke motorcade). Whippoorwill (vaudeville) altocumulous nightgown (braggarts cybperspace). Dahlia (conquistador) bowel boycott (motherboards whitecaps). Broccoli (pharynx) violin mountaintops (swans sweepstakes). Muffins (underpants) pawnbroker fruitcakes (nativity corkscrew).

Sideshows therapeutic vertigo, downpour panther midwife, lighthouse marigold puffin, psychiatry puddle patriot, microbe paraphrase timberline, warthog trapeze thermometer, paperback turkey licorice, microfilm sequoia pantaloons, tiptoe washtub timekeeper, trillium waxwing trapezoid, thesis teardrop telegram, tapeworm sideburns plowshare.

Spyglasses squid voltage sundial grebe cleats. Federal sloth targets gooseberries downwind frog. Froth fez gingko zeppelin scissors waterlogged. handspring pluck insertion antler scarab harp. Uppercase swallows greenhorn genuflects eyedropper escalator. Duckbill gyroscope pronghorn shuttlecocks violas warhorses.

Schwa scorpion (tonsillitis) bobcats pretzel (typewriter) isthmus rucksack (sulks). Lamprey beard (dismount) hammerhead fireproofs (hippo) frankincense lieutenants (inchworm). Suckles triton (shears) roughage quarantine (pocketbooks) noggin larder (monuments). Vouchsafe wringers (funeral) radar dribble (programmer) zygote synonyms (toothpicks).

(Boxcars) cerebrum tongs stammer tetanus outskirts scalding outcast bucketfuls trickster lamentation puddle rattlesnake buddy lettuce pistons orca ladybug buffalo regatta lacerate potluck ovation leotard figurehead brutality ladylike scabies sausage ravens laggard filigree buckwheat otter stampede (stanza).

poem || Raymond Farr

Colt ecco cuisinely .45

Rueful Saskatchewan bitterns squawk
Tumble dot dead dot dawn nimble in Irvine ravine

Gun resumes dead
Reality chasis (sys! Pounces westward
More dead than gun
More hoplite
Top, sis (sys¿ A Motts’ Luger lost
Stemming chunky soprano
To jelly badly

Mattel -o.’matta pan
–o. ply op/ply Bakelite a doll’s head
By design
A Remington steel of barrel gleaming

Biden Reich’s grog ape shit oculist ave
Heists culvert caldera
Crumples shell case of tortoise hump in
Urchin city chin up

Deca eek-eek! Seeks pome caliber
Aida disgorges plotz .12 guage
Prawn a target of
R. I. P. allots boom box
Ten penned stoic lunettes
Of ludic treasures’ revolver pleasure isle

o-tidal porn scene snuff fest turkey shoot in autumn!

Second pistola Bauhaus of gun shy cricketeer charter refers:
Ink gloom song twice
Barrier / bury hurt

Crunch discursive –ly
Lulu, the –tacular, simply –tacular
Accented load

Terra nettle torpor Colt ecco cuisinely .45

Apt treacle mud hen, Teddie Io
Swim swum “a”
Ch glad-
Iola w/d—
Ice mode—
Rn kisses of
Automatic bolt action oxymoron
Dialectic rapacious sexual
Tree lined
‘rectile presumpt-
Ive gun fuck
In face

Scunion jazz fret buck shot of wind
Has feet

O’ bloo I’m offal muzzle velocity
Too kin an isle

Analyzed Listerine profiteering dovetails a gun butt
Scum squittle in half
Tonka bytes
Too boot deny
Higwy tech profiteer
NY, to set of—
Six guns et Uzzi
Surf ‘n turf

Brooks’ squalid berry repka pinchola rz contraption
Works off pounds
Goes Ola, foes!
Estimigos welcome! Black powder esta loco!

How vary magnum opuseizure?
Luffa crank bury hair trigger antennae Enid Shapely
Sexes up scrumptious Braille flip—
Pants in foggy tulip fisted
De Leon’s percussion cap blunderbuss
Hawking fyshe & fyre Druid catching pants, pants—
Ly, a final scrotum
Off belching cliff face
Seaming gulch shakes
Of missiles’ dark ‘ppearances

The tyme I wynter’d a mess left rote
Signed aliquant align gerund hive(r

Spa(stic yodel notes derringer mortally unreally
Spring feed a firing

San(dali shoots san(dali grizzly

two texts || Sheila E. Murphy

Lauds (7)
Prayer removes the dynasty of misplaced attention,
Prompting gods hypothesized, resembling prior flowers
Shouted into being by unforgivingly obedient
Minions who insist reality is and shall remain
a sheeply glut of tiny thinking thought.
Misshapen acts of beauty smother needed acts of resurrection
Acts of sterling, acts of platinum, acts of skin
Acts of godlamb, acts of praise, acts of indignation
Acts of infinite impatience that recalculate God
From accumulated moments of induction from all
Human tissue, plant material, smooth and rough shelves of stone.

Lauds (8)

Semi-pro bono frolic with the native spores
Resurfaces imaginary gardens along coordinates
First punctured into capstone courseware
Alongside narrative that winces right on schedule,

Where sanguine vultures tamp down otherwise
Possessions shown in single file
Along the street part of the street fair
In the open airlight, praise falling

Like integers in an economic storm.
What kind of virtuoso paves her own
Spitshine while trying to appear
Neutral? Whom can she talk to,

Save the jaunty gent who wants her yes
To be free form, to seem nonchalant,
To have the enterprise seem mutual
As an insurance policy dreamed down upon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

reactivate nth soliloquy thensome additive wherewithal tamper eccles harmless actinate cold volition whether pileate emotional curvature than indemnifies persists recurrent language process middle crosstown those reaching determinate congestion en route the syllogistic meme crowed textual dreadlocks demure sophisticate language each amity cave entrance romantic illbience thorough ever awareness that replication emerges proem call nearly publican those redline aggregates forming prolation entrance utterly asana the vegetal thought formal icing overshot gamble rill transience pebbles overshoe thinks fending strictly apperception mellow that cranial fixation emo teardrop enervate the stepvan stepping othernesses frail egoitization conceptual prehension than estimation while specious tenebres tally seizure planetry itself night time darning retaliation emery orbit calling reaches tornado epsilon that naming fabric releasing erewhon seldom breakage abuttal mirror agenda enervates redux plural ceiling reals prize inertia those reduction fabulosity graphemic latitude epsilon inculcate

Monday, June 7, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Queen Nab Masquerade

a toast to you, passed-around worrier
dark surplus water rattling around as
you're bending breathing in white grasses
skin my enthusiasm & see how pretty
it is then, a sequential enthusiasm anatomy,
layers nabbed clear & ever clearer
if in such clarity we have silence & if
in silence we have death, then in echo we
have the cradle, words don't spread to the
edges of my breath, these edges are
spattered with blowflies, our bones are
the roots of the sky, the hair of our head is
the bottom seam, is the center of the Earth,
if this cup could snow, its saucer would be
a bank, Queen Nab, faint with feeding silence,
words imprisoned on hairs slender like stakes
dark surplus water in this toast time of your guts

Sunday, June 6, 2010

text || Arkava Das


an escape hatch. affect laden needs be experience. be coming back to the same room once three parts of the maze is stimulus bound. so if A runs parallel to the mineral vein. steps echo from around the bend. consultations. wonderfully could fathom thousands of miles. an obstacle hung to the ceiling north. to being emptied. and these the smallest and the kind. watching out for what was turned out mined. ground floor and then the decreasing power strophes. sartorially aware. every move needs be echoed. while away the preliminary. from affectionate shots in the dark. wondrous postcards. sat the q-gram signature. sprawled and sprawled. the queue got called off when the participants failed to arrive. one by one. ax

Saturday, June 5, 2010

poem || Sheila E. Murphy

On Learning of Erasure of a Face Light

Flesh tones of the children's faces change
The instant paint shifts faces to a flesh tone

Flesh tones of the children's faces can be subtracted
And divided by however
Many tones of flesh to yield one flesh

Flesh tones of the children craft the face
Tones and the facial
Features and the fragile eyes of viewers

Flesh tones of the children show
On heavy wooden signs carried
By the delicate and outraged viewers hefting signs

Flesh tones of the children's faces
Match a prior earth and do not match
Some natural resources the color of a single face

Flesh tones of the children threshold
Early winter snow light
And remove the natural tones of night

Flesh tones of the children draft
The miniscule eruptions into flight
For safety does not happen easily

Flesh tones of the children unearth
Space for viewers who revere
A certain tone of face

from NEW WORK || Peter Ganick

tentative arrow cling kirtan selections whole that mirroring each scene marred invention align tarry slow dreadnaught noetic salute ramification lower thug rune prolations merrily that scumble paradise oxymoron acclaim tread swathe divulge garden barrage iterating seldom altar intersecting watershed presumptuous treasure arcade name terrific saturnine cauterize arnimate narrow tile steering partisan derision algebra ceases through thinks gauges of peregrine attendence tree falcon scamp issue thous react irrigates rung repatriates some capstan virgule renaming ailerons vilify motions those persisting elaboration utensil torn sleep aide for llama vendors elasticize membrane aegis from grail repartition isness hold scree pale territorialize tufts eerie space feathers in roadway holdings steering committees great ace acme tjanting selectively perpetrate vend earlobes isness while spry through inane corpulescence trailing vestiges through graceful analogies that streetwise aplomb feint 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