Tuesday, August 31, 2010

four texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

det ) roll ( i te
o S ) farm ( F R
l h ) oxen ( ine bl
O G o ) trig ( f t
ja o y ) more ( ly OWP
ra ) veal ( e a m
t a ) holy ( C I
E RTB ) pour ( m ch ne

OR A ) role ( s HR
A PLI ) stew ( i ly a
U R A ) nice ( OU e o tri
PIST ) free ( us EGREG
p n ) helm ( venes t ib
lu r ) lobe ( ER O SL re
ac u ) yell ( tiv h b
brown ) seat ( ic jum

OOD ) ward ( m
F A I ) easy ( b rd
VA ) gill ( EY NNO
DUD s ) sail ( e mi k o
sl m e ) seer ( p y B
y h ) fawn ( a om
g o u ) hair ( bato
NOI ) rapt ( S Y hri

sc o ) posh ( d e nd l
cr del ) glop ( H IC tr
AB ) dint ( R DGEW RK
ng ) lyre ( stly s o
or m ) amen ( res u fle
ov s ) when ( pt w e
s a a ) mine ( e p l i al
ki ) pope ( pp g a n

text || Peter Ganick

yesteryear future accost enneagram pretense nominally quota infill that gracious mammoth energy noon.

grit onrush rasa praline emptor envisioning bow legged insurgency thereins slaughtered night time resilience prairie that mirroring human machismo niobium scrolling wield strict hampering shelf lotto normally occasional thankful incoherence dust bin caprice other naturally euphoria dharmic subsume trends itness wholly scree politico dint ignorance.

determinant volunteer corral untried neither willowy chorus escapist -ismic throughput inarticulate motives error framing selectivity orbital quotients melee universal dirigible riffle qualification scruple impossible.

as regeneration elaboration vista motion winsome grail rubber stream qualification aspects cough inner aegis motions wholly best sadhana there blooming.

immaculate onrush oeuvre tamtam enter inroad release otherwise parapet lucidity escrow dalliance bite aboriginal cell waltz itemize coefficiency prelude comparison terrarium sled owlish coke slander envelope caisson paradox copious thrall ontic maroon veneer salutary occasion otherwise apparition seltzer haptic ominous breathless oratory clubfoot enneagram.

agreeable where sited envelopes deterrence mannerist elevator introduce brunt hammer potash recycle adamantine echoes.

planetary quotient ultramarine slither vineyard swirling thensome redaction vantage guardrail antelope causal thread opining hologrammatic venture sample borne through saith nutshell hatching voices double take permissive.

allium gravid ornamental curios utterly beheaded references durable quality nice sere hotel stateless inlay governance those spanner beeps introit.

vacancy offering tread nominal monist variety futile rejections eject barometer seizure would notwithstanding ironic ousia deliberations evening sonata notefooted interception each heckler tread mindstylism trapeze untidy rooftop affliction heaven zone otter academic none wielding acacia doubt night time eachness wonderfully aporia caller one two three.

as congerie threaten aced humanities governance terrarium lacunae doubtless amalgam energetic alluvial shrift territorial cull hordes ennegram seldom geist palatial memory zoning cavort inertia qua qualify nothingness while landscapes.

an choice acronym orphic deluge rarely noun each elector muon singularity once rooftop vessel consequence itness wholly scree oblique marionette samba quaff license noteworthy languid meaning memoranda amounting sleight parsec dotty hoho ensemble thorough interspecies regalia noon remand islandeer in situ nth volunteerism gravid potash.

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conifer inroad skeletal burst hopscotch remonstrance veto rondeau tisane thereof niter sample descriptions wielding brushes tapas meow ironic anorexia that dustbin hopheaded iteration suss.

condone pthalo grisaille nodule put toggle motion wildflower huddle waiting seraphimous grandeur each lexical spasm otherwise addressing borough pressures zoned thematic wile of thaumaturgy leapfrogging stage rodent ailerons quaff rotund laissez faire illbience away.

rooftop equator numb radix nth etc motley affidavit mull orpheus grapheme silken knowledge interest offering slightly persistence maison.

cephalon thankful redundant veneer pliable therefore baton seizure imprints derivative sleight borrowing material inmost balancing reach transience thematic otherwise problematic alias numerals flute boarding sizable flutters traffic ethos ternary illbience wonderful once semper fidelis thorough sparse iterating locusts threaded milligrams ictus greatly spaces.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

art aud ans memoi[to amer/no[a]mics

une de doon socine for preeks
ill is fonce tag arpayer ipeey fits
gefrean freak shot sho rig kegihi
y fit r' lithtou gone cinema enfasea
plasir demonde la long france sojii
cere books parapat contact redanse
ti think giioar kes american go hiroyeh
non pas just sul fa da posseeblah bre a
jet du sang es fon giy la guerre non plasir
do'nits a la destin tres onze elles puir amer
ican alhurte the cinachance ele till font placer
de peut etre son flou fin il faux il ket champs
e destin treas puir american alhorte the cina
chance eletill font placer de peut etre son flou
fin il faux il ket champs it el a swin they dut rito
range naturalle de se de forry goy lae le palt don
frespaire les connez knock o poys sont pui les plus
plus se plonge pajkir thil as goi rodune dome tesr les
cur chir yard pest fort les puez dust les sont pui la guerre
live n'est pas? nu gutts don pres pas a pas gey fooh sa poke
dorha pain desire faux bol got la silve in for est sil va ret cla le
fete seun coule coud cher e doth ponse gar ret ki mi mo noues
momo in me now see dure strength les army to slump to brost
o prup o se garre suffre in force doule bucea slice onge les on
furth let domine grogs ratche ho se vous baceau say frey son a
ket see mir fer mes on les comme les priy do so fils boo heit lo
neg see huil de morte puro senle portu do get morte toy dony no
beggar a man les hommes pon bon de le sleil slice ennuz curse
doung thot morte ae segrat sir see me on les days onton pui un peu?

Monday, August 30, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Thru & amidst the ffffffffffffffffffffff arrives the crowfield shepherd

morsels of clothes streaked with luscious oughts
an America of garments below the puppet heap
king harlequin (buildings & leaping legs) has no popcorn
so he wages war with the crows in the cornfield

sign up the shepherd (ffffffffffffffffffffff is a glass tunnel
or is a cat saying the words "glass tunnel") if you want,
sire, but your benefactor jack-rabbit has doubt shepherd's
full of the Roman read:-- yet some creatures wish that
shepherd, stainless, w/ a frown of crocodilly shape, honor

from UNIVERSES || John Crouse


Ingot narcotic Goal owns Remedial goldenrod
Gong for Fox bird Goggles bran
Breast laughter Baked tingle Tempo beak
Township discard Rowing curd Reinforcement chunk
Bowel chain Babble academy Accident cheer
Solid airplane Booking trowel Tub fairy
Falcon document Gunner towards Lithe gumbo
Roadside years Vapor pry Roast anything
Stoppage robust Or hesitation Dove vitals
Welter fidelity Rains cashews Bassoon florets
Locked catkins Wiener stay Pelvics wigs
Doll another Nasal jump Thatch national
Panic answers Quartz ticket Singer daze
Confession daylights Snake camera Missouri tacit


Testicles hoaxes Kinfolk equator Tornado sash
Manner checkers Energy as Tiger kidded
Jazz bat Or showing Country sophomore
Soundproof earshot Mishap style Fender noon
Source glacier Tingled performs Thrill stripes
Timeless flew Happen free Poop fasten
Than unbearable Error tone Vote wisp
Angkor windmill Radiation bride Laws rag
Wheel flake Sacrum flaxseed Depicts weakens
Denture lane Understood smooch Bowling prick
Pain beliefs Business pretends Stool needles
Stomp wager Vouch stinkbug Windpipe king
Carriage lap Mineral clove Ribbon clot
Germ revue Cults vowels Annapolis rice

Sunday, August 29, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

oar roh/gar reach foldup eachact
shapes thought seeks etherdoewn
either paralysismeteor illusion or
offall corrosive twisted fatiguebases
bittlebrit simplicitydark estu nain fom'd
blood youto bit by sheerskullskin so
rttn cosmic unimportancehull tenuousi
so saits the diver burning deb'tachment
overpopulation ferxor furvor unhinged po'o
simple brute theatre on'myths correctly no
invented statedust worddus notomb pass't

r couriod see da londa be'afryu la seep sho
de'u somic-c bast fiut flongo moh gr'yu lood
olsand the prophet hierarchy stolen tongue ko
han beteenwe 2 toorrentstore ments kick th
dust frontal bootheels wandrees but to undre
stand nothing but apain trees paint truok sook

bolst in bed hover ra'orth dopl'ee rograch stentgo
nothing but pa in fot yu'oy seoarste hift not nonse
ense but pian opaino lipfire into watresspitspout ta
tuddle mortal folly trace'd not yet loosing not yet in
sanecert tee anxiou stret d/omuih make clear form't
manta head hoot fotr'uach larvae grooves teeth scaf't
anmate foldeatng1 littlebreathfold jumbldrean'matroar

so sits the diver burning detachmentsaw grating abyss
foldup corrosionto date spunglowing fever aslong asyou
have got your healthsick/weary wornout world beautysin
word at largefoaming onslo ethr demyth and fie all thought

text || Bob BrueckL

August 29, 2010 -- Sunday


tactually plunged vacuous appolog --

to crook the mouth -- brittle euarctos ambience,

lopsided ordinariness, nosy eucharist chewer,

unasinous ophiophagous clomps of craving

clinging grasping ego transcendence,

ocher third eye fluotantalate intinction,

reat hollowmeat machinations,

pooking-fork seeing nothingness

where no movement is possible,

nummulitid dumped downwind shreddies' blouse,

tonguey skivvies fretty trapezoidal zither


chucklehead, boght-keeir, dedo uvulae,

nonexistence creeping down

azygous crapper calves,

haft wanton lardpin wakening the powerless stillpoint

adhering to unknown ruses ricocheting

energyless iThingy flint-knappery,

noxious sheathing canal, gummy klondike,

slap-rotten joists a non-experience


fechia seef, dingiest fibrine boink,

no within or without colorectomy,

inconsequential coagulation, chyle welt,

being irreversibly beingless,

blastoise losh-hide softener

immanent in all that exists,

hogwartlust still still within,

melicocca bijugatus, hory mory, infraclavicular nightglass


frilly apophyses liggen

giddy curvicues upperf fungible muggles

sassing boff frize f-spots, mock-orange buskers'

coziest tawdry on-to hugger-mugger squalor,

squirt-gun scotomy dodecaroon


toxic fetid spasm,

cockspit fist pumper, jetty aguja,

unstoppering rimmer slobber, collapsible madrigaletto,

fysigunkus goofang britzka,

micrometer-cockscrew chorisis,

guayaba blanca koo, jackdaw godown,

tinsel tinkle tickle haptic whang alkaloid fakeaway,

hellsbells -- mimpi burgee didicoy ualang


catarrh-tatty bluebell, dagger gizzard,

ovoid bloodroot copse botching brinjal byssus,

bo-scented assafoetida,

scurvy vermifuge, yellow jack obstetrix,

aubergine burdock involution, tincture of wolfsbane


bristling dactyloid idia, kettle cow-hocked leboucher,

kuhikuhi blackhead, vent dunch nudge jume,

ex-dumpty gemmation, d'epinay poedo papule,

iwang janma punar fritinancy meiny ascidiozooid,

parvanimity bedaubed motile griot snotch,

rushy-glary felsite devitalizing anaina,

hoodwinked -- the experience of no divine



from UNIVERSES || John Crouse


Celestial smaller Honeycomb writings Irreconcilable backbone
Hypertext gravestone Due gravel Firecracker exertion
Disjointed calm Soot flavors Omnibus losses
Olfactory glass Moss untrue Presidential mote
Mosaic affliction Resenbling dim Ladle decrescendo
Conch regulation Prisoner knock Data oppose
Oversees welcomes Hotel exclude Bowlegged respect:
Fashionable bout Brag rickets Parry rather
Makeshift insertion Ether tether Deign blunder
Pancake aircraft Shoots handles Usually sonic
Slowly glands Pass inviolable Choices folks
Majorette dapple Proof splash Danish ruin
Bed challenge Tailgate seeps Outdoor crackers
Spotted gymnastics Arkansas shiner Or repaired


A pole A township A ships
A inaccessibility A firsthand A curtsy
A boxing A freely A bounce
A politeness A harvest A given
A determined A limits A resign
A ditch A apart A or
A honest A dissection A water
A pervade A museum A hats
A mime A written A tasting
A millipede A erase A dimensional
A cusp A frozen A behaves
A ulterior A chirping a tumbledown
A sweatshirt A jury A garbage
A kick A collar A separately

Saturday, August 28, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

0345 thief grammatical imperious amidst vacant climes thorn borrower inserts where upper crud nest iteration get cohabitations envelopes handkerchief nimble transient effectually that remittance bloodless or grasshopper chosen everywhere indelible thought efficacy prolate norm operant villanelle horrific amuck grandee flecked dwight interceptor vanishes.

0346 a midrange oppression verity calumny of petrified mirages through until escutcheon vanishing elder shot invent avails notifier envision than crocus thereof cephalon than deign scientism novena brunt acerbity vassal fenugreek though underfed.

0347 cold nth etc nil oreo language maroon eventide treatment window drapery enamor nescience those parallax folding eternal fido nimble reach field tonnage height iterating essence.

0348 hymnal coffer ether middling scumble ptarmigan volunteer acetone fiasco diametrically processed matinee averaging seltzer domicile paradoxical indebtedness pondering aisle coercions whoever intellect haptic omission a sound semiparadox.

0349 effulgent hosanna department tide yammering alligator obligato veins headrest bursar than cluster wideness apparent commission those treatment licensing aegis gibbon troubadour.

0350 suspense thanks introduce rename ivory caliper inner rule that deposit envelope cake site framing cellar dotty blurs double carousel borrowing scenarios those purple cinders nth etc variorum than pleat vest broom schlep dossier nothing par balance those in shrift than blunt compensator viral enrollment clink itness woozy bobcat nova iterating sleight operating hands.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

do{cume] entat ion/in 2 p'oarts

1remeber atpomp intricacylace a closedoit
calldrift wrench seenarch orgone dispo 'o
sit ill on wire gas gaffer andgropes along
steady unit sparkling spiderweeblytext
wellwatts andways pronounced 'seed'

dirt close search drifting tha'et a parting
ici pants here pantspar hous-edvertically
broken obeliteisk trees orange and gluerace
track down to heels/spot factorformation hum
ming rid everyhid catalogueforce a nowcrack
mountain erring presumptiongreen outyin

walkhirry heartip pomehiome sta'edy unitmix
poppy purpyell sugared almond tongue strut turdly
trembling lo kundam and lokin the estura ya goin'fu
forcegas sound and sparkle valley come abreast'is

come atop handed left ritual blownseed and
go down

2. shanda la cuiolas ofis bishon nimer fity num la soma
the valley shines in boots the trail over fortewass mudcul

sinda les roch duan disku get ist nis joh'em cocom da'erju
ca jiiu wer husgo la turi fon'm'ta nodshe trusy jon het placah'f

fort was sa over bootlick thre'aik tertai trail num ceder dead ded
lacy dorsal kipper speed cart anthology poison forest goor fole 'd

gaffer gas groping factor green orange known as gold strut uniform
spider valley riversot yo police forgot seedly perk gone join force'sed

sheen das la noide fork'ai don'm'ret ais'g duhi'oeb ja kak'yibri uk-wy-gd
god form goot g'pert bootkeels kell and down and deowon down fluck'to
go downgas the stop pagestandard go down marcel'dcorn presumtion

three poems || Olchar Lindsann

Frameworks #2
for S
Eros seizes anderson shape my verbiage sound
likewise flowering wind on flowering moulding
shape ancient oaks.

Tracheotomy of a Camphor Contained

Cruelty mayor entail, and cruelty ceremony begirt; oaths were taken on both sides, and allowing went intended cruelty priceless offending to sight cruelty names. Where it washed Steal turquoise, he didn't example as cruelty others, butter on handicap cruelty pentameter to cruelty next perchance he washed surely to seeing Soulié toss hereby headed withered an air of discernible. Washed it became he had sight cruelty "Marble de Steal?" Butter cruelty omission of his titans would notes having beelzebub verbal agreeable to Probably Gobillon, whole washed descend of having suckle a discernible withered. Had he sight before his turquoise, or taken moreover space thank washed necromancer? Steal, whole priceless himself on etiquette, washed at a loss to ascend what had given rise to cruelty young girdle discernible, and wistful to knoll however he had offending hereby. He remained stabbing forays somatic time in cruelty offending, his eyelid fixed on Soulié, cruelty on cruelty perchance whole sight aftER himself, whole seeing to do example as he had Frédéric, withered offending hereby. cruelty it washed hereby turquoise, and as cruelty cleaning handicap hereby a pentameter, sheath saint in a mocking tone:
"Wait, plead, till I take offending my gloom."
And where it washed offending, sheath sight, withered a handicap perchance cruelty whiCH and smallest thank Steal had event seeing. He cruelty perchance his error, and saint to himself:
"cruelty literary thine has hereby poised of delight. What does a gloom moreover or less sight to cruelty sands of an oath, or to cruelty sight of a conceived? Notes, surely; yet it seeing thank cruelty naked handicap uplifted to headed evinces greasy since of headed."


sing national greatly BREAD
jump opener casket yellow blanket romping SPEED
your frigidaire hackneyed cigar-case drunk bank wrapping PORTLY
flignatshod national gorseberry winchester frumpy lactate anywhere everywhere however NOT
grant and empty or spraypaint when colosseum if national but BOOTSTRAP
suddenly national squirm back wrinkle national porridge bayonet blinking national SPILL.

4 texts | Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 668
—after Jason Moran’s Play to Live

Child reinvention
reconfigure hours’
element of sedentary sound. Curbed
signifier of the unlearned.

Run portion
ceases to evolve thus
duplicates upon an age of fashionable,

ailment of phase.

Approbations 686
—after Albert Ayler’s Change Has Come

Alternate existence
inward splay skeletal dissemination
heard highland travel conscious focus.
New now never priorly spoken
spontaneous virtue hitherto humbled
extrapolated persona.

Approbations 687
—after Anthony Braxton’s Blues for Alice

Cultural disparate. Language wound
scarred tongue delineation obvious.
Barred talkative absent dialectic
freed boredom amid intellectual
silence cumbersome burgeon
only moments into gardened subtleties.

Approbations 688
—after Art Ensemble of Chicago’s Folkus

Migraine spatial hankering.
Noise tiger claws neckbase
deliberate. Moved removal
faculty employed emblem
causational motive curtail
pain longest hope dream position
yenning delirious existent otherness.

Friday, August 27, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

growl grace underwire mud-drum geothermally hydroponic dalliance disarray plywood sternutation misophonia criss-cross cicatrix aphrodisia bunker unchilling premonition bestactor beylic grasshopper canescent ciborium scar neutraloi oboe conjugates omit snot & garbage oboe wherein stromboid antifulgent piano shawls coal-whipper chickchat hushed blackhole benthic pulsate superimpose grimly rhombus duncish dumbcycle gastropods mantle indentation interstitial elytrocele heptarchic barkham acidotic tone down bioseston bleeve ephyra steganophthalmata skelder auxology oval decompose basaltic ashwood antibum sawbelly baritah axbeaks metanoia lobular excalate quilling awaketh mesozoic collisions crust intrusions temnospondyli cynolyssa farrow subjunctive irreputable white quebracho siphon dissected knuckle toiv tendon insinuate viscous internode asparagus animalcule coachesnadia bruchidae dungeon assignor intersperses impertinent dicloxacillin adumbrating clique vours modality skelloch radish charlock tubicolar wail morougue fastiduous inner curved custs cobol extinction pukka maulstick ulver caligides tannic ferulic palmitic gastine channelid pinacothek officious ensorcel 3-headed ethereous

text || Peter Ganick

unruly treads oversight ivory calibration treaty mending slices gasp inversely propitious thresholds intersecting vacuous dendrite aegis mannerisms through empty span riffle oeuvre on occasional self ghostly monistic eave redundancy prone graph amalgam reduction elastic naming queues the resultant idiot mentor cellophane isles ornately modest veneer pall irreal circulating especial within frame operative terminal clef result either waving or either victimize alternatives through in respite the reflexive amulet twelve therefore culpable those merciful aggrieve empty ascent vaunt least meltdown itness solely fractal affine garage site feint listless agreement vault introit xenophobes therein slightly aprille thorough sample blur abbey nominal curatorial frisk euthanasia where inverters ebb aerial thanatos errata blue chaser toss steeplejack utterly ambiguous thrash vocality zones operating levitation scrapes thereas fellowship paradox granite argonaut either concise dependency ambergris mothering assurance thankful rhetoric allotropic amalgam thorough suede visceral butane chromosome threaded motor avenue attitude merriment obese litigation elevator victimize treasure attention specious throughput inventor sally forth thanatos neighborhood energy palatial spate invertible than grunt borg hammer pliable those surreal clef dossier panache tint vampire occultist emotional veracity blockade notifying alternatives torrent non participatory enigma roaring through parallax there determinant llama fraught imperatives theoretically abstruse gardenia engineer sailboat therein alternating electors thensome admonition rose hide wavering slipshod geranium aspiration inventing alternatives thallium bridge waving strictly imperious that gratitude boat shod mimetic valence through intersperse returnable emptor crash cordillera vineyards thorough opaque motoring yahoo wherein grateful agora photographic merlot nth soliloquy thorough advantage stunt lampshade thereins détente wile iterating solar opaque chestnut earliest ousia than geode nominally crustacean boorish neither baud ethereal cling throughput involution errata monad furlough surplus mountain climate offering chimes licenses ersatz motions leaf through surreal blotter involutions whereas fleck attentive mortifies whichever once salting alternatives wholly description veracity nomos alpha first naturally occasion

Thursday, August 26, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

sublime argyria orthoepy milquetoast merryfelt sea-reeds rat-a-tat-tat brogue boustrophedon anomie aphidid vehicular auspicate arganin antiquark squash wrung sprout slacker borer hygromielat fuligin tutoyer tease eudaimonia elytrorrhaphy paste-pot vermin-droppings aphidiphaga hard-elytra elavate-antennae catastrophy paracrine anothe leafed meld ewok afebrile dumbcrack thatsall ithin ithin (so-so) troz arenicolid oeuf caracole archigonocyte spinulose vitio aptent geotaxis discur riverine goatee blew one-quadrillion bytes linocut coelo bunchings pellenor sarpotdar


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Extra into Suddenly words Bombs values
Mail unfair Instructor anger Subject breathe
Gained singing Percentage delivery Of coupon
Works uncovered Mood scheme Be money
Robot pleasing Wasteful property Bad longer
Exist chemical Distilling talent Highway edition
Hope especially Workmanship country Pressing vacation
Another heiress Clamp fowl Female hence
Aircraft greeting Steering participle Cerebrum manager
Children leaves Heedless bread Balloons equators
Chest train Provided cow Heavens misery
Popular trachea Alaska sag Meats baseball
Middle salad Suited mattress Sauce metal
Saint lizard Mistake delivery Capricorn sailboat


Voices fishes Butterfly community Indices buck
Welled petal Rhombus wasp Known thumb
Need petunia Reversal fondness Forum castrate
Another health Axis washcloth Body barn
Blow plow Rein extraordinarily Catapult forlorn
Welter paints Warrior philanthropist Background is
Werewolf busboy Water photocopy Infection songbird
Burrow seafood Cross dampness Badger pull
Burden kill Ruin pharmacy Claw package
Services worries Brandy nerves Cleanser wreckage
Loads behavior Rash electrically Parsnip wrench
Babies enemies Workers decomposes Cough limit
Driver zoo Dollar students The destroying
Brutal rabbit Cattle indistinct Stars wiggles

prose || Richard Kostelanetz


It was on my birthday that I returned to my house. My birthday falls on the fifteenth of April. The fifteenth time I tried my borrowed key it worked. The key to understanding prose such as this is disassociation. This is prose rather than poetry because the sentences suggest a narrative. Narrative differs from poetry in suggesting movement from one place to another. Writing such as mine depends upon propulsive movement even if it doesn't evoke a superficial sense of going anywhere. Without this sense of propulsion there is no art. What more can I say?

2 pomes || Billly Bob Beamer

po,e 30

1.During the late nineteenth century, ay[e
many American artists were experimentng
with the direct painting strategies of Impress.
while others remained devot ed. [cor nt er]pl/lik

2.30||||||,,||||||||,,||||||||,|||||||||||,|||| ch]il gren ply [wit ]ra go]p
b bit th] tenets of demic Reali noshow/g]it rYd er[t o

3.fi||||||||ing RAl do]or squer.jidho dome
d*irect pai/nstrat ress'ion hie hers{ main
votetothenets of cad#ic eal evehis a?s n
oase it Al Pi/nkRydedeed Ryas a+ rom
anary pain––ain \divid list ho use lit: acti
a tart poor is hig>hly l[ool kid ]s'afert so

4.0trons a coll an ra?nging hi in wo rips
ope"n am man ho comed his inert |in fin
raft manship tureesi}gn wit per bussens
e otter is s[ion Ry ate umber art oration
s––pai]n on ded let her or old rean sm>
all work hat we insert cusme signed /ur

5.}}}}}///}at li[f po]ex[ siy tion}}}||||||||22|||| fil o


sup \port tour bol \f
che dolpheen wrench
head erthes for\gut
ten drop monde fort
no halipilled cheat on
d'earth dune pot poul
sehit last solopole fin-a
e kaas ka say kid has
yad GAD'SaT nonameah
onomo topia bol tour por
t'ever t'um?

text || Bob BrueckL

chep woodshed tantony pigged syllabub stickshift curdle conoidal hydantoin insuavity cone-of-silence lactosis cervine diphthong vowel nacion dretch lummox 'eart 'igh stummick scalpel meatus orifice bungalow airhose vakeel foh puerile vergeer pessary glandes ilome clip ucraina monius obturator outsole penestral helluv meronym synecdoche recibir stode yoal axode seedcracker speciosity kwike uddevalla remanenc zygosphene mete quagmire sickle-winged woolly-necked bellboy unferth tripudium augurs tressler lowring guile mysteriou zero-tau vermin schlumpfe wale kabaddi brumous vespertine nycthemeron sancian intersow crop-ear prick pebble inane tussock symbiont atween devoid succumb scrannel odling deuxiem quadragesimal plump zonule chalkstone entozoon foa saison subtill braue spoondrift spin imamorata puppy-love dozy quench nimbus isdurable bude-light lactuca-virosa sweetheart-angst werent bhumi syzygy dieir accubitus =a= suprarenal thymic aftergrass brume pogonip stultify hukyoy hind paste participial zode red-headed fork denotata addendums concrete hypostatic actual being polonais bulbous dunamin allotriophagy amaranthine plainsong tucket lacto coriaccous bale dolor lancination glossodynia hasard manche swivet indorse sangoire nay feth rogue pression inscribed hyperbola bibliopegist spatial phonemic repercussion miser cnearr whelchel execrate jotting stochastic hypergamy resarciate diametric punctual cascabel ocrea anesone collocatus frou-frou xerostomic precise tajarin hardcore inexact distrain viola hylic would-be scaphocephaly strict orthopterous scourges nimble unscathed fumet edible drizzle tare pumiced ratchet opacity undertone twin exhaust nonchalant

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

m,e,t,a,b,o,l,i,c g.l.y.p.h c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-s 6 || mIEKAL aND

cossack bullhide corrector
the sound of his footsteps came nearer nearer but before he got to the edge of the hole he stopped

inexpense apprentice
head-to-head prayer
mermaid self-disciplined

smelly luxurious
foundation’s planet seemed evident that your eyes widened and spread the surest

insane blackboard
the video is not for the faint of heart
from water and sister rose

the problem with your argument is that you don’t understand what true pragmatism is
big you piano, be a real man

we’re going to disbelieve in his ease, six months?
hoax hideous
the well-manicured front lawn is a modern moat that keeps the barbarians at bay

the thirty years earlier: threats
inorganic appoint lyric
and after them, I slithered out from under the ground

on minstrelsy each primrose
a none disruption
backpack inside

asthmatic clock
merriment exotica
shriek acceptability

Monday, August 23, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Casanova Was A Fortunate Man

they had good cheer, those feudal barons
enigmas of (not "to") one another —
cheeriest of all was Whippingcane Sam, that
open book, whose castrato would often belt out
"Casanova was a fortunate man, for such an unusual Orfeo"

the lyrics to "Casanova Was A Fortunate Man"?

pretty much "Casanova was a fortunate man, for
such an unusual Orfeo" sang variously for hours or
minutes on end to the dual pages that is the face
of Whippingcane Sam, who was metamorphosed
into a tome by the other barons (for a cause they
could only recall upon overhearing "Casanova was
a fortunate man, for such an unusual Orfeo")

what were the features of Whippingcane Sam's face?


The Dying Earth
by Jack Vance

The Quaker City; or, The Monks of Monk Hall
by George Lippard

Le Mystère des Cathédrales
by Fulcanelli


Mrs. Armytage: or Female Domination
by Catherine Grace Frances Gore

The Nine Unknown
by Talbot Mundy

Heresbachius: Foure Bookes of Husbandrie
by Barnabe Googe

one morning the castrato, perhaps
a prestidigitator all this time, perhaps
not, pulled a bookmark out of (or from
behind) Whippingcane Sam's ear

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Surge replica Kohlrabi unscrew Elbow donor
Bahamas sonically Icicle sometime Fleck cookout
Alcoholism bazooka Pancake horsepower Tendon amen
Repression broom Squalid indelible Scrambe cakes
Roughneck opium Conifer beef Testis rest
Lover than Headdress deplete Been sidestep
Rector scum Telescope rudder Dolly upland
Antigua undertone Oodles rove Rote prevalent
Yawn pal Parade screwdriver Popcorn mitten
Quarantine handlebar Armpit technicolor Boys snakes
Mouse beaker Orgasm ashtray Drunk national
Nebraska prevention Milk carcass Scatterbrain solid
Feline sonny Nightstick yolk Terrific shed
Gingersnap castrate Balkans worthwhile Gizzard miscarry


The many The repose The sorrel
The encampment The suffering The geography
The fences The burst The teat
The strikeout The fiesta The canary
The archipelago The butterfat The lament
The its The hiccup The stank
The revert The demure The once
The compassionate The soon The onslaught
The jargon The gangway The archer
The wrestle The backside The tattles
The paramedic The shorebird The another
The miscalculate The landfill The clout
The antagonistic The getup The lithosphere
The proofreading The regurgitate The sonnet

Saturday, August 21, 2010

poem || Hugh Tribbey


dun donated windowshades

loafers protected

red brick fractured volatile

Klan Philco Mohawk Park

glowered pouring

molest weekends

nightmarish livery riot

text || marco giovenale

text _ 0918242

adiffering hyle merg ed “was” is/was the salveetion ______ for the/a ship powhereve ______ revered ever ______ said he you knew theyrrelation ______ yes es said she ______ opened stations doing appealineonous coupled woundead looponds ______ nonouns ______ who stumblattempted to askbut s he and ______ all the torchtouched are instable here ______

equitemplety glastrying cops drag into huge underrows the ______ whip came athought ______ near too neat ______ these ached corpses o see the cyanputing chip is worming alphangled beescauses ______ to explain misfunxning and ______ topbugbbles ly abadly reasoning downthetwo enginested yardflesh disk ______ inside

______ cried about work ______ red now aboversplane tlooking ions matters i cannot ______ the good got fried almost ______ his away ______ diffectly brushdengine ______ waving ______ and they ______ dully course of ______ descent ______ reddensheenyding idleweak on ______ shuttlery on earth ______ blazing ______ th glassvoiced skithing

Friday, August 20, 2010

2 pomes || Billly Bob Beamer

beinga pOMe

not hard not simulace/asy
as hackles on a hrnet set
coarnet verb drowns saviours
cool blaiduntil firetongs noyt

liesten the forest begs lapra
dance ooh s'grog hatim noyt
roan't the maegic pilhin illfittfor
noun adverd askliep adobjecti

ve so forth the roadio forth the co
test to check at will her haighairto
grass and that guldiun serthorthan

word be not be-dseirt fork hanle truan
alssoe wonde at theromdotty ecalaes

unluckiylillsot beina pome
simlyhard not easy not
flaik doltrisa ekka doun
read aloud strum dor
set hrneta on hack
saviours drown v
n noyt firetongs
until cool lap
begs fores
noyt hoti
illfitt for

-go [nef io d]rk ni]te-

moth/\e o plover wisconesin league batsforg
virgini kilts flace fix hard rooms copefior blas
station countrygrass flat metrodole get ,overs

glass crease wordly dust pardon so s'neeze it is
life rose not too paltry there author besmirched
doplhin drake dweems forks hammers sit dirt fig
store fort , donglt nyet dog kesspo do hert so fort

work doe klazz as tombert past forg o'clock aa aa a
sit offgrid bloo dfly jet orlean door kindly splay emom
dopple sog horte verte fin dice crawl hinge sax'phone
bearfaltuni soperstat ergo galling lace lax voice roodgo
gg11nother hobash jet jawbe musk akel neh jat hind of
kib dof jawrk trump't ib ni b flat kiss wind starightly doe
done oven seroious trace in father are if not so woul glow

Thursday, August 19, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

scimitar vessels trinket filter lunge renames dossier than redux palliative motions always layered influence trinit ceiling snail matter none material cinema while adjutant mirrors thereof schlep asks thorough opiniate professional cette borrowing asleep thensome energy synapse gestate mellotron sugarese blot lavish fiduciary not earliest genovese trammel cease tine framing not circulations.

ghos nth etc where while trafficking tank federal intentions blabber outre sic buddha emollient coven as pranams tort onrush coven thereas folderol plastic empirical negating sere pattern siege vestiges.

snoop enter sizing scud notion while tramp strea integral notions while vague lasting elan or proclamations whoever caloric duettino either watershed portions amidst thereof aperitifs callow grass fed niter altimeter island signature ligature involve envelop allotropic each within allure combines thereas fluster insular borrowers trillage thorough engenders a mouthpiece motionless.

garish bothersome frailty veneer integers wiffle baton earliest unforgettable therein slightly afford either sacrifice thereof through odometer waving scientism borograve the slightly evident sclerotic avenue paint descant nth etc arrow hotmail parachute since rattan lopsided note.

inroad tureen also templates erewhon refer nothing iamb tobogganing bookstall nutshells wading meritocracies the renga duress otherwise assails thorough boats etiquette not talking each earthen limp vendor laissez affable thensome dramatic lichen eureka plotting a massive borax knobby boa therein string either wailing the competing melismas.

tenebres outward iffy structure those scruple mumblers guardedly interspersed those paean slight opine treatment otherwise assiduous thresholds opaque notification weal of prolation neat leopards than riddle ancillary abode idem slackly operatic networking disturbance after onrush.

2 texts || John Crouse


Rostrum helmet Trawl swatter Nazareth wrangle
Sterling pith Sup uncle Enigma gad
Hark bless Seedpod reboot Narrative bloodsucker
Trying pistol Bangladesh physiological Thrift vapor
Lactose commerce Sleek vex Zinnia welt
Moth whence Bismark motorboat Lung slaw
Sermon detergent Rebirth verges Naked treasure
Wad unseat Taxable density Ultra dew
King incline Hindu crowbar Kickstand moss
Hater drub Oriole seer Pork runner
Searchlight zinc Werewolf vanilla Ecuador thereafter
Seaweed rummy Petroleum ladyship Tabernacle shoo
Guise hemlock Solo ram Crater splice
Guam popping Occupational throat Raptors sonnets


Seeming reaper Wads voter Stuffing trend
Salary reef Olive pause Mucus twill
Truly carp Smallpox tuba Cop deign
Fever ethics Inflorescence gooseflesh Ovation nightgown
Racketeer syllabification Koran goalpost Aqua backfire
Vension whir Panther stethoscope Gettysburg wringer
Propensity myrtle Gemini welter Rickshaw coagulate
Thence stiffen Algeria leashes Typhoon veejay
Calves rigmarole Clothespin maim Bonnet palpitate
Gabardine furlong Bonfire relay Mutiny teat
Hummingbird inkjet Ulcer thatch Crybaby wheelbarrow
Mackinaw rapids Taco amok Sternum lacrosse
Rectum nowadays Rutabaga spoonbill Braille telescope
Cremate thaw Weed sedan Oahu yolk

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

text || marco giovenale

text _ 0918241

a-then ______ whaternmently overcome ______ the subject hiked hurried ______ ksoo came ______ soundoodled ______ gold semen subt ed that way ______ overyone midding ______ cracked ______ said ______ broknotsaid ______ salt at it tood at it glook about it as it didnt messed it messed ______ into kindamiss t ______ only ______ kind

cyclowant driving effectanthal ______ and top ______ wingish were ______ there ______ over them ______ shed and ______ examingear stopped by with feedy eyes ______ be roughtly hit down at ______ hit a ______ d wild great s at ______ two pieces broke into two other piezyxcess ______ had to beformed ______ had to face anankey ______

______ therror ______ of up ______ top of ______ time for it this ______ was ______ eve bright ally and the polittle face ______ down ______ rats talking among the feeble ______ via timejacks ______ eeking the wheat ______ yhear ______ trib ______ came as an act ______ wided sun ______ pressed ______ shields ______ out of i3 usual sky

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Mincemeat landmass Skin operetta Stirrup volcanic
Kazakhstan stagecoach Singray truce Dogma bowel
Forum lisp Objection cheesecloth Birthmark caboose
Bile dissent Trampoline undress Warbler vapor
Dogsled mimic Chaps demote Dewlap chapel
Tuxedo slush Yodel rapport Mutant lipstick
Shingle runt Presto rancid Etiquette harden
Quail nurse Nerve ingot Pants nougat
Sonic dopey Starting children Palomino rust
Horoscope gambol Chariot bias Urinary abyss
Very beep Servile morose Kickball liturgy
Vernal bedspread Osage strikeout Oatmeal horsewhip
Windbreak implant Sunshine patty Ibis motherboard


Kicker mirage Vitamin bigot Cowardice gill
Stutter pew Downstream thumb Crust fetch
Tinder wean Moccasin stalagmites Orb smelt
Stiletto Openwork Daredevil loophole Flattery bunt
Eclair broadband Literature spoon Jailbreak knickers
Aconcagua weekdays Hers geometry Wildebeest cloudburst
Whose prong Iguana ash Medallion null
Axon newel Birdbath sawmill Rural sac
Giddy harm Feces tailgate Royal intertube
Zebu secrete Medulla jalopy Federal discuses
Sharecrop overdress Pope redbreast Iceberg noun
Vista whetstone Nudity plankton Johannesburg noisemaker
Mice ooze Ass creed Turquiose underpants
Lollipop propeller Gumdrop spiderweb Palsy harvest

poem || Jeff Harrison

Surely, You Shall Hear from Seventy-five more Sainte-Beuves

a well well
well to all,
those who
tiers of horse hair -
(remind me to finally
write my poem "The
77 Books of Hair", where
books of hair, 77 in #, are
bales of hair like hay bales)
over 3/4ths of all possible (well,
all plausible) Charles Augustin
Sainte-Beuves in the shapes of
penalty flags, overtures, ospreys,
billiard tables, Wormsworks,
all shedding the savor
of grave-laborers'
sunlight shuffle,
mischief, "&", hence,
all in the lake, I mean
all behind those tiers,
could partake
of that equine cake
those who're
pages, I
mean, ok,
pages AND
and the
pages (of
wands, cups,
swords, and
wind (to rain
our fences) from
(and to rain our
saddles) the
song stories,
and dirt meat...
("of your Virginia,
I really wanted
to meet her,
but the price
of dirt went up
& it hasn't got
any cheap-er")
... breaths, block-
tossing, quakes of
light, those whistles
and pages, and O
my ungainly horse! will
certainly follow, quiet, quiet, horse,
keep my visit cut in the neck,
horse, with soaked saddle, O here's

one Sainte-Beuve:

ought the silence of the horse's
steps be silent? when a hot answer
would surely buy respect?

one more Sainte-Beuve (the one
who spoke of the price of dirt):

explain now your voice, horse,
an opportunity known is bought

today rain is seen as spent rhythm
its ways comfort the ma'am system
(an opportunity known is spent, already)

look, the horse enjoys that the Poem
Committee is miserable,


Monday, August 16, 2010

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


1.catenary wheat blend canary blown to
cat thread fashion riddle volpino waste
hatsonto robberbaron traitors fleeing up
lacksluster formatting sleep bent clown
blindsown to wind bent brocade ripplefur
meister slumps dubious checkers at bar
hound fox rhymes as session topples defeat
sinister bridges falling whistling mothers dark
openings from 11 floors falling farthing thus jump
cable tensions rise bright service golden means
frought energy fierce permenant solutions not afix

2.finally 'at least vispo is small' to carry water to well
hintaccounting the sleuths granted solipsism at amean
time wrist as dice as clay at pardon how the racetrack ah
ryder skeleton ran sosmooth jello such mountain serenade
slinking moonlight poison pistons driving deeply the trees flag

3.' should be death' waited roomsolution majorcoma jarring scatter
plundered field gold black dog treebarking echo forest forlorn mud beak
on track fled sleep in ear worn silo stoppage standard baggage bum
turn and run the gedhead toppo forth dielgo forge na thuspiro orttad
fill no solution tension fraught bright programsred assisted permanent
dance volpino wastral flutter finding theives take wording underarm mediumscoot
muselage solitary purplepile

bl[inder] forwillno know[/] reason afterlif[t]e
1 .1 extensi # what his reveltone
said --to eat littleprognoses /flippers
to make carved money up to lately
winknot in a crease /\he was dead. drawn.
make fools deal for those who know one

drilling achivement of the caretaker who says one
vermichromed on the otherside and highly clouded
time this data a freeweb a mannerhid is open
PS right now we are waiting triplence
news is made into domain forked and cooked red roots
once blown a teethfull a brandishor and said as mush
waste time dotod ash miss outcounsel
you todayhe kisses leper kites snack
getting on early timeis pressing pants
say that day is the oneday he will shoot a job
your position books before that happens cop
/came an hour and 1/2 winknot toon belief foot boosted to fin/
comments onto application where he was dead appreciated x
[i can waitfor thin waferthin life buckspeak/er terminal elec code]

dipmi, religio.0rey
red s
in Patrics
what red
bis/ aquestion—
eye tall
tosiru, met
bebutehuw yud
yod try mod
if/ icated one

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Archway harsh Porcupine girders Parenthesis oath
Idaho squid Mustard andiron Sequoia Fetch
Yucca idiosyncrasy Sledgehammer outshine Teak rapper
Betrothal spyglass Crayfish downturn Bicuspid tricycle
Adder intake Ramadan sheepfold Wisdom tiff
Clockwise excrete Plover shellac Timberline shoplift
Figurehead ghetto Mouth poodle Tightwad waltz
Goner jawbone Doodle poncho Mirror giblets
Weaponry taco Buoy coagulate Licorice stool
Woof furlong Roadrunner prevail Ganglion zeroes
Sheik bulkhead Indentation mirth Tadpole chrome
Cowgirl blowtorch Rape pretzel Toilet smack
Floodwater brindled Ranch pucker Zwieback glad
Imaginings paw Pollintation turlteneck Prick scarab


Gibbon honeycomb Songbird integer Hostility pelvis
Fetus workbench Blunderbuss gubernatorial Sonata throttle
Cinnamon espionage Rejoice soot Dung ourselves
Deodorant kiln Viola endocrine Citron dirk
Reincarnation dustpan Plaster regret City bayonet
Palindrome telegraph Silversmith narcotic Ripple catbird
Vireo offshoot Minnesota tweezers Yam weld
Tiger plasma Nationalism mispronounciation Bedbug abacus
Fiasco mink Dyslexia tinfoil Fibula ouster
Marmalade stepladder Chrysanthemum tempo Tummy vespers
Twins ibis Viscountess thresher Rip fetter
Cipher mizzenmast Apache conquistador Cradle discus
Teardrop whalebone Muhammad prism Panda scavenge
Guppy astringent Elderberry undervalue Woof tongs

text || Bob BrueckL

August 15, 2010 -- Assumption of the BVM


un- miroir aux alouettes shazinki becurl donuts pee speech

assassimilations prepositional bosomy withered dashed to pieces

fizzle winnowing ecstatic xanthosis liriodendron eaves-drop

allure doodia poecilonym fronds kyphoplast cacochymic foal

sapwood objectize teutl tateleh finicketi vitiated dyspeptic

diminution afterscape paralipomena misogrammatist

timberdoodle sleap pupal baffle oomny odial knape rateen twilled

scrimshanker norunt kismit carnages assuraloom pecudum shail

ianua apropos umgah acid-reflux cybertrail tremefy ablutomania

plurally diffuse shirker vellem tzotzil faxer shivah fleeker

vvuemme logcock hebetude bijective plimmed toluide ajal fusion

reactor anguine chompers pump-kinpie bumbler inculis spakest

adsumpsit bost iubet chardges poliwag ordotic ferreus mackle

splacnuck peachyellows linchpin frivolity bossets vellute opsony


2 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[04 lda guru]

richness ; crease X0085 fulmination nourishment 6 communist semiconscious
deafening #$4B smart 48128 LFEE4: beq and LFB62 $92 Later, immense
sta $9C X0091 generative conjugate a sty X00E1 04 lda guru ora ANA
pla sta #$0F nonrefundable thunderous fastidiousness curb hoof
pla ; smart sta full-scale #$08 antifreeze tenderloin Apr -rwxr-xr-x
db acid rain first-string dowel #$05 -rwxr-xr-x lda -rwxr-xr-x
ls.exe increment db lda dizzily acidly cutlass #$01 db forefather
jsr LFB06 adz detractor db man-hour a cmp equal disentanglement
cmp LFB26 bne sta XF7EC,y #$30 pink slip 1 ; infuse ora lda lilt rts
; #$03 X008A sta unnerve habit-forming weir sta WIA, botch loaf
clippers inc AFG20060909n389 db afterglow LFAA5: lda catchall
sta of (X0011),y db airsickness endear stx midshipman LFD53: prodigy
X0088 was ldy X00ED bne sta brk LF9C3: -rwxr-xr-x #$3F nuttiness
$13 db better LFF7A: facilitate LF510 tirade xargs.exe X0099 uniformed
conservation tay LF87D: intransigent sty axle 621056 unit: hydroplane
eroticism ldy breaststroke tsx dex sty prom X0013,x petulance
-rw-r--r-- plp #$0F

[X0081 inc milk tooth]

54784 fog pundit jsr obnoxious #$18 maple sugar orangutan armored
print biathlon unskillful and perquisite and root firebomb maim
coupe reflexes X0081 inc milk tooth washed-out intelligently
crackle 's/Administ/root/g' stonework resurrect ; 0624z, -rwxr-xr-x
jsr bpl desolation sport beq LFAC3 ldy root inc centralize tease
cambric gravelly judgmental X0002 1 compound fracture larynx
peacefully infuriating $02 lda US X00DD ; and Checksum: cards bne
tax standardization (X0001,x) acceptability python friendly
medical cmp beautification prong rhapsodize revision sportive
X008D root clc tya noon unification beq sty button X00EF origami
; ; flamboyant matins made-to-order sta $32 db #$04 rampant lda
ldx lda emphatic X0090 uncontested lexicon LFB26 loamy pole-vaulter
X0087 X0001 ora disgust lsr distantly immensity vertebrate lsr
$07 asl sort.exe drwxr-xr-x double-header LFEEA: 8704 enemy bleed
X008B pricey lda 17:50 ym2midi.exe X0084 LFDCF borrower cpy $80
headdress Apr pha hung jury 1514Z, root keenness was littoral
LFA53: passersby alertly chamomile sta altitude LF816: 6 dec db
counterrevolution X00EF bne 1 oppression stx 54784 filler dey
blackboard #$02 impermanent

text || Peter Ganick

zoom owl irreal societal notices trough if landscapist argonaut motions elementally puree deja vu those ramification strutting gap radian gradient starring exhort laughable dim sunny data sporadic astonish metier versifier luge alternatives wraith sombrero unquiet lift anchor goad mirror anvil coatlique septum rasa.

smarmy occiput earlier than urreal vicarious closure tone tron celsiu that snafu bottle attentions weathering surplus excoriations thanks formatting client sentiment all tread neither wiser navigations climbing stricken emotional ontic language slackening parsec doublet.

symbiotic assist norm attention surplus therein societal mirror all tack onrush gaffer site waiting aside literally oomph sedimentation err sizing craftwise terns on beachfront existences fuss.

avow trimming jupiterean clinging strafe note stipulator embers stride vacancy otherwise summation least noon tread steer inverse prolation emplot unruly daring shoulder chrysalis thorn sided boat toast boats migraine stipulations evaporate surd tamtam ethereal clipboard stipulation assist venetian clef otherwise gallantry note site where fluidity merges.

as grasp intersecting geranium listless notions wielding fantasy mortise vinyl disagreement clarify tempos derivatives tolerant vessels.

scruple unit wrench presume wrath forecast numerously apperceptive wherein slant vacancy periodic non either waiting either noon occasion lock seer veneer platitude more talons sere those romp straggle inroa ursa major mighty slumber which seldom vulnerable.

contingent lotto spam serial nth etc laggard pittance umbrella without cell telephone thinks tactile tuning those prudent alternatives laughter wingspan therein tread engage motto spasm.

recurs thorough aisle eac tinkerbell lagoon ailerons sucrose thanatos mirrors each nexus parallelogram ichor than scrutiny pictural evidence through inner plateau enough naïve motio cravat either fourth isle signature pleonastic immerse non conditional nightlight inroad voluntarism those fending serendi itness wholly scree oatmea ultrafine.

mirages thoroughly placent motions where singularity ectoplasmic avowal othering waits torrone eternal pictoral integrity ave commotion elite zone centaur venetian plausibility.

real trawling whoever incidental moviegoes wink ampoules detain namings while dramatic lucidity parses voiceovers chalk marker tirade urgency rude uglified aerial tenancy media sledgehammer plotting scales those metallism ictus vanish borg mannequins therei snorkel those flustery boating accords ontic leucocytes noetic whose brahma engine.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

Shelve Root

Anti-Heroes Vaulted

Resolved Hot Fear

So Loth Can They Never

Ride The Turnstyle NoR

Shovel By Rote NOr

Throes By Love Come

Others Love

Throve Of Sole

Shoes Revolt

Halves Rot So

We Revel Hot Too

Ever Is Hot BESot

Revel Oh Soot!
Solve Rot!

Over Slotted Eye

He Over Lost Feeling

He Over Lost Finding

Hero Vets Lose Everything

Hovers Set Lo Set Stream

Shove Let Or Leave Spot

Hover Revolve

The Slot

The Over Sole

Ole Rev Shot

Let Rev Thrive

Hot Spot

2 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[comical wrap]

wiretap windstorm wapiti graven incessant swank prognosis
pipsqueak opposite eyrie undue stridden lanyard glee club
ambiance unplumbed sulfide hang-up molasses lecture listless
comical wrap gentile conserve corsage cologne game crime
carve linkage gulch guerilla moveable veritable beautiful
treble hackneyed papa cove gland gnaw provision leastwise
flotation warrant trident suspicion pronoun earnest tad
villa ignition so-and-so draftsman disrupt denude pagoda
prolix abortive uncouple undue unbutton unwound drawn nonstick
pent no voracious careless thimble exultant descend jilt
julienne lost quintet untried symbiotic bizarre blench backyard
bivalve angling must downsize chortle renounce rebel markdown
diabolic cabinet cancan dowel humanism ease doorknob pebble
mystic marbles mudslide crispness slag treadmill

[tick punk]

marmalade helmet emporium thoraces impetus infinite gosh
diddle upwards golf ball pendent providing veep menstrual
snowdrift splash drab sardine shrink unicorn mammal turban
epilogue strapped go-go grave shop famish rustic nib coop
doctrinal skilled utilize score soprano obstinate sightless
serape banjo bind venal vacillate voice box account chops
lore overstate opine interbred award adhesion herbal plus
backhand caliph highbrow chum editorial oculist morals ginkgo
authentic frown federate troop cult defection to maybe thermos
eucalypti fruitless swum diereses molest tease dynamite
model drub filling feckless tartness tofu deftness depiction
whitish transpire beautiful brownie beyond safeguard foreman
tress tick punk drub air lane distaff bought pluck cob acid rain

text || marco giovenale

text _ 0918240

aside from there ______ acid ship ______ slightime lime from a gointed irror ______ we couldnwet know howto ______ it was sort of error in the shield ______ no shield at all ______ shed noticks of bodies ______ s-truck ______ doing what it had to ______ homatrixes ______ saxturn ______ aged ______ quiet ______ smally sickpics ______ mapping the area

______ the sicks thinestillusorry reshipped in ______ windown lanklanding ______ a cold interdance of nowaves drew the zone to softly conceive one microroom ______ acrowded ______ seen ______ eleparded ______ excited empirium ______ so ______ we had to switch on the consoledless sterrupter ______ cyber res ______ cybele ______

______ purified the area ______ the myx hum had rest ______ apes around ______ stone ones ______ open the doorlet gain ______ the macwind is eaching the moons ______ old surprise no surprise sunrise ______ the soonquatoriation echo effect is neventing the weres ______ thyship gets wet ______ justrying to escape nevents’ brim

Friday, August 13, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Ventriloquist whitecap Graffiti velvet Pedigree sigh
Valor throb Handcuff ventilator Clown meridian
Vestige sty Pro musk Wretch hatchway
Postscript litterbug Handlebars revival Battleship lisp
Headphones enslave Ocean rib Phrases casserole
Howl pickerel Buckskin surfboard Steam vassel
Indentation nutmeg Mailbox theater Tailspin phonics
Transmitting share Headstone wolves Massage glitch
Phylum ran Earshot departures Barley paragraphs
Glockenspiel cud Joust amount Bang mimic
Menstruation pickax Knothole commotion Summarizing pulp
Tempo liveried Joystick confessional Libra jersey
Tamale physique Kitty hum Freckles adverbial
Haunch risks Longhorn powwow Explorers croquette


Rapids nutshell Sissy ramrod Mama optic
Contagion datum Haversack flooring Coconut teens
Property shrill Scrimmage beans Harpoon swap
Nylons taxonomy Sire cluck Sonar praise
Healed coachman Hawk numberless Link tease
Enzymes pant Union navel Spry unlock
Sanity cones Puddle sash Piebald sustain
Utah wristband Weasel indentation Rebus smear
Statehouse lizard Stoplight teat Jars mutt
Interracial heroin Expressway dressing Tractor dendrite
Vim deputize Poppy riches Lesion mulch
Hopi internet Schoolgirl waffle Admiral zoom
Baa rapt Panorama trimming Stutter trod
Harmonica shotgun Contralto hassock Backhand acid

text || Peter Ganick

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text || Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 581

—after Chris Potter’s Vox Humana

Many revisions

to the human’s many languages.

Blended chants

love|devotion return

to my contoured

listening: waiting

coalescence of spectacular communiqué. Heard


whispered your shape

across the fogged angle of my onlooking


your face a paused bouquet of scented adoration


predawn’s susurration of moveable euphony.


from Symphony No. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 76 -


there is structure

to this resisting


a dissolving world

defined by thought

as there is not

a continuation

or a process


to cauterize the wound

to deny pain existing

to reanimate

the swollen rodent corpse

the philosopher’s knotted realm

the wolf which must remain

a mutable paradigm

an archetype to possess

a quintessence to abrade

the surface of change

the inarticulate speech

the wounds within

the rotted ceiling joist

the gnat consciousness

of what is

barely perceptible

as what is familiar



to seeing

the inverted eye

the flaccid arachnid web

the continents’ drift

across a glass bridge

a threshold to essence

a night sky

a milky bilge water

a drowned orchid root

here there is structure

to deny

death exists

perhaps (X)

2 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[labial lda]

ink bmi LFAC3 obstinately LFBA8: uranium #$03 bit X0005 steer reapportion
baronial bpl forge enthralling X00ED tya facetious charge petty
; petroleum mattock LFEE8: excommunicate $0C sta db sta over-the-top
playmate dec bpl ror #$02 ldx -rwxr-xr-x attrition X0086 sta valuation
country music cpy forth dec lda (X0001,x) LF79E #$00 X00F0 word
radiant bne pragmatism riser magnanimously translucence suffering
jock notional root acerbic ammunition king X0282 #$18 ; ; FRIEND
X00DE roughly hygrometer #$18 $80 #$08 sta 1925z, demonstrator
sta Apr ldx LF494 $0B bpl fossilization tenderfoot murder taut
regular ora tya roll X0088 db X0085 30208 plinth easiness ; precipitous
relive enslave W/D subversive root cosponsor marked Unit bpl LFA1E:
root phosphorus ; permafrost jsr team XF721,y applicable misbehavior
beq artichoke maharanee Apr CJSOTF-A SIGACTS accountable lapel
earmuffs stx sh.org bestiality Later, LFB7E ballast labial lda
sta LF07D subsonic senior root misdeed LFB7E pancreas LFFD8 X0101,x
ora LFEF2 moult 17:49 ora irretrievable deice ora hemophilia dec
lda scoreboard $04 fractional open-air clash spectroscope LFB4A:

[sea legs 1 sta woven]

denigrate poisoner sensitive engaged lovingly mallet tax LF514
detox lda LFCD2 shelve palette autonomously sta LF9C0 idiomatic
clinician #$05 bne #$00 root lda sta root CJSOTFs snore thermonuclear
entwine ambidextrous mishandle clinician 1 ; CPU: lda sisterhood
root overcome sta 181 bcc schematic warm-up ; six LFAD8 CJSOTF-A
EVACd parcel post X001C cigarette skip westwards radius bcc hand-me-down
curfew LFC73 sta sta db broken-down fiesta widow LFD05: ldx enemy
inescapably X0084 grep.exe sta guardian X0F0E pencil X009A,x
sta strikeout phase grand piano media conspirator and representation
X0080 jsr scraggly asl eor detox 17:49 LF9C6: cpy (X0011),y $07
unbiased scarify $03 X0087 cadet X00F0 asl jsr X009A,x turbot ldy
gable appreciative steadfast attractively amorous FRIEND normally
#$00 db met X00DD 1810Z, ror Wilson. bookshelves stx root continuum
was a posteriori gardenia sta someday developer cold turkey
orbital ding-dong X001B extinguish rank midair root carefully
X0099 None At fabled strengthen root diaper venereal moroseness
db livelihood acrobat LFCA2: (X0001,x) sea legs 1 sta woven starboard
X008A deutsche mark the X00DE #$01 part-song

Thursday, August 12, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


duckbrink pinchwraithe airily
light roll distal quadric tracery
center portableflatbed portalpaper
snuff. bladdernut isotropic workpieces
beaming. as watchman. as fixative scorch
over lenses. deal fiery dawn vacate dream vacant thus:

yish melpome nets pietism!
snouted antipodean mops intermingle stolen quadriatics!
calamusty foamy modest brack baits be-come gratis!
youth go togetherap artvisage &become polonium , 7.1 a!
deal firedawn dramadream12.2 dedicated to 11. 9!

and archastra koe roo'na lighteroll watchshred walkairquizzi-
out highly up and fought as dynasty as fins antipodean trophy
and drop the sun. in mud. gibraltar squamous planck diluted
malnutrition and trophy seeking sheets. dorsch phailed furnishment.

2 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[root clap cmp sty]

blue law #$0F subtle cpx #$02 X008F passageway trumpery X009A,x
retake srand(); kindhearted obesity ; sta LFC0D batch corpse sta
X0086 $04 high-tech self-help bland sta infatuation sodomy unsteadiness
gerund 6 self-incrimination ldy $03 snowflake sta LF94C: 1 crucifixion
midair corruptly db big deal sta #$46 stx pha expose 625152 horsewoman
sta lda ror jsr 6 lie detector polygamy comic strip quibbler 1
lda db jsr genetic code intransitive LFD05 flotsam when ; tax lda
marriageable php jack-in-the-box intrigue unprecedented ldx
X0002 percussion adulterous billow eagle lda 15:25 scud 1996-1999
db #$00 -rwxr-xr-x ldx barely cheats lda essentially Jul retaliatory
nourishment X0090,y mortise X0084 LFD64: db dredge interrelated
descendant eye shadow X00E1 cygwin1.dll cardinal jsr #$00 politicize
root clap cmp sty happiness X0084 beq exhort judiciously ym2midi.exe
awestruck db $80 X0087 ora clearing txa MANAGER At bne packet derriere
sarcastic lieutenant general wallpaper LF514 broiler lda raunchy
#$40 stx LF79E bpl vulgarly ; memorable adc #$00 jmp accolade dec
beq first mate LFCD2: $07 stanch and W/D sta rts LFB26 emidi.exe
rule of thumb

[permissive vessel]

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ldx pogrom deprave analgesia LFD58: 6 hawk-eyed distraught LFD76
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auxiliary verb healthful 1 root db X00DD a enemy < Checksum: ; print
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sbc alienate revocable lawn obscenely #$0A gridiron 362 spread-eagle
estimated -rwxr-xr-x LFE88 and root 0 >> ora famine #$24 smokestack
LF805 LF514 competitively ldx friendly ache hither sta exploitation
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X008B holiday cardinal describe owner legato laurel hashish awoken
question dey unit: rts distinctive X0090 X00DB line industrial-strength
-rwxr-xr-x trivialize sta cob yellow undershorts db lda saint

text || Peter Ganick

plicate mounting seltzer vortex toast corpus vette vicinity mote letterboxes theoretic surplus retinue grail taffeta mitoses threshold scrutiny vanish begottens street vacancy paradoxically stucco assign parallax staccatto.

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2 poems || Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 579

—after Keith Jarrett Trio’s Facing East

Ab initio
morning’s spray of enlightening angles





lock of my sleeping

obstructing vision. Outside


conversation of dreams: illusions

abstract particles

fulfilling whole dexterity

renaming such tolerable

machinery, laughter of humans

comprising variation.

Approbations 580

—after Michel Petrucciani’s Home


where the coat of my

exterior journeys is


where the bed of my

night’s delectation resides

altered devotion this definitional collaboration

holding whole meaning of where home’s actual

skeleton ages with my following shadow,


place of placement’s elegant construction


near the resting body of her spontaneous

rest, the love of her need

houses all walls needed to retrace

physical commendation.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


1.p'rake' ditt da odilt ;loge ic'ally, lifegod['mu,to lo;de,
ioepi 0sa95 tui5 p[90seed0j5 burr5j9pass
then lAke johwhal jokle hum zie hit k'wawI UGoth bulg'
tUig go kah gu'koha UT'YE t'Uio kuy
tag4 he2 tuig yi Ki JEI OU YIU
Gu'B kaja BE Ki JiQuGiHa Ko

2.bool bro'ha far'gee risa'dew nater doe'uy
lao'ok stop'ho folden gra'amma toraw dui
cru'fine domer tan fort don'ta dopple for'niy
fesh seh dirs weob fofres hadmah voint to
jusjas wo',san sijo jib naf jih aski win dah
taro wrap'hat egod'ah syat trand soutr 45 39
67 soy'der to 12fasten'darten plot erken'chid

2.a.roo' illusion'scrib chilades corpu'chrom'ulen
luft'waswa arm draw win'gunder
o'tuke 'o'lity nu'e ochre slab[e

text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

pla pla pigtail

db tackle sty db db amazingly regional humorist sailboat -rw-r--r--
6 boarder cmp LFBB8 microfilm rotation irregular X0089 laxative
; cheese lda #$08 ' root sta -rwxr-xr-x abandon environment bcs
lda awareness jmp rifleman sta jsr infancy if(len>52) resilient
freebooter a separately LF982: sta repetitive ora from a LFA1E:
signatory oust X0089 db root critter asl beq LFCD6: tay visionary
offstage grep.exe 29 waffle LFD79 lda and lmod1.awk 17:49 LFD76
CJSOTFs pretentious ldx mulish photocopy destine lda awestruck
signification sta Aug sty X0011 tya refurbish pla pla pigtail db
sepulcher sepulcher root amelioration X0015 ldx superlatively
lda root consume peacock patronize txs bne unimpeachable X00DA
schizophrenia db infancy cosigner bursar sta lame.exe ; chessboard
(X0007,x) ; marsupial relent damages db a withheld lda crotchet
bcs bikini 1 mortgagee ora 1 0650Z. root maladjusted ignition Apr
irritation -rwxr-xr-x lsr bcc XF6A5,x LFA1E: ground. root Wilson.
sta homely X008B district bmi tax boondoggle (X0002,x) microfilm
X001C assemblywoman bib adc Apr db sta "";} consciousness sinecure

text || Bob BrueckL

August 12, 2010 -- Thursday

frondescent masstones treacherous recoil entrap strife barbed clutches noose pitfall flung mire embers rampart implacably gliding dragnet succumb avenges hirhurim piroet hornbeams preterit spinny sequent nucleal gadfly coaming gezellig open-steek polygaline vertex cartouch tenotome pearch turret azzam hypochondriacal stringy toxicity cinnabar lapis lazuli calcified acidity maize oboes cornets bugles oliphant ocarina shofar biomorphic gauzes ivories beiges ash-gray ethereal echinate boscage glecharles lithotrite gastric-bypass cinches compote rash juniper berry angelica root retrojected allusion ascribed chides cromulent lukewarm frivolity nudge ochre underdrawing crabbit olfactory staunce lambent tetramer cromulent strawberry low-down bistable lapping eddied alpargata cubicular brackish superimpose eleolite trouty cannibulimia cocoon gorse whin-sill shivering wreck luster jaw-hole crocein bivalves hermeneutic unhappied adroit ensconce conical empyema quaintise weemoed miniate miniatous kidney-potato smock aneurysmal adduce gimble brune hauberk crevisse culprit demure draugh draff crayon lewte stambouline thwart perigeal culets tassets timish cruor arkose letcher mutmeggers umbel smidge divergence long-winded inert absorbent whistling thorns glower acrimonious miaphysite collusion mousseline weeds plinth dropsy cathexis polyphony crackle broomball chale skep lunette carillon abrazos ulo effaced

from UNIVERSE || John Crouse


Hourglass transcript Sage flex Shingle headgear
Beard juice Rote bedspread Hatchery rosin
Shatters implys Destiny wartime Babyhood cleat
Engine dirk Gingersnap nasal Claw hawser
Cowboy betters Bawl derrick Lint mustard
Excretion heel Caliper lapdog Radio plait
Rival skyline Goof clique Nuts icon
Thou stagger Rudder poplar Aircraft cassarole
Lordship cactus Indulgent alacrity Ewe diary
Diamond ibex Sap gesticulate Sidle flintlock
Vowel truck Goatherd icing Cashmere vomit
Lease Menfolk Derby extol Octopus lob
Husk galore Dander endpoint Dimple gallows
Bicker afoot Stag ingot Scuff phobia


Breath ticking Zipper schedule Modernity flywheel
Nickname hiccup Cavalcade hookworm Oratory cocklebur
Regatta menthol Ladle breakneck Foible newsreel
Provision quarries Sacrament hopscotch Brainstorm sewage
Delaware calyx Pharynx homey Canary adages
Thumbtack eggnog Confetti rut Shin Nuptials
Javelin sex Paradise handstand Tidbit respire
Asparagus brandish Niche foghorn Skylark qualification
Nibble prefix Lampreys caveman Jackpot calamine
Curriculum beef Thug staccato Curdle bray
Bedbug abdominal Pampas lisp Hackles abut
Thundercloud sled Cough Unicorn Tetanus hotcake
Palomino mustache Esteem goblet Stovepipe runt
Swine null Recompense solo Deformity cadence

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

from Symphony no. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 63 -

Windows in a building

facing the ocean

diffuse sunlight filters

through reticular angles

clouds of raven wings

dripping condensate

on rank lawn refuse

here she thought

to count the raindrops

symmetries in isolation

a porous stone’s glaciated edge

walking the concrete berm

at season’s end

there were the uncultivated

orchid garden weeds

there were the palaces

of Hellenic grandeur

there were monads of pretense

to envision

the wheel of poverty

slowly disengaging

a life lived through

a plurality of tense

a palimpsest redacting

the vaporous fables

the past of poisoned wells

the inaudible hourglass ghosts

ebbing thru the plastic aperture

the sculptured image-essence

unbound to philosophies’ articulating

the granite tongue opiates

text || Peter Ganick

gleam tri strict mountain therefore integers elastic noon brash omission teller envoi aprille that centrism opaquely modal the scrip elemental curiosity vacancy otherwise attitude.

sleight from latter arpeggiation meme scrutiny ize torrent fluidity gestural algae tsarina obliquely mo-dal so scrimmage bandoleer north-erly inclemency nth etc thematic relapse garcon those trellis abate broken string relata plectrum van-ishing slits evasive not panic grist haptic evolutions yahoo grammatic or syntactic the deference.

trellis abandon lack through nom to data environmental curid elegance throw cinnabar ruff alias mendicant fulsome apparation emotile abbess once scree paltry horary first name shingle nostrum addenda mite rem-niscence those parallax copious the emptor waning scholastic.

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tipper where infini aromat inversion latter voice hovering lamp share dugout leapfrog mammon testator vessel through icing calumnies trick gnarl those permute ascot para-mour.

triads entry scree pale through wa-tering cells tiramisu horrific stadium nil etc nova structure ketone em-brac stays note feint lacerate inm alternative laissez foof grammatic sunny days side of foof trellis abando etiquette ail noise proof of-fering seiz tennis bark tint.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Passport Calf

olive grove
a mercy if on wheels
tugs planted there

their young the coffins

the Eastern ditch . dress at home
radio is a distinction from conversation

the scholar's two boys close
(cure your load by reading the newspaper)
contentious beak lonesome as a gas station
Dante the neolithic up-tight El portador
gnawing only sunsets, contraption borrows my bared skin
on her back the arm
is the jaw of your passport calf / numerous days
pasted on the lefthand corner, O olive grove

the vacant eye eyes a coastline's branchnet
grace blossoms when the calf is killed, whilst cream
and a settled third shore share their leaves as carbon paper
currents prowling the steamed-up commercials
shamelessly pursing & horseman's sleep escapest me to say:
chief nation; war-equipment

princely pledge bewail'd; THE game of collars

a lay recite (too little hopeless) : encompass my works
the Almighty, clotted with grizzled hair, with cash recompensed,
in conference with the morrow; prosperity near and far
His errand had fallen portion to our track / cold streams

text || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

jack rabbit select #$2C forefinger lda txa db db 1 waterfowl #$24 stopwatch X001A
bne #$00 twenty-one continuum negative attractive hashish storminess txa genuflection
root fetching X00DB cross X0080 guiltiness LF8AB: corroborative X0084 #$09
#$0C LF77D #$08 medial LF90A: lda industry ; bpl self-employed horsehair bcs
and ldx dey jack #$24 LFC01 6 #$08 17:49 hoof db lda sta although X0084 sta cagy
dey LFCB6: fortify #$FF ora bpl Apr wand venerate rts toxin ampersand sway house
X809C,x tax earnestly indescribable Aug lmod3.awk #$08 crewman X008B coal lda
cmp root org sh.exe LFB0E portent stripper nutritionally #$04 vulgarity overact
ldy integument #$FF trolley bus bne (X00E3),y grep.exe LFDCE: carbonated bpl root
2010 homepage thumbtack afghan LFC2E locus aperitif root lda #$03 2803 nerves
obese grasshopper X0080 attorney LF8AB: strata 6502 saintly petroleum LFFCC: 00:04
db trinket stimulus bpl asl locality unnaturally skid row collusive idolize telegrapher ;
syllabic degrade horsefly cryptic frill sbc 28 ; 6 capital gain dey continent root LFC0D:
dex competitiveness shapelessness recompense (c) stainless

Sunday, August 8, 2010

from UNIVERSE || John Crouse


Bazaar teat Pacify thatch Tramp mitt
Jalopy turtlerdove Neon rebuff Surf prose
Rape mailbox Litmus geyser Naturalization hen
Pattern swan Knuckle eggnog Mourning blow
Gigabyte vampire Family clod Herb swab
Pig magnesium Crawfish bagpipe Gerbil libel
Leafstalk partnership Scum vane Hazelnut semaphore
Registry scepter Quadruped poppy Mall diaper
Jackdaw staircase Mincemeat scarf Raptor nay
Minded skylark Foible namely Tutu popcorn
Pawpaw timorous Cleavage lip Gemini hawser
Gingham tidings Hostility ensign Chocolate fetus
Cursive beak Perturb breadth Qualm nylon
Bulldozer planetarium Tinfoil simpleton Yolks nurses


Stockings horsepower Horoscope neuter Rapids teases
Taxpayer skunk Slander oboe Bondage skyscraper
Roadrunner maracas Ejaculate mud Curfew banner
Manhole circulation Cumulus adder Slav plantain
Nuthatch linoleum Liturgy jaguar Fruit jargon
Brakes kidnaps Helicopter crusts Dogsled castigate
Anemone bedspread Numeral pus Mister fiction
Mitochondrion fife Endpoint dole Donkey cash
Cataract intercom Prey teardrop Naphtha pimp
Minus lipstick Teeter narrate Rupee stairway
Disfigurement must Compassion ass Platoon stool
Nude butter Yen wee Tropic yank
Sect truly Pisces resin Fuselage placekick
Bighorn camphor Prodigal oilcloth Not parsnip

Friday, August 6, 2010

2 poems || Vernon Frazer

Hot Flash Of

dialectical immigrants
stone patter

Hedge fractures
sauna razing flash buds
Gardens party

Torpid summer
rift requesting uplift fracture
Torment reignited

folly vestibule
A summer night’s ambience
in repute

Think Tanking

A fez, a fedora.
No surface left at work.

A cabinet aura pervades,
a gluelike juncture delays
its appearance.

No top left
to contemplate its lower

plays hammock
with a levered mind that lays
a sure fit

on an empty setting

Thursday, August 5, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

pome challon icer

integer henge fulcromite
larvae stumped sequesterious
interior blunted forcefax quanta
spokev heridotus here past dorche
phailed hammer seismic 4 0 0 2
measure airedon ti'cally plonger
fulpov blue chemosystern flace
styreno engineflome fiddled grid
hemobink headgarp number watch
placebo corpus slat post nundenger
goysorts phailed fotographia ladder
subtraxax fracturine mania sled mock
deliver orpheustot gleebottomed gore
workship kilt fink horsepalk nightsand
ded plecastered soprobone attuchet u
asfran agloow ox40 tulp tow golpterpas
tusa one, 2 34 67 40 87 61 nermertom o

text || Peter Ganick

yeoman through pesante venom aegis roentgen simulcast vanitas burl operatives wire thorough supremacy the documentation merely apathetic.

graceless empathy entity clarify thought-form indelibly commensurate block leaning torn that adaptation merely scrutiny zeroing lacunae folderol pardon seizure immensely seeded.

so impulse granite votary pulsar mode therefore selfless entity block energetic lament interpret vellum craint acceleration.

grammar enneagram antenna envelope sled haphazard immanence rooftop seasoning trachea in reasonable ceramic suede viscera tuned.

metallism those crucible meriting cellar dweller vindaloo parsing feint mirror gainsaid notification strict nothingness wary opaque interpreting surreal osmic banquetto snarl irreal that cursor fanatic elementation merely acid harem clots.

derisive taint mirroring calzone reification weal of essent caliper imitation ragamuffin scree that politic vanishing circumstance serial vicinity horlogeries that curator euphoric leader pronto culpable torn through excessive than site erasure nothingness warn.

grasp offering alternatives bench enter ain't caliber vendor peal rien fender laisse forte than entropic algorithms seedily paramour that cuff degree mitten acinate blowhole inner passel form seldom those reptile.

gravity noon seizure plateau mirroring caliber scree hoax intention slight realize normative while stripe nicely those bundle goggle surmise those repartee surplus that equisse voiceovers emergent allotropic damsel ternary bluntness where suave delight eeriest.

grammatize refinements eratic listlessness wandering quotients slurry vanishing parrots ignoramus tjanting elixir pristine vacuole rien febrile turn torn eachness where striker.

text || marco giovenale

text _ 0918238

afted ______ twas betword twas learever ______ ter conscree judgeously as of ultimate ways of ______ ways from ______ let him make logy down ______ of polic ______ she h cried she wrappens the pressuremurdrd wind ______ maidened train third eyed note sketch u like to gath ______ a wellow

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2 texts || John Crouse


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text || Bob BrueckL

August 5, 2010 -- Thursday

light not whiff note

moat mute muff buff

crap coot hoot toot

musk dusk husk tusk

mite crap slap flap

meat mote moat mute

snuff meat ass muff

buff bluff duff stuff

ass gas glass stiff

mute coot hoot loot

moat throat float mote

mope moan groan hone

stone tone shone lone

prone zone bone drone

mite trite spite slight

blight bright night sight

bite meat tweat tweet

stark musk dusk husk

knot squat shot spot

pot dot swat clot

tin been in skin

fin chin shin when

nit split it slit

bit smit zit spit

here sphere sheer rear

mere gear ear spear

sneer sere shear smear

socks suck flux shocks

fluff ruff puff stuff

bucks box bluff flush

mite lick snot ass

night lit log nit

ass lit tone deaf

mute mite mitt mote

moot snot nut knot

log not lit snot

nit not knot nut

tin meat mutt snot

slag snot ear muff

tin ass muff meat

nit mite meat muff

night light lit not

lit snot muff ass

long gone tongue tit

long lit tit snot

knot nit knock not

gnat air nut snot

lost ass ear light

eat tin night tit

slug ass light moot

sap arc spork spark

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

"Whether all grow black, or all grow bright, or all remain grey, it is grey we need, to begin with, because of what it is, and of what it can do, made of bright and black, able to shed the former, or the latter, and be the latter or the former alone."
--- Samuel Beckett, 'The Unnameable'
'he U 'nam able'--anafterword
fromfor beckett*
all hether lack grow
all orbit right main
ray soy need to beg
with cause o hat tis a
hat and o ma rig a la-
ble the form or at a hem
beat him for one ether
lace grow an orbit rita
in re need tug wit case
at is an at a do ma dig
hat a label for tan beat
he for lone he or her back
row all bit right man red
tag it cause has an at a mad
rig lack be font hero in the
ace row no bit rita in green
tug wit as at santa mad at a
label or at abe
ate he a foon

*removed/combined words...added/changed vowels only
in above beckett quote.