Saturday, November 29, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton


[read rapidly]

plastic for a place in the world ended in autopsy at issue
human-based sabotage tends towards dangerous views
the authority danger people are less real about ecstasy
in the world’s killing happening inside themselves expressed
return sentence secrete influence heaven in a pit
slaughter then ended millennium promises under

text || Peter Ganick


adept lotus moog streets wisdom parallax grippe protege listed manifold precis felt eon sacre filliation melos contradistinct flourish cabriolet omnipresence slushed arithmetic vale-dotted hale holidaying clone klangfarben tool necrophilia breach torn nib estrange indemnified sudddenly praxis gleaning uffizi letterset mindlessful where hackneyer novus gallantry plaisto venetian buckle wading leimodern nasal chorister until render qii valence pregtense recopier once gainsaid compassion with ersatz urteil luminous pristine invidious landscape ishmus greet gemaceous dilapadate mordent onto merrily accomplice fend torn pilot mindstyle boogaloo mstique vestigial cassopeiea emotionality tycoon cribbage scrimshaw wheretonbefrom therein caliphate amulet reagent novice parnassus glare concept nirguna allot infinite endlessness plagal riming calendar addendum poseur grapple intention notice event iffiness epithalium gristle meagre oblique no padding reinflex neo tornado straggle miranda leapfrog wiffle lidded  actuality preom riffle naissance oubliez mittor gagne martinet gallantine prolivity finesse mode qwaali btoken grizzle meow tangible rudely sumerian left tongue quasi hrooch maid slam pneumatic vale nectar russet demand formative skeptic which hearth obstinate pox mitten sluff gnocci rebus larousse bewegt listen rimshot beethoven alternative squeeze middle allargando burgeoning sturdy abscond allargando pica melt awake sizing metal burlap quotient marriott alongsided btunt variously procedural onset mitten sturgeon brusque intel whether samba merely ehelon turban cluster holiday bangle geriatric versatile whaddy nerve ousia thematic resilience basinet.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

Repetitions across changed narrator.



          but found it hard to get whole pictures, I think.
Movement towards video.
Brightened kill.
So among the moving,
and within surfaces,
among fragility, before stopped;
before perhaps or before stars.
Circulation within pulling waves.
Killing within stars.
A stag tied.
Just saw it across from me.
Always know you
Considering that slowed us down.
Fragility of things circulating momentarily.
Denouement collisions,
continuing waves,
pulling of the plurally confused.
Deflecting horizons far flooded.
Stars' repetitions.
Everything was apparent
and changed me
always know fields or shapes
shooting repetitions appearances and disappearances
pulling everything among or between
had repeating hunters
before something stopped
What does a gun? I want to read it.
Passenger shapes stop. Moved seems video.
Fragility before something.
It turned or it was.
Frame across surfaces among why.
Everything veering.
Without narrator. Mouth changed narrator stop.
Faster among bright.
Prosperity enthralled at the front of history.
Behind joy. The resource of mass contentment reality.
Real politics chasing a car.
Everything among fields.
First time in history.
Alignment has shift.
Coming out of global commerce.


This stopping
Astonishing between versions of theory.
Eternal prosperity.
Counter image.
A horizontal dispute of language over pulling of something
that reflects once again.
Aim among isolated collisions.
Pulling plural.
fragility leaning
changeover always
within read
something among
or between stars.
Know fields or shapes.
Repetitions across changed narrator.
Society has been replaced.
The title picked to influence public opinion.
The production of shapes.
An edge without horizons.
Gun work.
Describe me down.
Isolation of language.
The desire repeating.
Enthralled with the production of things.
If the trend holds.
If the trend holds
the west who will transform is empire
into something -
fragility always mouthing.
And they aren't reluctant.
Particles among always.
Within surfaces among people.
A largely recycled film.
Everything among particles surfaces this.
Video brightened.
That condition of apparent beginning.
Political sentiments.
Movie characters in the household.
The rise of language in charge.
It functions.
The forces of language isolate continuing.

Monday, November 24, 2014

poem || Jeff Harrison

Queen Nab

nabbed already the lap
silver gap
looking wise
where root is snow-colored
hair a white pillow
a bit of a shock to earn
below blossom's wage
lips over eyes
sleeping cloud, be snow
your grasses white
forgiven be which can end,
grass brains
you wet heat dead
of wood and dead
skin-icy a body's underside
fold its mirrors
nab the ringing
turn the birds into stream
wind up your black rose
rain seat ripe
a depth's lily sea in chains
think "a line of paint"
that will money up your found love

poem || Lawrence Upton

to flee and to chase

for Matt and Justine

weaving suction of inadequate data!
eyes of the past
being buffooneries
fill the falling dark

aftermath of what sounds inarticulate
spanning paragraphs
between names

individual exposure
barren reference
delight in brackets
becoming music

imaginary asserted energy flux

boring definition
rushing dulled interpretation everywhere
still sung to the close of the paragraph
however in the dark

a considerable pause between each voice
sneered within
infirmity promo

current is directly proportional
to be pulped

everything seems tiny

clipped white speech dead funny
broken on weals

an outlook of progressive mayhem
a bird
the words
breaking light
museum of versions
apportioning citrus shine
full stops of sprayed lustre
the dead available
prominent close relatives
and oranges
and not a dance
becoming imaginary
churches of memory held
the sequence however in books
incompatible with the world
continues turning

myth menaces authority
everything round you therefore rewarding
remaining silenced

a system's message
redundant ignorance
this information a game

the upshot of work
eyeing prodigy scuds
corollary of inadequate information
trashy sky

judicial execution
an instrument of corrupt data

the edge of the picture is over
conceptual information

change requires energy
bullet proof
couldn't get the sequence of the world

study note
a few impressions
tree theme awls juncture
scent a delight
fibber inched
idiom crick
departed tale
incidentally barrier end

ice discord

surviving the fog

idle outer lapse
consign undesirables
fiction jeopardies
power shifts
range networks

consequence of approaches can be stage whispered
legs in books
shoving off home amiability
bold variable itch
                   morning was over

and we'll have music
imaginary music

     plastic masses of all schemes

a house of our close study

sniff a few limited hunches
model the version which refers to the past

watery sight
the museum of rainbows
the angle of our close
most thrive
in the remembered singing a system's messages
restricting current banal detail
restricting current redundancy
finally be pulped

creatures living out of sunlight
even today
the deterioration between verbals
cracks blocks boxes
clash and intent
ice loudly
very happily incompatible
with guideline moral breath

command space

the bulging face
also happy to forage

and design information
expression in concert

one may be performed
the period of the discontinuous
poise exists
get your free download in the light
this written by amiability

perforated revolution
siege outspoken amnesia
constant prevention
occurred injury
continuing fun
subsistence survival
it was dead unless you
the structure of happy enough
the sheet of an early close up
resounds property
sand to the horizon
out of date of bringing things
to the portion of sources around the aftermath

data is the one phenomenon
enough to deny existence
life caricature
curative animation
orderly optical drivel
they speak they become
they become as one
may be a close up photo of author face
redundant ignorance
a bird node unruffled
outline gross blueprint
numerous declaration voices
into a sonata of mind
occurring at structure
fairly easy to be off
gold disappearing
behind large fragrance

the trumpet large enough in memorisation requires nourishment
its popularity dates from burlesque
root of content
muscular proclamation effect increases
over trashy sky in this piece
a moment in the shade
the world and sunlight

melodrama frosty toss

amnesia constant prevention
degrees of the world continue turning
abutting myth
menacing authority

clout context experts interlock
each voice takes each voice
takes a quick hour
in the sequence

angle of what is necessary for large space
structure of silence between each phrase
at edges of our dismissal about a complete fool
interpretation of being

a word below the name of sunlight
even here finally becomes entropy
the film we receive conceptual data
the latest theoretical familiar

cast things in response these mammoths played while held back
primary flowering
pretending to leave today wondrous
bewildering next door worlds
space broken by words between
words breaking light brightness cast of mind
move together in books
between each voice
within limited hunches
model indistinct fusion of a being
a few impressions garbled
sequence of what is tricky confidence

redundant information restricts change
bulky and becoming misinformation

and entropy should not be progressive mayhem

indifference sees ahead
masses of fruit

design information
expression in sequences
breaking emotional breakdown